Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Wettest Area in Britain becomes Driest!

According to the following report, just two years ago, it was given the title of the wettest place in the United Kingdom after more than 300mm fell in the space of just 24 hours.

Before and after pictures of Seathwaite Farm.
But now Seathwaite Farm in Borrowdale, Cumbria, is as dry as a bone after seeing no downpours for more than a month. April was the hottest on record for England and Wales, according to the Met Office, with just 21 per cent of expected rainfall. Temperatures have been the hottest on average since records began 353 years ago. Seathwaite Farm earned its moniker for being the wettest place in the UK during the devastating Cumbrian floods in November 2009. A massive 316.4mm of rain poured into the tiny village. The Met Office said it was the highest rainfall ever seen in the UK. Now residents have contrasting fears - they are worried about a hosepipe ban as the sun continues to beat down on the Lake District hamlet. Duncan Ellwood, 46, who owns the Grange Bridge Cottage Teashop, said: 'Customers have been chatting about the dry weather in the shop, and wondering if we may be facing another hose pipe ban. 'I have never known an April in Borrowdale to be this dry. In April you expect to be getting lots of showers, but it hasn't rained now in over a month. - Daily Mail.

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