Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DELUGE: Torrential Rains Cause Huge Floods in Indonesia - Forcing Mass Evacuations in Java and Sumatra!

At least 500 homes in Kampar district, Riau, were inundated with a meter of water after a flash flood hit the nearby Sebayang River on Monday.

Jafri Datuk, a community elder in Kampar Kiri subdistrict, said four villages had been affected by the flood: Domo, Padang Sawa, East Teluk Paman and Kuntu.“Of the four villages, we can only monitor Kuntu,” Jafri said, adding that there had not been any information from the three other villages because the surging water had cut off much of the access to them. “There are 500 homes that are now inundated, and many of residents there have evacuated,” he added. The flood hit at around 4 a.m. on Monday. No casualties have been reported, Jafri said. Riau and the eastern part of West Sumatra have seen torrential rains for a week. On Saturday, hundreds of homes in Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau, were hit with at least 50 centimeters of water.

“The water has not receded since Saturday,” local resident Uli, 40, said on Monday. Some residents, Uli said, had refused to evacuate because they did not want to leave their possessions behind. In the Meranti Pandak and Umban Sari wards, which at the height of the flood on Saturday were inundated with one and a half meters of water, residents were slowly returning to their homes, which were covered in thick mud. “The [Pekanbaru] city government is handling the flood halfheartedly,” said Syarif, 37, a resident of Meranti Pandak. “Flooding occurs in our neighborhood time and time again, but there has been no long-term solution. The pumps are only used when people’s homes have been drowned.”

Flooding also was reported elsewhere in the country. In Pasuruan, East Java, heavy rains that started to fall on Sunday evening have flooded the busy north coast road, forcing vehicles traveling from Surabaya and Probolinggo to take alternative routes through Pandaan and Purwosari. The same rain also was to blame for the surge of the Welang River, which caused hundreds of homes in Pohjentrek and Kraon subdistricts to drown in flooding that topped one meter. Floods were also reported in the subdistricts of Kalirejo, Kalianyar and Tambaan. In Cirebon, West Java, hundreds of homes in Gunungjati subdistrict were flooded after hours of rain that started on Sunday evening caused the Condong River to surge. “We have evacuated most of the women and children and the elderly,” said Denny Agustin, head of the Cirebon social welfare agency. The flooding has also cut off access from Cirebon to Indramayu. Traffic has been redirected onto smaller roads, causing heavy congestion. - Jakarta Globe.

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