Friday, January 7, 2011

UFO & ET Memes: Imminent Convergence - UFO Mothership In Peru?! UPDATE: UFO Mothership In Chile, Stanley Fulham & the UFO Wave?!

"UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away" - L. A. Marzulli.

According to various news reports circulating on the internet, several days ago on Tuesday January 4th, a huge object was seen by several eyewitnesses flying over the morning skies of Barrios Altosin Lima in the South American country of Peru. Captured on camera by the residents of the town and by the ATV News agency, the large unidentified flying object (UFO), was described as an alien mothership or alien spacecraft. Witnesses of the event said that the silver metallic object hovered over the area for at least thirty minutes at about 7:30am, with lights dancing endlessly around its side, before it disappearing off into space.
“We must realize that we are dealing with a real UFO,” said witness Julia Gutierrez, thereby indicating that it is not the first time that such a spectacle is [happened] over their city, but has occurred numerous times. But he knew that, this time [he had to get] his camera quickly [to capture] the huge object from different positions to shoot. Mario Zegarra, a UFO researcher, says that there will be further investigations and that the local airport will be contacted to see if it appeared on radar. - ATV News, Peru.
Here are several images taken from the video highlights of this sighting:

You can view the object in the following three-part video playlist, courtesy of ATV News, Gerard Lipez, La Republicape Videos and Bibiana Bryson.

UPDATE: UFO Mothership In Chile, Stanley Fulham and the UFO Wave?!

On October 13 2010, millions witnessed several UFOs that appeared over countries around the world, from New York City to other cities in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. The appearance of these objects was attributed to the predictions of the retired NORAD Officer, the late Stanley Fulham, who had boldly told the world, months prior, that a group of extraterrestrials called the "Transcendors" or "The Council of 8" would appear on that date. Following the worldwide UFO show, Fulham predicted that these appearances would escalate starting in January of this year. He said the following:

In my last ‘Reading’ with the Transcendors on Tuesday, October 2010, the Transcendors advised me of the following predictions on the Pleiadian’s UFO displays: A. There will be a major UFO display over Moscow between the end of the first part of January 2011 and the second week of January 2011. B. This ‘display’ will be followed by a major display over London approximately seven days later. C. Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration. The intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept a face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011).
Is it possible that the large UFO seen by many in Peru and captured on camera, is a prelude to the appearance of the "major UFO display over Moscow"? If so, could that explain the following sighting in Chile of a large triangular craft on Wednesday, January 5th, that witnesses are also calling a alien mothership? 

Is this the same craft from Peru? Are we in the midst of an accelerated UFO wave? Is this UFO wave tied to the current weather changes happening around the planet now? It must be remembered that Fulham also predicted that these Transcendors will appear on Earth in 2014, make an address before the United Nations and renew the ecology of the Earth in 2015
"... Fulham has stated that a regional galactic governance authority,... made a dramatic decision in January, 2010 to put aside the law of non-intervention. At a solemn meeting, the Council of 8 decided to intervene with their technology to clean Earth’s atmosphere before an environmental collapse occurs on Earth, as has happened on many other inhabited planets with civilizations similar to our own. The Council of 8 did so, according to Mr. Fulham’s information, after reaching a conclusion that our human technology could not now prevent an environmental collapse and species extinction on Earth from occuring..." - The Seattle Examiner.

Interesting times ahead.