Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EARTH CHANGES: The Royal Society and United Nations Orchestration to Unveil the Extraterrestrial Saviours as Earth Plunges Into Chaos?!

The application of the words "Biblical Proportions" by the mainstream media and other news outlets to describe the current Earth changes seems to be quite appropriate given the following new developments since my last post:

Germany is suffering its worst flooding in decades. A combination of heavy rain and unusually mild temperatures for January have cause a rapid thaw of the heavy snow and ice that accumulated during December. In addition to the ground reaching saturation point, the run-off into rivers such as the Rhine, Mosel and Elbe has caused them to break their banks and flood many cities and towns. In the town of Zell in southern Germany, the only practical means of transport today was a boat. In Western Germany cities such as Cologne, Bonn and Koblenz have been deluged with water up to three metres deep in places. Koblenz was particularly badly hit as the Rhine meets the Mosel just outside the city. Experts have calculated that the river level will reach 7.7m later today, 5 metres above normal... Insurance companies worldwide are already talking of big premium rises to help counter the claims for damages expected after the floods subside around the world. Estimates for claims are now in the billions and could rise higher if the predicted further heavy rainfall is as damaging. - Rhino

In Australia, the town of Toowoomba in Queensland, is in a state of shock after a wall of water, relentless as a tsunami, swept through the heart of the city on Monday.


Daybreak will start to reveal the extent of the devastation in Toowoomba caused by flash flooding that has killed at least four people and left a large number of others stranded overnight onrooftops, waiting for help that won't arrive until daylight,officials say. A woman and a boy were found dead in the Toowoomba CBD and a manand a boy were killed at nearby Murphys Creek after a massive bodyof water from weeks of heavy rain yesterday afternoon tore throughToowoomba, 125km west of Brisbane. Authorities hold grave fears the death toll could rise muchhigher with an unknown number of people missing and someunconfirmed reports already counting seven dead - including three more fatalities at Grantha... The flood peaks are dropping as quickly as they came, butthey're leaving a trail of destruction. - TVNZ.
Have a look at the following video playlist:


Elsewhere in Australia, the relentless rain and flooding continue unabated in Victoria:

“A LARGE area of northwestern Victoria is being flooded by torrential rain and thunderstorms, the heaviest in decades in some parts. The hardest hit areas have so far been the Mallee and Wimmera where as much as 110mm has been recorded in the last 24 hours, at Canary Island. Annuello near the NSW border gained 76mm to 9am Monday, their heaviest rain in 40 years and heaviest January rain in 85 years of records. Further south, Warracknabeal’s 77mm is an eight-year high and within a millimetre of the January daily record, set in 1974. Rain has been widespread across Victoria in the last day or so but has been generally lighter in central and eastern parts. It will continue to fall across most of the state for the rest of the week as a slow-moving low pressure trough deepens and moisture levels increase. - Stock & Land
The threat from the rain now extends to Brisbane, according to the following MSNBC report.

Residents in Australia's third largest city, Brisbane, sandbagged their homes against rising waters Monday as torrential rain worsened floods that have paralyzed the coal industry in the northeast and now threaten tourism... "Mother Nature has unleashed something shocking out of the Toowoomba region," she said, describing it as an "extraordinary deluge that almost came out of nowhere."... The worst floods in 50 years have at times covered an area the size of France and Germany combined in Queensland state. At least six people have been killed while dozens of towns have been isolated or partially submerged. More monsoon rains are expected all week. In Brisbane, a city of 2 million, people in low-lying areas were given sandbags and warned the worst of the flooding might not occur until Tuesday or Wednesday.
Earlier today flooding hit three villages in Indonesia destroying hundreds of houses:

Hundreds of homes in three villages in the district Kasemen, Serang, Banten, flooded on Monday. Three villages were inundated Margaluyu Village, Warungjaud, and Kasunyatan. Floods caused by heavy rainfall lately and the overflow of Kali Cibanten. But residents remained calm, despite the floods inundating their houses to a height of 50 centimeters... Some areas are fairly Kasemen District lowlands around the sea. In addition to floods caused by rain, residents are also often face rob or flood tides. "In addition to flood like this, people here are also often face because of flooding rob rising sea water, "he said... Meanwhile, Rana Imam Camat Kasemen states still log houses inundated. But based on preliminary data, in the village of Warungjaud there are 11 homes flooded, in Margaluyu 55 homes, and in Kasunyatan 70 houses... In addition to the house, he said, flooding is also submerge dozens of hectares of rice fields. "Food aid has started arriving to help the flood victims," said Priest. - MEDIA INDONESIA.
Meanwhile, several miles away in Hanyutkan:

At least 57 houses were swept away and 54 business premises were destroyed in the District Salam, Magelang regency, Central Java, due to the brunt of cold lava flood from Kali Putih, Sunday. Houses are swept away as many as 57 units are owned by resident citizens of the Village and Village Jumoyo Sirahan. While the 54 place of business in the form of kiosks and shops were destroyed along the Kali White. "Since last night had begun to evacuate residents in the Village Hall Jumoyo, shelter box Ansor GP property, and some others in the village of Tanjung Balai," said village chief Jumoyo Sungkono, Monday. Mnurutnya, flood when it's very powerful. The houses are washed away leaving only the foundations now covered with sand and stone materials Merapi. "As the tsunami was just last night, the heavy flooding once, twice the size of the lava flood last week. I see the cars caught cold lava flood," said Eva, a resident of the Village Jumoyo. - MEDIA INDONESIA.
According to the Thailand News Agency,

Thailand's Narathiwat Province has declared all its 13 districts flood-stricken areas, as heavy downpours have continued to submerge the southern Thai border province, Thai News Agency (TNA) reported. Narathiwat Governor Thanon Wetchakornkanont said on Monday that the declaration of the 13 flood-hit areas as disaster zones followed spreading inundations, having affected more than 36,000 local people in 284 villages with several local farmlands and communication routes submerged. - BERNAMA.
Strangely, in the Pho Prathap Chang district of Thailand, the Yom River water level has plummeted, leaving farmers and residents in a severe water shortage:
The situation surprised villager Swat Silapachai, who said a section of the river in Ban Wang Tepo brimmed with with water at the two-metre level during the New Year holiday. It had since dropped so low that farm vehicles and motorcycles can run across it. The sharp decrease is affecting farmers in his neighbourhood who have ben planting rice for 20 days and need water to flood their fields, Mr Swat said. - Bangkok Post
Speaking of water "plummeting," in Malaysia, the flooding that occurred in the Kelantan area, over the last two weeks, is now receding. However several roads are still closed and thousands of citizens have been displaced from their homes and are currently living in flood relief centres. Although the water level has improved, it is still above the danger level and any new downpour of rain, could see more flooding and evacuations.

In the Philippines,

More than a week of heavy rain has left at least 33 people dead from flashfloods and landslides in the Philippines, the government said, announcing floodwaters were subsiding in some areas. Almost 11,000 people remained in government evacuation centres... Eight people had been injured in landslides while nine others were missing after the heavy rains, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said. Heavy rains have lashed parts of the country, particularly the southern island of Mindanao, since late December, causing flashfloods and landslides. - Yahoo.
In India, thousands of dead fish have been found in the Yamuna River,

Priests at the ghats said the deaths were due to the highly toxic water and decreasing oxygen levels. ‘The cold wave has further compounded the problem as the sun’s rays are no longer proving effective,’ director of NGO Friends of Vrindavan Jagan Nath Poddar said. The Gokul barrage in Mathura has ‘become a huge storage of sewage, industrial effluents coming from upstream towns, requiring urgent clean up measures and release of fresh water to dilute the toxins,’ Poddar added. Locals said authorities were not running the sewer pumping stations effectively. ‘So many open drains discharge the city’s waste into the river but nothing has been done to stop this,’ a priest at Rameshwar ghat said. - VRINDAVAN TODAY.
In the United States of America, a massive snowstorm has hit several of its southern states, leading to hundreds of flight cancellations, disruptions of air travel and hazardous driving conditions on the roads.

Delta Air Lines canceled 330 flights on Sunday and was expected to ground another 1, 400 Monday, the reports said. AirTran had 270 cancellations for Monday. A heavy snowfall is also hitting Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Large sections of regional highways were blocked due to car collisions, media reported. No fatalities have been reported so far. AccuWeather — the world’s largest private weather forecaster — said a second system will produce travel-impairing snow and ice conditions throughout much of the South from Texas to the Carolinas and into Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Both systems are expected to merge over the Northeast this weekend, possibly producing storm conditions worse than those the region experienced recently, AccuWeather said. - NEWS HERALD
As a result of these weather conditions, food prices have increased exponentially across the globe.

The United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) yesterday released the bad news: food prices are the highest they've ever been. And they're going to get higher. The UN releases an annual index which calculates prices based on the current markets of 55 products worldwide, including rice, milk, wheat, sugar and cheese. This index reached an all-time high of 214.7 in December of 2010, surpassing the previous high of 213.5 set in June of 2008 when a global food crisis sparked riots in countries such as Somalia and Haiti - where the populous turned to eating mud for sustenance. Several factors have led to the recent price spikes, including poor recent grain crops in Canada, Russia and the Ukraine; poor soybean crops due to drought in Argentina; and flooding affecting wheat crops in Australia. Corn prices have also risen, partially due to the increasing diverson of corn crops to biofuels rather than food. Prices could continue to rise, particularly after the recent flooding in Australia and its looming effect on sugar prices - already at record levels. - CARE 2.
Meanwhile, the earthquake activity globally continues in frequency, with consistent swarms in the following regions over the last couple of days: Puerto Rico, California, Bonin Islands and the Volcano Islands in Japan, China, Chile, the Gulf of Aden, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Bolivia, Hawaii, Iran and the Dominica Republic. As seen on USGS and IRIS.
This is also seen on the charts for the Seismic Server and Magnetosphere Simulation.
I have said before that the current Earth changes constitutes the Thesis in the Luciferian dialectic to create a New World Order of the Ages from the cataclysmic chaos inflicted on the Earth and humanity. A Problem, Reaction, Solution scenario to usher in the extraterrestrials as our saviors. This becomes even more evident when you consider the latest report from Dr. Michael Salla regarding the current activities of the Royal Society of Scientists and the United Nations, as they continue to make preparatory steps in perfect unison with the Earth changes, to deceptively disclose the extraterrestrial presence.

The proceedings of a scientific conference that studied the societal consequences of extraterrestrial life has just been released. Organized and hosted by the Royal Society in October 2010, the conference was titled, "The detection of extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society." The conference received wide international attention when one of the participants, Dr Mazlan Othman, was wrongly described as being on the verge of being appointed by the UN to become Earth's official liaison to extraterrestrial life. In the published proceedings, Othman sets the record straight. She believes that the UN already has a mechanism in place to deal with the detection and contact with extraterrestrial life, but work needs to be done in formalizing this by UN member states. Other conference participants endorse Othman's recommendation, and further believe that the time has come to study the societal consequences of extraterrestrial life... In their introduction to the conference proceedings, Dr Martin Dominik and Prof John C. Zarnecki endorsed studying the societal aspects of any discovery of extraterrestrial life. They stressed the importance of determining the possible motivations of extraterrestrial life and any search for such life:
"The detection and further study of extra-terrestrial life will fundamentally challenge our view of nature, including ourselves, and therefore the field of astrobiology can hardly be isolated from its societal context, including philosophical, ethical and theological perspectives. With the detection of extra-terrestrial life being technically feasible, one needs to address whether perceived societal benefits command us to search for it, or whether such an endeavor may rather turn out to be a threat to our own existence."
Dr Dominik and Prof Zarnecki went on to point out the importance of having in place the political mechanism by which humanity can responsibly deal with the future detection of extraterrestrial life:
"While scientists are obliged to assess benefits and risks that relate to their research, the political responsibility for decisions arising following the detection of extra-terrestrial life cannot and should not rest with them. Any such decision will require a broad societal dialogue and a proper political mandate. If extra-terrestrial life happens to be detected, a coordinated response that takes into account all the related sensitivities should already be in place."
Mazlan Othman.
Their view was supported by the current head of UN's Office for Outer Space Affairs, Dr Mazlan Othman who said:
"The continued search for extra-terrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that someday humankind will receive signals from extra-terrestrials. When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The United Nations forums are a ready-made mechanism for such coordination." - Exopolitics.
"...a ready-made mechanism for such coordination." Coordination, indeed.

Considering what the former NORAD officer, the late Stanley Fulham said about a group of extraterrestrials called the "Galactic Council of 8" or "The Transcendors," arriving on the Earth in 2014 to address the United Nations on the ecology of the Earth; and given the historical deception, moral ineptitude and corruption of these organizations, it certainly is not hard to see where this is heading.

Can you see it?

 Finally, given the historical relationship between the Royal Society, the Papacy and the British Monarchy, the wedding date of Prince William on April 29th, seems to take on even greater significance and symbolism. Don't you think?