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ZERO HOUR: Post-Humanity - Earth Changes & Orchestrated Chaos?! UPDATE: Planetary & Seismic Stress leading to a Geological Epoch?! UPDATE: Cataclysmic Chaos, ET Disclosure & the Sirius Revelations?!

Originally Posted On: January 24, 2011 | Updated On: January 30, 2011.

In the following update, a clear conclusion can be drawn that something quite monumental is about to happen on the Earth, that will shatter all notions and sense of normalcy. Follow me on this roller-coaster ride through the realms of the unimaginable, as I continue to document these unprecedented events of mass animal die-off, radical weather and climate changes, and aerial anomalies; seemingly arranged and orchestrated to inflict cataclysmic chaos on the Earth and the beings that inhabits it.

Several days, I told broke the news of the death of over 7,000 buffaloes and cows, as a result of a frozen cold front that sweep across the mountain regions of northern Vietnam. According to the Huffington Post, the death toll has escalated to over 10,000:

Dead Cows and Buffaloes in Vietnam.
In the latest of a string of mass animal deaths, 10,000 cows and buffalo have died in Vietnam. Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed the news this week that more than 10,000 cows and buffalos died nationwide due to harsh weather conditions. Cattle have been dying throughout Vietnam, which has had a particularly intense winter. The northern mountainous province of Cao Bang was hardest hit with 2,260 dead cattle, per Thanh Nien News. Some have said the number of total dead cattle may be as high as 13,000. Mass animal deaths have been in the news quite a bit lately. Hundreds of birds were found dead in South Dakota early this week, and before that birds were found dead in Italy and birds fell from the sky in Arkansas, among other incidents. Some of the mass die-offs have been explained - for instance, indigestion is thought to be the cause in Italy and the U.S. government has admitted involvement in the South Dakota case. But others remain up for debate.

In Vancouver in Canada, thousands of dead herring wash ashore.


Dead Herrings in Vancouver.
 Large numbers of dead herring that washed ashore this week on a Vancouver Island beach have both fishery officials and local fishermen looking for answers. Will Meeks, who works close to Cedar’s North Beach where the fish washed ashore, said he knew something was amiss when he saw unusually large numbers of birds congregating on the beach Thursday morning. He said he was surprised to find “thousands” of dead herring washed ashore, a scene he can’t recall ever seeing before on local beaches. Meeks said the dead herring appear to localized to North Beach because he and friends checked nearby beaches and found nothing similar. Lisa Mijacika, a spokeswoman with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, said DFO officers are being sent to North Beach to determine what killed so many herring. Paul Kershaw, a commercial herring fisherman, speculated that the fish could have ended up in an area of the ocean close to the beach that was low in oxygen, which could have caused the deaths. “There may have been thousands of dead herring in this incident, but there are usually billions of herring in the biomass,” Kershaw said. “However, this will obviously be a big concern if lots more show up dead on the beaches.  - Vancouver Sun.
In New Zealand, 24 whales died on a remote beach:


Whale die-off in New Zealand.
Twenty-four pilot whales have died on a remote beach in the far north of New Zealand, the Department of Conservation was quoted as saying on Friday by press reports. Fourteen of the whales were already dead when the group was found scattered over 150 metres of rocks, mud and mangrove early Friday in Parengarenga Harbour, 15 kilometres south of North Cape. They appeared to have become stranded the previous day. The department said the others had to be put down because they were in poor condition and chances of successfully refloating them in deteriorating weather were remote. ”If we felt there was a real chance we could have successfully rescued them, we would have,” the department’s area manager Jonathan Maxwell was quoted as saying by the New Zealand Press Association. ”Sadly, the current conditions were against these animals,” Maxwell said. “The kindest thing was to end their suffering.” - Earth Times.
 In China, a massive wild bird kill is reported from a Beijing suburb.

Dozens of dead blackbirds, mallards and magpies have been found along the banks of the Xiaojing River, according to the Huang’jiu Ribao newspaper. A staff member of a centre for hygiene and epidemiological control does not rule out that the birds have died of starvation and unfavourable weather conditions. - The Voice of Russia.
 Earlier, I told you about the cases of H5N1 in Japan, it now turns out that the outbreak is becoming quite widespread.

Dead Poultry in Japan.
Japan has began slaughtering some 10,000 chickens at a poultry farm in western Miyazaki prefecture in a bid to contain an outbreak of bird flu, according to the local government. Officials in the prefecture, 900 kilometres (560 miles) southwest of Tokyo, said 36 chickens were found dead on Friday at the poultry farm. Preliminary tests confirmed that six of the birds had died of the H5 subtype of the avian flu virus, the officials said. In an effort to prevent a larger outbreak, the local government decided to slaughter all the chickens at the farm while setting up 20 checkpoints for disinfection and banned any movement of chickens within 10 kilometres. It was the first bird flu outbreak since 2007 in Miyazaki, where a foot-and-mouth outbreak also forced the slaughter of almost 300,000 farm animals last year. In Tokyo, Prime Minister Naoto Kan set up a task force Saturday morning to “promptly” introduce necessary measures to contain the bird flu outbreak, officials said. - AFP.

In Ireland, hundreds of dead fishes was found floating in the Six Mile Water river in the County of Antrim.

Hundreds of fish have been found dead in the Six Mile Water river in County Antrim. Billy Robinson from Ballynure Angling Club walked a few miles alongside the river on Sunday afternoon. He said he has seen dead fish from Duck bridge right up towards Ballyclare."There are quite a few dead trout, from small fish, up to fish weighing three quarters of a pound to a pound in weight, so it seems to be a total fish kill," he said.
"I'm looking over the bridge at the moment and there must be around 30 or 40 fish dead in the space of a few yards." - BBC.
Thousands of dead fishes, including bass, carp, shad, pike, catfish, and bullshead was found in Lake Erie, the fourth largest lake of the five Great Lakes in North America. According to an eye-witness, many of the fishes covered the bottom of the lake, while others floated and washed up to the bank.

"Something has killed these fish. We even saw 1/2 dozen dead ducks and opposum. Something in the water is wrong. We saw a dozen bald eagles yesterday and I'm worried that since these birds are here eating the fish they might die as well... Made me sick..." - The Michigan Sportsman Forums.
On Thursday, thousands of dead fishes was discovered along the Detroit River, which is also part of the Great Lakes system,  after being trapped by the ice flows.

Major Fish Kill in the Detroit River.
Residents in Riverside are concerned about what they say is a major fish kill in the Detroit River. Andre Mailhot was out walking his Jack Russell terrier in Alexander Park - a municipal park that runs along Riverside Drive roughly between Strabane and George Avenues - on Tuesday when he saw "thousands and thousands" of dead fish floating in the water. "I couldn't believe it. As far as I could see, I could see all those little white spots," Mailhot said. "They were just coming down the river like somebody threw them in the water." Tuesday's weather was on the mild side, but once temperatures dropped later in the week, the fish became embedded in the ice, Mailhot said. He said he returned to the park on Wednesday and found two dead ducks. He contacted the Ministry of the Environment to report his findings, and said he believes the department is investigating. No one from the ministry could be reached Thursday night. - Windsor Star.

In Texas, dozens of dead dolphins, sea turtles, angelfish washed up on the shores of Galveston. Have a look at the following video on the left, captured on the cellphone of fellow Youtube member, Brandon Huyn.

 In Wellington, New Zealand, the deaths of  hundreds of little blue penguins have raised apocalyptic concerns among its residents, as well as weather experts and environmentalists.

 Little penguins are dying in their hundreds, leading conservationists to fear they are starving as a result of the La Nina weather system. Other seabirds are washing up dead on beaches, raising concerns that species could become extinct if climate change causes extreme weather events to become more frequent. At Wellington Zoo, two starving little blue penguin chicks have been brought in this week. One died on Wednesday and the other, found at Lyall Bay, was hanging on to life yesterday. The zoo's veterinary science manager, Lisa Argilla, said petrels were also starving around Wellington's south coast, and five shags had been brought in this month. "They're unable to find enough food. We've had a lot of starvation and a lot of mortalities." At Banks Peninsula, hundreds of little white-flippered penguin chicks have died of starvation, according to Shireen Helps, who has been caring for the colony on her property for about 25 years. "There were chicks dying in their burrows, in the hillside, and heaps dying on the water." Dr Argilla said the calm La Nina seas meant fewer small fish and plankton close to the surface of the water for them to feed on. Those brought into the zoo were likely to be just a very small portion of those dying. She was concerned that more frequent extreme weather events could lead to extinctions in some species – penguins, for example, needed five or six years of good conditions for populations to regenerate. The strong La Nina had brought with it conditions that made for a bad breeding year. "They're natural occurrences that always happen, but now they're happening more regularly and it's playing havoc with wildlife populations."... The population had risen from 717 breeding pairs in 2000, but Mrs Helps believed the number of little penguins at the colony could fall next year. - Stuff.
Of course, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released an official document, clearly indicating with evidential data that they had  poisoned millions, if not billions of birds since the early 1990s. The following figures reveals the numbers and types of birds that was killed by the USDA: Brown-headed cowbirds: 1,046,109; European Starlings: 1,259,714; Red-winged blackbirds: 965,889;
Canadian geese: 24,519; Grackles: 93,210; Pigeons: 96,297; and countless other birds and animals such as crows, ducks, falcons, finches, gulls, hawks, herons, owls, ravens sparrows, swallows, swans, turkeys, vultures, woodpeckers, beavers, bobcats, coyotes, gray foxes, mountain lions, woodchucks, porcupines, raccoons, squirrels, wild pigs and wolves.

In one of my previous reports, I disclosed that a leaked document had revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had knowingly allowed the widespread usage of bee-toxic pesticide, despite warnings from fellow scientists. A move, which resulted in the accelerated degradation of the bee population worldwide. Now, if the core mandate of the EPA and the USDA is to protect the life of humans and animals, as well as the environment, what could account for this seemingly officially-authorized directive to create a holocaust on the animal population? Further, if this directive is coming from governmental agencies, then what should we expect to come from businesses in the private sector, whose infinite corporate greed and immorality stands in stark contrast with the interests and livelihood of humanity?

This is certainly pointing towards a fundamental threat to our very existence and survival, if you consider the damage already caused by the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) in the direct manipulation of the environment, disruption of the weather patterns and interference with the Earth's upper atmosphere and magnetic field. A frightening prospect, since HAARP is far from the highest form of stealth scalar and electromagnetic weaponry available. One only need to look at the changes in the magnetic field and the poles to understand that additional attacks must emanate from more advance systems within the black project communities. Recently, researchers discovered that even tiny oscillations in the Earth's magnetic fields resulted in the "short-circuiting" of the perception of birds.

Earth's Magnetic Field.
Researchers have been investigating the mechanism which enables birds to detect the Earth’s magnetic field to help them navigate over vast distances. This ability, known as magnetoreception, has been linked to chemical reactions inside birds’ eyes. Now a team from Oxford University and Singapore believe that this ‘compass’ is making use of something called quantum coherence. In a forthcoming article in Physical Review Letters the team report how they anaylsed data from an experiment by Oxford and Frankfurt scientists on robins. The experiment showed that the magnetic compass used by robins could be disrupted by extremely small levels of magnetic ‘noise‘. When this noise, a tiny oscillating magnetic field, was introduced it completely disabled the Robins’ compass sense which then returned to normal once the noise was removed – good news for robins which have to navigate on the long migration route to Scandinavia and Africa and back every year. In their analysis the Oxford/Singapore team show that only a system with components operating at a quantum level would be this sensitive to such a small amount of noise. -
 This is very worrying, when you consider that magnetically charged spots have been seen on the Sun.

The sun has suddenly generated an enormous sunspot region, all in the vicinity of sunspot 1147. The sun is currently in solar cycle 24, which is now due to peak sometime during 2013. The solar sunspot activity has progressed in spurts of activity, although it has been much quieter than expectations lately. From a preparedness standpoint, the risk is all about our electrical power, and the systems that we depend upon that in turn require electricity... Just because the current sunspot activity is low does not mean that earth could not be hit by a debilitating solar flare. The Carrington Event (1859), had it occurred during modern times, would have likely wreaked havoc on our societies and would have probably brought down many technological systems that we depend upon in our infrastructure, some we could not live without due to the millions who depend upon them to sustain systems that bring food and water, and more. Our modern electrical grid for example has not been put to the test from a solar radiation impact event similar to 1859. At some point though, it will be put to the test. There is no argument from the scientific community on that. The question is, will it remain standing after it happens. Many think not. The modern world would be kicked back a century or two, for a period of time that some say could last for years. - Modern Survival Blog.
According to, one of the biggest sunspots of the year has now been witnessed on the Sun.

"Sunspot 1149 (the southern half of the complex) has a tangled magnetic field that harbors energy for strong flares. NOAA forecasters estimate a 10% chance of M-class eruptions during the next 24 hours. Readers with solar telescopes should continue to monitor the region for explosive developments."
It is becoming quite clear then, that these disruptions in the magnetic field will not just continue to manifest in the magnetic pole shift, but also in a geographical one as well. The seismic activity around the planet suggests that a geological upheaval is imminent, as the tectonic plate movements continue to destabilize in and around Chile, Tonga, Alaska, Mexico, Japan, Russi, Indonesia, the Caribbean Region, Puerto Rio, Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua, Peru, Fiji, India, the United States, Scotland and Pakistan with the highest registration at Tajikistan, where a magnitude 6.1 magnitude quake struck the central Asian republic today, measuring at a depth of 55.6 miles.

We also continue to see this upheaval in volcanism, as the Mount Etna in Italy, has been sending lava bombs, careening down its eastern slope.
Mount Etna.
The eruption was brief but it was enough to scare citizens of Sicily to death and unnerve numerous others. Massive balls of lava exploded from Etna’s crater and came careening down the Eastern slope of the volcano. Sicily’s Mount Etna roared back to life for several hours, bombarding its eastern slope with missiles of hot lava. Columns of ash disrupted air transportation around the Italian island. Ash from the eruption forced Catania’s Fontanarossa airport to shut down overnight. The year 2010 was an unusually quiet period for Etna, which last produced a major eruption in 1992. Mount Etna’s fiery lava could be seen clearly from Catania, Sicily, during the volcano’s brief eruption. Etna is in an almost constant state of activity, but is not considered particularly dangerous. Its slopes are home to farms and vineyards that make use of soil made rich by centuries of regular eruptions.  - Earth Week.
In India, the regions of Saurashtra and Kutch have experienced a swarm of over 50 tremors in just 12 days, indicating that something dramatic is happening under the surface.
 Fresh tremors continue to be felt in Saurashtra and Kutch. Ten tremors were reported from the two regions on Wednesday and Thursday. According to the Institute of Seismological Research (ISR), on Thursday, three tremors were reported in the Kutch region. On Wednesday, two tremors were recorded in Saurashtra and five in Kutch. ISR officials say these tremors mainly jarred Bhachau and Vamka areas of the Kutch district, and the Surendranagar district of Saurashtra. ISR’s official website reports that the magnitude of the tremors reported on Wednesday and Thursday were between 1 and 2.2. Since January 11, 50 tremors have been reported from across the state, mainly in Saurashtra and Kutch regions. - Times of India 
According to the AFP, the death toll from torrential rain in South Africa has reached 70, with another 8,000 people displaced, an official said Saturday, as the government stepped up its emergency efforts. "The number of fatalities currently recorded nationally have sadly increased to 70… The number of displaced and affected households reported at 8400."

The SWN is reporting that  a huge explosion of unknown and unexplained origins occurred in Saffron Walden in Essex
A market town was shaken by a huge explosion after an “unexplained” occurrence left terrified residents believing that a meteorite had crashed to earth. Locals in Saffron Walden, Essex, called 999 at 8pm on Sunday to report an earthquake after homes shook, furniture moved and windows rattled. Two loud bangs resounded through the medieval town, prompting suggestions that there had been a plane crash or a meteorite landing nearby. Noises were heard as far as six miles away in Thaxted and residents of Haverhill, Cambs., 13 miles away reported thuds, moving furniture and shaking houses. But despite a full investigation by emergency services in the area, the bizarre event remains unexplained. It was believed that a fault at an electricity sub-station caused the event, but the authorities have ruled this out and are calling the explosions a ”mystery”.
According to Mercury News, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) disclosed today that a swarm of over 10 earthquakes have hit western Nevada over a period of four days.

Also, reflected in the continuous heavy rains and inundation seen around the world:

Strong winds and unusually high tides played havoc with this tiny Bay of Fundy community overnight Friday. The winds and raging ocean lashed at buildings, ripped off wooden shingles, covered a parking lot with sea water and washed banks away. The storm scattered debris and ripped six large propane tanks from their mooring, causing anxious moments for firefighters and local residents. A local lobster and scallop fisherman, Bobby Vaughan, called 911 late Friday night after noticing that the tanks, torn from the back of the Halls Harbour Lobster Pound, were leaking gas. “It was like a war-zone overnight,” Vaughan, who also serves with the Halls Harbour fire department, said Saturday. “Debris was flying everywhere and the water was coming over the wharf, washing everything over. Everything eroded away. . .  Two containers washed down into the harbour, along with a refrigeration unit and pumps.” Deputy Fire Chief Scott Tipple said the six 226-kilogram propane tanks were secured overnight, but for a time he feared they could explode. There were five large fishing boats moored in the harbour at the time. Firefighters salvaged the gas tanks and stayed on the scene through night. . High tides and lashing winds were causing more concerns Saturday afternoon. “We had a lot of damage,” Dick Killam, a resident and the community’s representative on Kings County council, said. The storm was worse than the 1997 tempest that caused major damage to the community’s wharves, the councillor said.  - The Chronicle Herald
In flood-ravaged Australia, the worst floods in more than 130 years have hit northern Victoria.

Parts of the south-eastern Australian state of Victoria are braced for the approach of a giant lake of floodwater 55 miles (90km) long, as Australia's severe flooding problems continue. Deputy PM Wayne Swan said the recent floods would rank as one of Australia's most costly natural disasters ever. More than 30 people have been killed since flooding began last month. In Queensland, which has witnessed the worst of the flooding, nine people are still missing. Floods tore through the towns of Toowomba and Grantham. But record rains have shifted the flood emergency focus from the north-eastern state to Victoria in the south-east, which is experiencing its worst floods since records began 130 years ago. The Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) has issued evacuation warnings for communities east of the city of Kerang, which remains cut off. In all, more than 75 towns have been affected, and the SES said up to 10 towns remained in the floodwaters' northern path across flat, wheat-growing country. In the city of Swan Hill, people have been building makeshift levees to hold back the Murray River, which is expected to carry the bulk of the floodwaters as they run off over the next 10 days. "There is no doubt the recent floods will rank as one of the most costly natural disasters in our history," said Mr Swan, who is also Australia's treasurer. The impact of the floods was worse than a series of natural disasters in the 1970s and wildfires in 2009 in which 173 people died, he said in his first economic note of the year. - BBC.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand:

Firefighters have been called to more than a hundred incidents related to flooding, with the worst affected areas in Auckland’s CBD, the North Shore and eastern suburbs. Extreme high tides and torrential rain have damaged scores of homes and businesses and swamped motorways. It’s a coveted spot: homes with an expansive sea view. But today that view came a little too close for the residents of Bucklands Beach, and the speed of the flooding caught many by surprise. “I went out and went to regular sports practice and came home and I don’t know, I’m trying to find out as well, I don’t even know if I can get back,” says resident Daniel. A king tide, compounded by heavy rain and strong winds, was the cause. And it made itself felt over much of Auckland, flooding parts of the CBD and 17 suburbs, including upmarket Epsom and Remuera. The high tide has caused flooding on several sections of motorway in Auckland, including on the North Western motorway, which has been closed eastbound until the mess is cleaned up. - 3 News.

In the aftermath of the Brazilian deluge, the death toll is now inching closer to 1,000 persons with hundreds still missing.

The Destructive Aftermath in Brazil.
Officials in Brazil say more than 800 people are now known to have died in floods and landslides in the south-east of the country this month. More than 400 people are still missing after torrential rain caused whole hillsides to collapse. The Brazilian government has said it will set up an early warning system to alert communities of impending danger. The flooding is considered the worst natural disaster Brazil has ever experienced. According to figures compiled by the newspaper O Globo, about third of all victims were children and adolescents. The youngest fatality was a five-day-old baby buried in a mudslide in Nova Friburgo, the worst affected town with 324 dead. The number of missing has been declining as forensic experts identify more bodies, but rescue workers fear the full extent of the disaster is not yet known, with some remote communities still only reachable by helicopter. - BBC.
Forecasters are predicting that an arctic blast from Canada will deliver brutally frigid air and wind chills, with temperatures expected to dip to below 50 degrees in northern New England.


The Coming Arctic Blast.
The National Weather Service in Caribou issued a statewide wind chill warning Sunday night effective through Monday. Bitter cold air will remain over northern Maine through Monday night forcing temperatures down below zero with negative double-digit wind chill values. “This is the coldest air we’ve had in about two years,” said Michael Hill, a weather service meteorologist in Caribou. Emergency management agencies were urging residents to bundle up and heat their homes safely during the cold snap. Shelters were preparing for an increase in the number of people wanting to get out of the cold, and authorities in Maine and Pennsylvania waived restrictions on heating oil delivery. Northern New England is used to cold winters; a remote site in northern Maine recorded a minus 50 reading on Jan. 16, 2009, that tied a 1933 record set in Vermont for the coldest temperature recorded in New England. In Bangor the high temperature Monday will be about 2 degrees with a west wind between 10 and 15 mph. Wind chill values could be as low as 36 below zero, according to the NWS. The low will be around minus 10 Monday night, with wind chill values as low as minus 20. In Houlton the high Monday will be near minus 4, with wind chill values as low as minus 41. The low Monday night will be around minus 20, with wind chill values as low as minus 32. Factoring in the wind chill, people can expect temperatures approaching minus 50 Monday in extreme northern Maine. - Bangor Daily News.
If you look at the following maps from the IRIS Seismic Monitor and the U.S. Geological Survey, it is clear to see that the movements in the tectonic plates coupled with the consistent inundation of water will result in the sinking of land mass, as is currently happening in Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia and South America.

This is now manifesting on the coastal areas on the islands in the Caraga Region, with the evidence of rising sea water levels

Shorelines in coastal areas in Caraga Region are slowly disappearing as they are being submerged in seawater because of rising seawater. This is according to two non-government organizations (NGOs) involved in climate change adaptations and disaster preparedness initiatives. Botanist Teresa "Tet" Bordadera of NGO Green Coalition said they observed shores along coastlines in three Caraga provinces — Surigao del Sur, Surigao del Norte and Agusan del Norte — were slowly disappearing as rising seawater is already eating up shores by at least 10 meters and in some areas as long as 30 to 50 meters. Some residents along the coastlines are thus forced to relocate, she noted. coastal areas including smaller Caraga islands will sink and be wiped out from the map. Surigao del Sur province where most of the coastal areas are facing Pacific Ocean and holds the distinction as a province having the longest shoreline, is now very active in Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives. Bordadera, in an interview Friday, told the Philippines News Agency that based on initial studies they made, at least five smaller islands in Caraga Region that are facing Pacific Ocean already sank or have been submerged by rising seawater level. - MB.
With all of this in mind - seismic stress levels on the tectonic plates, sinking land masses, rising sea levels, heavy and consistent rains, widespread flooding and inundation, stalling of the gulf stream loop current and the persistently freezing temperatures - it becomes abundantly clear that this is an orchestrated cataclysmic chaos, as I have mentioned before. If the reports on the EPA, USDA and HAARP were not enough proof, then consider that right now, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is buying up all kinds of dried, frozen and storage foods in preparation for a coming disaster on the New Madrid Fault Line.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores pre-packaged commercial meals to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster survivors routinely. The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. - FBO Daily.

What is quite incredible about this request is that FEMA is demanding that they should receive all questions and response by January 26 and February 3, respectively. In addition, in May, FEMA will be partaking in a National Level Exercise that will simulate an earthquake in that zone. We have already seen what results from these type of simulations, remember the NORAD exercises and the "terrorists" attacks on 9/11?

I have said it before and I will say it again, this is a Luciferian dialectic of Thesis, Anti-Thesis and Synthesis - Order out of Chaos. The blueprint for this agenda can be easily seen in the subtextual narrative, predictive programming and symbolism of movies like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, and The CORE. A blueprint that is prominently exhibited and featured at the monuments at the Georgia Guidestones and in the murals at the Denver International Airport, a declaration to reduce the world's population to 500 million. Apocalyptic sculptures, etchings, carvings and paintings of the quest towards human depopulation, that have been echoed in the speeches of men like Bill Gates, Prince Phillip and Henry Kissinger. Is it far-fetched then, to think that the massive global animal die-off happening now, is a precursor to the culling of humanity, given what I have highlighted before about the EPA, USDA, HAARP and FEMA?

"Strange days have found us. Strange days have tracked us down. They're going to destroy, Our casual joys. We shall go on playing, Or find a new town..." - Jim Morrison, The Doors.

UPDATE: Planetary & Seismic Stress leading to a Geological Epoch?!

As we continue to document the Earth changes, through these series of articles, the following additions constitutes the latest upheavals in this ongoing process.  A consistent examination and interaction with the paradigm shift happening before is like unto a mirror, reflecting the orchestrated deception that humanity has face since the foundations of its existence. Therefore, it is essential that we continue to fervently pursue and gather the relevant data in-order to come to a definitive understanding and discernment of this deception, that will ultimately lead us to make a collective and monumental departure from this stratagem of illusion, towards a higher standard of truth and love.

We begin in Canada, where the mass animal die-off continues unabated, as dead herrings washed ashore on a beach in Cedar.

Another beach in Cedar has been found covered with hundreds of dead herring that washed ashore. The fish were found Monday near the beach house in Cedar-By-The-Sea, a short distance from the beach north of Boat Harbour where Will Meeks found a large number of dead herring on Friday. - Times Colonist.
In Japan, where a strain of highly virulent H5N1 Avian virus has now been discovered on a second farm, forcing the government to send the military in to assist scientists in the containment of the outbreak.


In Nepal, parasitic weeds are currently destroying the grassland habitats.

Some 200 kilometers south-west of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, a non-native weed is rapidly destroying plants, with menacing implications for local wildlife. The South American native is locally known as banmara (forest killer) or “mile-a-minute.” It was first identified in Nepal in 1975. The weed grows about 2.5 centimeters a day and has covered large sections of the 932-square-kilometre Chitwan National Park. “It produces up to 40,000 seeds a day, which are scattered in the forest by various means,” said Chanda Rana, researcher and maker of the film Mile-a-minute – A serious threat to the Chitwan National Park. “If we don’t make collective effort within five years, about 50 per cent of the habitat will be wiped out.” Conservationists said the plant is one of the biggest threats to wildlife, besides poaching.  “The invasive plant is threatening the existence of flora, fauna and unique ecosystem of Chitwan,” Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said... “It is high time all should participate in controlling the invasion of the wild weed.” - Earth Times.
As the weeds cripples Nepal's food production, a looming food crisis is developing and enveloping China, where prolonged dry spells in the northern, central and eastern regions has threatened crops and water supplies.


Shandong province is experiencing its driest weather for 60 years. Half the wheat-growing land there is affected, while almost a quarter of a million people face drinking water shortages, the China Daily said. Beijing has also been experiencing its longest dry spell for more than 30 years, another state daily said. The Chinese capital has had no significant rainfall for three months, the Beijing Times reported. Analysts say this drought is likely to put further pressure on food prices, which have been rising sharply for months. In Shandong, many areas had seen no rain for four months, the provincial water bureau said. Fire trucks were being used to deliver water to 240,000 people and 107,000 livestock. The northern provinces of Shanxi and Hebei have also experienced lower than average rainfall, while the central province of Henan is facing drought.BBC.
Around the globe, the effects from the severe weather conditions are expected to rocket food prices by nearly 100%, creating global famine, hunger epidemic, and starvation. Already, we have seen this translated into riots and social unrests, where the government in Tunisia was kicked out of power. Coupled with a rising cost in fuel and decreasing supply of drinking water, a perfect storm for widespread chaos and anarchy will increasingly become evident. In Europe, the British economy has experienced a significant and unexpected contraction in the last quarter of 2010. A shrinkage experienced in other countries around the world. In places like Egypt and Lebanon, mass demonstrations and "days of rage" are a daily occurrence, as activists seeks to emulate the results of the Tunisian pro-democratic protesters. The situation is burgeoning to the point of crisis proportions, where several experts are now calling for genetically modified crops to be introduced on a wide-scale as a means of solving the spiraling food prices.

GMO poison pushers attempt to confuse people with these terms by claiming that "lots of foods are genetically modified," thereby blurring the distinction between genetic selection versus genetic engineering. I've even heard top-level scientists attempt to use this false argument, hoping that no one will notice. The simple truth is that genetic selection works in harmony with natural processes of gene variation within a species. If you grow corn, and you save the seeds from your best-tasting corn to plant the next generation of corn, you are engaged in genetic selection. This is natural. But the GMO industry doesn't even want you to be able to save your seeds from one generation to the next. They use "terminator" technology in the seeds to ensure that the second generation of seeds is non-viable. That alone is a crime against humanity because it forces a seed monopoly upon farmers and consumers in developing nations and first-world nations. This is why any individual or organization that is in favor of seed-termination technology in GMOs is supporting a crime against nature. - Natural News.
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the grain production shortages and high grain prices seen in place like China, requires the solution of U.S. farmers to plant more acres of food crops.
Farmers will need to sow an additional 10 million acres to boost supplies of several crops. Supplies are expected to drop to 15-year lows for corn and more than 40-year lows for soybeans...  Although the prices may dampen demand somewhat, low global supply will require the largest U.S. planting in a decade. Analysts are calling for 327 million acres to be planted, which will require converting animal grazing pastures to cropland, sowing marginal lands, in some cases planting an acre twice in the same year and planting under questionable weather conditions. - Water Town Daily Times.
Speaking of China, the weird weather anomalies persists in tandem with the animal die-off, food shortages and souring food/fuel prices. However, the anomalies seems to be escalating towards the extreme and unimaginable. Here, these extremities and climatic deterioration are taking a devastating toll on the country.


In Australia, where experts are now warning that the deluge of flooding seen across the country is an omen of disasters to come.


As deadly floodwaters reach their peak in Brisbane, residents of Australia’s third-largest city, around the same population of Vancouver, and surrounding area are bracing for the devastating aftermath, the full extent to which will only become apparent once the waters start to recede. Officials said Thursday the Brisbane River, which runs through the centre of the city, peaked at 4.45 metres. Though well below expected highs, the flooding has already led to at least 13 deaths, billions in damages and displaced tens of thousands of people in the state of Queensland. Many residents face the prospect of not being able to return to their homes for months, while others have been made homeless by the flooding. Some experts predict it will take years to make a full recovery from this natural disaster... Experts say this year’s flooding may hold ominous portents, suggesting this type of catastrophic natural disaster may become more common in the future... Many experts say the force of La NiƱa is the strongest they’ve seen in decades and that climate change may be partly responsible for the severity, citing warmer ocean temperatures. Oceanologist Gordon McBean said climate projections for Queensland suggest more extreme precipitation is expected to hit the area in the years to come, which could lead to floods every 15 years by 2040. He cautioned that it’s too early to conclude that Australia’s flooding is due to climate change, but that a growing amount of scientific data indicates there will be more events like it in the future. “The frequency of these heavy rain events is projected to go up,” said Dr. McBean. “It is in the direction of what we expect to unfortunately get worse. As the climate warms, there will be more of these heavy deluges.”  - Globe and Mail.

 In an article for the London Telegraph, reporter Bonnie Malkin is describing the latest flooding in Victoria, Australia as "floodwaters the size of Luxembourg bearing down on Australian towns."
Over the past two weeks, swollen rivers following torrential rains have merged to create a flood zone measuring 55 miles long and 24 miles wide. More than 70 communities and 4400 people have already been affected by widespread flooding across the state and many more are expected to be swamped as the mass of water moves downstream towards the sea. As the flood advanced through the countryside on Monday, the residents of Swan Hill, which lies directly in its path, were rushing to protect their homes before the Loddon River peaks at 16ft on Thursday.
In the United States, a massive storm is ripping across Florida and spawning tornadoes across several counties.


Satellite imagery shows the Storm system.
Severe thunderstorms blasted across Southwest and Central Florida on Tuesday, spinning up dozens of tornadoes across the state...  At least one tornado had been observed touching down in Manatee County near Wingate Road and State Road 64... Doppler radar observations also showed tornadoes on Siesta Key, North Port, Myakka City, Osprey, Englewood, Arcadia and Ona, among other areas, according to the National Weather Service... Forecasters issued a total of seven tornado warnings for Sarasota County before 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday and more for Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Polk, Manatee and other counties further inland... The weather was caused by a warm front from the south colliding with a cold front from the northwest. Strong wind shear - caused by a dramatic increase in wind speed high in the atmosphere - helped to give the thunderstorms spin as they formed a squall line along the front.Herald Tribune.
In Minnesota, a record low temperature of -46 degrees Fahrenheit was set at the International Falls, one of the lowest ever recorded.

Record low temperatures.
 Here is a map of a few notable low temperatures across the area. The contoured shading in the background was created by interpolating the observations using GIS software. Therefore, the contours may not necessarily match individual observations, but the overall trend in temperatures is pretty close. The -46 degree low was tied for the 5th lowest on record at International Falls. Temperature records date back to 1897. The -46 degree low was tied for the lowest on record at the International Falls Airport.SOTT.
According to the Daily Mail, four people in the east coast region of America, died from the freezing weather conditions, as the temperature levels plummets to the lowest-ever level in places like Maine.


Vehicle in New York City entombed in ice.

At least four people died after an Arctic ice blast gripped large swathes of the eastern U.S. and sent temperatures plunging as low as a record -50F (-45C). Brother and sister Joseph Cody, 12, and Grace Cody, nine, were killed when the ice pond they were sledding on gave way from underneath them in Southwest City, Missouri. In North Haven, Connecticut, 50-year-old Denise O'Hara is feared to have slipped and knocked herself unconscious on the driveway of her home late at night - neighbours found her frozen body the following morning. And in Lansford near Philadelphia Alan Kurtz, 49, died after sleeping in his car amid sub-zero temperatures. All four were victims of the coldest weather to grip America this winter so far. It is being caused by an Arctic blast from Canada has swept down through the Mid West and spread across more than 20 states in the North and East Coast. Temperatures were not expected to get above freezing anywhere affected but in Maine the wind chill could make it feel like -50F, a joint record. The coldest temperature ever seen in Maine is -50F which has happened twice: a remote site in northern Maine recorded a minus 50F reading on Jan 16, 2009, that tied a 1933 record set in Bloomfield, Vermont for the coldest temperature recorded in New England. ‘This is the coldest air we’ve had in about two years,’ said Michael Hill, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Caribou.

In the Philippines, 51 persons died from flooding, while 1.6 million people was affected.
Some 51 people are dead in the Philippines after weeks of intense rain caused severe flooding across the Asian nation, the country's national disaster agency said early Monday. Rains continued to linger over much of the the island of Luzon, with land around the Visayan Sea and the eastern island of Mindanao also experiencing significant precipitation, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said in a statement. Those killed, ranging from ages 1 to 80, died from drowning, landslides or electrocution, according to the disaster agency. - CNN.
In Malaysia, flood waters still inundate the roads leading to 27 villages or localities with some 2,649 persons in the Niah district experiencing difficulties in sustaining their livelihood.
The Miri Divisional Operation’s Room said 521 affected families had requested for the second round of food supply and efforts have been made by Welfare Department to deliver to them the soonest. The water level as at 4pm yesterday was still very high, between one to 12 feet at some stretches, making it impassable to small vehicles. However, flood water has begun to recede. Among the worst affected villages were Rumah Jelian Ensiat, Ulu Niah where some stretches of the roads were under 12 feet of water while that at Rumah Mentali, Saeh Niah and Lot 175 Jalan Tepekong, water level rose to six feet. Others roads are passable to traffic, enabling those villagers to carry out their daily chores and the Batu Niah Evacuation Centre has been closed yesterday. - Borneo Post.
 In India a landslide hit the Burdwan district in West Bengal, cracking up an Hindu temple and other buildings, caving roads and uprooting several trees.

In South Africa, the death toll from the recent floodings, now exceeds 100 lives and the government has now declared 33 disaster zones, with warnings of a humanitarian crisis as floods continues to threaten the rest of southern Africa.

Flooding in South Africa has killed more than 100 people, forced at least 8,400 from their homes and prompted the government to declare 33 disaster areas. With unusually heavy rainfall forecast until March, the UN has warned that almost every country in southern Africa is on alert for potentially disastrous flooding. The government said that 88 deaths in the rising toll were in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province. The costs of damage to the infrastructure in the seven of the country's nine provinces affected is estimated at 160bn rand (£14bn). The Johannesburg area and northern and eastern provinces have experienced some of their greatest rainfall in 20 years. Flimsy houses in townships, where drainage systems are sometimes poor, are particularly vulnerable to the deluge.  Bathabile Dlamini, the social development minister, warned that 20,000 people, or about 5,000 families, have been affected in provinces that are running out of money for flood relief. Another 20m rand was needed for humanitarian assistance, she said, adding: "More and more provinces are sending in their requests." Dlamini admitted the government is in a race against time to avert a humanitarian crisis and said the health department was on alert for a possible cholera outbreak. Farms have also been saturated in Africa's biggest food producer, but farmers will not receive government compensation. The logistics firm Transnet said this month that heavy rains had disrupted its freight rail operations, affecting South Africa's coal and maize exports. The UN warned last week that flooding poses a threat in most southern African countries. Some of the biggest rivers in the region, the Zambezi and the Okavango, have risen to double their normal levels. Elisabeth Byrs, a spokeswoman for the UN's Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said: "We fear flash floods. It's rather common in the region and this time we are seeing heavier rainfall than in previous years. Five countries are on alert for flooding - Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia - and South Africa will now declare a disaster." She added: "All neighbouring countries including Madagascar are on alert ... We could have an extremely major disaster if prevention measures are not stepped up over the next six weeks." Mozambique has been hit hard, with at least 10 people killed and more than 13,000 people seeing their homes lost or damaged owing to high waters. There are fears of a repeat of the country's devastating floods in 2000 that left 800 people dead. - The Guardian.
Meteorologists, geologists, scientists and other experts are now of the view that the frigid weather conditions usually associated with the Arctic regions of the planet have undergone a dramatic change in pattern, seemingly descending and burying Europe and North America under high levels of snow and ice. In accordance with the accepted view of an ongoing magnetic pole shift, it seems that the large masses of severely cold air is moving at a rapid rate towards the south of the Earth, as warm air and temperatures ascend in a northerly direction.


3-transitional images, Jan-2009, Jan-2010, Jan-2011.
Comparing imagery of January arctic sea ice from 2009 to 2011 sourced from the U.S. Navy Polar Ice Prediction System, it appears as though the ice sheet has thickened substantially. That is, the arctic ice during January 2009 compared to January 2010 compared to January 2011, all purposefully compared during the same month of each year. This observation is looking at ice thickness – not surface area – although some retreat of 1 meter ice can be seen in the Labrador Sea. Up to 500,000 square miles of the arctic sea region may have thickened from approximately 5 feet thick during January 2009 to approximately 10 feet thick during January 2011. The ice thickness scale color, dark blue, corresponds to about 1.5 meters, or about 5 feet. The color green represents about 3 meters, or about 10 feet. The estimated area that has changed from dark blue to green measures approximately 500,000 square miles based on approximated Google Earth ruler measurements (1,500 miles length by a bit more than 300 miles width, on average – call it 333). At an increased thickness of 5 feet, that calculates out to be 500,000 x (5,280 x 5280) x 5 = 69,626,304,000,000 might as well round it to 70,000,000,000,000 cubic feet. It’s getting colder out there! …which may bring about an entirely new preparedness category:  “mini Ice Age” (actually, we are well within a ‘La Nina’ cycle – cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean surface). An interesting ‘coincidence’ is that the magnetic north pole drift direction is nearly the same as the increase in ice sheet depth. - Modern Survival Blog.
Magnetic Pole Shift and Arctic Ice Movement.
The degeneration of the Arctic Ocean's ice over the last 50 years, arguably constitutes the most incredible change in the topography of our planet, forcing the achievement of agreement, that the convergence of this decline with the magnetic pole shift, and the stalling of the gulf stream loop current will catapult us towards cataclysmic chaos. Given the magnitude of this shift, it is logical to conclude that the planet has moved into a state of unprecedented and irreparable status.

You only need to look at the following videos to understand the true extent of these changes and what lies ahead us. Firstly, the incredible birth of a volcanic island in the Solomon Islands and next, the bursting of water mains and underground pipe systems in the United States.

Worst, have a look at the following image of the current convulsion in Africa, that shows that the continent is in a state of tremendous change and splitting at its core.
Violent Seismic Activity in Africa.
The fissures began appearing years ago. But in recent months, seismic activity has accelerated in northeastern Africa as the continent breaks apart in slow motion. Researchers say that lava in the region is consistent with magma normally seen on the sea floor -- and that water will ultimately cover the desert... The earth is in upheaval in northeastern Africa, and the region is changing quickly. The desert floor is quaking and splitting open, volcanoes are boiling over, and seawaters are encroaching upon the land. Africa, researchers are certain, is splitting apart at a rate rarely seen in geology. - Spiegel.
Click HERE to look at the stunning gallery of images.

If you consider that President Obama has ordered the military to prepare for riots in the spring and that FEMA is soliciting 140 million packaged emergency meals for an imminent catastrophic event in the New Madrid area, perhaps these stories are all pointing to the next level or the tipping point in this orchestrated theatre of chaos, given the headline and write-up of the following story from the Daily Mail:


 The super-volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has been rising at a record rate since 2004. It would explode with a force a thousand times more powerful than the Mount St Helens eruption in 1980. Spewing lava far into the sky, a cloud of plant-killing ash would fan out and dump a layer 10ft deep up to 1,000 miles away. Two-thirds of the U.S. could become uninhabitable as toxic air sweeps through it, grounding thousands of flights and forcing millions to leave their homes. This is the nightmare that scientists are predicting could happen if the world’s largest super-volcano erupts for the first time in 600,000 years, as it could do in the near future. Yellowstone National Park’s caldera has erupted three times in the last 2.1million years and researchers monitoring it say we could be in for another eruption. They said that the super-volcano underneath the Wyoming park has been rising at a record rate since 2004 - its floor has gone up three inches per year for the last three years alone, the fastest rate since records began in 1923.
Or does it have to do with the following diagram? Given the seismic stress levels and the planetary unrest, is it possible that we will be moving from a magnetic pole shift to a geological one. A geological epoch?

"This is the end, Beautiful friend. This is the end, My only friend, the end. Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end. No safety or surprise, the end. I'll never look into your eyes... again!" - Jim Morrison, The Doors.
More anon.

UPDATE: Cataclysmic Chaos, ET Disclosure & the SIRIUS Revelations?!

In my last update, I posited the view that the events that we have been witnessing across the globe, could be a precursor towards a geological pole shift, a cataclysmic event where the geographic locations of the poles and axis of rotation of the Earth would be severely altered. It is believed that axial reorientation of the planet would come as a direct result of a sudden or rapid shift in the underlying surface structure. Over the last couple weeks, we have seen clear, conclusive and scientific evidence of a geomagnetic reversal of the Earth's magnetic field; upheavals in the planet's plate tectonics; and the gradual sinking, breaking up and emergence of land masses. If these dramatic alterations, reversals and upheavals are preceded in the manifestation of volcanism, earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods, then is it possible that the massive worldwide animal deaths is a prelude as well. 

Speaking of animals, according to the American Bird Conservancy, over 200 Pelicans washed up dead at the Topsail Beach in North Carolina.


Preliminary necropsies by the University of Georgia on some of the more than 200 Brown Pelicans that have washed up on the shores of Topsail Beach on the coast of southeastern North Carolina are inconclusive and do not yet support concerns that foul play was responsible. Complete toxicology and pathology reports are expected to be available soon. A taskforce including officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as state officials, has been formed and has been meeting to investigate the deaths, but so far has not determined a cause...  “What is far more significant is the number of bird deaths that go unreported or unrecorded each year because they each occur in smaller numbers and do not command media attention. These include deaths from pesticides and other toxins such as lead from spent ammunition, collisions with communication towers, buildings, or wind turbines, and free-roaming cats. Their cumulative impact, however, is significant, and may total more than one and a half billion birds each year,” said Dr. McKernan, Director of the Bird Pesticide Program with American Bird Conservancy, the nation’s leading bird conservation organization. - Surfbirds.
On Wednesday, the stunning sight of thousands of penguins bowed in mourning, over the loss of their offspring graced the morning skies of Antarctica.


Penguins in mourning.
Prostrate on the icy tundra of the Antarctic, they appear the picture of misery after the deaths of their chicks. The extraordinary image capturing penguins in an act of mass mourning was taken on the Riiser Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica by photographer Daniel J. Cox. He has spent 25 years traveling from pole to pole documenting everything from polar bears to penguins and getting up close and personal is all in a day's work. 'Part of my job is to accept that with the spectacular sights of nature also come the stark facts of life, and to see Emperor Penguins mourning in a human-like way over the death of their chicks is heart-wrenching,' he said. 'They hunch over like they are in a state of grief and they wander around the frozen ice wastes attempting to locate their chicks. 'It is difficult to say how and why they died, but I was told by other scientists that it was not unheard of. 'Weather and things like starvation, if there is a food shortage, can cause this kind of sad event.' - Daily Mail.
In my last update, I told you of the large numbers of dead herrings that washed up on the shores of  Cedar on the Vancouver Island beach on Tuesday. Here is a video report on that incident


In St. Louis, Missouri, a strange sighting of a huge of flock of birds was seen flying away from the New Madrid fault system. I have told you before of the preparations being made right now by the United States Government and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a disastrous event at New Madrid, including the hold of National Level Exercises throughout 2011. According to Dutchsinse, the Youtube member, who captured the movements of the birds: "...these birds don't migrate... but they all seem to be headed away from this area... which happens to be in the New Madrid fault zone... strange bird behavior... I'm not liking the looks of this..."

The movement of birds are related to the orientation of Earth's magnetic field and they usually make mental calculations based on changes in the field. Is it possible that the birds are picking up major changes or disturbance in the field as a direct result of what will happen during one of these exercises at New Madrid?

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army base in Salt Lake City is now on locked down. Reports coming from Utah is that there is a problem there of "serious concern". The Dugway Proving Ground is a U.S. Army facility used to protect against biological and chemical attacks.
The U.S. Army's Dugway Proving Ground was on lockdown Wednesday evening as part of "an ongoing security operation," according to spokeswoman Paula Thomas. Reports of nearly 1,000 employees stranded at the base, some in their cars, went unconfirmed but Dugway Proving Ground Commander Col. William E. King, IV, said food and beverages were being brought in. "As you know measures like these (lockdown of our gates) are not taken lightly," he said. "No one is in immediate danger but these steps are required." King said he would open the gates "as soon as I can." The gates to the facility were closed prior to the 5:30 p.m. shift ending. Workers normally scheduled to go home were not allowed to leave, while those coming into the area were also not let in. - KSL.
What is this all about? Is this related to the FEMA exercises? Should we expect a biological weapons attack as part of this ongoing process of producing chaos?

In a remote area of southern California, U.S. military forces have constructed a mock city, the size of downtown San Diego. The official cover story is that it will be used for preparations to fight in urban environments.

Marines in training at the Mock City complex.
The $170 million urban training center was unveiled Tuesday at the Twentynine Palms military base, 170 miles northeast of San Diego. The 1,560-building facility will allow troops to practice and refine skills that can be used around the world, the Marine Corps said. The military has been opening a slew of mock Afghan villages at bases across the country to prepare troops for battle before they are deployed. The new training center is one of the largest and most elaborate. Seven separate mock city districts spread across 274 acres of desert. The fake markets, hotels and other businesses are complete with actors who create scenarios that pose a full range of challenges from humanitarian relief efforts to peacekeeping to police work and direct combat, according to the Marine Corps. - MSNBC.

Speaking of disturbances, in Japan, on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a spectacular volcanic eruption is currently happening at Mount Kirishima,  where red-hot magma and volcanic bombs are being fired into the air. Located on the southern island of Kyushu, the volcano began its eruptions on January 26 with a giant ash cloud. Since then, the volcanic material are constantly coming from the crater, flying through the air and landing a mile away, forcing and prompting officials to raise alert and warning levels to nearby residents.


Kirishima is one of Japan's most active volcanoes. Kirishima is a group of 20 volcanoes located north of Kagoshima Bay. Volcanoes include Takachihonomine, Nakadake, Ohatayama, Karakunidake, Tairoike, Ohachi, and Shinmoedake.

Volcano eruption along the Japan Trench of the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Nearby, on another part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the eruption of the Tengger Caldera volcano, on Java in Indonesia, forced the cancellation of five Jetstar flights.

The travel plans of hundreds of Australians have been thrown into disarray after an Indonesian volcano erupted, spewing a large cloud of ash into the air. Flights were due to take off from Sydney and Darwin for Denpasar on the popular tourist island of Bali. Three flights from Denpasar to Perth, Sydney and Darwin were also grounded by the budget airline. A sixth Jetstar flight from Perth to Denpasar was diverted to Darwin and is due to return to Perth. "Safety of our passengers and crew is Jetstar's number one priority and as a result the airline has cancelled tonight's flights between Australia and Denpasar (Bali)," a Jetstar statement said. "The airline is closely monitoring the situation and will advise passengers should there be any further impact. No other services are affected at this stage." - News Australia.
The Extinction Protocol is reporting that 109 earthquakes have occurred in Iran within the last 30 days.

Six tremors have just shaken southeastern Iran in the space of one hour including a 5.8 earthquake, a 4.9, a 4.8 and a 4.0. An earthquake swarm is currently underway. Growing seismic unrest in the region underscores the mounting seismic tension building across the entire planet- especially the Middle East. Iran’s geological faults make the country susceptible to some of the most catastrophic earthquakes in the region. A major earthquake in some of the densely populated cities could result in the largest number of deaths from a quake in the Middle East. Iran is sitting on a very active and volatile set of fault lines.
Just this morning a 6 point magnitude on the Richter Scale hit Southeastern Iran, at 10.7 kilometres deep.

In Israel, the Israeli Defense Force has recently been preparing for a cataclysmic disaster scenario, that could result from a major earthquake, under the "Genealogy Plan".


Is it possible that this "extremely high-scale" earthquake will be used to destroy the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock, as the first step in the process towards the building of Israel's Third Temple? A monument that will eventually become the International Temple of Faith on the Earth, under the aegis of the New World Order of the Ages and a messianic entity.

Whether these Earth changes and weather anomalies will ultimately lead to a geological pole shift, it is becoming quite obvious that we are in the midst of the Luciferian dialectic of Thesis, Anti-Thesis and Synthesis - the extraterrestrial saviors to rescue humanity from apocalyptic chaos. With recent news, coming out of China, that President Obama will make an imminent disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, exopolitical researcher Dr. Michael Salla is reporting that global business leaders were told that extraterrestrials are real:
At five thousand dollars a ticket, some business leaders got more than they bargained for when they attended the first day of the Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) being held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They were told flying saucers are real, and they better start thinking about the business implications of extraterrestrial life and technologies... For the first time at its annual conference, the GCF held a panel discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Titled "Learning from Outer Space" the panel comprised five speakers who all endorsed the view that extraterrestrial life is real, and has many implications for the world as we know it. - Exopolitics.
If you don't believe me, that this will be how it will all play out, then the following video should convince you:

In addition to the eerie and sinister symbolism of the acronym EVL for the game developers Electronic Visualization Lab, did you notice the tiles. The dual combination of black and white tiles is associated with Freemasonry, worshipers of the one-eyed Blazing Star Sirius/Lucifer, often seen on the Freemasonry board and on the Great Seal of the United States one-dollar bill. Take note that the alien entity also has one eye. The being is also seen either clothed or coated in blue. According to the Dogon tribe in West Africa, the extraterrestrials that visited them were blue amphibious creatures called Nommos from Sirius. Did you also notice that the logo for the Electronic Visualization Lab company, resembles a W. W is the 23 letter of the alphabet. I have always stated here, that 23 represents the Sirius Star System. Take additional note of the attire of the human. He is Caucasian - white and dressed in red and blue - colors that symbolizes Sirius. Finally, if Obama is the person that will usher in these extraterrestrials, is it a coincidence then, that this scene takes place in Illinois, Chicago - home of the 44th President of America and that the office that he occupies at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is aligned with Sirius, with inaugurations and terms representing the initiation ceremonies to Osiris, the Egyptian deity that symbolizes the celestial movements and interstellar explosions of Sirius B?


Speaking of Egypt, the revolution from Tunisia is now spreading like wildfire into the land of the "Gods."


Reports are emerging that the Internet has gone down in Cairo and throughout the rest of Egypt, only hours before the largest planned protests yet. According to a report from The Arabist, "The Egyptian Government has shut off the internet." This comes against the background of the escalation in violence in two cites outside the capital Cairo Thursday where opposition leaders were arrested and  anti-government protesters shot after torching a fire station and looting weapons that they then turned on police. Egypt's top democracy advocate returned to the country and declared he was ready to lead the campaign to oust longtime President Hosni Mubarak.


In Yemen, tens of thousands of people also called for the Yemeni president's ouster in protests across the country on Thursday  The demonstrations led by opposition members and youth activists are a significant expansion of the unrest sparked by the Tunisian uprising, which also inspired Egypt's largest protests in years. They pose a new threat to the stability of the Arab world's most impoverished nation and raises the possibility of plunging the entire region into widespread chaos and anarchy.

Meanwhile, according to the United Nations, a "humanitarian crisis of epic proportions" is unfolding in the flood-hit areas of southern Pakistan where malnutrition rates rival those of African countries affected by famine.


In Sindh province, where some villages are still under water six months after the floods, almost one quarter of children under five are malnourished while 6% are severely underfed, a Floods Assessment Needs survey has found. "I haven't seen malnutrition this bad since the worst of the famine in Ethiopia, Darfur and Chad. It's shockingly bad," said Karen Allen, deputy head of UNICEF in Pakistan. The survey reflects the continuing impact of the massive August floods, which affected 20 million people across an area the size of England, sweeping away 2.2m hectares of farmland. The figures were alarming, Neva Khan, of Oxfam, said. "Emergency aid right after the floods saved many lives, but, as these figures show, millions are at serious risk," she said. Kristen Elsby, a Unicef official, called it a "humanitarian crisis of epic proportions". - The Guardian.
In Southern Africa, the  unusually heavy rainfall that has caused flooding in many parts of the country is wiping out crops in what is the continent’s main breadbasket.

South Africa.
More than 120 people have been killed in the thunderstorms and flooding since mid-December, and some 20,000 people are in need of assistance. The South African government has declared disaster areas in eight of its nine provinces. And it’s not over yet. Above-average rainfall is forecast for South Africa and neighboring countries for the next few months. Much of southern Africa is now on flood alert, including Mozambique, where at least 13 people have died from floods and thousands have fled their homes for higher ground. Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia are also on alert for flooding. While this is the annual rainy season in southern Africa, the heavier than usual rainfall has been blamed on La Nina, the weather pattern behind the severe flooding in other southern hemisphere countries including Australia, Brazil and the Philippines. In South Africa, the government has put the flood damage at $51 million, but this is an early estimate and expected to rise. At least 13,000 homes have been damaged by the floods across the country, including thousands of shacks washed away, according to the National Disaster Management Center. Squatter communities known as “informal settlements” have been most affected as they are often built near rivers and in other low-lying areas. Health authorities are on alert for outbreaks of cholera and other waterborne diseases in South Africa and throughout the region. There are also concerns that the torrential rains will trigger an outbreak of Rift Valley Fever, a livestock disease that last year killed 26 people and 8,500 animals in South Africa. Floods have so far cost South African farmers $284 million, including damage to farm infrastructure and lost crops, said the farmers group Agri SA... The country’s biggest dam, the Gariep, is 112 percent full and rising, and the Vaal Dam is at 100 percent capacity. Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini has appealed to the public to help with donations, saying that many provinces are running out of money to help those affected by the floods. “Without sounding alarmist, I would like to highlight the fact that we are in a race against time to respond to the humanitarian needs of those affected,” Dlamini said in a media briefing. Most of the deaths have occurred in the coastal KwaZulu-Natal province, with 88 people recorded killed in the storms and floods, according to a report by Dlamini’s ministry. In the Eastern Cape province, widespread hail storms have damaged property, livestock and crops, and 21 people have died. Lightning strikes and tornados have also caused deaths and property damage. In nearby Mozambique, which has also been battered by torrential rains, the government has issued a “red alert” for potential floods in the country’s central and southern regions, putting disaster relief workers on standby. In 2000, Mozambique was devastated by widespread flooding that killed 800 people, destroyed infrastructure and caused massive losses to agricultural production. - Global Post
 In Saudi Arabia, torrential rainfall submerged streets and cut off electricity in parts of the nation's second largest city Jeddah on Wednesday, raising fears of a repeat of floods in 2009 which killed more than 120 people. Water levels reached 111 millimeters (4.4 inches) today, compared with apeak of 90 millimeters in  2009.


Saudi Arabia.
Recent rains in the western region of Saudi Arabia exposed once again Jeddah’s flood vulnerabilities. As they did in the November 2009 flashfloods, three of the city’s major underpasses filled with runoff and required a fleet of tanker trucks to pump out the water. Now a number of engineers are calling the lack of drainage of these recently constructed underpasses — which dip below ground level with the potential to become murky death traps in the event of flooding — a symbol of the absence of strict oversight by municipal officials. In a report in Al-Madinah newspaper Thursday, these engineers say municipal authorities should have done more to ensure these major road projects were built to handle the rare but formidable wintertime deluges that occur in the region. The recent downpours experienced in Jeddah were not as strong as the Nov. 25, 2009 floods, but they succeeded in forcing the municipality to shut down four major underpasses, including King Abdullah Tunnel that passes under Khaled bin Waleed Street and Madinah Road. It took days for workers to pump out and haul away the water. - Arab News.
In Australia, following weeks of flooding of "biblical proportions," preparations are being made for the onslaught of Cyclone Bianca.


Tracking the path of Cyclone Bianca.
People in the areas between Jurien Bay and Albany are told to prepare now for very dangerous weather as Severe Tropical Cyclone Bianca, now a category 4 cyclone, tracks toward WA's South West coast. FESA says if you live in the south west of Western Australia between Jurien Bay to Albany, including Perth, Bunbury and Busselton and surrounding areas you need to prepare your home and family now for the very dangerous weather during the weekend. CYCLONE WATCH alert is current for coastal areas from Jurien Bay to Albany, including Perth, Bunbury and Busselton. Weather and Cyclone details: At 11am Friday the Bureau of Meteorology advised that a category three Severe Tropical Cyclone (TC) Bianca is expected to impact communities in the south west of the State on Sunday. - ABC.
FESA is expecting the following to happen: coastal erosion and flooding of low lying coastal areas; severe to Catastrophic fire danger; damaging winds with gusts up to 120 kilometres per hour; very rough seas and dangerous surf conditions and heavy rainfall south of the cyclone with possible localised flooding.

Next door, in Wellington, New Zealand, Tropical Cyclone Wilma lashed the top of New Zealand early Saturday, bringing widespread flooding and landslides which cut highways and power blackouts.


Cyclone Wilma.
Two people managed to escape a house on Waiheke Island before it slid down the hill, almost entirely breaking up, as tropical cyclone Wilma hit the North Island. Firefighters also used a boat to rescue two people stuck up trees in Northland as tropical cyclone Wilma battered the upper North Island overnight. The man and woman were stuck up trees in Pipiwai for more than three hours, due to the rising flood waters. Some people had attempted to swim out to the pair, but the current was too strong, northern fire communications shift manager Jaron Phillips said. A police northern communications spokesman said the pair were rescued this morning. He also confirmed the rescue of two people from the collapsed house at Onetangi, on Waiheke Island... Northland has effectively been cut off by the weather bomb, with both mains roads from Auckland - SH1 and SH16 - closed. Police are asking people to postpone travel between Auckland and Northland until further notice... The northern region fire communications centre dealt with more than 400 emergency 111 calls between 6pm yesterday and 5am today... - Stuff.
In America, from Washington DC all the way up to Boston , the North East of the United States has been once again pounded by another massive snowstorm, the sixth since December of last year.

Winter storm warnings stretched from the southern Appalachian Mountains to coastal Massachusetts. Newark NJ set a record of over 11 inches and Philadelphia also set a record with 14.2 inches of snow. All major airports were forced to close and hundreds of flights have been cancelled. New York City was hit with over a foot and a half of snow and for the first time in years, the city decided to close most government offices. Public and private Schools and universities closed and classes cancelled. It is only the ninth time in over three decades New York City schools were closed for a snow day. All this snow is making residents and business owners frustrated. This is the seventh time the region has been hit with snow this winter already, and there's still over a month and a half to ago. The last time New York City was hit with 19 inches was in 1996. This storm has one of the largest snowfall accumulations in New York City history and has been the snowiest January on record. Though the storm lasted only about a day, the rapid snowfall caused havoc for the government in trying to keep the streets safe. Commuters are really having it tough as city buses were temporarily suspended and almost all public transportation delayed. In the Lynn District near Boston , the snowfall was enough to force a roof to collapse. Everyone has now made it out safely. Currently the snowfall has come to a halt, but the white winter is far from over. More snow is expected in the coming days and weeks. - Press TV.

According to several meteorologists, it is quite possible that there will be another snowstorm along the East Coast next week. If that is not enough trouble, then consider the words of physicist Dr. Michio Kaku from an interview with CNN's Kiran Chetry, who says that a supervolcano beneath the Yellowstone National Park is due to erupt.

There's no way to determine precisely when this explosion will occur but scientists say the ground around the volcano has started to swell, indicating subterranean activity. It was believed that a similar volcano that helped bring an end to the dinosaurs and this one will "wipe out the United States as we know it", Dr. Kaku says.

In the town of El Llanito in Columbia, a massive fish kill was discovered on January 25, continuing the global animal die-off. What is quite fascinating about this incident, was the sighting of a "strange light" unidentified flying object (UFO) seen in area where the fishes died.

In one of my previous updates, I featured a video of non-migratory birds flying away from St. Louis in Missouri. Today, Youtube member Dutchsinse uploaded the following video of thousands of crows, who have flown north to Michigan, perching on the trees nearby.

check it out... strange flocking of NON-MIGRATORY birds... this is not a good sign--- when birds that don't normally migrate, all fly 500 miles north and land in a place they don't normally dwell. USPIMPCLUB (the youtuber who sent this out) also had about 5,000 mallard ducks land near his area... Seems this area is going to be a safe haven, or its a magnetic focus of some sort... - Dutchsinse.

Are these birds sending us a sign that a disastrous event is imminent? Another episode of chaos, within the Hegelian dialectic of Thesis, Anti-Thesis, and Synthesis.

Finally, as I pull the curtains on this update, I would like to draw your attention to several news stories, seemingly synchronized to resonate perfectly within the  final step of the dialectic -Synthesis - the arrival of the extraterrestrial messiahs to save the planet from cataclysmic chaos.  Firstly in Egypt, the land of the ancient "Gods" is currently embroiled in an unprecedented massive street protests, raging against President Hosni Mubarak and the governing National Democratic Party (NDP).  Ancient Egyptian astronomy and mythology is built around the veneration of the heliacal rising of Sirius, with monuments like the pyramids, sphinx and temples aligned to reflect orbit of the stars of the Orion constellation. Veneration that gave rise to the Sothic Calendar,  and study of the "Duat" or "the Underworld."

It is believed that the construction and orientation of these gigantic structures were build with their "passageways" set to hold the channeled light emanating from Sirius, as well as the secrets of the mystery of the pyramids, the Egyptian dynasties and Sirius within the chambers.It turns out that Professor Xavier Maldague plans to unravel the secrets of pyramids by first examining whether the blocks were hoisted using an internal ramp, spiraling around the pyramid.
It has long been suggested the pyramids were built using an external ramp and Houdin's theory was rebuffed by the Egyptian government. Maldague said he believes the ramp is still there and intends to show it using infrared thermography — a technology that would help "see" through the pyramid's thick walls. "We are looking for a direct proof to reveal the exact location of the internal ramp," said Maldague Thursday in a telephone interview from Paris, where his project was unveiled. He said his team wants to carry out thermal imaging of different sections of the pyramid every 20 minutes for a year. - Ottawa Citizen.
Is it possible that we are looking at a fundamental revelation in not only the politics of Egypt, but the hidden secrets of the pyramids. Speaking of Sirius, earlier I alerted you to the Sirius symbolism in the extraterrestrial narrative of FEMA's video game preparations for a major earthquake. I had also highlighted the lock down of the Dugway Army base over what was described as a "serious concern." It now turns out that the reason for the shutdown of the base was due to an “Atlantis Anomaly.” Whether this is disinfo or misinfo, it certainly fits into various themes that I have examined here before on the ALIEN Project about Sirius.
A Russian Space Forces (VKS) reportcirculating in the Kremlin today says that one of their Kosmos-2469 satellitescurrently in orbit over North America has detected a gamma ray burst of “unprecedented proportions” emanatingfrom the United States Army’s main weapons base Dugway Proving Ground locatedin their State of Utah. According to this report, since the formation of what is described as a “magnetic vortex” began appearing in theGulf of Aden,  a growing numberof gamma ray bursts emanating from beneath our Earth and its seas, and directedtowards the Sirius star system,have been detected and have given rise to the belief of many Russian scientiststhat they belong to an ancient “earlywarning system” of some type. One of the largest of these gamma ray bursts was detected coming from theseas off the Florida coast in an area long believed to have once been a part ofthe Lost Continent of Atlantisdescribed by the classical Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato (428-347BC) as being anaval power lying “in front of thePillars of Hercules” that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9600 BC. Unlike other locations around our Earth where these gamma ray bursts havebeen detected, however, the anomaly generating them off the Florida coast was in relatively shallowwaters estimated at no more than 500 meters under the sea, and which this pastweek the United States Navy began one of their largest operations ever torecover. - Sorcha Faal. What Does It Mean.

A convergence is coming. Can you feel it?