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EARTH CHANGES: JAPAN QUAKE - Tsunami Waves Reach Hawaii!

Following the massive 8.9 earthquake that devastated Japan with a most deadly tsunami, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has issued a strong alert for Hawaii, the entire United States West Coast and several countries along the Pacific Ocean.

Tsunami waves swamped Hawaii beaches and brushed the U.S. western coast Friday but didn't immediately cause major damage after devastating Japan and sparking evacuations throughout the Pacific. Water rushed up on roadways and into hotel lobbies on the Big Island and low-lying areas in Maui were flooded as 7-foot waves crashed ashore. Smaller waves hit the U.S. Western Coast and beaches were closed as fishermen fired up their boats and left harbors to ride out the swell. Scientists warned that the first tsunami waves are not always the strongest, and officials said people in Hawaii and along the West Coast should watch for strong currents and heed calls for evacuations. The tsunami warning was downgraded to an advisory in Hawaii, and Gov. Neil Abercrombie said the islands were "fortunate almost beyond words." "All of us had that feeling that Hawaii was just the most blessed place on the face of the Earth today," he said. The tsunami, spawned by an 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan, slammed the eastern coast of Japan, sweeping away boats, cars, homes and people as widespread fires burned out of control. It raced across the Pacific at 500 mph — as fast as a jetliner — before hitting Hawaii and the West Coast. Sirens sounded for hours before dawn up and roadways and beaches were mostly empty as the tsunami struck. By midmorning, waves were crashing against the 30-foot bluffs in Crescent City, Calif., where a tsunami killed 11 people in 1964. - MSNBC
"We're preparing for the worst and we're praying for the best," said John Cummings, spokesman for the Honolulu emergency management department. "Tsunami waves, because of their long length, wrap around our islands very efficiently." More waves are expected to strike the Pacific Coast of the US between the morning to afternoon on  Friday. The coasts of Oregon, California, Washington, Alaska, and Canada's western coastline, are all areas of main concern in the Western part of the world.

Here is a video of the tsunami reaching the shores of Hawaii:

RED ALERT: Great Japan Earthquake Causes Nuclear Emergency?!

As Japan comes to grips with the apocalyptic Earth changes of a massive earthquake and tsunami that created destruction across the country, flashing scenes of chaos around the world, another abnormality occurred as a direct result of the weather anomalies that is also causing major global concern.

The Japanese government has declared a nuclear emergency, as the cooling system failed, at a nuclear power plant.
Japan's massive earthquake caused a power outage that disabled a nuclear reactor's cooling system, triggering evacuation orders for about 3,000 residents as the government declared its first-ever state of emergency at a nuclear plant. Japan's nuclear safety agency said pressure inside one of six boiling water reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant had risen to 1.5 times the level considered normal. To reduce the pressure, slightly radioactive vapor may be released. The agency said the radioactive element in the vapor would not affect the environment or human health. After the quake triggered a power outage, a backup generator also failed and the cooling system was unable to supply water to cool the 460-megawatt No. 1 reactor, though at least one backup cooling system is being used. The reactor core remains hot even after a shutdown. The agency said plant workers are scrambling to restore cooling water supply at the plant but there is no prospect for immediate success. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said the 40-year-old plant was not leaking radiation. The plant is in Onahama city, about 270 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. If the outage in the cooling system persists, eventually radiation could leak out into the environment, and, in the worst case, could cause a reactor meltdown, a nuclear safety agency official said on condition of anonymity, citing sensitivity of the issue. - Globe and Mail
Speaking of meltdown, the powerful earthquake in northeast Japan, also caused flames to rise from an oil refinery in Ichihara, in the state of Chiba. Here's a look at the massive fire:

UPDATE: 3,000 ordered to evacuate near quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant! 

According to the Mainichi Daily News, Japan has has instructed about 3,000 residentsto evacuate all areas near the Fukushima Prefecture nuclear power reactor.
The evacuation advisory was issued for people living within a 3-kilometer radius of the plant, while those living within a 10-kilometer radius were requested to stay home, top government spokesman Yukio Edano said, adding the measure was precautionary.Edano said one of the reactors cannot be cooled down. He added that no radiation has leaked from the reactor and the incident poses no danger to the environment at the moment.Prime Minister Naoto Kan declared the emergency even though no radiation leak has been detected after the magnitude 8.8 quake so that authorities can easily implement emergency relief measures, Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano told a press conference.In Vienna, the International Atomic Energy Agency is scrambling for details from contacts with Japan's industry ministry, while saying in a statement that at least four nuclear power plants "closest to the quake have been safely shut down" after the 2:46 p.m. quake.According to the ministry, a total of 11 nuclear reactors were automatically shut down at the Onagawa plant, Fukushima No. 1 and No. 2 plants and Tokai No. 2 plant after the biggest-magnitude quake in the country's modern history.


At the time of writing, Japanese officials have declared that at least 40 people were killed in the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and ensuing 23-foot tsunami that struck Japan today, and another 39 are confirmed missing, with nearly 500 persons found with serious injuries. It is believed that these figures will rise significantly given the scale of the disaster. There have now been more than 20 aftershocks, most registering higher than magnitude 6.0. Officials have also declared a state of emergency at one power plant after its cooling system failed, and two other nuclear plants have had problems as well, but so far none of them have leaked radiation.

Here are several video presentations of the scenes of destruction:

Breaking News Report of the earthquake by CNN News Network.

Building shaking in Akasaka in Tokyo.

Live footage as the Tsunami hits Japan.

The Al Jazeera TV Channel shows the Tsunami "engulfing" a port in Japan.

Raw video from AP of the tsunami slamming into Northeast Japan.

Extended coverage by CNN, as the tsunami slams into Japan.

Russia Today video of tsunami waves smashing cars after Japan earthquake.

Video of tsunami from Al Jazeera and NHK Japan.

Reporter describes massive quake.

CCTV video of tsunami wave hitting airport.

AP video of the moment of the massive earthquake.

EARTH CHANGES: A GREAT QUAKE - MAJOR DISASTER ROCKS JAPAN! Magnitude 8.9 EARTHQUAKE Among The Largest In Recorded History! A 30 Foot Tall TSUNAMI Wave, WARNINGS Across The PACIFIC Ocean!

A massive earthquake has hit the northeast of Japan triggering a tsunami that has caused extensive damage. Japanese television showed cars, ships and even buildings being swept away by a vast wall of water after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Officials said there could be a 10m (33ft) wave, with numerous casualties feared. The quake struck about 250 miles (400km) from Tokyo at a depth of 20 miles, shaking the capital.

The tremor at 2:46 p.m. local time was followed by a series of powerful aftershocks, including a 7.4-magnitude one about 30 minutes later. The U.S. Geological Survey upgraded the strength of the first quake to a magnitude 8.9. Seismologists say it is one of the largest earthquakes to hit Japan for many years. The tsunami warning was extended to the Philippines, Indonesia and the Pacific coast of Russia. Tsunami waves hit Japan's Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, officials said. Japan's NHK television showed a massive surge of water sweeping away buildings, cars and ships. The earthquake also triggered a number of fires. There were also reports of injuries in Tokyo.
In various locations along Japan's coast, TV footage showed severe flooding, with dozens of cars, boats and even buildings being carried along by waters. A large ship swept away by the tsunami rammed directly into a breakwater in Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture, according to footage on public broadcaster NHK. Officials were trying to assess possible damage from the quake but had no immediate details. The meteorological agency issued a tsunami warning for the entire Pacific coast of Japan. National broadcaster NHK was warning those near the coast to get to safer ground. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said a tsunami warning was in effect for Japan, Russia, Marcus Island and the Northern Marianas. A tsunami watch has been issued for Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and the U.S. state of Hawaii. The quake struck at a depth of six miles (10 kilometers), about 80 miles (125 kilometers) off the eastern coast, the agency said. The area is 240 miles (380 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo. In downtown Tokyo, large buildings shook violently and workers poured into the street for safety. TV footage showed a large building on fire and bellowing smoke in the Odaiba district of Tokyo. In central Tokyo, trains were stopped and passengers walked along the tracks to platforms. Footage on NHK from their Sendai office showed employees stumbling around and books and papers crashing from desks. Several quakes had hit the same region in recent days, including a 7.3 magnitude one on Wednesday. Thirty minutes after the quake, tall buildings were still swaying in Tokyo and mobile phone networks were not working. Japan's Coast Guard has set up task force and officials are standing by for emergency contingencies, Coast Guard official Yosuke Oi said. "I'm afraid we'll soon find out about damages, since the quake was so strong," he said. - Huffington Post.

EARTH: THE CEMETERY PLANET - The Coming of COMET ELENIN, 9/11 Symbolism, Imminent Pole Shift, Ice Age Now, Northern Hemisphere Snowstorm, Astrotometry, Mass Die-Offs, & the Global Food Crisis?! UPDATE: Proof of Orchestrated Chaos using Weather Modification?! UPDATE: CHAOS, ALEX JONES Conspiracy & Weather Manipulation?! UPDATE: "DEEP IMPACT," Obama, Clinton & the MAGI Priest Class?!

Originally Posted On: February 04, 2011 | Updated On: February 10, 2011.

In the following update to my ongoing feature on the persistent and relentless Earth changes, a clear conclusion can be easily drawn that we have moved far beyond the usual landscapes of normalcy into a new world and paradigm of cataclysmic chaos. The escalating trend of anomalous weather patterns, massive  animal die-offs, inexplicable seismic activities, droughts, famine and increasing food prices, supports the view that we are spiraling into a tribulationary period orchestrated under a deviously conceived and concentrated Luciferian dialectic plan to plunge the Earth and humanity towards an apocalyptic nightmare.

We begin with the news, symbolism and cover-up of the arrival of the Comet Elenin and the possibilities that its trajectory could wreak havoc on the Earth. A fellow member of the Youtube video community sent me the following video of Elenin. Please look at it carefully. I must admit, that previous to this, I had never heard about the comet or seen any documentation on this, either on the mainstream media or from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The  comet was first discovered by Leonid Elenin, a Russian astronomer, late last year.


According to a January 11th article in SpaceObs, Elenin will come close to the Earth in the middle of September this year and will reach maximum brightness in the middle of October, when it has already passed conjunction with our Sun.
The eccentricity is greater than one, which means the comet has a hyperbolic orbit. The perihelion date is September 9, 2011 with a precision of +/- 1.7 days. The perihelion distance is 0.4762 (+/-0.008 a.u.). Changes in the orbit did not favorably affect estimates of the maximum brightness of the comet; now it is estimated at mag. 6-8. So the comet will be accessible for observations by binoculars and spotting scopes, but it is possible that it will also be observable with the unaided eye by people located far from city lights in places where the atmosphere is also stable and transparent. The maximum brightness of the comet will be ten days after perihelion, but at that moment the comet will not be observable from Earth – it will be at conjunction with the Sun. After the comet emerges from conjunction, by the beginning of October, the brightness of the comet will have already have slowly begun to fade. The come will come closest to the Earth, a distance of 0.27 a.u. (40.5 million km.), in the middle of October. By the end of the year, the brightness of C/2010 X1 may fall to mag. 14-16, in other words, the practical limit for visual observations in larger amateur telescopes. In moderate-sized telescopes equipped with color CCD cameras, the comet will be observable for another whole year after its closest approach to the Earth.
What is interesting here, is that the perihelion falls on September 11, 2011. 9/11. What is really weird is that in Jewish Gematria, the word "ELENIN" is equal to 119, the reverse of 911 , where E=5, L=20, E=5, N=40, I=9, and N=40. In addition, ELENIN is an clear fractal for NINE and ELEVIN.

Additionally, Elenin's orbit resembles that of the purported theories of Planet X or Nibiru, a planet-sized object that cyclically enters our  Solar System on a elliptical orbit, eventually bringing about a doomsday scenario on Earth and the inner parts of the Solar System. I personally, don't subscribe to this theory, but it must make you wonder about NASA's obvious silence on the matter and the recently released story about the star Betelgeuse becoming a Supernova this year and the creation of a second sun in our skies, especially considering the symbolism from Arthur C. Clarke's classic novel "2010: Odyssey Two," and film adaptation "2010: The Year We Make Contact" where our Sun, Sol, is accompanied by a new Sun, Lucifer, following the explosion of the planet Jupiter by an alien technology.

What is also fascinating is that Elenin's maximum brightness is estimated to be seen in October or in November. Noted Mayan expert, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman believes that the Mayan Creation Cycles will end on October 28, 2011 as opposed to the popularly-held view of December 21, 2012.
Another equally compelling reason why December 21, 2012 cannot be the true date of completion of creation is that this day is 4 Ahau in the Tzolkin count. Since the Long Count consists of exactly 7200 Tzolkin rounds then the true end of creation must fall on a day that is 13 Ahau in the Tzolkin count so that the Tzolkin rounds even out. If we want to find out what is the real date of ending of the creation cycles we must therefore look for a day around the year 2012, which is 13 Ahau in the Tzolkin count. The inscriptions in Palenque, written about a thousand years after the Long Count was devised in Izapa, seem to indicate that the date of relevance is October 28, 2011, which in fact is 13 Ahau in the Tzolkin count. - Calleman.
Another popular belief is the 11:11 phenomenon, where it is theorized that humanity will reach a new level of consciousness on 11:11 of the winter solstice of December 21, 2012. Is it possible that what is really been referred to here is really November 11 of 2011, since that date is seen as: 11/11/11?
"It is known that the Unconscious, whether personal or collective works by means of pictures or images, speech being a comparatively recent development. [...] Magic [...] speaks to the subconscious mind of man through the archaic images of its symbols and rituals, and thereby produces those 'changes in subconscious' which the magician seeks." - W. E. Butler, Magic: It’s Ritual, Power and Purpose.

Let's take this even further, in the 1998 science-fiction disaster movie Deep Impact, an Exctinction-Level Event (ELE) is created when a 7 miles and 11 kilometres wide comet nearly destroyed the Earth. The first three letters of the word ELENIN is ELE. The protagonist and the first person that discovers the comet is called Leo Biederman, played by Elijah Wood. Now, LEO is Zodiac sign, derived from the Latin Leo and the Greek Leon and is symbolized by the Lion. Interestingly, LION is represent in Jewish Gematria with the same exact value as ELENIN - 119, where L=20, I=9, 0=50 and N=40.

Amazing, huh?

"Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger, I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the Planet Earth." - President Barack Obama, speaking at Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, 2008.

What's more, as we have documented here on numerous occasions, the African-American actor Morgan Freeman plays the President of America in the film, during this cataclysmic period. Is it a coincidence then that the current President is Barack Obama, a black man, as well. In the film the Freeman character ushers in a spacecraft called The Messiah to destroy the comet. Speaking of Messiah, it is believed in some quarters that historical figure that has come be known as Jesus Christ, was actually born on September 11. In real life, since his ascendancy to the White House, Obama has been associated with the disclosure of extraterrestrials. Recently, a Chinese news agency declared that Obama would reveal the extraterrestrial presence this year. The dominant view in ufology and exopolitics is that these extraterrestrials will help to save Earth's ecology from destructive Earth changes and incoming comets or asteroids. Whether real or imagined, the current news headlines is pointing to it, the subtextual language from popular culture is heralding it, the exopolitical community is calling for it, and the masses have been neurologically programmed to yearn for it. It is what it is - the burgeoning reality of the imminent, momentous and pervasive convergence with the extraterrestrial narrative. Dr. Carol Rosin's testimony, based on the predictions of the late scientist Dr. Werner Von Braun, says it all.

The eleventh chapter of the book of Revelation in the Bible is commonly referred to as the chapter of the Two Witnesses, a story about two entities that appears during the reign of the Anti-Christ in the Biblical tribulation period. According to Christian theologians, the witnesses represents either a combination of the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Moses or Elijah and Enoch. In either case, the resonance with Elijah Woods is quite obvious.

The eleventh verse of that chapter reads as follows:
But after the three and a half days the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and terror struck those who saw them.
If I'm right, in my opinion that, religion is really the anthropomorphization or "occultification" of stars and planetary objects, then, is it possible that this verse is referring to the observation of a second light in Earth's sky that accompanies our Sun? Is Elenin, that second light?

This comes against the background of what is happening to Earth's magnetic fields and the effects from the Sun, where the planet's vibration or oscillation have been altered significantly by the frequency manipulation and transmission of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and other scalar/weather weaponry systems from classified black projects, with longterm damages to the ionosphere and negative effects on the poles.  Is it possible that these weather weapon systems are being used to purposely alter Earth's magnetic field? Could this have anything to do with Elenin? Also, is it possible that the orchestrated Earth changes are a gradual buildup towards a climatic encounter with Elenin? According to Spaceweather, a Coronal Mass Ejection (CMEs) hit Earth's magnetic field today, February 4th, as a new sunspot (1152) starts growing rapidly on the Sun's surface. In the latest update from Astrotometry, John Thomas Bryant of the Cosabio Virtual Institute believes that this CME could have pushed away the solar wind stream from the Earth that was flowing from the Sun's coronal hole or send it to another region. In an earlier report, Bryant had indicated that that the geomagnetic disturbance should hit the Arabian Plate, but now it is believed that the deflection could cause seismic events on the Australian Plate instead.

The recent seismograms and datasets from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the IRIS Seismic Monitor shows a lot of activity along the Pacific Ring of Fire, extending from the Arabian Plate to the Australian Plate, especially in areas like Japan, where a magnitude 6.4 hit Myanmar in the India Border Region and a magnitude 5.4 hit the Volcano Islands this morning. Activity is also seen along the North and South American Plates with moderate tremors felt as far as Hawaii, Alaska, Chile, Mexico, Oklahoma and California.

Global seismic activity from USGS and IRIS datasets.
On the Ring of Fire, Indonesia's most active volcano, Mount Merapi, has began to spew thick white smoke.

Mount Merapi.
The Agency of Volcanology Technology Research and Development said in a statement that Yogyakarta should remain calm upon dealing with the incident. "Smoke and ashes are observable from the monitoring post. However, the volcano will not erupt its hot clouds in no time," said Sri Sumartini, chief of the agency, today, Feb 4. "People must stay calm," said Sri. Last year, Mount Merapi erupted and killed around 200 people. Most of the victims were dead due to pyroclastic flows. - Viva News.
In Japan, smoke is also pouring out of the Mount Shinmoedake volcano.
Shinmoedake Volcano.
Shinmoedake, a volcano on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu that was featured in the James Bond movie ‘You Only Live Twice,’ erupted for the second time today and ninth time in a week, Japan’s Meteorological Agency said. The 1,421-meter (4,660 feet) volcano in the Kirishima range erupted at 12:17 p.m. local time, spewing a cloud of smoke and ash as high as 2,500 meters that drifted east-northeast toward Miyazaki Prefecture’s Pacific coastline, a branch division of the agency said in a statement today. The eruption followed an earlier one at 3 a.m., the agency said. Japan Airlines Corp., All Nippon Airways Co. and Skymark Airlines Inc., Japan’s biggest discount carrier, said flights to the region may be delayed or diverted because of the ash plume. Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. is no longer warning about delays between Hong Kong and Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. Shinmoedake erupted for the first time in 52 years on Jan. 27, according to the JMA. The agency said yesterday a lava dome in the crater has grown to about 600 meters across from 10 meters when the eruptions started, and may spill out, creating a lava flow. Authorities are maintaining a restricted zone of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) around the volcano. There have been no reports of injuries since Feb. 1, when an eruption smashed more than 180 window panes in hospitals and schools about six kilometers from the crater, injuring a 92 year-old woman, NHK reported at the time. The eruption was the strongest as of yesterday, according to the JMA. The weather agency maintained a level 3 alert for Shinmoedake and Sakurajima volcano, 45 kilometers (28 miles) to the southwest, indicating an eruption “may seriously affect places near residential areas.” Evacuations are carried out when the alert reaches the maximum 5. - Bloomberg.
In Australia, Cyclone Yasi, a weather system with a destructive core of more than 20 miles wide that smashed into Queensland with 186mph winds, the worst storm to hit the country for generations, has since moved inland towards the northern territory, drawing in the monsoon's moisture from the north and pulling the storms down into the centre of the low pressure system. Heavy rain, flooding and strong winds still accompany the former Category 5 level weather system and according to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the strike will cost the country at least $500 million.

Touring the worst-hit areas of Queensland yesterday, the Prime Minister said that while it was too early for a preliminary estimate of the damage bill, the federal liability after cyclone Larry in 2006, which was smaller than Yasi, was "the best part of half a billion dollars"... Last week Ms Gillard announced a $1.8 billion levy and budget cuts and deferrals worth $3.8 billion to raise the $5.6 billion the federal government owes to repair infrastructure damaged by the floods in Queensland and Victoria. - SMH.

As Australia, tries to recover from Yasi and as the United States continues to dig out of the massive snowstorm, that caused the delay of thousands of flights, stranding motorists and passengers and leaving hundreds of thousands without power; a new graphic from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) shows that half of Earth's northern hemisphere is covered with snow and ice.

The map was created using multiple satellites from government agencies and the US Air Force. That Antarctica, the Arctic, Greenland and the frozen wastes of Siberia are covered in white comes as no surprise. But it is the extent to which the line dips down over the Northern Hemisphere that is so remarkable about the image. The shroud of white stretches down from Alaska and sweeps through the Midwest and along to the Eastern seaboard. The bitter cold has reached as far as Texas and northern Mexico where in Ciudad Juarez temperatures today were expected to dip to minus 15C... This particular storm is the result from two clashing air masses which, if not unprecedented, is extraordinarily rare for its size and ferocious strength. 'A storm that produces a swath of 20in snow is really something we'd see once every 50 years - maybe,' said a U.S. National Weather Service meteorologist.Louis Uccellini, director of the government's National Centers for Environmental Prediction, said the U.S. storm also drew strength from the La Nina condition currently affecting the tropical Pacific Ocean. La Nina is a periodic cooling of the surface temperatures of the tropical Pacific Ocean, the opposite of the better-known El Nino warming. Both can have significant impacts on weather around the world by changing the movement of winds and high and low pressure systems. The NOAA image shows how the weather is affecting Scotland and begins in earnest from southern Germany, through Italy and down into Greece, Turkey and Iran. Northern areas of India and China are also affected. - Daily Mail
NOAA map shows vast area of snow from the west coast of Canada to eastern China
As the heavy snow and ice continues to coat buildings, roads and sidewalks, roof collapses have been seen in several northeastern and southwestern states in America, as authorities struggle to cope with the deluge from the snow drifts. In Massachusetts, the Triton Technologies building in Easton, buckled under the weight of the heavy snow and rain. Have a look at this stunning video capture of the incident.

According to Joe Bastardi, Accuweather's Chief Long Range Forecaster, NOAA's map of the northern hemisphere is another indication that the planet is plunging into an mini-Ice Age, as he warns that future winters could move us into uncharted territory.

He is worried that next winter, for example, will be colder than this one. Bastardi adds that with the U.S. in the middle of one of its worst recessions in its history and the price of oil in question, he is extremely concerned about the prospect for more persistent cold weather in the coming years putting increased financial hardship on Americans. "Cold is a lot worse than warm," Bastardi said, "and that's why your energy bill goes up during the winter time: because of the fact that it takes a lot to heat a house." While there are many different factors that are playing into Bastardi's forecast, one of the primary drivers is La Niña and the trends that have been observed in winters that follow the onset of a La Niña... Bastardi thinks that not only will the next few winters be colder than normal for much of the U.S., but that the long-term climate will turn colder over the next 20 to 30 years... "What's interesting about what we're seeing here is that [the current La Niña] is starting so cold." Overall, Bastardi is predicting three or four of the next five winters to be colder than normal for much of the U.S., based on trends observed in La Niñas throughout history... Bastardi is also predicting the long-term climate to turn colder over the next 20 to 30 years. - Accuweather.
Bastardi believes that the unprecedented cold weather conditions could put "extra financial strain on families," already struggling under the burden of a global recession and the frightening prospects of a dramatic inflation in food and fuel prices. On Thursday, the United Nations food agency declared that the world food prices have reached their highest level ever recorded in January are set to keep on rising for the upcoming months, warning that the hardest-hit countries could face a tremendous turmoil.


Rising food prices have been cited among the driving forces behind recent popular revolts in north Africa, including the uprising in Egypt and the toppling of Tunisia's long-time president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. And in its latest survey, the Food and Agriculture Organisation said its index which monitors monthly price changes for a variety of staples averaged 231 points in January -- the highest level since records began in 1990. "The new figures clearly show that the upward pressure on world food prices is not abating. These high prices are likely to persist in the months to come," FAO economist and grains expert Abdolreza Abbassian said in a statement. The Index rose by 3.4 percent from December -- with big increases in particular for dairy, cereal and oil prices. The rises were most significant in China, India, Indonesia and Russia, data from FAO's monthly report showed. "There are a lot of factors that could spark turmoil in countries and food is one of them," Abbassian said, pointing out however that several countries have become better at managing prices after a series of riots in 2007 and 2008. "They have learnt from previous episodes," he said, adding however: "These are obviously not very easy times. There is now no hope that prices will return to anything we can consider normal, at least until the summer." The data from the Rome-based FAO showed that prices for dairy products rose by 6.2 percent from December, oils and fats gained 5.6 percent, while cereals went up by 3.0 percent because of lower global supply of wheat and maize. "The increase in prices follows stronger export demand during the last month and concerns about tightening supplies of high quality wheat. The market was also supported by higher oil prices and a weaker US dollar," FAO said... "High food prices are of major concern especially for low-income food deficit countries that may face problems in financing food imports and for poor households which spend a large share of their income on food," Abbassian said. Global aid agency Oxfam said: "Millions of people's lives are at risk." The FAO data showed the Food Price Index hit 200 points over the whole of 2008 at the height of the 2007/2008 food crisis. It breached that level for the first time in October 2010 with 205 points. - Brietbart.
This food crisis is worsened by the current drought conditions facing many countries around the world. In Africa, the country of Somalia has been severely hit by not only a rise in price, but also extreme drought conditions as well.

Drought conditions in Somalia.
War-torn Somalia is facing what could be an “extremely serious” drought, a senior United Nations aid official warned Thursday. UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos told journalists in Nairobi that Somalia was “teetering on the brink of much larger-scale disaster” due to countrywide drought. ”What happens with main rains in April, that is point at which we will have a much clearer idea if impact will be as bad as in previous years,” she said at the end of a three-day visit to Somalia and Kenya. “The hardest impact at the moment is in Somalia, but is having a regional impact as well.” Some 2 million Somalis, or 27 per cent of the population, are already in crisis, Amos warned. South and central Somalia is in the grip of a bloody Islamist insurgency, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives since early 2007 and exacerbated problems brought on by cyclical drought in the Horn of Africa nation. - Earth Times.
In  the Amazon regions of South America, droughts over the last 5 years is causing major alarm for residents and scientists. 

Drought in the Amazon.
New research shows that the 2010 Amazon drought may have been even more devastating to the region’s rainforests than the unusual 2005 drought, which was previously billed as a one-in-100 year event. Analyses of rainfall across 5.3 million square kilometres of Amazonia during the 2010 dry season, recently published in Science, shows that the drought was more widespread and severe than in 2005. The authors suggest that if extreme droughts like these become more frequent, the days of the Amazon rainforest acting as a natural buffer to man-made carbon emissions may be numbered. Lead author Dr Simon Lewis, from the University of Leeds, said: “Having two events of this magnitude in such close succession is extremely unusual, but is unfortunately consistent with those climate models that project a grim future for Amazonia.” The unusual drought, affecting south-western Amazonia, was described by scientists at the time as a ‘one-in-100-year event’ (2), but just five years later the region was struck by a similar extreme drought that caused the Rio Negro tributary of the Amazon river to fall to its lowest level on record. - Science Daily.

Meanwhile, the FAO report also discloses that "Uganda  has seen a rise in the price of maize because of strong demand from neighbouring countries, ongoing unrest in Ivory Coast had helped push up prices in West Africa as a whole because of its status as a key transport hub. But the most dramatic rises were seen in Asia and in particular in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia and China."

Speak of the Amazon, Luis, a reader of this site, sent me a link to a massive death of varied species of fishes in one of the most beautiful and rich biological environment regions of the planet.

Rio Negro fish kill.
So much for the people who saw up close what's happening in the Rio Negro, in the middle of swampland Aquidauana - when thousands of fish are dying - and for those who somehow learned of that fact, this situation is alarming and its effects are difficult to be evaluated. For the amount of dead fish - all species, sizes and ages which can easily be found - suggests that the restocking of the river will take many years. We are in full spawning season - a time when fishing is prohibited. Add to this that this part of the Negro river fishing or professional sports, is banned since August 1997. Hence the large amount of fish affected in that killing. Does it reach other species?  Vultures, caranchos, alligators, storks and other animals inhabiting this region will know that distinguish these fish may be poisoned?  If they - which feed on fish, consuming the food on offer with ease, may also end up dying?  Fact is that part of the Rio Negro is doomed to lose their wealth ichthyology. Several samples of water from the Rio Negro were removed and are being analyzed to know their condition.Meanwhile officials from different spheres are being notified of that fact so that action be taken. However, whatever the cause of fish mortality and to the possible conviction of those responsible, will not be enough to restore life in this part of the Rio Negro - a cemetery today to open tons of fish of all species. - Opantaneiro.
Yahoo is reporting that Oysters are becoming virtually extinct:

A survey of oyster habitats around the world has found that the succulent mollusks are disappearing fast and 85 percent of their reefs have been lost due to disease and over-harvesting. Most of the remaining wild oysters in the world, or about 75 percent, can be found in five locations in North America, said the study published in BioScience, the journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences. An international team of researchers led by Michael Beck of the Nature Conservancy and the University of California, Santa Cruz, examined the condition of native oyster reefs in 40 ecoregions, including 144 bays. "Oyster reefs are at less than 10 percent of their prior abundance in most bays (70 percent) and ecoregions (63 percent)," said the study. "They are functionally extinct -- in that they lack any significant ecosystem role and remain at less than one percent of prior abundances in many bays (37 percent) and ecoregions (28 percent) -- particularly in North America, Australia and Europe." - Yahoo.
Makes you wonder, what's next?

Stay tuned. More anon.

UPDATE: Proof of the Orchestrated Chaos using Weather Modification?!

Here's what is next:

In Florida, thousands of fish died at the Sebastian Inlet State Park, puzzling biologists at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Mass fish die-off in Florida.
 "I saw the fish jumping out there and I thought it was going to be a really good day for fishing, and then I noticed over here in the surf that they're all dead," fisherman Jeff Johnson told WPBF 25 News. FWC biologists arrived to assess the situation and take water samples as people watched. "It's a little shocking, yes," Johnson said. "I don't know if there's chemicals in the water or the temperatures that caused this." Biologists said it's neither... The lack of oxygen also affected a 20-pound redfish. O'Donnell swished it through the water to get more oxygen through its gills. Although the mass fish deaths are rare, biologists said these types of fish are prone to die from a lack of oxygen. "There's still a huge school out there where if they don't swim away soon to go to an area where there's a higher oxygen level, then they are going to probably end up dying also," O'Donnell said. - MSNBC.  
Also, in Florida, numerous sharks mass along the beaches.


Mass shark sighting.
This is quite a shark tale. Pilot Steve Irwin was astonished after spotting a mass of more than 100,000 sharks swimming just 100 yards off Florida's sandy beaches. The long-time fisherman and marine technology expert was cruising 300ft above the clear waters in his helicopter on Sunday when he came across the astonishing scene. The 50-year-old whipped out his smartphone to capture the masses of deadly predators, which spanned a 20-mile stretch of water. The sharks - believed to be Spinners, between 3ft and 7ft long - were heading north and swimming parallel to the east coast's idyllic white beaches between Fort Lauderdale and exclusive Jupiter Island. Stunned: Helicopter pilot Steve Irwin told of his amazement after spotting a mass of 100,000-plus sharks swimming off Florida's east coast. Experts say this is the time of year when sharks migrate and head for warmer waters, typically swimming close to the shore while chasing after bait-fish. But Mr Irwin, who runs Island Marine Services in Fort Pierce, was baffled as to the staggering number of sharks gathered in the shallow waters. 'It was an truly amazing sight,' he said. - Daily Mail.
On the shores of the Golden Bay in New Zealand, 10 pilot whales died when a pod of 82 pilot whales beached at the top of the South Island.


Rescuers trying to help a whale in New Zealand.
"It is an ordeal for them to be exposed stranded like that and be exposed in the sun," Conservation Department spokeswoman Trish Grant said. "Unfortunately some just do die." "We'd be optimistic that there's surviving whales tomorrow that we can refloat." The stranding occurred at Farewell Spit on Golden Bay, about 150 kilometres (95 miles) west of the tourist city of Nelson. Local residents initially reported about 30 whales were stranded and the number grew through the afternoon. About 100 department of conservation staff were working to keep the whales cool and hydrated in the afternoon sun, Grant said. The next high tide was due around midnight but it would be too dangerous to refloat the whales then and staff would wait until the morning to carry out the rescue attempt. Whale strandings are not uncommon in the area and Grant said there were various theories why the animals beached themselves. "It's something that has occurred reasonably often in Golden Bay with pilot whales, and just even the shape of the bay could mean they kind of get a bit caught with the spit coming round, so it could just be navigational error." Pilot whales up to six metres (20 feet) long are the most common species of whale seen in New Zealand waters. Last month 24 died after stranding near Cape Reinga in the far north of the country. In December 2009, more than 120 whales died in two separate beachings at Farewell Spit and Colville Bay in the North Island. - Times Live

In New Zealand, as well, hundreds of sparrow birds fell dead in region of Rotorua.


Dead sparrow.
What killed hundreds of dead birds found on a Rotorua central city street? Nobody seems to know. Rotorua mother Glyssa Bosworth was walking down Amohau St this week when her 1-year-old daughter pointed out a bird on the ground. Then she saw a few more. "I could smell something absolutely horrific," Miss Bosworth told The Daily Post. She turned around and saw "hundreds" of them on the ground around the base of a tall tree in the reserve near the entrance to the Central Mall. She said she had never seen that many dead birds before. "There was a humongous pile of them. It was gross." At first Miss Bosworth thought they were bats, as a few years ago there were reports of bats in some nearby trees. Then she realised they were sparrows. She thought perhaps bats were killing the birds, or the birds had been poisoned. Rotorua District Council's regulatory services manager Jim Nicklin said the council was at a loss to explain the dead birds. The Daily Post
As if that is not quite frightening enough, we are also seeing cases popping up globally of a highly unusual recombination of virus blends from pigs to humans. An emerging threat that could turn into an epidemic, since the interconnectedness of modern travel can make viruses spread very quickly. Recently, we saw where a virus was transmitted from mosquitoes to pigs and then from pigs to humans in Japan, with up to 500 cases in one hospital.

In Bangladesh, the government says an outbreak of the deadly Nipah virus has killed at least 15 people in the northern regions of the country.


Virus outbreak in Hatibandha in Lalmonirhat district.
At least 15 people have died in an outbreak of Nipah virus in a remote northern Bangladesh town as the deadly disease returned to the country, an official said Saturday. Nipah induces flu-like symptoms that often lead to encephalitis and coma, with at least a 70 percent mortality rate in Bangladesh. The latest outbreak was confirmed Friday in Hatibandha in Lalmonirhat district. "So far, we have had 24 people affected by the Nipah virus in Hatibandha," said Mahmudur Rahman, a senior health official. "Of the total, 15 have died and several people are in critical condition," he said. - AFP.
In America, another case of the novel influenza A virus trH3N2 was reported by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
The patient was infected with a swine origin influenza A (H3N2) virus. The patient reported contact with pigs in the week preceding symptom onset on September 6, 2010. Initial testing of the specimen indicated a seasonal influenza A (H3N2) virus and the specimen was submitted to CDC as a routine surveillance sample. The delay from onset to detection occurred because attempts to culture the virus were unsuccessful. RT-PCR testing confirmed swine-origin influenza A (H3N2). Today’s announcement confirms that trH3N2 cases can type as seasonal H3N2, which is not surprising because trH3N2 has human H3 and human N2. However, these sequences are from infections in the mid-1990’s and the virus has been evolving in swine, so the antigenic drift from contemporary seasonal H3N2 is significant. - Recombinomics
In the Philippines after months of deluge of heavy flooding, inundation and land mass sinking; two freak tornadoes and flash floods hit the coastal town of Jolo in the island province of Sulu on Thursay evening.


Tornado decimates Sulu.
At least five people, including an infant, were killed when freak tornadoes and flashfloods caused by weeklong rains ravaged the strife torn island of Sulu in Mindanao, a local official confirmed on Friday. The tragedy coincided with a Malacanang announcement on Thursday that President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino has signed an executive order imposing an indefinite ban on logging throughout the country. In interviews with Manila-based radio and TV stations, Mayor Hussin Amin of Sulu’s capital town of Jolo said that aside from the five fatalities, the tornado and floods also displaced close to 1,500 families. Amin appealed for immediate government assistance for the victims whose homes were destroyed by the floods that measured as high as 10 feet especially in the low-lying areas of Jolo. In a separate interview, the Rev. Charlie Izon, who is assigned to the Notre Dame of Jolo College run by Catholic priests, said: “Devastating, unbelievable and people were surprised floodwaters suddenly rose amid darkness.” Police and the military also reported that US troops on a training mission in Sulu participated and lent their lifeboats in the mission to rescue thousands of residents trapped inside their homes due to the floods. - Gulf Today

In Indonesia, 14 villages suffered from massive flooding of up to 1 metre of water.

Massive flooding in Indonesia.
Among the submerged villages namely Munggugianti Village, Sedapurklagen, Kedungrukem, Deliksumber, Klampok, Bengkelolor, Kalipadang, Lundo, Sirnoboyo, Bulangkulon, Kedungsekar, Bulurejo, Dermo and Karangankidul. Puddle area is estimated to widen to Kali Lamong Cerme District. Only until this afternoon have not recorded the villages are submerged. As a result there are 2904 houses owned by 3763 families flooded with water levels on average between 50 centimeters to 1 meter.While the fields are flooded area so far reached 1003 hectares. If until 2-3 days had not yet subsided, it is certain that failure would be a lot of rice harvest. Inundation as before, if there is a fairly heavy rain in the area of Lamongan,Mojokerto and Jombang, it is certain that through the Kali Lamong water overflowed. Remembering until now,the dike along the Sub-Benjeng Balongpanggang yet no improvement. The overflow time Lamong also drown-Balongpanggang Benjeng point, fixed in Kedungrukem Road, District Benjeng.The swift water of the flood resulted in a newly built road material drifted to a depth of 70 centimeters of water. "Had the riders should be helped to walk, but to be rolling back the car," said Kunarto (31), residents Kedungrukem while helping cross passing motorcycle. Added, the water began to rise since Sunday (01/30/2011) at around 3:00 pm. And until the afternoon of water continues to increase up to submerge dozens of hectares of paddy crop which is one month more. In addition, the path to Metatu, Benjeng of Road Kelampok-Metatu also putus.Sebab, lowland water reaches one meter. - Indonesia 2012
 In Hawaii, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is monitoring the volcano at Kilauea as activity increases, cascading lava flows into a small depression on the flow field.


Kilauea Volcano.
Over the past week, lava flows have been active on the pali and coastal plain in two distinct lobes west of Kalapana. The easternmost of the active flow lobes continues to advance slowly to the south and southeast near the end of Highway 130, with one portion creating a small ocean entry. The western lobe remains active, as well, and is also feeding a small ocean entry. At Kilauea’s summit, the circulating lava lake in the collapse pit deep within the floor of Halema`uma`u Crater has been visible via Webcam throughout the past week. Volcanic gas emissions remain elevated, resulting in high concentrations of sulfur dioxide downwind. - Big Island
In Texas, a massive sinkhole of about 20 feet wide, 30 feet long and at least 10 feet deep appeared in east Austin, Texas.


Speaking of America, the Daily Mail is reporting that new snowstorms will be hitting the country this weekend into next week, with snow and ice predicted to spread nationwide on Saturday. This comes after the deluge of a monster snowstorm of 30 below zero temperatures that caused chaos in over 30 states, killing 12 people, canceling 13,000 flights and leaving hundreds of thousands without power

New Snowstorm over America.
As the deadly two-day blizzard finally passes, huge swathes of America must now brace for more snow and ice over the next three days as a storm brewing in the South and Texas is projected to move north by Saturday, dumping even more snow on top of already record-setting accumulation totals. Snow is expected to fall over parts of Texas with rain over Louisiana, which will turn to snow over the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. A separate snowstorm will blow over much of the West, just as Chicago is recovering from its most damaging snowstorm in decades. This week's storm was so catastrophic that buildings were crushed under the weight of the ice and snow.
Weather Modification Inc. Logo.
Finally, in-order to illustrate that we are really dealing with here, is a Luciferian dialectic of Thesis, Anti-Thesis and Synthesis - Order out of Chaos, I ask that you visit a website called Weather Modification. According to the website, the objectives of the North Dakota company Weather Modification Inc., is to provide meteorological services, atmospheric assessment and evaluation, cloud seeding, geological engineering, weather radar systems, environmental monitoring and aircraft services.
The proven success of Weather Modification, Inc., in atmospheric and weather operations is evident by our lengthy and impressive client listing speaks for itself. Our reputation for successful cloud seeding and meteorological services leads our veteran pilots, experienced meteorologists and radar engineers around the world. Our valued clients include private and public insurance companies, water resource management organizations, as well as federal and state government research organizations. 

The Projects Page. Click on the America region for client list.
Please click on the United States area on the map on the Projects page for a list of the company's clients and projects in the American region. Here are a few of the clients: U.S Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration - Great Lakes Division, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - National Hurricane Center, New Mexico BLAST (Burst Light and Stratus Transmission) Project, North Dakota Cloud Modification Project (NDCMP), North Dakota Thunderstorm Project - North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board, Naval Surface Warfare Center,...

Did you notice the name of the companies? What does that tell you? Are you still in dreamland or will you awaken to the reality before you?

More anon.

UPDATE: CHAOS, ALEX JONES Conspiracy & Weather Manipulation?!

In this update, we continue to look at the incredible Earth changes and provide additional and monumental evidence, that these changes are a part of an overall agenda to orchestrate cataclysmic chaos.

We begin in Australia, where weather anomalies have become the usual occurrence. In the wake of over $500 million dollars in damage, Cyclone Yasi is still churning over the central region of the country, with more than 7 inches of rain in just a few hours overnight in Melbourne with winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour as it paves a continuous path of destruction towards the west.


Meanwhile, the storms that pelted Melbourne on Friday and through Saturday causing hundreds to flee the flash flooding and chaos across the city.
Residents and cars swamped under heavy flooding.
Hundreds of residents in west Gippsland have evacuated their homes as the Bunyip River threatens to rise to its highest peak in 40 years. Victoria’s State Emergency Service (SES) says the river is expected to exceed the predicted flood level of 7.2 metres, above the 1971 flood record. Residents in the townships of Koo Wee Rup, Iona, Cora Lynn and Bayles and surrounding areas were advised to evacuate their homes by 9.30pm (AEDT) on Saturday or risk inundation and possible isolation. The SES said anyone who chose to stay in their homes risked becoming trapped in floodwaters, or cut off by road congestion or closures in the area. - The Age.
In the western Australian town of Gacoyne, freak flooding switched the region from a state of drought to a deluge of heavy rains and widespread inundation of water.

Resident showing the height that the water reached.
Floods often produce harrowing stories and the recent Gascoyne flood was no exception. Mooloo Downs station, located 280 kilometres east of Carnarvon, sits on the Mooloo Creek and Jim and Jenny Caunt estimate between 300mm and 400mm of rain fell over about seven hours. In the few days after, as the Caunts began to take in exactly how much damage the flood had caused on their property, they were confronted with shocking images. They found dead cattle stuck in trees, pushed there by the sheer force and speed of the water. That is only one story, and other pastoralists had similar experiences. "In seven hours it went from the worst drought to the worst flood," Jim said. "In just a few hours, this place was transformed." When the downpour started, the Caunts measured 70mm of rain in only half an hour, then recorded another 200mm before the rain gauge was swept away. In the two days prior to the flood, Mooloo Downs station had only recorded 39mm of rain. "The rain stayed at that intensity for six to seven hours, which was pretty unusual," Jim said. Jenny said they had time to seal the doors and windows of the kitchen so only a small amount of water managed to seep inside but outside the water got as high as the windows and up to a metre in some rooms. "The homestead got water right through it for the first time in history," Jenny said. - Farm Weekly.
In the south-east of Australia, its largest and most populous city of Sydney is currently undergoing an unprecedented heatwave. A heatwave that even resulted in a large bushfire as far away as in north-east sections of Perth, that raged frighteningly close to residential areas. In Timaru in New Zealand, the record for their hottest day ever was broken, with the temperature hitting a scorching 40.3 degrees shortly before 4pm today. Timaru has hovered around 39 degrees for much of the day but peaked at 40.3, breaking their previous record of 39.7 degrees recorded in February 1973.
Heatwave and bushfire in Perth.
Sydney's heatwave has shattered a 150-year-old record, but the big sweat isn't over yet. In dozens of suburbs on Saturday the temperature soared into the mid to high 30s for the sixth day running and over much of NSW. As thousands flocked to beaches and the harbour foreshores to cool off, the mercury climbed above the 38-degree mark while Observatory Hill recorded a peak of 41.5 degrees. Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) senior forecaster Neale Fraser said that Saturday was officially the sixth successive day that the Sydney area had sweltered in 30-plus temperatures. Since records were first kept in 1858, Sydney had never experienced such consistently high temperatures. "We've had runs of hot weather for three or four days but you get a southerly change that keeps it below 30 then it warms up again," Mr Fraser told AAP. The previous record was five straight days.Richmond, in Sydney's northwest, broke its own record with seven days straight of 35-plus degree heat. "And chances are they'll break that again tomorrow (Sunday)," he said.Mr Fraser said the greater Sydney area might also break the record again on Sunday."There's a southerly buster coming tomorrow morning but before that arrives we'll probably hit 30 again," he said. - SMH.
Speaking of New Zealand, the country is now under threat from Cyclone Zaka, which formed overnight close to Tonga.

Five thousand miles away, heavy rains pounded parts of Sri Lanka Saturday, causing widespread flooding. Authorities say at least five people have been killed and hundreds of thousands have fled their homes and taken refuge in camps, as the country's disaster management centre continues to struggle and cope with the disaster.



As America continues to grapple with the barrage of snow in one of the harshest winters in record history, the excessive snowfall is causing roofs to collapse all over the state of Connecticut.


In New York, the winter conditions triggered manhole explosions in New York City.

Record snowfall is turning the city's mean streets even meaner, with 65 manholes exploding or catching fire since New Years, a utility spokesman said on Friday. With snow piled six feet high for the past month, huge ice chunks raining down on congested intersections and street corners turned into frigid wading pools, flying manhole covers are yet another symptom of winter's wrath. In the most recent serious case, a fireball erupting from a manhole in Brooklyn this week engulfed an SUV that had been parked over the opening only moments before. The owner, a former Marine, said the scene was more like something he would have expected to see in Iraq. "God gave me a second chance," said the veteran after he viewed the burned-out wreckage of the car he parked a short while earlier. It was one of three explosions on the same block that day. Record snowfall is turning the city's mean streets even meaner, with 65 manholes exploding or catching fire since New Years, a utility spokesman said on Friday. - Reuters.

In Cleveland, biologists are trying to figure out what led to the deaths of hundreds of stocked trout in three-acre Shadow Lake in the South Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks.

Metroparks Fisheries biologist Mike Durkalec says oxygen depletion can lead to fish kills when lakes ice over in the winter, but that's doesn't appear to be the cause at Shadow Lake. He says officials are trying to determine whether the oxygen loss was somehow accelerated by runoff with a "high organic content" but that any comment on the cause of the fish kill would be speculation. A representative for Waste Management, the company that runs a now-closed landfill near the park, says it's cooperating with investigators.  - WKYC.

In Florida, 261 people reported stings by the Portugese Man-of-War.

Portugese man-of-war.
In what lifeguards are calling the worst invasion in years, Portugese man-of-war are piling up on beaches in Broward County, stinging hundreds as they are blown close to shore. In Fort Lauderdale alone, 261 people were stung on Saturday and 212 Friday. Most oceanfront cities like Hollywod, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach also reported large numbers of the venomous jelly-like marine invertebrates. "It's extreme. It is wall-to-wall man-of-war," Delray Beach ocean rescue supervisor and 14-year veteran Heather Irurzun told the Palm Beach Post. "I've never seen it this bad." Delray Beach is one of very few to have been closed so far, but rescue stations are flying yellow caution flags elsewhere to indicate the presence of stinging creatures. In some areas of Palm Beach County, lifeguards were dissuading swimmers. - NBC Miami.

Nearby, in northern Mexico, 35 animals froze to death at a zoo.

Thirty-five animals at a zoo in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua have frozen to death during the region's coldest weather in six decades. Serengeti Zoo owner Alberto Hernandez says 14 parrots, 13 serpents, five iguanas, two crocodiles and a capuchin monkey died. He said Saturday that power failures cut off electrical heating at the zoo in the town of Aldama. Temperatures have dropped to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 13 Celsius) in the area, the coldest weather in 60 years. Power outages have affected much of northern Mexico, forcing factories and businesses to close. Dozens of people are in shelters. Schools have been closed in Chihuahua state but are expected to open Tuesday as the weather warms. - Huffington Post.
In southern Peru, low temperatures in the highlands of Arequipa killed 5 percent of the 35,000 alpacas.

Infants and pregnant animals were especially affected; the alpacas reportedly died of pneumonia.  The alpaca deaths occured in the Arequipa district of San Antonio de Chuca, located at 4,500 meters above sea level.  For the past several weeks the region has seen temperatures of 1.2 degrees Celsius. The regional government of Arequipa began to distribute blankets and medicine to protect the 26,000 alpacas that still exist in the area, from the rain and cold. The most affected villages by the death of cattle and alpaca are Pillones and Vincocalla. - Living Peru.

Meanwhile, according to Science Daily, conservationists across the United States are racing to discover a solution to White-Nose Syndrome, a disease that is threatening to wipe out bat species across North America.


Hibernating bats.
A review published in Conservation Biology reveals that although WNS has already killed one million bats, there are critical knowledge gaps preventing researchers from combating the disease. WNS is a fatal disease that targets hibernating bats and is believed to be caused by a newly discovered cold-adapted fungus, Geomyces destructans, which infects and invades the living skin of hibernating bats. Since 2006 about one million bats across six species in eastern North America have died from WNS, and as a result several species of bats face endangerment or extinction. "White-Nose Syndrome was first documented in 2006 in a tourist cave near Albany, New York. Dead and dying bats were then found in four nearby caves, 30 km west of Albany," said lead author Janet Foley from the University of California, Davis. "By July 2010 G.destructans was identified in hibernating bats in 13 states as well as in Ontario and Quebec across the Canadian Border."
Now, let's bring this back to the bigger picture.

According to Spaceweather, the Earth is currently inside a solar wind stream flowing from the Sun's coronal hole which is affecting the Earth's magnetic field, a very important information since, scientists and geologists are now declaring that magnetic polar shifts are causing the global superstorms.

Pole Shift.
A Danish study published in the scientific journal Geology, found strong correlation between climate change, weather patterns and the magnetic field. "The earth's climate has been significantly affected by the planet's magnetic field, according to a Danish study published Monday that could challenge the notion that human emissions are responsible for global warming. "'Our results show a strong correlation between the strength of the earth's magnetic field and the amount of precipitation in the tropics,' one of the two Danish geophysicists behind the study, Mads Faurschou Knudsen of the geology department at Aarhus University in western Denmark, told the Videnskab journal. "He and his colleague Peter Riisager, of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), compared a reconstruction of the prehistoric magnetic field 5,000 years ago based on data drawn from stalagmites and stalactites found in China and Oman." In the scientific paper "Midday magnetopause shifts earthward of geosynchronous orbit during geomagnetic superstorms with Dst = -300 nT" the magnetic intensity of solar storms impacting Earth can intensify the effects of the polar shift and also speed up the frequency of the emerging superstorms. - Salem News.
Now, consider what I have stated before about HAARP's effects on the magnetic field of the planet and given the preceding information, here's something more for you to chew on. On Friday of last week, a woman called into the Alex Jones Show on the GCN Radio Online Network. In the conversation with the talk-show host, Alex Jones, she claimed that she was a former employee of the White House, that all weather anomalies around the globe was part of a weather modification program by the government and the Global Elites and that there is a distinct possibility of a major polar shift around March 15 of this year. During the interview, Jones abruptly cut off her comments regarding a link to a PDF document that would disclose how this manipulation was conducted, and subsequently the recording of the dialogue was removed from the upload excerpts from his show on Youtube. Later in the evening, in a phone-in conversation with host George Noory on the late-night alternative program Coast to Coast, the same woman, using the name Natalie, reiterated and emphasized the points that she had earlier made with Jones.

I have since come across that document and it makes for very interesting reading, as it matches up perfectly with my theory of the plans to create orchestrated chaos by manipulating the weather and it resonates with the information seen on the website for the company, Weather Modification Inc. Take the following selected excerpt:
In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels. In this paper we show that appropriate application of weather-modification can provide battlespace dominance to a degree never before imagined. In the future, such operations will enhance air and space superiority and provide new options for battlespace shaping and battlespace awareness. "The technology is there, waiting for us to pull it all together," said General Gordon R. Sullivan... A global, precise, real-time, robust, systematic weather-modification capability would provide war-fighting Commander-in-Chiefs (CINC) with a powerful force multiplier, to achieve military objectives. Since weather will be common to all possible futures, a weather-modification capability would be universally applicable and have utility across the entire spectrum of conflict. The capability of influencing the weather even on a small scale could change it from a force degrader to a force multiplier.
You can read the entire document HERE or HERE. Please download it, before it is taken down.

Stay tuned. More anon.

UPDATE: "Deep Impact," Obama, Clinton and the Priest Class of the MAGI?!

We begin this update, as usual in Australia, where the Western Australian Fire and Emergency Services Authority says a fire raging Sunday on the eastern outskirts of the state capital Perth has destroyed 35 houses and other homes are under threat. The authority says residents of several communities should evacuate as firefighters battle the blaze. The fire broke out in forested land and is being fanned by hot gusting winds.


In Florida, residents are still trying to grapple with the death of thousands of dead fish that washed up at the Sebastien Inlet State Park State Wildlife. As usual, biologists and scientists continue to offer the same lame excuses - the lack of oxygen.


 In Ohio, biologists are still trying to figure out what led to the deaths of hundreds of stocked trout in a three-acre lake about 15 miles southeast of Cleveland.

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland says it happened at the Cleveland Metroparks' Shadow Lake in Solon. Metroparks Fisheries biologist Mike Durkalec says oxygen depletion can lead to fish kills when lakes ice over in the winter, but that's doesn't appear to be the cause at Shadow Lake. He says officials are trying to determine whether the oxygen loss was somehow accelerated by runoff with a "high organic content" but that any comment on the cause of the fish kill would be speculation. A representative for the waste company that runs a now-closed landfill near the park says it's cooperating with investigators. - Dayton Daily News.
Meanwhile, reports of a large fish kill off the the Outer Banks coastline in North Carolina are drawing the ire of residents and fishing authorities.

Commercial trawlers discarded thousands of dead striped bass into the ocean Thursday near the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, according to complaints logged with the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries. Photos of dead fish floating on the water are circulating online – again. Controversy first erupted Jan. 15, when dozens of recreational anglers witnessed a trawl boat dump thousands of dead striped bass into the water. Angry anglers posted video of the sight on YouTube, setting off a firestorm of criticism. Some speculated that watermen were "high-grading," or dumping smaller fish to keep larger ones and maximize profit without violating the state's 50-fish-per-day limit... Investigators counted 251 dead striped bass in the water and on the beach. Most probably were discarded by commercial trawl boats because they were smaller than the legal minimum of 28 inches. - Pilot Online.
According to the Log Cabin, another freshwater drum kill has been reported in Arkansas, the state where the worldwide mass animal die-off began.

The most recent fish kill was reported Jan. 28. Unlike the previous kill Dec. 29, where more than 83,000 dead and dying fish were spotted on the surface of the river, this kill amounted to fewer than 500 fish. After numerous tests were performed on fish from the December kill, no cause of death could be found. Although the recent fish kill was much smaller, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Assistant Chief of Fisheries Chris Racey said the agency is conducting further testing on fish from the latest kill to determine the cause. “We are again asking the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to perform additional testing on the fish we were able to capture,” Racey said. Histology and bacterial culture results should be available by the end of the week.
According to Metro TV News, thousands of dead fish was discovered in the East Java region of Indonesia.

Thousands of fish in Lake Ngebel Ponorogo, East Java, died due to erratic rainfall. As a result hundreds of entrepreneurs tilapia in the lake was closed down. Now live dozens of cages owner who survive. Sumanto, one of them. According to him, not robust tilapia fish survive because the content of acid salt lake water increased due to the many rain. Sumanto admitted, as long as erratic weather lost more than 50 percent. While demand is large enough. He can only hope the weather is now rapidly re-friendly. - Translation of Metro TV News.
Several miles away in West Java, the main road of the Lemahabang District in Cirebon suffered a massive landslide and sinkhole, as weather anomalies and heavy rain continue to relentlessly pound the region, more evidence of the continued sinking that we have been witnessing in that country.


Landslide and Sinkhole in Belawa Village.
Road "subsidence" occurred in Block Cangkuang, Belawa Village. Sinkhole occurred a second time after the first on Friday, last week.   Two events made subsidence reaches 15 meters long. Body road leaving only 50 cm wide and can only be passed by a motor. "The car carrier crops can not enter the village we passed that way. Automobiles must play and travel more than 20 kilometers," said village chief Belawa, Djuhud, yesterday. School children are affected too. They are often late to school because they can not taking public transportation and must walk. Cirebon Regent Dedi Supardi admitted that he had budgeted funds for improvement. "There is already a budget of Rp95 million to repair the road."   The "rain" also caused flooding in 25 villages in Pati District and 12 villages in Kudus, Central Java. Hundreds of homes and thousands of hectares of rice fields submerged in water in three days. Floods caused by overflowing of the River Juwana. In some villages the water level reached 2 meters. Hundreds of residents have sought refuge in the river embankments and other locations are higher. "My house was submerged up to one meter, while the village roads submerged up to two meters, so that we and dozens of other families here are forced to use boats," said Amina, 43, a resident of Hamlet Penggingwangi, Pati. Bad weather also occurred at sea. Wash of the waves made the fishermen Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi, panic-stricken. A number of traditional boats which had returned to look for fish reportedly drowned after waves swept. The waves also make ro-ro ships that sail from Marina Nusantara Tanjung Perak, Surabaya Trisakti purpose, Banjarmasin, sank in the estuary of Sungai Barito, South Kalimantan. Leaking hull was hit by the waves. Sailing on Port Kalianget, Sumenep, East Java, also was stopped due to bad weather. - Media Indonesia.
Flooding in Takalar.
In the Takalar region of Indonesia,  floods submerged hundreds of homes of residents in three villages in the district of South Sulawesi, on Monday. Water levels reached up to 1.5 meters, resulting in the breaking up of several villages as hundreds of hectares of cultivated rice and other farm crops was eventually inundated from the heavy and continuous deluge of water, crippling the activities and livelihood of thousands of people. Regions Wewaria in Ende, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara was also hit by the worst case of flooding this year. It happened after the river overflowed Loworea to about one meter due to "heavy rain" which flushed the upstream for two days from Saturday .
As a result, residents were 112 houses in four villages, namely Wewaria, Fataatu, Welamosa, and Nuangenda, District Wewaria, Ende, inundated. There were no fatalities in the incident. Of 112 houses submerged in water, 9 home residents of whom were severely damaged. Even based on the data collection Wewaria District, hundreds of people dead livestock. 175 dead pig tails, tails 173 chickens, 51 goats tails, and cow 10 cows. Also floods also swept 577 cashew and cocoa trees, 83 mahogany trees, and 55 coconut trees. In addition, 2.75 hectares of banana plantations (ha), cornfield 4 ha, 107 ha of paddy rice, sacks of rice and 4.36 tons, and about 1 ton of rice owned by flood. - Kompas.
According to Kompas, flooding swamped and submerged over 200 units of houses in the village of Bonda, Papalang District, about 50 kilometers from the city Mamuju, West Sulawesi, as well, forcing the evacuation of thousands to higher ground. Over the last two days, the country has also been hit by two sizable earthquakes, a 5.6 magnitude in Southwest Sumatra with a depth of 9.9 kilometres or 6.2 miles stretching as far as 235 miles away near Jakarta; and a 5.3 magnitude in the Nias Region with a depth of 82.8 kilometres or 51.5 miles, sending ripple effects of up to 730 miles to Java.

Meanwhile, further up north in India, a  mysterious lava substance is popping up from the ground like mushrooms.


Strange substance in India.
A lava like liquid substance erupted at Malkapuram village in Dharmavaram mandal on Saturday. A shepherd first noticed a strange odour and plants withering. The inquisitive shepherd alerted other villagers who came to find out the source of the bad odour and finally zeroed in to the field belonging to one farmer Lakshminarayana Reddy. At the field, the villagers found two deep holes from which lava-like black like substance erupted. Scared at the strange phenomenon, the villagers alerted a geologist for studying the strange phenomenon. According to an eye witness fire along with the black substance erupted out of the Earth surface at two different points. Geologist Mohana Rao said that a disturbance in the Earth had occurred after the earth quakes in Thailand, Tirupati and Delhi. The rock formations process below the earth surface had created gaps resulting in creation of a weak zone in the Dolorite rocks. Explaining the phenomenon, Mohan Rao maintained that an inorganic compound solution had oozed out of Uthosphere. The lava substance is being sent to geological laboratory for a thorough study. - The Hindu.
Speaking of lava, two volcanoes erupted on Kamchatka in Russia, spewing plumes of ash on Monday in an area where the region has been experiencing unusual tremor activities over the last year and a half. The Kizimen volcano started showing signs of activity in the summer of 2009. Its last eruption was registered in 1929. Seismologists said that most of the ash clouds remained below the altitude of 6 to 8 kilometers.

More signs of the shifting geology of Earth, as the magnetic magma core continues to raise lava to the surface level of the planet, based on the direct effects of the changes in the grid of the magnetic field.

Now, at the top of this post, I referred to the similarities between the the storyline in the film Deep Impact and that of the current President of United States. In the film, President Beck alerts the American nation and the wider world about an incoming object threatening to destroy the entire Earth. It now turns out that President Obama will now get a new bullhorn to warn us all of imminent threats to the planet.

EAS Hierarchy.
The Federal Communications Commission today approved an order to conduct the first national test of the Emergency Alert System. The commission voted unanimously to adopt a Third Report and Order that sets forth rules for the test, to be initiated by a presidential alert from Washington to TV, radio, cable and satellite systems across the country. No President has ever triggered an emergency alert, and the system has never been tested intentionally. The date and time of the test is yet to be determined, but it will not be delayed until after the compliance deadline for implementation of the Common Alerting Protocol. All EAS participants have until Sept. 30, 2011 to implement CAP, an advanced data format intended to standardize alerts from various federal agencies. “We do not believe it is necessary to delay testing until the period for CAP compliance ends,” the FCC order states. The Federal Emergency Management Agency “anticipates continuing use of legacy EAS into the foreseeable future.” All TV and radio providers in the EAS chain will be required to participate. They must have the equipment necessary to receive and transmit a live Emergency Action Notification code relaying a presidential message to viewers and listeners. - Television Broadcast.
There is no doubt that this is a major preparation for an upcoming monumental event that could have cataclysmic effects for us all, especially when you consider that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) heads the hierarchical structure of this EAS system and given the documents and requisition orders that we have seen coming out of the agency since the start of the year regarding measures taken in anticipation of a disastrous event along the New Madrid Fault Line. Worst, this comes against the background of the recent unprecedented mass meeting of United States ambassadors from America's 260 embassies, consulates and posts with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

Does this have anything to do with the burgeoning and persistent rumor of a geological pole shift in March?

Speaking of pole shifts, after discarding and disregarding the informative testimony of the anonymous  woman, who called into his radio show, Alex Jones, the self-proclaimed leader of the "Truth Movement," devoted a major segment of his broadcast yesterday to the threats posed by an imminent pole shift.

One must wonder why the low-level managers of the Global Elites, who controls Jones and the information that he spews out daily, would allow him to do a complete 360 degree reversal on the topic? Then again, it makes complete sense, if you understand that Jones' claim to fame was built upon the death of conspiracy theorists and broadcaster Bill Cooper and the deceptive narrative that global governmental officials, royalties and bankers like the Illuminati, Zionists, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, George H.W. Bush, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, the royal families of Europe, the City of London and the Federal Reserve run the planet from their occult meetings at places like Bohemian Grove.  An idea that was perpetuated by his easy allowance into the Grove, that eventually flourished wildly and abundantly in the alternative community, ultimately masking and cloaking the true elite, the Priest Class of Magicians, the keepers of the ancient technology and science since the days of Atlantis and Babylon. You only need to look at the historical fact that Johan Adam Weishaupt, the philosopher, was first trained and educated by the Jesuits, in-order to formulated the Order of the Illuminati. No banker or political official has ever or will ever control the world, chaos and order has always emanated from the directives of the Magi, who have created an occult, esoteric and mystical anthropomorphism and "occultification" of stars and planetary objects in our everyday matrix construct of religion, politics and economics.

Our failure to understand this, will only resulting in the continuation of the pervasively deceptive narrative and the quickening of our destiny towards post-humanity.