Friday, March 18, 2011

Planetary Tremors: California Road Collapses Into Pacific Ocean!

Is it possible that an earthquake, similar to the one that struck Japan last week Friday, could happen in the United States of America? Particularly, in places like California, along the Pacific Ring of Fire? Most geologists and experts believe that it is just a matter of when, not if. They believe that the planetary and seismic tremors frequently experience in California and other neighboring states are evidential indications that the consistent tectonic plate-grinding or strike-slip fault will eventually lead to subduction faults like the one witnessed in northeast Japan, where the tectonic plates slides up and down in dramatic upheavals creating a "megathrust".

If these experts are correct, then today's incident of the collapse of over 120 feet of a California highway into the Pacific Ocean, might be a sign or precursor to a coming violent geological movement along the American side of the Ring of Fire.

Over 120 feet of California highway just washes away in a landslide. People driving on Highway 1, just south of Hurricane Point, were forced to leave their cars and walk to safety. No one was hurt. Reports say the road dropped more than two hundred feet. California highway patrol doesn't know what caused the massive slide but with the recent heavy rains some say erosion caused it. Highway 1 could be closed for several months for repairs. - FOX.