Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Thousands of Dead Fish in Misery Bay!

Cathy Pedlar and Kathryn Hamilton were walking by Presque Isle State Park's Misery Bay on Tuesday afternoon when they spotted thousands of dead fish along the north shore.

Pedlar said she's seen dead fish before, but never like this. "I haven't seen this density before," she said. Park and state officials were notified and a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection official investigated. "This is a natural fish kill, no cause for alarm," Jim Grazio, a Great Lakes biologist with DEP's Office of the Great Lakes, said after inspecting the dead fish. He said 99 percent were gizzard shad and he believed their death was a natural event caused by temperature change. Grazio said the gizzard shad, a freshwater herring, is notoriously sensitive to cold temperatures and temperature changes. He also said more than the usual number of the fish were born in 2010 for unknown reasons. "A lot of them didn't survive," he said. The fish began dying in January and were under the ice, unseen until warmer temperatures caused a melt and the fish began washing up on shore, he said. There wasn't much decay because of the cold. Gizzard shad, which aren't typically eaten by people, form the base of the food chain for other fish, like lake trout, steelhead and walleye, Grazio said. But because of the large number of gizzard shad born in 2010, the kill won't cause other fish to go hungry this year, he said. Grazio said the fish kill isn't isolated to this area and dead gizzard shad have been reported all around the Great Lakes basin. A few other species of fish also were discovered Tuesday among the dead, along with a duck that could have died anytime and just been revealed by the melt. Grazio said he saw about half a dozen northern pike, mostly large females. "More than likely their death was related to spawning stress," he said. However, Grazio did urge people to prevent pets from eating any dead fish they find as a way to prevent potential disease transmission. - GoErie

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: 32 Musk Oxen Frozen To Death In Alaska!

At least 32 musk oxen were found frozen in the ice on the northern coast of Alaska's Seward Peninsula, killed in the aftermath of a tidal surge and flooding from a winter storm blowing in off the Chukchi Sea, the National Park Service said Tuesday.
Carcasses of the Musk Oxen.
Researchers found the frozen animals March 15 while flying over the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve to track at least four of the animals, which had been outfitted with radio collars. "Basically, the radio collars led us to the dead animals," National Park Service spokesman John Quinley said. Officials planned to fly over the area again Tuesday to determine the fate of another 23 animals in the herd. It wasn't immediately clear if any of those were fitted with collars. "We didn't see any carcasses, but we didn't see them walking around," he said. The remainder of the herd could be buried deeper in the snow. If so, the bodies wouldn't be visible until spring. It's believed the animals died Feb. 25 when a winter storm created a tidal surge and coastal flooding that inundated lowlands. Before that, the group of 55 animals was seen Feb. 14, when four were fitted with GPS collars as part of a five-year study on the dynamics of the musk oxen population in northwest Alaska. The National Park Service plans to document the group of animals killed by taking teeth and bone samples to determine the age and health of the musk oxen as a reflection of the larger population. There are about 3,000 musk oxen on the Seward Peninsula, and there are about 100,000 worldwide, Quinley said... Such die-offs of a large number of animals are not unheard of because of where musk oxen live and their habits, and about 30 were killed a few years back on the North Slope. It's no different when large numbers of animals, like caribou or wolves, are killed in avalanches. "You end up with these sort of multiple fatalities from natural causes. They're not happening every day but they're happening fairly often," Quinley said. - MSNBC

UFO & ET Memes: NASA's Chief Administrator Says Aliens Exists?!

In the following video, courtesy of ABC News 10, NASA's Chief Administrator Charles Bolden believes deeply that aliens exists. "Deep in my heart, I believe that there is good potential for other life in our universe," Bolden declared. He also said that "I have no doubt about things that will be discovered in the next year or so that will help us to rewrite text books."

The video also features the new International Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Clifford Clift and former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, revealing their respective thoughts on whether aliens exist. Mitchell, at one point revealed, that "there is no doubt, we're being visited."

A clear narrative is manifesting now of an emerging reality and Bolden's words further solidifies the view that it is just a matter of time before we are witnesses to the contrived revelation of the extraterrestrial presence.

PLANETARY TREMORS: Mud Volcano Erupts In Vietnam!

A mud volcano erupted in the central province of Ninh Thuan in Vietnam today. Another geothermal sign of the ongoing seismic upheaval along the Pacific "Ring of Fire."

Dr. Dinh Doan Lam, a senior official from the Institute for Geology of Vietnam, said that mud eruption in Ninh Thuan is not dangerous. Mud volcano or mud dome are used to refer to formations created by geo-excreted liquids and gases, although there are several different processes which may cause such activity. Hot water mixes with mud and surface deposits. Mud volcanoes are associated with subduction zones. Temperatures are much cooler in these processes than at igneous volcanoes. About 86 percent of the gas released from these structures is methane, with much less carbon dioxide and nitrogen emitted. Ejected materials are often a slurry of fine solids suspended in liquids which may include water, which is frequently acidic or salty, and hydrocarbon fluids. Mud volcanoes are not dangerous and they can be used to serve humans, for example mud bath services. However, Lam suggested research of the mud contents before use. However, the scientist noted that the area where the mud volcanoes are may have weak soil. Mud volcanoes have appeared in Indonesia, the Philippines, the US, Russia and some places in central Vietnam. - VietnamNet.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: UN - Bees Disappearing Worldwide?!

According to the German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then mankind would only have four years of life left. Einstein came to this conclusion because of the fact that no more bees represents no more pollination, and effectively no more pollination would mean no more plants or animals. Ergo, no more man. The following report from the United Nations indicates that the probability of this scenario is becoming quite likely each day due to the devastating collapse in the worldwide bee population.

The Honeybee.
For several decades, colony collapse disorder (CCD) -- a mysterious condition where entire bee colonies die for seemingly no obvious reason -- has been inflicting bee populations across both Europe and the US. But scientists from the United Nations (UN) say the phenomenon is now a global crisis, afflicting bees across China, Japan, and Africa, as well as in other places. The report, issued by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), explains what many NaturalNews readers already know -- mainly that without bees, there will be no more food. Bees are one of nature's primary pollinators, and over 70 percent of the world's food supply relies on them to grow. "Human beings have fabricated the illusion that in the 21st century they have the technological prowess to be independent of nature," said Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director. "Bees underline the reality that we are more, not less, dependent on nature's services in a world of close to seven billion people." One such mode of "technological prowess" is the flagrant and irresponsible use of genetically-modified organisms (GMO). GMO technology is heavily reliant on the use of toxic pesticides and herbicides, which several recent studies have pinned to the widespread bee deaths. In January, a leaked document revealed that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) actually knowingly approved a bee-killing pesticides known as clothianidin. This Bayer CropScience chemical has been identified as a primary instigator of CCD, and yet it has remained freely available on the market since 1993 when the EPA first approved it. Pesticides use is obviously not reserved just for GMOs, either. The entire industrial agriculture system that dominates the majority of the US food supply is heavily reliant on toxic pesticides of all varieties, which reports say now pollute over 90 percent of the nation's rivers. - Natural News