Saturday, March 26, 2011

EARTH CHANGES: Massive Dust Storm Disrupts Life In Kuwait!

Kuwait was struck by a massive sandstorm on Friday evening, causing major disruptions and forcing the civil aviation to shut down the airport. The condition started from South Iraq and North West Kuwait which witnessed low pressure combined with strong winds at 80kmph. "In view of bad weather conditions, dense dusty storm, and strong winds blowing in the country, all incoming flights were transferred to nearby airports while all outgoing flights were halted until weather conditions improve," Isam Al Zamil, the head of operations at the airport, said, quoted by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). Earlier, the authorities warned that the dust storm reduced visibility to less than 500 metres and that in some areas, "there is no visibility at all."
According to unconfirmed reports hundreds of people were stuck in malls as dust and sand prevented people from driving.
A massive dust storm made its way into Kuwait, causing much disturbance to normal life. Mobile networks were jammed, and heavy traffic resulted because of poor visibility that plunged to almost zero. Flights too were disrupted and the airport was shut down. While incoming flights were directed to other nearby airports, outgoing flights were cancelled. The dust storm is travelling from Iraq to Iran and into the Persian Gulf. The storm spans more than 100 kilometers and is very thick.Daijiworld.
Here are two video presentations from eye-witnesses:

EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT: Scientists' Most Frightening Research - Humanity May Be Facing A Possible "VORTEX OF DEATH" Soon?!

In our continued examination of mankind's march towards a cataclysmic geological upheaval, here is a most interesting report about the scientific research on the Sun, solar cycles, the sudden violent change in the Earth's surface and repercussions on the psychosis of humanity. Given what has been happening on the planet over the last year or so, I thought it only prudent to publish the article, that outlines this research, in its entirety.

This article was originally published by: Helium  

Professor Raymond Wheeler, from the University of Kansas, at first almost stumbled into the frightening data. The connection was initially discovered by noted Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky during 1915: solar storms trigger conflict, wars and death. A vortex of death. Chizhevsky found after intense research that the rise and fall of solar activity—interacting with the earth’s magnetic field—causes mass changes in human’s perspective’s, moods, emotions and behavioral patterns. All are affected by sunspots and solar flares. Building upon the Russian scholar’s research, Wheeler applied a numerically weighted ranking system during the 1930s to separate wars and even individual battles assessing them on length and severity. He then correlated the impressive data he’d amassed with the 11-year sunspot cycle. The results were revealing... and horrifying. When the 11-year solar cycle peaked, so did human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions and all-out wars between nations. It was almost as if the intense magnetic upswing directly affected the human brain and drove Mankind into deadly emotional tantrums and frenzied killing sprees. Assaults skyrocket. Murders increase. And bloody wars and rebellions erupt with a fury across the face of the globe. Wheeler’s research revealed the pattern spanned human history as far back as 2,500 years.


During 1990 the solar maximum fever pitch initiated skirmishes around the world culminating with Iraq invading Kuwait and the U.S. battling back against Saddam Hussein’s army. Then, 11 years later, the 9-11 attacks against New York and Washington, D.C were followed by two wars in quick succession: Afghanistan and again Iraq. According to the 11-year solar cycle, as the sun entered its next active peak during late 2010 the disruptions in the earth’s magnetic field could be predicted to cause unrest, instability, uprisings, outbreaks of war, destruction and mass death once again. Like clockwork it occurred. Suddenly the news was filled with rising dissent rearing up in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It spread to Syria, Libya, Iran and China. Europe was not immune: general unrest arose in the UK and France, Greece had extended riots, Spain felt under pressure, and even the U.S. saw angry mobs rise up in the state of Wisconsin.


As the flares increase and the sun becomes more violent, expect greater violence on earth as some go mad. The pattern is unmistakable. At key points during the solar cycle—from minimum to maximum activity—the geomagnetic field begins to intensify as it comes under bombardment. The triggers are when the activity is accelerating towards the peak, or dropping down towards the minimum. Much research during the following 70 years has shown that the magnetic field interaction with human’s electrochemically driven brains also affects deep-rooted psychological mechanisms including creating anomalous hormonal swings and even significantly mutated brain wave activity. The magnetic monster initiates a general mass hysteria and a degree of uncontrollable psychosis. In other words, the world goes mad.


Solar Cycle 24 has begun. NASA and other space agencies worldwide have been warning about it. The cycle is predicted to be violent, unpredictable, and may even affect the fragile 21st earth technology. Expected to surge as much as 50 more than the record-breaking solar cycle 23—that saw X-flares larger than ever witnesses by humans—this monster cycle is calculated to reach maximum intensity from 2011 through 2012. It’s the worst possible solar cycle at the worst possible time. Expect more wars, more deaths, more countries toppled and populations displaced. Add to that grim scenario that fact that much research also has revealed that increased magnetic storms couples with the magnetic pole shift and changing core of the earth will likely lead to natural disasters such as the catastrophe that hit Japan during March 2011, and it’s a veritable witches’ brew of madness, mayhem and mass death.


The year was 1963 when another piece of the terrifying puzzle snapped snugly into place. The picture that was forming might as well have been from the depths of hell. Dr. Robert Becker and his colleague, Dr. Freedman, made an important—if unsettling—discovery. They determined that intense solar activity leads directly to psychotic outbreaks and mass insanity. Who is Becker? Some far out crackpot? No. Dr. Robert Becker was a pioneering researcher and leading expert in the field of biological electricity. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, Becker was also a full professor at the State University of New York, and a noted author. Becker died in 2008 with a warning to the world about the approaching years of 2010 to 2012. Few listened.

Are you listening?

MYSTERY: Bug Swarms Near Australia’s Gold Coast?!

Ken Tomkins, 61, was hospitalized after skidding his bicycle into a mound of dead bugs and shattering his hip, collarbone and ribs, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

Tomkins said he noticed the slick as he rode along The Esplanade at Surfers Paradise, but initially thought it was water or leaves. He will be bedridden for six weeks after hitting the bugs, which were piled to the edge of the road by a council street sweeper, at about 25kph. The water beetle invasion is a never-before-seen phenomenon that has stumped local scientists. The incident was captured on amateur YouTube footage showing the large black beetles swarming around lights and dropping to the footpath in Surfers Paradise. Entomologist Professor Clyde Wild from Queensland’s Griffith University said he had no definitive explanation for why the beetles had turned up in such large numbers at the beach side holiday hot spot. “I’ve never seen swarms of these like this before, why they are at the beach front escapes any explanation I can think of,” Wild said. ”You might see two or three on any given night – this is literally thousands.”Herald Sun.