Saturday, April 9, 2011

Earth Changes: Freak Dust Storm Wrecks Major Havoc In Germany?!

A freak sandstorm, which blinded drivers, causing massive accidents and a large explosion on an highway in Germany. At least ten people are dead and dozens injured after a massive 80-car pile up near the Baltic Sea Coast in Germany.

More than 40 vehicles are a pileup on highway 19 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in conflict. Ten people were killed and nearly a hundred were injured. Causes of the accident was evidently a storm stirred up by the sand cloud. Dozens of cars raced each other and burned out: More than 40 vehicles have collided on Friday in a pileup on Highway 19 at exit Rostock-Laage. According to police, several people were killed and many injured. The senior officer at the scene of the emergency services began by at least four dead. A police spokeswoman revised the number upward dramatically in the evening: Ten people had been killed in the accident, 97 were injured. Many had to be because of the severity of their injuries admitted to nearby hospitals. According to the hospitals in Rostock, Bad Doberan G├╝strow and the patients had mainly suffered broken bones, bruises, sprains and traumatic brain injury. The collision had occurred at around 12:30 clock Kavelstorf near Rostock. In the direction of Rostock, according to police fell 17 cars and three trucks on fire, including a vehicle carrying dangerous goods. In the opposite direction to Berlin 23 cars were involved in the accident. The lanes at the accident scene resembled a field of rubble. Several people were trapped in their cars, said a police spokesman. The motorway had to be closed indefinitely in both directions. Police, rescue workers and firefighters took care of the victims. The burning vehicles were reportedly removed in the afternoon. Cause of the accident was, according to police in Rostock probably sand that had blown a strong wind fields at the highway boundary on the four-lane roadway and took the view of motorists. The A19 runs close to the accident site along a freshly plowed field. The visibility is said to have amounted to the time of the accident less than a hundred meters. Through the swirling sand, the sight was even after the collision at times even below 50 meters. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on Friday the wind was blowing dry soil on the fields. Prolonged drought in recent weeks charged regional agriculture in Germany. Deep, "Joachim" will make in the coming days continue in the north and east for stormy weather, as the German Weather Service said. - Spiegel Online