Sunday, April 17, 2011

Extinction Level Event: Pattern of Mass Animal Die-Off Increases!

Here are a few stories of the mass animal die-off that is still continuing to grip the planet.

Let's begin in America:

Dead fish began surfacing after the snow melts. Officials from the Department of Environmental Protection explained the death of fish due to lack of oxygen harsh winter, saying it was normal. "All this mass of fish is semi-decomposed and produces an unbearable stench" - says Vierzbiki. Local Department of Environmental Protection reported that the death of fish is also observed in 36 ponds and lakes in the state. What do I do next? - Perplexed local residents. Of course, you can provide the very nature deal with the decaying mass. Or catch all the dead fish and used as compost, buried in the ground. - Final News.  
 Thousands of dead fish have led to a stinky mess in the Detroit suburb of River Rouge. WJBK-TV reports the gizzard shad recently were found along the shoreline of the community that's located where the Rouge River flows into the Detroit River. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says the fish likely died because of the lengthy, cold winter. Other similar fish deaths have been reported in the Lake St. Clair area. The dead fish collect in canals and in near-shore areas. Landowners with large numbers of dead fish should consider burying or composting them. Shad deaths are typical in the winter and officials say the dead fish likely were hidden under ice until the weather recently got warmer. - WNEM
The state's Fish & Wildlife Division has been getting a heaping helping of phone calls from the public, reporting heaps of dead fish along Massachusetts pond and lake banks, but it appears there's no foul play at hand. The culprit, the Division says, is none other than Mother Nature. Richard Hartley, who serves as the Division's fish kill coordinator, tells ABC 40 it's the result of the winter's huge snowfall amounts. The fisheries biologist says when ice forms on water bodies every winter, it blocks oxygen from dissolving in to the water. But the thickness of the snow that fell on the ice this winter blocked sunlight. "When the plants can't photosynthesize they begin to die off, and as they die off the vegetation decomposes and actually consumes even more oxygen, and you [get] hydrogen sulfide." That telltale sign began rearing its ugly stench, while winter was going strong, to the noses of ice fishermen as they bored their holes. "We actually started getting signs over the winter, so we kind of braced ourselves. We knew we were in for this, this spring," Hartley explains. But he's glad people are so concerned. "The fish can ... be the canary in the coal mine. We want to know about every fish kill so we don't miss the one that is a toxic or pollution-related event." - WGGB
Almost 100 fish were found dead in a pond at Strawberry Patch Park in Madison. Madison Parks Director Vern Booth said agents found a mixture of dead catfish, bass and brim in the pond. He said he was concerned that someone may have put some type of chemical in the lake to kill the fish. A wildlife biologist was called to the scene and said Mother Nature is to blame for the occurrence. "It actually happens on a lot of ponds in Mississippi and the southeast. It can be attributed to a large number of factors -- mainly dissolved oxygen. Ponds can lose the oxygen that's in the water for a short period of time, thus causing the fish kill," wildlife biologist Jason Keenan said. Keenan said another reason for the dead fish is over population. He added the water is safe and the fish are fine to eat. - WAPT
Unfortunately for Red Sand Lake and those who fish there, the muskrat — and other creatures that feed on the lake’s fish — is likely doing most of its feeding on the surface these days. Easy pickings. Dead fish littered the now-open shoreline near the public access of Red Sand Lake on Tuesday morning, meaning talk that the lake was hit by winterkill is likely fact. Most every species of fish found in the lake floated in the shallows — northern pike, perch, sunfish, crappies. Even bullheads, further proof that the winterkill is real: Of the species of fish in Red Sand, bullheads are among the most tolerant of low oxygen levels, according to the DNR. - Brainer Dispatch

The long cold winter wasn't just tough on Minnesotans, it was tough on fish in area lakes. Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board officials say they're cleaning up fish at several lakes in the city, which died from a lack of oxygen. Park officials say they're seeing dead fish at Diamond Lake, Grass Lake, Lake Harriet, Lake Hiawatha, Lake of the Isles, Loring Pond and Powderhorn Lake. Both Loring Pond and Powderhorn Lake are seeing more significant fish kills because they are smaller and more shallow. Park officials found dead channel catfish, large goldfish and bullheads. But they say the fish loss will not be significant enough overall to affect summer fishing on Minneapolis lakes. The fish kills occur when ice and snow prevent sunlight from reaching aquatic plants which produce the oxygen in a lake. The impact varies depending on the species of fish. - KSTP
Low oxygen levels are said to be responsible for the hundreds of dead fish found floating in the Meadow River. The fish were seen floating in the river behind Flying Dust First Nation's band office on the morning of April 11. The ministry of environment was then called in to examine the fish. Gord Sedgewick, a fisheries biologist for the ministry, said the deaths were probably caused by a winter kill. "They died under the ice likely due to low oxygen conditions," said Sedgewick. A winter kill occurs when a large amount of snow packs onto the ice, preventing photosynthesis from taking place. This prevents the fish from receiving enough oxygen to survive. Some of the species found dead at the river included northern pike, white suckers, and burbot. Most of the fish were northern pike, which Sedgewick estimates were between one to two-years-old. - Meadow Lake Progress
Elizabeth Stange says she saw one or two birds fall from the trees in front of her house, and then about two dozen more followed. It happened around 1:30 Thursday afternoon. "We walked outside but were scared to go anywhere near the trees because we thought we would be hit by one of the birds." Stange said the strangest part was they all died at within minutes of each other. By Thursday evening she and her family had collected about 50 birds from their driveway and yard. Stange says a local vet told her the birds likely ate something poisonous, but was sending a few to K-State to be looked at closer. Even if that was the case, the family still says it was strange the birds died at the exact same time. "This is bazarre, I mean it's not normal," said Elizabeth. - KWCH
 Across the globe:

Tens of thousands of dead fish surfaced on Vapi’s sea coast on Wednesday morning, an incident that locals say is not the first. Villagers of Kolak and Udwada in Vapi went to the sea coast in the morning to prepare for their daily sojourns into the sea when they were shocked by floating pools of dead fish, a sight they claimed to have come across at least thrice earlier. They immediately informed the sarpanchs of both villages as residents began gathering on the sea coast to look at the long line of dead fish being washed up ashore. Most immediately blamed chemical discharges from the industries nearby. Kolak village sarpanch Kishor Patel informed Gujarat Pollution Control Board officials, who took samples of sand, water and dead fish and sent it to Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) office to ascertain the cause of death. - Indian Express
In Estonia, a frightening development on Lake Maardu.

After the withdrawal of the ice on the lake were found dead hundreds of inhabitants of the pond. Locals call the incident an environmental disaster and blame the company Merko Ehitus.

Local residents discovered the dead fish for about a week ago, when near the shore began melting the ice, according to "Current camera. "Very few fish left, until saw only two living" - says a local resident Laurie Laas. - RUS.  

The partial freezing of fish occurred in the nursery pond fish farm "Gryaznovsky" (branch of SHP "Lipetskrybhoz") in the Lipetsk region, where hitherto kept loose ice. As we found out GOROD48, killing an estimated one ton of fish, mainly roach and carp. Now the owners of the pool organize activities for collection and disposal of dead fish in cattle cemetery. At the same time find out the reasons for freezing here - no reason for it was not: on the pond nearly all winter long operated aerators and drilled wells. Perhaps, Zamora came from low water levels and ice thickness above a certain level. However, a more precise cause partial freezing of carp have to tell the invited experts of veterinary services. Their findings will form the basis of an instrument of writing off of dead fish. - Vseneprostotak.
In Bliznyukovsky GUMVD district department of Ukraine in Kharkiv region on April 6 at 7.40 asked chief inspector of the civil protection Bliznyukovskogo PO GUMCHS in Kharkov region. He reported that on April 5 at the pond near the village of Uplatnoe Bliznyukovskogo area experienced massive fish mor. Reservoir with a total area of 60 hectares in Bliznyukovskoy district administration in July 2002, rents a private entrepreneur, a resident of Lozova. According to preliminary data, we found about 100 tons of dead fish (tolstolob, carp, catfish channel catfish Europe, roach, grass carp). Circumstances and material damage are established. Fish kills, experts say, could come from lack of oxygen beneath the ice or exceed the level of acetone in the pond 60 times (an act of the State Ecological Inspectorate in the Kharkov region of 12/02/2011 city). Carried out to disposal of dead fish, according to CCA GUMVD Ukraine in Kharkov region. - O57
Zoologists are sounding the alarm - because of an unknown illness penguins lose their feathers. The disease has already struck by bird colonies on both sides of the South Atlantic, reports referring to Discovery News. "A disease with loss of feathers is unusual for most species, we need further research to identify the cause of this disorder and find out: whether this phenomenon to other species of penguins," - said the representative of the Wildlife Conservation Society, a zoologist Dee Buersma. Scholars have devoted the study of Magellan penguins for more than 30 years of his life. Possible causes of balding penguin Buersma and his colleagues saw a rift of the thyroid gland and nutritional imbalance. Disease was first recorded in 2006, while 59% of young African penguins have lost a feather. During the year their number reached 97%. In addition, scientists noticed that the affected birds grow much more slowly than their healthy relatives. - NEWSRU
On Sunday, April 10 around noon, 10 dead green turtles were found on an Australian beach in Boyne Island and Tannum Sand near the mouth of the River Boyne. About this Gledstounskoy witnesses notified employees and the District Association for the Protection of Wildlife. Jody Jones, president of the group and a member of the association, visited the beach immediately after the news and saw the terrible scene that caused it just puzzled. Mrs. Jones: "the turtles do not have any visible injuries, they all look healthy. I worry that it may be neestesstvennym phenomenon. I just cried. I do not believe my eyes. " Jones has previously saved a lot of turtles with a so-called "floating syndrome" in these places. However, none of them had no such symptoms. Currently under investigation for causes of death of animals. An autopsy was performed, after which the experts have excluded from the list of possible causes of death blows on fishing boats, the depletion of starvation and attack by predators. - Final News
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PLANETARY TREMORS: Sakurajima Volcano Erupts In Japan!

In Japan, "when it rains, it pours" or as the following story will indicate, wherever there is an active composite volcano, expect it to erupt. The Sakurajima volcano erupted this morning with two large explosions, sending lava and volcanic ash on the surrounding areas.

The volcano, which is compose of three peaks, Kitadake to the north, Nakadake in its centre and Minamidake at the south is located at Kagoshima Bay, with a surface of 77 square kilometres, and rising to 1,117 metres or 3,665 feet above sea level. Sakurajima formulates part of the Aira caldera and had its most powerful eruption in 1914, which killed 35 people. The volcano has been quite active since the 1950s, erupting constantly.

SEISMIC TREMORS: Precursors To An Imminent Disaster In America - Nevada Quake Swarm Have Experts Concerned Ahead Of Major FEMA National Level Exercise Along New Madrid & Increasing SUN Activity!

Seismologists, geologists and scientists are getting very worried over swarms of earthquakes in the Nevada area.
Nevada Seismologists are keeping a close eye on an area southwest of Hawthorne, Nevada where hundreds of earthquakes have been detected since Sunday. " It's a little bit concerning in a sense.. The largest earthquakes in these sequences are pretty large in size." Graham Kent is Director of Nevada Seismological Laboratory at the University of Nevada Reno. He says there have been hundreds of earthquakes southwest of Hawthorne over the past few days. The largest - recorded at a 4.4 in size. "These are the biggest in a sequence we've seen at least in the last couple of years." Kent says unlike the 2008 quakes in Somersett that damaged so many homes, these earthquakes are fortunately not underneath a community. Size is not the only reason Kent says they are watching the swarm of quakes closely. The location of these quakes is on top of a fault that has until now remained unknown or has not been active. Kent then made an eerie comparison, "Whats really interesting about most of these earthquakes we've experienced. Short of the Chilean and Japanese; Haiti, Baha, even Christchurch.. Were on unknown faults. But Kent says just because those devastating quakes happened on un-named faults does not mean that the series of quakes near Hawthorne will lead to a big quake there. Reno, Carson City and the Las Vegas valley all lie on top of fault lines. And right now, there is no way to predict where the next big quake will occur. "That's yet another reason why you don't want to look at the map and go phew, I'm safe. We're in earthquake country and so we have to be prepared. - NEWS4
The following table shows the list of earthquakes in Nevada over the last day.

3.8 2011/04/16 09:46:31 38.308 -118.157 0.0 NEVADA
2.5 2011/04/15 21:46:27 38.400 -118.734 15.2 NEVADA
2.5 2011/04/15 21:36:30 38.410 -118.694 14.6 NEVADA
2.7 2011/04/15 21:16:29 38.397 -118.726 17.1 NEVADA
4.0 2011/04/15 18:21:32 38.391 -118.753 10.0 NEVADA
2.5 2011/04/15 17:49:00 38.393 -118.751 0.4 NEVADA
4.0 2011/04/15 17:24:25 38.395 -118.742 15.9 NEVADA
3.9 2011/04/15 17:06:38 38.400 -118.734 15.6 NEVADA
2.5 2011/04/15 15:34:40 38.376 -118.763  5.2 NEVADA
2.7 2011/04/15 14:32:43 38.370 -118.735 12.8 NEVADA
2.8 2011/04/15 13:48:31 38.380 -118.918  0.0 NEVADA
4.3 2011/04/15 13:33:56 38.395 -118.735 12.8 NEVADA
3.2 2011/04/15 13:17:58 38.399 -118.732 15.3 NEVADA
3.4 2011/04/15 07:41:23 38.403 -118.730 15.5 NEVADA

This concern comes against the background of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) issuing of multiple Request For Information (RFI's) for the availability of 140 million packets of food, blankets and body bags specifically for the National Level Exercise (NLE ) in May, in simulation and preparation for a disaster along the New Madrid Fault System.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores pre-packaged commercial meals to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster survivors routinely. The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M meals per day): - Serving Size – 12 ounce (entree not to exceed 480 calorie count);- Maximum calories – 1200 and/or 1165 per meal;- Protein parameters – 29g-37g kit;- Trans Fat – 0;- Saturated Fat – 13 grams (9 calories per gram);- Total Fat – 47 grams (less than 10% calories);- Maximum sodium – 800-930 mg;  Requested Menus to include snacks (i.e. fruit mix, candy, chocolate/peanut butter squeezers, drink mix, condiments, and utensils). All meals/kits must have 36 months of remaining shelf life upon delivery. Packaging should be environmentally friendly. - FEMA RFI.
 The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores blankets to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster survivors routinely. The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for blankets in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M blankets per day): - 100% cotton;- White;- 66″ x 90″ - FEMA RFI.
In addition, the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) is planning an event called the Great Central U.S. Shake Out for April 28 with the state of Indiana participating early on April 19, in collaboration with FEMA, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS),, the American Red Cross, the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) and the Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC). The event will be the largest earthquake drill ever in the history of central United States and will also include surrounding areas outside of the central states.

 The main goal of the ShakeOut is to get everyone prepared for major earthquakes... Anyone can participate, from a single individual at their home to a major company at the office. Talk to your coworkers, neighbors and friends about the ShakeOut and encourage their participation... The ShakeOut is only a DRILL. We are not predicting an earthquake to occur, though because the Central U.S. is a seismic region it's not impossible. - ShakeOut.

In addition to this, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has also contacted multiple vendors in regards to the availability of underwater body bags.
The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWARSYSCEN) Atlantic, Advanced Technology Branch (Code 51610) is seeking information on commercially-available underwater body bags used for recovery operations of bodies and body parts.The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Authorized Equipment List (AEL) item number for this equipment is 03WA-01-BAGB: Underwater Body Bags. The target audience for this information is public resource dive teams within the emergency responder community, and all submittals should be suited to their specific needs.Review of this information is being performed for the DHS System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER) Program, which aims to conduct objective comparative assessments and validation of commercial equipment and systems and provide those results with the emergency responder community.  - FBO

Now, Nevada is a state located in the western, mountain west, and southwestern regions of the United States. A region that lies along the tectonic plate system of the major seismic zone of the New Madrid Fault Line, where the geographic extent of 150 miles or 240 kilometres can produce intraplate earthquakes with the potential to hit southern and midwestern United States. The zone is six times bigger than the San Andreas Fault System. It covers large portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. The zone is also historically noted for having four of the largest recorded earthquakes in the North America, with magnitudes as large as and exceeding 8.0 on the Richter Scale. Events which occurred within a three-month period from December 1811 to February 1812, where it was felt as far away as New York City and Boston, toppling trees, collapsing riverbanks, knocking down buildings, sloshing well waters, destroying houses, and disrupting the current stream of the Mississippi River.

Recently we have been witnessing very strange happenings in the central states of America, from thousands of birds suddenly falling from skies to tens of thousands of fish mysteriously washing up dead on the shore, earthquake swarms and seismic tremors. Since September of last year, the USGS has conservatively measured over 500 earthquakes in Central Arkansas alone. Is it possible that the New Madrid Fault Zone is coming alive or will be brought to life? What is the rational for these exercises and requests?

If the United States Navy's map of what America will look like in the future following a catastrophic event, is correct, then the concerns about Nevada, Arkansas and other surrounding areas should not be confined to just seismologists and other specialists alone. In the map, the majority of Nevada is utterly destroyed, with sections becoming part of a new coastline.

To make matters worst, the Sun is increasing in solar activity and according to Spaceweather, a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole should reach Earth sometime between April 18th and 20th. As I have noted prior, the state of Indiana will take part in the early exercises of the ShakeOut exercise on April 19th. Using data gathered from a multitude of sources, including Spaceweather, the Cosabio Virtual Institute is projecting that there will be a major event on the Earth following the passage of these solar wind streams.
Recent activity on the solar corona may indicate a severe seismic event centered near 40 degrees south latitude in the coming days. Multi-band characteristics of the disturbance, diminishing solar x-ray activity, and an expected plummet in total solar irradiance indicate a seismic event over 7.3 in magnitude is probable and an event over 8 in magnitude is possible. Changes in the disturbance may indicate the event is most probable to occur April 15th, 14th, 11th, 10th or in the period following the normalization of the solar wind speed. In the case intermediary coronal mass ejections extend elevated solar wind speeds beyond the watch period, a stronger event is more probable once they normalize.

With the month of May, just several days away, we could be in for more interesting times.

Stay tuned. More anon.