Sunday, May 1, 2011

PLANETARY TREMORS: Sakurajima Volcano, Japan Erupts & Explodes With Blue Flashes, Plasma & Lightning Storms Blowing out the Power!

Sakurajima, one of Japan's most active volcanoes, located at the Aira caldera at the northern half of Kagoshima Bay has been erupting and exploding since April 28th, with voluminous outbursts of lava, often accompanied by blue flashes, plasma discharge and lightning storms. The volcano, which is compose of three peaks, Kitadake to the north, Nakadake in its centre and Minamidake at the south is located at Kagoshima Bay, with a surface of 77 square kilometres, and rising to 1,117 metres or 3,665 feet above sea level. Sakurajima formulates part of the Aira caldera and had its most powerful eruption in 1914, which killed 35 people. The volcano has been quite active since the 1950s, erupting constantly.The construction of Sakurajima began about 13,000 years ago on the southern rim of Aira caldera and built an island that was finally joined to the Osumi Peninsula during the major explosive and effusive eruption of 1914. Activity at the Kita-dake summit cone ended about 4850 years ago, after which eruptions took place at Minamidake. Frequent historical eruptions, recorded since the 8th century, have deposited ash on Kagoshima, one of Kyushu's largest cities, located across Kagoshima Bay only 8 km from the summit. The largest historical eruption took place during 1471-76.

You can view a continuous live feed: HERE.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Dead Penguins Wash up in New Zealand!

Several days ago, I told you of activists who were urging the New Zealand government to put an halt to deep-sea testing following the death of many penguins. The activists said that they feared potential damage could result from an oil spill similar to last year's BP accident in the Gulf of Mexico, if the Petrobas International Braspetro BV goes ahead with drilling. The company has a five-year offshore exploration permit granted by the government. Today, comes news of additional dead penguins found washed up on the East Coast.

The Department of Conservation is staying tight-lipped over the deaths of a group of penguins on the East Coast. At least 14 have been found washed up along Waihau Bay. Anti-oil protesters claim seismic testing in the Raukumara Basin is to blame. DOC is choosing to stay out of the debate until it knows for certain the cause of death. It said there was a range of reasons why they could have died, and will not comment until test results have come back. They are expected some time next week.  - New Zealand Herald.

Recently published research has found that squid, cuttlefish, penguins and octopus washed up on Spanish beaches in 2001 and 2003 died of organ damage after being subjected to low-frequency noise from nearby oil and gas seismic survey testing. The scientists found that the organ that allows these creatures to regulate their positions, to balance and direct how and where they swim, was damaged leaving the animals unable to move or to feed, and vulnerable to predators. dkdkls dkslk