Tuesday, May 3, 2011

EARTH CHANGES: US Tornado Outbreak Was The 'Biggest Ever'!

According to the National Weather Service, the outbreak of tornadoes that ravaged the southern US last week was the largest in American recorded history.

The three-day period from 25-28 April saw 362 tornadoes strike, including some 312 in a single 24-hour period. The previous record was 148 in two days in April 1974. The tornadoes and the storm system that spawned them killed at least 350 people in Alabama and six other states. It was the deadliest outbreak since 1936. The review by US meteorologists came as the southern US states of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana and Kentucky continued the huge task of digging out from the destruction. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a university town that was the worst-hit single location, officials estimated debris removal alone would cost $70m (£42m) to $100m (£60m). The storm tore down century-old trees, flattened farm buildings and downed power lines, leaving as many as one million people without electricity in Alabama alone. On Monday, more than 400,000 people still had no power in that state, emergency officials said. The most destructive tornado struck Tuscaloosa, killing at least 65 people between there and the city of Birmingham, the National Weather Service said in a statement. That was the deadliest single tornado since 1955, when a twister in Kansas killed 80. Storm scientists say that tornado had a maximum width of 1.5 miles (2.4km) and a track 80 miles long. - BBC

UFO & Extraterrestrial Memes: Mystery UFOs Seen Over Lake Erie?!

It seems like something eerie is going on over Lake Erie. Residents along the fourth largest lake of the five Great Lakes in North America, have been witnessing unexplained lights outside their houses and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) zapping and zooming across the sky. The thirteenth largest lake globally, Lake Erie is considered as a tropical retreat and now, seemingly a UFO sighting centre, as brilliant beams of colorful lights consistently parade and pulsate from its boundary on the Canadian province of Ontario to the southern boundary of the American state of Ohio.

In the following video, Mark Zinni reports for WJW-TV FOX 8 News from Cleveland in Ohio of some never-before-seen UFO video released by a Northeast Ohio man who lives along Lake Erie.

MYSTERY: Bizarre Illness Affects 150 Dogs In Colorado?!

About 150 dogs in Durango, Colorado, have fallen ill with what one local veterinarian can only call a "mystery."

"We're in a tourist town, so generally after the holidays, there's a little surge of kennel cough," says Dr. Stacee Santi, managing veterinarian at Riverview Animal Hospital in Durango. But around mid-February, she started seeing a "skyrocketing" number of dogs presenting with a cough much thicker than those suffering from kennel cough and some that had progressed to pneumonia. "It was really bizarre," she says, adding the dogs typically were not responsive to antibiotic treatment. At a quarterly meeting of the Four Corners Veterinary Association, comprised of all the veterinary practices in Durango, Santi discovered that other veterinarians in town were seeing the same thing. About 150 in all—50 at her practice alone—are suspected to have succumbed to the mystery ailment, but none died and all have made full recoveries after about three weeks. The primary complaint of clients was the dog's cough, but Santi says symptoms also included low-grade fever, nasal discharge varying from clear to thick and occasional conjunctivitis. The coughing ranged from a dry cough similar to that found with kennel cough turning into a more moist cough, Santi says. About 75 percent of the dogs identified to be suffering from clinical symptoms of the same ailment had spent time at a local dog daycare facility, but a number of the center's "regulars" showed no symptoms. Santi says the owner's dogs—who regularly attend the daycare—have not gotten sick. eterinarians in neighboring towns have not seen any cases, either, Santi says. "I don't know if we're dealing with a new virus that hasn't been isolated or a new form of the flu. At this point it's kind of up in the air," Santi says. Samples were sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other veterinary epidemiologists, but experts have not confirmed the ailment yet, she says. About three-quarters of the samples were negative for everything, and others had some positives for more common infections, but the results were not consistent for any one particular problem, Santi explains. The samples have been negative so far for H3N8, canine influenza. Santi consulted with Dr. Cynda Crawford of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, who told her canine flu has not been found to mutate yet. "She doesn't think we're dealing with a new strain," says Santi. "So at this point we're moving forward." Testing is now being done for H1N1, "but everyone seems to pretty much think it's a long shot." - Veterinary News

EARTH CHANGES: The Hot Spell - Record-breaking dry spell leads to huge outbreak of heath blazes across England, Ireland & Scotland?!

A record-breaking dry spell has fueled huge moorland blazes across the United Kingdom, with flames leaping as high as 40 feet in the air, as firefighters scramble against the ferocious heat.

Huge heath fires have broken out across the UK, forcing schools to close and causing major disruption on the roads. Hundreds of firemen have been called into action as infernos raged from Sussex to the Highlands of Scotland - including the Queen's Balmoral Estate - and Ireland. So far, no one has died in the fires that have been fuelled by bone-dry wood and foliage and strong winds. But forecasters have warned there won't be any rain to ease the situation for another 24 hours. Estate workers from Balmoral and other surrounding estates were also helping to tackle the blaze. The estate covers around 20,000 hectares, just over 50,000 acres. In Berkshire, three schools were closed today as fires continued to cause problems near the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital. The blazes broke out just before 1pm yesterday, causing severe traffic disruption towards the south of Bracknell Forest and particularly around the Crowthorne area. Around 100 firemen were called to tackle the blaze just half a mile from the top-security psychiatric hospital. Fierce flames were whipped up by strong winds as two separate blazes took hold - one covering an area of one square mile. The fires have since spread to four areas, police said. Roads were closed and hundreds of residents were advised to keep their windows shut because of the dense smoke. Broadmoor itself is surrounded by woodland. It was believed the fire started at a saw mill in Swinley, Ascot, last week and travelled underground through peat, emerging in two places in Swinley Forest yesterday afternoon. Crews remained at the scene in South Ascot, where the flames were now under control. A spokesman for the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service said the second fire had been contained in an area measuring 300m by 300m surrounded by tracks. The cause of the fire was being investigated. Schools closed include Edgbarrow Secondary School, Crowthorne C of E Primary School and Wildmoor Heath Primary School. The Look Out Discovery Centre and Coral Reef Waterworld are also shut, Thames Valley Police said. Fires also raged in other areas of England. More than 100 firefighters tackled three fires spanning several square miles on Lancashire moorland near Belmont, Bacup and Ormskirk. - Daily Mail.

FRINGE: Convergence - Betelgeuse, Tyche, Elenin & Super Earth?!

Several weeks ago, we were told that the star Betelgeuse was expected to explode as it enters the late stage of stellar evolution and that this cosmic phenomenon could result in the Earth having a second Sun. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, claimed that the galactic blast could happen before 2012 – or any time over the next million years. ‘This old star is running out of fuel in its centre,’ Dr Carter told the Australian news website AU. ‘This fuel keeps Betelgeuse shining and supported. When this fuel runs out the star will literally collapse in upon itself and it will do so very quickly. This is the final hurrah for the star. It goes bang, it explodes, it lights up - we’ll have incredible brightness for a brief period of time for a couple of weeks and then over the coming months it begins to fade and then eventually it will be very hard to see at all,’ he added.

We were also told that, several weeks earlier, that a giant hidden planet, Tyche, about four times the size of the planet Jupiter, may exist in our Solar System. According to astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmore from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, scientist may soon be able to prove the existence of the gas giant. 'You'd also expect it to have moons. All the outer planets have them,' Whitmore declared. The two men declared that the hypothetical planet may be used to explain the change in path of comets entering the solar system.

Speaking of comets, we were also told late last year, that Comet C/2010 X1, also known as Elenin will come to perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) on 10 September 2011 at a distance of 0.4824 AU. On 16 October 2011, the comet will pass within about 0.23 AU (34,000,000 km; 21,000,000 mi) of the Earth at a relative velocity of 86,000 km/hr. The relatively bright comet will reach about 5th magnitude near mid-October 2011.

We were also told that planet Earth is in an orbital companionship with a giant asteroid on its path around the Sun.
Earth has found a new companion that has joined its orbit around the sun, scientists have revealed. It may not have the most romantic of names, but Asteroid 2010 SO16 could pursue Earth for anywhere between the next 120,000 to a million years. And at a few hundred metres across, it is the largest space rock ever discovered so close to earth. But there is something unusual about SO16, say Apostolos Christou and David Asher who discovered the giant floating rock last September at the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland. Rather than follow its new friend all the way round, SO16 orbits the sun in a horseshoe shape, playing a constant game of catch up with Earth, they say. The closer to the sun an object is, the faster it will orbit. So when SO16 entered the sun's orbit, it was further away than Earth and therefore slower. When Earth finally caught up with the asteroid, instead of overtaking it, its gravitational pull drew it closer to the sun sending it back round at a faster pace. Now quicker than Earth, SO16 speeds round its shorter orbit until it catches Earth again and is this time pulled away from the sun, slowing it down. More simply, from the point of view of the Earth, the asteroid has a horseshoe-shaped orbit, constantly moving towards and away from the Earth without ever passing it. But from the asteroid's point of view, it orbits the Sun continuously in the same direction, more quickly in smaller orbits and more slowly in bigger ones. Christou and Asher say this process is repeated over and over again until the asteroid dies. At the moment SO16 is travelling at one of its closest approach points and will be visible in the evening sky for several decades to come. - Daily Mail
Now, we are being told of the discovery of an ‘exotic super-Earth’ that is as dense as lead and where a year lasts just 18 hours.  A discovery, that is believed could be the most significant breakthrough yet in the study of planet evolution and survival.
The remarkable find - named 55 Cancri e - is the densest and most solid planet ever uncovered and is so close to Earth that stargazers can view its sun with the naked eye. The rocky ‘exoplanet’, meaning it’s out of our solar system, is 13,000miles in diameter or 60 per cent larger than Earth but is eight times as massive and twice as dense. And despite a surface temperature close to 2,700C (4,900F), some astronomers believe the planet may retain an atmosphere thanks to its strong gravity. Super-Earths, which are up to ten times larger than our own planet, hold a special interest for scientists because they have the potential to be solid or have liquid oceans. That means if other conditions, such as temperature, are right, they may be a potential home for alien life forms. - Daily Mail.
Now, I don't know about you, but I am a professional skeptic and I just can't help but to get the impression that we are being lied to here. Is it possible that these announcements are nothing short of a deliberate attempt to mask the path of another planetary/solar object coming into our Solar System and the perturbations that it will have on the orbit of all the planets, including that of Earth? Is that the reason why we are being told that Betelgeuse, Tyche and Elenin could be plainly visible quite soon to even amateur telescopes?

This idea of a twin planet or binary Sun is at the centre of the overarching story of the Fox television series Fringe, where the planet from a parallel universe is rapidly converging on the prime one. As a result of this imminent convergence, cataclysmic events are set in motion at areas where there is a conjunction, resulting in weak points in the fabric of each world. The repercussions of which are the sudden and mysterious death of people and animals, the extinction of various species of animals such as sheep, the destruction of a large section of western California due to a San Andreas Fault-type event, worldwide coastal submergence, destructive voids and vortexes, and various other weather anomalies.

If all of that sounds familiar to you, then it should be, it might not just be the creation and production from the mind of J.J. Abrams, but something we are currently experiencing now, that will escalate further in the coming weeks, months and years.

Doomsday: Expando Planet Model - Earth's Core spins out of Control!

According to Terrence Aym, Contributing Reporter for Before Its News, strange mutations of the core of the Earth maybe signaling an expansion of the planet. A precursor to an imminent doomsday event.

Nearly 700,000 years ago the Earth's core shifted, changed the magnetic field, and precipitated mass extinctions around the globe. Now worried scientists think it may be happening again. The theory of the expanding Earth has fallen in and out of favor over the years. Currently, most geophysicists discount the idea. They point to a lack of evidence supporting such a thing. Yet, advocates counter by pointing to deep ocean fissures that continue to split and widen while being "patched" by material upsurging from the planet's mantle. It's evidence, they argue, that the Earth is expanding, blowing up like a balloon, and will eventually explode many millions of years from now. The shifting, aberrant, unstable core is a symptom of the process and causes geomagnetic field instability. It's another step along the road towards Doomsday. According to expanding Earth theorists, the planet will grow bigger and bigger until it bursts. That day the Earth will cease to exist, continuing in orbit around the sun merely as tumbling chunks of jagged rock and clouds of drifting dust. Theorists that support the expanding Earth scenario promote the idea that a planet once existed between Mars and Jupiter—a region where only shards of rock remain. Known now as the asteroid belt, they claim that once a giant planet orbited there and expanded until it blew up. Mars was a moon of that planet and other chunks of what remained either fell into the sun, were catapulted into space, or were captured by the large gas planets becoming additional moons.Only a fraction of the planet remained in its original orbit. The asteroids are the debris of—and a testament to—the death of a world. The expanding Earthers argue that none of the large dinosaurs could have existed on today's world. Earth's gravity is too high now for the larger dinosaurs to have survived. Their weight and mass was adapted to a planet one-third its current size with a gravity field less than half of today's. The continents drifted away from each other not by continental drift of the underlying tectonic plates, but because as the Earth inflates the land masses naturally are pushed farther apart. Paleontologists and geologists scoff at the theory and point to evidence they have amassed discrediting such things. But the advocates of the expansion theory are persistent. The core and its permutations drive the expanding Earth, they say. And now as the core wobbles and shifts—causing the entire geomagnetic pole to shift—they have redoubled their arguments and their critics have no response. The core shift affects the deep sea plates—the mega-continent sized plates the land masses sit on. As the core shifts the mantle pressure builds and the plates crack and move generating mega-thrust quakes like the ones that devastated Japan during March 2011. And as the magnetic field shifts it causes an electromagnetic flux affecting climate. Its interaction with the sun's electrical field, they claim, will fuel the outbreak of superstorms across the planet from Russia to Australia, from the United States to northern Europe. And there is evidence of that with the two back-to-back superstorms that pummeled Australia, the giant storms that lashed the UK and Russia and the titanic snowstorms that slammed America during the winter of 2010. Now during early 2011 more superstorms have whipped across Europe and ferocious storms have pounded the United States. During April 2011 alone more than 600 tornadoes devastated huge regions of Texas and the South up towards the mid-Atlantic states. At one point the storms affected many millions in more than 25 states and caused terrible destruction across 14 of them. Hunfreds of people lost their lives and property damage soared into the billions. Some scientists see this as only the beginning and predict bigger and more frequent storms. And all the while the core continues its turbulent shifting. Writhing and spinning out of synch with the rest of the planet...a sphere of molten metal gone mad as the Earth expands...    
Recently, Clif High of the Web Bots Project put forward his own take on the Expando Planet Model in an article entitled, 2012 – Doom Ain't What It Used to Be!  According to High, the expansion of planets is a subset of the expanding model of reality in the universe.
In the Expando Planet model, the continuous stream of energy from the Sun goes not only to the surface of the planets, but also to the center of the planets, where, given the correct conditions, and the existence of an active plasma core (Mars, as an aside, has none, and is therefore, a 'dead' planet), this energy is transmuted into matter. Note also that plasma is a great form of an 'energetic antenna' and actually (in laboratories) seems to draw energy to it via sympathetic resonance. So some of the energies of the Sun hit the surface of the earth, but energy at levels we cannot detect without really really working at it, go to the center of the planet where they are condensed by that plasma environment into matter. By the way, the plasma model would allow for a faster spinning core, AND a reducing magnetic field as the field strength is not dependent on size nor spin rate. And further the plasma core idea does fit with observable fluctuations in magnetic field strength over these nearly 12, 000 year cycles. And again, plasma core idea works with heat levels internal to the earth (lower you go, hotter it gets), as well as abiotic oil, and the creation of minerals as well as their location of deposits. So, since magic likely is not how the core of the earth generates the magnetic field that we observe, it would seem more likely that the explanation is that the core of the earth is plasma. Plasma is highly excited energy, and does develop prodigious magnetic fields all out of proportion to its size. All of the observable magnetic effects on earth can be explained with the plasma core idea. Also, human experience with plasma fields and forms in laboratories provides observable evidence of the electro magnetic effects every bit as variant as seen on earth. So, in the Expando Planet model of thinking about Earth, the plasma core gets energy steadily from the Sun and as a necessity, must convert this steady stream of energy into matter. Thus if the Expando Planet model is correct, one of the predictable effects would be that the planet would pretty much continuously grow. And that is also what observable, manifesting reality demonstrates. The Earth is slowly growing. Even mainstream science and mainstream media acknowledge this, though they never say why it should grow continuously if the core of the earth was actually iron. Oh well.... anyway, the plasma receives energy from the Sun at the core of the Earth, converts it to matter (e=mc2) and so then two logical questions then arise.....if energy is being transformed into matter in the middle of the earth, then where does it go? And....what happens to this whole matter creation mechanism if there is a sudden burst of energy from the Sun? Mainstream science has always maintained that the planet grows slowly over time even without addressing why this should be the case. Further the whole point of the plate tectonic theory is 'propelled' by this idea of slow movement of the plates creeping about on liquid magma. Though against the idea of entropy, the cooling of the planet over time, and the rotation of the supposed iron core, the whole of the plate tectonic theory fails to hold up. Further, the presence of vast, previously unknown levels, of active volcanoes all across the planet does not support plate tectonics. Indeed, volcanoes are found even in places that the plate tectonic theory say should be subduction zones. So, to address the question of where does the continuously created matter go, we need only look around us. The matter quite actually 'bubbles' up out of, or as, the earth. And further, since it is created in the middle of an enclosed sphere (more or less, the earth is actually an oblate spheroid), the effects of matter created in the middle of a closed planet are naturally predictable. Imagine pumping water into an orange with a syringe.
High believes that the predictable signs of pending expansion of the planet are:
 Less sea ice...planet expanding, larger sea area, ice spreads out. Weather changes are to be expected due to changes in the planet size, the surface area of the oceans, and the heights of mountains (more on this in another article). Other impacts will show up in ocean currents as new (and mostly hot) matter is pumped into the planet skin (crustal complex). There are also expected electric and magnetic effects as the expansions are concurrent with solar system wide changes affecting energies at all levels. The sum total is screwy weather for the entire time of the expansion event. One very predictable, and noticeable effect of the Expando Planet model, if accurate, would be that cracks in the planet would open up in a variety of areas. Is there evidence for such...yes, and it is rapidly increasing. Planet Earth has recently (last ten years) created a huge new crack, called a 'future sea' by mainstream science, that will at some point, separate Africa from the Arabian peninsula. This crack appeared suddenly. Further, there are new cracks these last two years across all continents excepting Antarctica (may be some there, but news does not come out easily from those environs). Also, some of these cracks are gigantic and appear almost instantly. The speed of their appearance is just the kind of thing that plate tectonic theory does NOT support, and just the sort of activity we would expect from the Expando Planet model. Another certain sign will be the rapid increase in large, damaging sinkholes. Again, skin stretchs and things 'give way' below our feet, or foundations... New Madrid is a particular fear point for many people at the moment, and the federal government of the US seems to be sharing that fear if the reports of tens of millions of emergency meals, multiple person plastic coffins, relocation camps, and federal emergency preparedness exercises are any indicator. It would seem that their fear would be well placed given the Expando Planet model of things. If one examines a topologically accurate globe that includes sea bed contours, it can be observed that a 'natural' fault line seemingly runs from Lake Michigan through the Mississippi River valley to the Gulf of Mexico. It would be expected that such areas at this will crack further as the next expansion event occurs. Thus the idea that the Great Lakes may one day drain into the Gulf of Mexico is plausible... In looking at potential and predictable problems arising in 2012 as a result of the energy burst from the sun causing lots of material creation and thus expansion pressures from within the earth, as humans, we need to also focus our attention on human creations. These will not only include buildings, but also dams, and reservoirs, and the real nasties. Before moving on to the latter, let us note that mega earth projects such as the Hoover, Grand Coulee, and Three Gorges dams, among others, are at risk for catastrophic and cataclysmic failure as the planet actually pulls apart around them, or, alternatively, as the surface crinkles up underneath them. Train derailments, and other impacts on human infrastructure. Including worries about dams. Sinkholes, in fact many of the problems claimed as issues of the approach of the planet X would be expected in the Expando Planet model... We are still facing civilization doom in 2011 and 2012. The doom starts the day that the Sun takes out the planetary electrical grid.
Although the scientific consensus rejects any theory of the expansion of the Earth, is it possible that the volume of the Earth is really expanding based on the position and relative movement of the continents? What are the effects on Earth changes and weather anomalies? What does this mean for our future on this planet? Are we at the point of extinction? Is a doomsday scenario up on us? Could Aym and High be right? Only time will tell, but I do suggest that you give this theory some good consideration.

Earth Changes: Tornado kills 2, injures 20 in Auckland, New Zealand!

A tornado ripped through Auckland in New Zealand today. According to one witness, it sounded like a "747 was flying right overhead."

Two people were killed while 20 others were injured after a tornado smashed Auckland, New Zealand. According to police reports, the twister destroyed the roof of Albany Megacentre shopping mall in North Shore City around three o’clock in the afternoon. The victims of the catastrophe were brought to North Shore Hospital. Spokesman Paul Patton accounted that at least 20 were injured while another two were sent to Auckland Hospital. The whirlwind, averaging 200 kilometers per hour, damaged a great number of houses and cars. Rebel Sports’ Martin Sibrits said the tornado was huge."It was simply unbelievable, it was huge. I could set pieces of iron flying through the air, 100 meters up," he said. Sibrits related that from his position it seemed as if the Placemakers Hardware Store gained the biggest hit. "That place is looking like a bomb site," he recalled. Mainline Music’s Ross Sims said the tornado sounded like a jet engine."I thought, 'geez that plane is low' but when I looked outside it was this giant big black cloud," Sims said. Annette Beard, from the Northern Football Federation at North Harbour Stadium in Albany, was about to leave the office when the tornado hit. The staff was ordered to stay in the basement of the stadium for safety. Witness Gareth Stones related, "It was right in front of us when we were driving out of the Albany car park, over Pak 'n' Save". Fairfax's 3AW radio received a comment from a man, who flew into Auckland from Melbourne this morning that the rain was so heavy "you can barely drive a car". The man added that the Auckland Harbour Bridge had been closed and traffic reduced on the Auckland motorway with "pandemonium on the roads". - IBTraveler.

Here is a visual presentation of the tornado, as it rips through the mall.

SIGNS & SYMBOLS: Crop Circles in Hoeven, Holland - Planet X?

Crop circles are now popping up like mushrooms. The latest entry, in what is now becoming quite an active season, comes out of Hoeven in Holland. According to Crop Circle Connnector, the international crop circle online database, the pattern was found by Robbert van den Broeke and Mrs. Ellen Gomis, photographed by Roy Boschman and reported on 29th of April by Nancy Talbott of BLT Research.

He reports that the minute she arrived and he got into her car he "saw" exactly which field to drive to and, as they reached the place (a Nature Reserve), he saw a formation not far into the field. In order not to leave footprints in the delicate grasses both Ellen and Robbert remained on the sandy path that runs by the field where Robbert reports he felt a "tingling on his skin" and got the feeling that this formation was a "functional" one--that it was "healing the ground." Cows in the next field over were bellowing and Robbert could also hear dogs barking and noises which sounded like wild pigs grunting in the woods of the Nature Reserve. Ellen reports that they stayed at the field for about 1/2-hour, in spite of the fact that they had both forgotten to bring cameras, when suddenly both she and Robbert saw that one of the circles (the largest of the 8 smaller circles) was now emitting a very gentle, "misty," white light from inside it--so that this whole circle had a clearly visible soft white "glow." During the 10 minutes Ellen & Robbert watched this glowing circle Robbert felt he was being given a "message" that many more "soul groups" or "light beings" are coming to earth now from "inter-planetary" places--and that they are coming to help humans achieve greater consciousness, a greater awareness of both themselves and other life-forms, and the intense need that humans learn to respect the earth and all living things. Often when Robbert is at a new circle he has no awareness of time. Ellen's (who doesn't wear a watch either) thinks they stayed for between 30-45 minutes overall and left after watching the glowing circle for at least 10 minutes. They both say it was still glowing as they drove away. Robbert notified BLT fieldworker Roy Boschman so that Roy could get photographs at first light and then he called me at 3:45am on the 29th (Holland time), so it is possible that he and Ellen were out at the formation for longer than they both are aware. Roy's photographs and diagram show 5 more circles than Robbert expected and we don't know if more circles appeared after he and Ellen left or whether they were in the field, but hard to see, from the pathway. - Crop Circle Connnector.  
Click HERE for more aerial shots, ground shots, field reports, diagrams and articles.

One of the most intriguing things about this particular crop circle, is that it seems to be pointing towards the entrance into our solar system of another planetary object, as the pattern reveals an elliptical-shaped object on what appears to be a sky map of five planets - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus, along with the Moon at sunrise on April 30, 2011. Proponents of the Planet X or Nibiru theories, believe that a planet-sized object will make a possible pass near the Earth in the near future, as it makes its way through the solar system on a 3,600 years elliptical orbit.

Is this a warning? Is this the reason for the current Earth changes and weather anomalies? Does this account for the recent dramatic changes in the magnetic poles? If it is, could it lead to the disruption of the Earth's magnetic core and subsequently a displacement of the planet's crust. A geological upheaval?

If we are being warned, who is issuing the warnings? Aliens, interdimensional beings, "light" beings,...?

Interesting times, ahead.