Sunday, May 15, 2011

PLANETARY TREMORS: 6.5 Quake Bougainville, Papua New Guinea!

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake has struck the Bougainville Region in Papua New Guinea (PNG) at 18:37:10 UTC, Sunday May 15th. The quake was located at 6.157°S, 154.446°E with a depth of 43.2 kilometres (km) or 26.8 miles. It had a epicentre of 122 km or 76 miles west (273°) from Arawa in Bougainville, 248 km or 154 miles northwest (283°) from Chirovanga in the Solomon Islands, 331 km or 206 miles southeast (131°) from Rabaul in New Britain and 709 km or 441 miles northwest (301°) from Honiara in the Solomon Islands. No tsunami watch, warning or advisory is in effect with no reports of damage as yet.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 6.0 Quake Hits Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge!

The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting that a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 13:08:12 UTC, Sunday May 15th. The quake was located at 0.461°N, 25.601°W with a depth of 10 kilometres (km) or 6.2 miles. It had an epicentre of 1276 km or 793 miles northeast (57°) from Natal in Brazil and 1624 km or 1009 miles south (188°) from Praia off Cape Verde. According to news reports, no tsunami watch, warning or advisory is in effect.

SIGNS & SYMBOLS: Spiral Crop Circle in Oudenbosch, Netherlands!

According to Crop Circle Connector, the international crop circle online database, a new pattern appeared in Oudenbosch in the Netherlands. The circles, was the second for the month of May and was reported on May 12th and updated on May 14th. The crop circle was found by Robbert Broeke and and Ellen Gomis with photographs by Roy Boschman. The report was filed by Nancy Talbott of BLT Research. The pattern measured 42m-long "pictogram" with 13 flattened circles, 3 rings (the largest of which contains a spiral feature).

Here is a drawing of the pattern:

Here are images of the pattern:

As has been the case in each of the 4 crop circles to appear in southern Holland in 2011, Robbert v/d Broeke again "knew" this formation was coming. On the afternoon of May 11th he had been out driving his motorbike when he felt an "electric" pressure pushing down on his head and shoulders and noticed a "metal" taste in his mouth. He states he felt "many soul groups" in the air around him and he looked up and saw (visually) a big, white disc-shaped object high in the sky overhead, to his left, which seemed to follow him. He is sure it was not an airplane. He did have his camera with him this time and he stopped the bike to try to get a photo, but then the object disappeared so he was unable to get a photo. Finding no circles anywhere he returned home for dinner, but around 11:30pm while still at home he again experienced the very clear sensation of "hands pressing down on my shoulders" and then immediately "saw" (in his "mind's eye") the exact field near Oudenbosch where he was certain new circles had either just appeared or were getting ready to. He called his neighbour Ellen Gomis once again and asked if she would drive him to the Oudenbosch field. He & Ellen arrived at the field at around 12:15am, May 12th, and both could see that multiple circlesand rings extended out into the field. Robbert walked into some of the circles and says he felt "entities" around him and what he first described as a "purple" energy, but then said the colour was "indigo." He had no idea why he "felt" this colour, or what it might mean, but was very clear that while in the formation he was aware of an "indigo energy." He also felt the very sweet, peaceful presence of many "soul groups" which he could not see with his eyes, but "knew" they were present. It is only recently that Robbert has been telling me his perception that "soul groups" are involved with the circles (for more details of circles & other events involving Robbert, see: I have been asking him for more detail about these "soul groups" and he explained that he feels these are groups of entities or beings from many other planets or solar systems who have died--and now their souls are coming together, are working together (Robbert said he could see they were "holding hands") to help create a strong force for peace. Robbert feels that they are also trying to be an example for people. - Nancy Talbott, Crop Circle Connector.
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MYSTERY: Symbols of Alien Sky, Man-Made or Natural Phenomena? Impressive Fleet of UFOs Streaks Across the Night Skies of Bolivia?!

Bolivians are still trying to figure out the impressive showcase of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), seen two weeks ago on April 28, over the night skies of Guayaramerin. Eyewitnesses participating in either a religious ceremony or costumed-theme party, saw several bright white objects streaked across the sky above, like comets entering Earth's atmosphere.

It is unclear what is seen in the skies full Guayaramerin parties in the case of cometary objects or other, but the spectacle of it witnessed by crowds of witnesses sparked fears of the population. Any comment on talk of a Russian rocket on fire as it enters the atmosphere, but this was not confirmed. - TV NOTICIAS
WATCH: UFOs seen over Bolivia.

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Floods Triggers Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone!

A close and dispassionate examination of the recent news items coming out of the United States of America, seems to be in perfect resonance and alignment with my theory that the fading superpower nation is currently experiencing precursors to an imminent and monumental event that will ultimately lead to widespread extinction. This theory is given even further confirmation, when you consider the significant implications of the BP oil spill, the stoppage of the Gulf Stream and today's news that the massive amount of nutrient-heavy river water pouring out of spillways and through the mouths of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers will likely trigger a record-setting Gulf of Mexico dead zone, the largest ever area of low-to-no oxygen water off Louisiana’s coast.

A huge dead zone will be another setback for fishermen trawling the Gulf in hopes of making up for last year’s spring fishing season, which was shut down in much of the state by the BP oil spill, said Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium researcher Nancy Rabalais, Marine organisms, especially bottom-feeders like crabs and shrimp, must flee the oxygen starved waters or die, creating large areas of “dead” fishing that lend the annual phenomenon its name. Dean Blanchard, owner of Dean Blanchard Seafood Co. on Grand Isle, said the dead zone can be a critical factor for shrimpers on Grand Isle, where the oxygen-depleted waters can sometimes brush up against the island community. “You can be going from wide open one day to nothing the next,” Blanchard said. “It completely shuts us down. It forces us to go out of our way to search for clean waters.” While scientists have been reluctant to throw out numbers because they’re “so huge,” Rabalais said this year’s dead zone could be five to 10 percent bigger than the largest ever recorded. That was in 2002, measuring 8,484 square miles. Last year’s dead zone measured almost 7,722 square miles, about the size of Massachusetts, and extended far into Texas waters. “(The flooding is) going to have a huge effect,” Rabalais said. “We’re expecting the largest dead zone ever.” The dead zone, a phenomenon known as hypoxia, is fueled mostly by nitrogen and phosphorus found in agricultural runoff such as fertilizer that flows down the Mississippi River. The extra nutrients, coupled with the warm summer sun, trigger an explosion of algae growth that soon sinks, decomposes and consumes most of the life-giving oxygen supply in the water. With record levels of river water coming downstream into the Gulf, heavier loads of nitrogen and phosphorus will be coming with it, said Matt Rota, water resources director with the Gulf Restoration Network, a New Orleans-based environmental nonprofit that focuses of Gulf of Mexico issues. Rabalais said nutrients exploding out of spillways and the Atchafalaya River could cause dead zone effects stretching from east of the Mississippi River and west of the Atchafalaya. Each year, LUMCON sends an annual research cruise from Cocodrie to map the dead zone. This year’s cruise leaves June 25. But a smaller cruise testing for low-oxygen waters off Terrebonne and the Atchafalaya River will leave Monday. Rabalais said she’s already seen low-oxygen areas developing off the coast in March and April. The dead zone will stress marine animals already tested by last year’s Gulf oil spill, Rota said. Low-oxygen waters have been shown to cause reduced reproduction in fish species like Atlantic croaker. Immobile, bottom-dwelling species can be killed by the dead zone. Blanchard said fishermen will be out on the water trying to make up for last year’s lost season. And at a time when they are already struggling after the BP oil spill and fuel prices are sky high, Rota said the huge dead zone will be yet another stress on fishing communities. - Daily Comet.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Fish Kill Baffles Southwest Lubbock?!

A fish kill Saturday in a Southwest Lubbock park baffled nearby residents as state parks and wildlife officials speculated what may have caused the deaths of hundreds of fish.

Hundreds of dead, mostly bait-size silver fish lined the shore of the retention pond in Hoel Park Saturday at 91st Street and Chicago Avenue. Adrienne Laramore, who lives on nearby 93rd Street, said she was taking her daily walk around the lake when she noticed the fish for the first time Saturday. Laramore said it was the first time she’d seen anything like it in her 31 years of living in the neighborhood. She said she suspected low water levels in the lake caused by the ongoing drought could have played role. “The lake is so low that maybe there’s not enough oxygen in there for them,” she said. “Maybe the rain could have swept something in there that contaminated it.” Other residents walking around the lake Saturday afternoon said they weren’t sure what killed the fish. Texas Game Wardens in Lubbock said they hadn’t heard about the fish kill at the lake by Saturday afternoon. Shannon Kruse, a Lubbock County game warden with Texas Parks and Wildlife, said a similar and recent fish kill at Buffalo Springs Lake was likely caused by a quick change in temperature during the winter. - Lubbock Online

PLANETARY TREMORS: 6.0 Quake Strikes Hindu Kush, Afghanistan!

A earth tremor measuring 6.0 struck the north of Afghanistan early Sunday, in the Hindu Kush Region, the U.S. Geological survey said. The earthquake was time at 21:07:22 UTC and was located at 36.441°N, 70.742°E. It had a depth of 207.4 kilometres (km) or 128.9 miles. The epicenter of the tremor, was around the settlement of Faizabad, near the borders with Tajikistan and Pakistan. It had a distance of 76 km or 47 miles south of Faizabad, 120 km or 74 miles northwest of Chitral, 137 km or 85 miles southwest of Khorugh and 256 km or 159 miles northeast of Kabul, the Afghan capital. The area, relatively sparsely populated, frequently experiences tremors. According news reports, there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.