Thursday, May 19, 2011

THE GREAT DELUGE: Persistent Rainfall and Catastrophic Flooding!

Here are several news reports, along with images and videos of flooding across the globe.

In Manitoba in Canada, floods have been deliberately allowed to swamp over 100 homes in-order to avert worse destruction.


We all believed that Manitoba's Flood Of the Century was in May of 1997, when flooding along the Red River Valley spread several kilometers inland and caused $3.5 billion in damages. It appears, then, that 2011 brings the floods of the "new" century to Manitoba. Heavy rains and spring runoff have caused water levels to reach new highs all across the southern Manitoba region. Manitoba has been preparing for expected floods for months. Finally, after monitoring expected water levels particularly closely over the last several days, officials finally decided to punch a hole in the dike just east of Portage La Prairie at Hoop and Holler bend -- selected because of the slow speed of the water at this oxbow bend -- in order to intentionally flood a specific area and avert an almost certain unintentional breach downstream that could be catastrophic in more heavily populated areas. Approximately 500 cubic feet of water per second have been pouring through the breach approximately 260 miles north of Fargo, N.D., since yesterday morning -- the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool of water every three minutes. The water is slowly spreading across the flat Manitoba farmland, proceeding at a stately but inexorable pace towards over 100 homes in an approximately 180 square kilometer area at risk. The government is promising that those who have been washed out by the intentional flooding will be well compensated. The Assiniboine river is expected to crest later this week. 1,300 people have already been evacuated from low-lying areas surrounding Brandon, Manitoba as a precautionary measure. Armed forces troops are still shoring up dikes at more than 17 weakened locations along the river, hoping the measures will save the rest of the region from flooding. - Care2
In Colombia, the death toll reached 452 from the unyielding rain.

Since April 2010, Colombia's relentless rainy season has claimed the lives of 452 people, with some 3.4 million affected across the country, El Espectador reported Thursday. A landslide in the northcentral department of Santander caused the latest fatality on Wednesday, with a further 11 wounded and ten missing. It means that 1,030 out of the total 1,120 municipalities throughout Colombia have been adversely affected, covering 29 of the 32 Colombian departments. The devastating rains have flooded some three million acres of crops, while destroying dozens of roads, bridges, aqueducts, schools and other public buildings. Thousands of cattles and an estimated half a million poultry have also perished in what has been over a year of almost unceasing rainy season conditions. IDEAM, the country's national meteorological institute, has forecast that the rains will continue until around mid-June, at which point the government will have a short window with which to put in place effective defense mechanisms and reconstruction projects before the rainy season returns. - Colombia Reports
WATCH: Flooding in Colombia.

In addition, at least one person was killed, eleven others were injured and nine missing in an avalanche that hit the Colombian town of  San Vicente del Chucurí.
The tragedy was caused by a damming of the creek Las Cruces, which spans the population of the department of Santander (northeast), Efe said by telephone the coordinator of the Regional Committee for Disaster Prevention and Response (CREP), Jorge Gerardo Concha. "The information we have is still very fragmentary, because the emergency is developing," said the official from Bucaramanga, the departmental capital. However, Shell said that it has confirmed that the flood caused at least one death, a minor, and left eleven wounded and nine missing. The worst hardships suffered the overflow of Orocué quarter continued the coordinator of Crepad, and admitted that it has no reports of damage to buildings and public infrastructure. Shell said it expects the mayor of San Vicente del Chucurí Emisel Suarez, a consolidated report on the emergency, which occurred today in the morning when the villagers slept. According to local media, the flood forced the evacuation of at least 1,200 people. -
In Venezuela, heavy rains and floods have destroy thousands of acres of lands.

The heavy rains that have hit several Venezuelan states over the past few hours wreaked havoc in the main thoroughfares in western Venezuela, while dozens of families were made homeless or were evacuated in the states of Lara, Carabobo, Falcón, Táchira and Mérida. Tareck El Aissami, the Minister of Interior and Justice, and Francisco Garcés, the Minister of Transport and Communications, met with the governor of the state of Táchira, César Pérez Vivas, an opposition leader, to coordinate actions to support the families evacuated from risk areas and to reopen the roads blocked by floods, rockfall and landslides... He also said that 170 families in the town of Seboruco were at high risk and eight helicopters are ready to deliver food, fuel and water to people hit by heavy rains. Floods have also been reported in the states of Falcón (northwestern Venezuela); Carabobo and Lara (central Venezuela), as well as the western state of Zulia. - El Universal
More than half of Venezuela's banana-growing region of Chivo is under water after floods in the country's north-west, website reported. The story reported 25,000 hectares of Chivo's 45,000 hectares were flooded, while 5,000 hectares were under water in Caсo Caiman tributary area Encontradas. Farmer Maite Canovas told the website plantations of banana, cassava and corn were the most affected, while criticizing the government for its incompetence in the region's reconstruction works. “It gives pain to see dredgers paralyzed, and the machinery they haven't been able to buy due to a lack of barges to move them,” she was quoted as saying. “If the national Government had solved this key problem for the people, instead of giving fridges and stoves as gifts, they would have been able to live in shelter again. We need to begin work so that no more rivers overflow.” - VHeadline.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
has declared a state of emergency in the Andean region of Tachira, which borders Colombia, due to damage caused by heavy rains these days, they already are nine areas of the country in that situation. Te government had extended for another three months a state of emergency in the regions of Vargas, Miranda, Distrito Capital, where Caracas, Falcón, Zulia, Mérida, Trujillo and Nueva Esparta, an isolated region where is located the tourist Margarita Island. All these regions, located on the northern fringe of the country, were already in emergency because they were badly affected by rain that fell late last year that left some 130,000 homeless.

In Indonesia, a catastrophe of monumental proportions is happening across the country as pervasive rains, floods and land subsidence is causing major problems for citizens and government administrators.

Hundreds of homes in Sorong, Papua, submerged in floods. The accident happened after the rain the region during the past week. From the observation of SCTV, recently, water levels reached as high as an adult's knee. This makes the residents to evacuate their property to higher ground again. Activity citizens also become disturbed. Sorong floods predicted due to lack of sewers. In fact, residents have long asked for it, but never responded to local governments. "It's been a long time we asked, never existed," said Yancey Jitmau, Matalamay Village residents. While in Bandung, West Java, the former Citarum River flood left hundreds of cubic mud. This makes the residents of Kampung Cieunteung, Village Baleendah, hassles. They started cleaning the house pascabanjir soak the area. Besides mud, residents are also struggling with the number of garbage. If left unchecked will cause various diseases. These conditions also disrupt the teaching-learning activities in some schools... Hundreds of flood victims in Lamongan, East Java, on Wednesday (5/18), difficulty in obtaining clean water. Because the springs are still submerged lupan Solo River. Nearly three months, river flood Bengawan Jero or Bengawan In soak dozens of villages in five districts and still nothing from the geologists of the world as to sinking. Although the water gradually receded, residents are now beginning to clean water crisis. As experienced Sidomulyo Village, District Deket. They had to use flood water in the yard and inside the house for everyday needs, such as washing and bathing. According to residents, it had to be done because the springs had long been inundated. Residents only hope that the government immediately sent Lamongan clean water for daily needs... Flood tide (rob) submerging villages along the coast Wolomarang Village, District of West Alok, Sikka District, East Nusa Tenggara, on Wednesday night. Floods as high as about 30 centimeters was also soak a house of worship and neighborhood health center. "Flooding does not last for some time, but people panicking and fleeing," said Siti Aminah, a local resident... Madina-high rainfall that occurred in Mandailing Natal (Madina), North Sumatra recently, led to a village in the district of Batang Natal floods accompanied by landslides submerged. As a result of this tragedy, four village residents Sopotinjak declared missing and one suffered serious injuries... Hundreds of hectares (ha) of agricultural land and rice crops in eight villages in the district Rengel, Tuban, East Java, is still submerged in river flood Solo River. Monitoring the Media Indonesia, agricultural land and rice crops in eight villages still flooded, including the Village Maibit, Sawahan, Ngadirejo, Kanorrejo, Tambakrejo, Karangtinoto, Bulurejo, and some village Rengel. Sutiyo, 34, farmer Bulurejo Village, said, lupan Bengawan floods that occurred five times in the last five months has resulted in crop failure crop. "In fact, today we're running out of capital for the next planting season," he explained... In addition to roads, Juwanto also complained about drainage problems. Although the project has been completed, no positive impact on the reduction in flooding in the region. Even more severe flooding. The flood was still severe. Though the drainage project is complete... - Pole Shift Ning
In Malaysia, over 1000 houses in several villages and residential parks was affected by flash floods and torrential rains that caused the overflow of some rivers on Tuesday night. The water level of flooding was from 0.8 meters to 1.5 meters.

More than 1,000 residents in Taman Damai Jaya, Skudai near here panic when their house suddenly flooded up to the knees due to flash flooding that occurred this afternoon. Flooding involves more than 300 houses from 18 to 24 Roads Makmor in the park occurred due to heavy rain began falling at 3.30 to 5.30 pm. Water conditions that occur with the rapid rise and subside within half an hour caused the average population of two-storey terrace houses could not save their belongings. The incident got the attention of the Legislative Assembly (Assembly) Nusajaya, Datuk Abdul Aziz Sapian himself when he immediately came down to visit the area in addition to taking the necessary steps. He is accompanied by members of the Council of Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council, Tambi Latip Omar has ordered the Fire and Rescue Department and the Department of Social Welfare for assistance to victims. A housewife, Latifah Ramli, 44, said the incident occurred when he and five children are resting at home and they are only aware of the incident after neighbors heard screaming. "We all panicked when saw the water had begun to enter the home. We then quickly try to save a few items before the house continued to flood water," he told the Utusan Malaysia here today. Neighbors felt the same experience Shamsiah Shahudin Mior, 50, who was at home with a grandson who was once a small little things that can be saved. "Although this is not the first time such a flood occurred, but what I remember this incident the worst ever experienced since we all lived here so long," he said. - Utusan
This comes several days after floods cause traffic jams in Penang.
A downpour, which began at about 11am, caused flash floods in several low-lying areas here and traffic snarls along major roads. A check showed that the water rose to knee level in some parts of Minden Heights. Taman Brown Village Development and Security Committee chairman K. Santha said some houses in Changkat Minden 7 were flooded. “I have received feedback from members that it is due to a swollen drain within the Universiti Sains Malaysia grounds,” she said. A check showed that some areas along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah and Jalan Masjid Negeri were also flooded. There was a 1km-long traffic jam on the Bayan Baru elevated highway heading to Gelugor. It was due to a malfunctioning traffic light at the Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah-Sungai Dua junction. The jams were made worse by vehicles stalled along the roads. - The Star
The same day, in Jalan Sungai Dai, flash floods brought an unexpected bounty of fishes from the rivers onto the streets.

Some of them managed to catch tilapia and jelawat fish which escaped after three retention ponds near Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) overflowed during a two-hour downpour that began at about 11am. Residents rushed to grab nets and other utensils to catch the fishes struggling on the road in shallow water.

“We are not allowed to fish in the pond. But today, I managed to catch two fishes from the flooded road,” said a delighted resident who declined to be named. At the nearby Sri Saujana Condominium, at least two cars were submerged under about 1.5m of flood waters.
- The Star
In Thailand, falling rain flooded streets in Chiang Mai, than 1 metre high.

In downtown Chiang Mai, has caused flooding in many areas. Such as intersection Kuang Leo Kom market areas and communities of Sri Ping Muang. Flower Market Road, so the post office after the heavy rain continued from last night until the morning of this day. Allow agencies. Related to smoking and to expedite the drainage of water from the flood detention area several urgent. The scrutiny of journalists found that Officials from Chiang Mai to speed up the pump and the drainage in many areas of flood detention continued. Many point to water down and then back to normal. However, there are two areas where the water is still flooding the market were hard detention Kom. Ping cities and communities. A low-lying areas and flooded the scene is always if a heavy rain continued. The intersection Kuang Leo As a result, traffic congestion in these areas hard. The traffic police have blocked the path at the entrance to the market Siriwattana Changphuak toward Chotana Road. It has some of the cars arriving in the path. Resulted in many vehicles, motorcycles and cars to malfunction and can not continue to run. In addition, all water in the moat increased almost full capacity. Like water in the Mae Kha canal with a significant increase in volume and overflowing in many spots. - Manager
WATCH: Flooded streets of Thailand.

Stay tuned. More anon.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Bogota cut off from northeast Colombia!

Over the past year, persistent and unprecedented rains have resulted in massive flooding and landslides in Colombia that has affected close to 3 million people. One of the largest landslides, caused by these rains, occurred on the road between Bogota and Bucaramanga.

Colombia's capital Bogota has been cut off from a large part of the northeast of the country after a landslide destroyed a bridge connecting the capital with the city of Bucaramanga Tuesday evening. According to media reports, the landslide took place 15 miles south of Bucaramanga and has disconnected Bogota to Bucaramanga, Cucuta and forces travelers to the Caribbean city of Barranquilla to take a large detour. The landslide reportedly did not only destroy the bridge, but also a police post and swept away a motorbike and a car. Media reports are contradictory about injuries. According to newspaper El Espectador no injures were reported, while Caracol Radio reported 15 people were injured. Construction workers were sent to the scene to reopen the highway. The Bucaramanga - Bogota highway is the second to be destroyed by a landslide this week. On Monday, Bucaramanga was cut off with the city of Barrancabermeja and Medellin because of another landslide. The landslides are caused by torrential rains that have hit Colombia almost non-stop since the first quarter of last year. The floods and landslides following these rains have cripled the country's transport infrastructure. - Colombia Reports

SIGNS & SYMBOLS: Crop Circle in Madisonville, Tennessee, USA!

According to Crop Circle Connector, the international crop circle online database, a new pattern appeared in Madisonville in Tennessee in the United States of America. The pattern was reported on May 12th and updated on May 18th. The crop circle was found by Jeffrey Wilson of  the Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association (ICCRA).

The second, also first spotted on May 12, is a geometric crop formation in early green wheat in Madisonville, Tennessee. Madisonville had a formation that the ICCRA investigated and authenticated in 2007. This newly reported formation is located in the same field, in nearly the exact spot, and has nearly the same design, with only a few details different. As Madisonville also had a hoaxes formation in 2008 located across the street as the 2007 formation, we are eyeing this one with some suspicion, but another founder member of the ICCRA, Roger Sugden is enroute to do an investigation. We do have aerials of this, and will hopefully have permission to post soon. Stay tuned and watch for updates.Jeffrey Wilson, Crop Circle Connector.
Here is a drawing of the crop circle:

Here is an images of the pattern:

Click  HERE for more aerial shots, ground shots, field reports, diagrams and articles.

THE MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Hundreds of Leopard Sharks Have Been Found Mysteriously Dead or Dying in and around San Francisco Bay?!

" seems that the affected area is expanding."

Scientists, pathologists and state biologists are still puzzled as to why hundreds of leopard sharks have been found dead or dying around the San Francisco Bay.

This winter's heavy rains - beneficial to so many species - may, in fact, be diluting saltwater in San Francisco Bay so dramatically that leopard sharks are dying in the very spots where they prefer to give birth and search for food, scientists said Tuesday. State biologists investigating a rash of leopard shark casualties around the region over the past month think the torrents of freshwater flowing into shoreline lagoons may be throwing the body chemistry of the fish fatally off balance. "They might be going into these coves to pup," said Carrie Wilson, a marine biologist in Monterey with the California Department of Fish and Game. "If there's more freshwater intrusion and low salinity, it's very tough on these animals." The analysis is still in the early stages, and there is no conclusive evidence of a connection, but hundreds of leopard sharks and rays also died in 2006, the last year rainfall was this far above normal. More than 100 adult and juvenile leopard sharks have been found dead since mid-April. Early necropsies of a few sharks showed internal bleeding and brain lesions, problems not usually associated with low salinity conditions. However, several scientists and members of the public have reported seeing the animals gasping and thrashing before death, suggesting the sharks could have injured themselves after falling ill. This week, state pathologists are expected to release the results of blood and tissue samples. Those should shed more light on the cause, which could be anything from low salinity and low dissolved oxygen levels to bacterial infection, virus or man-made contaminants such as pesticides or fertilizers. The first wave of sharks washed ashore near a residential neighborhood in Redwood City. Since then, dozens of the strikingly patterned bottom-feeders have been spotted along the shores of Foster City, San Francisco and Marin County, according to Sean Van Sommeran of the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation... Dowd studied the effect of low-salinity water on leopard sharks as part of his thesis. In his experiments, Dowd found that when salinity fell to 19 parts per thousand, the sharks thrust their noses and fins out of the water in an attempt to survive. Earlier this spring, sensors in some parts of San Francisco Bay recorded salinity levels below 15 parts per thousand, Dowd said. Seawater salinity maxes out at about 34 or 35 parts per thousand. "When (salinity) moves lower ... it becomes harder for the sharks to compensate for that change in their environment," Dowd said. "They don't cope well." Though Wilson acknowledges the possible link between the deaths and the rapid influx of freshwater, she declined to use the term "die-off" and cautioned against jumping to conclusions until all the data are in. "There have been some wild speculations based on only a few samples," she said. "We don't want to give out any information that's premature." Whatever the roots of the problem, shark specialist Van Sommeran suspects that he and his team of volunteers are collecting only a fraction of the ailing animals. "We found 50 (sharks) in one canal in Redwood City alone," he said. "Now we're getting calls from Millbrae, San Francisco, Mill Valley, Sausalito - it seems that the affected area is expanding." - SFGate

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Hailstorm Destroys 53 Houses in South Africa!

A strong hailstorm plummeted the Province of Eastern Transvaal in South Africa, causing major destruction to the houses of residents.

A hailstorm has damaged 53 houses in the Hoyi area of Mpumalanga, the provincial government said on Thursday. Some of the houses were totally destroyed in the storm on Tuesday night, the co-operative governance and traditional affairs department said.

Blankets and tents were given to the 341 people affected. "The department of social development will distribute food parcels to the affected families today [Thursday]," the department said.
- News 24.

MYSTERY: Symbols of an Alien Sky, Man-Made or Natural Phenomena - NBC Action News Captures UFO Making A Full Moon Cameo Flyby?!

"It looks like a flying car!"

In the following video, courtesy of NBC Action News, a unidentified flying object (UFO) can be seen flying across the full moon over the nighttime skies of Kansas City. What was it?
Did you see something flying by the moon last night? It happened just before 10 p.m. and Brett Anthony caught it on a time-lapse camera, but he isn’t sure what it was! 

Did you see what flew by the moon?

FRINGE: Convergence - Weak Points and Gravitational Singularities - Global Transformers Explosions & the Blue UFO Light Phenomena?!

"Gentlemen, you are looking through a window into another world." - Walter, FRINGE, Season 2 Episode 15 "Peter."

In an update to my post on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and anomalies seen around the Sun, I highlighted an article from the Associated Press that quoted the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Sullivan, the first female NASA astronaut to walk in space, told a United Nations' conference on weather and Earth changes in Geneva on Tuesday that, "... solar storms pose a growing threat to critical infrastructure such as satellite communications, navigation systems and electrical transmission equipment... the intensity of solar storms is expected to peak in 2013 and countries should prepare for potentially devastating effects. Solar storms release particles that can temporarily disable or permanently destroy fragile computer circuits... it is not a question of if, but really a matter of when a major solar event could hit our planet."

Over the course of several articles, I have been positing the view that the monumentally escalating atmospheric and meteorological changes manifested in weather anomalies, seismic tremors and volcanic catastrophes are attributable to the convergence of our world with another, and fundamentally, how the interaction of this other world on our Solar System has created breaches at the weak points or gravitational singularities at the point of incursion.  Degradation and retro-casual backlash from the intersection of worlds, as can be seen in the fluctuating translucent spheres interacting with each other in the opening credits of the Fox television sci-fi series FRINGE.

I have also documented using images and videos of incidents around the world that illustrates this breach. Here are a few:

A series of red stars, spirals, rings of fire, and white doughnut-shaped anomalies was seen on the radar and satellite images of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in January, 2010.

WATCH: Mysterious blue light over Qinling Mountains in China on October, 2010.

A morphing blue spiral seen over Christchurch, New Zealand on March 29, 2011.

WATCH: Strange blue light over Japan during the devastating earthquake in March, this year.

Currently, we have been hearing of numerous cases of transformers exploding all over the world, like bursts of electromagnetic radiation or something dramatically altering and modifying the electric fields resulting in damaging current and/or voltage surges like an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) .

WATCH: The collapse of the power grid of Portimão in Portugal on April 15, 2011.

Transformers explodes in Fort Worth, Texas on May 10, 2011.

WATCH: Transformer explodes in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin on May 12, 2011.

Transformer explosion fire lights up Las Vegas on May 15, 2011.

A fellow member of the online conspiracy forum, Godlike Productions, who goes by the pseudonym Germanbini, provided the following list of transformer explosions, fires and power outages since April:

4/20/11 Hartford, Connecticut (transformer fire and power outage)
4/20/11 Marion, North Carolina (transformer explodes at Duke Energy)
4/21/11 North Manchester, New Hampshire (transformer fire)
4/23/11 Palm Beach, Florida (transformer overheats in club)
4/24/11 North Platte, Nebraska (blown transformer)
4/24/11 Petaluma, California (blown transformer causes fire)
4/26/11 Frederick, Maryland (transformer fire)
4/27/11 North Canton, Ohio (transformer malfunction causes building fire)
4/28/11 Meriden, Connecticut (transformer fire in apartment)
4/30/11 Newark, New Jersey (transformer fire at Seton University)
5/4/11 Torrington, Connecticut (transformer fire causes power outage)
5/4/11 Ridgewood, New Jersey (blown transformer)
5/5/11 Topeka, Kansas (blown transformer causes power outages at 3 schools)
5/5/11 and 5/13/11 Bathinda, Punjab, India (burned transformers)
5/6/11 Shelton, Connecticut (overheated transformer at high school)
5/9/11 Champaign, Illinois (transformer failure)
5/9/11 Bryan, Texas (blown transformer causes fire)
5/10/11 Kanpur City, Uttar Pradesh, India (transformer fire burns down 15 shops)
5/10/11 Snellville, Georgia (exploded transformer in flames)
5/10/11 St. George, Utah (transformer causes power outage)
5/10/11 Oak Grove, Oregon (transformer fire)
5/12/11 Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada (transformer causes power outage)
5/12/11 Sumter, South Carolina (blown transformer at elementary school)
5/12/11 Fort Worth, Texas (lightning storm exploding transformers)
5/12/11 Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin (exploded transformer at factory)
5/12/11 Deatsville, Alabama (transformer fire at Alabama Power substation)
5/12/11 Houston, Texas (blown transformers)
5/12/11 Wilmington, Delaware (transformer problem causes outage)
5/12/11 Sandy Springs, Georgia (transformer fire at Georgia Power substation)
5/13/11 Piney Point, Maryland (transformer explodes at a campground)
5/13/11 Las Vegas, Nevada (exploded transformer behind casinos)
5/13/11 Ukiah, California (Medical Center transformer power outage)
5/14/11 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (transformer causes power outage)
5/14/11 Hillcrest, New Zealand (transformer erupts in flames)
5/14/11 New City, New York (power outage due to transformer)
5/14/11 Wentzville, Missouri (transformer fire trips tornado sirens)
5/15/11 Karachi, Pakistan (transformer on pole causes power outage)
5/15/11 Dixon, California (transformer explodes)
5/15/11 Grand Rapids, Michigan (transformer fire in apartment) 

This list is constantly being updated. Read more HERE.

If astronauts and scientists like Sullivan continually points to the Sun and these solar storms and the effect that they might have on our satellite communications, navigational systems, electrical transmission equipments, and computer circuits; then isn't it time for us to understand the cosmic catalyst that is creating the reaction from the Sun and causing these fluctuating effects on the magnetic field?