Saturday, May 28, 2011

SIGNS & SYMBOLS: Crop Circle at The Sanctuary, Avebury, Wiltshire!

According to the Crop Circle Connector, the international crop circle online database, another pattern appeared at The Sanctuary, near Avebury, Wiltshire. The formation was reported today, May 28th.
New Formation with unusual shape near the Sanctuary. Reported to me this afternoon. I wanted to fly to record the design because formations don’t last long in this particular area generally. Conditions for photos were not good, very windy half raining... sorry no real overhead this time, too tricky in this weather. (supposed to be worse Sunday). Unfortunately there has been people in the field already and they haven’t been respectful, they did cut in the middle to get to every circles at the bottom the crop circle, so that it is already damage ! A shame since we are repeating the same basic principles since years.
Here are two pictures of the pattern (Click on the images for a larger view):

Click HERE for more aerial shots, ground shots, field reports, diagrams and articles.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: The Quebec Sinkholes - The Video?!

Yesterday, I posted news about the sinkholes that mysteriously appeared in the Charlesbourg district in the City of Quebec in Canada. Here is a picture of one of them.

They say that "a picture is worth a thousand words," well, how about a video that presents further visual evidence of almost 40 holes between five and eight metres wide that appeared in just one week in the Canadian district.

WATCH: French television station TVA features the sinkholes in Quebec, plus extensive coverage of the widespread deluge of floods.

PLANETARY TREMORS: Mediterranean Seismic Activity - 68 Quakes in 24 Hours in Reported in Turkey and Quake at the Mt. Etna Volcano?!

Several days ago, I reported on the increased seismic activity in Western Turkey, where over 100 earthquakes was captured on the Real Time Seismicity list from the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) over a 24-hour period, following the magnitude 6.0 that hit the same region. I indicated then, that this is pointing towards heightened tension along the Mediterranean. I wrote:

Based on heightened activity in the west, the Turkish plate seems to be moving westward from the Karitova junction and interacting with the motion and subduction of the Mediterranean lithosphere beneath Turkey. Expect increase seismic activity in the coming days in the Mediterranean region, as the country lies on the North Anatolian (Turkish) fault zone (NAFZ), one of the world’s most important active strike-slip faults, linked to the tectonics of the Eastern Mediterranean region. The fault zone is about 1500 km long, extending from the Karitova trip junction in eastern Turkey to mainland Greece. Lately, we have been seeing major seismic bands of activity in Greece, Spain and Italy, which illustrates that there is some form of geological deformation mechanism or upheaval that will eventually and significantly alter the evolution of the tectonic plate system, encompassing a wide and complex zone of oceanic subduction along which the African Plate subducts under the Turkish Block.

Today, I have received two reports of more activity in Turkey and also in Italy. Here's more:

Western Turkey has recorded more than 68 earthquakes in the last 24 hours- including a 4.9 earthquake. Quakes also continue around southern Greece. A 4.5 magnitude quake was recorded outside Athens and a 2.3 magnitude quake was recorded in the Aegean Sea. Italy also reported a magnitude 2 earthquake near the Mount Etna volcano. - Corsican Flame
Just before midnight a slight eartquake (2 degrees) was felt in the seismic district of the Etna Volcano.  The quake was recorded by the Geophysics and Vulcanology Institute equipment. The epicenter was at a depth of 4 kilometers, in the proximity of Bronte,Maletto and Adrano.No harm to inhabitants nor damages have been reported. - AGI.
Importantly, it must also be noted that, according to several seismology experts, the Mount Etna volcano eruption in southern Italy on Thursday, May 12th, was connected to the earthquakes that rocked the Spanish region of Murcia on Wednesday, May 11th, that killed 12 people and injured more than 170 others. If true, then this not illustrates the interconnectivity along the Mediterranean, but how far-reaching this tension and activity will extend.

Geological Upheaval: Houses destroyed in Sunshine Valley landslide!

A landslide has sent tonnes of mud rocks and hundreds of trees into homes in the Sunshine Valley, about 15 kilometres east of Hope in British Columbia, Canada.

RCMP say three homes were affected and residents were in only one of the houses when the slide occurred at aout 4 p.m. PT Thursday. There were no injuries. No damage estimate is available. Geotechnical engineers were testing the slope Friday to try to determine its stability and the possibility of more landslides. Tonnes of rocks, mud and trees tumbled down a mountainside in Sunshine Valley, B.C. Thursday, destroying three homes and spurring a local state of emergency. The landslide occurred at around 4 p.m. in the quiet community, located along the Hope-Princeton Highway, and sent giant Douglas Firs onto the vacation homes. The only person present in any of the affected residences was a woman in her 40s. She managed to escape to a nearby home unharmed but emotionally shaken. Neighbour Mernie Jacobsen's house was safe, but says the ordeal has been "sickeningly frightening. I can't tell whether there's more mud to come down or if we're down to the rock yet," Jacobsen said. "There's so much water still coming down." Residents are being told to stay away until authorities are sure it's safe. Nearby Highway 3 remains open. - CTV.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: 100,000 Fish Daily at Washington State Dam!

According to the following report, dam floodwaters are killing hundreds of thousands of fish everyday in Washington state.

Fish are dying in their hundreds of thousands after authorities increased the water flow at a Washington state dam. The fish are being poisoned by an excess of nitrogen gas in the Columbia river, down stream from the Grand Coulee Dam. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which runs the dam, has been forced to increase the flow rate after a large winter snow melt swelled water levels. The increase in water flow has resulted in a 130 per cent rise in nitrogen down stream of the dam, causing the fish to die of the bends.

The painful condition can occur when scuba divers surface too quickly, causing the air they breathe from tanks to form painful and sometimes fatal bubbles in the blood. Speaking to the Seattle Times, fish farmer Bill Clark said: 'We've easily got hundreds of thousands of dead fish.' Pacific Seafood, a parent company of Mr Clark's employers, says it is losing 100,000 fish a day from the poisoning.

John Bielka, who works for partner firm Pacific Aquaculture, said: 'They're basically sterilising this entire stretch of river. 'That's going to wipe out not only the fish in our farm, but also the bull trout, the lamprey, the sturgeon and every other wild thing.' Bosses at the firm are now concerned for the remaining 2.7 million fish still alive 20 miles south of the Grand Coulee dam. Despite knowing about the issue, bureau officials have confirmed the problem will get worse. Officials added that wild fish should not suffer as much as the farmed varieties because they can dive deeper to avoid the excess gasses. Speaking to the paper, Charles Hudson of the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission, said: 'In a normal year, this wouldn't be a big problem. But Mother Nature is running the Columbia River right now.'
- Daily Mail.

ALERT: Sunspots & Flares - Sun Wakes Up With Intensifying Activity!

There is a great possibility of a geomagnetic disturbance, as planet Earth is entering a solar wind stream flowing from the a coronal hole on the Sun. In addition, a new sunspot, 1226, is crackling with C-class solar flares.

INTENSIFYING SOLAR ACTIVITY: The quiet sun is waking up. New sunspot 1226 emerging over the sun's southeastern limb is crackling with strong C-class solar flares, including a C2-flare at 1446 UT, a C6-flare at 1643 UT and a C8.3-flare at 03:04:00 the following morning. The emergence of this new active region interrupts more than two weeks of relative quiet. So far none of the blasts has been geoeffective, but this could change in the days ahead as the active region turns toward Earth. Stay tuned. - Spaceweather

WATCH: Crackling Sunspot Cometh, courtesy of The Solar Watcher.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: 370 Metric Tons of Milk Fish in Taal Lake?!

Around 375 tons of dead milk fish (bangus) were seen floating on Taal Lake in Talisay, Batangas in the Philippines on Saturday.

Talisay town Mayor Zenaida Mendoza said that the tons of milkfish were from 84 fish cages in the lake located in Barangay Sampaloc. Mendoza said more milkfish have turned up dead Saturday morning. Municipal agriculturist Zenaida Macatangay said that the sudden change in the weather brought about by typhoon "Chedeng" could have been the reason behind the fishkill.

The town mayor, meanwhile, said that they have yet to think of a way to dispose off the thousands of dead milkfish in the town. Local officials in four more municipalities around Taal Lake have reported fishkill incidents in their area.

The fishkill's damage has been pegged at more than P30 million. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said it is already checking the extent of damage of the fishkill, which, it said, may continue until Sunday. Meanwhile, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology reported that six volcanic earthquakes were recorded in Taal Volcano in the past 24 hours. Alert Level 2 remains hoisted over the volcano, meaning it is manifesting moderate unrest and could eventually lead to eruption.
- PhilSTAR.

THE GREAT DELUGE: Heavy Rains and Epic Flooding Worldwide!

The heavy rains and widespread flooding continues unabated worldwide. The following report, contains a selected few of these stories from several areas across the globe. We begin in the Caribbean with the disaster-ravaged island of Haiti:

In Haiti, landslides caused by heavy rains killed three children from the same family when their house was swept away near Haiti's northern second city, Cap-Haitian.

The children, aged between six and 14, were killed in the landslide that also left their mother seriously injured, Ardouin Zephyrin, a spokesman for the Haitian Civil Protection Agency, told AFP. Heavy rains have lasted a week across Haiti, flooding neighborhoods in the north and washing away tents in the capital Port-au-Prince where survivors of last year's earthquake still live in makeshift shelters. President Michel Martelly has urged people living in high risk areas, such as mountainous or hilly parts of urban areas, to be on alert for the signs of more landslides, his office said. The hurricane season that begins in June and lasts until November is expected to be "active" this year, Haitian authorities have warned. - Channel News Asia.

The storm, which began last week flooded the lowland in Haiti - areas of Port-de-Paix (Northwest), Gonaives (northeast), Hinche (center) and the Port-au-Prince, where the water level reached 1.5 meters in height. Dozens of people were forced to leave the camp, where they live after the earthquake of 2010, in which about 680,000 refugees, as the water carried away several tents and temporary toilets are flooded. The Ministry of Health, meanwhile, called for extreme measures of precaution against the anticipated increase in infection of cholera, which has already killed more than five thousand people. - Cadenagramonte
Next door, in the Dominican Republic, hundreds of homes were flooded as heavy rains cause water to overflow and pour over the streets and into houses.

Hundreds of homes were flooded, the water flooded streets as well as several communities cut off by heavy rains in the last hours in this area. Among the communities flooded by the rains are Blanco, Arroyo Avispa, The Burns, La Vija, Arroyo Toro, La Jagua, Juma, Bejucal, Cieneguita, among others. The downpours with thunderstorms and lightning in recent days have caused to families living near the rivers Yuna and Masipedro be alert for crecidad as mentioned them. Torrential rains have caused overflowing rivers Maimon, Caribbean, and Masipedro Yuna, so that the Civil Defence was alerted and moved to Los Platanitos sector where more than 200 families. Monsignor Nouel province, has been completely flooded by waters that have caused extensive damage to agriculture is the result of heavy rains in recent days in this population. All school and productive activities were suspended last night due to heavy rains that occur here since yesterday. The downpour since yesterday affecting this area have led to increased flows of rivers, streams and creeks, but the authorities have worked in time to avoid loss of life. Prosperity neighborhoods, Las Flores, Los Heroes, Puerto Rico, Las Mercedes, Juan Pablo Duarte, The Trinity, The Masters, Villa Liberation, Brisas del Yuna, Villa Linda, and others were flooded with water.  Agricultural authorities have not yet quantified the amount of economic losses that have left the showers where thousands of jobs were destroyed by the flooding of creeks that have been overwhelmed. Thousands of jobs cultivated rice, bananas, cassava and other crops were under water. - Mibonao.  
Further south, in Colombia, about 800 families have been affected by recent floods in the Guacheta region.

More than 800 families affected, six thousand hectares flooded and about 800 head of cattle lost, leaving the overflow of the lake in the municipality Fúquene Guachetá, said the Governor of Cundinamarca. During visits conducted by the Governor Andres Gonzalez Diaz, the president said he will strengthen the machinery that is in the area to work on the rehabilitation of flooded roads and create more communication between the municipality and surrounding areas. Also announced that the area will be two screw pumps for water drainage, and will be delivered humanitarian aid to people affected, which adds up to be inputted to a food bank that takes the feed required for livestock, similar to the one installed in the inspection of Chaplaincy, due to high costs of these inputs are reported in the area. In this regard, said Colombia was raised with humanitarian, exploring options with regard to the rates in milk production, and support for the implementation of programs to promote the economy of rural workers in the region, for support projects which bean seed production and breeding hens and goats. "We have social problems because there are many small and medium producers who need to find a source of income, we see how to find a seed capital and some contributions with which we can grow corn or beans right away, because here we enter a stage in which we can not starve our people. Will obviously aid and health priority, "he said. In education, the Governor noted that you will accept the decision made by the municipal administration and, if need be entered to delay the school day. - Radio Santafe.
Across the world, in Asia, in the country of Thailand, several areas are still experiencing widespread flooding and water drainage problems, despite the fact that the rain has stop falling.

Sub-district residents Chamuang Forward Phatthalung Province. Many families have to walk ahead of over 1 km of water out the bags. Because the flood level is still nearly 1 m high, even in the rain to leave the area during the second consecutive day because of water drainage and whether the cause behind. As well as some areas in the District Forest City Forward Chaison Ration and Bang Kaeo still experiencing flooding as well. Last 8 years old boy drowned in Kong Ra died and a man. The rain that fell heavily to the bridge over the canal Kong dislike Ron Pa Kanchanadit. Surat Thani Province. The currents flowing competitive advantage eroded Cosapoan damage. The people must help each other to a large timber with a temporary bridge for traffic. But the villagers did not dare to use the fear of falling down, another can not make out the traffic outside the area. The water levels in flooded areas and key performance indicators and Don Sak district, the water level dropped a little wetlands, water levels remain high due to almost 2 meters is the last area to get water from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, before flowing out to sea. Most recently, Mr. Jurin appearance Wisit Minister of Health. Instructed the Provincial Health Office to flood victims organized a mobile medical unit serving the public. Including all hospitals in areas at risk. Preparing the plan 4 plan is a plan prepared for defense. The preparation sandbag barrier. Moving medical supplies Medical device and other devices to a safe spot. Plan B resources. That is necessary if a flood. Plan, prepare patients for evacuation in case of emergency. Plan and prepare for field service as needed. Is to provide field service. - Thai PBS.
WATCH: Flooding in the streets of Thailand.

In Indonesia, rain, which flushed the area resulted in the river Cibeureum Bogor to overflowed and caused at least 20 houses to be swept away.

There were no fatalities in the incident, due to direct homeowners to save themselves when the water overflowed. Dakrim According to one resident, the incident occurred while he was in the house. "We saw the water begin to bubble up and then we tried to save themselves and bring the family to a safer tenpat," said Dakrim. Dakrim grateful, no family had become victims of these floods. While the data collected, at least three houses razed to the ground, and dozens of others damaged. Today the scene has been secured police officer. According to information, Cibeureum river flow is the flow that originates from the area of housing owned by Bakrie Land. Currently, deforestation continues to manufacture luxury housing owned by the Bakrie in Bogor Nirwana resident. Until now no one can be confirmed associated flash floods originating from the luxury housing. - Okezone.
Heavy rain which flushed Bogor, West Java, on Thursday, May 26, 2011 night to make dozens of homes and three motorcycle units in three districts flooded about 1 meter tall. The rain resulted Ciapus Cisadane River and River overflowed. According to residents, flood water soaking Cisadane 40 houses in Kampung Sindangsari, Kelurahan Kebon Kalapa, Central Bogor district. Height of water on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 20:00 pm to reach adult thigh. Residents forced to flee to a safer place for fear of the flood aftershocks. Some flood victims housed in musala and some fled to the house of their relatives... Lurah Kebon Kalapa, Juwandi Rahmaja, said it had coordinated with the Social Service and Labor to assess the flood victims. "It will be given assistance in accordance with the needs of flood victims," he said. - Tempointeraktif.

The floods of sea water (rob) in the coastal region of Semarang is getting worse and difficult to overcome. Entering June, puddle rob expected to increase with altitude can be reached 135 centimeters. Indications of increased flood heights rob is based on water levels continued to increase since the previous month, especially along May Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) Semarang Maritime Meteorological Station predicted, rob height will continue to rise until June. "Moreover, June is the peak of the inundation rob," said prakirawan BMKG Maritime Meteorology Station in Semarang, Revelation Srimulyani, told reporters on Thursday. According to Revelation, the last two months, Rob continues to inundate some coastal areas of Semarang. However, the most severely inundated North Semarang and Semarang District East. Since April, the new rob the water level reaches 30 to 60 cm. Entering May, the average height rob has increased from 50 cm to 100 cm. - Suarakarya
WATCH: Deluge of flood waters covers Indonesia.

In the Philippines, flash-floods affected provinces nationwide, as 8,000 families were forced to evacuated.

Flashfloods brought about by torrential rains forced the evacuation of some 8,000 families from at least 10 villages in Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. Severely affected villages were Katuli, Salimbao and Bulalo, which remained submerged under knee-deep waters for the past three days. The section of the highway in Sultan Kudarat town that connects Cotabato City to North Cotabato province was also flooded that authorities had to direct traffic as hundreds of motorists were stranded in the area. - PhilSTAR.
Eight houses were partially damaged after floodwaters ravaged the sub-villages of Valderrama and Imbatog in the villages of Cabuluhan and Capinonan, both in Cabanglasan, Bukidnon province after Bunawan River overflowed due to continuous heavy rains. A total of 20 families or 100 persons were affected and an undetermined number of hectares of corn and vegetable plantations were also washed out, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said. In the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, flashfloods also destroyed a steel bridge and damaged five houses near the river bank in Barangay (village) Delausan, Ditsaan Ramain, Lanao del Sur, the NDRRMC said. Meanwhile, several hectares or rice fields and an undetermined number of houses were damaged in flooding incidents in the villages of Pagalungan, Rantian, Polo, Bago-Ingud and Buaya-an, Lanao del Sur, the NDRRMC said. Likewise, floods were reported in the villages of Bulalo, Salimbao, Limco, Calsada, Senditan and Mutaog – all in Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. But floodwaters have subsided as of posting time, the NDRRMC said. In Region 5, a total of 13,322 families or 63,964 persons have been evacuated from 153 villages in Albay as of Wednesday afternoon. - NewsInfo.
In Malaysia, floods cause traffic jams in Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis.

A downpour, which began at about 11am, caused flash floods in several low-lying areas here and traffic snarls along major roads. Cars going through the flood stretch of Jalan Sungai Dua Saturday. A check showed that the water rose to knee level in some parts of Minden Heights. Taman Brown Village Development and Security Committee chairman K. Santha said some houses in Changkat Minden 7 were flooded. “I have received feedback from members that it is due to a swollen drain within the Universiti Sains Malaysia grounds,” she said. A check showed that some areas along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah and Jalan Masjid Negeri were also flooded. There was a 1km-long traffic jam on the Bayan Baru elevated highway heading to Gelugor. It was due to a malfunctioning traffic light at the Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah-Sungai Dua junction. The jams were made worse by vehicles stalled along the roads. -  The Star.
In India, floods in its northern regions have killed 60 persons.

The heavy rains caused landslides and flooding in the area for several days Northern India has killed at least 60 people. Water officials said, the intense rain in three days has caused landslides and heavy flooding in the state of Uttarakhand, seriously affected the lives of millions of local people. Current relief work difficult when heavy rain continued, many roads were paralyzed, while many people are still staying on the roof waiting for rescue workers to save. Local government advised people living in the vicinity Tehri dam quickly evacuated when the water level was rising alarmingly. Last August, in northern India, Kashmir has witnessed the flood that killed nearly 180 people. - Vea.
In the South Pacific, in Fiji, heavy rains has disrupted the water supply, where the water level has reached a critical level at the Monasavu dam.

The recent heavy rain has had its toll on the Tamavua Treatment Plant prompting the Water Authority of Fiji to advise residents to expect water supply disruptions this afternoon. The Authority says only one clarifier is currently operational and flood waters have delayed the treatment process from last night. Areas to be affected are Wailoku, Delainavesi, Lami, Veisari, Togalevu and high areas of Samabula North and those residing in these areas are advised to store water now and use water wisely. The Authority says supply is expected to be restored tonight. Meanwhile in Savusavu, pumps at the Vunikoka Pumping Station developed electrical problems at 1 oclock this morning and is causing disruptions to Narayan Heights, Navaqiqi, the Airport, Naqaqa, Nukubalavu and Nasavusavu Public School. Water Authority of Fiji technicians from Labasa are on their way down to Savusavu to fix the problem... Water levels at the Monasavu Dam are again nearing critical levels. As of 9am today, the level stands at 740 above sea level – jus 25 metres clear of the critical level. FEA CEO Hasmukh Patel says there had been normal rainfall in January and February providing water to the catchment areas of Monasavu Dam. - Radio Fiji
In New Zealand, a deluge of floods dumps surface flooding in the Northlands, causing landslides and road chaos.

Roads were closed, farms flooded and homes evacuated as heavy rain hammered much of New Zealand yesterday and overnight. Two people were injured, one seriously, when a tree fell on their car at Cooks Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula about 5pm yesterday. Fire officers helped to pull them from the wreckage and they were taken to Thames Hospital. In Northland, many roads - including the main link between Kaeo and Kaitaia - were closed by flooding, and many farms were under water. One WeatherWatch follower said flooding had closed State Highway 1 west of the Bay of Islands, causing problems for her husband and farmers. "SH1 at base of Mangamukas is closed at the bridge north of Okaihau. Hubby is stranded there. No one is getting through," she wrote. "It's been pouring here since early [Wednesday] night. Huge amount of surface water and flooding in paddocks." There were also reports of flooding from Helensville, Miranda and parts of Waikato, although it did not appear to have caused any serious damage. But in the Bay of Plenty, authorities were keeping a close eye on rivers and drainage last night, and work crews were on standby, Rotorua-region lakes were at maximum levels, and a heavy-rain warning was issued for Tongariro National Park, eastern Bay of Plenty, northern Gisborne and parts of Northland. Farmers were being warned to move stock to higher ground. At police northern communications, Inspector Cornell Kluessien said the weather caused several crashes yesterday morning, although none was serious. They included a nose-to-tail on Auckland's Northwestern Motorway and a four-vehicle pile-up on the Southern Motorway. A Fire Service communications spokeswoman said about a dozen weather-related incidents had been reported. They included roofs lifting and leaking, toppled trees, and flooding in the upper North Island. One of the worst-hit areas was the upper South Island, where at least 10 homes were evacuated yesterday morning because of rising streams. Several roads in Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough were closed by slips, and at least one was on the brink of collapse. Nelson couple Stephen and Sandie Burn said they were woken at 5am yesterday by a group of boys who told them the entire front section of their hillside property had slipped on to the street below.  "We looked down and couldn't see the driveway - there was just mud everywhere," Mrs Burn told the Herald. - NZ Herald.
In another of the country, Waimarama, floods continue to wreak havoc on farms.
The farm is about 323ha with 2500 animals, but 50 ram hoggets and about 10 lambs have died. Some of the damage will take months, maybe years, to mend. Gordon was hit by a flood before at his old farm in Pahiatua, Wairarapa, where it rained a lot. So far, other farmers have offered assistance, because the flood has made working difficult and has cost a lot of money. It is also hard to get all the broken fences repaired. The other farmer, Ben McNeill, is working extremely hard to get all his fences fixed. He has lost one cow and one calf, and that's as far as he knows. He has a farm of 242ha and has about 400 animals. McNeill hasn't even seen his whole farm yet. Lots of pasture is ruined. Sally and Peter McNeill have helped him. Another farm called Pouhokio Station was affected by landslips. It has three parts: the Hakakino tourism venture, the nursery, assisting in vegetation, and the farm, managed by Judy and Ken McNeur on the Gillies Estate. There is 15-20km of fencing to be fixed and pasture is gone. They have also had their water system washed away. - Hawkes Bay Today.
Stay tuned. More anon.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Thousands of Fish in polluted lake, India!

Thousands of fish in Muthannan Kulam in India, were found dead on Thursday morning, leaving 73 families that depend on the fish in the lake in a state of despair.

Fishermen say that effluents from factories in the adjacent locality of Poosaripalayam were let into the lake killing the fish. "We plan to give a petition to the collector soon," said M Muruganandam, leader of the fishermen's association. "The fish were fine on Wednesday night. About three lakh fish died overnight causing us a huge loss," he added. Dyeing units in Telungupalayam and Poosaripalayam have been letting effluents into the lake constantly. Recently, most of the dyeing units in Telungupalayam were shut down as they were found to be polluting the area. The fishermen are allowed to stock the 12 lakes in Coimbatore with fish for five years on the orders of the district collector.

They have to pay the Pollachi superintending officer `32,000 as a deposit to stock up the Muthannan lake, which is spread across an area of 60 acres. "The lake is covered with water hyacinths, which grow in polluted water. That is an indication that the water is dirty," Muruganandam said. The fishermen say they were raising katla, rogue, mirgal, ceecee and pilkendai varieties of fish in the lake. "The death of the fish was due to the lack of oxygen subject to a growth of water-hyacinth. The leakage of effluents into the lake may not be a reason for the death of the fish" said Corporation chairman Anshul Mishra.
- The Times of India.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Horse virus cases double to 75; 11 Dead?!

A recent outbreak of horse Equine herpes virus-1 (EHV-1) has raised distress among the local horse owners, farmers and show organizers. According to the following report, the virus cases have doubled in a short time to 75 with 11 deaths identified, so far.

Cases of a deadly strain of a horse virus have more than doubled in the past week and suspected cases have led to the voluntary quarantine of 15 more facilities. In Utah, multiple events scheduled for the Memorial Day weekend have been cancelled while other events are adapting to the outbreak. KSL-TV reported Thursday that contestants vying for the title of "junior posse queen" for the Davis County Sheriff's Office had to ride stick horses – made of a straight stick with fabric horse head – to demonstrate their cowgirl skills. "With a stick horse it's a lot different because you have to do all the work, and I think it's going to be a lot more tiring than with a real horse," contestant Kylie Felter said. There are now 75 confirmed cases of virus in nine states and horses at 61 facilities are suspected of being infected, according to numbers released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The agency said 11 horses have been euthanized as of Wednesday, when officials from the impacted states reported their data to the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspections Service, which issued a weekly report Thursday night. Another horse died Friday in New Mexico, bringing the national total to 12. The prior week, there were 34 confirmed cases and 9 horses had died, while 46 facilities were impacted. The USDA says the states with cases are Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. An infected horse initially reported to the USDA as being from Texas was actually from New Mexico and has returned to that state. The outbreak of the equine herpes virus started at an Ogden, Utah, horse show earlier this month and has forced the cancellation of multiple events in multiple states. Horses from Alberta and British Columbia were also infected. Canadian officials are not reporting new cases. New Mexico state veterinarian Dr. Dave Fly said all of his state's cases are connected to one of the three quarantined facilities. To prevent further spread, horse owners are being urged to limit travel and the New Mexico Livestock Board is recommending that major or large equine events be cancelled for the next 10 days. "We've got to make sure we don't have it moving somewhere we don't know about," Fly said. "Because of the cases we had this last week and other states have had, we feel it's important that we give it another week to be sure we really have it under control."
- Huffington Post