Sunday, May 29, 2011

EARTH CHANGES: 2011 - Deadliest Year For Tornadoes Since 1950!

The numbers look increasingly bleak for families hoping for the best after a monster tornado that devastated the town of Joplin, as the city has raised the death toll to at least 139 and state officials say 100 people are still missing.

Thousands more people far beyond Joplin had been waiting for good news about a teen believed to have been ejected or sucked from his vehicle on the way home from graduation. Several social-networking efforts specifically focused on finding information about Will Norton. But his family says he, too, is among the dead – found in a pond near where his truck was located. "At least we know that he wasn't out there suffering," his aunt Tracey Presslor said, holding a framed portrait of her 18-year-old nephew at a news conference. "Knowing that he was gone right away was really a blessing for us." Joplin City Manager Mark Rohr said Saturday during a news conference that the death toll rose by three to at least 142, but later revised that figure down to 139 without elaboration. Mike O'Connell, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Public Safety, told The Associated Press on Saturday that he could not confirm the city's updated death toll number. He said the state of Missouri currently places the death toll at 126, saying they have no reason to raise that number. State officials say there are 142 sets of human remains at the morgue handling those killed by the storm and some could be from the same victim. If the death toll does stand at 139, it would place this year's tornado death toll at 520 and make 2011 the deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950. Until now, the highest recorded death toll by the National Weather Service in a single year was 519 in 1953. There were deadlier storms before 1950, but those counts were based on estimates and not on precise figures. - Huffington Post.

SIGNS & SYMBOLS: Strange Crop Circle in Krasnodar, Russia?!

A very unusual crop circle formation was found near Krasnodar in southern Russia. The strange markings was reported on Sunday, May 22nd. The pattern bared no particular similarities to previously seen  crop circles in Europe or anywhere else across the globe.
Krasnodar, along the M4 highway, are unusual "drawings". As reported by the "Live Kuban" a few kilometres from the village of the Sign on a large area of winter crops were formed then the circles, or other shapes. "Tonight, when I was driving on the highway from the airport towards Rostov, I managed to capture something unusual, because of what route to avoid the leg, people rushed out of their cars, climbed into the grass and let"s go there in perplexity." - wrote in his blog on "Living the Kuban" blogger Olesya Eremin.  "Some unusual patterns formed on a huge sown field. Grass height not less than a meter in some areas was pinned to the ground. Luckily, I managed to climb on a fire-cock, which was used by journalists to capture these patterns. From a height of 26 metres, some patterns, drawings or symbols I have not seen, but the scale of all this is really cool!" - Planeta.
Here are pictures of the formation (Click on the images for a larger view).

What is also quite mysterious about these circles too, is that residents happened to see an identified flying object (UFO), the night prior, in the same area.
Locals reported to the news stations; ‘at night there were strange lights in the area’. According to the locals the UFO was disguised as a tornado. In the morning they found a very strange and unusual crop circle formation. - Ivanovo
WATCH: Video playlist of news reports on the crop circles.

THE GREAT DELUGE: Montana Flooding - Residents Brace For Rains!

Crews and residents frustrated by a week of major flooding across Montana cleared debris from roadways and some muddied homes on Saturday, even as they braced for more heavy rainfall expected over the Memorial Day weekend.

A respite in weather that has brought as much as 8 inches of rainfall over a span of a few days to some areas had allowed waters to recede slightly in several flooded communities, giving emergency crews the chance to fix water-damaged roads, although they said some would not be repaired before the water is expected to rise again. The break in the rain looked to be brief, with the National Weather Service predicting up to 3 inches of rainfall from Sunday to Monday. Meteorologist Keith Meier also warned that high temperatures and melting snowpack in the Rocky Mountains next week would likely swell rivers for even longer. "Take a little time to breathe today, figure out what you need to do but don't let your guard down," said Cheri Kilby, Disaster and Emergency Coordinator for Fergus County. Authorities have already started releasing massive volumes of water from overburdened reservoirs. The releases coupled with the floodwaters have been predicted to cause flooding downstream, possibly in the Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Near Bismark, N.D., the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers planned to increase releases over the coming weeks at Garrison Dam, about 75 miles upstream on the Missouri River. Plans also called for releasing water at four other Missouri River reservoirs. The Missouri River in Bismark was slightly below flood stage of 16 feet on Saturday, but well out of its banks in some parts of the city and nearby Mandan, and officials are building levees to protect the city from a flood stage of 21 feet. Residents in neighboring were busy hauling sandbags to flooded areas Saturday; city streets were heavy with trucks and trailers loaded with people and their possessions headed to higher ground. City officials said about 3.5 million sandbags had been filled in the past week. North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple also said Saturday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had expanded its federal emergency declaration to include seven state counties and the Standing Rock Reservation as they fight rising water on the Missouri River. A state of disaster also was declared Friday on the Fort Berthold Reservation by Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Tex Hall, who said flooding had damaged homes and other buildings, swamped farmland and caused highways to erode. - Huffington Post

PLANETARY TREMORS: Mystery Rumble Baffles Philadelphia?!

Officials in Philadelphia had no explanation Saturday for residents who felt their homes shake from what they thought was an explosion, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Police, firefighters and other emergency responders were dispatched to northeast Philadelphia after hundreds of residents reported feeling the ground shake shortly before 10:00pm Friday.Resident Edward Turzanski described hearing "a loud bang," then feeling "a sharp jolt from below." No fires, explosions damaged homes or injuries were found.

The US Geological Service said it had no seismological evidence of an earthquake or tremor. A representative for power company Peco Energy said there were no reports of power outages, and the Philadelphia Water Company said there was no evidence that any pipes had burst, the paper said.

The Philadelphia Fire Department declared the situation to be under control at 10:45pm, and emergency crews left the area around 11:30pm. The mysterious tremors were also felt in lower Bucks County, Pa., about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Philadelphia, according to the report.
WATCH: News report of the mysterious rumblings.

EARTH CHANGES: Yangtze River Drought Affects 35 Million People?!

The dried up Yangtze river in southwest China's Chongqing municipality, has produced severe drought conditions, that has forced a massive release of water from China's Three Gorges reservoir for irrigation and drinking water.

China's lingering drought is continuing to affect the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Despite government measures the situation remains critical. The five provinces of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui and Jiangsu have suffered the most under the limited rainfall. The Ministry of Civil Affairs says nearly 35 million people have been affected. Among them, about 4 million are experiencing difficulty in obtaining drinking water. China has been discharging water from the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest water conservation project, to alleviate the drought in the downstream provinces. Regions along the Yangtze River are suffering the worst drought in half a century.

The Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters has ordered the Three Gorges Dam, the world's biggest hydroelectric project, to increase its discharge of water from 10 to 20 percent. But the water supply for daily use, irrigation and water transportation in the region still can't meet the demand. The Three Gorges Reservoir launched its first emergency discharge earlier this month to support the anti-drought efforts of areas along the lower reaches of the Three Gorges Dam. Li Xuegui, Tech Dept. Director of Three Gorges Cascade Dspatch Center, said, "The water level in Yichan city of Hubei Province has increased by nearly 1.5 meters after the discharge. It's been effective.

" However, the Dam's crippling water supply is another problem. Regular discharges downstream from the Three Gorges Dam have emptied the reservoir of four-fifths of its dischargeable volume. The other one-fifth will be exhausted in less than two weeks. The China Meteorological Observatory says the region along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will see sunny and hot weather in the coming days, prolonging the drought. The State Disaster Relief Commission on Thursday allocated an emergency fund of 55 million yuan to Hubei and Hunan, the two hardest hit provinces
. - Xinhuanet

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Tonnes of Dangerous Jellyfish in Madrid?!

Authories in the Spanish tourist hotspot of Benidorm said on Friday they have reopened its beaches to tourists after removing more than a tonne of dangerous jellyfish.

The authorities posted red flags on the beaches on Wednesday after strong currents brought shoals of the creatures close to the shore of the Mediterranean resort.

The head of the city's department of the environment, Mariola Fluvia, said the beaches were reopened after workers removed the jellyfish on Thursday. 'Currents are pushing the jellyfish away from our shores' and municipal authorities 'want to reassure bathers and users of our beaches because we hope that during the day (the jellyfish) will move away completely from our shores,' the municipality said in a statement.

Shoals of jellyfish drift close to Spanish Mediterranean shores every year. Experts say increasing numbers can be a sign of rising water temperatures but that overfishing of their natural predators also plays a part.
- Straits Times.

EARTH CHANGES: Worst fire in Ibiza’s history destroys 5,000 Acres?!

As the worst forest fire in Ibiza’s history raged on yesterday, it sparked a mass exodus of tourists from the Spanish holiday island.

Brits are among 800 holidaymakers and locals evacuated from hotels and homes, as 500 firefighters and 15 water-dumping planes continued to battle the blaze, which began on Wednesday. The inferno has already devastated 5,000 acres of pine forest in the north of the party island.

The towns of Sant Joan de Labritja, Portinatx and Cala de Sant Vicent have also been badly hit. So far there are no reported injuries. A 50-year-old Spanish national is in police custody facing charges of negligence. It is thought the man, originally from Argentina, started the fire with a smoker he was using on a beehive. A police spokesman said: “A spark fell at the moment that the fire started.”
- Mirror.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Mysterious Bird Deaths in Oxley Park?!

Galahs dropping dead and falling from trees in Oxley Park remain a mystery but the possibility of poisoning seems unlikely following an autopsy by a veterinarian.

The vet from Central West Livestock Health and Pest Authority is investigating the deaths of a large number of birds that were found dead under trees throughout the park on Sunday morning. Some were also seen in the grounds of TAFE. The birds did not have any obvious injuries or wounds and were all lying in a spread wing position. Some of the birds will now be sent off to the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute at Menangle for further testing in case any exotic, notifiable disease is the culprit. Senior LHPA ranger based in Dubbo Lisa Thomas said the bird deaths were a concern, with an autopsy carried out by the vet, who retrieved some of the birds that had been recovered from the scene on Sunday morning.

The vet found no evidence of poisoning by mouse baits and no dye discolouration in the crops or stomachs of the birds. The LHPA works in conjunction with landholders to protect crops from mice but the management includes prevention of poisoning of non-target animals, such as grain-eating birds. “Perimeter baits are brightly coloured which are not attractive to birds, and the grey-coloured grain used on broadacre crops is applied later in the evening after birds have gone in to roost,” Ms Thomas said. Warren Shire Council and National Parks and Wildlife were also contacted regarding the deaths.
- Warren Advocate.

Pervasive Deception: Disinfo Youtube Video of Land Crack in Spain?!

If you happen to be surfing the Internet today, you might have come across the following still for a Youtube video, perhaps embedded in an article, blog, Facebook post, Twitter tweet or on other websites:

If the still peeked your interest, you might have clicked on the play button and the following visual presentation would be rendered on your computer screen:

Over a 3-minute period, you are made to believe that the cracks seen in the video was due to a geological upheaval that took place today, May 28th. The video was presented with that date in the video title. However, a close examination reveals that this is an hoax or part of some disinfo campaign.

In reality, the video is really conveying to the viewer that a significant problem occurred in Spain that resulted in massive cracks in the land. A problem that stemmed from a man-made construction project. You see, this video is not the original video. The original video can be found here, at the following URL or Internet address: The title of the original video is La Grieta, meaning The Crack. The description of the video read as follows:

"Corrimiento de una montaña debido a las obras de la autovía Huesca-Lérida."

When translated to English, courtesy of Google Translator, it means the "Running/Ruining of a mountain due to the works of the highway Huesca-Lérida."

In other words, it seems like a project that someone messed up, big time.

The sole comment on the video said: "Alguien la cagó. Muy espectacular el video. Igual paso a verlo con mis propios ojos." Or in English: "Somebody screwed up. Very dramatic video. Just happened to see with my own eyes."

The most important thing though, is the date of the video. Apparently it was first uploaded to Youtube on April 10, 2007 . Some, 4 YEARS AGO! The uploader goes by the name, lascellator, and happens to own the following website:, which seems to be affiliated with construction projects. Apparently, someone downloaded the original video and renamed it. Given the new date stamp and the recent seismic upheavals along the Mediterranean, it was then falsely made to appear as if the cracks was natural and part of a geological upheaval.

Evidently and evidentially, it is not.

Now, I am not sure why someone would try to deceive like this, given the fact that Spain and other countries along the Mediterranean have been experiencing increase seismic activity and we have already been seeing land cracks, land sinking, land subsidence, sinkholes, landslides etc, popping up around the world like mushrooms. As late as today, I highlighted the fact that Western Turkey had 68 earthquakes in a 24-hour period.

Whatever the reason may be, this is a clear case of deception and this should not be tolerated.