Monday, May 30, 2011

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: 100 Feet Wide/Deep Sinkhole in Illinois?!

Here's a most stunning news report from Fox2Now, coming out of Illinois in the state of Chicago, of a major landslide that left a giant sinkhole in the ground.

"I'm in shock," said Harry Cranmer. The longtime Alton resident could not believe the property he once owned was now a giant hole in the ground. The Alton Fire Chief estimates a hole some 100 feet wide and 100 feet deep formed at the end of Shelly Street. He was cutting the grass Friday on the very spot where the ground collapsed on Saturday. There are two homes at the end of the street that are nestled in the bluffs with a view of the river. One of the homes is for sale and the owners of the other home were not home at the time of collapse. A water crew discovered the problem early Saturday morning while investigating a call for low water pressure. An 80 foot section of a 6-inch water main also broke. Water gushed down the mud creating a mess all the way down to the River Road. "A car slid sideways through the mud, crossed over the lane and hit the guard rail," said Alton Battalion Fire Chief Tom House. "We called the (Illinois) Department of Transportation and they brought out a snow plow pushed a lot of the mud off." Cranmer wonders of an old mining tunnel collapsed. Police blocked off the end of Shelly Street and made sure the gas was turned off in the neighborhood just in case there was another sudden jolt. A crack in the street seemed to grow on Saturday. Officials hoped to have more information from engineers in the days to come. - Fox2Now.

WATCH: Landslide and Sinkhole stuns owner in Illinois.

BRINK OF EXTINCTION: Coral Reefs - Increasingly Acidic Oceans!

In a new study, published today, scientists are issuing a dire warning that the coral reefs around the world could be teetering on the brink of extinction by the end of the century as the oceans become increasingly more acidic each day.

New evidence from volcanic seeps - fissures in the ocean floor that leak gases and minerals - suggests a bleak future for the reefs that harbour the world's richest marine ecosystems. Three natural carbon dioxide seeps in Papua New Guinea have given scientists a snapshot of how coral reefs may look in 100 years. Like man-made sources of carbon dioxide, the seeps are making the water around them more acidic. The study showed reductions in reef diversity and complexity as pH values fell from 8.1 to 7.8, indicating greater acidity. At values below 7.7, reef development ceased altogether. Climate change experts estimate that by the end of the century, ocean acidity worldwide will change in a similar way because of CO2 emissions. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecast predicts that rising concentrations of CO2 will reduce worldwide ocean pH from its present level of 8.1 to 7.8. Authors of the new research, writing in the journal Nature, said the effect of a pH drop below 7.8 would be 'catastrophic' for the coral. Chris Langdon, from the University of Miami in the US, who led the seep reef research, said: 'These 'champagne reefs' are natural analogues of how coral reefs may look in 100 years if ocean acidification conditions continue to get worse. - Daily Mail.

PLANETARY TREMORS: Dieng Volcano Spews Poisonous Gas!

In the most recent Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report on May 24th, the Dieng Volcanic Complex in Indonesia was highlighted as showing new activity and unrest:
Dieng part of the major volcanoes with eruptions since 1900.
Center of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (CVGHM) reported that during 18-22 May seismicity at Dieng Volcanic Complex increased. On 22 May diffuse white plumes rose 20 m from the Timbang cone; plumes from the cone had not been previously observed. The next day carbon dioxide gas emissions increased. CVGHM raised the Alert Level to 2 (on a scale of 1-4). Geologic Summary. The Dieng plateau in the highlands of central Java is renowned both for the variety of its volcanic scenery and as a sacred area housing Java's oldest Hindu temples, dating back to the 9th century AD.

The Dieng volcanic complex consists of two or more stratovolcanoes and more than 20 small craters and cones of Pleistocene-to-Holocene age over a 6 x 14 km area. Prahu stratovolcano was truncated by a large Pleistocene caldera, which was subsequently filled by a series of dissected to youthful cones, lava domes, and craters, many containing lakes. Lava flows cover much of the plateau, but have not occurred in historical time, when activity has been restricted to minor phreatic eruptions. Toxic volcanic gas emission has caused fatalities and is a hazard at several craters. The abundant thermal features that dot the plateau and high heat flow make Dieng a major geothermal prospect
Today, Viva News provides confirmation:
Chief of Geological Disaster Mitigation and Volcanology Agency, Surono, said Dieng Mountain in Central Java has seen increasing activities in the past few days as poisonous gas starts spewing into the air. The Indonesian Red Cross has evacuated inhabitants living in four villages of Sumberejo, Serang, Kaliputih and Simbung. This causes tourists to avoid coming to the area.

A staff at a homestay in Dieng said, "Some cancellations are indeed made. Tourists called off visits after being informed of [the volcanic activities," said Dwiyono who, like many Indonesians, uses one name. He believed tourist attractions in Dieng are still secure since the Timbang Crater, which produces carbon dioxide, is located 12 kilometers away from the said spots.

PLANETARY TREMORS: Kamchatka Volcano Spews Ash to 5 km!

In early May, the Shiveluch volcano erupted on the Kamchatka Peninsula, for about half an hour, accompanied by spew of ash from the crater as volcanic rock descent down the slopes. Later in the month, the volcano along with Kizimen and Karymsky produced moderate ash plumes that reached 6 km (20,000 feet). Today, another volcano on the peninsula erupted.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka (4750 m), the highest volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula, has spewed ash to an altitude of 5 kilometers above the sea level. The nearby settlements are said to be out of danger. At present, the moderate seismic activity of the giant volcano continues, following a number of ash falls observed in the evening of May 29th. The “orange” alert code has been assigned to the volcano warning of the danger posed by volcanic dust and emitted gases to the aircraft. - Voice of Russia.

EARTH CHANGES: Dramatic Waterspouts in NSW Storms, Australia!

A series of dramatic waterspouts was seen off the central coast of North South Wales in Australia, during storms that hit the region this morning.

The huge columns of water could be seen spiralling up from the sea near Avoca Beach about 9.45am. Up to four huge waterspouts were filmed approaching the shore as heavy storms battered the area. Bar attendant Rebecca Rodier, 34, was travelling to work at the Avoca Beach Hotel when she saw the twisters rising up. "It was exciting," she said. "I have seen them before, but not as big as that. "I have lived on the water all my life and seen some waterspouts before, so I wasn’t really worried about it hitting the shore. "It looked like it was a huge thing out at sea, like a tornado."

The natural phenomenon occurs when a rapidly rotating column of air below a cloud causes a pressure drop, which lowers the temperature and creates swirling droplets of condensation. Experts say they rarely hit the shore, but when they do, they can cause serious damage to coastal areas. Last June, a natural disaster zone was declared at Lennox Head after a waterspout twister tore through the town, wrecking properties and infrastructure.
- NineMSN

WATCH: Waterspouts on Avoca Beach.

NUCLEAR DEAD ZONE: Fukushima Radiation As High As Chernobyl!

Radioactive soil in pockets of areas near Japan's crippled nuclear plant Fukushima, have reached the same level as Chernobyl, where a "dead zone" remains 25 years after the reactor in the former Soviet Union exploded.

Soil samples in areas outside the 20-kilometer (12 miles) exclusion zone around the Fukushima plant measured more than 1.48 million becquerels a square meter, the standard used for evacuating residents after the Chernobyl accident, Tomio Kawata, a fellow at the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan, said in a research report published May 24 and given to the government. Radiation from the plant has spread over 600 square kilometers (230 square miles), according to the report. The extent of contamination shows the government must move fast to avoid the same future for the area around Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant as Chernobyl, scientists said.

Technology has improved since the 1980s, meaning soil can be decontaminated with chemicals or by planting crops to absorb radioactive materials, allowing residents to return. "We need to finish this treatment as quickly as possible, within three years at most," Tetsuo Iguchi, a specialist in isotope analysis and radiation detection at Nagoya University in central Japan, said in a telephone interview. "If we take longer, people will give up on returning to their homes." Soil samples showed one site with radiation from Cesium-137 exceeding 5 million becquerels per square meter about 25 kilometers to the northwest of the Fukushima plant, according to Kawata's study. Five more sites about 30 kilometers from Dai- Ichi showed radiation exceeding 1.48 million becquerels per square meter. When asked to comment on the report today, Tokyo Electric spokesman Tetsuya Terasawa said the radiation levels are in line with those found after a nuclear bomb test, which disperses plutonium. He declined to comment further.
- SFGate.

EARTH CHANGES: Highest Greenhouse Gas Emissions in History!

The highest greenhouse gas emissions in history is pushing global warming conditions towards extremely dangerous levels, according to new figures.

Estimates from the International Energy Agency show that a whopping 30.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide was pumped into the atmosphere last year - a worrying rise of 1.6Gt on 2009. The IEA has warned that annual emissions should be no higher than 32Gt by 2020 if the world is to avoid the most damaging effects of global warming. At the current rate of carbon dioxide production, the threshold of 'dangerous climate change' - defined as a global temperature rise of 2C - looks almost impossible to be avoided. 'It is becoming extremely challenging to remain below 2 degrees. The prospect is getting bleaker,' said Fatih Birol, chief economist of the IEA.

It had been hoped that the global recession would have a positive effect on emissions - but the impact so far is negligible. If we continue the way we're going, there is a 50 per cent chance that the global average temperature will rise by more than 4C by 2100, according to Professor Lord Stern of the London School of Economics, the author of the Stern Report into the economics of climate change in 2006. 'Such warming would disrupt the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people across the planet, leading to widespread mass migration and conflict,' Stern told the Guardian.
- Daily Mail.

EARTH CHANGES: Typhoon Songda hits Southern Japan?

Despite having weakened somewhat, Typhoon Songda now a Tropical Storm, is yet another natural disaster to hit the already stricken country.

The first major storm of the season is now making its way across southern Japan. It has weakened somewhat, but Tropical Storm Songda is yet another natural disaster to hit the stricken country in recent times. This has been quite a long-lived storm, and we have been tracking its progress for more than a week now. Thankfully, it has by-and-large stayed clear of the major land masses in the Western Pacific. It brushed the Philippines, passing to the northeast of Luzon as a typhoon before drifting east of Taiwan on its way towards Japan. At its peak it had sustained winds of 240kmph making it a super typhoon (the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane on the Safir-Simpson Scale).

The fact that the eye of the typhoon remained over the ocean means that it has been able to maintain its warm water source, which has thus continued to feed the storm. As a result, the outer rain bands have produced major rain events for all in its path along with very high seas. It is now weakening over the slightly cooler waters to the south of Japan and the northwest Pacific. Feeling the effects. As the typhoon made its way towards Kyushu on Sunday morning, Japan's Meteorological Agency issued a mudslide warning for Kagoshima, where recent volcanic eruptions left the ground weak and prone to such events. Kagoshima received 121mm of rain on Saturday. A little further south, Naze had a whopping 160mm in the same time period. Subsequently, 15,400 households suffered power cuts and 426 households lost their water supply. Overall, the combination of strong winds and heavy rain left at least 58 people injured and 278,000 households without power.
- Al Jazeera
WATCH: Storm Songda churns towards Tokyo.

As Songda continues to move along the east coast of Japan, fortunately, the troubled Fukushima nuclear reactors are not expected to be affected by the storm, in contrast to earlier forecasts.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 115 Quakes at Taal Volcano in 24 Hours!

In an earlier article, I told you that wildlife experts have been left stunned by the sudden and mysterious deaths of over 800 tons of milk fish (bangus) near the Taal volcano in the Philippines, it now turns out that there have been 115 earthquakes reported at the volcano in past 24 hours. This suggest something relation and points to seismic tremors, volcanism and disturbances that is posing a severe threat to wildlife in the area.

State volcanogists noted a "remarkable increase" in seismic activity at Taal Volcano in Batangas, recording 115 volcanic quakes in the last 24 hours. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology director Renato Solidum Jr. said some of the volcanic quakes were felt between Intensity I and IV. "Ang ibig sabihin ang bulkan ay abnormal... Posibleng ito ay dahilan ng pag-adjust ng bulkan habang paakyat ang magma (It means activity at the volcano is abnormal. It means the volcano is likely adjusting as magma continues to make its way up)," Solidum said in an interview on dzBB radio. However, he said they could not yet tell at this time if this will lead to an eruption. Solidum also said there is no indication for now that would prompt Phivolcs to raise the alert level to "3."

"Akala ng mga residente ng Taal Volcano Island walang nangyayari sa volcano, maraming abnormality ang ating nakikita sa iba't ibang parametro (So residents at Volcano Island who think nothing is happening at the volcano anymore should think again. There are still many abnormalities at the volcano)," he added in a separate interview on dwIZ radio. Phivolcs' Monday update said that of the 115 volcanic quakes, 12 were felt between Intensity I and IV at Pira-piraso, Alas-as and Calauit located at northeast, southwest and southeast sectors of Volcano Island, respectively. One of these events at 8:32 p.m. Sunday was felt at Intensity I while nine quakes between 1:02 a.m. and 3:26 a.m. Monday were felt at Intensity II. Phivolcs added one event at 1:26 a.m. Monday was felt at Intensity III, while one at 1:05 a.m. Monday was felt at Intensity IV.  "All of these felt events were reportedly accompanied by rumbling sounds," Phivolcs said. Phivolcs also said Alert Level 2 remains over Taal Volcano, meaning magma has been intruding towards the surface. It reminded the public the Main Crater, Daang Kastila Trail and Mt. Tabaro are strictly off-limits because sudden hazardous steam-driven explosions may occur and high concentrations of toxic gases may accumulate. Also, it said the entire Volcano Island is a Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ), and permanent settlement in the island is strictly not recommended. Bulusan watch. In Sorsogon, one volcanic earthquake was recorded in the last 24 hours.

Bulusan Volcano’s status remains at Alert Level 1, where entry to the 4-km radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is strictly prohibited, since the area is at risk to sudden steam and ash explosions. Mayon quiet. In Albay, Mayon Volcano remained quiet, with no volcanic earthquake in the last 24 hours, Phivolcs said. But it noted steaming activity at the crater was moderate with white steam clouds creeping down slope towards northeast and northwest. Alert Level 1 remains in effect over Mayon Volcano, with the public advised against entering the 6-km radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) due to the continuing threat from sudden small explosions and rockfalls from the upper and middle slopes of the volcano. Phivolcs said active stream/river channels and those perennially identified as lahar prone areas in the southern sector should also be avoided especially during bad weather conditions or when there is heavy and prolonged rainfall.
- GMA News.

EARTH CHANGES: Severe Storm & Tornado Hammers Michigan!

According to early news reports, emergency management officials in Coldwater, in the state of Michigan, say there might have been a possible tornado, that stormed through Branch County. Trees are down across roads and on top of several homes and cars in the Battle Creek area.

A series of fast moving storms knocked out the lights for over 100,000 residents throughout Michigan tonight. A tornado watch was issued earlier today for 34 counties, including Wayne, Oakland, Monroe, Macomb and St. Clair counties as the storms rolled through the region. The weather service is investigating a possible tornado touchdown in Shiawasssee County. In Battle Creek, a fast moving and powerful storm knocked down hundreds of trees and damaged buildings across the city but did not causing any serious injuries, the Battle Creek Enquirer reported. As night fell, teams of emergency workers moved through neighborhoods checking damaged homes and vehicles. A temporary shelter was established by the Red Cross at a high school and a command post for police, fire, and search teams was set up at W.K. Kellogg Airport.

Statewide, Consumers Energy reported nearly 96,000 customers without power with Calhoun County being hardest hit with nearly 28,000 affected. Spokesman Jay Jacobs said the southern portion of the state was hit the hardest. “We’ve got lots of wires down all over the place,” said Jabobs. He said crews would be working all night and through the day Monday using full staffs to restore power. Nearly 22,000 DTE customers throughout southeast Michigan were without power. The numbers included 8,000 residents in Livingston County, 5900 in Oakland County 4500 in Ingham County, 2600 in Monroe County and the rest scattered throughout various counties. John Austerberry, a spokesman for DTE Energy said crews had been dispatched throughout the problem areas and would continue working through the night to help restore power.

- Detroit Free Press.

WATCH: Storm damage in Battle Creek.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: 800 Tons of Fish near Taal Volcano?!

On Saturday, I told you of the 375 tons of dead milk fish (bangus) seen floating on Taal Lake in Talisay, Batangas in the Philippines. It now seems that the total amount has dramatically increased to 800 tons, leaving wildlife experts baffled by the sudden deaths, which occurred near the Taal volcano south of Manila.

Residents were stunned when the milkfish, a widespread local dish, began dying and floating of the surface late last week. Officials have banned the sale of the rotting fish, which are being buried by the truckload in Talisay and four other towns in Batangas province. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources official Rose del Mundo said today that the number of dying fish has now eased off slightly. The deaths are believed to be unrelated to recent signs of restiveness in Taal volcano, which is surrounded by the lake where many villagers have grown milkfish and tilapia - staple food for many Filipinos.

The volcano and lake are a popular tourist draw. Experts believe that a sudden drop in temperature may have been responsible for the millions of fish deaths. Talisay agricultural officer Zenaida Mendoza said an initial investigation showed the deaths may have been caused by the temperature change as the rainy season set in last week after a scorching summer, which also depleted the lake's oxygen levels. Schools of fish were seen swimming in circles before they floated dead to the surface in huge numbers. The deaths have occurred in the past at summer's end but in much smaller numbers, Mendoza said. Some Taal lake areas turned white due to the massive numbers of dead milk-colored fish.
- Daily Mail.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Huge Sinkhole Swallows Lorry in China!

Over the last year or two, I have been documenting the huge sinkholes that have been mysteriously appearing all over the country of China. Today, I have another one to report, as a massive gaping hole in the city of Changchun swallowed up a lorry in just six seconds.

Staring into the huge hole in the road, this Chinese official probably cannot believe his eyes. That's because a lorry has fallen down this massive fracture in the road which opened up as he drove over it. The drama unfolded in the city of Changchun, which is the capital of north eastern China's Jilin province, earlier today. The two men who were inside the cab at the time of the accident were both injured, but there were no reports of how badly. Authorities are now investigating the accident but they suspect the truck, which was carrying steel pipes, was overweighted. The accident is just one of hundreds that take place in China each year, with the country being one of the most dangerous places in the world to drive. There are around 100,000 deaths a year caused as a result of traffic accidents, which is twice the number of the United States, despite the fact the U.S. has four times as many cars. The roads are also notorious for poor building standards. In February four lorry drivers were lucky to survive after a bridge collapsed as they drove over it in Shangyu, in east China's Zhejiang Province. Their lorries plunged 25 feet before overturning as they all switched from one motorway to another. - Daily Mail.

SIGNS & SYMBOLS: 2011 - The Early Crop Circles of the Season!

The following video is a visual presentation of the more elaborate crop circles formation that has been documented in the Crop Circle Connector online database.

Click HERE for more aerial shots, ground shots, field reports, diagrams and articles.

MAJOR ALERT: E.COLI Outbreak - Bacteria Spreads Across Europe!

A public warning has now been issued, as the world's biggest outbreak of a deadly form of E.coli bacteria has claimed another life as it continues to spread across Europe.

Health officials say the virus, believed to have originated from organic cucumbers imported from Spain, has killed 10 people and infected hundreds more in Germany. The epicentre of the outbreak has been in the country's north with more than 270 people contracting the disease in recent weeks - four times the normal annual figure of about 60. Three cases have also been reported in Britain, a further 25 in Sweden and seven in Denmark. In Austria there have been two cases, while the Netherlands and Switzerland have each had one suspected case. All of the cases are understood to have been linked with travel to Germany. Experts said the outbreak of hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS), which affects the blood, kidneys and, in severe cases, the nervous system, was the largest ever in Germany - and the biggest of its kind worldwide. An 86-year-old woman was the latest victim of the bug after she died in the University Hospital Luebeck on Saturday. Her husband is among about 70 patients being treated for the bacteria at the northern Germany hospital, whose doctors say they expect to see 10 new cases a day in the coming weeks. Health officials have advised people in affected areas in Europe to avoid eating cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. - Sky News.

Spanish vegetables suspected of contamination with a potentially deadly bacteria are being recalled from stores in Austria and the Czech Republic to prevent the spread of a deadly outbreak, officials said Sunday. The death toll from the bacteria rose to at least 10 people, and hundreds across Europe have been sickened. Czech authorities said 120 organic Spanish cucumbers were being pulled off shelves while their counterparts in neighboring Austria announced that "small amounts" of cucumbers, as well as tomatoes and eggplants, were being removed from 33 stores. The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety said it was informed by a European Union warning system that two German companies had issued an immediate recall and sales ban of cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants they had delivered in to stores in the Alpine republic. The agency said that some of the vegetables may have been sold and urged consumers to throw them away. The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority said cucumbers from a contaminated shipment also went to Hungary and Luxembourg. There were no immediate reports of illness there. The cucumbers transited Germany, where health officials said Sunday one more person had succumbed to the bacteria, raising the death toll from nine to 10. The number of people infected also went up over the weekend, with at least 467 cases of intestinal infection in the northern city of Hamburg alone, including 91 cases of the more severe hemolytic uremic syndrome, Hamburg health official Cornelia Pruefer-Storcks told German news agency DAPD on Sunday. HUS is a rare complication arising from infection associated with the E. coli bacterium. An exact number of infections in Germany was not available, but local papers estimated that around 1,000 people had fallen ill with the intestinal infection across the country by Sunday. - Huffington Post.

EARTH CHANGES: Hailstorm hits 20 Villages in Namutumba, Uganda!

About 40 houses had their roofs blown off and hundreds of acres of crops destroyed when a hailstorm hit Namutumba District, in eastern Uganda. The two-hour hailstorm on Thursday hit 20 villages including Isegero A and B, Ndikitwamaila, Namukoge, Busene, Nabikenge, Bakudumira, Nawampiti, Kibaale and Kivule.

Domestic animals and birds were also killed. Eight hours after the downpour, ice blocks were still visible on the ground. In Nsinze Sub-county, several plantations under the Naads programme were destroyed. Mr Richard Kayingo, the sub-county NAADS coordinator, while touring the plantations, said the government should provide relief aid, including seeds, to farmers. “This is horrible. It is a total destruction and there is no hope for farmers to have any harvest this season,” he said. Most of the crops were left with two months to mature but farmers’ hope of a fruitful harvest has been dashed.“We have nothing to do right now. We don’t have seeds. The affected families should be given food aid for three months as they wait for the new season,” Mr Kayingo said.

Residents have also appealed to non-governmental organisations to come to their aid. ‘No mangoes for lunch. My family has been depending on mangoes for lunch and breakfast. We have been eating food only at supper. But now that the hailstorms have destroyed the mangoes, I don’t know how my family of 15 will survive,” said Moses Nabongo of Isegero village. The area councillor, Mr George Damba, asked government to provide temporary shelter to the affected families. The Chief Administrative Officer, Mr David Kawoya, said he has set up a team to assess the magnitude of the damage. “I have set up a team led by the district agriculture officer to establish the actual number of people affected and the acreage of the plantations destroyed so that we forward the report to the ministry of disaster preparedness for redress,” he said. Two people sustained serious injuries when a building collapsed on them during the downpour and were admitted to Nsinze Health Centre IV.
- Monitor.

NEPHILIM RISING: BIGFOOT - Ape-Like Creature Finally Caught?!

Truth be told, the reality of mankind's creation, history and evolution is based primarily on DNA manipulation and control, the genetic engineering and modification of the genotypes of human beings. Our entire history is replete with stories, mythologies and legends from various contrasting cultures of beings described as "Gods" - ancient alien astronauts, serpent/reptilian deities, intergalactic scientists or human-like extraterrestrials who performed genetic experiments and structural changes on the earliest family of Hominids.

Through literal interpretation of the ancient Atlantean/Babylonian/Sumerian Cuneiform clay tablets, authors and researchers like Eric Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin theorized that the extinct species of Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, extinct genus Australopithecus and the anthropoid ape family of Hominidae had their genetic constitution altered: from large brain sizes; low musculature and flattened facial features and a bent bipedal posture, to the: highly developed brain; capable of reasoning; self-awareness; robust features and the erect body posture of Cro-Magnon to Homo sapiens to ultimately modern humans or Homo sapiens sapiens. Daniken and Sitchin believed that this re engineering of the DNA of prehistoric man, was done by an advanced extraterrestrial race from Nibiru, the "Planet of the Crossing," who came to our Solar System and to Earth on a 3,600 years elliptical orbit. These beings were called the Anunnaki, meaning "Those who from Heaven, to Earth came." They were also referred to as Elohim or El and produced a hybrid offspring with human women called the Nephilim (Nefilim) or Watchers.

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." - Genesis 6:4.

If we exist in a semiotic universe, where the ancient mythological and religious text is considered as a metaphor of the universal order and a sacred geometrical fingerprint of the genesis of all creations, then  any understanding and discernment must be constructed based on the harmonic usage of fractals, anagrams and Gematria calculations of the encoded system of symbols, patterns, signs and languages. The words REPTILIAN GODS offers up several fractals based on anagrammatic calculations, indicating elements of an overall pattern.


In sentence form, this set reads: The Reptilian Gods (Serpents, Dragons, Aliens, Angels, EL, Extraterrestrial) altered the DNA (genes), specifically the pituitary and pineal glands of the original man in the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth (Terra).

Symbols of the Reptilian Manipulation of DNA - Kundalini, Pineal and Pituitary Glands;
Frequency Identity Signature; ID; Spiraling Consciousness; As Above, So Below;
Modern Medicine Logo; to the World Health Organization.
Now, the Anunnaki were often depicted as humanoid or reptilian. Sometimes they were shown with bird heads, atop a human body with angelic wings. The archetypes of dragons, dinosauroids, monsters, minotaur, cyclops, centaurs, reptiles, reptoids, lizards, snakes and androgynous-ly diverse beings is linked to the various worldwide mythologies of the "Serpent Gods." The ancient records speak of these beings who fell from the spiritual oneness, laws and grace of the divine creative consciousness and became trapped into a cyclical time dimensional matrix, governed by the paradigm of duality. A desecration and pollution of the interconnectivity of the awakening and expansive divine source, into the spiritual poverty of conflict, division, iniquity and evil. This fundamental split between the spiritual and material, created a new world, separated from the divine nature and principles embodied in the oneness of the divine source. These fallen beings descended away from this consciousness, utilizing the knowledge and memory of the higher realms to manipulate the genetics of the existing species on Earth to formulate mankind's first primitive forms, experimentations that lacked the moral essence of the infinite divine energy, since it was borne out of rebellion, ego and revolution.

Out of this rebellion came the Nephilim. The ancient sacred texts, legends and myths featured stories about these hybrids. Gigantic beings  of great stature, strength and lifespan; possessing many of the exceptional wisdom, knowledge and power of their creators. Ancient Sanskrit texts refer to Vimanas - flying celestial vehicles, which could "cause the entire sky to blaze." The Popul Vuh, the sacred book of the ancient Maya, illustrates this story of extraterrestrial gods coming from heaven, creating mankind in their own image in a continuously repeated process over a long period and during different time epochs. In its creation myths, three deities in a celestial trinity realm called Tepeu, collectively combines with another deity Gucumatz from the terrestrial plane to create humanity after a series of unsuccessful attempts.

"This the Forefathers did, Tepeu and Gucumatz, as they were called. After that they began to talk about the creation and the making of our first mother and father; of yellow corn and of white corn they made their flesh; of cornmeal dough they made the arms and the legs of man. Only dough of corn meal went into the flesh of our first fathers, the four men, who were created..."

with the Red Sun.
GIANT, GIANTS and NEPHILIM are fractals of REPTILIAN GODS. GIANTS is represented in simple Gematria with the number 70, which mystically is also the number for the following words: YAHWEH, HATHOR, REPHAIM, LILITH, ROBOT, CYBORG, ADAM AND EVE, SECRET and VATICAN. YAHWEH is the Creator God of the Israelites, who created the first humans ADAM AND EVE and whose Hebrew consonants YHWH (Tetragrammaton) bears a remarkable similarity to the DNA sequencing and structure ACTG; HATHOR was an Egyptian Goddess. Identified with Isis, Aphrodite and Venus, she is described as the mother of RA/Horus and often depicted in a red dress with the sun disk, cow's horn and serpent head. As a sky/serpent-goddess, she denotes motherhood and was known to help women in childbirth.

In Hebrew etymology, REPHAIM represents a race of giants or Nephilim or Titans in the "Iron Age of Israel" and also the lands in Canaan and Jordan where giants once occupied. According to Jewish folklore, LILITH was Adam's first wife, who mated with the ArchAngel Samael.  She was commonly drawn in the ancient writings and paintings with a serpent wrapped around her private parts and the rest of her body. The Babylonian Talmud, represents her as a demonic serpent. ROBOTs AND CYBORGs are seen as the modern mechanical, cybernetic organisms and bioengineering designation of the continued SECRET program of genetic manipulation towards posthumanism and the dimensional ascent controlled by the elite groups such as the VATICAN Church State in Rome, Italy. Incidentally, the Italian equivalent for the English word ARCHANGEL, ARCANGELI also equals to 70.

Therefore, it is evidently clear that the metaphorical symbolism of this Sacred Geometry is a secretive reference to genetic engineering. Observe the aforementioned word TETRAGRAMMATON, it is 166 in Gematria, a number which also corresponds to other words like DRAGON BLOODLINES, REPTILIAN QUEEN, ANNUIT COEPTIS (New World Order, see Great Seal of the United States), SECRET SOCIETY, ANTHROPOLOGY, TWENTY THIRD (23. 2/3 = .666), GENETICS OF DIVINE,... etc.

Here's more confirmation: In Hindu mythology, there were giants called the Daityas, who fought against angelic creation deities or supernatural beings called the Devas. The walls of the Indus Valley Civization in India, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and many other places in southern Asia showcases the exploits of the Devas and the Daityas such as Varuna, Mitra, Bali, Hirayakashipu, Indra, Soma, Agni, and Hiranyaksha. The ancient India sanskrit literature, the Vedas revealed the Devas as Deiwos, the celestial shining ones descending from heaven. In Greece, the mythology of the Gigantes (Giants) stemmed from the union of Gaia (Mother Earth) and the blood of Uranus (Father Sky). The Olympian creation myth speak of how Gaia bore Uranus a race of gigantic children that came to be known as the Titans, the Hecatonchires, the Cyclopes, the Furies, the Erinyes, and the Nymphs. The anthropomorphic "Gods" of the Wandering Stars/Planets of the Roman cosmogony. Giants such as Cronus (Saturn), Apollo, Oceanus, Poseidon, Io, Zeus (Jupiter), Europa, Phoenix, Ares (Mars) and Venus. This was also seen in the heroic cult story of the demi-god Hercules, the partially immortal super-human illegitimate son of the Roman God Jupiter and the mortal Alcmena, who became legendary throughout Greek and Roman iconography as a giant slayer.

"The mating of ordinary women with supernatural beings is an integral part of all religious lore." - John Keel, Our Haunted Planet.

The story of Uranus and Gaia is also seen in the creation myths of Egyptian Sky Goddess Nuit and her relationship with her husband/brother Geb, the Egyptian Earth God, where the Sun God RA/RE was birth from her vulva. Nuit is also the Goddess of Aleister Crowley's Thelema, one-third of the triadic cosmology, along with Hadit (her masculine counterpart), and Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Horus), the Crowned and Conquering Child.

From the Anakites in Sumeria; Goliath and the Philistines in Babylon; the Ogias in Persia; the Jotuns in Iceland (Norse/Teutonic); the Ispolini in Bulgaria; the Jentilak and Mairuak of the Basque Country; Anakim, Og, Gog, Magog and Rephaim of Hebrew Origins; the Dehotgohsgayeh of the Iroquois; the Volot/Volotomon in Russia; the Nunhyunuwi of the Cherokee; the Jinns of the Arabic traditions;... etc. This story of our creation, ancestry, history, and cosmology is littered with episodes of sky gods falling from grace, mating with the women of the Earth and producing giants. In the records of the Atlantean civilization, where there was a worldwide technologically advanced culture, there are legends of the procreation and experimentation of abominations, half-human creatures, minotaurs, centaurs, satyrs, hybrids, beasts, etc.

Stories, legends and mythologies which brings us to the modern theories that strange creatures like Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch and others might just be descendants of this genetic manipulation and hybridization program.
Is Bigfoot real? It's a question that many have asked since the first sightings back in the 1800s when explorers began talking about an ape-like creature that walked like a man. Many scientists have brushed off reports that the creatures exists, and so far no real proof has been presented. Daniel Masias hopes to be the one to prove Bigfoot's exists. His fascination began in 1982 when he claimed to have seen two of the creatures near his Green Mountain Falls home one morning. "In the winter, when there was snow, we noticed there were footprints. The prints didn't have shoes on them; they were just bare feet," he recalled. Masias described the creatures as hairy and less than 6 feet tall, but the footprints they left behind were not human-like. Masias said one creature has a foot span of about 12 inches, the other about 7 inches. "So, not really big, about average human size," he said. When asked why no one has seen these creatures or taken pictures with current technology, Masias said he thinks the creatures are coming through a wormhole, an intergalactic travel portal from one galaxy to another. Masias isn't the only one to have claimed to have seen Bigfoot. Ken French, a ranger for the Pikes Peak District, remembers seeing a strange creature near Centennial Point, near the summit of the peak. "I saw a dark uniformed color individual walking on the snow, and I stopped my tour bus and ask for binoculars," recalled French. He thinks the creature was about 1,000 yards away. "It was big and dark and it had a big gate, so it looked unusual to me." French remembered that it walked like a person, but he felt it was odd at the time. "It's not unusual to see people on a snow slope, usually on a ridge line walking, but you do see people up there occasionally, but it's usually a couple of people," said French. After the numerous sightings on Pikes Peak, ranger put up a Bigfoot crossing sign to warn visitors of what they could be in store for when they drive up to the 14,110 foot summit. - Alien Disclosure Group
WATCH: News Channel 13 report.

NOTE: Excerpts from this article contains elements from a previous piece that I wrote entitled: "LUCIFER/SIRIUS RISING: The Serpent Gods - DNA Manipulation and Hybridization, and the Devolution of Man."