Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SIGNS & WONDERS: Revelations - Blood Red Moon on Wednesday!

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood. - Revelation 6:12, The Bible.

The moon will appear to turn blood red this Wednesday as the United Kingdom will experience a total lunar eclipse.

Sky watchers in the UK will be hoping for a cloudless sky on Wednesday evening so they can get the best view of the longest total lunar eclipse since 2000. The dramatic event will turn the moon blood red for 100 minutes during the period of totality. But Nasa warned Europeans will miss the early stages of the eclipse 'because they occur before moonrise.' The eclipse beings at 6.24pm (BST) and ends at midnight but sunset doesn't occur in the UK until 9.19pm. People in the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and western Australia will be able to enjoy the entire event. However, those in the U.S will miss out as the eclipse will occur during daylight hours. The moon is normally illuminated by the Sun. During a lunar eclipse the Earth, Sun and Moon are in line and the Earth’s shadow moves across the surface of the full moon. Sunlight that has passed through the Earth’s atmosphere makes the moon appear red, brown or black. The moon travels to a similar position every month, but the tilt of the lunar orbit means that it normally passes above or below the terrestrial shadow. This means a full moon is seen but no eclipse takes place. - Daily Mail.
WATCH: Turning the Moon Blood Red!

At least twice a year, the lunar eclipse provides parts of the world with the beautiful, yet frightening, glimpse of a crimson lunar surface. However, this exceptional event will not happen again for 7 years.

This month's full moon will pass almost directly through the center of Earth's shadow on Wednesday in what will be an unusually long total eclipse of the moon. The lunar eclipse will occur just two weeks after a June 1 partial solar eclipse, when the moon blocked part of the sun as viewed from Arctic regions. The eclipse won't be visible from North America due to its timing, which places the event in the daylight hours when the moon is behind the local horizon. But the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth will be facing the moon during the eclipse. This hemisphere, centered on a spot in the Indian Ocean to the east of the island nation of Madagascar, will have a ringside seat for this event... At mid-eclipse (2013 GMT), the moon will be passing just to the north of the center of the Earth's shadow. As such, the duration of totality is an unusually long 100 minutes, which is just seven minutes shy of the absolute maximum for a total lunar eclipse. In fact, over the last 100 years, only three other eclipses have rivaled the duration of totality of this eclipse : The total lunar eclipse of July 16, 1935, lasted 101 minutes; the eclipse of July 6, 1982, lasted 107 minutes; the eclipse of July 16, 2000, lasted 107 minutes. The next total lunar eclipse of exceptional length will come on July 27, 2018, and will last 106 minutes. On Dec. 10, 2011, another total lunar eclipse will be visible before the moon sets over the western United States and Canada. After that, the next total lunar eclipse that will be widely visible across all of North America will be on April 15, 2014. - MSN.

Extraterrestrial & UFO Memes: James Fox's "I Know What I Saw!"

“The most compelling film on the [UFO] subject to date!” - Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

“This is the most compelling documentary I have ever seen on the subject of UFOs. It has a laser beam focus and presents an undeniable body of evidence which will turn the biggest skeptics into believers. James Fox has provided us with a unique public service by busting through the veils of secrecy and giving us the startling facts!” - Fife Symington, Former Arizona Governor

“As you know, I just screened a cut of "I Know What I Saw!" and I was floored. As someone with almost 30 years experience in the entertainment industry, I have to say this is truly the most credible film on UFOs I've ever seen -- and you know I’ve seen many. I felt your juxtaposition of all the startling new evidence with your own personal journey to uncover the truth was totally compelling. Your tenacity and unshakeable faith really comes through loud and clear.” - Larry Landsman, NBC Universal.

The documentary "I Know What I Saw!" change the way we see the universe. Director, James Fox assembled some of the most credible UFO witnesses from around the world to testify at The National Press Club in Washington D.C.. They were: Air Force Generals, US astronauts, military pilots, commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries. Governor Fife Symington from Arizona stated said, it: "will challenge your reality".

Their accounts reveal a secret U.S. operation with the aim to confiscate and hoard substantiating evidence from close encounters to the extent that even Presidents have failed to get straight answers. The documentary exposes reasons behind government secrecy from those involved at the highest level.

WATCH: "I Know What I Saw!"

For more, visit the official documentary site: I Know What I Saw!

"Maybe someone involved in the US government knows the origin of these craft, but I don't. If they are ours, then someone has been hiding revolutionary technology for over 50 years. If any of them are not man-made, then we are not alone."James Fox

PLANETARY TREMORS: Sumatran Quake Tremors Felt In Malaysia!

Two earthquakes hit northern Sumatra on Tuesday morning, sending tremors that were felt in Selangor, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Perak, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur.

Tremors were reported in several areas on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia following two earthquakes in northern Sumatera, Indonesia, Tuesday. A 5.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in northern Sumatera at 8.08 am and another, of 5.7-magnitude, happened at 11.01 am, according to the Malaysian Meteorological Department, which said the quakes did not trigger any tsunami.

Tremors from both the earthquakes were felt here and in Putrajaya, Selangor, Perak, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. Members of the public kept ringing Bernama to learn the reason for the tremors.

Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department assistant director of the fire division Azizan Ismail said people in several high-rise buildings in the city called in to report the tremors. Among the buildings in Kuala Lumpur where the tremors were felt at about 11 am are Wisma Bernama, Menara Kenanga, the Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) headquarters and Megan Avenue. Azizan said the tremors were more intense from the eighth floor upwards, but added that there were no reports of damage. M. Govind Nair, 60, Bernama's assistant editor at the English Sub-Editing Desk at Wisma Bernama, said he felt the tremors at about 11 am. "The tremors lasted for five to six seconds. My chair shook a bit, and then I felt a little dizzy," he said. Bernama's Infolib administrative assistant Mohd Wahid Md Som, 53, said he felt the tremors for about 10 seconds. "I did not think of rushing out of the building because the tremors only lasted for a short while. I was a little afraid but remained calm," said Mohd Wahid who works on the eighth floor
. - Bernama.

THE DELUGE: 300-Foot Hole Breach Torn In Missouri River Levee!

Parts of Iowa are bracing for flash flooding after a 300-foot hole was torn in the Missouri River's levee within minutes. The National Weather Service has warned residents of Hamburg and parts of Interstate 29 to prepare for a deluge as the swollen Missouri is expected to rise to record levels and stay there for weeks. The flooding along the Missouri has already displaced thousands of people in South Dakota and threatens to add to the misery downstream in the Mississippi Valley, where record floods earlier this year caused billions of dollars in damage.

Federal officials say the swollen Missouri River has punched a nearly 300-foot hole into a levee near the southwest Iowa town of Hamburg, and powerful floodwaters are continuing to widen the breach. It's one of two levees that ruptured along the river Monday morning, sending torrents of water over rural farmland toward Hamburg and the Missouri resort town of Big Lake. Officials originally estimated that the levee just south of Hamburg had a 50-foot hole, but it had grown to nearly 300 feet by Monday evening. Floodwaters are expected by Wednesday to reach the top of a secondary levee protecting Hamburg, home to about 1,100 people. The Army Corps of Engineers says crews are working to add another 3 feet to that levee. If it breaks, parts of Hamburg could be under 10 feet of standing water.

The rising Missouri River ruptured two levees in northwest Missouri on Monday, sending torrents of flood waters over rural farmland toward a small town in Iowa and a resort community in Missouri. Water rushing from a 50-foot-wide hole in a levee near the southwest Iowa town of Hamburg was expected to reach a secondary levee built to protect the town of about 1,100 people by Tuesday. If that levee fails, parts of Hamburg could be under as much as 10 feet of standing water, officials said. Terry Holliman, who owns an auto parts store in Hamburg, said water was shooting into farmland near one of three spots where the levee had previously leaked. "It's impressive," Holliman said. "The force is unbelievable." Across the border in Missouri, the river punched a 225-foot-wide hole through a levee about 45 miles south near Big Lake in Holt County. The roughly 30 residents who stayed in the resort town after the river started rising were told to leave Monday.

The Army Corps of Engineers has steadily increased the amount of water it is releasing from dams along the Missouri River to account for excess water from heavy spring rains in the Upper Plains and to clear out space for above-average snowmelt coming down from the Rockies. Releases from the Missouri's five lower dams should reach 150,000 cubic feet of water per second Tuesday — more than twice the previous record releases. The swollen Missouri River has already flooded several areas in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, and officials predict the problems will linger through the summer.
- Yahoo.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Thousands of Fish in the Solomon Islands!

People in the Western Solomon Islands are baffled over the sightings of thousands of dead fish, found floating in the Marovo lagoon since last weekend.

Reports reaching Solomon Star early this week said since Saturday there were schools of dead fish found floating inside the lagoon area. A man from the area Lloyd Nonga said the sightings of the dead fish have caused panic amongst the villagers. “Dead fish found here in Marovo lagoon for the last 3 days, since Saturday. “There were dead fish floating in the sea which caused panic among local communities here in the central part of Marovo lagoon,” he said. Mr Nonga who informed this paper via email said the exact cause that led to the death of fish stock in the area is still unknown as of yesterday. But he said locals have blamed a foreigner who is developing a tourism resort in the area. “Locals are pointing figure to a foreigner who is married to a local Marovo woman and is developing an island on the edge of the lagoon for tourism,” he said.

Unconfirmed reports said a suspected chemical used to treat timbers against white ants is likely the cause. It is unclear how the chemicals ended up in the sea. As of yesterday evening people still found more dead fish floating in front of the villages. Mr Nonga said the incident had also resulted in a woman suffering from food poisoning. “A woman believed to be suffering from food poisoning at Chea village was evident. “Village elders/leaders have restrained people within their communities not to eat fish until relevant authority come to assess the situation,” Mr Nonga said. Following the sightings of the dead fish in the area children were instructed not to swim in the sea. Last night Mr Nonga told Solomon Star the community have notified the fisheries and environment department on the matter. “We have sent a report along with photos of dead fish to the ministry.” It is unclear when an assessment team will be dispatched to the area. The western provincial is yet to be informed about this incident, Mr Nonga said last night. The community wants the issue dealt with quickly. Meanwhile Mr Nonga said Honiara residence should take precautionary measures when buying reef fish from eskies sent to Honiara from Marovo for sell
. - Solomon Star News.

MONUMENTAL DISASTER: Chile Volcano Wreaks Widespread Havoc!

The ash from the Chilean volcano caused further flight havoc and ongoing disruption to passengers in South America, Australia and New Zealand.

The drifting plume of ash from Chile's erupting volcano forced the cancellations of dozens of flights in Argentina, Uruguay and other South American countries, while thousands of air passengers in Australia and New Zealand faced ongoing disruption. Buenos Aires's two main airports reopened on Monday after halting flights for a day due to the cloud of fine grit, which can damage plane engines. The civil aviation agency said the ash in the air had diminished. The cloud has also drifted across the Pacific Ocean, and most flights between Australia and New Zealand remained grounded. In Argentina, the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, was among those inconvenienced by the shutdown of Buenos Aires's airports. He was forced to fly instead into the city of Cordoba and travel on by car to visit President Cristina Fernandez in the capital. All flights were cancelled at the international airport in Montevideo, Uruguay, and some were grounded in Chile, Paraguay and Brazil. Airlines in Australia started flying a backlog of tens of thousands of stranded passengers to and from Melbourne on Monday as ash cleared after forcing hundreds of cancellations. However, Australia's bureau of meteorology said the ash cloud was large enough to disrupt flights later in the week. Early on Tuesday more Australian flights were cancelled because of the ash. About two dozen flights into and out of Adelaide were cancelled, though Qantas and Jetstar said they would review the decision later in the day. - The Guardian.
Meanwhile, authorities in Argentina have declared an agricultural emergency in the Patagonian region after ashes from Chile’s Puyehue volcano caused severe losses for many farmers.

Airports and some roads remained blocked while cleaning projects were underway in the provinces of Río Negro, Neuquén and Chubut, the story reported. Executive secretary of Agriculture Emergency and Disaster Haroldo Lebed, announced the state of emergency after several fruit producers and sheep farmers warned of serious damages, the story reported. Lebed plans to meet with producers from the three provinces at 11am today and has pledged the government will help affected farmers with national funds. “The phenomenon is tremendous in terms of the economic impact it causes – it is impossible to gauge the damage,” he was quoted as saying. Website Lmcipoletti.com.ar reported aid of between 10 million and 15 million pesos (US$2.45 million to US$3.68 million) would be given to the affected farmers. In terms of the fruit industry the region is most known for its pear, apple and grape production. - Fresh Fruit Portal

EARTH CHANGES: Wild Tornado Hits New South Wales, Australia!

A small tornado has hit a small coastal town in northern New South Wales, as wild weather continues to batter the region.

Residents say the whirlwind hit Red Rock, north of Coffs Harbour, shortly before 7:00am (AEST). The Red Rock bowling club lost part of its roof and about 10 homes were also damaged in the small town. Joe Hanson lives across the road from the bowling club. "The tornado or waterspout or whatever it was it cut across through the dunes, across the bowling club, took the roof, then went into a couple of houses across the main street of Red Rock and lifted the roof off one of those houses," Mr Hanson said.

"That's a brand new house so they've lost their roof. Just left a path of destruction, so pretty full on. Yeah, it was intense." The tornado is part of a larger weather system that is continuing to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds to the NSW mid north coast. There is a flood watch for the entire coast from the Clarence to the Wyong River Valleys, while the severe weather has forced the closure of a number of local roads and bridges and rising floodwaters have isolated some upriver communities. There is also a major flood warning for the Bellinger River, with major flooding expected at Thora. A major-to-moderate flood warning is also in place for the Hastings River.

Another Red Rock resident, Sue Miller, says the weather had already been atrocious. "We had torrential rain all night and then all of a sudden it got extremely extremely heavy and we heard loud bangs and minor explosive things happening and then realised that roofs had been taken off houses," Ms Miller said. "It was just getting light and in fact as soon as it happened everything went quite quiet and the rain virtually stopped. It was quite eerie for a bit there." Dennis Houghton, from the State Emergency Service, says communities at Sandy Beach, Emerald Beach and Woolgoolga were also hit hard. "From fairly substantial roof damage through to general roof damage in areas around Woolgoolga and Corindi, and also a lot of water damage, where we're doing a lot of sandbagging at the moment," Mr Houghton said. "Normally the area does OK in heavy rain, but when we get extremely strong winds with that, that's when we tend to get significant damage."
There are no reported injuries from the storm. - ABC Australia.

EARTH CHANGES: Florida Wildfires Prompts State of Emergency!

Governor Rick Scott late Monday issued Executive Order 11-128 declaring a state of emergency statewide “due to the ongoing danger of wildfires and drought conditions that continues to threaten the state of Florida.”

The declaration Monday puts the state Division of Emergency Management in charge of the situation. That includes deploying personnel and resources of the Florida National Guard and other state and local government agencies. The order notes extreme to exceptional drought conditions are expanding across southeastern and north Florida.

They are expected to worsen in the new few weeks. More than 300 active wildfires were burning on about 115,583 acres across the state Monday. They include a brush fire in the Everglades that has burned 68,000 acres since June 5. Multiple fires have scorched more than 4,500 acres in Levy County since April 26. Other major wildfires were burning in Flagler and Baker counties.
- Miami Herald.

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Bizarre & Unusual Weather Hits Cyprus?!

Torrential rain and hail is blanketing most of Cyprus, in a spell of unusually bad weather.

To add to the wet weather, the temperature has also dropped four degrees below the norm for this time of year which is expected to hold out until Wednesday. Rain has hit many parts of the island, triggering traffic chaos as holidaymakers make their way back home. From Dhekelia right up to Pera Chorio Nisou, torrential rain and hail have literally flooded the streets. In some places visibility is at a bare minimum.

And the capital Nicosia has not escaped the wet weather either, while Larnaca town has also been affected. Coastal roads linking Oroklini and Pyla have been closed due to flooding. Police are urging motorists to take extra care on the roads and to follow traffic police instructions. The Fire Brigade said it has been inundated with calls for help in the areas of Oroklini, Pyla and Larnaca town, due to the problems caused by the torrential rain. Basements have been flooded and cars trapped by flood waters.
- Famagusta Gazette

THE DELUGE: 2 Missouri River levees break at Iowa-Missouri border!

Two Missouri River levees broke Monday along the swollen Missouri River near the Iowa-Missouri border, a local official and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said.

The first breach, which was some 300 feet wide and growing, was a "full breach," the Army Corps of Engineers said in a statement. The break was in Atchison County, Missouri, just south of Hamburg, Iowa, it said. The National Weather Service warned that flooding could affect Interstate 29 and the town of Hamburg. "The concern is that anybody ... near the river would see some floodwaters that could impact either their road or homes," said David Pearson with the National Weather Service in Omaha, Nebraska. The second breach was located just south of Atchison, in Holt County, Missouri, said Holt County clerk Kathy Kunkel.

She said flooding was affecting farmland. A breach earlier this month prompted the evacuation of hundreds of people in the Hamburg area as a precaution. No evacuations were immediately recommended or ordered as a result of Monday's breaches, officials said. However, "people's safety is our number one concern, so we want to stress how important it is for the public to stay off these levees as we continue to assess the risk," said Omaha Corps District Commander Col. Bob Ruch. The breach near Hamburg was deemed too substantial to repair, said Pearson. "The next step is to attempt to mitigate the flooding with another levee between the one that failed and Hamburg."
- CNN.
WATCH: Raw video of river levee crumbling on camera.

WATCH: Hamburg has hours to evacuate after levee breach.

SEISMIC TREMORS: Christchurch Quake - Slideshow of Destruction!

According to CBC News, the damage to Christchurch is extensive as residents struggle to clean up collapsed buildings, exposed sinkholes and damaged roads, following the powerful earthquake and aftershocks that rattled New Zealand.

The news organization has provided a slideshow of the extent of this damage. Here is one such clip.

View the rest by visiting HERE.

According to the latest news reports, 147 buildings have been damaged by the earthquakes.
The number of buildings estimated to have suffered significant damage from Monday’s 6.3 earthquake in central Christchurch’s red zone is now estimated at 147. It is not known how many of those are buildings that were previously undamaged. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority says it will assess them this week, but it is likely more than 100 emergency and urgent demolitions will have to take place. As well as further damage to Christchurch Cathedral and the Catholic basilica, the Hotel Grand Chancellor has twisted further. The authority’s chief executive, Roger Sutton, says 20 engineers assessed the CBD on Tuesday and a number of buildings have moved. Demolitions manager Warwick Isaacs says the latest quakes have probably brought down some buildings already condemned after the February quake. Meanwhile, people are urged not to enter red-stickered buildings. Christchurch mayor Bob Parker says there have been reports some people in hillside suburbs are going back into unsafe homes, despite the serious risk of rockfall. Mr Parker says they are putting their safety at risk, as well as the safety of those who may have to rescue them. - Radio New Zealand.