Thursday, June 16, 2011

KILLER GERM: E.COLI SUPERBUG - Bacteria Breaks Out In France!

Eight children admitted to hospital in northern France after eating beefburgers infected with a strain of E.coli bacteria are seriously ill, health officials said on Thursday, fanning fears of a wider outbreak.

The officials said the bacteria did not appear to be related to the lethal strain of E.coli that has killed 37 people and made 3,000 ill, most of them in northern Germany. Privately owned German discount chain Lidl withdrew boxes of the frozen beefburgers believed to be behind the French infections. The boxes were sold under the brand "Steaks Country" and had expiry dates of May 10, 11 and 12, officials said. On Wednesday six children, aged between 20 months and eight years and from different towns in the Pas de Calais region, were taken to a hospital in the city of Lille after suffering bouts of bloody diarrhea. One was released, but five are in a "serious condition" and still being treated at the hospital. Three are being treated with hemodialysis, a method of removing waste products from the blood in the case of kidney failure. - Yahoo.
Meanwhile, French health authorities have ordered a recall of hamburger patties sold by a German supermarket chain after eight children were infected by the E. coli bacteria.

The regional health agency said there was no immediate sign of a link with the deadly E. coli outbreak in Germany in recent weeks. The health agency for the Nord Pas-de-Calais region said the eight children were hospitalized with infections stemming from E. coli. The infections cause severe diarrhea. It said that four of the children ate frozen ground beef patties made in French factory and sold by German supermarket chain Lidl. Authorities ordered the patties recalled pending further investigation. The beef for the patties came from farms in France, Germany and the Netherlands, said the French manufacturer that supplied the meat for the patties, SEB. The recall affects about 10 tons of meat, Guy Lamorlette of SEB told The Associated Press. He said the patties were analyzed before being delivered to supermarket distributors. The family of one of the hospitalized children brought a box of the patties to health authorities for analysis,said Jerome Gresland, the co-director of Lidl France. Elsewhere in Europe on Thursday, Germany's disease control centre reported one more patient died in Germany's E. coli outbreak. - CBC.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Thousands of Fish in Ridley Park Lake?!

Authorities say water samples found nothing strange despite a massive fish kill in Ridley Park Lake and Swarthmore’s Crum Creek.

Nearly 1,000 dead fish were found floating in Ridley Park Lake last weekend, and more dead fish were found in Crum Creek in Swarthmore Monday, authorities say. With water samples showing no sign of a problem, the multi-species fish kill remains a mystery. “Whatever killed them could be gone by now,” Department of Environmental Protection Water Quality Specialist Michael Brenner told the Delaware County Times in the case of Crum Creek. “We could be a little too late. We can’t point to any particular cause.” According to Ridley Park Police Chief Tom Byrne, authorities were first notified of the hundreds of dead fish cropping up 8:15 p.m. Saturday.

Byrne says the Pennsylvania DEP responded and took water sample but everything was found to be fine. More water samples have been sent to the state laboratory for more testing, according to Byrne. He says that at this time there is no danger to anyone visiting the lake, but authorities are discouraging fishing until further notice. The Ridley Park Highway Department began cleaning up the fish early Sunday morning, Robert Bonfitto told the Delaware County Times that he found about 15 to 20 fish along the banks of Crum Creek when he went there Monday morning. “I could smell them,” Bonfitto told the Delco Times. “I had heard about what happened at Ridley Lake and I thought, ‘Oh, no. It’s happening here, too.’” Like Ridley Park Lake, in the case of Crum Creek DEP officials found nothing strange in the oxygen, pH or chlorine levels in the water samples. The causes for both fish kills are still under investigation.
- NBC Philadelphia.

WEATHER ANOMALIES: One-Fifth of June's Rains in 6 Hours in UK?!

Parts of the United Kingdom endure one-fifth of the month of June's entire rainfall in just six hours.

The warm and dry weather of spring was a distant memory today as an unseasonal deluge saw parts of the UK experience over one-fifth of their expected monthly rainfall in just six hours. The South East bore the brunt of the showers, with 17mm recorded in Woking, Surrey from 6am to noon, and 13mm in St James's Park, London. Some 11mm of rain drenched Heathrow, west London, where the average total for the entire month of June is 51mm.

Elsewhere heavy showers delayed the start of England's cricket match against Sri Lanka in Southampton, while an area to the east of Alnwick, Northumberland saw 11mm of rain. Lindsay Dovey, forecaster with MeteoGroup said rain would continue to fall in the South East tomorrow. 'Light rain and drizzle will reach London towards the end of the morning, but it's expected to be heavy by the end of the afternoon. 'London could be looking at 20mm throughout the afternoon and evening. There's a risk of the odd rumble of thunder too.' These conditions are in stark contrast to the balmy spring enjoyed by many.
  - Daily Mail.

THE DELUGE: Heavy Floods Wreak Havoc In Turkish Capital!

Television footage showed workers in diving suits trying to rescue a van loaded with gas canisters stuck in one underpass. The driver was not harmed.  Authorities are warning residents in the Turkish capital to stay indoors after torrential rain and sleet flooded homes and underpasses and caused traffic havoc.

The Ankara mayor’s office said the “exceptionally” heavy rain would last throughout Thursday and warned people to avoid driving on roads. Television footage showed workers in diving suits trying to rescue a van loaded with gas canisters stuck in one underpass. The driver was not harmed. Cars were seen sliding on one highway, where sleet had piled up some 10 centimetres thick
. - The Star.

THE DELUGE: Heavy Rains Batters The Western Cape, South Africa!

Disaster teams in the Western Cape are on high alert as heavy showers continue unabated for the second week across the province, disrupting schools, causing mudslides and in one instance capsizing a yacht on its way to Cape Town.

Disaster Risk Management spokesman Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said they were heeding warnings from the SA Weather Service. “The disaster teams are on high alert,” he said. Last night, a luxury guesthouse in Hout Bay was damaged by a mudslide while the owners were hosting a cocktail party. Victoria Lodge owner Ronald Feldman had to send guests home when streams of muddy water came pouring into the house. “We were running around in a panic as it came pouring in through a door in the studio and through the cat flap. It looked like a water feature,” said Feldman. "Mud was still streaming down the driveway this morning. The floors of the office with adjoining en suite were still covered with mud."

They first called their building inspector and then their architect who advised them to call the city’s Disaster Risk Management. Disaster Risk Management’s Charlotte Powell said a team was sent to the house. “An assessment has been made and we will investigate further. No other areas or properties were affected by mudslides.” In Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay, a devastated Regina Ndoni lost her home due to flooding. One of the supporting walls gave way and windows were blown out by fierce winds. In some parts of the Klein Karoo and southern Cape schools are still recovering. Marthie Bergh, the principal of Kommandantsdrift Primary in Kammanassie near Uniondale, said the school had been closed last Wednesday and Friday and by yesterday just under half of the school’s 64 pupils could still not reach the school because of flooding. Last week, 41 schools in the Eden, Cape Winelands and Overberg education districts were closed for two days as a result of severe weather
. - The Mercury.

INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Anthrax Bacteria - New Cases, New Scares!

There have been reports of several new cases of the lethal disease, Anthrax, around the world, fueling concerns that we could be witnessing an outbreak or possibly a large scale health epidemic.

Anthrax scare has gripped the tribal-dominated Kandhamal district asover 15 persons, including children, have been affected in Tumudibandhblock of the district. Badagochuka and Sanagochuka villages in theblock have been hit by the disease. The disease was detected nine daysback. Seven of the affected villagers were shifted to MKCG MedicalCollege and Hospital on Saturday night, said superintendent of thehospital Jogendra Behera. Kandhamal CDMO Nrusingha Charan Behera saidthough the symptoms appear to be of anthrax, it can only be confirmedafter serological tests. Behera said eight patients were being treatedat Tumudibandha hospital. Swabs of these patients have been sent toMKCG for tests. Doctors have also collected skin smear and bloodsamples from the affected people for examination. The disease hascreated panic in the locality but steps have been taken to check itsfurther spread, the doctor said. The disease broke out in the remotevillages apparently due to consumption of rotten beef and pork, sourcessaid. A health team from Phulbani led by the CDMO and a mobile healthteam from Balliguda rushed to the villages and geared up the preventivemeasures. All houses were disinfected with DDT and bleaching powder.The villagers were also advised not to take beef and pork and keep awayfrom the patients. - IBN Live.
Two persons in the Jalal-Abad province in South Kyrgyzstan aresuspected to take anthrax, according to the press-service of theEmergency Situations Ministry. Reportedly, on June 6 one of farmersdistributed the meat of the cattle with assent of the local animaldoctor at Kolmon pasture. To date the number of people consumed themeat is being established. The meat is sent for expertise to thesanitary-epidemiological inspection service in Jalal-Abad city whileassays of the infected persons are sent to the laboratory in Osh city. - 24 News Agency.
Serbian authorities have declared two northern villages an anthrax-infected zone after the bacteria was found in animals there. The Agriculture ministry says it has launched vaccination of cattle in the villages of Bocar and Novo Milosevo. The ministry says it has banned the use of milk and meat from the animals in those villages. The statement on Thursday says that "the situation in the field is stable with minimum possibility for the spread of the disease." Anthrax bacteria spores lie dormant in the soil and can become active under conditions such as heavy rainfall, flooding or drought. Animals that aren't vaccinated often die quickly after being exposed to the bacteria.  - Yahoo.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Highway collapses in Hangzhou, China!

It really seems that something quite major is happening to the geology of China. Earlier this year, the Chinese government awarded a researcher from the University of Nottingham the funding to help prevent disasters, as several of their cities are apparently sinking at an average rate of between two centimetres to four centimetres per year, causing obvious problems with the underground pedestrian and railway tunnels and building foundations, as pressure continues to build.

The evidence of this consistent shift can be seen in the latest installment in the ongoing series of sinkholes, land subsidence, and geological upheavals in China.
No wonder why they are constructing these"ghost" cities in the inner areas of the country. Evidence of a full recognitionand realization of the imminent cyclic event.

Photos taken on June 15, 2011 shows road surface ofHangxinjing Highway caves in Hangzhou, capital of east China's ZhejiangProvince. The collapse extends 80 meters with width of 7-8 meters,forcing the highway to close. No casualties were reported. TheHangxinjing Highway starts from Hangzhou City and stretches west toJingdezhen City of east China's Jiangxi Province. - Xinhuanet.

EARTH CHANGES: Georgia Wildfires Cause Mass Evacuations!

Over 100 homes have been evacuated because of the wildfires in Georgia, as the raging blaze burned down 3 homes in Camden County.

Sparked and spread by dry thunderstorms that are doing more harm than good, wildfires burning in southeast Georgia had communities watching nervously as flames spread overnight to destroy mobile homes in Camden County, a house and barn in Ware County and threaten about 50 homes in neighboring Charlton County. "It's close enough to make everybody pretty nervous," said John Meyer, emergency management director for Charlton County. "We're doing a lot of praying, that's for sure."Sheriff's deputies had ordered a few dozen homes in northern Charlton County to evacuate Tuesday night as flames a rekindled 12-square-mile Racepond fire at the Okefenokee's northeastern edge flared up and spread over an additional 2,000 acres, or 3 square miles.

"We've been able, so far, to keep the fire from structures, but we've still got it heading in the direction of the structures," said Nickie Jordan of the Georgia Forestry Commission. "When we get it contained again, it's going to take a good rain to put it out." A wind shift Wednesday is blowing the fire away from the populated area, allowing Highway 121 to reopen between U.S. 1 and Hoboken, and U.S. Highway 1 to reopen from Folkston to Highway 177. The Red Cross opened shelter at Folkston Elementary School on Okefenokee Drive Tuesday afternoon. While no one took advantage of the shelter's hot meal, first aid or place to spend the night, the shelter remained open for anyone in need.
- News4Jax.

THE DELUGE: Natural Disaster Area in New South Wales, Australia!

Extreme floods in Australia have led to parts of New South Wales being declared a natural disaster area.

Thousands have been forced to leave their homes and many have beencut off by floodwaters which have been referred to as an inland sea bylocal media.Authorities say they are waiting for the water to recede to assess the extent of the damage caused by the deluge. State Emergency Service officials say they have received many calls for assistance.

"We'vehad more than 14 hundred requests for assistance and that equates toprobably four thousand phone calls," spokesman David Rae said. But heavy rain has eased along the coast and the Bureau of Meteorology cancelled a severe weather warning early on Thursday
. - ITN.
WATCH: Australian floods spark natural disaster.

WATCH: Thousands displaced by NSW floods.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 6.6 Quake Rocks Papua New Guinea!

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake has struck the New Britain Region, Papua New Guinea at a depth of 21.5 km (13.4 miles), the quake hit at 00:03:36 UTC Thursday 16th June 2011. The epicenter was 115 kilometres (km) or 71 miles southeast of Kimbe, New Britain, Papua New Guinea. No tsunami watch, warning or advisory is in effect and there are no reports of damage as yet.

The United States Geological Survey is reporting that a 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the New Britain Region of Papua New Guinea today at 7:03:36 CDT (Chicago). The event data, which has been reviewed by a seismologist, places the epicenter at a depth of 21.5 km (13.4 miles). The quake rumbled 115 km (71 miles) ESE of Kimbe, New Britain, PNG; 173 km (107 miles) E of Kandrian, New Britain, PNG; 577 km (358 miles) NE of PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea; and 2389 km (1484 miles) N of BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued the following statement:    No destructive widespread tsunami threat exists based on historical earthquake and tsunami data. However - earthquakes of this size sometimes generate local tsunamis that can be destructive along coasts located within a hundred kilometers of the earthquake epicenter. Authorities in the region of the epicenter should be aware of this possibility and take appropriate action.
- eNews Park Forest.

Animal Behavior: Family driven from home by hundreds of Snakes?!

An Idaho family was driven from their home and into bankruptcy by "hundreds and hundreds" of snakes that slithered inside the walls as they slept and left them and their children terrified.

The garter snakes were so prevalent that the ground around their home appeared to move, according to Ben and Amber Sessions. Ben Sessions killed 42 of the serpents in one day, but eventually gave up and abandoned the home they had bought in 2009. "It was like living in one of those horror movies," Sessions, 31, told The Associated Press.

They bought the house aware of the snake situation, but they thought it was overblown. Yet everyone in and around the small town of Rexburg seemed to know about the "snake house." "I felt bad," said Dustin Chambers, a neighbor. "By the time we knew someone had bought it, they were already moving in. It was too late."
- NBC New York.

THE DELUGE: Nearly 200 Dead in China Floods and Landslides!

Torrential rains are causing major flooding in central and easternChina. More than 100 people have been killed and tens of thousandsevacuated from their homes by high water and landslides.

Flooding in southern China has prompted more than 55,000 people to leave their homes, according to a state-run media report Wednesday. So far this month more than 170 lost their lives as a result. The rains lashed Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces and more than 53,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Hubei's Xianning City, when heavy rainfall raised the level of a local river by five meters. In Chongqing, floodwaters raged through small towns, forcing many residents to seek higher and drier ground. The rain is expected to last until Friday in some regions. - NDTV.
WATCH: More than 170 dead from flooding in China.