Sunday, June 19, 2011

THE DELUGE: More than 5 million hit by devastating floods in China!

Devastating floods have hit more than five million people in eastern China.

The flooding triggered a mudslide that buried houses and killed two people in Zhejiang Province's Changshan county, while two more were killed and two left missing in Hubei Province. Torrential rains have left one million acres of farmland in the provinces under water, said the official Xinhua News Agency. So far 7,000 homes have been destroyed, more than a million people evacuated,1,000 business operations suspended and 5.7 million Chinese have had their lives disrupted. Local authorities are distributing aid, handing out a box of instant noodles and a carton of bottled water.

But villagers have reported that survival is difficult, especially for those still trapped by the flood waters. The rains follow the worst drought in China in over 50 years, which has decimated crop yields. The estimated cost of the damage is five billion yuan (£477 million). Earlier this month flooding in eastern and southern China left more than 170 people dead or missing. Farmers said the flooding was the worst in 20 years, reducing vegetable output by 20 per cent and also causing shortages of fruits and grains. Prices for green vegetables were up 40 per cent. China has mobilised troops to help with its flood relief operation and raised its disaster alert to four - the highest level on the scale.
- Daily Mail.
WATCH: Floods ravage China, with over five million people displaced.

DELUGE: Heavy Rains, Flooding & Mudslide Kills 4 in Central Georgia!

Mudslide in central Georgia killed at least four people last night and damaged key road at a two-kilometer tunnel in Rikoti pass linking eastern Georgia with the western part of the country.

Heavy rains sparked a mudslide that hit a roadside restaurant, buses and cars at Rikoti. Two employees of the restaurant were killed. Heavy rains damaged roads and flooded houses in several villages of the Khashuri district as well in Shida Kartli region. Bridges and roads were also damaged by the flooding in another part of the country – Dusheti district in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region.

In last few days significant damage has been caused by heavy rains in other parts of the country as well, in particular houses and farmlands were flooded in several villages of Akhmeta, Kvareli, Gurjaani and Telavi districts of the Kakheti region.
- Civil Georgia.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 5.0 Magnitude Quake in Southern Panama!

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake has struck just South of Panama at a depth of 18 kilometres (km)  or (11.2 miles). The quake hit at 16:34:42 UTC Sunday 19th June 2011 and was located at 7.383°N, 82.201°W. The epicentre was 135 km (83 miles) south of David, Panama; 176 km (109 miles) southwest of Santiago, Panama; 184 km (114 miles) southeast of Golfito, Costa Rica; and 358 km (222 miles) southeast of San Jose, Costa Rica. No tsunami watch, warning or advisory is in effect and there are no reports of damage as yet.

THE DELUGE: New Flood Threat In Southern Saskatchewan, Canada!

The release of rising waters from reservoirs along the Souris River is threatening to flood homes near Estevan, southern Saskatchewan, Canada, residents say.

The danger comes on the heels of a torrential downpour in southern Saskatchewan on Friday that led to a state of emergency in Weyburn and flooded streets in Regina and Saskatoon. The storm raised levels on reservoirs along the Souris, forcing provincial officials to release water from the Rafferty dam to ease the pressure, and that could mean trouble for people living downstream. Guy Mehler, who feared the outflow would consume his house near the Souris River not far from Estevan, made one desperate telephone call for help and was grateful when more than a dozen neighbours and friends showed up with enough equipment to build an earthen wall nearly two metres tall around his home. - CBC.
Flood-battered residents of southeast Saskatchewan fled their homes Sunday after another night of heavy rain. About 400 people were ordered to leave the Willow Park Greens trailer park at Estevan, about 200 kilometres southeast of Regina, amid new flood threats after water was released from dams and 27 millimetres of rain fell overnight. Holly Boreski said she received a knock on the door at around 11 p.m. CST and was told she had to leave immediately. "You know, grab a duffle bag of clothes and go. I have four children so it's most important just to get out," she said. Some evacuees ended up staying at an emergency shelter in the city while others were staying with family. On Monday, when she returned to salvage some frozen food, there was about 60 centimetres of water on the roads around homes in the park, Boreski said. Meanwhile, the flooding situation was much worse for some farmers downstream of the Rafferty and Boundary dams. The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority said late Sunday it would increase combined floods from the dam reservoirs to 550 cubic metres per second — enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every five seconds. - CBC.

PROJECT BLUE BEAM / RED DAWN: Hologram / Mirage - Buildings and Mountains Mysteriously Appears In Xin'an River, Huangshan, China?!

Several months ago in a major post, I highlighted the following deceptive statement from well-known lecturer and filmmaker David Wilcock,regarding the process of the disclosure of the extraterrestrialpresence and  China'scollaborative efforts with aliens from outer space and their combinedplans to rescue planet Earth and restore order out of the chaotic anddestructive clutches of the Global Elites.

"I am ... told that certain human ET groups are working behind thescenes, here on the ground, to help ensure various plans succeed. Thismay include China's plan,... China's message clearly was 'You can'tstop us. Stand down. Let us do this. Disclosure must be allowed toproceed. Otherwise we can completely shut down everything you'vegot.'... China has made a bold leap into the fray by using EMPtechnology -- in conjunction with alleged ET allies -- to forcethese power brokers [Global Elites] to stand down... the evidence isbecoming overwhelming that there is an extreme, multi-faceted worldwideeffort being made to bring them down..." - David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos.
In that article, I wrote the following, about the end of the American age and the imminent rise of China:

Ittherefore seems only plausible to infer that we are witnessing anotherangle in the pervasively deceptive narrative of the grand work toinstitute a New World Order of the Ages, where we are being programmedto willingly accept the shuffling of the deck of cards as China rise tobecome the new managers, upon the ashes of the dissolved United Statesof America Corporation. A Chinese Democracy? A new instrument to carryout the devious designs of the Priest Class of the Magicians, once thetwo-headed hegemony of the American corporation and the City of Londonis destroyed. Of course, this makes perfect sense in the continuousrenewal of the managers of the planetary resources... new arrangementto end the American era, will catapult China into the role of managersof the resources of the new world order... This [is a] orchestratedplan to realize the grand ascendancy of China...

I also wrote:

If the label "Made in China" is attached to the giant arks that saves humanity in the 2012movie, then consider the vast ghost cities and gigantic housingcomplexes that are currently being constructed in the middle of aremote desert in Inner Mongolia.
Ghost cities of China.
Ghost cities of China. Elaborate public buildingsand open spaces are completely unused, with the exception of a fewgovernment vehicles near communist authority offices. Some estimatesput the number of empty homes at as many as 64 million, with up to 20new cities being built every year in the country's vast swathes of freeland. - Daily Mail
Whichcountry builds 20 new cities every year in the middle of a desert? Acountry that knows about upcoming disastrous events that will affectthe coastline of every country on Earth. A country that will build tenNew York-sized cities by the year 2025. A country that will add morenew city-dwellers than the entire American population by 2030. Acountry that is increasing purchases of the sovereign debt andinfrastructure investments of other countries. A country that is in theprocess of acquiring the majority stake in the reserves of rare Earthelements. A country that is leading the world in science andtechnological development. The country with the fastest growing GrossDomestic Product (GDP) globally. The country with the largest exportsand imports of goods worldwide. A country that is currently on amonster shopping spree, purchasing every commodity, bond, and resourceit can get its hands on. A country that already consumes twice as muchsteel as the U.S., Europe and Japan combined. A country that has 150%more soldiers than America does, with 3.4 million active militarypersonnel compared to America's 1.4 million. That country, my friends,is China.

Today, I came across this fascinating report from the Independent Television News (ITN) of a mirage or hologram of amazing images of mountains, buildings and trees, seemingly floating on the Xin'an River in Huangshan city.

WATCH: ITN's report of the amazing mirage.

Is this the way that China will introduce us to our extraterrestrial saviors, a Project Blue Beam scenario, a la the conspiratorial theories of Serge Monast, where a global totalitarian government would be constructed upon the New Age religion of the technologically-simulated appearance of a messianic entity?

FUK-U-SHIMA: Japan's Nuclear Meltdown Crisis - Radiation Fears As TEPCO Plans To Release Radioactive Air From Plant's No.2 Reactor?!

Several days ago, I wrote the following:

It seems quite obvious that the pollution from the dumping of thousandsof tons of radioactive water into the sea by the Japanese will movefurther out in the Pacific Ocean, enter fresh water locations andultimately end up in the food chain. These moves by Japan that was usedto "curtail the leaks," have only made the matter worse. Much worse.When you consider that Tokyo Electric had made a singular dump of11,500 tons of radioactive water in just three days, then you willrealize the magnitude of this crisis given that they have been doingthis method of disposal since March. 11,500 tons is approximately 3 million gallons of water,since water is about 8.5 pounds per gallon, which is equivalent toabout 10 spent fuel pools (each pools holds around 300,000 gallons).Although, the company believes that this radiation will be quicklydiluted, the dumping of so much radioactive water into the ocean willnot only contaminate the sea life, but mutate it and that of humanlife, by extension.

Against that background, the operators of the troubled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant planned to release radioactive air from the facility's No.2 reactor building.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., known as TEPCO, suspended the operation of a key system designed to clean up the highly radioactive water accumulated in the plant only hours after it started, due to sharp rise of radiation in a part of the system.

The Japanese government and the utility have been battling to keep the plant crippled by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March under control. It is still leaking radioactive substances into environment
. - Xinhuanet
WATCH: James Corbett, Osaka-based editor of the independent news website Corbett Report, explains to Russia Today that workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant are running out of theability to store radioactive water - meaning any leak may slow therecovery effort, or even undermine it.

Meanwhile, Japan plans to open airlock at the crippled nuclear plant, which would result in the release of a radioactive plume.

Workers at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have been cleared to open the No. 2 reactor building's airlock to ease sauna-like conditions inside, the plant's owner said Sunday. The Tokyo Electric Power Co. said it planned to open the heavy double doors slowly overnight, taking about eight hours to complete the process to avoid disturbing contaminated dust inside the containment building. The company has been trying to filter radioactive particles out of the air inside the building for several days, and Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency approved Friday plans to open the airlock, Tokyo Electric announced.

The reactor is one of three at Fukushima Daiichi that suffered meltdowns after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated northern Japan. The tsunami swamped the plant and knocked out cooling systems that kept the three operating reactors from overheating, leading to the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. Japanese authorities used robot probes to peer into the reactor housings in April, finding temperatures up to 41 degrees Celsius (106 F) and humidity ranging from 94% to 99% inside unit 2. Engineers have long suspected that the reactor was leaking a large percentage of the hundreds of tons of water being poured into it every day to keep it cool following the accident
. - CNN.
Seems like the mission to modify the planet and humanity with these radioactive elements is working to perfection, doesn't it?

EARTH CHANGES: Tornadoes Rips New Plymouth, New Zealand!

New Plymouth residents in New Zealand have spoken of their terror after tornadoes ripped through the city, tearing roofs of buildings, shattering windows and cutting power.

Fire Services have confirmed there were two tornadoes, and a possible third. They went through the city at about 4:20am. One hit the city centre, causing substantial damage to businesses. The other hit a hotel and St Mary's Church Hall on Vivian St, a few blocks from the CBD, breaking roof tiles and ripping up a tree. Canon pastor Bill Marsh said thankfully it is all repairable. The Fire Service said there may have been another tornado in the nearby town of Bell Block, where there has been more damage to buildings. Emergency services have been inspecting damage around the city, and say business owners in the affected area should also check their properties.

Power was out in the city around Lemon Street, Leach Street and parts of Coronation Ave. Fire Communications Shift Manager Linda Beets said there is a trail of destruction between State Highway 3 and Carrington Street. Fire trucks were called in from Inglewood, Oakura and Waitara to inspect damage around the city, but the Fire Service told ONE News it was "on top of things". There have been no reports of injuries, and no local state of emergency has been declared as a result of the tornadoes. A number of houses in the path of the tornadoes were moved off their foundations. Valerie Robertson lives on one of the worst hit streets, Ridge Lane, and said the experience was traumatic. "I heard a tremendous noise and lots of breaking glass, and I bounded out of bed and found that my front windows had gone and my side of the house was quite damaged," said Robertson. "I've got broken glass on both sides of the door and my roof's gone."

WATCH: Tornadoes cause damage in New Plymouth.

WATCH: Tornadoes rips through New Zealand city.

THE DELUGE: Flooding takes 10 lives in Mindanao, Philippines!

After days of torrential rains in the southern Philippines island of Mindanao, the death toll from flashfloods is now at 10.

In addition, the Philippine National Disaster Risk Reduction and Mnagement Council said Saturday that more than 650,000 people (129,000 families) were affected or displaced in the provinces of Davao del Norte, Bukidnon, Compostela Valley, Sultan Kudarat and North Cotabato.

In addition, things are not expected to get any better with the arrival of tropical depression ‘Egay’, which is to make landfall in Cagayan province Sunday night bringing more rains. As of 4 p.m. Saturday, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) located the eye of the storm at 130 kilometers (km) northeast of Virac, Catanduanes
. - Examiner.