Thursday, June 30, 2011

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Cleveland Crack Remains A Mystery!

It's about 2 inches wide and just as deep, stretching from Ontario to East Sixth Street and running the length of the new Medical Mart construction.

Fear of the unknown may run much deeper. The point man for Medical Mart construction, Jeff Appelbaum, says he can't say yet what the cause of the crack is or what the contributing factors are. Appelbaum isn't passing on or shouldering the blame, but the construction team is investigating the cause. Appelbaum says the excavation is supported by a massive dirt mound and earth anchors on the north side of St. Clair Avenue. Still, the street split this seam.

"We're monitoring for movement in the street. We're monitoring to see if there is movement in the wall of the excavation," Applebaum said. "If there has been movement it's not visible to the naked eye. So if you look at the excavation, you wouldn't see any movement." The city is taking it seriously enough to close the north side of the street and allow only eastbound traffic through. Three police officers are keeping a close eye on the crack and a closer eye on those who get near it. Until the experts can determine what is causing the street to split, Appelbaum says the priorities are to maintain traffic flow and ensure the street stay protected. They expect to get to the root of the problem here in the next 72 hours. In the meantime, construction continues on schedule.
WATCH: St. Clair crack remains a mystery.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: Hundreds of Fish in South Georgia?!

Drought conditions are being blamed for the deaths of hundreds of fish at Radium Springs in south Georgia.

Authorities say the creek that normally connects Radium Springs to the Flint River is dry, and the water level is so low that fish don't have enough oxygen to survive. WALB-TV reports that the natural spring is usually 24 feet deep. Authorities say levels have dropped at least four feet, and all the fish have been pushed into one small area. Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Supervisor Rob Weller says hundreds of fish have died, including large mouth bass, blue gill and gar. Radium Springs is one of 15 major springs around Albany. State officials say that without rain, more of them could see the same problems as Radium Springs. - NBC 11 Alive.

MYSTERY: Symbol of an Alien Sky, Man-Made or Natural Phenomena - UFO, Star Gate, Ballistic Missile, Exploding Ball Seen Over Hawaii?!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I am living everyday in the Fox television series Fringe, where I am constantly bombarded with a deluge of weird weather and aerial anomalies. The latest installment in this pervasive and seemingly perpetual slideshow of events occurred in Hawaii.

Footage of this incredible bubble-like burst of light in the night sky was captured by cameras at an astronomical observatory in Hawaii. Sky watchers have been flooding internet forums with speculation about the burst, filmed by a webcam mounted on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea. Captured in time-lapse footage, the glowing sphere takes several minutes to expand until it virtually fills the frame - then it vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared. Theories as the cause of the mysterious luminous sphere have ranged from the opening of an inter-dimensional portal to the future to a battle between two alien starships. But the most likely explanation is that is shows a U.S. Minuteman III inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM), ejecting fuel as it enters the upper reaches of the Earth's atmosphere. The time-lapse footage shows the night horizon filled with stars, when suddenly an ethereal arc pops into view. It rapidly expands, forming a circular shell which grows as it travels across the horizon, then fades as it fills the view. According to Discover Magazine's Bad Astronomy blog, the soap bubble-like characteristics of the light burst indicate that it has been caused by a 'sudden impulse of energy and rapid expansion of material'.

Citing online astronomy forums, Bad Astronomy reveals that a Minuteman III ICBM had been scheduled to launch from Vandenburg Air Force Base, California, three minutes before the burst was observed, at about 3:35am Hawaii time. The stars of the Cassiopeia constellation are visible in the horizon behind the burst, indicating that the webcam was pointed north-east - towards the base and the missile's probable flight path. Again citing internet forums, the blog speculates the burst could have caused by a charges in the missile's third stage detonating to kill its thrust as it arcs across the Earth. At a pre-determined moment, ports in the side of this section of the missile are blown open by explosive charges, allowing remaining fuel to be dumped fast. This rapid fuel dump cuts the missile's thrust at precisely the right time allowing the warhead to be targeted with devastating accuracy at the right spot back on the surface of the Earth. As the missile is above most of the Earth's atmosphere at this point, when the fuel gas is suddenly ejected it blows away from the missile in a perfect sphere - which could explain the bubble-like characteristics of the light. For this explanation, the timing seems to be right. However, it is only a theory and there has not yet been any official confirmation of the claims.
- Daily Mail.
WATCH: Mysterious object over Hawaii.

EXOPOLITICAL DISCLOSURE: Argentina Creates UFO Commission!

According to Open Minds TV, on May 26, 2011, Argentina officially launched the Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena under the direction of Captain Mariano Mohaupt, with the goal of contributing in the search for a scientific and technical explanation of those aerospace phenomena which have not been identified.
Since we broke the story in our website last Friday about the creation of an official UFO Commission of the Argentinean Air Force (AAF), their press office has now posted a communiqué in the official website of the AAF, providing the basic facts and contact information for citizens to submit reports of UFO sightings. The Comisión de Estudio de Fenómenos Aerospaciales (CEFAE, which stands for Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena) also has a logo showing a man looking at a sky phenomenon over an outline of Argentina’s map. The communiqué can be accessed here and this is full translation of the text from Spanish:

ARGENTINEAN AIR FORCE: Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena Mission
“To document, analyze and study unidentified phenomena in an orderly, systematic and truthful manner by means of conventional control systems on the airspace under the National Jurisdiction.” Due to the increment of information given by the population regarding sightings of unidentified aerospace phenomena, the Chief of the General Staff of the Argentinean Air Force created the Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena through Resolution Nº 414. Its goal is to contribute in the search for a scientific and technical explanation of those aerospace phenomena which have not been identified.

The commission is composed of full time personnel of the Argentinean Air Force and specialists with a proven record in different fields of research that can contribute an invaluable support to the analysis of each field of study from different perspectives. It is fundamental for the investigation to count with true information that can describe with the highest precision the observed phenomenon, for which the collaboration of our citizenry is very important. To that end the Commission can be contacted through the email address in which we request to add to your information your personal data so that you can be contacted personally if required by the investigation.
WATCH: Argentina creates new UFO commission.

EARTH CHANGES: Tropical Storm Arlene Makes Landfall On Mexico!

Tropical Storm Arlene made landfall along Mexico's Gulf coast early Thursday, the National Hurricane Center reported.

Arlene, the first named storm of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season, was moving at about 9 mph, packing sustained winds of 65 mph -- a bit under hurricane status. The storm began coming ashore near Cabo Rojo at 5 a.m. ET. "Arlene is expected to continue moving inland over Mainland Mexico today," the weather service said. "Weakening is forecast today and Arlene is expected to dissipate on Friday." Authorities in the Mexican states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz, San Luis Potosi and Nuevo Leon braced for heavy rains. Forecasters from the National Hurricane Center warned of possible flash floods and mudslides. 

"With any storm of this size, it's easy to overlook it and call it insignificant," said CNN meteorologist Chad Meyers. "The major effect with this storm will not be wind damage, but will be inland flooding from up to 12 inches of rain in the mountains of Mexico." Mexican authorities issued warnings as Arlene advanced. A hurricane warning in Mexico stretches from the eastern coastal town of Barra de Nautla north to La Cruz. Authorities have also issued a tropical storm warning from La Cruz north to La Pesca, and from Palma Sola south to Veracruz. Meyers added that while Mexico's major northeastern city of Monterrey should be just north of the maximum rainfall, Victoria "may be right in the middle of the bull's-eye."
  - CNN.

THE GREAT DELUGE: Historic Flood Waters in South Sioux City!

Crews in South Sioux City capped sanitary sewer lines Tuesday to protect a vital lift station from being overworked by floodwaters as the Missouri River continued its historic rise.

Authorities say they suspected something was amiss when one of the city's two lift stations began Monday afternoon sending an abnormally large amount of wastewater to Sioux City for treatment. South Sioux City Public Works Director Paul Nolan said the lift station near the Marina Inn and Conference Center was sending 2,000 to 2,500 gallons per minute - more than twice its normal flow - to Sioux City. Officials suspected floodwater was the culprit and fixed the problem by capping sanitary sewer lines in the flooded Scenic Park Campground, Nolan said. They also plugged lines at the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA, which relocated operations to Long Lines Family Rec Center when the flooding began. "While they weren't contributing anything to that flow, we plugged those so we don't back up any wastewater into that facility," Nolan said. He said flows were back down to an acceptable range by Tuesday afternoon. The flows had been increasing gradually for some time, Nolan said, but had reached a point that crews needed to find the source so the volume didn't overwhelm the station that serves 75 percent of South Sioux City.

"It's a big part of the community," Nolan said. It wasn't the only repair crews have made in recent days. Dakota County Emergency Manager Pat Foust said contractors repaired a barrier Monday that was built to protect a utility box near West Third Street. The barrier was leaking water, but National Guard soldiers spotted the problem and it was repaired before the box was damaged, he said. The Missouri River has risen above 35 feet in Sioux City. Flood stage is 30 feet. Officials expect the high water to remain in Sioux City for the rest of the summer due to continued record discharges from dams on the Missouri River. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ordered the releases to relieve pressure from heavy rains in Western states and deep snow in the Rocky Mountains. The rate was increased last week to 160,000 cubic feet per second from Gavins Point Dam near Yankton, S.D., and others, to handle runoff from heavy rains. Jody Farhat, chief of the corps Missouri River Basin Management division, said releases from Gavins Point remained at 160,000 cubic feet per second on Tuesday. Officials at the corps plan to continue that rate through mid-August.
- Sioux City Journal.
WATCH: Eyewitness capture of the Missouri River engulfing South Sioux City, taken several days ago.

MAJOR ALERT: Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Perimeter Set Ablaze!

Firefighters working against the wildfire that surrounds the nuclear lab in Los Alamos, N.M., have set part of the perimeter of the lab ablaze in hopes of starving the wildfire of fuel in the event it heads back toward the stash of radioactive material stored inside the lab.

After creating a blackened ring that now circles the lab, crews are betting that starting fires to stop them is a gamble that will pay off. "We are in the best shape we've been in since thing started," Chief Doug Tucker of the Los Alamos County Fire Department told ABC News. Meanwhile, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez examined some of the first air-quality tests herself Wednesday. Although they show a lot of smoke, officials expressed relief on discovering no radiation had been released. "Those results show that what we see in this fire is exactly what we see in any fire across New Mexico," laboratory Director Charles McMillan said. To ensure the accuracy of the examination, the Environmental Protection Agency brought in dozens of air monitors all across the state, along with a special airplane that takes instant radiation samples. Officials have yet to find anything amiss.

But environmental officials warn that the danger is not over. Along with what's actually on lab property, there is concern about what's in the canyons that surround the sprawling complex. Nuclear tests were performed in the canyons dating back to the 1940s; so-called "legacy contaminations." "The trees have grown up during that timeframe, and the soil can also be contaminated. If they get heated and that stuff goes air borne, then we are concerned," Rita Bates of the New Mexico Environment Department said. One graduate student armed with a Geiger counter took to YouTube to show there was no shortage of metal or radioactivity. Much of the area burned back in 2000, and no higher levels of radiation were detected then, so everyone is hoping the same holds true this time. The fire, which has burned more than 90,000 acres, has led to a mass evacuation, and the city of Los Alamos remains a ghost town. Most of its 12,000 residents were evacuated Monday, with some leaving their sprinklers on to protect their homes.
- ABC News.
WATCH: Airplane deployed to monitor air over New Mexico fire.

WATCH: Las Conchas fire burns at 90,000 acres.

WATCH: Scary moment as Los Alamos fire shows muscle.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Mudslide closes Trans-Canada Highway!

A massive mudslide has buried and closed a section of the Trans-Canada Highway in British Columbia. The  massive slide came roaring down a mountainside Wednesday morning, sweeping across both east and west-bound lanes of highway one. The slide buried at least one vehicle and stopped a freight train.

It could be midnight Thursday before crews can clear a massive mudslide that has blocked the Trans-Canada Highway in both directions in the Fraser Valley east of Vancouver. At least one driver suffered minor injuries in the slide, which did not hit any homes. Tonnes of debris roared down over four lanes of the highway and a railway line at about 10:15 a.m. PT Wednesday between Chilliwack and Hope, near the Herrling Island Road exit. It left a mountain of mud measuring 3,000 square metres and several metres deep in places. Lynn Orstad of the Fraser Valley Regional District said a car was struck by the debris and rolled over twice, but the female driver escaped with only a bruised knee. Crews have checked whether any other vehicles were caught in the slide and have seen no sign of other victims so far, but admit the debris field is too deep to be certain. The debris also swamped a CN Rail line, stopping a freight train, but there was no derailment and no members of the train crew were hurt.

The RCMP said detours are in place to move traffic around the site. The woman who escaped from the car was shaking as she walked into a gas station, a cashier who works there said. "She was shaking, literally," Cindy Mackin said from the rural truck stop in Rosedale, B.C. "I actually talked to a lady who crawled out of it," Mackin said of the slide, more than 100 kilometres east of Vancouver. "She said she seen the trees coming down and she slammed on her brakes and then she seen it basically happen right in front of her." Transportation Ministry engineers and geological technicians aboard the RCMP's Air 1 helicopter are conducting a fly-over to assess slope stability and determine whether rescue operations can be resumed, police said. The RCMP has also established a command post in the area. Initially the mudslide covered the eastbound side of the highway before spreading to the westbound lanes, according to the RCMP
. - MSN Canada.

WATCH: Massive mudslide between Chilliwack and Hope.

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Lightning Storms Wrecks Havoc in the UK?!

I have never ever seen so many stories about lightning strikes and lightning storms. In addition to ones I have highlighted before, here comes another out of the United Kingdom, where residents fled in terror yesterday from a block of flats that was set on fire by a bolt of lightning as storms caused chaos across Britain.

The building in Bermondsey, south-east London, was struck at around 2pm – the same time as a control tower at Gatwick Airport was hit, forcing flights to be suspended. Meanwhile, a teaching assistant escaped unhurt after he was knocked to the ground by a lightning strike at his primary school today. And tennis fans at Wimbledon were swamped by heavy rain – as were spectators watching the England vs Sri Lanka cricket match at the Oval. In Hertfordshire, a two-storey terraced home in London Colney was devastated by a lightning strike. It set the roof and two neighbouring ones ablaze and filled the upper floor with ash and rubble. It took 11 fire engines to stifle the flames. Strikes also set houses on fire in Sussex, Suffolk and Kent with one witness describing a house in Felixstowe as erupting ‘like a bomb going off’. Lightning also hit railway signals, causing serious delays to train services around the South East. It came after 33c heat yesterday also caused problems on the tracks.

Around a quarter of the average monthly total of rain fell in the region yesterday afternoon as flood alerts remained in place in parts of the Thames valley. A spokeswoman for the Met Office said 9mm fell in Cavendish, Suffolk, between 3pm and 4pm. In Bermondsey, ambulance and fire crews raced to the tower block after a blaze broke out on the 17th floor. Some 40 residents fled as smoke billowed out of the 21-storey building. One woman was treated at the scene for minor smoke inhalation by ambulance staff but there were no other casualties reported. London Fire Brigade said it was investigating the cause of blaze, which broke out at Lupin Point on Abbey Street in Bermondsey this afternoon. Eight fire engines were deployed when the brigade was called just before 2pm and the fire was brought under control by 3.44pm. Station manager Richard Welch said: ‘Our crews did really well to quickly gain entry into the flat where the fire started and stop the fire from spreading further than it did.’ A London Ambulance spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that we were called at 2.02pm today to reports of a fire on Abbey Street, SE1.
- Daily Mail.