Saturday, July 2, 2011

KILLER GERM: E. COLI Superbug - France records first E. coli death!

France has recorded its first death from the E. coli outbreak after an elderly woman died on Saturday.

Authorities have recorded France's first death from the European E. coli outbreak. Health officials in Bordeaux said the 78-year-old woman died early Saturday morning from complications of an E. coli infection but a doctor said she was not suffering from the strain that has infected many other people in France and Germany. The woman had been hospitalized in Bordeaux in southwest France since June 24 with hemolytic uremic syndrome — the rare kidney condition affecting a small number of people infected with E. coli. Dr. Benoit Vendrely at Bordeaux Hospital said the strain of E.coli the woman was infected with was not the one implicated in the deaths of 48 people in Germany and one each in the United States and Sweden. He didn't identify the source of the French woman's E. coli contamination.

Seven other patients remain in stable condition at the same French hospital, six of whom have been confirmed to have the same strain of E.coli as in the outbreak that originated in Germany. European health experts said Thursday that contaminated Egyptian fenugreek seeds were likely the source of that deadly outbreak. Meanwhile, German authorities on Friday reported another death in the European E. coli outbreak, bringing the total to 50. A total of 3,999 people have now been reported to be ill in Germany from the outbreak, including 845 with a complication that can lead to kidney failure. Another 122 cases have been reported in 16 other countries.
- CBC.
WATCH: French E.coli death 'not linked' to current outbreak.

WEATHER ANOMALIES: 1,100 Lightning Strikes In 1 Hour In Chicago!

They say lightning doesn't strike twice but Chicago residents who weathered a thunderous electric display this week would beg to differ as a spectacular storm electrified the skyline with over 1,100 strikes in a single hour.

Powerful thunderstorms that erupted over northern Illinois produced spectacular lightning, hurricane-force gusts, golf ball-sized hail and a waterspout over Lake Michigan.  The National Weather Service says there were more than 1,100 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in a single hour during the height of Thursday night's storm; that included dazzling strikes to Chicago's Willis Tower, North America's tallest building. A weather service meteorologist says a trained storm spotter reported a waterspout at 8:20pm over Lake Michigan east of Zion, about 45 miles north of Chicago.

A wind gust of 81 miles per hour was reported at a water-intake crib about three miles off Chicago's shoreline, and a 94 miles per hour gust was reported off Waukegan Harbor, about 40 miles north of Chicago. Golf ball-sized hail caused severe damage across parts of northern Illinois. ConEdison reported a total of 100,000 power outages, which spanned across the north, west and southern suburbs of Chicago. Problems were also reported at the city's O'Hare and Midway international airports, where flights were delayed 20 to 30 minutes, according to the Chicago Sun-Times Media Wire. Witnesses said a sailing class was also on the water near Montrose Harbor when winds picked up, creating waters so rough that some boats capsized and their crews rescued.
- Daily Mail.
WATCH: Lightning hits the Willis Tower.

DELUGE: Floods and Mudslides in southeastern Bangladesh kills 15!

The bodies of at least 15 people, including women and children, were recovered Friday after hours of steady downpours triggered a mudslide at Batali Hill in Chittagong, in southeastern Bangladesh, the state-run news agency said.

Six homes were buried under thick mud after a retaining wall collapsed, according to the Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha news agency. Two victims were taken to an area hospital after being pulled from the muck. "We are equipped with necessary equipment, but the scene of the landslide appeared difficult to operate the machines," an army officer told reporters. BSS reported that, hours before the mudslide, Chittagong Mayor Mohammad Monjur Alam had visited the area, seen the hillside shanties and warned residents to take shelter.

Some people wept and others waited anxiously as workers used pickaxes and shovels in search of more victims in the mud. Over the past decade, officials said, landslides have killed 500 people in greater Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts. Continuing monsoon rainfall led authorities to warn hillside residents of Chittagong, Rangamati, Teknaf and Cox's Bazar to prepare for the possibility of more landslides. CNN Meteorologist Ivan Cabrera said more heavy rain was expected Saturday.
- CNN.

EARTH CHANGES: New Mexico Fire Encroaches On Sacred Grounds!

Several Native American tribes are lamenting the damage to sacred land and archeological sites caused by the largest fire in New Mexico state history.

The Las Conchas fire has charred about 13,000 acres within the Santa Clara Canyon, an area of great significance to those who live in Santa Clara Pueblo, a Native American community north of Santa Fe. "This is a fire like we've never seen before," said Santa Carla Pueblo Gov. Walter Dasheno. The burned area accounts for nearly 25% of the reservation's 55,000 acres, and the blaze is expected to consume more land in the coming days. Firefighters have so far been able to protect some of the ancient Puye Cliff Dwellings, a national historic landmark. The tribe left the dwellings in the 14th century to settle in their current location. When officials attempted to survey damage in the rest of the canyon in recent days, they were stymied by thick smoke, Dasheno said. The loss of the ancient cultural sites and wildlife is a blow to the 2,800 Pueblo residents, who continue to pray that Mother Nature will bring relief in the form of rain, Dasheno said.

"We cry because what our forefathers were able to take care [of] for us is being destroyed by fire," he said. "With Mother Nature, we can never control what she can or can't do." At the Bandelier National Monument, nearly 1,300 of the 3,000 sites atop the Pajarito Plateau held sacred by area tribes have been affected by the fire, said park superintendent Jason Lott. The sites include pueblo dwellings, man-made caves and farming areas, some 10,000 years old. On Saturday, more than 1,600 firefighters battled the blaze, which was 6% contained and has charred about 113,700 acres total. In Los Alamos, authorities said crews have been able to keep the fire away from a canyon leading to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the nation's premier nuclear weapons laboratory. Since Monday, nearly 12,000 people have been evacuated from the town. Although evacuation orders have not been lifted, officials have begun preparing for the return of residents, though it is unclear when that will be
. - LA Times.
WATCH: Two television reports about the fires, that have escalated to over 100,000 acres.

EARTH CHANGES: Wildfire Closes Massive Okefenokee Swamp!

All entrances to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge on the Georgia–Florida border, are closed through the holiday weekend as firefighters continue to battle a 10-week-old blaze that has burned well over half the 400,000-acre preserve.

Jason Curry, a spokesman for the federal Incident Management Team, said the preserve will be shuttered to the public indefinitely -- at least until authorities, likely with major help from the weather, get it under control. The group is trying to corral what is being called the Honey Prairie Complex Fire. "Mother Nature is in charge, with both the cause of the fire and the resolution to it," he said. Lightning first sparked a fire on April 28 and it has been burning, in some form, ever since -- consuming about 268,000 of the refuge's 402,000 acres. National Weather Service meteorologist Coleen Decker noted that there's no immediate relief in sight. "We are looking forward to dry conditions, with relative humidity near 30 to 35% (and) temperatures slightly above normal at 95 degrees," she said of the upcoming forecast for the region. "We are not expecting significant precipitation until Tuesday." - CNN.

ALERT: Levee Near Fort Calhoun Breached With Explosives?!

Authorities are investigating an intentional breach in a levee near Desoto Bend.

Pottawattamie County officials said a half-mile stretch of the Vanmann #30 levee was mechanically excavated and then lowered by using explosives. The private levee is just north of the Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge, northwest of Honey Creek. So far, emergency management officials said they've seen no damage as a result of the levee breach, but they have fielded plenty of phone calls about it. Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Theulen said he was alerted Friday morning that the levee may have been in the process of being intentionally breached. About 20 minutes later, officials said they received calls from people wanting to know why levees were being blown up. One caller claimed to have witnessed the explosion. Pottawattamie County officials said no government entity had anything to do with the detonation, and they did not have advance notice from the people responsible for the breach. Vanmann #30 is an agricultural levee, controlled by a local levee board -- not county or federal officials. The board members wanted to protect their crop land, so they built up the levee, according to officials.

When a levee farther north breached, it caused water to pool in the area, flooding more land. The group then started talks with officials about breaching Vanmann #30 to allow the water to go back into the Missouri River. On June 28, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources said it did not regulate the levee in question. The Army Corps of Engineers initially said it would not approve the breach of the levee. But Friday morning, the Corps also said it did not have authority to regulate the Vanmann #30 levee. It's unclear whether the group needed permission to lower the levee or if the group is even responsible for this morning's explosion. According to the Pottawattamie County Assessor's Office, trustees of a levee district ordinarily have control over levees in their jurisdiction. But the county attorney's office is investigating the possibility of charges and whether the people responsible obtained the explosives illegally.
" - KETV.
WATCH: Intentional breach of levee.

MYSTERY: Symbols of an Alien Sky, Man-Made or Natural Phenomena - Dual Suns Over Russia & Black Cube and Circle Seen Near The Sun?! UPDATE: Dwarf Star - Imminent Convergence of the Black Hole Sun?!

"Gentlemen, you are looking through a window into another world." - Walter, FRINGE, Season 2 Episode 15 "Peter."

As most of my readers will know, I believe that the cataclysmic events currently happening on planet Earth is due primarily to a cosmic disturbance. A cyclic celestial event that is imminently converging on our solar system. The clearest manifestation of this convergence is in the exponential increase of magnetism reaching the atmosphere of our planet, which is having a devastating effect on the weather and climatic conditions, as the magnetosphere collapses.

Now, I am showcasing the following pictures and videos, as part of the accumulative evidence of the coming changes in the celestial sphere.

First up, the image of a giant black cube seen hovering near to the Sun, captured on three different occasions by NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

What is this object? Is it an unidentified flying object (UFO)? Is it an extraterrestrial spacecraft or man-made object? Or is it just simply a computer glitch? Could it be that NASA is cutting out several pixels of SOHO's capture? If so, why would they do that and what are they trying to hide?

Next, a mysterious capture of a circular yellowish/whitish object near the Sun by SOHO and the Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO).

WATCH: Object seen near the Sun?!

The aforementioned questions applies here too. Also, I ask, is this another star, seemingly hiding behind our Sun? Does this represents the dwarf star? Is it this what NASA is really trying to hide? Could this be reason behind the recent emergency plans report by the head of NASA?

Finally, a stunning eyewitness capture of what appears to be a second sun, just over the horizon in Siberia, Russia.

WATCH: Two different Suns in Russia?!

It this a sun dog, a mock sun or phantom sun, a atmospheric phenomenon of luminous halo resembling the brightness of the sun? Or is it a vortexual/vortical glimpse of the dwarf star, evidence of the magnetosphere's collapse at a weak point during a gravitational singularity?

UPDATE: Dwarf Star - Imminent Convergence of the Black Hole Sun?!

"In my eyes, indisposed. In disguises no one knows. Hides the face, lies the snake. The sun in my disgrace. Boiling heat, summer stench. 'Neath the black the sky looks dead.  Call my name through the cream. And I'll hear you scream again. Black hole sun. Won't you come. And wash away the rain? Black hole sun, Won't you come? Won't you come?..." - Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden.

According to my limited knowledge of astronomy, dwarf stars are usually too small to ignite a internal nuclear fusion, therefore it does not emit significant heat or light. Instead, since it is not a thermonuclear power source, it absorbs light and generates Lithium. So, if a dwarf star is making its approach into the solar system, it can only be seen from planet Earth, when it is the same distance from our Sun.

Now, have a look at the following black and white video of the aforementioned object that appears next to the Sun. Is this the dwarf star? The object does not appear to emit any observable light from its core, but displays a stroke-like visibility from the absorption of the Sun's rays.

WATCH: Object seen near the Sun?!

What is very interesting is that the dwarf star has been hypothesized by many astronomers, as a Nemesis, a co-orbiting star responsible for cycles of mass extinctions during the geological record of the Earth, and various names have been attached to this companion star such as the Devil, Lucifer, the Dark Lord, Red Dragon, Red Aeon of Horus...etc. Maybe this all makes perfect sense when you consider that the dwarf star or brown dwarf star is really a red star, only appearing to be brown from afar. In addition, the dwarf star originates from the life cycle of a red giant star. What's more, the dwarf star is actually a source of dark energy and is considered as the missing link between planets and stars.

In our anthropomorphization, "occultification," and cycles of lost memories, is it possible that we are finally coming to grasp with the scientific key to the importance of the dwarf star in stellar and human evolutions, masked and encoded in our classical literature, ancient mythologies, religions, folklore, and stories?

"...Broke our mirrors. Sunday morning is everyday, for all I care and I'm not scared. Light my candles in a daze. 'Cause I've found God..." - Lithium, Nirvana.