Friday, September 23, 2011

PLANETARY TREMORS: 200 Quakes in the Past 12 Hours in Iceland!

Iceland has seen a sudden burst in seismic activity in the past 2 hours, logging over 200 Earthquakes. 80% occurred in the past 2 hours alone. One of the earthquakes was a 4.0 Magnitude at 15:10:08 with a depth of 7.4 km. This was followed by a 3.7 Magnitude at 15:22:46. The seismic activity have been relatively calm since the 3.2 Magnitude hit Katla volcano earlier today at a depth of 1.1 km. This swarm started up in the past couple of hours.

You will be able to see from the map, that the swarm is located near two volcanoes:

1. The Hengill Volcano - Crater rows (803m - 2.634ft)

Current status: dormant (1 out of 5)
Typical eruption style: Effusive (lava flows).

Hengill volcano eruptions: none confirmed during historic times. Hengill is the easternmost of a series of four closely spaced basaltic fissure systems that cut diagonally across the Reykjanes Peninsula and lies at the triple junction of the Reykjanes Peninsula volcanic zone, the Western volcanic zone, and the South Iceland seismic zone. Postglacial lava flows surface much of the volcanic system. The latest eruption was radiocarbon dated about 1900 years before present. An eruption in the Hellisheidi area once thought to have occurred around 1000 AD at the time of a meeting of the Icelandic parliament at Thingvellir is now known to have occurred at a vent about 5 km away in the Brennisteinsfjöll volcanic system. Geothermally heated greenhouses, hot springs, and geysers are found at the Hveragerdi thermal area.

2. The Grimsnes Volcano - Crater Rows (214 m - 702 ft)
Current status: dormant (1 out of 5)
Typical eruption style: Effusive (lava flows).

Grímsnes volcano volcano eruptions: none during historic times. Grímsnes lava flows cover 54 sq km and were erupted from a group of 11 fissures that produced a series of NE-SW-trending crater rows. The eruptions of the basaltic Grímsnes lavas were restricted to a relatively short interval between about 6500 and 5500 years ago.

THE GREAT DELUGE: Cambodia Flooding Kills at Least 58!

At least 58 people, including a British tourist, were killed by flooding in Cambodia, a government official said Friday.

Keo Vy, communication officer of National Committee for Disaster Management said as of Sept. 23, 57 Cambodians and one British tourist have been killed in the flooding that had hit the country following heavy rainfalls. He said 12 provinces and cities across the country were hit by the flooding and Kompong Cham Province record the biggest fatality of 20, three of them were children. The official said 7,891 hectares of rice fields were also affected and 63 animals were killed. On Thursday, Cambodia dispatched three helicopters and a number of speed boats to rescue stranded people in the flooding in the northern province of Siem Reap. According to Ministry of Water Resource and Meteorology, the rainfalls will continue in the next few days, and water level in Mekong River is now at a warning stage. Millions of Cambodian people are living in seven out of 24 provinces and cities along the Mekong River. - Maxwell Reyes.
Unusually severe flooding in Cambodia has left at least 58 people dead, including 31 children, a disaster official said Friday. Heavy rains since August and overflow from the Mekong river have left large areas waterlogged, affecting thousands of hectares of rice paddies, Keo Vy of the National Committee for Disaster Management told AFP. "Flooding this year has caused more serious damage than in previous years," he said, adding that at least 5 633 families have been evacuated from their homes to higher ground. Nearly 200 tourists, including foreigners, were airlifted from Cambodia's famed Angkor temple complex on Thursday after a road to one of the ruins was cut off by flash floods. In neighbouring Thailand, almost two months of severe flooding have left at least 140 people dead. - Times Live.

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Flooding Kills 369 in Pakistan!

At least 369 people have died and 700,000 are living in refugee camps because of flooding in southern Pakistan, the country's national disaster authority said Thursday.

The flooding in Sindh province has destroyed 1.5 million homes in 41,000 villages, the government said. About 8.2 million people have been affected. Along with the deaths, more than 740 people have been injured. About 67 percent of food stocks have been destroyed and nearly 37 percent of the livestock has been lost "or sold to avoid loss," Elisabeth Byrs, spokeswoman for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said earlier this week. "At least 5 million surviving animals are at risk, lacking feed and shelter and facing increased exposure to debilitating diseases and worm infestations," Byrs said. The United Nations' World Food Programme has been distributing food to thousands of people. More than 6,000 schools have been damaged by the floods and 1,363 education facilities are currently being used as relief distribution sites in Sindh, officials said
. - CNN.
WATCH: Pakistan floods take their toll.

MAJOR HEALTH CRISIS: WHO - 6,000 Cases of Cholera in Somalia!

In addition to a disastrous drought and political violence, Somalia is facing a potentially devastating health crisis.

The World Health Organization's regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean said that at one hospital alone, more than 6,000 cases of cholera and diarrhea have been reported since January of this year. Banadir Hospital in Mogadishu is one of Somalia's largest, but its website warns that it has been "flooded" with recent cases of acute watery diarrhea, or AWD, a condition associated with cholera and unclean drinking water leading to malnutrition and fatal dehydration. CNN video taken Thursday at a Banadir Hospital's pediatric diarrhea center shows heart-wrenching images of emaciated babies and their worried parents. Many of the infants were receiving fluids through intravenous drips. A flyer distributed by the center emphasizes the importance of hydration, and encourages mothers to breastfeed as much as possible. But even with intensive hydration and medical care, many will not survive. In just the past week, four children under the age of 5 have died at Banadir Hospital, health agencies say. More than 190 other children were hospitalized there in the same period, along with nearly 100 adults. But it is children who bear the brunt of this condition: This year, 45% of AWD-related deaths have been among children under 2 years old, according to World Health Organization statistics. - CNN.
WATCH: Drought, poverty and conflict in Somalia.

MYSTERY: Symbols of an Alien Sky, Man-Made or Natural Phenomena - The Latest UFO Sightings And Aerial Anomalies Around The World?

Here are several of the latest unidentified flying objects (UFOs) seen recently across the globe.

More and more undeniable sightings of UFOs are being seen across major cities around the world. There is clearly a progressive disclosure which is going on, given the uptick in the phenomena and the major releases of movies from Hollywood dealing extensively with the subject matter. It seems like it is just a matter of time before some form of revelation about the extraterrestrial presence is officially disclosed.

WATCH: Mainstream Media reports on UFOs over major cities.

Interesting new footage of huge bright lights flying in the night sky over California near Apple Valley mountains. This was taken on Tuesday, 20th September 2011, around 8:30 pm.
4 Amber lights hovering then 3 changed position. On 20th September at approximately 8.30pm, myself, my husband and roommate were standing on the porch looking in the direction of where we had seen a sighting the night before, which was over Hesperia near the Apple Valley mountains. A bright orange light appeared with 3 other lights to its right and some distance from it. The two top lights of the group of 3 seemed to be slowly moving around each other. After some time the 3 lights disappeared and the one light was left. Shortly after the 3 re appeared but had ascended to a higher position. This time the 2 bottom lights seemed to be slowly rotating around each other. We got this footage on the camcorder. The entire incident lasted just over 5 minutes. - MUFON.

WATCH: Huge bright objects hovering above California.

Strange bright craft was recorded hovering in the night sky over Sweden. This video was recorded on the 22nd September 2011.

I was out skywatching a while ago, this is one of the sightings i got on captured on film, unfortunately there was nowhere to put my tripod at since the craft appeared out of nowhere and was gone in a matter of seconds.. The UFO dropped right down in the middle of some random treetops, it is not a illusion created by the angle of the camera. It was windy as hell also, so this is why the image is a bit shaky. - Cosmic Traveler.

WATCH: UFO in the sky over Sweden.

In the following Paranormal Report, podcast number 83, hosts Clayton Morris and Jim Harold discuss the latest UFO sightings and a myriad of other related issues.

WATCH: UFOs over the Southwest - Paranormal Report 83.

Bright objects or orbs were seen and recorded flying over Novaliches, northern half of the Quezon City, the former capital and the most populous city in the Philippines.This video was recorded on Tuesday, 20th September 2011.

WATCH: Triangle UFO formation over Quezon City, Philippines.

This video of flashing lights was recorded over the Riverside in California, in September.
My buddy jay saw some lights in the sky and decided to record it, sent me the video via email for me to upload. the official report as of now is that these specific lights in the sky was/is some type of meteor. no meteor i've ever seen acts like this. - Zerthog.
WATCH: Flashing lights over Riverside, California.

New footage of a triangle-shaped craft hovering above Wenatchee in Washington. This video was filmed in September.

WATCH: Stationary triangle UFO over Wenatchee, Washington.

Multiple unknown objects were recorded flying across the night sky over Scotland on Tuesday, 20th September 2011.

WATCH: Low unidentified objects flying together over Scotland.

ANCIENT ALIENS: Season 3 - Aliens and Deadly Weapons!

Ancient Aliens.
The History Channel continues its popular series on extraterrestrials, alien theorists and ancient civilizations with season three of Ancient Aliens.

The following video playlist constitutes program nine, entitled Aliens and Deadly Weapons and runs for 44 minutes. It examines whether extraterrestrial technology was used in the advancement of mankind's weapons.

"Iron swords forged in blazing hot fires... Gunpowder with the power to tear apart human flesh... And rockets capable of destroying entire cities... Throughout history, advances in technology have lead to the development of powerful weapons--each more deadly than the last. But were these lethal weapons the product of human innovation--or were they created with help from another, otherworldly source?" - The History Channel.

WATCH: Aliens and Deadly Weapons.

PLANETARY TREMORS: India Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 112!

Three days since the earthquake struck Sikkim, the devastation still unfolding. With 20 more bodies have been recovered on Wednesday, the total death toll climbed to 112, mostly in Sikkim. Several hundreds are still believed to be stranded in the worst affected north districts of Sikkim.

Sikkim has suffered a loss of about Rs 1 lakh crore due to the 6.8 magnitude earthquake, said Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling. Aerial pictures showed that the earthquake ripped apart the landscape in the stretch between Gangtok and Chung Thang, causing cracks, landslides and much destruction. The pictures also showed the destruction at the Teesta Dam site where several people lost their lives. At Chung Thang in North Sikkim, one of the worst affected sites, a school building one of the worst affected structures. Fortunately, it was a Sunday, so there were no students. “I had constructed the school by collecting every single penny. Quake has damaged property of around Rs 5 lakh,” said the Principal of the school. Around 80 per cent of the houses at Chung Thang have suffered damages with major and minor cracks. Several people have lost their lives and many families have been displaced. Relief and rescue operations have picked up speed on Wednesday and with the weather clearing up, authorities hope to get access to stranded areas. Meanwhile, electricity has been restored in Gangtok and officials say other towns will have full power supply within the next few days.

However, restoration of communication lines still remains a big challenge. National Highway 55, which connects Bagdogra to Darjeeling and National Highway 31, that links Gangtok to Bagdogra, have been restored. The relief and rescue workers have raced against time to open the arterial National Highway 31 that cut off the state since Sunday evening. By Tuesday evening rescue workers were able to clear the landslides both from Bagdogra to Gangtok and Gangtok to Mangan. In the process, though, two Army jawans were killed. Nine helicopters were mobilised and 10 doctors airlifted to Chungthang in North Sikkim. The Army has also deployed 10 medical units. The Army says restoring communication lines beyond Mangan will be the next big challenge. “The biggest challenge right now is to get the lines of communication through, to supply food to needy people. Road beyond Mangan is very bad and it will take more than 20 days,” said Lt Gen Bikram Singh. The enormity of the damage is finally emerging, besides the loss to human lives. Over 15,000 houses were razed to the ground and more than 1 lakh were partially damaged. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister`s Office has announced an ex-gratia of Rs two lakh for the family of the deceased in Sunday`s earthquake in West Bengal. State Disaster Management secretary Indevar Pandey said on Wednesday that the PMO, in a communique to West Bengal chief secretary, also announced an ex-gratia of Rs one lakh to those seriously injured
. - Kangla Online.
WATCH: Sikkum quake death toll rises to 112.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Katla Volcano hit by 3.2 Magnitude Earthquake - Scientists Are Worried About Imminent Icelandic Volcano Eruptions!

The Katla volcano in Iceland, has this morning shown a spike in increased seismic activity, this has followed a week of increasing activity in the area.The volcano in Iceland was hit by a 3.2 magnitude earthquake this morning at 06:57:20, 23rd September 2011 with a depth of just 1.1 km (0 Miles).

An earthquake measuring just below three points on the Richter scale was picked up by sensors north of Godabunga in Mýrdalsjökull glacier in south Iceland, which covers the volcano Katla, at 6:57 this morning. Sigthrúdur Ármannsdóttir at the Icelandic Meteorological Office’s earthquake division told that the quake had occurred at a depth of five kilometers in the northern side of the Mýrdalsjökull caldera. A smaller aftershock was registered three minutes later but no further seismic activity has occurred in the glacier since. There has been considerable activity in the area this summer and the quakes this morning are considered part of this continued unrest. However, it is not possible to confirm whether the last tremors may lead to something bigger. Katla is under close observation and the inhabitants of Vík are prepared to evacuate in case of glacial flooding. - Iceland Review.
Scientists are now worried that if an Icelandic volcano erupts, a tragic history of death would be repeated.

Beginning in 1783, Iceland endured an eight-month-long volcanic eruption that left a seemingly endless haze covering the landscape. The dry fog of microscopic aerosol particles, mostly sulfur oxides, caused the deaths of fully 20 percent of Iceland’s population, along with 75 percent of their livestock. The effects of the eruption at Laki were not limited to Iceland. In the Netherlands, trees dropped their leaves in June, as if signaling a very early autumn. The number of deaths recorded in England that year was 10-20 percent above average. Reports of deaths and health problems came from as far away as Italy. The mouthful that was Eyjafjallajökull reminded us in 2010 that volcanoes can easily bring air travel to a grinding halt, but what would happen if an eruption on the scale of Laki occurred today? To estimate the direct impact on human health, a group of researchers first used an atmospheric aerosol model to simulate the eruption of Laki under a range of present-day atmospheric conditions. By doing so, they were able to calculate the resulting concentrations of aerosols over Iceland and continental Europe. They found that average concentrations across Europe would rise to more than double the background average over the first three months of the eruption. The highest concentrations, occurring in northern Europe, would reach more than triple background levels. Over the course of the eruption, the models estimated that atmospheric aerosol levels would exceed the World Health Organization’s air quality standard for over a month in Europe, and almost 6 months in Iceland. From there, the researchers used medical studies of the impact of particulate matter to estimate the number of direct fatalities. They found that, in the year of the eruption, volcanic aerosols would cause 50,000 to 230,000 deaths. While that’s certainly a terrible loss of life, it’s actually a significantly smaller percentage of the population than died during the 1783 eruption. - Arstechnica.

UFO/ET DISCLOSURE: Leslie Kean talks UFOs on Open Minds Radio!

In the following video presentation, Open Minds Radio host Alejandro Rojas speaks with journalist Leslie Kean, in a wide-ranging interview about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

Leslie Kean is the author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, a book which includes written statements from five generals, a former governor, military UFO witnesses, and a forward by John Podesta, former Clinton White House Chief of Staff. The book has also been endorsed by famous Physicist Michio Kaku and the Chief Astronomer and Planetarium Director for the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Derrick Pitts. We will talk to Leslie about the recent History Channel special focused on her book, Pitts' recent endorsement, and controversy created by new information about a famous Belgian UFO photograph.
WATCH: Leslie Kean on Open Minds Radio.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Hundreds Of Squid Wash Up On Black's Beach!

Hundreds of Humboldt squid washed up on Black's Beach over the weekend.San Diego lifeguard Sgt. Ben Lewis said the squid rode the tide in on Saturday afternoon.

"It was quite a scene to see with the beach strewn with hundreds of dead and dying squid," said Lewis. Lewis said the squid were each about a foot long and appeared to weigh a few pounds. He added that it was much more than just a sight."Of course, as you might imagine, there were some odors associated with that," he said. "The only thing left on the beach right now is the scent of dead squid and seagull footprints." The squid, which are native to South America and can grow to be six feet, appeared on the beach Saturday afternoon until early Sunday morning, when high tide washed away all but 50 of the squid.Lewis said seagulls flocked to feast on the remaining dead squid.Linsey Sala of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography said the sight may not be as unusual as many may think. "We have experienced strandings like this and even further on our coast in California," she said.Sala said other large schools of squid were discovered on the San Diego shore back in 2002 and 2005.How and why the stranding happened remains a mystery. "To be perfectly honest, I don't have a definitive answer for that, but what I do know is that there is research going on looking at what these animals might be affected by," said Sala. Some of the possible factors researchers are investigating include food, red tides and climate change. Scientists at the Scripps Institute said similar events seem to happen every few years. - 10 News.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: ALERT - Cleveland Volcano Lava Dome Grows!

The Alaska Volcano Observatory is reporting that Cleveland Volcano, in the Aleutians, has a growing lava dome that is increasing the chances of an explosive eruption.

Currently, lava is erupting into the crater of the Cleveland Volcano creating a dome of lava. According to the AVO, the lava dome is now about 540 feet in diameter. The diameter of the dome has grown about 50 feet since September 9. The Observatory says the lava dome is still contained within the crater of the volcano, but has crept to within 20 meters of the crater’s eastern rim. While a growing lava dome increases the likelihood of an explosive eruption, a press release from the AVO says it “does not necessarily indicate that one will occur.” A possible explosion could produce ash clouds that may exceed 20,000 feet above sea level. - KTUU.
Clouds have prevented satellite views of Cleveland during the last 24 hours; AVO is unable to verify if eruption of a lava at Cleveland is continuing. As of September 20, 2011 satellite imagery showed a 165 m (541 ft) in diameter lava dome in the summit crater. AVO has received no other reports of activity at Cleveland. A growing lava dome in the crater increases the possibility of an explosive event, but does not necessarily indicate that one will occur. It is possible that explosions from the summit crater vent could produce ash clouds that may exceed 20,000 ft above sea level. These events can occur without warning and may go undetected in satellite imagery for hours. If lava dome growth continues, lava may overflow the crater rim to produce a lava flow and/or collapse to produce pyroclastic flows. Sudden collapse of the effusing lava could result in the generation of a volcanic ash cloud. Without a real-time seismic network on the volcano, AVO is unable to track local earthquake activity related to volcanic unrest, provide forecasts of eruptive activity, or confirmation of explosive, ash-producing events. AVO will continue to monitor the volcano using multiple sources of satellite data. - AVO.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Sidoarjo "Mud Volcano" Erupts Violently!

Authorities in East Java have raised the alert level for the mudflow spewing from an underground volcano in Sidoarjo after nearby dikes nearly failed.

The mudflow has destroyed hundreds of homes, swamped 720 hectares of land and displaced more than 11,000 people since it began erupting in late May 2006. "The situation is alarming," said Achmad Khusaeri, a spokesman for the Sidoarjo Mudflow Mitigation Agency (BPLS), adding that the underground volcano had begun to erupt again after lying virtually dormant for years. The mudflow had fallen from an average of 100,000 cubic meters per day in 2009 to 13,000 cubic meters per day last year. Achmad said the authorities had added another meter to the height of the dikes as well as reinforcing them with rocks held together by chicken wire. BPLS officers are also monitoring the dikes 24 hours a day. Dwi Arisanto, an official at state railway operator Kereta Api Indonesia, said tracks along the disaster-hit area were being reinforced. "We are also limiting train speeds to no more than 20 kilometers per hour," he said. East Java Governor Sukarwo said the surge was happening in eastern Sidoarjo, while in the west the mudflow had receded. The provincial government, he said, was channeling the surging mud to the area's less-populated south. Sukarwo added that rain could also worsen the surging mudflow and cause the dikes to weaken. The governor visited the Presidential Palace on Tuesday, urging the central government to push Minarak Lapindo Jaya, the holding company of the gas drilling operation that is widely blamed for the mudflow, to expedite its compensation scheme.

Under the scheme, residential land was valued at Rp 1 million ($113) per square meter, while farmland was valued at Rp 120,000 per square meter. However, Sukarwo said Lapindo had only paid compensation for 72 percent of the inundated lands, adding that he urged the company to pay for at least 80 percent by the end of the year. "I will let the president, vice president and the ministers push for the compensation and I will try to calm down the people," the governor said. Sukarwo said Lapindo should disburse all of its compensation by April next year. Three villages are now completely submerged by the mudflow. Separately, Public Works Minister Djoko Kirmanto said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was expanding the area deemed to be devastated by the disaster. The minister said that on Monday, there would be nine neighborhoods that would be added to the compensation scheme, costing an additional Rp 1 trillion to Rp 2 trillion
. - Jakarta Globe.