Saturday, September 24, 2011

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: The Unprecedented Seismic Swarm - Canary Islands Government Raises Alert Level to Yellow for El Hierro as Scientists Fears U.S. East Coast's Vulnerability to a Mega-Tsunami!

In my last report on the extremely worrying situation in the Canary Islands, I revealed that nearly 9,000 earthquakes was registered in just the past ten weeks. A trend that has forced the National Geographic Institute to commence a geological study of the epicentre of the tremors. Local officials admitted that the origin of the seismic movements could be volcanic. Yesterday, the website for the government, issued the following note, indicating an elevation in the alert level to yellow for the El Hierro volcano:
Considering the volcanic hazards involves a series of actions to be undertaken sequentially has established a worldwide warning system for the population based on the selection of three colors (green, yellow and red). In this way the population may adopt certain behaviors based on a symbol that are easy to understand color. We must continue in the case of each of them, the recommendations relating thereto. - Government of Canarias.
It should be noted that the vast majority of the tremors have been recorded in the northwest area of the 278.5-square-kilometre island at El Golfo, the location of a massive landslide that created a 100-metre high tsunami almost 50,000 years ago. Importantly, earthquake swarms around a volcano are often precursors to volcanic eruptions, as such scientists are worried that there is a distinct possibility that this will eventually create a mega-tsunami that will kill millions of people who live within miles of the Atlantic Ocean. Is it possible that if there is a volcanic eruption, the half-trillion ton western flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano will surely slide into the Atlantic Ocean, creating a mega-tsunami wave that will hit the American East Coast?

WATCH: Part 1 and 2 of Thom Goddard's award winning documentary on Mega-Tsunami, giant waves that could destroy the East Coast of the United States of America.

WATCH: Path of the Mega-Tsunami caused by the collapse of Las Palmas Island from volcanic activity.

EARTH CHANGES: Hurricane Hilary Kills 3 People in Mexico!

Hurricane Hilary
moved away from Mexico's southwestern coast in the Pacific as a powerful Category 4 storm Friday, and search teams recovered the bodies of three fishermen caught in the storm.

The hurricane was not forecast to make landfall, but Mexico's coast has been being affected by wind, rain and heavy surf from Hilary, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. The three fishermen, ages 27 to 50, went out to sea Thursday night despite a hurricane warning advising against it, Guerrero state's Public Safety Department said. Navy rescue crews found the bodies Friday in the waters off the town of Marquelia. They had tied themselves to empty gasoline containers, the department said. Hilary's maximum sustained winds late Friday were near 145 mph (230 kph). The hurricane was centered about 160 miles (260 kilometers) south of Manzanillo, Mexico, and was moving west at near 9 mph (15 kph). All tropical storm watches and warnings that had been in place for Mexico's coast were discontinued as forecasters predicted the storm would keep moving away from Mexico. In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Ophelia had winds near 50 mph (85 kph) and was not a threat to land. - AJC.
According to the forecasts at, Hilary could boomerang into Mexico and United States in the coming days.

While powerful Hurricane Hilary will continue on a path that takes the storm out to sea this weekend, there is a chance the storm will re-curve back to the Mexican coast next week. Hilary, although strong now, will lose strength over the weekend into next week over naturally cooler waters, or over waters that were cooled by her own sea surface churning process. During the middle of next week, in the Tuesday-to-Thursday time period, it is possible a trough of low pressure farther out in the Pacific Ocean will dip far enough south to pull what is left of Hilary back to the east. Speculation or not, this scenario keeps staring us in the face. However, only if this boomerang effect occurs would tropical downpours then continue to feed northward into part of the Southwest U.S. and Texas late next week. According to Meteorologist Mark Mancuso, "So not only would a rare move back to the east have to occur, but also Hilary's circulation would have to survive the cool waters before landfall, and then the moisture survive the screening effect of the mountains of western Mexico." "As a result, we cannot make any promises for the needed rainfall in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona in the U.S., as well as in northern Mexico at this point in time," Mancuso added. As meteorologists Bill Deger and Kristina Pydynowski point out, regardless of Hilary's movement next week, the powerful hurricane will continue to generate trouble along the southwest coast of Mexico this weekend. Very rough seas in the vicinity of southwestern Mexico alone pose a threat to shipping and cruise interests. Shipping and fishing interests need to be aware of the potential for large waves to propagate outward from a storm of this strength. The upper part of the Gulf of California is a trouble spot for this situation, as waves tend to be bottled up in this region. - AccuWeather.
WATCH: Tracking Hurricane Hilary.

THE GREAT DELUGE: Flood Submerges 600 villages in Orissa, India!

Flood condition worsened in Orissa on Friday with four major rivers submerging around 600 villages in the state.

Fresh flood in Brahmani, Baitarani, Budhabalang and Subarnarekha rivers following a heavy downpour wrecked havoc in Jajpur, Keonjhar, Bhadrak, Kendrapara, Balasore and Mayurbjanj districts, officials said. "Jajpur was cut off from rest of the state as a portion of 120-year-old bridge on Baitarani river at Sathipur caved in," District Collector Anil Samal said. "Vast stretches of national highways connecting Panikoili to Keonjhar, Keonjhar-Jashipur and Kamakhyanagar-Bhubana were inundated in flood waters, paralysing vehicular movement," Works Secretary S K Ray said. Also several state highways in Bhadrak, Keonjhar, Jajpur, Dhenkanal, Kendrapara and Mayurbhanj were submerged in many places, throwing traffic out of gear. Meanwhile, chief minister Naveen Patnaik reviewed the flood situation at a high-level meeting here and deputed three senior officials to worst-hit Jajpur, Bhadrak and Kendrapara to monitor and supervise rescue and relief work. Helicopters available with the state for anti-Naxal operation will be pressed into service for air dropping of relief materials for the marooned people from tomorrow, Special Relief Commissioner P K Mohapatra said. - Times of India.
WATCH: Coastal districts in Orissa suffering from Floods.

THE GREAT DELUGE: Major Floods Hits 13 Towns in the Philippines!

At least 140 people were displaced and 14 houses were damaged when rampaging floodwaters ravaged through informal settlers living along a riverbank in the Philippines.

In Maguindanao, 30,127 families were affected by the flood in the province's 13 municipalities, Provincial Government data show. Mati City Mayor Michelle Rabat ordered an immediate evacuation of families living in barangays Riverside Sudlon, Tambiling, Calgundian, and Bilawan 1 and 3. The flood affected 20 families in Sudlon and 41 families in Tambiling and Bilawan. It destroyed six houses and damaged eight others. A report from the City Disaster Coordinating Council showed that heavy rains started pouring in the area shortly after noontime on September 22. Four hours later, the Sudlon River started to swell to nearby sub-villages. Quick response teams from Dreams Rescue Team 166, City Engineers Office, Philippine Red Cross, and General Services Office immediately dispatched emergency vehicles to flooded areas to aid evacuation. Forty-one families were brought to the city's cultural center and 20 others stay at the Sudlon Chapel. Food packs were distributed to evacuees with the help of Red Cross volunteers. - Sun Star.

FRINGE: Sirius - New Beginnings & New Dimensions of Convergence!

When creator and producer J.J. Abrams premiered the series Fringe on the Fox network in September 2008, the first thing that stood out in the countless reviews, was the assertion that it was an overpriced rip-off of The X-Files franchise. An engrossing tale for science-fiction junkies of a sexy heroic federal agent teamed with a mysterious genius and his mentally deranged super-scientist father; using unorthodox techniques and science to investigate the unexplained conundrum of an imminent convergence with a parallel universe. For many, Abrams along with co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had constructed and weaved a fairly good show, building on Chris Carter's definitive pop cultural interpretation of the paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories and the existence of extraterrestrials.

Although the focus of Fringe was not based on extraterrestrials, it was not hard to see the influence of Ten Thirteen Productions in areas such as: DNA modification and engineering; advanced human power and enhancements; spontaneous human combustion - a human being's body instantly covered by fire generated by some internal mechanism; the direct manipulation of electromagnetic or atomic forces; Progeria - the rapid aging of the human body; Therianthropy - the metamorphosis from a human form into an animal;... Of course, as the saying goes, no idea is original, as The X-Files borrowed many concepts from shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and Altered States. And they, in turn scripted their inspiration from the narrative of classical science fiction.

Over the last three season, Fringe has graduated beyond the similar premises it shared with The X-Files into an extremely addictive and compelling series, despite its underwhelming Friday night viewership numbers. Devoid of the sultry skeptic FBI agent and her inquisitive believer partner, Fringe is richly blessed with perhaps the most talented actor on television, the Australian John Noble, who plays with ease, Walter Bishop, the gifted and eccentric scientist as well as the angry and vengeful Secretary of Defense, Walternate from the parallel world. Noble's masterful delivery and performance and that of the stellar cast of Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv is at the heart of a deep, credible, consistent and  intricately written storyline.  The questions and origins behind each investigation into genetic mutation, reanimation, parallel convergence, astral projection, invisibility, mind control, and teleportation; are perfectly answered with pseudoscientific explanations - "Fringe Science," where these effects can ultimately be traced to the scientific experimentation of Dr. Bishop. Unlike The X-Files, where viewers had to wait several brutal and agonizing seasons to receive a date for an alien invasion or to witness the predictable evolution of the relationship between two lovers. There is no need to see whether "the truth is out there," instead we slowly realize that the "truth is here."

The usual encryptions, symbolism and subtextual narrative that is frequently buried in the vagueness of other paranormal shows are answered in Fringe, where effects such as Earth changes from the parallel convergence of the two worlds, gives us an insight into the import of the celestial sphere, cyclic events of destruction, ancient and advanced civilizations, extant and advance science, and the presence of the other.

WATCH: Fringe - Season 4 Preview.

WATCH: Fringe - Where is Peter Bishop?

The story of Fringe fits perfectly into this these apocalyptic times, but importantly it is a significant symbolic narrative of the relationship between our Sun, Sol, the solar system and the Sirius star system. The mythological arc along with the standalone episodes refers to this relationship especially in the central storyline and the disappearance of the character Peter, and the convergence of parallel worlds - a modern retelling of the stellar evolution of Sirius B.

I hope to present a revealing look at this over the course of the next 22 episodes of what will be a most fascinating fourth season. As a prelude to this, have a look at the image above of Peter, Liv and Walter and then read the following from a previous post on the Sirius star system:

"Symbols are important to all esoteric teachings, for they contain secret wisdom accessible only to the initiated." - Harpers' Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience.

The ritual manifestation of the Holy Trinity of Sirius and DNA engineering is richly conveyed
in popular culture, especially from Hollywood. Take the four examples shown in the above image
from  The Vampire Diaries, Twilight - Eclipse, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 
and True Blood. Take note of the following symbols: red, blood, three main stars, 2 males and 1
female, female in red or aligned with a red object/title, the female is in the middle, the bird
representing the Phoenix, vampires or monsters, and monsters mating with human women. This
gains further resonances when you consider that in Twilight, Robert Pattinson portrays a vampire
in a relationship with the human Kristen Stewart, and that both are currently involved in an
off-screen real-life relationship, as well. As is the case in True Blood where Stephen Moyer,
playing the character of vampire in an on-screen love interest story with the human fairy played
by  Anna Paquin. Moyer and Paquin, recently got married in real-life.
What we are looking at a here is a infinite ceremonial stream of magic from the ancient civilizations practiced in coded rituals, symbols and sigils based on the orbit of The Blazing Star of Sirius. Sirius and Sol, our Sun, follows a trajectory relationship over 26,000 years that looks like the DNA strand, a spiral and the movements of the serpent. The Dogons' sign for Sirius is a curved line with a straight line going through it. If you carry the curved line through to its end point, it meets up with the straight line to form what looks like the DNA strand or the Vesica Pisces or the Triquetra or the Trinity Cross. This convergence of Sol and Sirius is the key to occult worship, as it is believe that Sol was once part of the Sirius Star System and that the current configuration of the Solar System resulted directly from the interstellar explosion on Sirius. It is also believed that Sol and Sirius B were once binary twins.

The Dogons symbol for Sirius, signifies the co-orbit of
 Sirius with Sol. The orbit resembles the DNA strand,
  a Spiral and the Serpent movements.
This is also the key to the mythos about a Planet X or Nibiru - a red dwarf plant on a 3,600 year elliptical orbit with our Solar System - prominently espoused through the interpretations of the Babylonian/Sumerian clay tablets by writer Zecharia Sitchin. This is also key to the idea of a Messiah or Son of God - a redeemer figure expected by numerous religions to bring forth a rapturous salvation to the world. But the designation of Nibiru as the Planet of the Crossing and the eschatological theories of the return of the Son of God is really about the passage, orbit and convergence of the Sirius Star System that has been "occultified" by this fraternal group of Priest Class Magicians. The Planet or Star of the Crossing is really the "Star of Women," in Sirius - the Grand Cross that is symbolized in all instances of the Trinity and Cross symbolism since ancient history. This is the esoteric wisdom that has been hidden from the public, Sol's co-orbit with the Sirius Trinity Star System and the previous orbital cycles that caused displacement of Stars, Suns and Planets and gave rise to the occult deification of stellar Gods.

Ancient astrology recognizes that there is this great cycle caused by the Earth's wobble on its axis and one complete wobble is approximately 26,000 (25,920) years. In the Greco-Hellenistic period, there were astrological theories about how the Sun shifts through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, dividing the period into twelve periods or ages or chapters referred to as the World Age doctrine. This is seen in the Old Testament of the Bible, with the symbolism of Aries the Lamb and Pisces the Fish, and currently we are about to move into the Age of Aquarius. So this astrological doctrine has to do with our changing angular rotation due to the larger cosmos. Many ancient cultures around the world believe that the Precession of the Equinox results in changes in human consciousness. I posit that the fascination with the Precession of the Equinox, especially when it takes a complete lifetime to recognize that the stars have moved just one degree, is that the Earth moving with Sol and the entire Solar System is locked in a co-orbit with the Sirius Star System. Therefore, we are part of a binary star system in a never-ending movement with Sirius, in repeated elliptical orbits for 26,000 years. This conforms to Kepler's law of planetary motions - "The orbit of every planet is an ellipse with the Sun at one of the two foci." Therefore, a movement in great ellipses rather than circles, speeding up when they are closer due stronger gravitation and slows down when they are farther apart. This obedience to the law would explain the DNA-shaped, serpent or spiral movement of the co-orbit of Sirius with Sol. Simon Newcomb, the Canadian-American astronomer and mathematician noticed that Procession of the Equinox was speeding up quickly exponentially every year. This gave way to a constant, that he added to the Procession of the Equinox equation - Newcomb constants.

My view and drawing of Sirius' orbit with Sol. Not Planet X/Nibiru.
"In 1877 he became director of the Nautical Almanac Office where, ... he embarked on a program of recalculation of all the major astronomical constants... In May 1896, the international consensus was that all ephemerides should be based on Newcomb's calculations. A further conference as late as 1950 confirmed Newcomb's constants as the international standard." - Wikipedia.

Right now, Precession of the Equinox has accelerated beyond Newcomb's constants in the last 100 years. In the ancient Vedic text, this co-orbit or binary orbit is part of the spiritual path of mankind under the influence of a Divine Being. Fate. This theory therefore explains the significant acceleration and also points ultimately towards periapsis, when the two orbiting objects are closest to each other. The 26,000 year cycle that converges at the periapsis to formulate the new beginning or new cycle, fits into the messianic reverence for the number 8, since 2+6 = 8. The name of Jesus in Greek is called Ieous, and the Greek numerical value of Ieous (Jesus) is 888. 8 is considered as the number for new beginnings and entrance into God's covenant through Jesus. In English Gematria, the words JESUS LUCIFER equates to 888. According to several Gnostic teachings, Jesus is seen as the Ogdoad or the Sun behind the Sun. This is also the same description, that is often attributed to Sirius - the Spiritual Sun.