Thursday, October 13, 2011

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: The Great Deluge - Extremely Critical Situation in Thailand, Nakhon Sawan City is Completely Submerged!

As the flooding in Thailand worsens, the Nakhon Sawan municipality's last defence collapsed. The city is now totally submerged.

The province governor has declared the disaster area so that emergency fund can be immediately used to repair the damages and help evacuuate residents to high grounds. Meanwhile the run-off water has breached nearly all dykes in Pathum Thani. The flood is 1-1.5 metres deep in some areas. If all the dykes and flood gates in Pathum Thani are totally breached, the torrent will rage into Pakkret, Nonthaburi worsening the already bad situation there. On the eastern front, several areas of Nong Chok, Lat Krabang and Min Buri are seeing rising water and within a day the flood will be out of control. Already some housing estates are under the water. - Bangkok Post.
Severe floods in Thailand have disrupted production of electronics including hard disk drives and semiconductors, with a number of factories suspending operations. Hard disk drive maker Seagate Technology has warned that a disruption in its supply chain could affect production, although its factories in Thailand are still in operation. "As a result of the disruption caused by the floods, Seagate anticipates hard drive supply will be constrained throughout the current quarter," the company said in a statement on Wednesday. Competitor Western Digital said on Wednesday that it had suspended production of hard drives temporarily at facilities close to Bangkok, to protect employees, facilities and equipment. The company said that production of hard drives in its facilities in Thailand will be constrained in the current quarter due to the flooding. - PC World.
Severe flooding has forced a halt to Honda and Toyota assembly lines in Thailand that account for about 7 percent of their combined global car production. American automakers Ford and General Motors are faring better. Typhoon-driven flooding has whipsawed the Southeast Asian country since late July, killing more than 280 people, affecting more than three quarters of the country's provinces and inflicting billions of dollars in damage. Flood waters from higher ground in northern and central Thailand are now menacing the capital Bangkok. - Forbes.
WATCH: Thailand floods threaten Bangkok.

MASS ANIMAL DIE-OFF: WIDESPREAD DISEASE - Mysterious Outbreak in Alaska's Arctic Coast Kills And Sickens Dozens of Ringed Seals?!

"When you're dealing with a pathogen and you don't know what it is, even whether it's bacterial or virus, it takes a lot of work to narrow it down and isolate it. But I'm a little surprised they haven't come up with something yet."

A mysterious and potentially widespread disease is thought to have contributed to the deaths of dozens of ringed seals along Alaska's Arctic coast. Scores more are sickened, some so ill that skin lesions bleed when touched.

The animals are an important subsistence food, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has proposed listing them as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. In July, biologists with the North Slope Borough's Department of Wildlife Management began receiving reports of ringed seals hauled out on beaches, an unusual behavior since the animals usually prefer the water or ice. Since then, they've found at least 100 seals with telltale mangy hair and skin lesions, mostly while traveling by four-wheeler along 30 miles of Beaufort and Chukchi sea coastline outside Barrow. At least 46 of those seals have been found dead, and experts aren't sure if the disease is killing them or if other infections and polar bears are proving fatal once the seals become feeble. "Right now we're leaning toward it being a virus, and that could weaken their immune system," said Jason Herreman, a borough wildlife biologist studying seals and polar bears.

The Department of Wildlife Management has never documented a similar outbreak in the North Slope region, Herreman said. Scientists don't know the scope of the problem because since ringed seals are difficult to track and haven't been counted for decades. Hundreds of thousands are thought to live in the region. Reports of nearly 150 other seals with the illness have come in from villages outside Barrow, population 4,200, as well as from Chukotka, Russia, and Tuktoyuktak, a village on the northwestern corner of Canada, Herreman said. North Slope biologists are trying to determine the magnitude of the problem in the other countries, he said. Borough biologists have sent numerous tissue samples, from dead seals and others still alive, to laboratories around the country. Still, they have no answer. "When you're dealing with a pathogen and you don't know what it is, even whether it's bacterial or virus, it takes a lot of work to narrow it down and isolate it," Herreman said. "But I'm a little surprised they haven't come up with something yet." - Alaska Dispatch.

THE GREAT DELUGE: 43 Dead in Vietnam’s Worst Seasonal Floods in a Decade - Submerged 70,000 Homes; Nearly 50,000 Hectares of Land; With Over 55 Million Dollars in Damage to Crops and Infrastructure?!

According to the Associated Press, Vietnam says nine more deaths have brought the toll from the Mekong Delta’s worst flooding in more than a decade to 43 people, mostly children. The government said Thursday that the seasonal floods have submerged nearly 70,000 homes. The waters have damaged an estimated $55 million in crops and infrastructure in the south since late August. The high water levels also prevented more than 234,000 students from attending schools.

The worst flooding in Vietnam in more than a decade has killed nine more people, bringing the death toll over the past three weeks in the Mekong Delta to 43, authorities said Thursday. The nine died Wednesday in floodwaters that have inundated 70,000 homes and destroyed nearly 1,500 during the monsoon season in southern Vietnam, the National Steering Committee for Storm Prevention and Flood Control said. More than 24,000 hectares of rice fields have been submerged and more than 11,000 hectares of fruit trees destroyed, the committee reported.

Thirty-one of the 43 victims were children, it said. Waters at their highest levels since 2000 have flooded 699 schools and 1,200 kilometres of roads. In the Central Highlands, floods caused by heavy rains also killed four people, including a 15-year-old girl who was swept away while fishing, and submerged nearly 4,000 hectares of rice. The committee said losses were estimated at 56 million dollars, up 10 million dollars from its report Wednesday. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung visited flooded areas Wednesday and urged provinces to improve dyke systems to protect people and rice fields. Hundreds of people have been killed across South and South-East Asia, China and Japan in the past four months from monsoon flooding, typhoons and storms. - Monsters and Critics.
WATCH: Floods kill hundreds in Southeast Asia.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Hundreds of Dead Fish in Cougar Creek, Canada!

Scores of dead Juvenile Coho, Chum and Cutthroat Trout were spotted this past weekend along a stretch of Cougar Creek.

Passersby noticed the dead fish on the banks of the creek on Saturday afternoon and contacted the Ministry of Environment. Pete Willows, a salmonid enhancement volunteer with the Cougar Canyon Streamkeepers, and his son Steve brought buckets of rainwater to the scene in a desperate bid to save as many fish as possible. But it was too late and they only managed to save a handful of fish. "We were able to save six fish, two Cutthroats, three Coho and the other one was a Brown Bullhead," said Willows. "We also saved two sticklebacks." It's not known what caused the fish to die. Ministry of Environment officials weren't available for comment at Now press time. - Surrey Now.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL/UFO MEMES: ALIEN ABDUCTION - Exploring the Alien/UFO Abduction Experience with Budd Hopkins & John Mack!

This feature length documentary of the alien abduction experience, was produced in loving memory of Budd Hopkins 1931 - 2011, and John E. Mack, M.D. 1929 - 2004, and their contribution to alien abduction research.

Legendary Alien Abduction Researchers - Budd Hopkins - Author, Researcher and John Mack, M.D. - Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, come together to discuss what they believe is happening to people who report experiences of being abducted by Aliens and taken aboard their craft. Get the facts in this rare and heart felt presentation. Originally taped in 1997. - UFOTV Studios.
WATCH: Exploring the Alien Abduction Experience.

DELUGE: Floods and Landslides Leave 18 Dead in Central America - At Least Five Killed as Hurricane Jova Ravages Mexico's Pacific Coast!

A tropical depression storm pounding Central America has triggered floods and landslides that have left at least 18 people dead, as Hurricane Jova ravaged Mexico.

In Guatemala, at least 13 people were reported killed with four victims in Nicaragua and one in El Salvador. Guatemala issued a "red alert" and reported at least a dozen landslides on roads and eight badly damaged bridges. As rains drenched Central America, Hurricane Jova hit Mexico's Pacific coast, leaving at least five dead. Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom said rising water levels in at least 12 rivers were threatening communities. "I want to send a message to the people to be careful travelling on roads that are likely to collapse and get away from the river banks, because rivers are overflowing," he said, according to the Guatemala Times.

Mr Colom said four people had been electrocuted in floods and others had been swept away in swollen rivers and in landslides. Guatemalan forecasters warned the heavy rain would last for another 48 hours. Mountainous areas of the country are particularly vulnerable to mudslides. Officials in El Salvador said a 19-year-old woman was buried when a wall collapsed under heavy rain. They said more than 2,000 people had been evacuated from flooded areas and moved to shelters. In Nicaragua, President Daniel Ortega announced the deaths of four people. Local media said the victims included two children. - BBC.
Hurricane Jova slammed into Mexico's Pacific coast as a Category 2 storm early Wednesday, killing at least five people and injuring six, while a tropical depression hit farther south and unleashed steady rains that contributed to 13 deaths across the border in Guatemala. Jova came ashore west of the Mexican port of Manzanillo and the beach town of Barra de Navidad before dawn with 100 mph winds and heavy rains, before moving inland and weakening to a tropical depression by afternoon. It continued to dump rain over a large swath of northwest Mexico, including Jalisco state where rainfall this year had been low. A 71-year-old woman drowned in Colima state after a strong current swept away the car in which she and her son were riding. Her son survived, Colima Gov. Mario Anguiano said. In the neighboring state of Jalisco, Jova triggered a mudslide in the town of Cihuatlan, just inland from Barra de Navidad, that swept away a house on a hillside, killing a 21-year-old woman and her daughter, Jalisco civil protection officials said in a statement. Farther northwest along the Mexican coast in the town of Tomatlan, about 12 miles from where Jova landed, a man and a teenage boy were killed when a wall of their home softened by heavy rains fell on them, officials said. Also in Tomatlan, two children suffered head injuries when the walls of their brick home collapsed under the force of the wind and rains, said Oscar Mejia, spokesman for the Jalisco state Red Cross rescue division.

Farther north on Mexico's coast, flooding from Jova was so bad in Cihuatlan that the Red Cross office had to be evacuated because it was filled with 4 feet of water. Mexico's navy said it evacuated a total of 2,600 people in flood-prone areas hit by Jova, and set up kitchens at shelters to feed 1,600 evacuees. The approach of Jova led authorities to close the port in Manzanillo, which is Mexico's second-biggest non-oil cargo port. The storm flooded some neighborhoods in the city and brought down power lines and billboards. Flooding knocked out at least one bridge and destroyed stretches of highways leading out of Manzanillo. The federal Communications and Transportation Department said that several roads were damages by the storm and that landslides and flooding blocked three main highways connecting cities in Jalisco and Colima states. Israel Arriaga, 38, rode out the hurricane with his wife and two children in the Valle de las Garzas neighborhood of Manzanillo, where at least one home collapsed and water rose waist-high. Around 2 a.m., Arriaga said, "I heard a very loud noise. It was the water coming in." There were strange flashes of lightning, he added, and "the waves sounded like a dam about to burst." - FOX News.
WATCH: Jova slams Mexico even as it weakens .

MYSTERY: Symbols of an Alien Sky, Man-Made or Natural Phenomena - The Latest UFO Sightings And Aerial Anomalies Around The World?

Here are several of the latest unidentified flying objects (UFOs) seen recently across the globe, plus the weekly installment of the Paranormal Report.

Yohanan Diaz and Jaime Maussan presents 11 photographs, captured by Antonio Urzi in Cinisello Balsamo in Italy on the 19th September, 2011.

WATCH: Stunning photographs of flying saucer over Cinisello Balsamo, Italy.

This footage of unidentified flying objects was recorded over Stevenage in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on 7th October 2011.

WATCH: UFOs flying over Stevenage in Hertfordshire, UK.

Unknown bright objects or orbs were recorded in the sky above Saint Louis in Missouri on Saturday, 8th October 2011 around 8 pm.

WATCH: UFOs or Orbs in triangle formation over Saint Louis, Missouri.

WATCH: Second footage of UFO activity in the skies over Saint Louis.

The following pictures and videos were taken on the night of 4th October 2011, between 7:13 pm and 7:33 pm., somewhere outside of Austin in Texas.

WATCH: UFO activity over Austin, Texas.

This footage of a bright huge unidentified flying object, was slowly flying over Tucson in Arizona. The video was recorded on 1st October 2011.

WATCH: Bright UFO slowly flying over Tucson, Arizona.

In episode 86 of the Paranormal Report, hosts Clayton Morris and Jim Harold examines the case of a filmmaker, who claims to have proof of ancient aliens. The report also looks at the search for Yeti, the whale that landed several hundred feet in shore, and a mysterious face.

WATCH: Paranormal Report #86.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 5.9 Quake Rocks the Coast of Oregon!

Map of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake.
A magnitude 5.9 earthquake has struck off the Coast of Oregon at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). The quake hit at 04:13:59 UTC, Thursday 13th October 2011 and was located at 43.450°N, 127.102°W.

Seismicity of Oregon.
The epicentre was 233 km ( 144 miles) west of Coos Bay, Oregon; 277 km (172 miles) southwest of Newport, Oregon; 277 km (172 miles) northwest of Brookings, Oregon; and 365 km (226 miles) southwest of Salem, Oregon.

No tsunami warning was issued and there are no reports of any damage at this time.

This quake comes nearly two months following a similar 5.9 magnitude earthquake that rocked the American East Coast on August 23. A tremor that prompted federal officers to take two nuclear reactors offline on the Eastern seaboard, as a precautionary measure. Nine other nuclear plants were also affected. It was the largest earthquake in Virginia since 1897. The quake was felt across the East Coast as far north as Rhode Island and New York City and as far south as Chapel Hill, N.C. with buildings across metropolitan Washington, D.C., including The Pentagon, The White House, and all National Mall monuments and memorials also closed and evacuated after the quake.