Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PLANETARY TREMORS: 4.6 Magnitude Quake Felt in Jamaica!

According to the Jamaica Observer, a 4.6 earthquake was felt in my homeland of Jamaica today.

An earthquake measuring 4.6 on the richter scale was felt in sections of Jamaica at 3:32 am this morning. According to the Earthquake Unit at the University of the West Indies, the epicentre of the quake was approximately 80 kilometres Southwest of Black River, St Elizabeth.

The quake had a focal depth of 5 kilometres and was felt in Southfield, St Elizabeth and Meadowbrook and Havendale in the Corporate Area.
  - Jamaica Observer.
Earlier this year, the island region was hit by two moderate earthquakes in the space of ten days.

First, a magnitude 4.2 earthquake struck at 09:29:24am UTC on May 6th. The quake was located at 18.131°N, 76.589°W and had a depth of 20.3 kilometres or 12.6 miles. It had a distance of 26 kilometres east of the Kingston, the capital; 145 kilometres east-south-east of the Montego Bay, the second city; 224 kilometres south from Santiago de Cuba in Cuba and 925 kilometres south of Miami, Florida.

 Then, a magnitude 5.0 earthquake hit at 15:07:07 UTC or 10:07am local time on May 16th, and was located at 17.897°N, 77.895°W. The quake had a depth of 31.6 kilometres (km)or 19.6 miles. The epicentre was 62 km or 38 miles south of Montego Bay, the second city; 117 km or 72 miles west of Kingston, the capital city; 304 km or 188 miles southwest of Bayamo in Cuba; and 903 km or 561 miles southeast of Miami in Florida.

Now, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Jamaica is located in a seismically active region. The island is associated with the Gonave micro-plate, which is demarcated by the Oriente Fracture Zone (OFZ) to the north, the Walton (WFZ) and Enriquillo Fault Zones (EFZ) to the south and the Cayman Spreading Centre (CSC) to the west. The OFZ, spanning a distance of over 1000 kilometres, from south of Grand Cayman to the north coast of Haiti, is known to be a left-lateral strike-slip fault which means there is a relative westerly drift of Cuba (on the North American Plate) with respect to Jamaica. According to seismological reports on Jamaica, The Walton and Enrriquillo Faults are also left-lateral strike-slip features that separate the Gonave sliver from the Caribbean Plate to the south. Measurements made using Global Positioning System (GPS) indicate 18 mm/year of lateral strain and 3mm/yr of convergence on the OFZ near south-eastern Cuba, and 8-11 mm/yr on Jamaica.

Large earthquakes are comparatively rare through usually of relatively high intensity. The majority of earthquakes are minor ones of low intensity. The island experiences much less seismic activity than the Eastern Caribbean or Central American region. Jamaica's reputation for earthquakes rests on two major disasters, those of 1692 and 1907. On June 7 1692, within the space of less than 30 seconds, a massive earthquake devastated the infamous town of Port Royal in Jamaica, killing thousands. The strong tremors, soil liquefaction and a tsunami brought on by the earthquake combined to destroy the town, putting half of Port Royal under 40 feet of water. On 14 January 1907, the capital, Kingston, was severely damaged by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake and following fires that burnt 56 acres of the city. The earthquake destroyed a large part of Kingston. Within twenty minutes fire blazed through the streets of Kingston - and lasted for up to four days - in many cases finishing off what the earthquake had started. It was also not long before rampant looting broke out and armed guards had to be posted throughout the city. Days later Kingston resembled a ghost town - empty, silent, dark and broken. £2,000,000 of damage was assessed and over 800 people lost their lives. Only a few received proper burial. Some were buried in large trenches in the May Pen Cemetery and some were burnt without ceremony.

GLOBAL ALERT: Tracking Developments at the Canary Islands - 198 Volcanic Earthquakes in Just 24 Hours Was Registered at El Hierro! UPDATE: 4.0 Magnitude Earthquake at El Hierro, 300 in the Just the Past Two Days, Rising Magma as Volcanic Eruption Seems Imminent!

The seismic activity started picking up again just over a week ago in El Hierro going from 20 average to 40 average per day, with several measuring above 3 Magnitude. On 31st October the stations picked up a severe increase with 198 Earthquakes recorded in just over 24 hours with several measuring 3.9 Magnitude. This is on par with the swarm figures recorded since before the two eruptions occurred of the coast of La Restinga. Experts and the Government have now concluded during a statement that they can not RULE OUT another Volcanic eruption taking place, this time in the North of the island in the direction on Pevolca.

Scientist have witnessed a large pyroclastic flow on the surface of the sea south of La Restinga, in addition to acceleration on deformation in the North and the East of the Island, while in the South deformation has decreased due to the two ongoing eruptions. The Government of Gran Canaria has recommended that the residents of El Hierro stay extra Vigilant in the coming days. Measures have been put into place where the situation is being monitored around the clock and the Civil Protection is on stand by.

Currently, there is a RED ALERT - Level 1 for La Restinga (El Pinar) and a YELLOW ALERT for the rest of the island of El Hierro.

Images can be seen at The National Geography Institute.

WATCH: Images of the work of the ship of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography 'Ramon Margalef' in the area of ​​the volcanic eruption on the coast of La Restinga.

UPDATE: 4.0 Magnitude Earthquake and Increased Seismicity at El Hierro!

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake has struck the Canary Islands, El Hierro Region at a depth of 10 km ( 6.2 miles). The quake hit at 07:54:53 UTC Wednesday 2nd November 2011. The epicentre was 50 km ( 31 miles) south of Fuencaliente de la Palma, Canary Islands. No tsunami warning was issued and there are no reports of any injuries or damage at this time.

Due to increased activity on the north of El Hierro with over 300 earthquakes in the past 2 days and rising magma, the chances of an volcanic eruption taking place in the northern region are highly likely. Since last night, the emergency services have brought in a further 17 trucks and supplies and will be setting up shelter in case any form of evacuation has to take place immediately.
A volcano on the Atlantic sea floor released smoky magma into the sea off the Canary Islands' smallest member El Hierro, Spanish media reported Tuesday. The release came after an earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale shook the island late Monday night. Monday's seismic movements continued into Tuesday morning, during which 30 minor earthquakes emanated from El Hierro's centre. No injuries were reported. A marine biologist said that underwater volcanic eruptions had led to a change in water oxygen levels, resulting in the disappearance of fish normally found in the sea area Mar de las Calmas. The as-yet unnamed underwater volcano emerged three weeks ago, when a tear in the seabed some 300 metres below sea level opened up and began spewing magma. Since July, about 10,000 minor earthquakes have been measured on the island. El Hierro, population circa 10,000, measures 270 square kilometres. - Monsters and Critics.
Seismic activity beneath El Golfo intensifies, possibility of a new eruption. The seismic activity off the NW coast of El Hierro under the El Golfo area is intensifying and near the same levels immediately before the ongoing submarine eruption south of the island. Monday alone 153 quakes were measured with magnitudes of up to 3.9. Most quakes are still at a safe 20 km depth and are not related to the opening of eruptive vents on the sea floor. At the same time volcanic tremor (a low-frequency seismic wave component typical of magma movements) has been slightly increasing and there is now little doubt that magma is moving beneath the island. At this stage, it seems not unlikely that if a new intrusion makes its way to the seafloor, it will start a new submarine eruption from a second vent in the near future. A video on youtube was reported to show green water discoloration in the area and there are voices that an eruption could already have started. This seems unlikely and could not be confirmed. Such water discoloration is probably caused by drifting currents carrying mud coming from the ongoing submarine eruption south of the island. - Volcano Discovery.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Massive Landslide in Barry, South Wales, UK - 60-Yard Section Collapse, as Houses Dangle Over a 200ft High Drop!

Witnesses said landslide sounded like fireworks going off... "I’ve never seen anything like it before..."

 Dangling over a 200ft drop, these caravans were caught in a landslide in South Wales, that almost claimed a woman’s life.

The holidaymaker, who was said to be petrified, was led to safety after part of the cliff beneath her mobile home suddenly gave way. The 14 other caravans that almost hit the beach below were unoccupied. A geologist was brought in last week after cracks appeared at the top of the cliff at Porthkerry near Barry in South Wales. But at about 8pm on Monday a 60-yard section collapsed. Witnesses said it sounded like fireworks going off. Doug Davies, who lives on the leisure park, said: ‘I’ve never seen anything like it before. ‘There was one woman in a caravan at the time and the rest were empty because people are leaving the site at this time of year. The woman was helped from her caravan by friends. She was petrified but wasn’t hurt.’

Ted Nicholls, a semi-retired businessman who also has a caravan at the site, said: ‘Normally the caravans are perched about 6ft from the cliff edge. ‘But that 6ft collapsed so the caravans were right on the edge – and in some cases over it.’ There are more than 300 caravans on the park and some are occupied all year round. It was used as a location for the hit BBC comedy Gavin & Stacey. A spokesman for Vale of Glamorgan Council said: ‘It is clearly a matter of concern and we are currently investigating. ‘Our officers will assess the current site risks from this recent occurrence and advise the landowners of any remedial works that may be necessary.’ - Daily Mail.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Magma Rising in Uturuncu Volcano!

Several weeks ago, I told you that a group of scientists in Bolivia are currently studying the mysterious and rapidly inflating Uturuncu volcano,  today the following news report reveals that magma is rising as it continues to inflate at an astonishing speed.

Magma is rising in a Bolivian volcano that last erupted 300,000 years ago, a U.S. research team monitoring the mountain says. Researchers from Cornell University, part of an international team studying the Uturuncu volcano, say the magma is uplifting rapidly. "Uturuncu -- a volcano in the Bolivian Andes Mountains -- was thought to be inactive," Cornell geologist Matt Pritchard said in a university release Tuesday. "The region is populated by 'supervolcanoes' that erupted between 1 (million) and 10 million years ago.

"Now the Uturuncu magma is accumulating in the crust and we're observing whether it is moving upward toward the surface," said Pritchard, who is accompanied in the research by Cornell graduate students Jennifer Jay and Scott Henderson. "Right now, we have no reason to think that an eruption is imminent," he said. "The area at Uturuncu has had hundreds of shallow earthquakes per year, but the rate of earthquakes increased briefly due to last year's tremors in Chile," Pritchard said. "These characteristics are unusual for a volcano that has not erupted in 300,000 years." - UPI.

CROP CIRCLES: Undeniable Evidence - The Message!

Crop circles
are among the most mysterious anomalies found on earth. This 1998 documentary from Colin Andrews, breaks down the mystery, and gives tremendous insight into just what these incredible formations really are.

Colin Andrews is best known for his research into the crop circle and UFO subjects since 1983. He provides the only continuity between the past crop circle research era and the present.  His long view of both the genuine phenomenon and the human-made phenomenon provides unique understanding into the subject. His research results indicate the intelligence behind the phenomenon is interacting with both crop circle researchers and many of the people who make the hoaxes.
WATCH: Colin Andrew's presentation on crop circles.

MYSTERY: Symbols of an Alien Sky, Man-Made or Natural Phenomena - The Latest UFO Sightings And Aerial Anomalies Around The World?!

Here are several of the latest unidentified flying objects (UFOs) seen recently across the globe.

This UFO activity was recorded over Tome, a port city and commune in the Biobio Region of Chile. The video was filmed on Sunday, the 30th of October 2011 around 3 am.

WATCH: UFO fleet over Tome, Chile.

This strange stationary craft was recorded in the night sky above Melbourne in Australia in late October, 2011.

WATCH: UFO hovering above Melbourne, Australia.

This triangle-shaped craft was filmed in the sky above Sevastopol in Ukraine on the 19th of September 2011.

WATCH: UFO over Sevastopol, Ukraine.

A fan at the game caught three lights hovering and shifting in the dark sky over the desert in Scottsdale, Arizona.

WATCH: UFO over Scottsdale, Arizona.

UFO was seen in the night skies over Artesia, New Mexico on the 29th of October, 2011.

WATCH: UFO over Artesia, New Mexico!

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Freak Weather Strikes the World!

CNN International looks at the freakish weather disasters seen around the world, with special focus on the monumental flooding in Thailand and the deadly Nor'easter snowstorm anomaly in the United States.

WATCH: Freak weather disaster around the world.