Saturday, December 10, 2011

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Mysterious Appearance of Sea Turtles on British Columbia, Canada Beaches Baffles Experts!

For the third time in two weeks a green sea turtle — a prehistoric species that’s 150 million years old and that’s now threatened — has washed up on B.C.’s shores, a rare appearance that’s baffling ocean experts.

Dr. Marty Haulena tends to a sick green sea turtle at the Vancouver Aquairium.
The sub-adult male was spotted by a visitor on Combers Beach in Pacific Rim National Park on Wednesday, the Vancouver Aquarium said Friday. The giant turtle — females can weigh up to 200 kgs -- was in poor shape and wasn’t expected to survive, said Dr. Dennis Thoney on Friday at the aquarium, where the turtle was transported for an examination. “It’s just too far gone,” he said. “If they’re on the shore, that’s usually an indication there’s something wrong with them.” This is is the sixth sea turtle sighting in B.C. this year: Two green, one olive ridley recently and three leatherbacks in the spring and summer. The other green turtle and the olive ridley also both died, said Thoney. He said he doesn’t know what happened to the leatherbacks because they weren’t brought to the aquarium.

He found no unusual currents that would have brought the turtles north and said this year the weather is expected to be affected by a La Nina system, which brings colder, drier conditions, not the El Nino associated with warmer air and sea temperatures. “We don’t know for sure why the turtles are ending up here,” he said. He said the turtles may have been stranded when the sea temperatures dropped rapidly at two points this fall because the cold water shuts down their bodies into what’s called a “cold stunned state,” causing them to drift and eventually wash ashore. In that state, their vital signs slow down and it can be difficult to determine if they’re dead or alive and staff had to hook the turtle up to a monitor to determine if it had a heartbeat. Aquarium staff on Friday were slowly warming the turtle out of water to see if the heart reacts, he said. The other green sea turtle also washed up on Combers Beach, on Nov. 30. The week before, on Nov. 22, the olive ridley was found along Wickaninnish Beach and was declared dead the next day. Any sightings of live, free swimming sea turtle and cetaceans should be reported to the aquarium’s cetacean sightings network at 1-866-ISAWONE. - The Province.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 6.7 Earthquake Rocks And Rattles Mexico City, Mexico - No Tsunami Warning for California!

A 6.7 earthquake rocked parts of Mexico, including Mexico City on Saturday evening. But officials said they don't expect the temblor to cause any tsunami warnings along the California coast.

The quake was reported 22 miles from Teloloapan in Mexico's Guerrero state, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 5:47 p.m. Pacific time. The depth was recorded at 39.8 miles. "A strong earthquake has occurred, but a tsunami IS NOT expected along the California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, or Alaska coast.
People freaked out standing in middle of the street.
NO tsunami warning, watch or advisory is in effect for these areas," the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a statement. "Based on the earthquake magnitude, location and historic tsunami records, a damaging tsunami IS NOT expected along the California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska coasts." The extent of the damage from the strong temblor was not immediately clear. But numerous people in Mexico City said the quake was strong enough that they fled from buildings onto the street. - LA Times.
One person was killed when a rock fell on a vehicle, while another was crushed by a collapsed house, the state-run Notimex news agency reported, citing civil protection officials in Guerrero. There were no immediate reports of major damage in the capital, but several areas were without power, Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard wrote on his Twitter page soon after the quake. Some startled residents in Mexico City ran out of their houses and into the streets. Loud sirens sounded after the quake, which had an estimated depth of 40 miles, the USGS said. Lorena Isla, a CNN iReporter in San Jeronimo Lidice, on the outskirts of Mexico City, took video of chandeliers swaying at her home. The side-to-side movement of the earthquake lasted about three minutes, said Isla, who lives on the third floor of a residence. "This was the strongest one I ever felt," she said late Saturday. She took the video and rushed outside, where she said she fainted. "Everybody is in panic," Isla said. Authorities urged residents told to turn off natural gas devices. Some were having a hard time reaching relatives because of cell phone disruptions, according to Isla. - CNN.
WATCH: Strong Quake Shakes From Mexico City to Acapulco.

RATTLE & HUM: Mysterious Noise Phenomena - Bright Lights, Baffling Booms Leave Brunswick County Residents Puzzled!

It seems that the series of phenomena, involving a persistent and invasive vibration or noise, continues pervasively. Just what is it? Planetary tremors? Geological upheavals? Precursor to an imminent disaster? Motions and waves suggesting an imminent pole shift? Supernatural occurrences?  The latest case comes out of  Brunswick County in North Carolina, where residents have been left puzzled by the mysterious explosion-like shaking.

Hearing mysterious loud booms, or Seneca guns, is nothing new in the area, but they normally aren't accompanied by lights in the sky. Lots of perplexed folks posted on WECT's Facebook page about both the booms and lights Thursday night. Ricky Prince was on his way home from work Thursday night when he heard something. "It kind of sounded like a jet breaking the sound barrier," he said. He stepped outside to see if he could tell what it was, and saw something strange overhead: two bright lights that flashed off and on. Prince says he's seen flares before -- and he's sure that's not what he saw this time. "There was no tracers…no glow around them and each time they appeared," he said. "They were the same distance apart in the sky."

Just 20 miles from Prince's house in Shallotte, Chris Quinn saw the lights in Boiling Spring Lakes. "The lights, I've never seen them before," said Quinn. "They started at like…somebody was lighting some type of special firework that was silent, and it just got bigger real quick and it faded out…" Quinn figures the lights could be manmade…but then again, perhaps not. "It was probably something out of this world, or military," said Quinn. "Who knows what it could have been. It was definitely something that you hardly ever see." As quickly as the mysterious lights appeared in the sky, Prince says they were gone. "I come running outside again, of course, and scouted out the sky for six or seven minutes," said Prince. "Then, I didn't see any more lights at that time." For now, the lights over Brunswick County remain a mystery -- and are sure to leave room for debate. None of the nearby military officials WECT spoke to claim responsibility for the loud booms or the lights in the sky. - WSFX.
WATCH: WSFX Reports on the mystery.

MONUMENTAL DISCOVERIES & EXTRATERRESTRIAL MEMES: Water on Planet Mars - Opportunity Rover Finds Gypsum, 'Slam-Dunk' Evidence That Water Once Flowed On The Red Planet!

NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity has found what scientists believe is the most convincing evidence to date that water may have flowed on the Red Planet.

This color view of a mineral vein called "Homestake" comes from the panoramic
camera (Pancam) on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. (NASA)
The rover, which has been crawling along the Martian surface for 90 months, found what appears to be veins of the mineral gypsum, a hydrated calcium sulfate that on Earth is used to make drywall. "This tells a slam-dunk story that water flowed through underground fractures in the rock," Steve Squyres, a planetary scientist at Cornell University and the principal investigator for Opportunity said in a NASA statement. "This stuff is a fairly pure chemical deposit that formed in place right where we see it. That can't be said for other gypsum seen on Mars or for other water-related minerals Opportunity has found. It's not uncommon on Earth, but on Mars, it's the kind of thing that makes geologists jump out of their chairs." According to NASA, the rover found several similar veins on the rim of the Endeavour crater, but scientists have homed in on a 16 to 20 inch-long strip about as wide as a thumb that they've nicknamed "homestake."

The Opportunity has traveled 20 miles since it arrived on Mars in 2004, but this is the first time it has observed a mineral deposit like this. "This is the single most powerful piece of evidence that water once flowed on Mars that has been discovered," Squyres said, according to Wired. "There's no ambiguity about this." Squyres spoke to reporters at the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday. This isn't the first mineral evidence that water may have flowed on Mars, but Squires told the BBC that this gypsum deposit may indicate a less-acidic water supportive of microbial life. "The other waters ... were probably very acidic - pH of five, four, three. Gypsum doesn't require that, and so this may hint at a kinder, gentler chemistry of the water for life," Squyres told BBC News. The solar-powered rover is currently preparing for its fifth winter, exploring areas around the crater where it will be exposed to sunlight. Opportunity and its twin, Spirit, reached opposite sides of Mars in 2004, but NASA lost contact with Spirit in 2010. In August, Opportunity finished a nearly three-year, 13-mile trek to reach the Endeavour crater. In November, NASA's Curiosity, a $2.5 billion, nuclear-powered rover the size of a car, launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla. The Mars Science Laboratory, as it's called, is currently on a 354 million-mile trek to the red planet and should arrive in August of 2012. - Huffington Post.
WATCH: CNN presentation on the discovery.

ICE AGE NOW: BIG FREEZE - 165mph Hurricane-Force 'Winds From Hell' Cause 300ft High Turbines to Burst Into Flames, 50,000 Homes Still Without Power in Scotland!

Britain was tonight bracing itself for snow and bitter cold after the country was battered by hurricane-force winds of up to 165mph amid fears that Storm II is set to lash the whole of the UK.

Temperatures will plunge as low as -4C in Scotland and -2C in northern England tonight - and up to two inches of snow could fall on higher ground north of the border, the Met Office said today. Blizzards, snowdrifts and black ice are expected across Scotland, the Pennines and in parts of North Wales, with frost covering much of the rest of Britain. There will be continuing wind and rain in the south but the worst of the winds will be confined to north-east Scotland and the Shetland Isles. The Met Office have confirmed that they are forecasting a second severe storm of much wider scope to hit Britain from Monday afternoon onwards and into Tuesday. Dan Williams, Met Office forecaster, said: 'After the weekend, it's looking very unsettled and wet and windy across England in particular. We have a weather warning out for Tuesday for high winds.' He was backed by Tim Ballisty, a meteorologist at, said: 'What is interesting about this next storm is that the huge weather system that slammed into Scotland on Thursday was very constrained, its damage was limited to Scotland. 'However, next week's storm looks likely to cover the whole of the UK, it is tremendously wide and has a much broader scope to it.' Bookies William Hill today shortened the odds of a white Christmas to 5-2 in Aberdeen with a 5-1 chance of snow falling in London on December 25.

This afternoon around 50,000 homes were still without power in Scotland after winds of up to 165mph battered the country yesterday. The day of high winds could cost the country's economy around £100 million, business experts have warned. Early closures, blocked roads, power outages and employees staying at home caused a drop in both revenue and productivity. Analysts from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) said the lost revenue caused by winter weather could push already struggling businesses over the edge. The Scottish Government said 110 incidents occurred across the country's roads, including fallen trees and power lines, the recovery of seven HGVs, 24 cases of flooding, and landslips. The Traffic Scotland website saw a record 24 million hits over the course of yesterday. Five men who went missing while hiking in the Cairngorms were found safe and well after a major search was launched for them today. Fears had been growing for the group - all aged between 29 and 40 - who had not been seen since Wednesday. The mountains were hit by the highest wind speeds in the country.
The appalling conditions brought huge areas of the country to a standstill as lorries were blown over, roads and bridges closed, and ferries cancelled. ScottishPower said today that it had reconnected more than 18,000 customers who had lost power because of over 100 individual faults. Scottish Hydro said around 50,000 of their customers had been left without electricity. In one spectacular incident yesterday a 300ft wind turbine exploded in flames as it was buffeted by the high winds. Another wind turbine was completely blown down on Wednesday, raising questions about the ability of wind farms to cope with the weather. The flaming £2million wind turbine was in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, Scotland. Witnesses said its blades were locked at the time, because the National Grid would be unable to cope with a sudden power surge. Photographer Stuart McMahon, who took the incredible image, said: ‘The centre of the turbine caught fire first and the flames spread to the covering of the blades. ‘There was burning debris being swept off in the wind and across the fields. These are huge structures and to see one on fire was a spectacular sight.’ The turbine knocked over by high winds near Coldingham in the Borders caused  several homes to be evacuated and a road to  be closed.

Although ScottishPower has not blamed the weather for its collapse, Lothian and Borders Police said the turbine ‘suffered brake system failure and had been freewheeling’ in 50mph winds. Charles Anglin, of RenewableUK, the trade and professional body for the UK wind and marine renewables industries, stressed that wind turbines were regularly subjected to 'some pretty tough conditions' without problem. He said: 'There's some pretty freak weather going on and any piece of large power generating equipment can be subject to freak accidents or mechanical faults. 'But there's an excellent health and safety record, and it was only a small fire in a field that was put out before the fire brigade got there, and no one was hurt. 'In stressful situations any power equipment may develop faults, and that's true of gas, nuclear, oil, and is also true of wind.'

ScottishPower, which has 15 wind farms north of the Border, said turbines were switched off at ‘most of them’. The wind turbine destroyed was not theirs. A spokesman said: ‘Individual turbines have self-protection mechanisms that are activated in sustained storm force winds to prevent damage. They re-activate when the wind speed drops.’ Scottish and Southern Energy refused to disclose how many of its turbines were affected. A spokesman for National Grid said: ‘At lunchtime, 1,500MW of electricity that was expected to be generated by wind farms in Scotland wasn’t being produced, although we can’t tell if that’s all down to the high winds or wind farms just deciding not to generate. ‘That 1,500MW is enough to supply about one million homes.’ But the spokesman said operators were not paid compensation – ‘constraint payments’ – to shut down yesterday. This happens when operators have to deactivate turbines because the Grid cannot accommodate the energy they produce. He added: ‘The company’s electricity demand forecasting team had already anticipated wind farms shutting down because of the high winds, and the company had made sure there was enough back-up power available to keep the lights on.’ Sir Bernard Ingham, secretary of the pressure group Supporters of Nuclear Energy, said it was 'ridiculous' that wind had killed off a wind turbine. He said: 'They are no good when the wind doesn't blow and they are no good when the wind does blow. What on earth is the point of them? 'They represent the most ridiculous waste of people's money.'
Sir Bernard, who was Margaret Thatcher's Downing Street press secretary, added: 'Let's go into something that works. It's called nuclear.' British coastguard teams were involved in an international rescue mission this morning after two merchant ships collided in choppy conditions. Seven people were rescued from liferafts after the collision in the Bay of Biscay. Falmouth Coastguard co-ordinated the rescue mission, 240 miles south-west of Lands End, with the Spanish, French and U.S. coastguards after the collision took place at 3.30am. It involved a small cargo ship, the Florece, registered to the Dominic Republic, and the Afrodite, a chemical tanker from the Bahamas, a coastguard spokesman said. A spokesman for the coastguard said sea conditions were 'rough but not extreme' but added that it was still unclear if the weather conditions were a factor of the crash.

Sir Bernard, who was Margaret Thatcher's Downing Street press secretary, added: 'Let's go into something that works. It's called nuclear.' British coastguard teams were involved in an international rescue mission this morning after two merchant ships collided in choppy conditions. Seven people were rescued from liferafts after the collision in the Bay of Biscay. Falmouth Coastguard co-ordinated the rescue mission, 240 miles south-west of Lands End, with the Spanish, French and U.S. coastguards after the collision took place at 3.30am. It involved a small cargo ship, the Florece, registered to the Dominic Republic, and the Afrodite, a chemical tanker from the Bahamas, a coastguard spokesman said. A spokesman for the coastguard said sea conditions were 'rough but not extreme' but added that it was still unclear if the weather conditions were a factor of the crash. - Daily Mail.
WATCH: Storm caused wind turbine fire.

WATCH: Clear-up begins after storm spreads north.

WATCH: 50,000 in Scotland still without power after storms.

CELESTIAL CONVERGENCE: BLOOD RED MOON - A Super-Sized Lunar Eclipse Today, Seen From Most Parts of America, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia!

The Earth passed between the moon and the sun this morning, treating early risers to a cosmic, rusty-red lunar light spectacular. This was the last chance to see the natural wonder of a total lunar eclipse in 2011, offering a rare chance to see an 'impossible' eclipse, with the moon red and the rising sun in the sky simultaneously. 

Warm glow: The sunlight is still able to pass through Earth's atmosphere and cast a glow on the moon.
The total lunar eclipse, which will be the last until 2014, lasted for 51 minutes and eight seconds as the shadow of the Earth passed across the Moon. Most visible in the southern hemisphere, skywatchers and photographers took advantage of the opportunity to gab pictures of the transition beside famous landmarks including the Data Darbar in Lahore, Pakistan and the Tokyo Tower, Japan. The total eclipse was due to also be visible just above the horizon from the Shetland Islands in the UK for just four minutes but the poor weather conditions in Scotland may have hampered the view. Views were best in Australia and Asia where the eclipse began during the hours of darkness. The Earth's shadow began to fall on the Moon at 11.33am (GMT) and was due to end after 5.30pm. At the peak of the total eclipse the Moon turned a red colour as direct sunlight which normally illuminates the lunar surface was blocked out by the Earth. Sunlight can still illuminate the Moon indirectly while starlight can also light up the surface, producing the red colour. - Telegraph.

Unique sight: The total lunar eclipse offered a rare chance to see an 'impossible' eclipse, with the
dark moon and the rising sun in the sky simultaneously.

Eclipse: The moon passed through a shadow cast by the earth making it change colour for a short time.

Blood red: The sunlight was still able to pass through Earth's atmosphere and cast a glow on the moon.
The atmosphere filters out most of the blue light, leaving the brilliant red and orange hues.

WATCH: A Super-Sized Lunar Eclipse.

MYSTERY: Symbols of an Alien Sky, Man-Made or Natural Phenomena - The Latest UFO Sightings And Aerial Anomalies Around The World?!

Here are several of the latest unidentified flying objects (UFOs) seen recently across the globe.

FOX News discuss the the NASA video capture of what appears to be an alien spaceship near planet Mercury.

WATCH: UFO near Mercury.

Ric Oliveria, [resident of Swansea, Massachusetts] walked out of a local pub last Friday night after a single drink and saw something in the sky that he calls "disturbing." His cell phone captured lights in the sky moving slowly in a northward direction. Before he could get his cell phone out to shoot the video, however, Oliveria says he saw what appeared to be a very large object in the sky that made him feel uneasy.

"It was glowing red like nothing I had ever seen glow red. It was huge... I would say it was 20-30 feet in depth," says Oliveria.

"The next thing you know [his friend] says, 'Look another one!' and that one went over us. I didn't see it directly over us, but we saw it shooting off and then it seemed to stop and dance over the cooling towers. That's the video that has become so infamous." - My FOX Boston.
WATCH: Man captures video of glowing object in the sky.

This triangle-shaped craft was recorded, hovering in the skies over Connecticut on Thursday, the 8th of December, 2011.

WATCH: Triangle UFO over Connecticut.

Some kind of triangle or boomerang-shaped craft was seen and recorded in the night skies above Partille in Sweden on Thursday, the 8th of December, 2011.

WATCH: Boomerang-shaped UFO above Partille, Sweden.

A strange illuminated yellow object over Sanibel Island in Florida, shooting out laser-like beams from the air onto the ground.

WATCH: UFO over Sanibel Island.

This video features a multicolored UFO over Geelong, Victoria in Australia. The film was taken on the 4th of December, 2011.

WATCH: UFO over Geelong.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: 30 Foot Wide Gaping Tennessee Sinkhole Drains Family's Swimming Pool - Triples its Size in One Day and it's Still Getting Bigger?!

A gaping sinkhole has drained a family's swimming pool in Erwin, Tennessee and is growing in size - threatening their home.

Homeowner Brad Thelan said the noise of the sink-hole opening up under his in-ground pool awakened his wife Chemene on Wednesday night. The hole was about 10 feet across on Thursday afternoon but by the evening it had tripled in size and was fast approaching the Thelan's family home. The family have been forced to flee their home and remove their valuables. They are now staying with relatives until the sinkhole stabilizes.

A playground at the neighboring Chapel Elementary School was cordoned off until seismologists are able to examine the hole. Sinkholes, which are also known as shake holes, are natural depressions in the Earth's surface that can form gradually or suddenly. Mostly caused by erosion, they are can also be caused by dissolving of the carbonate cement holding together sandstone particles. Sinkholes can also be formed with the changing of land surface or natural water-drainage patterns. - Daily Mail.

Tennessee constitutes one of seven American states, potentially threatened by the New Madrid Seismic Zone, a major seismic zone source fro earthquakes and geological upheavals.

EXTREME WEATHER: 643,000 Households Outraged – Residents Angry at Windstorm's Mass Outages in Southern California!

The power is back on but the outrage remains. More than a week after a ferocious windstorm cut power throughout the region, Southern California Edison said Thursday it had finally restored power to the last customers left in the dark and cold, some for nearly a week.

New figures indicated that a total of 643,000 households and businesses in the region had lost power during the storm on Nov. 30 that unleashed winds approaching 100 mph. Edison had 434,000 customers without power, while other utilities reported more than 200,000 of their customers also lost electricity. The state Public Utilities Commission said it would investigate the cause of the outages and the length of time Edison took to respond to safety-related calls. Edison could face fines or penalties. The company said it would cooperate fully with investigators, and its president issued an apology to customers. Residents and government officials have sharply criticized all the utility companies involved in outages. In Pasadena, one of the hardest hit areas, residents of one neighborhood called, emailed and went to City Hall to complain. Karl Maier called for the resignation of the general manager of the city's Water and Power Department. Maier said he moved to Pasadena from Long Island, N.Y., where hurricanes, blizzards and ice storms never left residents without power for such a long time. Power to his home was restored Wednesday, a week after the storm hit.

"It came back on after I and a bunch of neighbors kicked and screamed and hollered," he said, adding that it was 49 degrees in his home every morning. "I would say six and a half days is completely unacceptable. The question is what kind of worst case planning have they done." Headaches continued, even for those who had their power restored days earlier. Temple City resident Diane Johnson said she finally got most of the debris cleaned up after a giant city tree fell in front of her home, trapping her inside and crushing the family's three cars. Johnson, who is on disability, has been taking the bus to doctor's appointments, and her son has been using public transportation to get to school. "The power is restored, but the cars are still there and I don't think the city is going to pay," she said. "The city is saying the same thing to everyone — that it was an act of nature." A preliminary estimate of damage and cleanup costs approached $20 million in Pasadena alone, said Lisa Derderian, the city's emergency management coordinator. A dozen buildings were red-tagged as uninhabitable, including a 41-unit apartment complex smashed by a 70-foot tree that also hit a main water line, flooding nearly every unit.

The San Gabriel Valley city of Monterey Park estimated its damage and cleanup costs at $500,000, while the foothill community of Glendora estimated cleanup costs alone at about $300,000. In areas serviced by the county Department of Public Works a preliminary estimate put damage and cleanup costs at $3.8 million. Some political officials questioned whether the delays showed local utility companies were unprepared for a major earthquake. Edison initially promised to restore power within 48 hours after the storm. As outages dragged on for several days, however, company employees began refusing to tell residents when it might be back. Company officials say an estimated 276 restoration crews and 1,000 support crews came from other parts of the state to help out, but on Wednesday, a week after the storm, more than 500 customers were still without power. In Pasadena, about 75 customers remained without power on Thursday. Edison, which has more than 14 million customers, blamed the delays on unprecedented damage that included thousands of downed power lines and toppled trees that blocked roads. - MSNBC.

PLANETARY TREMORS: Geological Anomalies - Rise of Underground Water Temperature Causes Volcano Mud Eruptions in Burma Region!

An earthquake in Rakhine State has caused underground water temperatures to rise, setting off volcano eruptions of mud and small amounts of lava.

Retired geologist Soe Thein said volcanos in the Kyaukphyu Township area on Ramree Island were set off along a fault line. More volcano mud eruptions might occur, he said, but there is no danger or need for mass evacuations. “When there is earth crust movement in these fault lines, there will be underground water circulation and more water will move up to the surface as hot springs, but they are not like real volcanoes. They do not pose a danger to people,” Soe Thein said. The highest number of underground hot spring fault lines is in Kyaukphyu Township. The hot spring fault line runs through Magwe Region.

A mud volcano erupted on November 26 on a small hill one mile west of Bawyabaya village, about 32 miles from Kyaukphyu. The eruption sent magma and lava 15-feet into the air, and about 5 acres of nearby land was covered by magma. By evening, the eruptions had subsided, said local residents. Past eruptions in the area occurred in 1990 and 2000. On November 21, an earthquake occurred with an epicenter 32 kilometres northeast of Homlin in Sagaing Region measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale, Soe Thein said. It probably triggered the mud eruptions, he said. “The underground hot water in the fault line was pushed up to the surface and the eruptions took place,” he said. Two mud volcanoes in Sai Chong village east of Kyaukphyu erupted in January 2008. Lava and magma shot up to 300-feet high and a small amount of lava covered about 200 feet in the nearby area, the New Light of Myanmar reported on January 8. - Mizzima.

EXTREME WEATHER: Floods, Flight Delays Possible After Storm Soaks Northeast - From Texas to New York!

A "soaking and snowy" storm that hit the Northeast could cause flight delays Thursday, reported.

According to meteorologist Tim Ballisty, "gusty winds will continue over the Northeast, particularly early in the day." He said the impact was likely to be felt at major airports across the region. "Some snow and coastal rain will linger in Maine early before precipitation comes to an end later Thursday morning," Ballisty added. NBC New York reported early Thursday that "flood advisories were in effect for most of the tri-state area." The storm slammed Texas on Tuesday, hit parts of the South on Wednesday before bringing heavy rain and then snow to the Northeast. In Tennessee on Wednesday, some school systems closed early as the storm left as much as four inches of snow in the western and southern parts of the state.

Forecasters Weather Underground reported that "more precipitation is expected in the northeastern corner of the nation on Thursday as the storm system in the Mid-Atlantic lifts northeastward along the New England coast." "Moisture spreading across the area combined with a cold airmass near the Appalachians will support another shot of heavy snow showers in northeastern Pennsylvania and the Northeast from Wednesday night into Thursday morning," Weather Underground added. "New snow amounts in the mountains are expected to range from 6 to 12 inches, while 3 to 6 inches are expected in the foothills. Snow activity will taper down from west to east by the mid-morning. Near the coast, most of the precipitation associated with this storm will fall in the form of rain." Weather Underground also predicted "periods of heavy rain" from central Virginia through the coastal areas of New England. "Behind this activity, cold westerly winds spreading across the northern Great Lakes will kick up lake effect snow downwind of Lake Huron and Lake Superior," it added. "Michigan's Upper Peninsula may experience locally heavy accumulations." - US News.
WATCH: NBC's Nightly News report on the storm.