Thursday, February 9, 2012

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Mass Stranding on Cape Cod - Dolphin Beachings Rise to 192 With More Expected?!

Crews were working to rescue three more dolphins that stranded along Cape Cod beaches on Wednesday.

The stranded animals were found inside Wellfleet Harbor at the Herring River. One of the animals was on the shore, and the other two were in shallow water nearby, according to International Fund for Animal Welfare. Wildlife teams found several dead dolphins on Tuesday.

In the past few weeks, 146 dolphins have stranded off the Cape. Of those animals, 92 were found dead. Of the 54 found alive, 37 have been successfully released, IFAW said. IFAW's Katie Moore said earlier this week that scientists have not been able to pinpoint what is causing the recent spate of strandings.

Experts speculate the mild winter is one possible cause, and another is that the dolphins travel in groups. "It serves them well in the wild, but when it comes to animals coming close to shore, they stick in those large groups and strand. That's when it becomes a problem," Moore said earlier this week. Since getting to the stranded dolphins quickly is the best chance of helping them live and return to the wild, mammal rescuers are setting up staging areas near beaches at low tide. - Boston Channel.
WATCH: More dolphin strandings on Cape Cod.

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