Thursday, February 9, 2012

ICE AGE NOW: Cold Snap Grips Northern China - Coldest Average Temperatures for January in 27 Years!

A strong cold snap has swept China, with regions north of the Yangze River experiencing drastic drops in temperature.

On Tuesday morning, temperatures in parts of the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region plunged to below minus 40 degrees Celsius. Beijing also saw temperatures drop by 8 degrees, hitting a record low of minus 22 in the city’s northwest. As the cold front sweeps southwards, a wide range of provinces, including Shandong, Chongqing and Hubei, are also experiencing sharp drops in temperature. Weather authorities report that 42 cities across the country have experienced extreme cold weather this winter, with the worst of it being faced by several northern regions. - CNTV.

Shanghai's dry and cold weather, with low temperatures below freezing, should continue for two more days, forecasters said yesterday.
The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said temperatures will drop to about 2 degrees below zero Celsius in urban areas both days. It will be colder in the suburbs, with the mercury dropping to minus 5 degrees, with serious frost, the observatory warned. Today is forecast cloudy with a high of 4 degrees, while it should reach about 6 degrees tomorrow afternoon. The strong cold front will then gradually leave the city, the observatory said, and temperatures will rise starting Friday. The weather conditions should turn overcast and drizzly by then, said Zhu Jiehua, a chief service officer of the observatory. The observatory issued a blue frost alert, lowest of the three-tier system, at 4:30 yesterday afternoon warning the cold in the morning could harm crops. The blue cold wave alert and the blue gale alert issued earlier were lifted yesterday. Snow appeared in many parts of the city in the afternoon but was not strong enough to accumulate. Freezing weather in the early morning yesterday slowed the pace for many schoolchildren who were on the first day of their new spring semester. Shanghai traffic police intensified patrols and sent more officers around schools across the city to aid the students flow. Nearly 600 traffic officers and assistants were sent to 466 schools, and the campaign worked well as the traffic around schools was little affected by the overall homecoming volume, police said. - Shanghai Daily.
WATCH: Record Low Temperatures in North China

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