Saturday, November 17, 2012

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Extremely Rare Showers of Red Rain Mysteriously Falls in Sri Lanka - Strange Phenomenon Stuns Meteorology Department?!

November 17, 2012 - SRI LANKA - Rare showers of red rain fell for over 15 minutes in Sewanagala, Monaragala and Manampitiya, Polonnaruwa yesterday morning hours of yesterday and day before yesterday.

According to Meteorology Department sources red rain fell heavily in these areas and the reason has not been found yet.  Red rain in Sewanagala and Manampitiya left red frost on the ground. This is the first time red rain was witnessed in Sri Lanka. The Health Ministry Secretary informed Medical Research Institute (MRI) Director Dr Anil Samaranayake to conduct a study to ascertain the reasons for red rain by taking water samples from Monaragala and Polonnaruwa. Increase in the acidity of the air and sand storms are the usual reasons for red rain. However, there are no sand storms in Sri Lanka. India had red rain last year and Indian scientists discovered a variety of micro organisms as a reason for the rains. Since the micro organisms had no DNA, they guessed it had to be a strange phenomenon.  The MRI is carrying out research to find the exact reason for red rain in Sri Lanka. - Daily News.

Several days, the Spaceweather website highlighted the rare sighting of red auroras.

"I was amazed by the deep scarlet color, which was immediately recognizable to the unaided eye," says Cartier. Similar splashes of candy-cane red were spotted over Norway, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The apparition might be related to rare all-red auroras sometimes seen during intense geomagnetic storms. They occur some 300 to 500 km above Earth's surface and are not yet fully understood. Some researchers believe the red lights are linked to a large influx of low-energy electrons. When such electrons recombine with oxygen ions in the upper atmosphere, red photons are emitted. At present, space weather forecasters cannot predict when this will occur. - Spaceweather.

If you want to look at the symbolism behind sightings of red in the ancient skies and how it relates to the electric universe and cosmic catastrophism, have look at my article: SKYFALL: Cosmic Catastrophism - Electric Universe, Lucifer, Venus, Nibiru, Planet X, Comet ISON, ELEnin, Obama, the Priest Class of the Magi, NASA, and Symbolic Language Of Celestial Convergence from The COSMIC Spirit blog.

It is obvious that we are not just witnessing "intense geomagnetic storms", but increasing levels of magnetism in the solar system.

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