Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WEATHER PHENOMENON: Strange Sea Anomalies in Australia - Mysterious Algae That Turned Sydney's Beaches Blood Red, Now Glows BLUE at Nights!

December 04, 2012 - AUSTRALIA - Rare algae that turned the waters at Sydney's beaches an unsettling shade of red has been found to have an altogether more picturesque effect by night - when it glows fluorescent blue.

Darkness: By day the tiny plants turned the sea water bright red around Sydney, Australia,
but in the dark the algae glowed neon blue.
Several popular beaches around the Australian city - including iconic surfers' mecca Bondi - were closed this week due to health fears when the enormous algae bloom left swathes of the seawater blood red. These pictures, taken just before daybreak at Stanwell Park beach, reveal the spectacular effect created by the algae, dubbed sea sparkle, when darkness falls.

Phosphorescence: The algae bloom that turned the water red at Sydney's beaches glowed blue when
darkness fell, as seen in this picture taken as dawn broke over Stanwell Park beach.
The natural phenomenon is caused when the tiny organisms flourish in one area. The appearance of the algae, called Nocturnal Scintillans, or sea sparkle, drove swimmers from the waters around the coast this week.

Karina Newmarch and her daughter Isabella check out the algal boom at Clovelly Beach.
Picture: Craig Greenhill Source: The Daily Telegraph.
Despite the warnings many swimmers were spotted venturing into the crimson waters, choosing to ignore its off-putting appearance - and odour. Local lifeguard Bruce Hopkins said of the algae: 'It has quite a fishy smell to it. 'It makes the surface look like it has a coating of tomato sauce coloured oil.' - Daily Mail.

WATCH: Blood Red Sea in Australia.

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