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ICE AGE NOW: Heavy Snow Closes Airports, Wrecks Havoc on UK Railways and Turns Roads into Ice Rinks - Met Office Blindsided, Over 40 Flights Cancelled, Traffic Chaos, 45 Crashes, 10 Injured!

December 05, 2012 - BRITAIN - A dusting of snow caused chaos at airports and on roads yesterday as council bosses admitted they had been caught out by the winter weather. Southern England, the Midlands, the North East, Wales and Scotland were hit by a brief snow shower early in the morning after forecasters warned temperatures would plunge to minus 8C. In most places the snow amounted to less than an inch but it grounded more than 40 flights, closed schools and left major roads in gridlock. Five airports, including Stansted and Luton, closed temporarily, leaving passengers stranded.

Wrecked: The crumpled bumper of a car after it hit another vehicle in a snowy
North East of Scotland near Banchory, Aberdeenshire.
Wheels go round: Trapped drivers were forced to hop out of their cars and push
when the snow and ice in Essex became too bad.
‘We had early snow followed by falling temperatures and then more snow, which settled on ice, compounding the problem,’ said Mark Davison from Stansted airport. ‘It was certainly worse than had been forecast. We had the runway open again within two hours which, under the circumstances, we are satisfied with. A total area of 500,000 square metres needed to be cleared.’ Conditions on the roads were hazardous with a ten-car pile-up on the London-bound A299 in Whitstable, Kent. In Essex alone, at least ten people were injured in 45 crashes. In the North East, motorists were stranded in their cars for hours because the treacherous Birk Brow Bank, between Whitby and Guisborough, in North Yorkshire, was covered in ice and snow. By 11.30am the AA said it had attended almost 5,000 breakdowns, with a peak of 1,300 an hour. There were major delays to rail services with South West Trains advising passengers to travel only if ‘absolutely necessary’. Last night council chiefs admitted they had failed to respond quickly enough. Derrick Louis from Essex County Council, which had reports of drivers travelling just 150 yards in two hours, said: ‘We were caught out and the weather took us by surprise. We responded as quickly as we could but it did take three hours to get the gritters out.’ Commuters were angry at delays on roads and rail. Melissa Cousins, 28, from Ealing, West London, said: ‘We have winter every year. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. What is surprising is how inefficient the system can be when something small disrupts it.’

Police condemned ‘tank commander’ drivers who didn’t bother to defrost their windscreens properly. In a survey, one in three admitted to driving without being able to see out of their windscreen. Officers have called them ‘tank commanders’ because of the way they peer through small slots in their snow-covered windscreens and have no visibility to the side or rear. They urged them to take an extra few minutes to make sure their screens were clear. Passengers stranded at Stansted were incredulous at the trouble caused by such a small amount of snow. Patrycja Kubiak, 20, from Poznan in Poland, was due to fly home at 7.05am but at 8.30am was told the flight was cancelled. ‘It was snowing in Poznan yesterday, and they just had minor delays,’ she said. ‘It’s just too much panic for that amount of snow.’ Back in the UK, forecasters predict a bright start to today with a few snow flurries rapidly turning to heavy rain. Forecasters warned up to six inches of snow could fall last night - causing further travel mayhem across the country today.

Scraping by: A car valet has a long day ahead of him as he starts to clear snow
off cars at Birkbrow Motors near Guisborough.
The Met Office issued severe weather warnings as experts predicted up to an inch of snow at low levels across the South-East, East, North and Scotland. Some areas over 250m in the north of England were expected to see up to four inches of snow with parts of Scotland over 400m could see up to six inches. The Met office weather warning for the UK today states: 'After a very cold night with widespread frost, sleet and snow will spread from the west during the early hours of Thursday. 'At lower levels 2 or 3 cm of snow is likely locally before turning to rain from the west through the morning. Despite turning to rain, the lying snow and ice will struggle to melt and this will bring some treacherous conditions. 'The public should be prepared for the risk of significant disruption to travel, especially over the M8 corridor to the east of Glasgow, across Perthshire and over much of inland eastern Scotland. ' It comes after forecasters admitted they were taken by surprise when unexpected heavy snow blanketed the South of England overnight. Experts wrongly said on Tuesday that London and the South East would be 'cold and dry' with 'scattered showers - some wintry' in the South West. - Daily Mail.

MASS BIRD DIE-OFF: 50 Birds Found Mysteriously Dead on the Road in Collin County, Texas?!

December 05, 2012- UNITED STATES - There's an eerie scene in McKinney. There are dozens of dead birds lining White Avenue and Central Expressway.

An NBC 5 viewer emailed pictures of the dead birds to We contacted the Collin County Game Wardens Office.

A member came out and looked at that bird. While it was bleeding from it's mouth it had not been shot and appeared to die only recently. By our count there are close to 50 dead birds, mostly Grackles, Starlings and Pigeons.

While this is a heavily traveled area, no one seems to know how or why the birds are dying. The Collin County Game Warden's office visited had not received any calls about the birds prior to NBC 5 contacting them this afternoon. - NBC 5.

WATCH: 50 dead birds found dead in Texas.

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Freak Tornado Kills Three and Badly Damaged 150 Homes in New Zealand - Wild Weather Caused "Utter Devastation"!

December 05, 2012 - AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - A freak tornado hit Auckland Thursday killing three people and causing "utter devastation" as wild weather ripped apart homes and caused flash flooding in New Zealand's largest city.

The storm, packing gusts of more than 110 kilometres (70 miles) per hour, struck suburban Hobsonville in the afternoon, toppling trees, ripping roofs from houses and sending debris flying.

Civil Defence said three people died and seven were hospitalised, with two of the fatalities believed to have been caused by a concrete slab that landed on the cabin of a truck and the other by a falling tree.

About 150 homes were badly damaged, many rendered uninhabitable, forcing residents into temporary accommodation at a nearby air force base.

Resident Suzanne McFadden said the storm roared through in "five minutes of utter devastation".

Police urged people to stay indoors as flash floods blocked roads and falling trees brought down power lines, blacking out about 1,300 homes.

The Metservice weather agency said the tornado was created by a series of intense thunderstorms that lashed the city through the day, largely dissipating by early evening, although there were fears the winds could pick up overnight.

Prime Minister John Key expressed condolences to the families of the dead and praised the efforts of emergency services, who swiftly sealed off an area of about one square kilometre (0.4 square miles) that was worst affected by the tornado. - The News.

WATCH: Wild weather in New Zealand.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 5.4 Magnitude Quake Jolts Eastern Philippines!

December 05, 2012 - PHILIPPINES - An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale has struck the eastern Philippines, but there have been no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake occurred at 08:43 a.m. local time on Thursday (0043 GMT) and struck at a depth of 27.90 kilometers (17.3 miles). The epicenter of the tremor was located 95 kilometers (59 miles) east of Guiuan in the province of Eastern Samar, at 10.9717 degrees north latitude and 126.5972 degrees east longitude. The Philippines sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is an area with intense seismic and volcanic activity caused by friction between shifting tectonic plates. At least three strong earthquakes were recorded only last month. A magnitude-7.7 quake killed nearly 2,000 people on the northern island of Luzon in 1990. - Press TV.

Seismotectonics of the Philippine Sea and Vicinity.

The Philippine Sea plate is bordered by the larger Pacific and Eurasia plates and the smaller Sunda plate. The Philippine Sea plate is unusual in that its borders are nearly all zones of plate convergence. The Pacific plate is subducted into the mantle, south of Japan, beneath the Izu-Bonin and Mariana island arcs, which extend more than 3,000 km along the eastern margin of the Philippine Sea plate. This subduction zone is characterized by rapid plate convergence and high-level seismicity extending to depths of over 600 km. In spite of this extensive zone of plate convergence, the plate interface has been associated with few great (Greater than magnitude 8.0) ‘megathrust’ earthquakes. South of the Mariana arc, the Pacific plate is subducted beneath the Yap Islands along the Yap trench. The long zone of Pacific plate subduction at the eastern margin of the Philippine Sea Plate is responsible for the generation of the deep Izu-Bonin, Mariana, and Yap trenches as well as parallel chains of islands and volcanoes, typical of circum-pacific island arcs. Similarly, the northwestern margin of the Philippine.

Along its western margin, the Philippine Sea plate is associated with a zone of oblique convergence with the Sunda Plate. This highly active convergent plate boundary extends along both sides the Philippine Islands, from Luzon in the north to the Celebes Islands in the south. The tectonic setting of the Philippines is unusual in several respects: it is characterized by opposite-facing subduction systems on its east and west sides; the archipelago is cut by a major transform fault, the Philippine Fault; and the arc complex itself is marked by active volcanism, faulting, and high seismic activity. Subduction of the Philippine Sea Plate occurs at the eastern margin of the archipelago along the Philippine Trench and its northern extension, the East Luzon Trough. The East Luzon Trough is thought to be an unusual example of a subduction zone in the process of formation, as the Philippine Trench system gradually extends northward (Hamburger et al., 1983).

On the west side of Luzon, the Sunda Plate subducts eastward along a series of trenches, including the Manila Trench in the north, the smaller less well-developed Negros Trench in the central Philippines, and the Sulu and Cotabato trenches in the south (Cardwell et al., 1980). At its northern and southern terminations, subduction at the Manila Trench is interrupted by arc-continent collision, between the northern Philippine arc and the Eurasian continental margin at Taiwan and between the Sulu-Borneo Block and Luzon at the island of Mindoro. The Philippine fault, which extends over 1,200 km within the Philippine arc, is seismically active. The fault has been associated with major historical earthquakes, including the destructive M7.6 Luzon earthquake of 1990 (Yoshida and Abe, 1992). A number of other active intra-arc fault systems are associated with high seismic activity, including the Cotabato Fault and the Verde Passage-Sibuyan Sea Fault (Galgana et al., 2007). Seismic activity along the boundaries of the Philippine Sea Plate (Allen et al., 2009) has produced 7 great (M>8.0) earthquakes and 250 large (M>7) events. Among the most destructive events were the 1923 Kanto, the 1948 Fukui and the 1995 Kobe (Japan) earthquakes (99,000, 5,100, and 6,400 casualties, respectively), the 1935 and the 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) earthquakes (3,300 and 2,500 casualties, respectively), and the 1976 M7.6 Moro Gulf and 1990 M7.6 Luzon (Philippines) earthquakes (7,100 and 2,400 casualties, respectively). There have also been a number of tsunami-generating events in the region, including the Moro Gulf earthquake, whose tsunami resulted in more than 5000 deaths. - USGS.

SHADOW WARS: Missile Mania - China Conducts Mobile ICBM Test That Can Reach North Dakota!

December 05, 2012 - CHINA - China last week carried out a second flight test of a new long-range mobile missile that is capable of hitting United States cities with a nuclear warhead. The test took place days before North Korea is set to fire its long-range missile, according to U.S. intelligence officials. U.S. intelligence airborne and space sensors detected the flight test Friday of the road-mobile DF-31A missile as it lifted off from the Wuzhai Space and Missile Test Center.

The missile flew west to an impact range in western China. It was the second DF-31A flight test since August and highlights China’s growing strategic nuclear buildup, a modernization program largely carried out in secret. The DF-31A test also took place on the last day of a rare U.S.-China military exercise in Chengdu that practiced joint disaster relief efforts. China is known to use its missile tests to send political signals, as in 1996 when it bracketed Taiwan with missile flight tests that impacted north and south of the island prior to a presidential election. Analysts say the DF-31A test likely was intended to bolster the Chinese military’s hardline stance toward the United States and particularly the U.S. military, regarded by Beijing as its main adversary.

The most recent DF-31 flight test occurred Aug. 30, also from Wuzhai, located in Shanxi province about 267 miles southwest of Beijing. That missile test involved a single warhead simulation. However, on July 24 China conducted the first flight test of a newer road-mobile ICBM called the DF-41, which is assessed to be China’s first intercontinental ballistic missile to be equipped with multiple, independently-targetable warheads, or MIRVs. The DF-31A was first deployed around 2007 and is believed to be capable of carrying up to five warheads. Its maximum range is up to 5,000 miles. There are some indications that the missile also may be deployed on rail cars disguised as passenger trains. A Pentagon spokeswoman declined to comment on the missile launch, citing a policy of not discussing intelligence matters. “We monitor carefully China’s military developments and urge China to exhibit greater transparency regarding its capabilities and intentions,” the spokeswoman told the Free Beacon. A Defense Department spokesman said in August in response to the last DF-31A test that the Pentagon “continues to carefully monitor China’s military modernization efforts, including progress in developing its offensive missile force.” - Free Beacon.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Eastern Iran - Initial Reports of Damage to Houses! UPDATE: At Least 8 People Have Been Killed - At Least 12 Injured, Buildings Damaged!

December 05, 2012 - IRAN - A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has been reported 42 miles (68 kilometers) north-northeast of Birjand, a regional capital city in eastern Iran.  No immediate reports of casualties have been issued, while Iran’s Fars news agency reported people fleeing their homes in panic in Birjand. The quake was severe enough to damage some property, Fars added.  Birjand is located close to the border with Afghanistan, and is home to about 158,000 people.­ 

The quake struck at 17:08 GMT, the USGS said.  Twin earthquakes measuring 6.4 and 6.3 on the Richter scale struck north-western Iran in August, inflicting heavy damage in the cities of Tabriz, Ahar and Varzaqan and leaving more than 300 dead, some 3,000 injured and 100,000 displaced.  More than 1,800 aftershocks have been reported in the area since August, the last one being a 5.1-magnitude November quake near Varzaqan.  In 2003 a 6.6-magnitude earthquake hit the southeastern Iranian city of Bam, destroying most of the city and killing 26,000 people, with more than 30,000 injured.  More than 126,000 people have lost their lives in catastrophic earthquakes on Iran’s territory in the last century, according to Encyclopaedia Iranica. The earthquake-prone Iranian plateau dominates much of the region, making Iran one of the most seismically active countries in the world. - RT.

UPDATE: At Least Eight People Have Been Killed - At Least 12 Injured, Buildings Damaged!
An earthquake measuring 5.6 in magnitude struck eastern Iran on Wednesday, killing eight people and injuring 12 others as emergency teams scrambled to rescue others and treat the injured, Iranian media reported. People fled their homes as the quake struck and brought walls and buildings down. But others were left trapped under rubble in villages across the district of Zohan in South Khorasan province, Fars news agency said.  "Eight people have been killed in the earthquake area and one person is missing. Unfortunately a number of those injured have lost their lives in the last few hours," Mehr news agency quoted South Khorasan's crisis management director Mohammad Ali Akhundi as saying.  "Homes have sustained damage and people are out in public places and they need the means to keep themselves warm because of the cold," he said.  Iran's Red Crescent Society despatched 15 rescue teams to the affected areas to search for people stuck under the debris and doctors in the provincial capital of Birjand were on alert to treat those hurt, Fars new agency reported. 

Rescue units of Iran's national Basij militia also joined operations, despatching three medical teams.  Emergency workers had reached some areas and the number of confirmed dead could rise, Tehran's deputy emergency services director Mohammad Sarvar said.  Two villages appeared to have sustained the worst of the damage including the village of Sharaj where five people were killed, Mehr news agency quoted district governor Farhad Falahati as saying.  "We have what we need to help but landslides especially on the route to Sharaj have stopped the relief supplies from getting there," he added.  At least 12 aftershocks have been registered since the quake struck at 2038 local time (1708 GMT), the Iranian Seismological Center said.  The centre said the epicenter was 42 km from the town of Qayen, the heart of Iran's saffron-growing region, one of the country's major non-oil exports.  The USGS said the quake, which it initially recorded as magnitude 6.0, was very shallow at a depth of 3.3. miles. It located the epicenter as 48 miles north-northeast of Birjand, near the border with Afghanistan.  Iran is criss-crossed by major fault lines and has suffered several devastating earthquakes in recent years, including a 6.6 magnitude quake in 2003 which flattened the southeastern city of Bam and killed more than 25,000 people.  In August more than 300 people were killed when two quakes struck northwestern Iran. - Reuters.

Seismotectonics of the Middle East and Vicinity.
No fewer than four major tectonic plates (Arabia, Eurasia, India, and Africa) and one smaller tectonic block (Anatolia) are responsible for seismicity and tectonics in the Middle East and surrounding region. Geologic development of the region is a consequence of a number of first-order plate tectonic processes that include subduction, large-scale transform faulting, compressional mountain building and crustal extension. Off the south coast of Pakistan and southeast coast of Iran, the Makran trench is the present-day surface expression of active subduction of the Arabia plate beneath the continental Eurasia plate, which converge at a rate of approximately 20 mm/yr. Although the Makran subduction zone has a relatively slow convergence rate, it has produced large devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. For example, the November 27, 1945 M8.0 mega-thrust earthquake produced a tsunami within the Gulf of Oman and Arabia Sea, killing over 4,000 people. Northwest of this active subduction zone, collision of the Arabia and Eurasia plates forms the approximately 1,500-km-long fold and thrust belt of the Zagros Mountains, which crosses the whole of western Iran and extends into northeastern Iraq. Collision of the Arabia and Eurasia plates also causes crustal shortening in the Alborz Mountains and Kopet Dag in northern Iran. Eastern Iran experiences destructive earthquakes that originate on both strike-slip and reverse faults. For example, the 16 September 1978 M7.8 earthquake, along the southwest edge of the Dasht-e-Lut Basin killed at least 15,000 people.- USGS.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: 'Disturbing' & 'Extraordinary' Sea Level Rise in Perth, Australia - Three Times the Global Average!

December 05, 2012 - AUSTRALIA - Sea levels on the Perth coastline are rising at three times the global average, the latest State of Australian Cities report shows.  In a statistic that federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese described as "disturbing'' and "extraordinary'', readings since 1993 have indicated sea levels are rising by between 9mm and 10mm per year.  The global average is around three millimetres per year.  With temperatures rising and rainfall falling, environmental changes are having little effect on the numbers of people moving to Perth, with the city population growing by 2.6 per cent since 2001 - making it the fastest growing capital in the country.  That expanding population was having little impact on transport habits, with almost 80 per cent of people still travelling to work by car and only 12 per cent by public transport

ON THE RISE: Perth's sea level is on the rise, three times faster than the global average.
Picture: Ross Swanborough Source: PerthNow.
Perth also has the lowest proportion of people walking to work of Australia's capitals, with only 2.6 per cent of people leaving their car or bike at home.  In 2011, Perth also experienced 50 days over 35C, which was the peak of a three-year spike in temperatures.  Perth mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the report highlighted major issues the city would deal with in the next decade.  "The worsening traffic congestion we are experiencing should act as a wake-up call to us all,'' Ms Scaffidi said.  "And of particular concern in the State of Australian Cities report is the observation that Perth has experienced a reduction in average annual rainfall between 1952 and 2011, so obviously we all need to be smarter in terms of building design and water efficiency.''

FACTBOX:  • Perth's population increased from 1.45 million in 2001 to 1.83 million in 2011, up 2.6 per cent, making the city Australia's second fastest growing after the Gold Coast-Tweed  • Almost 80 per cent of people travel to work by car and 12 per cent by public transport  • In 2011, Perth experienced 50 days over 35 degrees Celsius, the peak of a three-year spike of hot weather which has seen more days over 35C than any other time in the past 30 years  • One of Australia's three driest capitals, Perth has experienced a reduction in average annual rainfall between 1952 and 2011  • Since 1993, Perth, along with Darwin, has experienced the highest rates of sea level rises among major coastal cities, measuring nine to 10 millimetres per year. The global average is three millimetres  • Perth has the highest proportion of residents who feel that their city has a quality natural environment (79 per cent)  • Only 41 per cent of Perth residents agree that the city provides good transport infrastructure and services, and is a safe place for people and their property  •  According to the 2012 AMP NATSEM Income and Wealth Reports analysis of typical household goods and services, Perth is among the most expensive of the capital cities for education, alcohol and tobacco  • Perth has the lowest proportion of people walking to work of the capital cities (2.6 per cent). - Perth Now.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Hundreds of Dead Carp Wash up in Pinto Lake, California!

December 05, 2012 - UNITED STATES - About 200 dead carp have washed up at Pinto Lake in the past week.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife is examining the fish to determine what caused the deaths, said Robert Ketley, Watsonville water quality specialist. But because of their advanced state of decomposition, it may be difficult to say for sure what happened.

Ketley said it's possible the bottom-feeding carp are victims of the toxic blue algae that plagues the lake. As the algae decays and drifts to the lake bottom, it can cause ammonia levels to increase and oxygen to decrease, he said. Because carp feed in the depths, they are more likely to be affected than other fish.

Cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, has long infected the 80-acre lake, the center of city and Santa Cruz County parks in rural Pajaro Valley. The problem is pronounced when temperatures rise, and a warm fall produced a late algae bloom.

Exposure to toxins produced by the algae can cause rashes, nausea, diarrhea, liver and kidney damage in humans. The toxins also have been linked to deaths of livestock, dogs and sea otters.

A study of Pinto Lake, released last spring, concluded nitrogen- and phosphorous-laden sediments deposited in the lake 50 to 100 years ago, possibly due to erosion in clear-cut forests, are the main culprits in providing nutrients for algae growth.

No swimming is permitted in the lake, and warnings are posted when toxin levels are too high for safe - Mercury News.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Massive Sinkhole Opens in Dover, Ohio - State Route in Dover Township Will Remain Closed Until at Least Late Spring Due to Sinkhole!

December 05, 2012 - CLEVELAND, UNITED STATES - In Dover Township, State Route 516 will remain closed between Bair Road and Josephine Street until at least late next spring due to last week’s sinkhole where a sand and gravel pit collapsed.

Aerial photo courtesy: ODOT.
“The conditions of the active Industrial Minerals Permit issued to the property owner by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), require the permittee to reclaim and restore the property to its previous conditions which includes stabilizing the pit along SR 516," said ODOT District 11 deputy director Lloyd MacAdam.

Officials anticipate the pit restoration work to take a minimum of three months -- and good weather -- for barge operation. Restoration involves pumping sand back into the voided area, creating a protective fill.

"Once the property owner’s work is completed, we can begin to repair the roadway.  Unfortunately, we cannot begin the road repairs until the ground surrounding the road’s right of way is stabilized," explained MacAdam.

Engineers anticipate a late spring or early summer road reopening.

Traffic will continue to be detoured on SR 39 and SR 93. Beginning at the intersection of SR 39 and SR 516 in Dover, traffic is being rerouted west on SR 39 to SR 93 in Sugarcreek, then north on SR 93 back to SR 516 in Dundee, and reverse. - News Channel 5.

WATCH: Massive sinkhole opens up in Ohio.

PLAGUES & PESTILENCES: Novovirius, Vomiting Virus Sweeps Britain - Winter Bug Hits 700,000 People as Early Onset of Virus Catches NHS "Unawares"!

December 05, 2012 - BRITAIN - Hundreds of thousands have been struck down with the winter vomiting bug, according to figures.  The number of confirmed cases of norovirus is already up two-thirds compared to this time last year and experts warn they will only rise further over the next few weeks.  In the last week there have been a further 40 outbreaks of the illness at hospitals and nearly all were forced to close wards or bays to prevent its spread. 

Increase: Almost 700,000 people have been struck down by norovirus. Recent figures from the
Department of Health show that a third of hospitals have had outbreaks in the last fortnight.
Experts say the virus has arrived earlier than usual this year and caught the NHS 'unawares'.  Figures from the Health Protection Agency show there have been 2,313 confirmed cases - where samples have been checked in the lab - since July.  This is up 64 per cent compared to the same period last year when there were 1,412 such reports.  And these are only likely to be a fraction of the total as most patients with the virus don't see their GP.  Officials at the HPA say that for every confirmed case there are another 288 in the community which are never tested.  This implies that almost 700,000 adults and children have caught the virus since the summer, although this is only a very rough estimate.  Meanwhile, the most recent figures from the Department of Health show that a third of hospitals have had outbreaks in the last fortnight.  A total of 1,695 hospital patients have caught the bug across 64 out of 144 NHS trusts in England.  The virus causes vomiting, diarrhoea, a headache and a temperature which usually resolve themselves within a couple of days.  

But it can be very serious in the elderly or patients who have other underlying illness and causes around 80 deaths a year.  The virus is also extremely contagious is spread when tiny amounts find their way onto food, cutlery, lift buttons or doors.  It causes severe disruption for the NHS each winter as hospitals have to close wards every time a patient is struck down to prevent its spread.  And often staff catch the illness and have to take time off putting even more strain on overstretched wards.  Dr Bob Adak, head of the gastrointestinal diseases department at the HPA said: 'The norovirus season is always completely unpredictable as it peaks and falls over several months - usually October to April.  However, one thing we do know is that every year we will see a large amount of norovirus activity because it is highly contagious.  'We would like to remind people to avoid visiting friends or relatives in hospital or care homes if they have symptoms consistent with a norovirus infection as it can lead to ward closures and severe disruption.  'Norovirus is a short-lived unpleasant infection but most people will fully recover in a couple of days.'  Last week Dr Ian Hosein, an expert in infection prevent and control warned that the illness had 'kicked in' so quickly that hospitals had not been prepared. - Daily Mail.

WATCH: What is Norovirus, and how to avoid it?

SHADOW WARS: Escalating Towards World War III - USS Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier Arrives Off Syrian Shore, With Thousands of US Troops!

December 05, 2012 - SYRIA -  The USS Eisenhower Strike Group transited the Suez Canal from the Persian Gulf Saturday, Dec. 1, sailing up to the Syrian coast Tuesday in a heavy storm, with 8 fighter bomber squadrons of Air Wing Seven on its decks and 8,000 sailors, airmen and Marines. The USS Eisenhower group joins the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group which carries 2,500 Marines. 

The USS Eisenhower in a lightning storm.
Facing Syria now are 10,000 US fighting men, 70 fighter-bombers and at least 17 warships, including the three Iwo Jima amphibious craft, a guided missile cruiser and 10 destroyers and frigates. Four of these vessels are armed with Aegis missile interceptors. This mighty US armada brings immense pressure to bear on the beleaguered Assad regime after it survied an almost two-year buffeting by an armed uprising. Its presence indicates that the United States now stands ready for direct military intervention in the Syrian conflict when the weather permits. Left behind in the Persian Gulf is just one US aircraft carrier, the USS Stennis and its strike group.

Welcoming NATO’s decision Tuesday, Dec. 4, to deploy Patriot missile batteries in Turkey, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Wednesday: “The protection from NATO will be three dimensional; one is the short-range Patriots, the second is the middle-range Terminal High Altitude Air Defense [THAD] system and the last is the AEGIS system, which counters missiles that can reach outside the atmosphere.” debkafile’s military sources: While the Patriot is land-based and will be deployed on the Turkish-Syrian border, the THAD and the Aegis have just reached the Syrian coast aboard the USS Eisenhower strike group.  “With this integrated system,” said Davutoglu, Turkey will have maximum protection.”  He added: “The Syrian regime has 700 missiles,” and their location, storage method and holders are no secret to Ankara. This was the first time Ankara had made threats to destroy Syrian missiles, including any carrying chemical warheads. - Debka.

"CATASTROPHIC" STORM: Super Typhoon Bopha Hits the Philippines - Killing 280 People, Destroying Homes, Scores Missing in Worst-Hit Areas!

December 05, 2012 - PHILIPPINES - Stunned parents searching for missing children examined a row of mud-stained bodies covered with banana leaves while survivors dried their soaked belongings on roadsides Wednesday, a day after a powerful typhoon killed more than 280 people in the southern Philippines.  Officials fear more bodies may be found as rescuers reach hard-hit areas that were isolated by landslides, floods and downed communications. 

Residents prepare to assess their house which was damaged by Typhoon Bopha in Butuan city in
southeastern Philippines Tuesday Dec. 4, 2012. (AP Photo/Erwin Mascarinas).
At least 151 people died in the worst-hit province of Compostela Valley when Typhoon Bopha lashed the region Tuesday, including 78 villagers and soldiers who perished in a flash flood that swamped two emergency shelters and a military camp, provincial spokeswoman Fe Maestre said.  About 80 people survived the deluge in New Bataan town with injuries, but between 50 and 319 others remain missing, according to varying estimates by government officials and the army.  The farming town of 45,000 people was a muddy wasteland of collapsed houses and coconut and banana trees felled by Bopha's ferocious winds.  On a roadside, dozens of mud-stained bodies were laid side-by-side, covered by cloth and banana leaves and surrounded by villagers. A man sprayed insecticide on the remains to keep away swarms of flies.  A father wept when he lifted a plastic cover and found the body of his child. A mother, meanwhile, went away in tears, unable to find her missing children. "I have three children," she said repeatedly, flashing three fingers before a TV cameraman.  Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, who visited the devastated town, said a day of searching by soldiers and volunteers did not turn up any of the 319 people reported missing in New Bataan.  "These were whole families among the registered missing," Roxas told the ABS-CBN TV network. "Entire families may have been washed away."

In nearby Davao Oriental, the coastal province first struck by the typhoon as it blew inland from the Pacific Ocean, at least 115 people perished, mostly in three towns that were so battered that it was hard to find any buildings with roofs remaining, provincial officer Freddie Bendulo and other officials said.  "We had a problem where to take the evacuees. All the evacuation centers have lost their roofs," Davao Oriental Gov. Corazon Malanyaon said.  Disaster-response agencies reported 13 other typhoon-related deaths elsewhere.  Unlike the previous day's turbulent weather, the sun was shining brightly Wednesday, prompting residents to lay their soaked clothes, books and other belongings out on roadsides to dry and revealing the extent of the damage to farmland. Thousands of banana trees in one Compostela Valley plantation were toppled by the wind, the young bananas still wrapped in blue plastic covers.  After slamming into Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley, Bopha roared quickly across the southern Mindanao and central regions, knocking out power in two entire provinces, triggering landslides and leaving houses and plantations damaged. More than 170,000 fled to evacuation centers.  The typhoon, one of the strongest to hit the country this year, had blown past southwestern Palawan province into the South China Sea by midday Wednesday and could head to either Vietnam or southern China, according to government forecasters.  The deaths came despite efforts by President Benigno Aquino III's government to force residents out of high-risk communities as the typhoon approached.  Some 20 typhoons and storms lash the northern and central Philippines each year, but they rarely hit the vast southern Mindanao region.  A rare storm in the south last December killed more than 1,200 people and left many more homeless.  The United States extended its condolences and offered to help its Asian ally deal with the typhoon's devastation. It praised government efforts to minimize the deaths and damage. - Huffington Post.

WATCH: Scenes from the Philippines and post-Bopha forecast.

SHADOW WARS: Escalating Towards World War III - Iran Aims Biological Warheads At Jerusalem; Israel Preparing To Test New Generation Of Arrow Anti- Missile System; U.S. Weighs Military Options If Syria Uses Chemical Weapons; Assad's Chemical Weapons Units Head Out Of Damascus Toward Aleppo; NATO Sending Patriot Missiles To Turkey; The Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Mass Protests As Morsi Flees Palace!

December 05, 2012 - IRAN - Iran has 170 ballistic missiles aimed at Tel Aviv, many with biological warheads, WND has learned. According to a source who served in Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and who recently defected, the Islamic regime has 170 missiles targeted at Tel Aviv from underground silos, some of which are armed with biological warheads.

The Islamic regime ruling Iran has prepared for the total destruction of Israel as well as a capability to target European capitals, he said. As reported in the Washington Times in August, a commentary in Mashregh, the media outlet of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, confirmed that the Islamic regime not only has weapons of mass destruction but has armed its terrorist proxies with them, including Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. The commentary warned Israel that if the fighting in Syria does not stop, an all-out attack on the Jewish state will be launched and that at zero hour, Tel Aviv will be the first city to be destroyed. The CIA has long warned about Iran’s growing missile threat, and in 2010, Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned Congress of Iran’s capability of launching a salvo of missiles, even at European capitals. U.S. intelligence officials believe those missiles could be tipped with biological or chemical warheads. A senior Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, warned then that Tel Aviv “will burn to ashes,” and the regime’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, promised “the superfluous and fake Zionist regime will disappear from the landscape of geography.” The source, talking to WND, confirmed that Iran has made significant advances on several fronts – chemical, biological, nuclear and electronic warfare – and that the regime is looking at the deterioration in Syria and the possibility of an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities with the intent of setting Israel and the region on fire. The regime is adamant about its support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the source said, and is working on its nuclear weapons program at several sites unknown to the West. The International Atomic Energy Agency, the source said, is on the wrong track by focusing only on the Natanz and Fordo nuclear sites. There are more than 70 North Korean military advisers and scientists working in Iran on the country’s defense projects, including work on a plutonium bomb, the source said.

The Associated Press reported exclusively last week that the Islamic regime’s scientists have worked on a design for a plutonium bomb with three times the explosive force of what was used on Hiroshima. An exclusive report by WND revealed that a secret nuclear site, code name Valayat 1, had been constructed at an underground facility in the outskirts of Najafabad in Isfahan Province. Iranian scientists there were working on a neutron detonator and implosion system along with separating plutonium for an implosion-type fission bomb. The source also verified the existence of the Valayat 1 nuclear bomb project and the underground facility at that site. Days ago, Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton offered bilateral talks on Iran’s nuclear program, but Ali Saeidi, the supreme leader’s representative in the Revolutionary Guards, rejected the proposal. “In the negotiations that America pursues, there is no positive outcome for Iran as the matters between America and Iran on the strategic level are so vast there can’t be any negotiations,” Saeidi said. “America is after its dominance of the world and will never give up its nature … surely in their negotiations, they want Iran to give up its support of Hezbollah in Lebanon, resistance in Palestine, the regional movements and worldwide Shiites.” Khamenei, in a speech to navy commanders last week on the country’s military achievements, said, “A look at the situation and the recent events in the region and the world clearly shows the upper hand of the Islamic republic of Iran.” A close adviser to the supreme leader, Alireza Panahian, also last week in a speech widely covered by the regime, said “victory for the faithful” is close. “Based on the recent events and the expansion of the Islamic movement in the region … and based on logical calculation, the coming is upon us and in the coming years everything will be finished,” he said, adding that with the regime’s leadership, the coming of the last Islamic Messiah, the Shiites’ 12th Imam, is soon and a certainty. Shiites believe Mahdi’s coming will be preceded by Armageddon. - WND.

Iran Shows U.S. Drone As Proof Of Capture, As Pentagon Issues Denial.

ScanEagle proudly displayed on Iranian TV.
Iran claimed to have downed an American drone Tuesday – and displayed a Boeing-built ScanEagle as proof – but the Pentagon issued a denial with some wiggle room, as the risks of a military confrontation continued to escalate over Tehran’s murky nuclear program. Iran’s propaganda coup, the second time in a year it has displayed a downed drone, also pulled back the curtain on the steady increase in spying and probing of defences by all parties, as the United States and Israel prepare for the possibility of war to deny Tehran’s ruling mullahs from getting nuclear weapons. Both President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have vowed to keep Iran out of the select nuclear-weapons-capable club of nations. Spying drones, cyber-warfare and the assassination of Iranian scientists are all part of the – mostly deniable – escalation. On Tuesday, the White House dodged questions about the missing drone. - The Globe and Mail.

Israel Preparing To Test New Generation Of Arrow Anti-Missile System.

The new generation of Israel's anti-missile Arrow system will be tested "soon", a defense ministry official said on Tuesday. The system, he stated, would be able to tackle long-range unconventional Iranian missiles. - Haaretz.

United States Weighing Military Options if Syria Uses Chemical, Biological Weapons.
The White House and its allies are weighing military options to secure Syria's chemical and biological weapons, after U.S. intelligence reports show the Syrian regime may be readying those weapons and may be desperate enough to use them, U.S. officials said Monday. President Barack Obama, in a speech at the National Defense University on Monday, pointedly warned Syrian President Bashar Assad not to use his arsenal. "Today I want to make it absolutely clear to Assad and those under his command: The world is watching," Obama said. "The use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. And if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable." Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in Prague for meetings with Czech officials, said she wouldn't outline any specifics. "But suffice it to say, we are certainly planning to take action if that eventuality were to occur," Clinton said. Options now being considered range from aerial strikes to limited raids by regional forces to secure the stockpiles, according to one current U.S. official, and one former U.S. official, briefed on the matter. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the issue publicly. The administration remains reluctant to dispatch U.S. forces into Syria, but a U.S. special operations training team is in neighboring Jordan, teaching troops there how to safely secure such sites together with other troops from the region, the officials said. The warnings to Syria come after U.S. intelligence detected signs the Syrian regime was moving the chemical weapons components around within several of Syria's chemical weapons sites in recent days, according to a senior U.S. defense official and two U.S. officials speaking on Monday. The activities involved movement within the sites, rather than the transfer of components in or out of various sites, two of the officials said. But they were activities they had not seen before, that bear further scrutiny, one said. Another senior U.S. official described it as "indications of preparations" for a possible use of the chemical weapons. The U.S. still doesn't know whether the regime is planning to use them, but the official says there is greater concern because there is the sense that the Assad regime is under greater pressure now. - TCA.

WATCH: Chemical hype behind Patriot games on Syria border.

Assad's Chemical Weapons Units Head Out Of Damascus Toward Aleppo.
As NATO in Brussels gave the go-ahead Tuesday night, Dec. 4, for the deployment of Patriot surface-to-air missiles to protect Turkey against Syrian missiles, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources reported that convoys of the Syrian army’s chemical weapons units headed out of Damascus under cover of dark and turned north up the road to Aleppo. Their destination is not yet known. The convoys were ferrying self-propelled cannons for firing shells loaded with poisonous sarin gas. Syrian President Bashar Assad had evidently decided to ignore the warnings President Barack Obama issued Monday night that there would be consequences if he or anyone in Syria resorted to chemical warfare and each would be held accountable. Our sources report that the Syrian ruler is aparently gambling dangerously on the Americans holding back from attacking the convoys as long as they deploy unconventional weapons, and would only react when they are used. He is also taking advantage of the heavy winds, rain and cloud over this part of the eastern Mediterranean and counting on the weather to obstruct military operations against his chemical weapons units. By the time the weather clears some time Thursday, the units will be in place in battle formation. Meanwhile, bombing the convoys in windy weather could cause the deadly gas to spread out of control in unpredictable directions. In Brussels, a NATO official announced that the alliance had agreed to augment Turkey’s air-defense capabilities by deploying Patriot missiles to Turkey. - Debka.

NATO Agrees To Send Patriot Missiles To Turkey.
NATO gave the go-ahead on Tuesday to stationing Patriot surface-to-air missiles in Turkey to protect the country from any spillover of the civil war in neighboring Syria. "In response to Turkey's request, NATO has decided to augment Turkey's air defense capabilities in order to defend the population and territory of Turkey," NATO foreign ministers said in a statement. Russia, Syria and Iran have criticized Turkey's request to the alliance to send the Patriots which can be used to intercept missiles. Turkey asked NATO for the missiles in November after weeks of talks with allies about how to shore up security on its 900-km (560-mile) border. It has repeatedly scrambled fighter jets along the frontier and responded in kind to stray Syrian shells flying into its territory. A major player in supporting Syria's opposition and planning for the post-conflict era, Turkey is worried about Syria's chemical weapons, the refugee crisis along its border, and what it says is Syrian support for Kurdish militants on its own soil. Turkey made similar calls for military support during the two Gulf Wars, when NATO deployed surface-to-air missiles on its soil in 1991 and 2003. - JPost.

WATCH: 'NATO weakens Arab world to wage war on Iran'

Morsi Flees Egypt's Presidential Palace As "Last Warning" Protesters Battle Cops.
Egyptian police battled thousands of protesters outside President Mohammed Morsi's palace in Cairo on Tuesday, prompting the Islamist leader to leave the building, presidency sources said. Officers fired tear gas at up to 10,000 demonstrators angered by Morsi's drive to hold a referendum on a new constitution on December 15. The Associated Press reported that some protesters broke through barbed wire around the building and hurled chairs and rocks at retreating police on Tuesday night. The crowds had gathered in what organizers had dubbed "last warning" protests against Morsi, who infuriated opponents with a November 22 decree that expanded his powers. "The people want the downfall of the regime," the demonstrators chanted. "The president left the palace," a presidential source, who declined to be named, told Reuters. A security source at the presidency also said the president had departed. Morsi returned to work at the presidential palace on Wednesday morning, an aide later told Reuters. The Muslim Brotherhood also called for a rally backing Morsi outside the palace on Wednesday and leftists planned a counter-demonstration, raising fears of clashes in a crisis over a disputed push for a new constitution. Morsi ignited a storm of unrest in his bid to prevent a judiciary still packed with appointees of ousted predecessor Hosni Mubarak from derailing a troubled political transition. - NBC News.

WATCH: Morsi flees as angry crowd storms palace in Cairo, battles riot police.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: The Volcano Activity Report For December 04th, 2012!

December 05, 2012 - WORLDWIDE VOLCANOES - The following constitutes the new activity, unrest and ongoing report from geologist Richard Wilson who specializes in volcano seismicity and Armand Vervaeck.

KVERT reports that seismicity associated with the ongoing flank fissure eruption at Plosky Tolbachik (Kamchatka Peninsula) remains high.  Recent satellite imagery shows the eruption plume being pulled south and east of the eruption site by low pressure to the north.

A burst of small earthquakes began yesterday beneath the South Moat of Long Valley Caldera (CA) (station MDR).  The number of events decreased overnight, but magnitudes are higher (M1Coso Volcanic Field. Events there have migrated north, deepened (along a fault?) and decreased in magnitude with time (due to higher temperature at depth?). Nine earthquakes between M1 and M3 have occurred beneath the field thus far today.

Surface activity remains subdued at Popocatepetl (gas and ash exhalations average one every two hours), but the volcano put on a brief display of some of its power yesterday afternoon when it launched an ash cloud nearly three kilometers high.  The Popocatepetl seismogram shows the event (many times due to a software defect!).

Seismograms from the Guatemalan volcanoes were not accessible today. A brief pulse of volcanic earthquakes occurred overnight at (or near) Cerro Negro volcano (Nicaragua) (station CNGN).  Volcanic tremor seems to be slowly easing at nearby Masaya volcano (station MASN), and periods of low-amplitude volcanic tremor have appeared on seismograms at Concepcion volcano (station CONN) during the past 24 hours.

Strong volcanic seismicity, in the form of both tremor and low-frequency (explosion?) earthquakes continues at Reventador volcano (Ecuador) (station CONE) today.

A few small local earthquakes are evident on seismograms from Tongariro volcano (New Zealand).  More numerous small earthquakes, admixed with low-level volcanic tremor occur at nearby Ruapehu volcano, and the White Island seismogram remains filled with continuous, relatively strong volcanic tremor again today.

Recent satellite imagery caught the plume from yesterday’s explosion at Popocatepetl, and a relatively small SO2-enriched plume drifting from Nyiragongo volcano (DRC). - EarthQuake Report.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL & UFO MEMES: Triangle UFOs - 30 November Days Yields 86 Domestic Reports in the United States!

December 05, 2012 - UNITED STATES - Three days into December 2012 and only a single UFO report has been filed for the triangle shape, while low flying triangle UFOs seemed to be a frequent reporting description during November 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Please report UFO activity to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) at Credits: Examiner image illustration.
MUFON recorded 86 U.S. triangle UFO reports during November 2012 where the event occurred during November. The number of reports made for this shape is typical for 2012 monthly reporting. Please keep in mind that the number may increase over time as people report events that occurred during that month in the future. The single triangle report for December occurred in Hobart, IN, on December 2, 2012, where the object was described as "sleek and a dark metal color with no windows, no landing gears" in Case 44284.
No further information was available on the Indiana case as MUFON investigates. The following is a list of November cases we're watching as the MUFON investigations continue, including cases that were previously covered here, and the final case disposition - if available - is included. When a report is closed as an Unknown, MUFON investigators have ruled out Mother Nature and anything man made.

November triangle reports began at 8 p.m. on November 1, in Merlin, Josephine County, OR, with Case 43656, a report that has since been closed as an Unknown.
"I live on two acres in the country with a good view of the sky," the reporting witness stated. "I walked out to look at the stars and noticed lights coming low and slow from out of the west. I called my wife to come out and look because the lights were coming from an unusual direction. I didn't know what it was. I just knew it wasn't an airplane because airplanes are my hobby. "It was a triangle-shaped object with a cluster of lights in the front followed by a red blinking light in the center and another light close to that. At first it looked like two separate crafts, but as it got closer we could see that it was one big one. It headed towards the north and then banked towards the east and then disappeared. There was no noise at all."
8:50 p.m., Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, Case 43999.Under investigation.

November 2, 2012

6:30 a.m., Harrisburg, Saline County, IL, Case 43659. Under investigation.
10 a.m., Cherokee County, GA, Case 43672. Under investigation.
6:35 p.m., Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ, Case 43729. Under investigation.
9:25 p.m., Daly City, San Mateo County, CA, Case 43673. Completed, insufficient data.

November 3, 2012

5:30 p.m., Katy, Waller County, TX, Case 43835. Completed - Unknown. "We noticed the green sphere-like object in the sky and both observed that it was moving back and forth and up and down," the witness stated. "We both knew this was not a plane. There also was another, smaller object. The pictures were taken between two and four seconds apart, so it was moving at a great speed. There is a small airport nearby, and we are very familiar with the landing and flight patterns, also colors of airplanes. There is a green outline in the clouds, and it looks like a green beam going downward. The object changed shape or possible turned over, and went to the south where it seemed to join with a cloaked, large object, which can be seen in the last photos. It looks like a cloud, but there is a clear outline of a huge disk, and cloud/vapor trail coming from the south/southwest."
9:35 p.m., Denver, Denver County, CO, Case 43686. Under investigation.
10:30 p.m., Portsmouth, Bristol County, RI, Case 44005. Under investigation.

November 4, 2012

9 p.m., Rodeo, Contra Costa County, CA, Case 43713. Under investigation. Case originally covered as: Witnesses report low and slow moving objects over California.
9:10 p.m., Herculaneum, Jefferson County, MO, Case 43707. Completed - Unknown. "Observed three lights forming a triangle in the sky," the witness stated. "The lights stayed on and did not blink. I was able to determine that the object that the lights were attached to was dark and triangular-shaped. The object seemed fairly large. When I first observed the object it was hovering. I watched it for what seemed to be 30 seconds. All of a sudden the lights flashed very brightly and the object took off at a very high rate of speed. I also heard a 'whooshing' sound that did not sound like a helicopter or airplane." Field Investigator: "The area of the sighting is VERY interesting. Herculaneum is located on the banks of the Mississippi River, Scott AFB is just across the Mississippi River in Illinois, and Herculaneum is the location of the largest integrated lead producer in the Western Hemisphere and the 3rd largest producer in the world. If something 'unknown' was to be seen hovering, this would be a likely area considering information obtained from previous sighting reports referencing water, mining areas and military bases as active areas."
9:20 p.m., Oakley, Contra Costa County, CA, Case 43811. Under investigation.
9:35 p.m., Vallejo, Solano County, CA, Case 43726. Under investigation.

November 5, 2012

12 a.m., Federal Heights, Adams County, CO, Case 43745. Under investigation.
8:27 p.m., Fayetteville, Cumberland County, NC, Case 43730. Under investigation.
10:30 p.m., Hyannis, Barnstable County, MA, Case 43850. Under investigation.
11:30 p.m., Boise, Ada County, ID, Case 44230. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Boise witness wonders if 'supersonic aircraft' was top secret.

November 6, 2012

4:50 a.m., Hazelwood, St. Louis County, MO, Case 43755. Closed - Unknown. "Noticed what I thought was an airplane fly across the highway," the witness stated. "It got above the field to the side of the highway I was on. I pulled over and watched it descend down while flying back over to the highway right over my car. The first time I saw it the only reason I noticed it was because it was hovering over the bridge like just above it making it maybe 100 feet above my car."
5:30 p.m., Jackson County, MO, Case 43750. Closed - Unknown. "We noticed a bright ball of light hovering over a central monument, Liberty Memorial," the witness stated. "We were curious and drove toward this part of town, only a five minute drive to reach this monument. We got there and the object began to move northwest at a slow stall and unusually low altitude. It became a jet. It flew low enough for us to see in detail the underbelly with no markings, all white non-commercial jet making no sound. Our car did not vibrate as expected to be directly under a jet. I watched as the jet slowly passed over our windshield and then looked at it through the moon roof briefly. We were driving 25 mph. The scale was 2/3 the space of our moon roof. It took approximately three seconds to cross the moon roof view. It kept up its northwest flight path with a constant speed and altitude."
7:25 p.m., Coshocton County, OH, Case 43780. Under investigation.

November 7, 2012

3:37 a.m., Detroit, Macomb County, MI, Case 44072. Under investigation.
7:10 p.m., Hickory, Burke County, NC, Case 43818. Under investigation.
8:20 p.m., New Braunfels, Comal County, TX, Case 43770. Closed - insufficient data.

November 8, 2012

8:15 p.m., Calabash, Brunswick County, NC, Case 43813. Closed - Unknown. "A triangularly-shaped red light formation appeared, however, this was much, much, much different," the witness stated. "This object was approximately 40 feet tall and I would estimate at its widest point at least a quarter-mile wide.Truly amazing and scary at the same time. Each point of the triangle had its own red light and the ship flew with no sound and only 100-200 feet off the ground over houses and out towards the beach.The flashing white lights and orange orbs are very common in my area and no one knows anything. Hundreds of videos uploaded on Youtube and nothing."

November 9, 2012

12 a.m., Panama City, Bay County, FL, Case 43804. Under investigation.
4:10 a.m., Overland Park, Johnson County, KS, Case 43796. Under investigation.
6:25 p.m., Troy, Oakland County, MI, Case 43802. Under investigation.
7:40 p.m., Jacksonville, Duval County, FL, Case 43834. Closed - Unknown. "I glanced upward and saw a very unusual 'airplane' at about 80 degrees," the witness stated. "It was triangle-shaped (equilateral) and had softly glowing white light along its two forward edges. It appeared to be sub-divided by softly glowing light into six smaller equilateral triangles. It was moving at a high rate of speed in a straight-line flight path and I estimate that it was at an altitude of 5,000 feet. The object passed directly overhead and was silent. The object seemed to disappear when it was at about 70 degrees from my position. I estimate the duration of the event at between five and seven seconds."
10:05 p.m., Parkville, Platte County, MO, Case 43807. Closed - Unknown. "The object was about 200 or so feet above the tree line, but there were no sounds or wind gusts," the witness stated. "A helicopter flying that low would definitely give off some sound. I thought this was really strange, so I slowed down to about 15 mph because there were no other cars on the road at the time. I noticed the lights were in a triangle shape but I couldn't make out what was connecting the lights. The object was either transparent or blended very well with the night sky. The bright white light was on top. This light was the biggest and brightest. The smaller red and blue lights were underneath this main white light, forming the outline of the triangle shape. All the lights were flashing and becoming brighter at random times. When I was closest to the UFO I noticed it was not moving at all and was just hovering very low to the ground, maybe 200 or so feet above the tree line. I had to make a quick turn and I lost sight of it."

November 10, 2012

3 a.m., Alcona County, MI, Case 43814. Under investigation.
6:28 p.m., Castle Rock, Cowlitz, WA, Case 43828. Closed - Unknown. "Three totally silent, solid, reddish orange glowing spheres forming an equilateral triangle," the witness stated. "Size: Each sphere approximately the size of a dime held out at arm’s length. The three objects were close enough to my car that I almost stopped my car as I actually feared that they might block the road, but they stayed hovering where they had been the whole time so I continued southbound on Si Town Road. They were totally silent. They did not blink, rotate or change color. They maintained a constant luminosity until the end of this event. They were each very bright and each sphere was about as big around as a dime held at arm’s length."
9:15 p.m., San Anselmo, Marin County, CA, Case 43842. Under investigation.

November 11, 2012

6:10 p.m., Ames, Story County, IA, Case 43849. Under investigation.
6:15 p.m., North Borough, Worcester County, MA. Case 43860. Under investigation.
10:20 p.m., Flint, Genesee County, MI, Case 43864. Under investigation. Originally covered as: Michigan brothers report object hovering over movie theater.

November 12, 2012

9:51 p.m., Marion, Crittenden County, AZ, Case 43892. Under investigation.

November 13, 2012

12 a.m., Tucson, Pima County, AZ, Case 43921. Under investigation.
6:24 p.m., Flushing, Genesee County, MI, Case 43896. Under investigation.
11:05 p.m., Marietta, Cobb County, GA, Case 43897. Under investigation.

November 14, 2012

5:30 a.m., Colonia, Middlesex County, NJ, Case 43920. Under investigation.
9:08 p.m., Beachwood, Atlantic County, NJ, Case 43927. Under investigation.

November 15, 2012

5:45 p.m., Lafayette, Boulder County, CO, Case 43938. Under investigation.

November 16, 2012

12 a.m, Alto, Kent County, MI, Case 43970. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Low flying UFOs: Eight reports from five states in 11 hours.
12 a.m., Federal Heights, Denver County, CO, Case 44020. Under investigation.
12 a.m., Somerset County, PA, Case 44053. Under investigation.
4:50 p.m., Shelocta, Indiana County, PA, Case 43954. Under investigation. Case originally covered as 'Glowing objects' reported hovering over Pennsylvania highway. This case is also mentioned in Low flying UFOs: Eight reports from five states in 11 hours.
5:40 p.m., Willow Grove, Bucks County, PA, Case 44033. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Third witness testifies in November Pennsylvania UFO sighting.
5:40 p.m., Southampton, Bucks County, PA, Case 44127. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Low flying UFOs: Eight reports from five states in 11 hours.
9 p.m., Rochester, Monroe County, NY, Case 43965. Under investigation.
9:15 p.m., East Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI, Case 44034. Under investigation.

November 17, 2012

6 p.m., Richmond Heights, St. Louis County, MO, Case 44062. Completed - Unknown. "I thought was a fast moving lone cloud, but then it was clearly a black triangle when overhead and made no noise," the witness stated. "It only had some faint lighting around the edges, which may have been reflection from the city below. It disappeared over some high cirrus clouds, so I assume it was very large."

November 18, 2012

7:30 p.m., Turrell, Crittenden County, AZ, Case 44081. Under investigation.
8:16 p.m., Stevenpoint, Portage County, WI, Case 44042. Under investigation.
9:30 p.m., Davidsonville, Anne Arundel County, MD, Case 44025. Under investigation.
11:30 p.m., Burbank, Los Angeles County, CA, Case 44018. Under investigation.

November 19, 2012

12 a.m., Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, Case 44019. Under investigation.
7:58 p.m., St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN, Case 44138. Under investigation.
10 p.m., Cuthbert, Randolph County, GA, Case 44210. Under investigation.

November 20, 2012

9:15 p.m., Marston, Richmond County, NC, Case 44254. Under investigation.

Novmeber 21, 2012

7:25 p.m., Naperville, Will County, IL, Case 44077. Under investigation.

November 22, 2012

6:30 p.m., Kernersville, Forsyth County, NC, Case 44082. Under investigation.
11:38 p.m., Spanaway, Pierce County, WA, Case 44158. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Triangle objects reported moving silently over Washington town.

November 23, 2012

8:20 p.m., Walton, Boone County, KY, Case 44109. Under investigation.

November 24, 2012

12 a.m., Knoxville, Knox County, TN, Case 44205. Under investigation.
7 p.m., Casselberry, Seminole County, FL, Case 44167. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Florida witnesses describe object hovering 'just above the house'.
9:30 p.m., Green Forest, Carroll County, AZ, Case 44133. Under investigation.

November 25, 2012

7:38 p.m., San Ramon, Contra Costa County, CA, Case 44151. Under investigation.
9:13 p.m., Flint, Genesee County, MI, Case 44148. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Michigan witness reports odd lights hovering in the sky.
10:45 p.m., Grand Blanc, Genesee County, MI, Case 44150. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Object reported hovering over Michigan apartment complex.

November 26, 2012

11:38 p.m., Bristol County, RI, Case 44155. Under investigation.

November 27, 2012

6:35 p.m., Sterling Heights, Macomb County, MI, Case 44196. Under investigation.
6:50 p.m., Auburn, King County, WA, Case 44215. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Washington added to list of states reporting 'three red light' UFOs.
8:30 p.m., Clarkston, Oakland County, MI, Case 44190. Under investigation.
8:57 p.m., Flushing, Genesee County, MI, Case 44189. Under investigation.

November 28, 2012

6:05 a.m., Garland, Dallas County, TX, Case 44197. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Four triangle-shaped objects reported moving over Garland.
6 p.m., Swansboro, Onslow County, NC, Case 44277. Under investigation.
7 p.m., Monroe, Union County, NC, Case 44200. Closed - Insufficient Data.

November 29, 2012

12 a.m., Waterloo, Laurens County, SC, Case 44239. Completed - Unknown. "I saw the rectangular shape and heard no sound," the witness stated. "It has three or four white lights down each side and two red or blue blinking lights. It seems to disappear behind clouds when it starts back southwest."
5:05 p.m., Andover/Tewksbury line, Essex County, MA, Case 44234. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Massachusetts witness describes silent triangle UFO encounter.
5:50 p.m., North Haven, New Haven County, CT, Case 44232. Under investigation.
6:36 p.m., Trexlertown, Lehigh County, PA, Case 44240. Under investigation.
7:30 p.m., Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County, MI, Case 44245. Under investigation.

November 30, 2012

12 a.m., Calhoun, Gordon County, GA, Case 44263. Under investigation.
4:25 a.m., Raytown, Jackson County, MO, Case 44259. Under investigation. Case originally covered as 'Huge triangle' UFO reported hovering over Missouri home.
7:05 p.m., O'Neill, Hold County, NE, Case 44265. Under investigation. Case originally covered as Low flying triangle UFO coverage continues over Nebraska.
8:30 p.m., Suffolk County, NY, Case 44283. Under investigation.

- Roger Marsh / Examiner.