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EXTREME WEATHER: Fiji Battered by Cyclone Evan - Wrecking Homes, Bringing Down Trees and Causing Major Flooding!

December 16, 2012 - FIJI - Cyclone Evan has wrecked homes, brought down trees and caused flooding across Fiji's main island. The biggest cyclone in 20 years to hit the Pacific island nation is believed to have been destroyed a number of homes in Fiji’s second largest city, Lautoka, in western Viti Levu. Tonight power was cut and land and mobile phone lines went down, but before they were lost, there were reports of major damage. On the northern coast of Viti Levu, flood waters hit Ba, Raikiraki and Tavua.

In Suva Harbour, two container ships have run aground and are struggling to stay afloat as they’re pounded by rough seas, coinciding with a 10pm high tide. There were no reports of death or injury. By 11pm the cyclone had moved south of Nadi and winds in the area have eased, MetService said. Storm-force winds were still forecast for Fiji, though these are expected to ease overnight, and by the morning the cyclone will have moved south of the country, meteorologist Bill Singh said. It was still too early to predict if the storm would reach New Zealand, but early models say the tail-end of the cyclone, a deep low, could reach the upper North Island on Saturday, he said.

The Fiji Times reported police officers across Fiji had restricted the movement of people in and out of the main towns and cities until 6am tomorrow, to protect businesses from those who may want to take advantage of the situation. Tourist resorts on many of Fiji’s palm-fringed islands were evacuated and authorities set up more than 60 evacuation centres. Before phone contact was lost, Wellington lawyer Janet Mason said the upper part of her house in Lautoka had been destroyed. She had said the weather was extreme and dramatic. She said an empty house had flown through the air and landed beside hers. "Another house has completely disintegrated, its roof is in the trees." Debris is everywhere and much of it is flying through the air. "Everything is going, all the trees are being destroyed, there will be nothing left." In her own home, the roof was coming off and she was losing windows. "It's really bad, it never stops. The wind is howling so strong and it is raining, except the wind is so strong you cannot see the rain.” Fiji Times editor-in-chief Fred Wesley said Lautoka city looks like a war zone. “It's something a lot of people there never expected. They didn't expect the cyclone to hit them to that extent," Wesley said. - Stuff.

WATCH: Raw vision of Cyclone Evan as it makes its way towards Suva.

DISASTER IMPACT: Death Toll From Super Typhoon Bopha Tops 1,000 in the Philippines!

December 16, 2012 - PHILIPPINES - The grim toll from a typhoon that devastated southern Philippines earlier this month continues to climb, with 1,020 reported dead as of Sunday morning, authorities said.

Residents gather their belongings after their house was destroyed by strong winds brought about
by Typhoon Bophal earlier this month.
Officials fear the toll from the December 4 storm will rise further. Because while rescue crews continue searching, the chances of finding people alive dim with each passing day. With 844 still missing and 1.2 million families displaced, Bopha is the strongest and deadliest storm to hit the Philippines this year, according to the country's emergency management agency. Among the missing are hundreds of fishermen who went to sea before the storm hit.

Officials hope that they could yet be found sheltering on small islands out at sea. If the death toll continues to rise, Bopha could eventually prove deadlier than Tropical Storm Washi, which killed 1,268 people a year ago. But its toll would still remain far below that of Tropical Storm Thelma, the country's most lethal storm on record that left more than 5,000 people dead in 1991.

The worst of the death and destruction from Bopha took place on the southern island of Mindanao, where the storm hit first and hardest with gusts as strong as 220 kph (138 mph). The storm, known locally as Pablo, was the most powerful typhoon to hit Mindanao in decades. It set off flash floods and landslides that engulfed people sheltering in their rickety houses in remote, unprepared regions of the island. - CNN.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Abnormal Fish Mortality Events in China - Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Fish Found in Four Different Areas?!

December 16, 2012 - CHINA - "Seeing so many fish has no overnight, I do not know what to do. "Man achish in East Lake Village, lingshan town, pottery village in meilan district of Haikou has contracted several pond fish, December 10 shortly after 7 o'clock in the morning, he wakes to see fish ponds and found that, overnight, himself strenuously 8,200 grouper are all dead.

Tens Of Thousands Of Fish Found Dead In Haikou Lake.
According to reports, the achish trusted friends to lend more than 1 million Yuan last year, contracted for pond fish. This fish for over a year, has and traders 11th to buy an appointment. The night before the incident, he patrols the pond edge to home until 11 o'clock at night, when fish are good. Did not expect overnight, the fish all died, everything became a bubble in water, "a conservative estimate the loss more than 700,000 yuan. "Achish said sadly, this fish maximum 3 kg of 92, on average every two and a half pounds of fish, a total of 8,200 fish, more than 20,000 pounds, all gone. Looked at has been cleared of dead fish, achish heartache, "not all the fish stomach, it was too hard. "It is reported that after the incident, achish alert the local police station. It is understood that the incident occurred 20 days ago, achish contracted by another more than 30,000 pieces of fish in a pond in deaths overnight. Achish said, generally ten days and a half months, fish insect, need some medicine to pest control. After more than 30,000 pieces of fish for the first time, achish thought it was the fish master take the wrong drug, also called a master. Master fish, raise fish in a dozen years and have never come across such a situation, even if it is more than three times the amount of fish you can't all die. Because the first dead fish are smaller, so dead over more than 30,000 fish, achish had lost at least 350,000 yuan. According to preliminary estimates, the two add up to achish had lost more than 1 million Yuan. - People China [Translated].

Large Fish Kill Found In A River In Shahe City.
According to eyewitness accounts, the fish's small finger-like weight, there are three or four pounds. Estimation of Shahe office cleaning day sailor, salvaging of dead fish has nearly three days pounds. Wuyi University see Shahe journalists 10th day, the River is dark green, there are still sporadic dead fish scattered on the River, shore water floats, a layer of oil. Approached the River, a fish stench blowing, two cleaning vessels are salvaging of dead fish. Reporters along the rivers in Jiangmen direction Wuyi University section going, found no sewage outfall discharges across the Taiwan Strait, in which large outfall outfall Wuyi University canteens have also used iron CAP to seal up. For all of a sudden there were so many fish were killed, public speculation that someone may steal a sewage. This reporter learned that, after the dead fish incident, Jiangmen City Environmental Protection Department immediately started emergency plan, organized law enforcement and environmental monitoring environmental monitoring personnel to the scene for investigation and water quality monitoring. The site survey, found Shahe road section between bridge and white gas stations are dead fish behavior occurs to varying degrees.

In this regard, the Organization immediately environmental protection departments on the one hand to troubleshoot the day sand river coastal outfalls, Shahe River in the urban areas has been basically pollution-cutting, only a limited number of outfalls vertical sand River through days of troubleshooting, found no illegal sewage of industrial enterprises. On the, in died fish phenomenon more clear of river set multiple section for water monitoring, December 7 of monitoring results indicates that, river water except dissolved oxygen indicators partial low outside, other pollutants indicators and always compared to and no exception; near two day of monitoring results indicates that, as temperatures of rebounded, river water dissolved oxygen indicators has gradually recovery to normal level, River sense views also has been comparison clear. At the same time, marine fisheries sector in Jiangmen city quickly investigate after receiving the report, organized the resources and Environment Management Division, fisheries technician, fishery law enforcement and inspection personnel to conduct on-site investigations. According to the Bureau's law enforcement personnel on-site observations, dead fish species dominated by DACE, and most of the smaller. According to EPA and Marine Fisheries Council two large sector investigation results displayed, "by extraction water, and died fish samples for test detection, found except river water dissolved oxygen partial low outside, remaining is not found detection indicators has exception situation, preliminary judgment is due to by continued low temperature rainy weather (more than 10 days) effect, while days Shahe and is dry season, water in the dissolved oxygen partial low, led to as DACE, and tilapia, does not cold varieties of fish hypoxia death. ” - Information Times [Translated].

Over 350,000 Pounds Of Fish Died In Long Lake.
Area of dead fish in the Lake area, causing huge economic losses to local fishermen. According to the local Government's latest figures show that the fish killed more than 350,000 pounds, including deaths peak in October 3, 7th night of dead fish began to gradually reduce. It is understood that the dead fish later, local government and related departments have taken emergency measures management, organizing manpower to emergency disinfection of fishing and bury the dead fish. Xiaolu is a journalist in the area ran into a bit of downstream fishermen. He is new to cage, cage culture of less than two years. Xiaolu describes his cage in the fen village section of the hole in the lower area, built dams built power stations here. The Wengjiang River and other tributaries converge here, formed a huge Lake. Therefore, this time he farmed fish were not spared, more losses than upstream. "Throughout the vast expanse of the Lake and a stinker, is simply horrible. "Little land so describes the horrors of dead fish peak at that time. "No dead fish, more or less, I probably nearly 6,000 pounds of fish in cages. My losses are relatively small, losses more serious cases than me! Hey, just my luck, it lost two years...... "battered small land face down, he stood in the bow looking confused water, his eyes are filled with confusion. "Now I don't know what should I do in the future, this fish can continue to do? I now have no confidence. But the fish we can do? "Very predicament inside Xiaolu told Xinhua that his father is a fisherman, culture before earning a bit of money, so they expand cage culture of investment in the area, he was responsible for management. A sudden hit Xiaolu negate efforts of father and son, but also completely destroy their confidence.

It is understood that, in recent years, the rapid development of cage culture in the long Lake area, cage size and significant increase in the number and capacity in cages in the reservoir area is almost at saturation. According to the latest statistics from the local government data show, current cage culture in reservoirs there is approximately 180 households, more than 6,000 cage, deposit box fish probably around 4.5 million pounds. Xiaolu same part and many farmers, are shouted to the cage to make money and have acceded to or expansion of investment. Cage culture of sprawl and blindness makes area significantly increased risk. Yingde city animal husbandry and aquatic products Bureau told Xinhua, cage was farmers in the reservoir area of spontaneous, is difficult to control and master in number, only moderate to boot. However, the large area of abnormal fish mortality events, fishermen's losses are not just the fish in the cage, but also for many years has been adhere to breed confidence. - Shuichan [Translated].

Large Fish Kill Found In A River In Lanxi.
Nanlang Town Environmental Protection Department's survey results showed that the water turns red because of, Memorial Secondary School Department of the General staff selection paste test effluent piping when there is a leak caused by negligence; and fish deaths are, tropical tilapia a few days ago encountered temperatures plus resident electric shock caused by fishing. Environmental Protection Department: Red water has nothing to do with industrial pollution Nam long environmental protection departments and two Memorial secondary school yesterday to journalists writing "report". Among them, Nam long Environmental Protection Department reports show that about 4:30 P.M. after the water pollution incident of the day, they received a report, three environmental law enforcement officers immediately rushed to the scene to look into the sample. Although pollution have passed almost half a day, however, contaminated water is still slightly red. Three law enforcement officers to split up to investigate, and soon they learn that red pollutants are discharged sewage outfall pipeline from Memorial middle school. Source identified, they instantly communicate with schools, require schools to internal investigation, after school Department of the General Survey, determine Red source of pollutants in Memorial secondary school, red has nothing to do with industrial pollution in the upper reaches of the River. - ZS News [Translated].

SHADOW WARS: Escalating Towards World War III - Iran Warns NATO Missiles on Turkey-Syria Border Signal "World War"!

December 16, 2012 - IRAN - NATO missiles on the Turkish-Syrian border are a prelude to 'World War', warns Iran’s top general. Following the remarks, the country’s leader, President Ahmadinejad, reportedly cancels his visit to Turkey.  ­Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has dropped the upcoming visit to Turkey’s Anatolian province from his schedule, Hurriyet daily reported Sunday. There he was expected to attend a religious holiday and hold talks with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  An unexpected item has arisen on Ahmadinejad's agenda, Today’s Zaman reported quoting an anonymous Turkish diplomat.  The sudden change of plans comes in the wake of a harsh statement made by Major General Hassan Firouzabadi who lashed out at Ankara for getting ready to host NATO Patriot missile systems.

A battery of the American Patriot air defense missiles deployed at the Polish town of Morag, some 60 km from
the border on Russia's Kaliningrad Region. One hundred American soldiers arrived with the missile systems.
(RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo).
Following news about the alliance sending several batteries of surface-to-air missile systems to Turkey, Firouzabadi, who is the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, warned the move would only encourage further aggravation of the Syrian conflict.  “Unfortunately, one by one, Western countries are approving the deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey’s border with Syria while they are planning a world war, which is very dangerous for the future of humanity and Europe itself,” General Firouzabadi said on Saturday.  Commander Firouzabadi advised Turkey and other states promising to deliver Patriot systems to the Middle East to consciously show restraint and reconsider the decision before it is too late. “The wise and the elite in Europe, the US and Turkey should dismantle the Patriots and take them away from the region before a fire breaks out,”  Firouzabadi said. Speaking at a military college, the general acknowledged that the Patriot missiles pose a threat to the security of the region.  “Each one of them is a black dot on the map, (setting the stage) to create a world war," ISNA news agency quoted Firouzabadi as saying.  On November 21 Ankara requested NATO to deploy Patriot missiles along its border with Syria after a series of cross-border exchanges of fire. Turkey’s request was granted on December 4, with Germany and the Netherlands currently preparing to airlift two Patriot batteries each.

Approximately 400 German and 360 Dutch troops will accompany the batteries to Turkey in early January 2013.  On Friday US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta signed an order to deploy two Patriot air-defense missile batteries to Turkey, which will also be accompanied by 400 American servicemen tasked with operating the systems.  Turkey reportedly allowed its NATO partners to establish a new military base in the country’s western province of Izmir in early December. Also, a team of NATO specialists is already busy picking possible sites for Patriot batteries in the Turkish southeastern province of Sanliurfa, which also borders Syria.  Russia and Iran strongly opposed NATO’s initiative from its inception. After Turkey announced plans to host the Patriot systems, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov voiced Russia's concerns in a telephone conversation with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.  "Any provocation may trigger a very serious armed conflict. We want to avoid this,” Lavrov warned in November.  During an official visit to Turkey in early December, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that accumulating weapons on the border with another country does not contribute to regional stability.  Quoting a famous Russian playwright, Putin observed that “if a gun is hanging on the wall in the beginning of the show, closer to the end it will surely fire.”  Putin also noted that Patriot missiles are no longer state of the art military technology, and thus pose questionable safety guarantees.  In August General Hassan Firouzabadi warned Ankara that by aiding the Syrian opposition, Turkey risked bringing the conflict onto its territory. Turkish authorities reacted harshly to the implication.  On Saturday Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi promised Tehran will not allow the West to oust President Bashar Assad.  “The Islamic Republic of Iran won't allow Western plans and scenarios aimed at overthrowing the Syrian government  to succeed,” the minister said via a commented posted on the website for Iranian state TV. - RT.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Ecuador Declares Orange Alert Near Tungurahua Volcano!

December 16, 2012 - ECUADOR - Ecuador has issued an orange alert - the second-highest warning level - for towns near the Tungurahua volcano, as its level of activity rose, civil defence officials say.

The area of the warning covers the adjacent provinces of Tungurahua and Chimborazo, according to the national civil defence agency.

A view of the Tungurahua volcano, from Patate, Ecuador, taken in August this year. Source: AFP.
Greater activity has been building since Wednesday, along with a slight increase in gas emissions from the 5029-metre volcano, located about 135km south of the capital Quito, the Geophysical Institute said.  Eruptions at Tungurahua, which means "Throat of Fire" in the indigenous Quechua language, peaked in 2006, killing six people in a Chimborazo village.  Several communities near Tungurahua, including the tourist town of Banos with 15,000 people, also were forced to evacuate during the volcano's violent eruption in 1999.  Residents could only return to their homes a year later. - News Australia.

Following the first explosion on Friday, the volcano has entered a second violent phase of activity on Sunday. Numerous explosions have occurred in the morning of Sunday with ash rising up to 8 km above the crater. Small pyroclastic flows have descended the flanks and partly heavy ash fall has been affecting nearby areas. Combined with rainfall the fresh ash deposits have a dangerous potential to generate lahars in drainages surrounding the volcano. Inflation of the volcano since 9 Dec confirms that a new magmatic intrusion has been taking place. Seismic and ash emission activity decreased during Sunday afternoon, but seismic activity remains at fluctuation moderate to high levels. New explosions and ash emissions could follow. - Volcano Discovery.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL & UFO MEMES: Closed Triangle UFO Cases - January 2012 Yields 22 Reports!

December 16, 2012 - UNITED STATES - The triangle remains a top three UFO shape for 2012 with 685 reports filed through December 15, 2012, with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The number of actual UFOs will be lower eventually as MUFON completes investigations and rules out Mother Nature and anything man made. Looking back at 2012 with just 16 days left in the year, MUFON is reporting that 157 of those 685 reports are now closed cases with a final determination as Unknown.

As all cases close out by the end of the first quarter 2013, researchers can then begin the task of sifting through the year's Unknown cases for further study. While many other reports have closed out - 489 of the 685 are closed - those cases closed as an Unknown will be the most interesting triangle cases for further study.
While many UFO cases have no photos or video,
many witnesses provide an illustration of the event.
This drawing is from Case 34812 that occurred January
10, 2012, in Jonesville, VA. Credits: MUFON database.

The National UFO Examiner will be reviewing all Unknown closed cases once investigators complete their work. Today we review 22 triangle cases from 13 states closed as Unknowns from January 2012. The witness statements here are edited testimony.

You may view the complete and unedited testimony using the case links provided. Further 2012 updates will include a link to each month's overview of closed Unknown cases and a general 2012 concluding triangle feature will be posted when appropriate in early 2013.

Many of the January cases you are about to read - 14 of the 22 cases are east coast states - include testimony where the object was close enough to the witness to warrant a very good description.

Investigators continue to try and weed out objects that may be U.S. military aircraft in a secret, testing phase, although many wonder why testing would be conducted over the areas where witnesses were watching - and often with the object so close to ground level. - Examiner.

See all of the reports HERE.