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MASS ANIMAL/BIRD/FISH DIE-OFF: Latest Reports Across Asia - Massive Die-Off Of Fish Along Pearl River In Vietnam; Thousands Of Cattle Dying Due To Disease Spreading Across Karnataka, India; Mass Die-Off Of Starfish And Sea Urchins Washes Up Along Coast Of Kamchatka, Russia; Over 3,000 Chickens Killed Due To Bird Flu In Bac Lieu, Vietnam; Several Thousand Fish Found Dead, Floating Down Xinzhou River, Shenzhen, China; Thousands Of Fish Found Dead In Ponds In Banjar, Indonesia; Large Number Of Dead Birds Cover Xisha Island In China; Thousands Of Fish Die Suddenly Causing "Shock" To Local Farmers In Magelang, Indonesia; 20 TONS Of Fish Dead In Lake Sebu In South Cotabato, Philippines; Thousands Of Fish Dead From Pollution In A River In Bantul, Indonesia; And 50,000 POUNDS Of Dead Fish Discovered Along 12km Of River In Xiaoshan, China!

October 18, 2013 - ASIA - The following constitutes the latest reports of mass die-off of animals, birds and fish across Asia.

Massive Die-Off Of Fish Along The Pearl River In Vietnam.
Dead fish are in each area, covered with water.
 Nearly 1 this week, the fish farmers on the Pearl River, running through the Tien Phong commune, Doi Son, Duy Tien district, Van Ly commune, Ly Nhan Dinh Xa commune, Binh Luc district, province Henan fidgety because fish coming harvest period, dead white floating the river.

As reflected by many fish farmers along the Pearl River, said the situation of dead fish appeared approximately one week ago, the state of dead fish every day and a lot thicker.

According to observations of PV, a large area of the Pearl River where the first dead fish are found in crowded areas, the white water. Status mortality occurred near 1 this week, so this area has started stinking rotten concentration anonymously.

The farmers said the Pearl river, c yoke for almost 1 week, then see individual resurfaced, appearing to noon, the fish began dying condition. By the time the next day, the more dead fish. The fish headed out to hire people picked the overwhelming day, the boat was full container.

Large numbers of dead fish that people could not handle.

Anh Ngo Van Thieu (45 years old), 2 neighbors, Tien Phong commune, Duy Tien district, the farmers said: "The fish is about to harvest, our economy is mainly based on the fish bowl, now die-off this time, did not know it would happen again. "

The number of dead fish mainly carp, carp, carp, tilapia ... After 1 week of continuous dead fish have died up to tens of tons of damage to the fish farmers hundreds of millions.

Currently single households have reported to the authorities and relevant agencies proposed to learn the cause of mass mortalities. While waiting for authorities and agencies have the answer, then the last day, the fish farmers here just watched this effort, their money is floating on the water but do not know what to do.

Across the water, where the first dead fish found floating.

The fish die-off in large numbers, making up the fish do not come up. Status of dead fish place near 1 this week, so the stench on concentration anonymously, affecting many households and pedestrians around.

Le Van Duy Anh (40 years old) in Doi Son commune, Duy Tien district, said: "These days the stench from the dead fish rising concentration anonymously broke into the house, closed the door, but the stench was stormed."

Immediately after receiving information reflects people's functional departments Henan province has to check, grasp the situation to clarify the cause. - Dantri. [Translated]

 Thousands Of Cattle Dying Due To Disease Spreading Across Karnataka, India.
The Animal Husbandry Department has reiterated that the
cattle disease is 'under control.' —File photo
The foot-and-mouth disease appears only to be spreading geographically and in intensity across the State, even as the Animal Husbandry Department reiterates that the cattle disease is “under control”.

By Wednesday, the disease had claimed 3,060 head of cattle (since September 1), according to official figures with the department, a significant jump from last week’s casualty figure of 2,060. Another 23,500 animals have been infected with the virus, as against 16,573 last week.

The disease, which so far had South Karnataka under its grip, now appears to have spread to several other districts, including those in the north of the State such as Bidar, Bellary and Belgaum.

Deputy Director of the Animal Husbandry Department Sriram Reddy, however, said the disease was “under control” and that the department was continuing its “ring vaccination” of cattle within a specified radius of affected villages.

The disease has been reported from 2,312 villages in the State, he added.

While officials assumed that the disease would abate once the monsoon retreated by the end of September, the weather has only remained cloudy and wet and therefore, conducive for the spread of the disease.

“The virus is highly contagious but also a fragile one. A spell of sunshine can help contain it. But what we have now is cloudy and damp weather which only assists in its spread,” said P. Giridhar, Joint Director of Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals. Cattle infected with the disease are susceptible to an often-fatal secondary infection called haemorrhagic septicaemia, which has been responsible for most of the fatalities among cattle and zoo animals.

Authorities at the Bannerghatta zoo, which lost several animals to the disease last month, said that barring a few deer, no other species appear to have contracted the disease recently. - The Hindu.

Mass Die-Off Of Starfish And Sea Urchins Washes Up Along Coast Of Kamchatka, Russia.
Photo from

In Avachinskaya bay on the waterfront of Petropavlovsk was a mass death of sea stars and sea urchins, reports BBC News .

Local residents discovered the dead animals on October 2. According to witnesses, one square meter of the coast could be up to 65 sea urchins and up to 12 stars. In this case, a pile of dead aquatic life along the shoreline stretches for 250 meters.

Experts Kamchatka Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography believe that the causes of death could be the consequences of a severe storm. At the same time, they do not exclude the possibility that marine life could be lost due to anthropogenic impact.

According to scientists, Avachinskaya lip polluted by oil products, phenols, detergents and salts of heavy metals. Contamination of waters was due to the fact that on the banks of rivers and Avacha Paratunka flowing into Avachinskayay lip, is a large part of the industrial and agricultural region. - KZ.  [Translated]

3,460 Chickens Killed Due To Bird Flu In Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam.
Animal health workers have killed 3,460 chickens at a farm in the southern Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu after tests confirmed the birds have been infected with the H5N1 bird flu virus, the Thanh Nien (Young People) newspaper reports.

They also sprayed to clean up the farm and made random tests on birds in the province to see if the virus was spreading, the newspaper reported. - Reuters.

 Thousands Of Fish Found Dead In Ponds In Banjar, Indonesia.

Dehydration due to prolonged drought , making the pain petambak fish in Banjar Regency . A number of endangered petambak bankrupt , because water as a source of livelihood from fishing in their pond dried .

The initiative , debit normal irrigation water used to irrigate pools are no longer able to disedot . " The height of irrigation water are limited by the ankle, and confidential disedot the pool , " says Rido , petambak in Cindai Alus , Sunday ( 13/10/2013 ) .

Conditions that make a turn around the petambak seven , including Rido . Pool owner admits covering many hectares of lost due to difficulty of obtaining water . He even admitted in a day , five kilograms of fish dying indigo pet .

"When I count there are about 200 fish in a dead pond . 's Per day alone, " muttered Rido .

Rido That 's new . In fact, in many areas there petambak Cindai Alus . If accumulated every day thousands of fish in the area owned petambak die needlessly due to water ketidaan .

Saturday ( 12/10/2013 ) last week , should Rido fish harvest . However, because the water can no longer make disedot of irrigation crop failure . Forced him to rotate water - partition map the existing pool so water circulation intact.

" That's one way to rotate survive in a pond . But this only lasted for a week. When more , many fish are stressed and eventually die , " he said.

Moreover , he mentioned , indigo fish live in water. If the condition remained as it is, not just the dead indigo but also threatens all fish including catfish and catfish .

" It may be only a debit in irrigation water back up , and soon rain down . If I continue like this could go broke ! " Rido trigger .

Dikin , other penambak in Cindai Alus say , drought irrigation water should make brains turn . Fish in the pond in order to stay alive, he was investigating the flood pool with well water .

" It should be how yet, dry irrigation water . Had we adopted the well water so not a lot of dead fish , " said him . - Tribun News. [Translated]

Several Thousand Fish Found Dead, Floating Down Xinzhou River, Shenzhen, China.
Yesterday morning, people have complained that, from 6:00 outset, to see the number of dead fish floating in the river, an alarming number, "I lived 10 years Tamura benefits, the first time I saw so many new Island river The dead fish, an estimated several thousand, continuously drifting down from upstream Haikou Wang Chu, less than one hour I fished 100 kilos struggling floating in the water but not yet completely dead fish. "Baoliao Lin told reporters.

Reporters rushed to the emergency 9:00 Xinzhou River City Maternal and Child Health Hospital segment saw Xinzhou River water turbid yellow, emitting bursts of odor, the river receded to the edge of the bed under the cement wall. Dead fish on the river with the water constantly drifting down the river bed and silently count reporter standing for a few minutes, about every minute fifty-six dead fish and struggled through the front of the dead fish, and mostly about a pound big fish, little fish. River river administrator has Huazhexiaochuan salvage, clean up the dead fish, the reporter saw, less than half an hour, two staff will salvage of dead fish dead fish into a bucket full of black plastic bags. "Around 200 a barrel, this is the first five barrels." Salvage dead staff told reporters.

One in Xinzhou Road Greening workers, said he saw every day Xinzhou River water quality are also good, albeit not crystal clear water, but not now so muddy smelly, rarely seen such a large area of dead fish situation. Reporters interview along the river, most of the people who expressed the same view. What causes smelly river suddenly became turbid, a large area of dead fish in it?

In this regard, Shenzhen Water Group a staff member told reporters relayed City Water Authority's opinion scene investigation, said that the Municipal Water Authority sent to the scene, the staff member visited the survey along the river and found no case of waste-water treatment of sewage, for the river pollution and fish a lot of the cause of death is still under investigation, temporarily unable to explain, "but the river has taken tests, two days after the water sample test results will become clear whether the river pollution caused fish death. Shuichan. [Translated]

Large Number Of Dead Birds Cover Xisha Island In China.

October 3, several tourists with a tour group to see the Xisha cruise departure. 4 afternoon, cruise to receive instruction stops all rich island, because a large number of dead birds found on the island. It is understood that a large number of dead birds and Typhoon "Butterfly" transit-related (travel agency for map) South China Sea, Haikou October 12 news (South China Sea Network reporter Fu Ling) "October 4, we Xisha Xisha full rich depth tour through the Island, as Before Typhoon 'Butterfly' transit reasons, many seabirds on the island after the ravages of the typhoon is already littered with corpses, emitting a stench. "October 12, a visitor to the South China Sea Network reporter said that in order to protect the environment Xisha, seabirds corpse should be treated as soon as possible. South China Sea Network reporter from three Shashi Government subsequently informed that the current clean-up work has commenced seabird carcasses, disinfection, defense, etc., are being implemented.

October 3, several tourists with a tour group to see the Xisha cruise departure. 4 afternoon, tour the island after the completion duck, cruises fast driving to the full rich island, cruises received instructions to stop all rich island, because it has numerous seabird corpses all over the beach. "For the safety of tourists, there were sent on the go, came back and said the smell is very heavy. For security reasons, we will cancel the whole Fudao viewing." Says Zhang Xiaolong time tour guides.

In this regard, Hainan Province, deputy director of wildlife protection Jenny Mok said that if you really have a lot of dead seabirds in the Xisha full rich island, the sea would inevitably cause pollution. From the general approach, it should be removed as soon as possible seabird carcasses for sound processing, the surrounding environment must also be disinfected.

Three Shashi government an official told reporters, Typhoon "butterfly" after all not only rich Island, Xisha islands also left many dead bodies of many seabirds. Because all the rich island is uninhabited island, seabird habitat more than the other islands, which also caused all the rich than the larger island seabird carcasses. "Typhoon 'Butterfly' brings us relatively large, many islands are subject to varying degrees of damage. Currently, we are already doing reconstruction work, seabirds carcass disposal are underway."

The official said that the current full-rich island has been cleaned twice, but because there have been seabirds stay, coupled with limited human and material resources, and not all cleaned up, there is a small seabird corpses remain. "We will seize the time, before the arrival of the next typhoon, the bodies processed as soon as possible, and then do the disinfection, defense and so on."

Department of Biology, Hainan Normal University, Ph.D. Professor Liang believes that died while undergoing a typhoon, but birds such deaths is still a natural category, rather than a result of carrying the virus and died. "Fingers like some forest tree withers and dies, also belong to the natural law, their life or death of nature are useful, not because they would move to wither, with the full rich island is the same bird deaths the truth. "

Professor Leung said, tourists and local governments do not need to do any cleanup of these dead birds, not to worry there. "They are dead, but the body is still healthy, there will be other animal nature of these bodies is doing, this is the law of nature." - Kaixian. [Translated]

Thousands Of Fish Die Suddenly Causing "Shock" To Local Farmers In Magelang, Indonesia.
Thousands of fish in pond farms in the Housing Department of Health, Kramat Village North, Northern District of Magelang, Magelang died suddenly. The incident made the local fish farmers to panic.

Sumardi, one of the guards said he was surprised when the fish was about to feed the fish in the morning because he found the fish was floating and dead. He did not know the exact cause of death is ready to harvest the fish.

"I was shocked, how many fish have been floating dead and turned on. I do not know why," said Sumardi met on Thursday (10/10/2013).

Sumardi suspect, there are others who deliberately contaminate pool water with harmful substances. Therefore, some time after the incident, he was draining the pond and then replace it with a new and apparently surviving fish could survive in the pond.

"We suspect there are those who deliberately poison the pond. Swimming ponds in another location is fine. But we're not sure because not enough evidence, "he said.

In the pond, said Sumardi, there are dozens of ponds filled with various kinds of fish consumption. Such as carp, tilapia, fish and pomfret braskap. This condition makes the farmers suffered losses of up to tens of millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, Kelly Hardjanto, Executing field of Fisheries Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disperterikan) states Magelang City has checked in and took water samples and fish carcasses.

"The results of the examination of water and visual observation, no traits that fish that died was caused by pests or disease. Usually if you have pests, there are physical fish peeling, or other spots. But this does not exist," Kurnia said.

Nevertheless, it has not been able to conclude the cause of death of the fish belong to the Pomegranate Mina Group. For sure, it will send the pond water samples to the Laboratory Center for Environmental Engineering in Yogya. While the fish carcasses will be sent to the FDA Yogyakarta.

"We can not confirm whether or not there is the element of intent. That's not our authority. To be sure, we will first check the water level, "he said. - Kompas. [Translated]

20 TONS Of Fish Have Died In Lake Sebu In South Cotabato, Philippines.
Around 20 metric tons (MT) of harvestable Tilapia and Pangasius were devastated as another fish kill hit anew some portions of the critical Lake Sebu in South Cotabato in the last three days.

Lake Sebu Mayor Antonio Fungan said Wednesday the fish kill, which was the first incident that occurred in the area this year, has already affected an estimated 60 fish cages situated in parts of three lakeside villages.

He said the fish kill was initially monitored on Monday in portions of Purok Rosas and the main section of Barangay Poblacion.

The mayor said their personnel were still determining the extent of the damage caused by the incident but local fish cage operators initially pegged a loss of nearly P1 million.

Citing their initial assessment, Fungan said the latest fish kill in the area was caused anew by “kamahong,” a phenomenon that is mainly caused by the sudden rise in the water’s temperature.

“It happened after a series of heavy rains along the lake,” he said in a radio interview.

“Kamahong,” which usually occurs during the rainy season, triggers the rise of sulfuric acid in the lake’s waters that eventually caused the massive fish kill, provincial fishery coordinator Rex Vargas earlier said.

“It occurs when cold rainwater, which is heavier than warm water, settles at the abyssal zone of the lake. This causes the water upturn or upwelling of warm water carrying silts, sediments, and gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur and methane gas produced by the decomposing organic matter such as fish feeds,” he explained.

Vargas said such situation results in the reduction of dissolved oxygen in the water, “forcing fishes to take in oxygen directly from the atmosphere and eventually die.”

Last year, around 57 MT of Tilapia were destroyed in two fish kills at the lake that were blamed on “kamahong.”

The initial fish kill in January 2012 ravaged some 48.55 MT of Tilapia. It affected 48 fish cage owners and left a total damage of P3.8 million based on tilapia’s market price of P80 per kilo.

In August last year, an additional 8,000 kilograms of Tilapia valued at P650,000 were destroyed in another fish kill that affected 14 fish cages at the lake.

Fungan admitted that the recorded fish kills have worsened in the past several years due to the deterioration of the lake’s condition as triggered by the overcrowding fish cages and the over-utilization of fish feeds.

The municipal government pushed last year for a voluntary dismantling of fish cages in overcrowded portions of the lake but only a few operators heeded the move.

“This time, we’ll make sure that our fish cage operators will cooperate with us because the lake is now very much overcrowded, to the extent that its dissolved oxygen supply could no longer meet their requirements,” he said.

Following twin fish kills last year, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) central office recommended a moratorium on the fish cage operations in Lake Sebu, which it described as already over-polluted and on the brink of devastation.

BFAR also noted that the lake is considered overcrowded with fish cages, which already covered 35 percent of its waters or way beyond the 10 percent allowed by law.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources earlier placed Lake Sebu’s carrying capacity at around 320 fish cages.

But the lake’s fish cages have so far reached a total of 4,586 or around 13 times beyond its capacity. - Minda News.

Thousands Of Fish Dead From Pollution In A River In Bantul, Indonesia.

Thousands of fish along the river flow Bedog , Displays, Bantul regency , on Monday (14/10/2013) night , many found "klenger" to death .  Residents then trooped down to the river to collect the fish waste that allegedly poisoning a sugar factory .  A resident, Loulembah (26) , resident of Dusun Kentolan Lor , Guwosari Village , Sub Displays, revealing, since Monday afternoon .

The news of the death of fish in the river that flows Bedog in their hamlet east , has begun to spread .  Then around 18:30 , the news was true , and many people who go down to the river to catch fish .  "The mosque so quiet and almost until midnight . Due to many who choose to river fishing," said Ichsan , Tuesday (15/10/2013).  He said , initially people thought that the river was poisoned someone. But strangely , the river water changed color to yellow-black and smells more pungent than usual .  Residents suspect , the death of fish in the river caused by waste Madukismo Sugar Factory . Because of the river 's headwaters of Merapi , in addition to passing Madukismo , according to residents is also used as a place the plant effluent .  "Events like this not only once. Having been repeatedly occurred.

Past even residents can fish up sacks," said Ichsan .  In the region Wijirejo , District Pandak , he added , must also have found a lot of dead fish . Sewage polluted river water plant also causes death of fish in cages where the water comes from the River Bedog. Due to recurrent events , citizens give up to keep the fish in cages.  Meanwhile , President Director Madukismo , Rahmat Edy Cahyono when confirmed by telephone , claimed not to know the incident. He claimed to be immediately ordered his men to conduct field checks.  It also has not been able to provide more information before getting a report from officers who do the checking."

Now I no coment was yes," said Chandra.  However, further Cancra, PT Madubaru Madukismo factory owners always do the right controls associated with the waste generated. Before the wastewater flowed into the river, some of the procedures have been done in order not to harm the environment.  Head of the Environment Agency ( BLH ) Bantul, Suwito , not knowing if thousands of dead fish in the river Bedog. It will soon take a water sample to be tested in the laboratory to determine its contents." From the results of water samples can be immediately known abortion. To date can not be sure what because sugarcane waste. - Tribun News. [Translated]

50,000 POUNDS Of Dead Fish Discovered Along 12km Of River In Xiaoshan, China.
Times dispatch on October 9 in the morning, fishermen in Xiaoshan reclamation section of 19 Yuan Shien opened the door, found their fish in the pond are turned white, and shapeless floating on the surface. At 12 km on the river is also found dead fish of 5 families of fishermen.

Yuan Shien and several other fishermen who found that Tian agriculture development company of pig farms across the river is sewerage. Hangzhou tianyuan company officials made it clear that, there are not the way to river pollution. Currently, Xiaoshan District Xiaoshan agricultural, fishery management station as well as Agency has been involved in coordinating to investigate the matter.

The most severe loss of fish ponds fish kills nearly 30,000 kg

Yuan Shien told journalists, themselves living in ponds, 9th, he was preparing to salvage some of the freshest fish in the morning to the market to sell, as I opened the door, there is a breath smelled coming. He found his belly turned white all the fish floating in the River, flies flying around, the biggest fish kills seven or eight pounds, died primarily fish and crabs in baotou. "The water is full of pig manure, stink so much!"

Yuan Shien said he saw the West Bank of the pig farms use large excavators on the Riverside wall holding an approximately 8 meters long, in the sewage discharged into the River from there. On October 12, the drain is blocked, "they also has a small drain at the gate, also in the row of pig manure, on the edge of the drain of fish have died. ”

Reporter went to the Hangzhou tianyuan agricultural development co of pig farms, pig farms North of the gates saw this small outfall. The outfall is one of less than half a metre in diameter cement pipe, but has seen a sewage outflow, and under the outfall is the possibility of fish ponds. Reporters saw still has large areas of dead fish in the pond crowd on the shore, water gel with a layer of oil, gives off a terrible odor.

And the River are separated by a road, Zhu Dashu home pond, he told reporters, two days before his side played a dead fish floating in the River, we are seeing these fish has been dead for half a week, "the river has become a stinking River, don't stink".

Reporters found that a blue hose to connect to Uncle Chu's fishponds and this "stinking River", from Zhu Dashu reservoir and water flows into the river. Zhu Dashu introduction, connected with the river is his reservoir of domestic shrimp, shrimp ponds when his home when water is scarce, will bring water from the River into the pond. Similarly, prawn pond water level is high, it will put water into the river. But since the beginning of October 8, the river mud, he won't draw water into their reservoir.

According to Xiaoshan on fishery management station statistics, reported a total of 3 families of fishermen, Yuan Shien ponds at the South side of the River, the injured are relatively mild, a total loss of 6,879 kg fish. Lai, two of the most seriously affected fishermen and Zhao Chengrong families, loss of 29,000 kg and 12,000 kg respectively.

Outside the pig farm in no way to the sewage

Facing the fishermen questioned, we interviewed Tian agriculture development company pig farm. Says very firmly told reporters that pig farms have absolutely no deliberate discharges to the outside. "We have a very regular sewage system, sewage is the outward to hit one's own brand, certainly not. ”

Fishermen say outfall on pig farm East of the River, can still be seen now-turned dirt, traces of mining is very clear. And the excavation is in the immediate vicinity of the pig farm built fish pond, fish pond water floating aquatic plants, and no sign of dead fish and foul.

Gu Haihua, Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou tianyuan agriculture explained that this drain is 8th dig, but outward emission is the water in the pond. "Fett" torrential rains brought on by Typhoon were fired by this water level of all rivers and ponds, pond side of the pig farm was staff quarters, pond water level is too high, dorms are in danger of flooding. In order to flood, dug up in pig farm East of the River, fish pond water rivers flow together with the wall.

Gu Haihua said: "all the water levels in the reservoir are very high that day, the rain is so heavy, water will flow everywhere. "While farm ponds and no sign of dead fish.

And we saw in the South side of pig farm's Gate outfall, Director of interpretation, the outfall discharge a small amount of sewage, but definitely not emissions. Drain only at the request of two fishermen near opening, usually kept locked. Rows of small quantities of pig manure is in fact used as fish feed, "within the last two weeks, the drain has not used".

It is understood that this section of coast there are two farms and a chicken farm. Then said, "Buffett" after the heavy rain, tianyuan agriculture there is no discharge to the outside, taking into account the water levels are very high at that time, nor does it preclude a sewage overflow. But there are several other cattle, causing fish deaths still requires fishery Bureau and environmental protection department investigations. And Guo Haihua said, because he did not discharge, and environmental sectors, so unless there is a clear data or pig farms will not consider bear fishermen's losses. - 163.  [Translated]

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