21 February 2013 - Brittney Mcconnell, Pleasanton, CA 22:30 PST
Between 5-10 seconds duration. Lime green color with orange trail. Sun white hot in brightness but also lime green. No fragmentation observed, just the flaming trail behind it. It wasn't heading straight down but angled at about 30 degrees. I estimate that it landed in the Pleasanton/Sunol area.
21 February 2013 - Mark S. Dobkin, Costa Mesa, CA USA, Approx. 22:30 PST
2-3 seconds duration - I was facing West. East-West direction. Bright white ball of fire, then broke up. I was stationary in my car, so did not hear any sound. As bright as moon, but not as large. Considerably larger than Venus. Fragmentation observed. Fairly large. One of the largest I have seen.
21 February 2013 - Chloe Michaels, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA 10:30 PST
2-3 seconds duration. I could only view it from my window. North-West direction. It was a white ball and streak of light, with a tail. As bright as the moon.
21 February 2013 - Kris, Los Angeles, CA 22:50
2/3 seconds duration. North-West direction. Green color, as bright as Venus. I'm curious as to what that was.
21 February 2013 - Jasmine Brown, Los Angeles, CA, U.S. 22:35
7 seconds duration. I was facing West. It went from orange color to bright blue, heading straight down. I couldn't hear any sound. The piece itself looked as though it came off of something. It went so fast, I was pulling out of the parallel driving spot to head for work. I turned and went the other way in case it hit the ground. I've seen a few fly across but this was heading straight to the ground without disappearing in mid-air.
21 February 2013 - Nick Bishop, Sacramento, CA, United States, Approx 22:50
2 seconds duration. I was looking south in a vehicle. Meteor started at approx 165 degrees and moved nearly directly vertically downwards. Maybe 5 degrees of horizontal movement to the west. Green (exact color of burning copper), with orange/red debris trailing behind, which rapidly (1/4 second) burnt out. Brighter than the Sun, less bright than the moon. Very rapid movement, hard to judge size but it seemed to be quite small. Object totally disintegrated before reaching the horizon.
21 February 2013 - Joe, Fresno, CA, USA 22:31 PST
3 seconds duration. I was driving, traveling west. I was looking forward, but something suddenly caught the corner of my eye out my driver's side window, which was facing outward south. The meteor appeared to be coming from the east/southeast, headed west/northwest. Fluorescent green, no noise. As bright as the moon. There didn't appear to be any fragmentation. It had a long tail. Very large object, equivalent to approximately 1/6 the size of the moon.