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THE HUMAN DEVOLUTION: Barbarism, Savagery And Societal Collapse - Three Sisters Raped, Murdered And Dumped In Well In India; Aged Six, Nine And Eleven!

February 23, 2013 - INDIA - Three sisters aged six, nine and 11 were raped and murdered before their bodies were dropped in a village well in rural India, police said.

The children's bodies were found last week, two days after they went missing on February 14 from their home in the Bhandara district of Maharashtra state, police superintendent Aarti Singh said.

A gang rape in Delhi sparked mass protests.
"The bodies of the three young girls were found in a well, with their schoolbags and footwear," he told reporters.

"The post-mortem has confirmed that the girls were raped and then murdered."

No arrests have been made but the superintendent said four people had been detained for questioning and investigations were still under way.

Family members said the girls had gone out to look for their mother and no one heard from them again.

India's NDTV broadcaster reported their grandfather as saying they were lured away by strangers who promised them food.

The girls, who lost their father four years ago, live in abject poverty.

The rape took place in a village in Bhandara district.
The incident has led to protests in the village, echoing angry rallies in the capital New Delhi after the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student on a bus in December.

That incident sparked a nationwide debate about the treatment of women and girls and their safety in India. - SKY News.

WATCH: Hundreds protest over triple rape in India.

Angry villagers in western India threatened Saturday to resume a highway blockade unless police show progress in the search for suspects in the rape and killing of three young sisters.

The girls' bodies were found Feb. 16 in a village well in Bhandara district of Maharashtra state after they had gone missing from school two days earlier. According to news reports, their mother has said the girls were 6, 9 and 10 years old.

The mother said police did not immediately take the case seriously and did nothing until villagers held protests this past week, including blocking the highway. On Saturday, they threatened to block it again if police do not show progress in their investigation.

Police officer Abhinav Deshmukh said Friday that 10 teams of 30 investigators were working on the case and that he was confident they would find the killers soon.

On Saturday, a senior police official investigating the case said that some men were being questioned about the rape and killing of the girls, but that no arrests had been made. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

The headmaster of the girls' school was suspended Saturday for failing to inform the family or police that the girls were missing, CNN-IBN television channel reported. Teachers and students had reported to the headmaster that the three girls were not present during lunch on Feb. 14, the report said.

Hundreds of people, including schoolchildren, protested in Bhandara on Saturday, demanding greater safety for women and girls. They shouted slogans against police and district authorities, accusing them of failing to curb crimes against women.

The case has sent shock waves across India, coming just two months after a fatal gang rape of a young woman on a moving bus in New Delhi. The New Delhi incident sparked nationwide protests about India's treatment of women and spurred the government to hurry through a new package of laws to protect them.

A new law enacted by the government increases the prison sentences for rape from the existing seven to 10 years to a maximum of 20 years. It also provides for the death penalty in extreme cases of rape that result in death, or leave the victim in a coma. - FOX News.

EXTREME WEATHER: Wet And Messy Weather To Hit Eastern United States - New England Braces For Third Snowstorm In Three Weekends!

February 23, 2013 - UNITED STATES - It will be a messy weekend in the Northeast and the Deep South as the massive weather system that walloped 20 states with a snowstorm rolls off toward the Atlantic Ocean.

A winter storm is expected to deposit up to 10 inches of snow in isolated pockets of western Massachusetts, and 6 inches to a foot in parts of southern Vermont and New Hampshire, and central Maine.

Jackie Arrandondo, 19, is covered with morning snow from head to toe as she waited for the city bus Friday, February 22, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gusty winds and iced-over roadways made for treacherous Midwest travel Friday as a major winter storm headed east over the Great Lakes. Two deaths have been linked to the storm, including one in a fatal traffic accident in Minnesota.
This is not the same storm that blanketed the Great Plains, said CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri, although it is part of the same overall system that spans the country from north to south.

It will be much less intense, he said, and it should not affect the places hardest hit by the blizzard that plastered the Northeast two weeks ago, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Boston will likely see a slushy mix of rain and snow that could lead to downed branches and power lines, Javaheri said.

Track severe weather

Rain will continue to soak the eastern United States from Washington, D.C., on down, especially Sunday, according to the National Weather Service.

"Across the Southeast, some of the rainfall totals are going to be staggering," said CNN Meteorologist Karen McGinnis. Parts of the central Southeast should get 4 -- 6 inches of rainfall.

Tow truck driver Tyson House helps trucker Gary Wheeler of Kansas City on Friday, February 22 in Greensburg, Kansas, after his truck slid off the road during a snowstorm that struck the Midwest. The huge snowstorm was moving across the Plains on Thursday.
Some snow records
The outgoing system will have made its mark on virtually the entire country from the southwest corner of California to central Maine, leaving its deepest imprint on Kansas.

Wichita saw its second-highest storm snowfall total on record with 14.2 inches over two days, the National Weather Service said.

The town of Russell in the state's middle lay under a 22 inch layer of white by the time the storm roared by.
Missouri was not far behind, with accumulations of around a foot in some places.

The snow set a record at Kansas City International Airport, with 9 inches falling in a single day. The old record was 5.1 inches set in 2010.

Some businesses and universities shut down Thursday as state officials urged residents to stay off the roads.
The white blanket emptied the streets of Kansas City.

 A car is stranded in the snow on Highway 135 outside of Wichita, Kansas, on Thursday, February 21.
Silver lining
The snowstorm turned out to be a welcome one to many Kansans and many others throughout the Great Plains, who have been suffering a drought for a third straight year.

Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and a host of other farm-heavy states have seen crop losses as a result.
The Kansas Department of Agriculture expects those conditions to continue into April, but near-record levels of snowfall will ease the problem and could accelerate the drought's end.

WATCH: New Winter Storm Heads East.

"It snows so infrequently here. Now we've been in a really bad drought for several years; really, really hot summer and just no moisture. So we're thrilled to see snow or ice -- whatever moisture we can get," Wichita resident Kristen Woodburn said.

Ranchers embraced the storm, even though bitter cold snow can be deadly during calving season. Frank Harper, a Kansas rancher from Sedgwick and the immediate past president of the Kansas Livestock

Association, said the storm caused more work for him because he had to bring his calves inside to warm them up.But he called the snowstorm a blessing for bringing good moisture to the winter wheat. - CNN.

Vehicles drive in single file down Highway 135 outside of Wichita on Thursday.
New England braced for its third snowstorm in three weekends on Saturday, putting crews to work sanding roads and trimming trees ahead of the snow, sleet and freezing rain moving in from the Midwest.

The storm blanketed states from Minnesota to Ohio earlier this week, dumping more than a foot (30.5 cm) of snow in Kansas on Thursday, forcing airports to cancel hundreds of flights and leaving motorists stranded on highways.

The storm was expected to pelt New England's coastal areas from northern Connecticut to southern Maine with a mix of snow and rain starting late on Friday, National Weather Service meteorologist John Foley said.

A winter storm watch forecasting heavy, wet snow was posted for Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening in southern New Hampshire, northern Rhode Island and much of Massachusetts, including the Boston metropolitan area.

"I'm not thrilled that we've got more snow coming this weekend. I've had enough of winter," said John Bonnanzio, 54, group editor at Mutual Fund Investors Association outside of Boston.

The Weather Channel forecast that southern parts of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and northern and central Massachusetts could see snowfalls of 6 inches or more over the weekend. From 2 to 5 inches of snow may fall in Boston, and the storm will likely dump rains from New York City to Philadelphia, it said.

Up to a foot (30.5 cm) of snow was possible in parts of central Massachusetts, Foley said.

The heaviest fall was expected Saturday night through Sunday morning, with 1 to 2 inches per hour possible, the weather service said.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino met with his "Snow Team" on Friday, as city crews prepared to trim trees to reduce the risk for downed power lines and pre-treat roads.

"Boston will be ready for its third consecutive weekend storm," Menino said in a statement. "Use common sense and stay off the roads while snowfall is heaviest tomorrow."

For some Boston-area residents the prospect of yet another weekend snowstorm was good news.

"I'm excited. ... I went out skiing in the streets during the last one, and I'll do the same thing again," said Jesse Beecher, 29, who works for a film production company.

The storm barreled eastward for the weekend after hitting the Midwest during the work week. In Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Sly James said that about 60 buses were stuck on snowbound streets on Friday, and even tow trucks were immobilized.

"It's still an ongoing process to get people off the roads," he told CNN.

About 570 flights were canceled on Friday, with 127 of them at Chicago's O'Hare airport. Kansas City International Airport reopened after being closed on Thursday while crews cleared runways.

The National Weather Service said the storm may bring sleet and freezing rain to the Appalachians and mid-Atlantic states, with thunderstorms expected on the storm's southern fringe in the southeastern United States.

Tow truck drivers aid a semi-truck on February 22 in Greensburg, Kansas.
Kansas bore the brunt of the bad weather on Thursday, with up to 15 inches (38 cm) of snow in some parts of the state, according to the National Weather Service.

A closed 200-mile (323-km) stretch of Interstate 70 in central Kansas was strewn with cars stuck in snow.

National Guard troops riding in Humvees were dispatched to look for stranded motorists along the interstate and other highways, said Sharon Watson, a spokeswoman for Kansas emergency management services.

The storm triggered severe thunderstorms from eastern Texas to Georgia.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback declared states of emergency because of hazardous travel and possible power outages. Brownback ordered state offices closed.

In Nebraska, a 19-year-old woman was killed in a two-car accident on Wednesday on Interstate 80 near Giltner. The Nebraska State Patrol said weather was a factor.

An 18-year-old man died in Oklahoma when his vehicle slid into a tractor-trailer on a slushy state highway, the state's highway patrol said.

Drought-stricken farmers in the Great Plains, one of the world's largest wheat-growing areas, welcomed the moisture brought by the storm, although experts said more rain or snow would be needed to ensure healthy crops. - Reuters.

WATCH: Today's Severe Weather Threat.

WATCH: Heavy Rain Brings Flooding Threat.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: The Volcano Discovery Report For February 22 - 23, 2013 - Updates On Etna, Santa María, Santiaguito, Popocatépetl, Pacaya, Fuego, Suwanose-jima, Tangkubanparahu And White Island!

February 23, 2013 - WORLDWIDE VOLCANOES - The following constitutes the new activity, unrest and ongoing report from the Volcano Discovery Group.

Glow from what is probably a small effusive fissure SE of the base of the cone (right in the picture).
Etna (Sicily, Italy): It seems that a small effusive fissure vent has been active a few 100 m SE of the base of the New SE crater. No further paroxysm has (yet) occurred.

Santa María / Santiaguito (Guatemala): No changes in activity were reported today. Ash explosions of small to moderate size with plumes up to about 800 m height occur at rates of 1-2 per hour on average. Only the southeastern lava flow from the dome was reported to be weakly active today.

Glow from what is probably a small effusive fissure SE of the base of the cone (right in the picture).
Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): CENAPRED reported 33 emissions during the past 24 hours, including a few that produced light ash plumes rising about 800 m.

Degassing activity remains strong, and glow is still visible at night.

Pacaya (Guatemala): Weak ash emissions rising about 150 m occurred late on 20 Feb, INSIVUMEH reported last night. No explosion or other sounds were heard yesterday morning.

Fuego (Guatemala): INSIVUMEH reported weak strombolian activity, but no active lava flows.
aption" style="text-align: center;">Intense glow of Halema'uma'u Crater in Kilauea Caldera, Big Island, Hawaii (Photo: Janka).

Location of recent earthquakes under Suwanose-Jima.
Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands): A swarm of earthquakes occurred over the the past days in an area a few km south of the island at about 10 km depth.

Tangkubanparahu (West Java): VSI raised the alert level yesterday from "normal" to "alert" (2 on a scale of 1-4, "Waspada).

The decision was based on an increase in tremor and the discovery of fine ash deposits on tourist facilities located at the edge of Kawah Ratu. It is recommended to prohibit access to Kawah Ratu, the historically active crater, and a major local tourist attraction.

Current seismic signal from White Island (GeoNet).
White Island (New Zealand): Minor ash venting occurred at White Island at approximately 11:30 am and 1:30 pm today. GNS Science volcanologists are monitoring the activity and further information will be released as soon as it is available.

The tremor has dropped sharply.

Current seismic signal from Colima (SOMA station, Univ. Colima).
Colima (Western Mexico): Explosions and accompanying rockfall signals are stronger and more frequent today.

Complete Earthquake list (worldwide) for Friday, 22 Feb 2013

Complete Earthquake list (worldwide) for Saturday, 23 Feb 2013

Photo of the Day: HDR of tavurvur during eruption 2011 - hot rocks rolling down the slope

HDR of tavurvur during eruption 2011 - hot rocks rolling down the slope. Photo: Thomas Bartsch
Photo of the Day: Intense glow of Halema'uma'u Crater in Kilauea Caldera, Big Island, Hawaii

Intense glow of Halema'uma'u Crater in Kilauea Caldera, Big Island, Hawaii (Photo: Janka).

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: "The Birds" - Angry Crows Attack MPs' Cars With Stones In Russia?!

February 23, 2013 - RUSSIA - In a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller The Birds, a murder of crows has stoned several expensive vehicles parked near a regional legislative body in the Russian Urals, prompting internet jokes about possible political motives.

“When leaving the office, I saw a group of drivers of ministers’ and deputies’ cars who were moving chaotically and swinging their arms,” local lawmaker Maksim Ryapasov wrote in his blog.

The drivers told the MP that fuss was caused by crows that were grabbing rocks from the roof of the building and “bombarding” cars with them for several hours.

The MP noted that there is a “stone garden” on the assembly’s roof, which was set up under the initiative of the legislature’s chairwoman Lyudmila Babushkina. Apparently, it was those stones the crows used as weapons.

As a result of the “bird protest,” the windshields of at least three cars were broken.

“I really don’t know whose cars were there. But I personally saw a crow that threw a stone and then flew to get another one from the terrace,”
Ryapasov, the head of Liberal-Democratic fraction in the regional parliament wrote. “I’m not kidding,” he added.

The news has become a hit in the Russian blogosphere. In a battle of wits, users are actively discussing the “protest action” of “politically-active birds.”

Experts though have their own explanation for birds’ “extremism.” Most likely, the crows were simply having fun, ornithologist Tatiana Surkova told ‘Aktualno’ information agency.

“Crows love collecting different items, including stones, and piling them somewhere or throwing them down,”
she said.
- RT.