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12 March 2013 - Kyo, Eastlake, California, USA 21:20 Pacific Time
4 seconds duration. Right to left, I was facing East. Blue tail then color disappeared. As bright as the moon, it was quite big and easy to see.
12 March 2013 - Jerome Jarvis, Oceanside, CA, USA ~21:10 PDT
What I saw lasted about 4-5 seconds. I was facing East; it travelled North. Extremely bright white in color, changing to intense bright green just prior to exploding. No sound heard. It was far brighter than Venus. No fragmentation visible until explosion... it was very brief.
12 March 2013 - Khaylee, San Diego, CA 9:15 PM Pacific Time Zone
15-20 seconds duration. North to NW direction, I was facing SE. Bright green in color. Brightness of the moon, it was solid sphere shaped, with a slight trail. Only one fragmentation event occurred. It was following nothing and was followed by nothing.