Saturday, August 17, 2013

PLANETARY TREMORS: Strong Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake Strikes Southwest Indian Ridge!

August 17, 2013 - INDIAN OCEAN - A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck the Southwest Indian Ridge moments ago.

USGS earthquake location.

According to the United States Geological Survey the quake was located 799 miles South Southeast of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar.

USGS earthquake shakemap intensity.

The quake had a depth of 6.2 miles.

No tsunami warning has been issued following the quake.

FIRE IN THE SKY: Two Large Meteor Events - Loud Booms Over Memphis, Tennessee And Amazing Meteor Over Canberra, Australia!

August 17, 2013 - SPACE - Two very large fireball events occurred over Memphis, Tennessee, USA and Canberra, Australia. However, nothing or not much was said about these two sky phenomena either on the news or by authorities. We are lucky this was not another Russian situation!

Large Meteor During Daytime In Memphis, Tennessee On August 14 2013

A loud boom accompanying this meteor was reported in Missouri. According to this same witness, the booms broke her windows. Look at this link for more information.

Amazing Meteor Over Canberra, Australia On August 13, 2013.

This report was submitted on the Lunar Meteorite Hunters website. It occurred at 9:36pm local time (Australia), and the fireball was flying in the SSW direction with a magnitude between -10 and -15

- Strange Sounds.

DELUGE: Yemen Floods Sweep Away Wedding Party - At Least 27 Dead; 41 Missing!

August 17, 2013 - YEMEN - At least 27 people died and more than 41 were missing after a wedding party was swept away while driving across a valley flooded by monsoon rains in southern Yemen, local officials said on Saturday.

A canal is flooded following heavy rains in the old city of Sanaa on April 9, 2012 as the authorities warn
citizens residing in mountainous areas to take necessary precautions against expected flash floods.

The victims, mostly women and children, were in three vehicles accompanying the bride to her new home across Wadi Nakhla, a valley between Taiz and Ibb provinces, the officials from Shara'ab district said. The bride survived the accident.

Rescue teams were searching for those missing, the officials said. State media said that eight people had been rescued.

Yemen, situated at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, is prone to flooding during the monsoon season, during which people are often killed.

Flash floods have killed at least 10 other people in Yemen in the past two days and have swept away crops.

One of the poorest countries in the world, Yemen is grappling with an al Qaeda insurgency as it tries to reform its political institutions before elections next year. - Huffington Post.

MASS BIRD DIE-OFF: "It's Like A Bird Apocalypse" - Bird Deaths In Moscow Spark "Zombie Pigeon" Scare?!

August 17, 2013 - RUSSIA - Pigeons, those hardy urban survivalists, rarely evoke much sympathy in humans.

In crowded, summertime Moscow, there are fears the "zombie pigeons" may pose
a health risk to their human neighbors.

But in the past week, many residents of the Russian capital, Moscow, have expressed alarm at the growing number of dead and dying pigeons on city streets.

What's most unnerving, say capital dwellers like Umid, is the way the normally spunky birds are behaving.

"When I walk to work, I usually see pigeons running and jumping around. But recently, they haven't been reacting to anything at all," he says. "When a person walks past them, they used to fly away. But now they just sit there in a kind of funk and don't even pay attention to you. They're just not normal. I've seen some pigeons behaving very strangely, turning around in circles."

Hundreds of Muscovites have noted the trend, many with online posts and graphic photographs of the so-called "zombie pigeons."

One Twitter user said a family meal was interrupted when an afflicted pigeon sitting on the ledge of an open window frame lost its balance and fell into the kitchen.

"I saw a pigeon sitting right in the street, its bill resting on the ground," another person wrote. "It's like a bird apocalypse."

Various Infections'

Veterinarians and ornithologists have confirmed the phenomenon. Natalia Anisimova, a vet at Green Parrot, a Moscow clinic specializing in birds, says she's examined dozens of sick pigeons in recent weeks.

"There is an abundance of various infections, really, and each time something new comes up -- either some bacterial infection, or ornithosis, or salmonellosis, or Newcastle disease," she says. "Infections spread via bird-to-bird contact either through airborne droplets or dust."

On August 14, Russia's state veterinary service, Rosselkhoznadzor, confirmed that Newcastle disease and salmonellosis had been detected among the sick birds.

In crowded, summertime Moscow, there are fears the "zombie pigeons" may pose a health risk to their human neighbors.

At least some avian infections, including ornithosis and Newcastle disease -- a disease that can cause pigeons to stagger, turn in circles, and twist their heads upside down -- can be transmitted to people, although only rarely with serious consequences.

Russia's chief health inspector, however, says there is no cause for alarm. Gennady Onishchenko -- who last month banned Ukrainian chocolate as a potential health hazard -- on August 14 urged people to avoid touching sick or dead birds with their bare hands but said the authorities were taking no special measures to deal with the epidemic.

'Dirty, Stupid Birds'

He also appeared to reveal a personal distaste for rock doves, as common city pigeons are officially known. "In the hands of Pablo Picasso, a pigeon became an embodiment of peace," he said. "But, in fact, in a sanitary sense, they're one of the dirtiest, stupidest birds there are."

Viktor Kharlashin, the president of Pigeons of Russia, a Moscow-based enthusiasts organization, shares the sentiment.

Kharlashin, who keeps "5,000 perfectly healthy pigeons" in special coops at home, says rock doves have been a blight on the Russian pigeon empire ever since they were introduced to the country during a youth festival in 1957.

"Everything Onishchenko said is true. It's not only that they're dirty, but they also spread disease," Kharlashin says. "Ever since 1957, they've been inbreeding like crazy and their immune system is very weak. They can even be infected with diseases that never used to affect pigeons before. They all need to be destroyed."

To fans of the humble, hearty city pigeon, such pronouncements may seem harsh.

Umid, who grew up in Uzbekistan watching his father lovingly tend his own collection of doves and pigeons, says these normally tough urban birds deserve more respect than they get.

"I've always thought that birds are like an indicator of the state of the ecology around us," Umid says. "If something is happening to them, then there's reason to believe that the local ecology is going to have an impact on people as well. I often see how these birds are splashing around in puddles by the side of the road, close to the curb, in all kinds of oil and fluids. Poor birds." - RFERL.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Thousands Of Fish Found Dead In A Lagoon In Tijuca, Brazil?!

August 17, 2013 - BRAZIL - Approximately 2.5 tons of peixem died in a period of less than ten days after a hangover "shake" the bottom of the putrid Laguna da Tijuca, one of five that make up the lagoon system of the studied area of ​​marshland.

Images recorded by biologist Mario Moscatelli show the suffering of some fish that need to get oxygen on the surface. Thousands have already appeared dead.

According Moscatelli, almost nothing that depended on oxygen survived. "Mullets, paratis, tilapia and even snook were found dead floating or piling up in the mangroves."

Check out:

Sought by SRZD to talk about the state of conservation of water and monitoring of illegal entries in the lagoon, the State Environmental Institute (INEA) and State Company for Water and Sewage (Cedae) did not respond to attempts to contact them. - SRZD. [Translated]

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Massive Fish Die Off In Ponds In Fuzhou, China?!

August 17, 2013 - CHINA - Fuzhou, people's daily online, August 15 (Xinhua Zhang Zhibin) on 15th, netizens Chen Hailing micro-blog, Wing Tai Su County town of Fuzhou village farmers, after water was processed dried plum (dried) workshop of sewage contamination caused the death of a large number of fish. Yongtai County on the county town responded that, excluding sewage pollution, preliminary judgment of hypoxia Pan Tong led to dead fish in fish ponds.

Fish worth a hundred thousand of mass deaths, blast allegedly caused by water contaminated by the upstream prune workshop

"Bleached a year income, lost more than a hundred thousand of dollars. "Chen Hailing said in Twitter, had reported to the local authorities," but I don't know for what reason, just more aloof manner.

Chen Hailing reflecting pond reservoir in yongtai County of Pont Lotus, it is understood that the rainwater in the reservoir area of 0.46 square kilometers, total storage capacity of 113,900 cubic metres, is a set of comprehensive utilization of flood control, irrigation, small (2) reservoirs. Introduction when Chen Hailing's sister, in an interview with the network, their long-term contract for aquaculture in the reservoir, but in the upper reaches of the reservoir of a prune workshop, from sewage reservoirs damaged in recent days, leading to sewage flow into the reservoir, farmed fish large-area death occurred.

"Last year, also similar to the phenomenon of dead fish, only thousands of dollars due to losses, prune workshop leader recognized for its discharge had caused and compensation. This year, the loss of a hundred thousand of prune workshop-holders to this denial of compensation. "Chen Hailing's sister told reporters that as of 14th, all dead fish in the pond.

It was also sister of Chen Hailing introduced, as at the 15th, before and after, "upstream of the reservoir that dried plum workshop is busy put a large number of preserved fruits in large trucks for transfer, this preserves factory is operating without a permit.

Initial judgement is a fish pond hypoxia Pan Tong led to dead fish

Kon Tum town people's Governments respond to this call, on August 13, Kon Tum town on East slope of village cadres are visiting libraries and finding fish have strange, immediately inform Chen Chuanqin to protect farming households. The morning of 14th, in receive Chen Chuanqin reflect the cupule in the reservoir after the mass deaths of fish, town and village officials rushed to the site to see the first time, and fishing experts from the enforcement agency investigation in yongtai County animal husbandry Bureau. 15th, yongtai County Public Security Bureau, security brigades sampling investigation by its staff, may have ruled out poisoning.

According to investigation of County town, the recent phenomenon because of the large areas of dead fish a fish pond, initial judgement is a fish pond hypoxia Pan Tong led to dead fish, specific reasons to wait for test results.

Kon Tum mouth town in response in the said, a is recent Fuzhou continued high temperature, long-term no rainfall, caused reservoir water temperature high, no living waters entered, reservoir hypoxia; II is silt long-term is not cleanup, farming households Chen Chuanqin farming about 7 years, is not regularly on reservoir silt for cleanup, farming households also will without fermentation of pig manure pour pool in the, led to water quality had fertilizer, silt more, caused multiple microbial fermentation, produced water quality changes.

Pickling pool only prune workshop, Wing Tai to factory sewage demanding

Kon Tum town noted in its response to the fish pond of dead fish issues, few farmers Chen Chuanqin a few days ago has been found dead fish, 13th at village level in visiting library found a strange fish, immediately inform Chen Chuanqin to protect farming households. But Chen Chuanqin was not vigilant, timely density by using oxygen equipment, evacuation, loss of effective control.

Kon Tum town noted in its response, prune farmers Chen Chuanqin doubt farmers Mills sewage disposal causes mass mortality of fish in the reservoir, according to a preliminary review, the workshop has only pickled pool, Lee embryo roughing, family workshops, no mass production.

Kon Tum town stressed that Wing Tai as a tourist, on factory wastewater treatment capacity requirements are very stringent, as in Changqing town preserves enterprises Shun foods built sewage 80 tons per day of wastewater treatment plants and sewage treatment of 350 tons per day of Yuching workshop wastewater treatment plant. In response, Kon Tum town has advised farmers to the testing center of Fujian province (near old industrial road Fuzhou University) identification.

Kon Tum town also said towns and villages continue to focus on things dynamic, organizers upfront to farm, to clean up the dead fish in the library, deep processing, tomorrow is expected to be cleared. While urging other farmers attention to animal safety. - SOHU. [Translated]

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: The Global Volcano Report For August 17, 2013 - Updates On Kverkfjoell, Karymsky, Batu Tara, Veniaminof, Pacaya And Copahue!

August 17, 2013 - WORLDWIDE VOLCANOES - The following constitutes the new activity, unrest and ongoing reports of volcanoes across the globe.

Aerial photo of the NE rim of the Kverkjökull glacier with deposits of the flood
and ash from the phreatic explosion.

Kverkfjoell (Iceland): A small phreatic eruption seems to have taken place yesterday at the ice-covered Kverkfjoell central volcano. The steam-driven (no fresh magma involved) explosion followed a small glacial flood on 15 August the Kverkjökull glacier released into the Volga river and was probably a result of the pressure release during the flood.

Karymsky (Kamchatka): An explosion probably occurred last night (inferred from seismic data), and might have produced an ash plume of up to 20,000 ft (7.5 km) elevation, Tokyo VAAC reported.

Batu Tara (Sunda Islands, Indonesia): Strombolian activity, sometimes strong, continues. A plume rose to 5,000 ft (1.5 km) altitude and drifted 70 nautical miles to the west earlier today (VAAC Darwin).

Veniaminof (Alaska Peninsula, USA): The eruption continues with lava effusion from the intracaldera cone, accompanied by strong tremor, AVO reports.

MODIS hot spot at Veniaminof volcano (past 7 days, Univ. Hawai'i).

Pacaya (Guatemala): Another paroxysm with strong strombolian explosions and a lava flow occurred last night from the Mackenney crater. Starting at about 19:15 (local time), eruptive activity increased accompanied by volcanic tremor. Strombolian explosions ejected bombs and blocks to a height of 500 m above the crater and showered the outer flanks.

Last night's seismic signal from Pacaya (PCG station, INSIVUMEH).

VAAC Washington issued a bulletin but was unable to identify the height of the ash plume from satellite data. Ash fall was reported from nearby villages such as El Rodeo and El Patrocinio. At the height of the eruption, a lava flow issued from the west flank and reached a distance of 500 m... [read more]

Copahue (Chile/Argentina): Incandescence was observed last night from the crater. SERNAGEOMIN has not commented on possible renewed activity or changes at the volcano, but maintains alert level yellow.

Incandescence from Copahue volcano on the evening of 14 Aug (CIS webcam, via Blog Culture Volcan).

Since early July, seismic and degassing activity had decreased and the last eruptive activity noted was weak ash emission on 6 July.

Complete Earthquake list (worldwide) for August 17, 2013.

- Volcano Discovery.