Saturday, August 24, 2013

PLAGUES & PESTILENCES: H7N7 - New Chinese Bird Flu May Be Worse Than H7N9 Virus!

August 24, 2013 - CHINA - A virus called H7N7 has been discovered in chickens in China, according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

A man weighs a chicken in a Hong Kong poultry market on May 24, 2013. Another bird flu virus has been found in chickens in China, that appears to have been developing alongside the H7N9 strain. (Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images)

A team of Hong Kong researchers found the virus in about 25 percent of the fowl sampled, many of which also had the H7N9 virus. By testing the H7N7 virus on ferrets, the researchers found that it can be transmitted to mammals.

“If (we) let this H7N7 continue circulating in chickens, I am sure that human infection cases will occur,” study co-author Guan Yi at the University of Hong Kong told AFP. “This virus could cause more severe infection than … H7N9, based on our animal experiment.”

H7N7 appears to have developed alongside H7N9, which has killed 44 of more than 130 people infected in China.

“We think it is scary for humans,” Guan added. “Our entire human population almost has no antibodies against the H7 subtype of influenza virus. Thus, if it causes pandemic outbreak, it will kill many people.”

The scientists believe a better surveillance system is needed to monitor for dangerous viruses like H7N9 that may be emerging. “This is a very different influenza ecosystem from other countries,” Guan said, according to Nature. - TET.

MASS BEES DIE-OFF: Global Food Crisis - Over 400 Bee Hives Found Fill With Dead Bees In Luquan And Yiyang County In China?!

August 24, 2013 - CHINA - August 17, yiyang County beekeeper Master Li of Jin call our hotline (18,837,996,211) to reflect, yiyang County, West of the Yellow River Bridge near bee death, heavy losses on many more than 10 beekeepers, bee's cause of death is still under investigation.  

300 Bee Hives Die-Off In Yiyang County.
A Chak master with a look of frustration at the dead bees.

August 17 at 8 o'clock in the morning, this reporter went to yiyang County near the Yellow River in the West of the bridge, under the leadership of Master Li, reporters saw hives stacked on the floor in front of a lot of dead bees.
Master Li has said that he's the bees were found dead in the morning of August 16, the thought is not a major problem, won't much care. May 17th in the morning, he found that more than half of the bees are dead. "At this rate, I'm more than 130 boxes of bees will soon be dead. According to stock market price is 800 Yuan, more than 130 boxes of bees lost more than 100,000 yuan. "Master Li says with exasperation.

"The losses are so big this time, our whole family is counting on these bees to live there.
"Master Li said anxiously, he knew more than more than 10 beekeepers have experienced such a situation," it's all added up to about 300 cartons.
The cause of death is unknown, or by exposure to spraying of pesticides

More than 300 boxes of bees within a short time a large number of deaths, Master Li has just started to find temperatures were too high.
But when bees do not have a lot of other places are found after the death of Master Li has doubted that the bees may be poisoning death, then Dial 110.

"Just a few days ago on this road called pesticides, honeybees may well have been poisoned.
"There are more than 40 boxes of bees Zhai Shifu told reporters, the roadside? Mu Tan au Mandarin opened an ancient flag with yak ' s tail felt panicked elaborate hip ┮ yo Ku bang Yun-care credits boschniakia glabra wall サ stirs Su Wu ┞ fan scene which hispid arthraxon  Pan Lai big ship examination?

At about 5 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, reporters interviewed a green one surnamed Zhang in yiyang County staff.
The staff member said, green and unorganized personnel sprayed pesticides but for a nearby company to sterilize drug is sprayed on the lawn. "Bees cause of death associated with this, further investigation will be needed. "The staff member said, spraying away from the hive further, you cannot jump to conclusions.

As of press time, Master Li has told reporters that most of his bees have died, but the cause of death did not find that out.

Combating low margins, bee-keeping difficult initiation retreat

Beekeeper Master Li says Bee-low profits now, with him over more than 130 boxes of bees into scale calculation, best times are no more than 100,000 yuan of profit, General profits were over forty thousand or fifty thousand dollars, subsistence, but want to get rich is difficult.

"18 year old started keeping bees, I'm 53 years old, had been kept for 35 years.
"Master beekeeper Chak said his beekeeping is a free, for more than 30 years to deal with bees, have feelings. "Bee-keeping transport costs are too high right now, coupled with the State of the environment is not ideal, want good places to find a sufficient pollen is getting harder. "Zhai says, now there are few young people willing to beekeeping, his son would rather go out to work after graduation, nor are willing to follow him to beekeeping. Mass mortality of bees, and now live with bees costs are too high, Zhai Shifu in deciding whether to continue beekeeping.

For the mass deaths of bees, yiyang County animal husbandry Bureau Caijing said that compared with the pig-meat industry, beekeeping does not belong to the leading industry, the Government support is not enough.
"We will investigate and report to the higher authorities, hoping to give beekeepers a few supports. "Caijing said. - QQ. [Translated]

106 Bee Hives Die-Off In Luquan.
Onion fields after you spray the pesticides, only one network across the death of bees began to flock. Four days later, beekeepers say 106 boxes of bees has been dead for nearly 90%. Onion master doubts, this is his second time spray, why do all right the first time?

Flocks of bees dying body paved way

These days, Luquan city, towns and grey-walled village Kang Li always stand in front of their hives, do nothing.

Starting from 15th, Mr Kang died in raising bees started full container FCL, save does not know how to save.

Yesterday, four days later, Connor began to count, 106 boxes of bees died almost 90%.

Reporter entered the bee farm, a sour smell nostrils, sporadic dancing outside the hive of bees, bee body layers on the ground.

"The hot weather, this is the smell of the rotting dead bees and hives. "Beekeeping with Connor and Mr Liu, honeycomb is broken now, the rest of the bees didn't go, too long to live.

This means that Kang's revenue next year is gone, lost an estimated forty thousand or fifty thousand dollars.

Next door spraying pesticides suspected culprits

Connor recalled, the day of the incident shortly after 14 o'clock, next door to the ground give onion farmers spray pesticides, toxicity is very strong, "Dichlorvos," and "Dimethoate", bees started dying at night.

Contacted yesterday afternoon on the onion farmers Qin admitted that he did spray medicine 15th day, "10 days ago when you first spray, I told beekeepers in advance, he said no problem. "So, Mr Qin, bees in the second spray before death appeared, nothing to do with him.

Luquan city, agriculture and animal husbandry Bureau of plant protection staff told reporters, "Dichlorvos," and "Dimethoate" belongs to the pesticides, bee is sensitive to these drugs. At present, Connor has an alarm.

"Dichlorvos," and "Dimethoate" how big is the power of the pesticides? GAO Zhan-Lin introduced by the Hebei provincial Academy of plant protection, as long as the spraying of pesticides in certain "safety cycle" in the agricultural chemicals will break down. Before serving the public, after washing several times should not cause harm to the body. -SJZ City. [Translated]

FUK-U-SHIMA: Japan's Nuclear Crisis Is Deepening - New High-Radiation Spots Found At Quake-Hit Fukushima Plant!

August 24, 2013 - JAPAN - The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant said on Thursday new spots of high radiation had been found near storage tanks holding highly contaminated water, raising fear of fresh leaks as the disaster goes from bad to worse.

An aerial view shows Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)'s tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear
power plant and its contaminated water storage tanks (bottom) in Fukushima.
Credit: REUTERS/Kyodo

The announcement comes after Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) said this week contaminated water with dangerously high levels of radiation was leaking from a storage tank.

A tsunami crashed into the Fukushima Daiichi power plant north of Tokyo on March 11, 2011, causing fuel-rod meltdowns at three reactors, radioactive contamination of air, sea and food and triggering the evacuation of 160,000 people.

It was the world's worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986 and no one seems to know how to bring the crisis to an end.

In an inspection carried out following the revelation of the leakage, high radiation readings - 100 millisieverts per hour and 70 millisieverts per hour - were recorded at the bottom of two tanks in a different part of the plant, Tepco said.

An aerial view shows workers wearing protective suits and masks working atop contaminated water storage
tanks at Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)'s tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power
Credit: REUTERS/Kyodo

Although no puddles were found nearby and there were no noticeable changes in water levels in the tanks, the possibility of stored water having leaked out cannot be ruled out, a Tokyo Electric spokesman said.

The confirmed leakage prompted Japan's nuclear watchdog to say it feared the disaster was "in some respect" beyond Tepco's ability to cope.

WATCH: Alarming new revelations in Fukushima.

The U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Wednesday it viewed the situation at Fukushima "seriously" and was ready to help if called upon.

China said it was "shocked" to hear contaminated water was still leaking from the plant, and urged Japan to provide information "in a timely, thorough and accurate way". - Reuters.