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THE AGE OF OBAMA: Precursors To The End Of The United States Corporation - U.S. Government On The Verge Of A Historic Shutdown As House Republicans Vote To Delay Obamacare!

September 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - The US government is on the precipice of a historic shutdown that would result in hundreds of thousands of federal workers being placed on unpaid leave, after House Republicans refused to pass a budget unless it involved a delay to Barack Obama's signature healthcare reforms.

The House of Representatives remains fully lit during a rare late-night Saturday session.
Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Democratic leaders declined to convene the Senate on Sunday, standing firm against what they described as the extortion tactics of their Republican opponents who they accused of holding the government to ransom for ideological reasons.

The resolution passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives in the early hours of Sunday morning makes funding the government until the middle of December contingent upon a one-year delay of the Affordable Care Act. It also strips the new healthcare law, which is due to come into force on Tuesday, of a key tax on medical devices.

Senate Democrats and the White House have said they will block any budget resolution that is tied to the healthcare law – known as Obamacare – which was passed three years ago and upheld by the US supreme court last year.

Undermining the healthcare reforms – the flagship legislative achievement of Obama's presidency – has been a priority for the conservative wing of the Republican party for years and the spectre of government shutdowns has been used in the past.

However there was a growing sense on Capitol Hill on Sunday that House Republicans were prepared to see through their threat of a shutdown, which would begin at 12.01am ET on Tuesday, even though polls show they would be blamed for a maneuver that could damage the party during next year's midterm elections.

WATCH: GOP Rep - Senate is 'playing games'.

"Republicans in Congress had the opportunity to pass a routine, simple continuing resolution that keeps the government running for a few more weeks," said White House spokesman Jay Carney. "But instead, Republicans decided they would rather make an ideological point by demanding the sabotage of the healthcare law."

Harry Reid, the Senate leader who on Saturday said he would refuse to bow to "Tea Party anarchists", showed no interest in negotiating with Republicans over the stalemate. He was criticised by leading Republicans for failing to invite the Senate to debate the House resolution, less than 36 hours from the budget deadline.

Instead, the Senate was expected to wait until Monday before stripping the Republican motion of its references to Obamacare and, for the second time in a week, returning a "clean" bill to the House that would fund federal departments, without also impeding the introduction of mandatory healthcare for Americans who are uninsured.

If there is time, the House would then have just a few hours to either vote to fund the government, free of any measures that would impede the introduction Obamacare, or trigger the first American government shutdown in 17 years.

Asked if he thought a shutdown was now inevitable, Richard Durbin, the second most senior Democrat in the Senate, replied: "I'm afraid I do."

Durbin told CBS's Face the Nation that he was open to negotiating over the tax on medical devices, "but not with a gun to my head, not with the prospect of shutting down the government".

Senior Republicans took to the Sunday morning talk shows to defend their stance, claiming that it was Democrats who were forcing a shutdown by refusing to compromise over the controversial healthcare reforms.

Congresswoman Cathy McManus Rogers, chair of the House Republican conference, said Reid was acting irresponsibly by refusing to hold a session of the Senate. "They're the ones threatening a government shutdown by not being here," she said.

WATCH: DNC Chair - GOP holding economy hostage.

Ted Cruz, the Republican senator spearheading the congressional campaign to undo Obama's healthcare reforms, turned the debate on its head by accusing Democrats of holding "political brute force" for refusing to delay or unravel the healthcare law.

"If we have a shutdown, it will be because Harry Reid holds that absolutist position and essentially holds the American people hostage," Cruz, who this week gave a 21-hour speech to draw attention to his campaign, said on NBC's Meet the Press.

"So far, majority leader Harry Reid has essentially told the House of Representatives and the American people, 'go jump in a lake'," Cruz added. "He says: 'I'm not willing to compromise, I'm not willing to even talk.' His position is, 100% of Obamacare must be funded in all instances. Other than that, he's going to shut the government down."

The impact of any federal shutdown would depend upon how long it lasts. Under contingency arrangements, essential services such as law enforcement, will be kept alive, although hundreds of thousands of federal workers would be placed on unpaid leave.

Social security and Medicare benefits would continue, and air traffic controllers would remain in place to ensure airports function. However museums, national parks and landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument, would be closed.

WATCH:  Obamacare - 'Duct tape and chicken wire'.

The military's 1.4 million personnel active duty would remain in post, but their paychecks would be delayed. About half of the Defense Department's civilian employees – about 800,000 people – would be furloughed, meaning they would be suspended from work without pay.

Federal courts would continue to function as usual for around a fortnight, after which the judiciary would have to start shelving work that is not considered essential.

The gridlock over the government budget could be just the prelude to an even more serious showdown expected in mid-October over the government debt ceiling.

Republicans are threatening to refuse to lift the ceiling unless Obamacare is reigned back, which could mean the US Treasury would be forced to default on its debt payments. - Guardian.

FIRE IN THE SKY: "The Comet Of The Century" - Comet ISON Approaches Planet Mars For A Close Encounter On October 1st!

September 29, 2013 - SPACE - In two months, Comet ISON will make a spectacular flyby of the sun.

First, though, it has to fly by Mars. The sungrazing comet is approaching the Red Planet for a 0.07 AU close encounter on October 1st. Mars satellites and rovers will have a close-up view.

Amateur astronomers on Earth can watch, too. Using a remotely controlled 14-inch telescope in New Mexico, Rolando Ligustri photographed ISON approaching Mars on September 28th:

At closest approach on October 1st, Mars and Comet ISON will be approximately 2o apart. While Mars is visible to the unaided eye (it shines almost as brightly as a first-magnitude star), ISON is definitely not. The comet is still far from the sun and, as it crosses the orbit of Mars, it has not yet warmed enough to reach naked-eye visibility. Reports of the comet's brightness vary from 12th to 14th magnitude, which means a mid-sized backyard telescope is required to see it.

WATCH: NASA ScienceCasts - Comet ISON to Fly By Mars.

Mars and ISON rise together in the eastern sky a couple of hours before the sun. Amateur astronomers, if you have a GOTO telescope, enter these coordinates. Visually, Mars will be easy to find on the mornings of closest approach, not only because the planet is relatively bright, but also because the crescent Moon will be passing right by it. Sky maps: Sept. 28, 29, 30; Oct. 1, 2. New images of the comet are coming in every day.

Browse the gallery for the latest views: Realtime Comet ISON Photo Gallery.

- Space Weather.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Hundreds Of Dead Fish Found In A Pond In Lier, Belgium!

September 29, 2013 - BELGIUM - The past few days, hundreds of dead fish in the pond to the fortress of Lier, the Fortweg. The cause must be sought. By a lack of oxygen.

The firemen took the fish out of water.

Late last week already noticed passersby and fishermen that a lot of fish came to the surface in order to gasp for air. Lierse, the firemen were called in and enter the large pond with a boat off to move - to get in the water -. And so additional oxygen In addition, with a special gun sprayed water in the pond. That also had to provide extra oxygen.

Many no avail because the surgery Tuesday drove many dead fish in the pond. It was mainly pike and bream. "Both Tuesday and Wednesday we sailed the pond and we removed the dead fish from the water. Many smaller fish were gulls and other birds picked up from the water, "says Rudy Dirickx of Lierse fire.

In container

The dead fish were collected in a container. That created quite a stench. The dead fish will now be destroyed by a company.

There is a shortage of oxygen in the water. Perhaps the climatic conditions Moreover, there are also algae present in the water. Taking especially at night a lot of oxygen. - Nieuwsblad. [Translated]

GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: "We Are Dealing With A Collapse In The Currency" - Marc Faber Warns That "We Have Reached The Endgame Of Monetary Policy"!

September 29, 2013 - ECONOMY - "One day this whole credit bubble will be deflated very badly - you are going to experience a complete implosion of all asset prices and the credit system..."
Via South China Morning Post.

Marc Faber was in fine form at the CLSA Investor Forum, dispensing his trademark gloom and doom. The final keynote was a tour de force of the history of debt, asset bubbles and financial markets in the 20th and 21st centuries.
"Unlike the '50s and '70s when there was relatively less overall debt, a financial market crash did not inflict great damage on the economy.

Debt levels are significantly higher these days, and so a market crash can inflict serious damage on economies.
We've gone through a period of huge asset inflation, in stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate, and we essentially now have in the world, a huge asset bubble.

So everything is grossly inflated."
In addition there has since 2007 been:
"colossal asset inflation" in high-end goods...
In thinking about what the next big bubble will be, Faber said:
"The problem is I believe you and I are the bubble... the financial system is just too big, that is the problem.

Maybe we can't see where the next bubble is because we are the bubble - that is something to consider."
Faber thought economists should distinguish between economic growth where credit grows at the same rate as the economy, which he believes is sound compared with a situation where credit grows faster than the economy. Credit used in capital formation is more beneficial to an economy than if used for consumption, as is the case in the US.
"One day this whole credit bubble will be deflated very badly - you are going to experience a complete implosion of all asset prices and the credit system - but as to when -I don't know."
Advanced sign of the cracks in the system are already evident. A dollar of additional credit in the system created significant economic growth, but these days an additional dollar has very little impact.
"That is a sign that we have reached the end of monetary policy."
Another indication is when the US government has to issue treasuries to pay the interest on its maturing debt.
"That will be the end game - then you are dealing with a collapse in the currency."
- Zero Hedge.

STORM ALERT: China Says 75 Missing As Vietnam Prepares For Typhoon Wutip - Tens Of Thousands Evacuated!

September 29, 2013 - VIETNAM - Tens of thousands of people were being evacuated from high-risk areas in central Vietnam on Monday as a typhoon that sank at least two Chinese fishing ships neared the coast.

A total of 75 fishermen are missing after three vessels encountered strong winds near the Paracel Islands, according to a statement on the website of the Hainan government in south China. Two of the vessels sank Sunday and contact with the third has been lost, it said.

Typhoon Wutip was expected to hit the central coast later Monday with sustained winds of up to 93 miles per hour and gusts up to 125 mph, Vietnam's weather forecaster said. Heavy rains were expected.

Disaster official Le Tri Cong said more than 8,000 villagers in Quang Tri province's coastal areas were evacuated to safe places as of Sunday night and 35,000 others from areas facing with serious flooding, landslides and flash floods are being evacuated.

More than 140,000 people in four other central provinces are planned for evacuation Monday, the central floods and storms control committee said on its website.

Schools in five central provinces were closed and coast guards told 61,000 fishing boats with 303,000 crew members to take shelter, the committee said.

WATCH: Typhoon Wutip Nearing Landfall Vietnam.

Two government teams were dispatched to direct the preparation efforts, the committee said.

Wutip is the strongest typhoon to hit Vietnam this season. The most powerful Asian tropical storm this year was Typhoon Usagi, which caused at least 33 deaths in the Philippines and China earlier this month.

Vietnam is prone to floods and storms which kill hundreds of people and cause millions of dollars in damage each year. - Huffington Post.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Large Number Of Dead Fish Found Spanning 7 Kilometres Of A River In Binzhou, China!

September 29, 2013 - CHINA - Xinli Road to the Yellow River Yellow River fifteen sections, a large number of dead fish floating in the river. The public arena, it was speculated that medication poisoning fish upstream or sewage into a factory. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed several relevant departments have not been a lot of new legislation River fish specific cause of death.

Reporter Patrick received a public hotline, said: "There are large areas of the West Bank Xinli dead fish floating in the water." Around 10:00, the reporter drove to the Yellow River Rd Xinli understand the situation. Just close the new legislation River, stench on nostrils. Reporters saw at the river, the river of dead fish floating in the large and small, and some fish have begun to pale glow bursts stench.

Reporter drove along the river looking for new legislation and found that the new legislation from the Yellow River Road from River Rd phenomenon began to appear dead fish dead fish phenomenon is most serious, until the Yellow River Road 15 dead fish floating in the river gradually reduced. The source of the Yellow River Road Department has an underground drains, near a floating dead fish.

According to the people walking around, said the new legislation could be someone in the River spilled medicines, fish was poisoned, then the other members of the public said: "There is not any drug can be a poison to poison the entire river fish, ah, Fish downtown drugs generally two, one is the "fish Teng spirit" is the "Seiden", these drugs are localized blocked the water, it is impossible to poison a large area of ​​the fish, which may be upstream sewage plants, contaminating the river. "

Reporter Li River area of ​​the new phenomenon of dead fish reflected to the Quality and Technical Supervision, Binzhou City, Binzhou City, Quality and Technical Supervision of staff, said: "The new legislation River did not find the sewage business, if you want to check the water quality problem, you need to dial the quality and technical supervision Bureau hotlines. "Afterward, the reporter called the hotlines, each staff member has said:" The main responsibilities of Quality and Technical Supervision on product quality and market goods quality supervision and inspection, the inspection is not responsible for water pollution, the specific situation requires ask the relevant environmental protection department. "

Subsequently, the reporter also interviewed Bin Binzhou City Branch of the EPA staff, Binzhou City Environmental Protection Bureau, according to Ben Thanh branch of law enforcement officers, said: "EPA main indicators of water quality monitoring is to detect COD (chemical oxygen demand) and ammonia, which two indicators of high water may have resulted in contamination, resulting in dead fish since early September, the new legislation river gradually began to appear dead, and we are closely inspected, it is determined that no industrial waste water discharged, if found illegal sewage must be severely punished. Synaptic River is the city's sewage river, there was a large dead fish may also be problems with the underground city sewage pipes, underground water and sewage pipes diversion problem. regarding sewage problem is Binzhou City building housing the Bureau. . "

Reporter then contacted the building housing the Bureau of Binzhou City Municipal Engineering Administration Department, Binzhou City building housing the Bureau of Municipal Engineering Administration Department Minister Li said: "The urban underground sewage pipes and no problems, the new legislation river water quality problems, should go Bincheng WCB responsible. "

Reporter BINCHENG WCB pull through the telephone, get the reply is: "foreshore City Water Conservancy Bureau is mainly responsible for the city's flood control and drainage. Synaptic River is not only the city's sewage river is river landscape, specifically responsible for the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau." Ended 19:00 Reporters time ago, Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau Office Minister Li Tel yet connected.

Further reading: Zibo Nam Dinh village reservoir salvaged dead fish soup environmental protection departments to do: Do ​​not eat Binzhou new legislation a number of dead fish floating in the river under the bridge into a piece of dead fish Dongying Kwong Lee River and is now a large dead fish, said the public sewage by rain Zhejiang Qingyuan Songyuan cause of dead fish floating in the river suspected to have been poisoned villagers seized fishing (Figure) to identify a single cause of County ditch dead fish showed non-pollution causes sudden Wuhan government reach a large area of ​​dead fish upstream pollution allegedly because Heze Shan County ditch Jingxian County Environmental Protection Bureau said the number of dead fish are investigating a single. - Kaixian. [Translated]

FUK-U-SHIMA: TEPCO Says That Fukushima's Anti-Radiation Fence Has Hole In It!

September 29, 2013 - JAPAN - Workers at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant Thursday spotted a hole in one of the barriers intended to keep radioactive particles contained in the harbour, the operator said.

This May 6, 2011 photo released by Tokyo Electric Power Co. shows a silt fence installed around the water
intake of the reactor Unit 2 of the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Okuma,
Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan. (AP Photo/Tokyo Electric Power Co.) | AP

Tokyo Electric Power set up silt fences in the harbour next to the plant, including one covering each outlet at reactor units 1-4, which were damaged in the 2011 tsunami, and another on the egress of reactors 5-6 which remain intact.

A silt fence is a device to trap sediment before water flows into the sea.

The fence around the undamaged reactors was found to be holed, a TEPCO spokesman said.

"Radiation levels in this area's seawater are very low, and no contaminated water tanks are placed near reactors 5-6," he said.

The monster tsunami swamped the six-reactor nuclear plant on March 11, 2011, knocking out cooling systems and sending units 1-3 into meltdown. Explosions and a fire destroyed the building of unit 4.

Reactors 5-6 are located a short distance from the crippled units.

Radioactive contamination of the sea has emerged as one of the major concerns after the nuclear accident, with TEPCO using thousands of tonnes of water to tame the reactors and keep them cool.

The utility says they are now stable but need more water every day to keep them cool and to prevent them running out of control again.

Much of that now-contaminated water is being stored in temporary tanks at the plant, and TEPCO has so far revealed no clear plan for its disposal. Some of the tanks have sprung leaks.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe insisted at a meeting of Olympic chiefs this month that adverse effects from contamination were limited to the 0.3-square-kilometre harbour.

His reassurances, given at the meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Buenos Aires, were seen as key to Tokyo's successful bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games. - Huffington Post.

DISASTER IMPACT: Pakistan Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 515 - Bodies Still Being Discovered Beneath Collapse Buildings!

September 29, 2013 - PAKISTAN - A major earthquake rocked Pakistan’s southwest Saturday, sending people running into the street in panic just days after another quake in the same region. The fresh quake struck as officials raised the Sept. 24 temblor death to 515.

A Pakistani earthquake survivor drinks water at his collapsed mud house in the Dhall Bedi Peerander
area of the earthquake-devastated district of Awaran on Sept. 27, 2013. (AFP)

The US Geological Survey said on its website that a 6.8 magnitude quake was felt in Pakistan’s southwestern Baluchistan province.

The Pakistani Meteorological Department measured the earthquake at 7.2 magnitude. The department said its epicenter was located about 150 kilometers (90 miles) west of the town of Khuzdar.

There were no immediate reports of casualties, said Abdur Rasheed, the deputy commissioner of Awaran district where both quakes were centered.

There may have been little left to damage after Tuesday’s disaster. Few of the mud and homemade brick houses in the area survived the 7.7 magnitude quake that leveled houses and buried people in the rubble across the district of Awaran.

WATCH: Pakistan reels from fresh deadly quake.

Babar Yaqoob, the chief secretary of Baluchistan, gave the updated death toll as he toured the destroyed region of Awaran, where the 7.7 magnitude quake struck on Tuesday.

Bodies are still being discovered in houses whose mud walls and wooden roof beams had collapsed.

“My daughter was killed when my house collapsed — I was also inside my house but manage to run out,” said 70-year-old Gul Jan. “We are sitting under the scorching sun and need shelter.”

In Labash village near Awaran, more than half of the 3,000 houses have collapsed and those still standing have wide cracks.

“Everywhere we go people are asking for tents,” legislator Abdul Qadeer Baloch said.

Militants hampering relief efforts
The arid area is also a stronghold of separatist Baluch insurgents, who have twice shot at helicopters carrying military officials in charge of responding to the disaster.

On Thursday, two rockets narrowly missed the helicopter carrying the general in charge of the National Disaster Management Agency and on Friday shots were fired at two helicopters carrying aid, the military said.

“There is a law and order situation here and other hurdles but despite everything, we will get to every last person,” said Lt. Gen. Nasir Janjua, the highest ranking military official in the province.

Aid must travel by pitted roads that cut through mountains held by the insurgents.

The rebels, who have killed many civilians and members of the security forces, are fighting for independence from Pakistan. They accuse the central government of stealing the province’s rich mineral deposits and the security forces of widespread human rights abuses. - Arab News.

INFRASTRUCTURE & SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: At Least 40 Killed, Dozens Wounded In Iraq Funeral Bombing!

September 29, 2013 - IRAQ - At least 40 people were killed at a Shiite funeral in a southern Iraqi town on Sunday after a suicide bomber blast brought down the ceiling of a mosque. Dozens more were wounded in that incident and in other attacks in Iraq amid the unceasing violence.

Kurdish security forces inspect the site of a bomb attack in the city of Arbil, the capital of the autonomous
Kurdistan region, about 350 km (217 miles) north of Baghdad, September 29, 2013.(Reuters / Azad Lashkari)

Around 50 people survived the funeral blast in Mussayab, 60km (40 miles) south of the capital Baghdad, with various injuries, Reuters reported. However, local police said more bodies remain trapped beneath the rubble in the bombed-out mosque.

“Until now, we are trying to retrieve bodies from under the debris. Most of the bodies were torn to pieces. Legs and hands were scattered on ground,” a policeman at the scene told the news agency.

The people at the funeral were said to be mourning the death of a man earlier killed by militants.

No group has immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, which is the latest in a string of attacks targeting places of worship and funerals of both Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iraq. One such recent chain of bombings killed at least 96 people in the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City. 

Iraqi Kurdish security forces gather at the site of a car bomb explosion in Arbil, the capital of Iraq’s
autonomous Kurdistan Region, on September 29, 2013. Militants killed six people, officials said, in a
rare attack on an area usually spared violence plaguing the country.(AFP Photo / Safin Hamed)

Meanwhile, up to six people were killed and more than 60 wounded in a series of explosions in the city of Arbil, the capital of Iraq’s autonomous region of Kurdistan, according to the Kurdish region’s health minister Raykot Hama Rashid.

A statement from the Kurdish security service Asayesh said a suicide bomber detonated explosives at the entrance to their Arbil headquarters. Asayesh forces then clashed with four more bombers, killing them, but the fight was followed by a blast of an explosives-rigged ambulance triggered by another insurgent. 

The wreckage of burnt ambulances are seen at the site of a car bomb explosion in Arbil, the capital of Iraq’s
autonomous Kurdistan Region, on September 29, 2013.(AFP Photo / Safin Hamed)

The media has described the incident as rare, as the Sunday blasts were the first to hit Arbil since May 2007.

But Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki’s spokesman has linked the deadly attack to the raging conflict in neighboring Syria, where Kurdish forces have been fighting with jihadist groups.

“Syria has affected all of us,” the spokesman told AFP, adding that the attack may be “one of the offshoots of the Syrian crisis”.

Both Iraq’s Sunnis and Shias have been crossing into Syria to fight on opposite sides of the conflict.

Iraqi Kurdish security forces and medical services are seen at the site of an explosion in Arbil, outside the
headquarters of the Kurdish aayesh security services in the capital of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan
region, on September 29, 2013. (AFP Photo / Safin Hamed)

This includes the terrorist groups, with al-Qaeda’s Iraqi and Syrian branches merging earlier this year to form the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which has claimed responsibility for attacks – suicide bombings in particular – on both sides of the border.

More than 6,000 people have been killed in violent attacks in Iraq since the start of the year, according to monitoring group Iraq Body Count. - RT.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Hundreds Of Dead Fish Found In A River In Chiclana de la Frontera, In Spain?!

September 29, 2013 - SPAIN - Technical Environment and Palmones laboratory responsible for the Andalusian been sampled for analysis Iro River water as it passes through Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz) to determine the causes of death of 300 fish specimens that have appeared in its waters.

File photo.

According to Europa Press reported sources of the Regional Branch of Environment, last Wednesday several technicians of this delegation came to the area alerted by several calls from citizens to emergency 112 service, which told that there were hundreds of dead in the river, apparently fry.

Throughout the afternoon touring the area and were taking water samples at different points, accompanied by laboratory responsible for the Andalusian has Palmones, to try to determine whether the effects of discharges of waste water treatment station (WWTP ) The Lathe of the town could be the cause.

According to point sources, there is still a correlation to determine that the above could be the cause "direct" this death, so we will wait the results of the analysis.

Note that this is not the first episode of mortality of fish in the river Iro records. - IAGUA. [Translated]

INFRASTRUCTURE & SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: Boat Accident In Nigeria Leaves 42 Dead, 100 Missing!

September 29, 2013 - NIGERIA - At least 42 people drowned and 100 went missing when a Nigerian ferry overloaded with passengers and goods broke up in stormy weather on the Niger River, emergency officials report.

After the Nile and the Congo, the Niger River is the principal river of western Africa.

The head of the State Emergency Management Agency, Mohammed Shaba, said the boat split in two after it left Malilli village in Niger state on Friday.

"As of now, we have lost 42 and 100 are missing," he said.

Calling the accident the deadliest one in recent years, Shaba added, "We are going to learn a lesson from this”.

While he blamed overloading as the main cause of the accident, he said that the vessel was packed with far too many traders as well as the goods they had acquired from a market in Malilli.

Covering the accident, Nigerian local media said the boat had an estimated capacity of 60 people.

Meanwhile, the state's police chief, Diseye Nsirim, told that initial reports indicated the boat hit a large object, possibly a tree trunk, which the pilot failed to see.

Earlier In March, nearly 100 people perished when a passenger boat that set off from neighboring Benin capsized off Nigeria's Southern Cross Rivers State.

Passenger boats in more remote areas in Nigeria are often poorly maintained and sometimes incapable of navigating stormy waters.

But operators with narrow profit margins normally try to cram on board an excessive number of passengers to increase their income.

After the Nile and the Congo, the Niger River is the principal river of western Africa, extending about 4,180 kilometers (2,600 miles). - Press TV.

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Scientists Find "BLACK HOLES" At Sea - The Ocean Whirlpools From Which NOTHING Can Ever Escape, Not Even Water?!

September 29, 2013 - ATLANTIC OCEAN - They are impossible to see, but astronomers are convinced they exist.

Black holes are tears in the fabric of space-time that pull in everything that comes too close to them.

Nothing that gets sucked in can escape, not even light.

Now, scientists believe they have found features of these black holes here on Earth, in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

A black hole is a tear in the fabric of space-time that pulls in everything that comes too close to it.
Nothing that gets sucked in can escape, not even light.

Some of the largest ocean eddies in this region are mathematically equivalent to the mysterious black holes of space, according to researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Miami.

This means that they do the same thing with water, that black holes do with light.

These huge ocean whirlpools are so tightly surrounded by circular water paths that nothing caught up in them escapes.

Their numbers are reportedly on the rise in the Southern Ocean, increasing the northward transport of warm and salty water.

Scientists believe they have found features of black holes in space here on Earth in ocean eddies.
The reflected sunlight in this image illuminates eddies in the Gulf Stream current.

Scientists believe these ocean eddies could moderate the negative impact of melting sea ice in a warming climate.

But up until now they’ve been unable to quantify this impact because the exact boundaries of these swirling water bodies have remained a mystery.

George Haller, professor of Nonlinear Dynamics at ETH Zurich, and Francisco Beron-Vera, research Professor of Oceanography at the University of Miami, believe they have now solved this puzzle.

Using mathematical models, they isolated water-transporting eddies from a sequence of satellite observations.

They did this by detecting their rotating edges, which the scientists found were indicators of the whirlpool within.

WATCH: This video from Nasa shows eddies forming  throughout the south Atlantic.

To their surprise, these eddies turned out to be mathematically equivalent to black holes.

At a critical distance, a light beam no longer spirals into the black hole.

Instead, it dramatically bends and comes back to its original position, forming a circular orbit.

A barrier surface formed by closed light orbits is called a ‘photon sphere’ in Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The researchers discovered similar closed barriers around select ocean eddies.

Some of the largest ocean eddies in the world are mathematically equivalent to the mysterious black
holes of space, according to researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Miami.

In these barriers, fluid particles move around in closed loops – similar to the path of light in a photon sphere.

And as in a black hole, nothing can escape from the inside of these loops, not even water.

The researchers identified seven Agulhas Rings of the black-hole type, which transported the same body of water without leaking for almost a year.

‘Mathematicians have been trying to understand such peculiarly coherent vortices in turbulent flows for a very long time’, explained Haller.

Their results are expected to help in resolving a number of oceanic puzzles, ranging from climate-related questions to the spread of environmental pollution patterns.


An ocean eddy is a swirling whirlpool surrounded by circular water paths in which nothing that is caught up in them can escape.

Eddies can spin off from major ocean current systems and may last for several months at a time

Ocean eddies are typically bigger than a city and contain a billion tonnes of swirling water.

They take a few days to rotate, drifting slowly and carrying warm and cold water around the ocean.

Despite their importance in driving large-scale ocean circulations, eddies are not fully represented in climate models like those used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

- Daily Mail.

FIRE IN THE SKY: "It Was The Most Brilliant Fireball That I Have Ever Seen" - Major Fireball Event Over Ohio And The U.S. Midwest, Accompanied By Loud And Unusual Sounds; Over 1,000 Witnesses; Visible Over At Least 14 American States; The 14th Fireball Sighting In The U.S. In September!

September 29, 2013 - SPACE - On Sept. 27th, a meteor exploded in the skies above the US midwest. Witnesses report shadows cast upon the ground, unusual sounds, and a swirling contrail marking the aftermath of the blast. "It was the most brilliant fireball that I have ever seen!" reports Angela McClain, who sends this picture from Faith Ranch in Jewett, Ohio:

Brilliant Fireball Seen Over Ohio.

"The entire landscape lit up," she continues. "I spun around and there it was, a huge, bright green light, streaking across the sky. Even when it was gone, there was still a bright line in the sky about 20 seconds later. We were all stunned."

"This was a very bright event," says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. "Flares saturated our meteor cameras, and made determination of the end point (the terminus of the fireball's flight through the atmosphere) virtually impossible. Judging from the brightness, we are dealing with a meter class object."

This image shows 200 of 1033 eye-witness reports, as of Sunday the 29th of September, of a bright
meteor seenover the U.S. Midwest. Image via American Meteor Society.

Data from multiple cameras shows that the meteoroid hit Earth's atmosphere traveling 51 km/s (114,000 mph) and passed almost directly over Columbus, Ohio. Cooke has prepared a preliminary map of the ground track. According to the American Meteor Society, the fireball was visible from at least 14 US states. - Space Weather.

Friday Night Sky Lights Up With Possible Meteor Over Ohio.
The Columbus area was bathed in the eerie light of an apparent exploding meteor that streaked through the sky late Friday night.

A brilliant flash of light about 11:30 p.m. prompted some people to call Columbus police to ask about its origin while officers chatted about the event over their radios. Employees at WBNS-TV (Channel 10) said they couldn't keep up with the phone calls they were getting from people who had spotted the streaking light.

Dozens of people took to Twitter to report they had seen a brilliant meteor tracing across the night sky. "Like a shooting star, but 500x brighter," one person wrote.

"I saw it in Hilliard. Sky lit up like lightning and then saw the vapor trail change from blue to purple to orange for 20 to 30 seconds," wrote another.

Others reported that the meteor and its accompanying flash of light were seen over a wide area, including south of Columbus in Hocking and Ross counties.

There also were reports of it being seen in other states in the Midwest, the East and parts of Canada. - Columbus Dispatch.

Meteor That Exploded Over Ohio Was Accompanied By Loud Sounds.
The skies over Ohio lit up late Friday night when a meteor exploded over Columbus.

WATCH: A NASA all-sky camera in Hiram, Ohio recorded the fireball.

Several witnesses say the event was so bright that it lit up the night sky and cast shadows on the ground, according to the American Meteor Society website.

Also, loud sounds were heard with the explosion and a visible contrail was seen swirling in the sky right after the meteor blew up.

The event was captured in northeast Ohio on a NASA all-sky camera in Hiram, Ohio, at 11:33 p.m. reported the meteor hit the atmosphere at 114,000 m.p.h. and was visible in 14 states.

No damage was reported. - WKYC.

U.S. Sees Another Bright Fireball On September 27.
“Heat map” September 27, 2013 fireball sightings, via American Meteor Society.

The American Meteor Society (AMS) has reported at least 373 reports of another bright fireball – a very bright meteor, likely a small chunk of natural incoming space debris – over the U.S. last night (September 27, 2013). These reports followed a similar event over approximately the same area the day before (September 26).

WATCH: Very large fireball in the east sky from Central Indiana.

The AMS called the coincidence of two bright fireballs, or bright meteors, spotted over approximately the same region on consecutive days “surprising.” Witnesses from Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia reported a bright light moving across the night sky on September 27 at around 11:33 p.m. local time, according to the AMS.

might sound ominous, but it is just the word astronomers use to mean bright meteor. As seen from a whole-Earth perspective, fireballs are seen often. It’s unusual to have two appear on consecutive nights over the same region, however.

This image shows 200 of 373 eye-witness reports, overnight on Friday, of a bright meteor seen
over the U.S. Midwest. Image via American Meteor Society.

September 2013 has been a busy month for sightings of bright meteors, according to the AMS. Last night’s event marks the 14th fireball sighting with at least 25 witnesses in September, the most ever since the AMS started recording sightings online, they say.

 WATCH: Meteor over Midwest.

Bottom line: Another bright meteor has been seen over the U.S. This one was spotted on September 27, 2013 at around 11:33 p.m. local time. Witnesses from Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia saw it. It was the 14th fireball sighting in the U.S. for September, 2013. - EarthSky.

MASS BEES DIE-OFF: Global Food Crisis - Massive Die-Off Of Bees On Sunflower Blossoms In Fermo, Italy?!

September 29, 2013 - ITALY The image of the dead or dying bees on the flowers of sunflower is taken from a video (it is published after the "continue") shot this summer documenting a massive die-off occurred in the province of Fermo in the Marche as well as, others have occurred in Molise and Apulia. They look like scenes from a horror movie. What happened, irresponsible use of insecticide on a field in full bloom? Useless.

The sunflowers "mutants" and the bees dying. Scenes of horror films in the fields.

I spoke on the phone with Francesco Panella, president dell'Unaapi (National Union of Italian Beekeepers Association): the main suspects, in his view, are the new varieties of sunflowers "mutants" - seeds approved by the European Union and lawfully placed on the market by a short time - and use, also lecitissimo, herbicides.

Blogeko - you know, dear reader - is very fond of bees that are dying in all the countries where you can practice industrialized agriculture. It 's very fond of bees because from' pollination which they make depends much of our food ; also the dying bees are only the most obvious sign of the disappearance of many small wild vine which little attention is paid. The fate of the bees, in short, show how our campaigns are becoming a desert. - Blogeko. [Translated]

WATCH: Mass die-off of bees in Italy.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Global Volcano Report For September 29, 2013 - Powerful Vulcanian Explosions At The Sakurajima Volcano In Japan; Submarine Eruption At Jebel Zubair In The Red Sea; Small Strombolian Explosions At Italy's Mount Etna; And New Eruption At Telica Volcano In Nicaragua!

September 29, 2013 - WORLDWIDE VOLCANOES - The following constitutes the new activity, unrest and ongoing reports of volcanoes across the globe, courtesy of  Volcano Discovery.

Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): Activity fluctuates on a scale of few days, but remains at relatively high levels overall. Explosions from the Showa crater often follow each other at intervals of few hours, and ash plumes regularly surpass 10,000 ft altitude (something that had been more rare during the past years).

Powerful strombolian explosion from Sakurajima at 13:48 UTC on September 27, 2013. (22:48 local time)

Most explosions are of vulcanian type (strong fragmentation of solid material blocking the vent, generation of tall ash plumes, often with shock waves and explosion sounds) and more rarely strombolian, with mainly incandescent lava ejected in fountains of several hundred meters and only little ash.

Strong vulcanian explosion from Sakurajima in the afternoon of September 27, 2013
(08:24 UTC, 17:24 local time); ash plume reached 13,000 ft.

Following most explosions, the volcano usually continues to near-constantly emit ash plumes of various size for several hours. These plumes, when observed during the past days, were up to about 500 m tall, with sometimes weak strombolian activity visible reaching above the crater rim.

Etna (Sicily, Italy): Strombolian activity continues at the New SE crater. Whether (and when) this might lead to another paroxysm is unclear. The volcanic tremor signal is still relatively low.

Explosion yesterday evening (September 25, 2013.) from Etna's New SE crater.
(Photo: Marco Restivo /

Current tremor signal (ESLN station, INGV Catania).

Activity at the New SE crater has eased for now. Some occasional small strombolian explosions were last noted about 2 days ago. Tremor amplitude has decreased slightly as well.

Jebel Zubair (Red Sea): A submarine eruption started yesterday (28 Sep) NW of the island Jebel Zubair and SW of the site of the 2011-12 eruption. The activity manifestated itself in form of a strong SO2 anomaly and steam plume spotted on satellite imagery.

Steam plume and discolored water around the new submarine eruption site
(NASA / Terra satellite image on  September 28, 2013. Annotated by Blog Culture Volcan)

SO2 plume above Jebel Zubair on September 28, 2013.

No signs of activity are visible on images taken on 27 Sep, which confirms that the eruption started yesterday.

The presence of the significant steam plume suggests that the eruption vent is a shallow depth (less than 100 m), and possibly in the stage of producing so-called surtseyan activity (violent steam-driven explosions breach the surface with jets of water and steam, and become more and more rich in lava fragments as the vent becomes shallower). 

Telica (Nicaragua): A new eruption occurred yesterday morning at the volcano (at 12:50 GMT). A moderate ash explosion took place at the summit crater and produced an ash plume about 1-1.5 km high.
During the past months, the volcano had experienced frequent swarms of earthquakes.

Complete Earthquake list (worldwide) for September 29, 2013.

- Volcano Discovery.

MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Massive Fish Kill In Various Lakes In Cartagena, Colombia?!

September 29, 2013 - COLOMBIA - Amazed some people come to see in the lagoon of hundreds of dead fish Chambacú. Apparently, as the biologist said Public Establishment Environmental Cartagena (EPA) Gabriel Luna, l a situation appears to have started two days ago.

File: The EPA studying the actions taken to resolve the situation. 

The number of dead fish has not yet been posted but can be seen in other lakes such as St. Stephen and St. Lazarus, but there is more accumulation in Chambacú, because apparently spent the time to open the gate.

It follows that in the mangroves have more dead fish due to the strong odor that is perceived by the industry.

According to Moon, the species of fish are more Lisas calls about 10 inches big and the cause would be associated with a drop in oxygen by heavy rains in recent days. Similarly habitat pollution with waste, can influence. - El Universal. [Translated]

MASS SHOOTINGS: Infrastructure & Societal Collapse - Nearly Two Mass Shootings Occur Per Month Since 2009 In The United States, Study Finds!

September 29, 2013 - UNITED STATES - There have been almost two mass shootings per month in the U.S. for five consecutive years -- yet such cases account for only a tiny fraction of firearm killings, according to a report by a coalition of mayors eager to stave off gun violence in the country.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a seven-year-old bipartisan coalition comprising more than 1,000 U.S. mayors, said in a report released Friday that between January 2009 and September 2013 there have been 93 mass shootings in 35 states.

The 35-page report, which relied on FBI data and media reports, defines a mass shooting as an event in which "at least four people were murdered with a gun."

The report said that according to FBI statistics, in 2010 mass shootings accounted for less than 1 percent of firearm murders.

Assault weapons were used in 14 of the 93 shootings, according to the report, and when such weapons were used, there was an average of 63 percent more deaths.

In 10 cases, there was evidence that the mental illness of the shooter had been documented before the shooting.

This image from video provided by the FBI shows Aaron Alexis moves through the hallways of a building
at the Washington Navy Yard on Sept. 16. He killed 12 people before being shot to death by police. AP

Additionally, in 53 of the cases, the shooter targeted and killed a spouse or loved one. In 40 of the incidents, the shooter committed suicide.

The report provided detailed descriptions of the mass shootings, from what kind of guns were used to "prohibited criteria" - a section stating whether or not the shooter was prohibited from owning a firearm.

The most recent case listed is the Sept. 16 shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, in which a computer contractor suspected of suffering from mental illness killed 12 people before being shot by police.

Members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns include Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. - NBC News.

FIRE IN THE SKY: "I've Never Seen Anything Like That" - Very Bright Meteor Lights Up The Early-Morning Skies In The U.S. Midwest; Over 400 Online Reports Submitted; The 13th Significant Meteor Event In The U.S. In September!

September 29, 2013 - SPACE - Many Chicagoans' daily commutes were made extraordinary Thursday morning by a fireball that flashed across the sky shortly after 6 a.m. In the seconds before the fireball disappeared, WGN-TV helicopter pilot Mike Sypien saw a burning green and red ball of light, which he described as moving faster than an airplane across the sky."My photographer was like, 'Holy cow, did you see that?' " Sypien said. "It was very vivid. It was very bright. It almost looked like somebody took a flare and threw it across our windshield."

File photo.

Other news helicopter pilots who were also hovering over traffic exclaimed through their radios simultaneously, Sypien said. People across the Midwest, from Illinois to Tennessee and from Iowa across to Ohio, alerted the American Meteor Society, which received more than 400 online reports by Thursday afternoon.

Reports described the fireball as orange, yellow or white. Many wrote that it exploded as it descended. Almost all said it was like nothing they had ever seen. "I've been flying over 14 years," Sypien said. "I've never seen anything like that. You could not have missed it, I'll tell you."

This was the 13th "significant" meteor event in the United States this month, making September the most active month since the American Meteor Society began tracking them in 2005, according to Mike Hankey, a meteor observer for the society.

Significant events - defined as being reported by more than 25 people - usually happen three to five times in a month, Hankey said. While meteors fall to the earth all the time, he said, they usually go undetected as they are most easily seen during the middle of the night and because they often fall where there are no people - such as over oceans, deserts or remote parts of Wyoming.

Photograph taken by Kevin Keadle of Palatine of a meteor that streaked across the dawn sky in the
Midwest this morning. 
Kevin Keadle, Palatine, Illinois

"For it to happen at rush hour in a densely populated area where there's millions of people on the road that have a capability of seeing it is pretty rare," Hankey said. "It's a special thing for someone who saw it, and they will probably never see it again for the rest of their lives."

That this meteor was seen across so many states would indicate that it grazed the atmosphere at a horizontal angle rather than falling straight down, according to Larry Ciupik, an astronomer at Adler Planetarium. Reports that it exploded and fragmented indicates that the fireball is most likely a bolide from a relatively large meteorite made of dirty ice.

Hankey discouraged people from drawing any apocalyptic or conspiracy theories. Ciupik and Hankey agreed that increased sightings do not indicate a statistical increase in meteors hitting the earth. Rather, increased use of social media, anticipation of comet ISON and news reports about the meteor that injured more than 1,000 people in February when it exploded over Russia could simply be increasing awareness. And that may not be a bad thing.

"Everybody should see at least one of these in their life span," Ciupik said. "The problem is that people don't always look up."  - Chicago Tribune.