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PLANETARY TREMORS: "It Was Frightening" - Strong And Rare Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake Strikes North Of Cuba; Shook Buildings And Rattled Residents From The Florida Keys To Orlando!

January 09, 2014 - CUBA - A rare but moderate earthquake off the Cuban coast shook buildings and rattled residents from the Keys to Orlando on Thursday afternoon.

USGS earthquake location.

The 5.1 magnitude quake occurred just before 4 p.m. in the ocean about 24 miles north of the Cuban city of Corralillo, more than 100 miles east of Havana.

"It was frightening," said Sheila Cullen, who was working on the third floor of Key West's Custom House when the quake shook the building, which dates to 1891. "You could feel the Custom House moving."

Cullen said the shaking lasted less than a minute. Historical objects shook on their shelves but didn't fall. "Nothing was broken," Cullen said. "People on the ground floor felt nothing."

The temblor posed no tsunami threat, nor did it cause immediate injuries or damage, officials said.

Becky Herrin, spokeswoman for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, felt her building shake. It was the only quake she's experienced in 28 years in the Keys. "It's certainly unusual," she said. "I haven't heard any reports of damage or injuries so that's really fortunate."

Still, the ground shook as far north as Central Florida, nearly 400 miles from Cuba.

"We're getting reports it was felt in Orlando," said Rafael Abreu, a geophysicist with the National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colo.

USGS earthquake shakemap intensity.

Abreu said the temblor's repercussions extended so far because it occurred near the earth's surface, which sends its shock wave farther. The quake, the result of realigning and shifting stress around tectonic plates, was not a major geological event.

"It was definitely a moderate quake, on the lower side of what we consider moderate," he said.

Don Blakeman, another geophysicist at the earthquake center, said aftershocks don't always follow an earthquake, but are possible. They typically are not more powerful than the initial quake, though, so people should not assume a bigger one is coming.

Thursday's temblor happened in a region not known for earthquakes. "It is an uncommon area for a quake," he said.

In January 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake shattered Haiti, killing between 100,000 and 150,000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless.

WATCH: Quake off Cuba shudders folks from Keys to Orlando.

But in 30 years, in a 150-mile radius of Thursday's quake, only two other weak ones have occurred, Abreu said. In 1982, a 4.5 magnitude quake struck, and in 2005, there was a magnitude 4.1 in the area.

Florida, far from the margins of the earth's tectonic plates, is traditionally not subject to quakes. "Florida is really stable," Abreu said. "I can't remember the last time I saw a quake in Florida."

When Florida does experience quakes they are extremely minor, of a magnitude 1 or 2, and occur in area of less than few miles.

"They're too small for us to even locate," Abreu said. "You have to pretty much be sitting on top of the quake in order to even feel it." - Sun Sentinel.

Tectonic Summary
The January 9, 2014 M5.1 earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico occurred along the northern coast of west-central Cuba at shallow crustal depths, ~28km from Corralillo, Cuba and ~172 km east of Havana, Cuba.

The island of Cuba lies within the North American plate and is bounded by the Bahamas Platform and Florida Straits to the north and the North America-Caribbean plate boundary to the south. The plate boundary, a left-lateral transform, defines the southeast coast of the island and causes uplift of the Sierra Maestra. In the vicinity of the January 9 earthquake, a former plate boundary suture and several faults, collectively termed the Nortecubana Fault system, bound the northern coast of Cuba.

Additionally, several smaller crustal faults, including the left-lateral Hicacos Fault and Las Villas fault are located in the general vicinity of the January 9 earthquake. The region of the January 9 earthquake is relatively quiet seismically. Only 6 documented events ranging from M3.0-5.6 occurred over the past 75 years within 200 km of the epicenter. The M5.6 event, which occurred in 1939, also took place along the northern coast of Cuba in the vicinity of the Nortecubana Fault system. The January 9 event occurred 686 km ESE of the September 2006 M5.8 Gulf of Mexico earthquake. - USGS.

MONUMENTAL DISASTER IMPACT: Ice Age Now - Record Shattering Polar Vortex Withdraws After Leaving 21 Dead; Economic Impact Could Reach $5 BILLION! [Spectacular Photographs Show Moment Niagara Falls FROZE In Polar Vortex]

January 09, 2014 - NORTH AMERICA - The polar vortex that spun arctic temperatures down into southern Canada and even the southern United States got back to its usual job today of confining cold to the planet's ice cap.

The Chicago skyline is seen beyond the arctic sea smoke rising off Lake Michigan in Chicago, Ill., on Tuesday.
(Jim Young/Reuters)

"Today, we're at the ready to start saying goodbye to the polar vortex, as temperatures start to improve across the country," said CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland.

The arctic blast that created a deep freeze across North America this week eased its grip on much of Canada and the U.S. Wednesday, with winds calming and the weather warming slightly a day after temperature records — some more than a century-old — shattered up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

Temperatures continue to rise today across the Prairies, but it was still a chilly start to the east through Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Scotland said.  To the west, much of southern Alberta was forecast to be warm Wednesday, as a strong westerly (Chinook) winds roared out of the Rockies. Calgary expected a high of 3 C as a result.  In Manitoba, wind-chill warnings were still in effect in the north — Lynn Lake and Thompson — and Winnipeg remained cold at –22 C, but will get warmer Thursday.

In the U.S., where Atlanta saw a record low of –14 C Tuesday, the forecast Wednesday was for sunny skies and 5 C.  In the Midwest and East, where brutal polar air has lingered over the past few days, temperatures climbed but were still expected to be below freezing.  Buffalo, N.Y., was experiencing severe snowfall blowing in off Lake Erie, with winds of 45 km/h and 30 centimetres of snow expected.  With the bitter cold slowing baggage handling and aircraft refuelling, airlines cancelled more than 2,000 flights in the U.S., bringing the four-day total to more than 11,000.  On Tuesday, the mercury plunged into the single digits and teens, from Boston and New York to Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville and Little Rock — places where many people don't know the first thing about extreme cold.

21 cold-related deaths
"I didn't think the South got this cold," said Marty Williams, a homeless man, originally from Chicago, who took shelter at a church in Atlanta. "That was the main reason for me to come down from up North, from the cold, to get away from all that stuff."  The cold turned deadly for some: Authorities reported at least 21 cold-related deaths across the United States since Sunday, including seven in Illinois and six in Indiana. At least five people died after collapsing while shovelling snow, while several victims were identified as homeless people who either refused shelter or didn't make it to a warm haven soon enough.  In Missouri on Monday, a one-year-old boy was killed when the car he was riding in struck a snow plow, and a 20-year-old woman was killed in a separate crash after her car slid on ice and into the path of a tractor-trailer.  In a phenomenon that forecasters said is actually not all that unusual, all 50 states saw freezing temperatures at some point Tuesday. That included Hawaii, where it was –8 C atop Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano.  It was –17 C in Reading, Pa., and –17 C in Trenton, N.J. New York City plummeted to –15 C, beating a record of –14 C set in 1896.

Chilly records
"It's brutal out here," said Spunkiy Jon, who took a break from her sanitation job in New York to smoke a cigarette in the cab of a garbage truck. "Your fingers freeze off after three minutes, your cheeks feel as if you're going to get windburn, and you work as quick as you can."  Farther south, Birmingham, Ala,, dipped to a low of –14 C, four degrees colder than the old mark, set in 1970.  The big chill started in the Midwest over the weekend, caused by a kink in the "polar vortex," the strong winds that circulate around the North Pole. The icy air covered about half the country by Tuesday, but it was moving north, returning more normal and warmer weather to most of the U.S..  The deep freeze dragged on in the Midwest. More than 500 Amtrak passengers were stranded overnight on three Chicago-bound trains that were stopped by blowing and drifting snow in Illinois. Food ran low, but the heat stayed on.  On Tuesday, many schools and daycare centres across the eastern half of the U.S. were closed and officials opened shelters for the homeless and anyone else who needed a warm place. - CBC.

Economic Impact Of Polar Vortex Could Reach $5 BILLION.
Commuters make a sub-zero trek to offices on Jan. 6, 2014, in Chicago. Scott Olson/Getty Images

Business weather forecaster Planalytics estimates that the U.S. economy took a roughly $5 billion hit because of the frigid weather stemming from lost productivity, higher heating bills and a drop in consumer spending. The cost of flight cancellations is expected to reach $1.4 billion.

Those losses reflect the enormous area affected by the polar vortex. The Arctic air mass moved across the Central Plains, Midwest, Southeast and Northeast, as well as eastern Canada, with more than 200 million people forced to cope with the frigid temperatures.

"Colder-than-normal weather tends to be a drag on economic activity, in particular in weather-sensitive areas such as construction," said Goldman Sachs (GS) in a research note.

Despite the adverse impact on households and businesses, the setback is a drop in the bucket for the $17 trillion U.S. economy. As a result, experts predict the damage will be short-lived.

Bigger weather events, such as Superstorm Sandy in 2012, can have two to three times the economic impact of the recent cold snap because their effects were longer lasting, according to Nariman Behravesh, IHS Global Insight.  He estimates that the cold weather shaved between 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent off economic growth in the first three months of the year, a dip that can easily be made up in later quarters.

"There wasn't a lot of damage to infrastructure as far as we can tell," he said, adding that he expects the economy to recover from the polar vortex in a matter of days.

The frigid temperatures may cause a blip in some economic data. Construction projects shut down when the weather becomes unusually cold or will use fewer workers, said Gus Faucher, senior economist with PNC Financial Services Group.

Whatever impact the deep freeze had on the economy, it won't show up in the U.S. Labor Department's jobs report for December, due out Friday. That because the surveys on which the monthly report is based were completed prior to the cold front moving in.

Goldman Sachs estimates that the cold weather could cause payroll gains last month to come in below forecasts. Any effects on the labor market also could show in later economic releases. - CBS.

Spectacular Photographs Show Moment Niagara Falls FROZE In Polar Vortex.
The record-breaking chill across the U.S. and Canada was so frigid it literally stopped Niagara Falls in its tracks.A collection of spectacular photographs have shown the moment the U.S. side of the famous falls froze before they could reach the bottom.Thankfully, the freezing air and 'polar vortex' that turned the cascading water to ice - and affected about 240 million people in the U.S. and southern Canada - will depart during the second half of this week, and a far-reaching January thaw will begin, according to

The U.S. side of the Niagara Falls is pictured in Ontario Wednesday January 8, 2014.

A collection of spectacular photographs have shown the moment the U.S. side of the
famous falls froze before they could reach the bottom.

Thankfully, the freezing air and 'polar vortex' that turned the cascading water to ice will depart during the
second half of this week, and a far-reaching January thaw will begin, according to

The 'polar vortex' affected about 240 million people in the United States and southern Canada this week.

The incredible pictures show frozen mist coating the landscape around Prospect Point at Niagara Falls State Park and the Rainbow Bridge is seen with solid ice below it.Tuesday was a day of record-setting cold in Niagara, with the mercury bottoming out at a chilling -2F. Combined with the wind chills, it felt like -20F.One would think the icy cold would keep tourists away, but those who enjoy taking photos rugged up to snap the conditions, producing exceptional images they wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to capture.The natural wonder should be looking more like itself come Saturday when temperatures are forecast to be in the 50s, according to Environment Canada.

WATCH: Polar Vortex turns Niagara Falls into a frozen wonderland.

The 'unprecedented' amounts of ice in the upper Niagara River, caused by the freezing conditions, caused a so-called ice jam and in turn flooding on Grand Island and Cayuga Island in Niagara Falls.According to historical records, during only one year, 1848, has freezing weather caused the thousands of cubic feet of water per second flowing over the Niagara Falls to run dry, an event thought to have been caused by ice jamming and damming upriver, according to bridges spanning the Niagara River from bank to bank have formed as a result of various other chilly winters. In 1936, the American Falls, the shallower of the three waterfalls, are said to have frozen over completely.One of the earliest images showing the frozen falls, in sepia tones, is believed to be from 1911 or 1912, though skeptics have questioned its authenticity because its photographer is unknown. In 1912, an ice bridge broke apart as several people were crossing it, sending three to their deaths. - Daily Mail.

SOLAR WATCH: Huge Solar Flare Delays Private Rocket Launch To Space Station - NOAA Forecasts 90% Chance Of Geomagnetic Storm On January 9; CME To Hit Earth's Magnetic Field; High Chance Of More Solar Flares!

January 09, 2014 - SUN - A huge solar flare unleashed by the sun has delayed by 24 hours today's (Jan. 8) planned launch of a private cargo ship to the International Space Station due to worries over space weather radiation.

This full-sun view combines two images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured on Jan. 7, 2014.
Together, the images show the location of a giant sunspot group on the sun, and the position
of an X-class flare that erupted at 1:32 p.m. EST. Credit: NASA/SDO

The first major solar flare of 2014 erupted from a massive sunspot seven times the size of Earth on Tuesday (Jan. 7) after a series of mid-level sun storms in recent days. The event occurred as the commercial spaceflight company Orbital Sciences was preparing to launch a landmark cargo delivery flight to the space station today with its Antares rocket and robotic Cygnus spacecraft.

"We are concerned about mission failure," Orbital's Chief Technical Officer Antonio Elias told reporters in a teleconference today. The company is evaluating the extent of Tuesday's flare and the potential for solar radiation to interfere with critical systems like gyroscopes and avionics, he added.

Elias said Orbital's Cygnus spacecraft is designed to withstand space weather events like Tuesday's flare during its weeks-long mission at the space station, so the vehicle isn't vulnerable to the same radiation concerns as its Antares rocket. Late this afternoon, Orbital officials confirmed that they will attempt to launch the Cygnus on Thursday (Jan. 9), with the liftoff window opening at 1:07 p.m. EST (1807 GMT)

WATCH: Major X1.2 Solar Flare & EARTH DIRECTED CME - January 7, 2014.

Space weather delay
Orbital Sciences has been monitoring space weather since Sunday, when the company began tracking an uptick in solar activity. But it was Tuesday's huge solar flare, which registered as an X1.2-class sun storm — the strongest class of solar flares the sun experiences — that led to today's delay. It occurred just hours after an intense M7.2-class solar flare earlier in the day.

How Orbital Sciences' Antares rocket
and Cygnus spacecraft service the
space station.  Credit: Karl Tate.
The Antares rocket was awaiting a 1:32 p.m. EST (1832 GMT) launch today from a pad here at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility when the decision to delay was made. It is the latest delay for the mission, which was initially delayed from a mid-December liftoff when astronauts on the station had to perform emergency cooling system repairs, and later postponed a day due to the sub-freezing temperatures affecting the United States this week.

"Sometimes, you just don't get off the ground when you want to," Orbital Sciences executive vice president Frank Culbertson told reporters in a teleconference today. "This isn't a failure in the system, it is a delay. But all we're really delaying is the success that's going to come when we execute this mission."

After deliberating for much of Wednesday, Orbital Sciences officials have decided to attempt a Thursday launch. ‪"#Antares launch team decides to move forward with ‪#Orb1 mission tomorrow for ‪@NASA from ‪@NASA_Wallops. 1:07 pm (EST) targeted lift-off time," the company wrote Thursday via Twitter.
The solar flare currently poses no threat to the six astronauts and cosmonauts currently living on the International Space Station. The crew will not have to any measures to shelter themselves from the solar flare's space radiation, NASA spokesman Rob Navias, of the agency's Johnson Space Center in Houston, told in an email.

Giant sunspot spouts solar flare
By coincidence, the Jan. 7 solar flare occurred at 1:32 p.m. EST — exactly 24 hours before today's launch target times— from an active sunspot region known as AR1944. The sunspot facing Earth from the middle of the sun, as viewed from Earth, and is "one of the largest sunspots seen in the last 10 years," NASA officials said in a statement Tuesday.

"The solar flux activity that occurred late yesterday afternoon resulted in an increasing level of radiation beyond what the Antares engineering team monitored earlier in the day," NASA officials added in a separate statement today. "Overnight, Orbital's engineers conducted an analysis of the radiation levels, but the Antares team decided to postpone the launch to further examine the potential effects of the space radiation on the rocket's avionics. The Cygnus spacecraft would not be affected by the solar event." The sun is currently in an active phase of its 11-year solar weather cycle. The current cycle, known as Solar Cycle 24, began in 2008.

This NASA view combines two images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured on Jan. 7, 2014.
Together, the images show the location of a giant sunspot group on the sun, and theposition of an
X-class flare that erupted at 1:32 p.m. EST.  Credit: NASA/SDO

Orbital Sciences' Cygnus spacecraft had a 95-percent chance of good weather for today's planned launch. That weather forecast deteriorates as the week progresses, with cloudy conditions dropping it to 75-percent chance of favorable weather on Thursday, and a 30-percent chance of good launch conditions on Friday. Rain is expected on Saturday, Culbertson said. Orbital Sciences officials said they are closely monitoring the fallout from Tuesday's solar flares.

Orbital has a $1.9 billion contract with NASA to launch 40,000 lbs. of supplies to the International Space Station by 2016 using its Antares rockets and disposable Cygnus spacecraft. The first Antares and Cygnus test flights launched in 2013, with today's launch expected to mark the first official cargo delivery for Orbital.

For the delivery flight, called Orb-1, the Cygnus spacecraft is carrying 2,780 pounds (1,260 kilograms) of gear for the International Space Station. That haul includes a space ant colony, 33 small cubesat satellites and 23 other experiments designed students from across the country.

The Dulles, Va.-based Orbital Sciences is one of two companies with a NASA contract to deliver supplies to the space station. The other company is SpaceX of Hawthorne, Calif., which has launched two of 12 planned delivery missions for NASA under a $1.6 billion agreement. The third mission in SpaceX's schedule is expected to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Feb. 22. - SPACE.

STORM WARNING: NOAA forecasters estimate a 90% chance of geomagnetic storms on Jan. 9th when a CME is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. The speed of the solar wind around Earth could spike to 700 km/s (1.6 million mph) shortly after the impact, sharply compressing Earth's magnetosphere. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

WATCH: Coronal Mass Ejections and Radiation Storm.

HUGE SUNSPOT, CHANCE OF FLARES: The source of the incoming CME is AR1944, one of the largest sunspots of the current solar cycle. The active region sprawls across more than 200,000 km of solar terrain and contains dozens of dark cores. The largest could swallow Earth three times over. AR1944 is circled in this Jan. 9th snapshot from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory:

As the image shows, the sunspot is almost directly facing Earth. This makes it a threat for geoeffective eruptions. NOAA forecasters estimate an 80% chance of M-class flares and a 50% chance of X-flares on Jan. 9th. - Space Weather.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Indonesia's Mount Sinabung Volcano Eruption Intensifies - Erupted OVER 220 TIMES THIS WEEK; 22,000 People Displaced; Danger Zone Extend To A Radius Of 10 Kilometers! [PHOTOS]

January 09, 2014 - INDONESIA - A volcanic eruption in Indonesia that has displaced more than 22,000 people is intensifying, local authorities say.

People watch as Mount Sinabung spews pyroclastic smoke on Wednesday.

Hot lava runs down Mount Sinabung, Indonesia's highest mountain, from a lava dome on January 5
in North Sumatra, Indonesia. It has been erupting since September.

Mount Sinabung, which began spewing gas in September after a three-year slumber, has erupted over 220 times this week.

The hot ashes and smoke have caused pyroclastic flows -- a fast-moving mass of gas and rocks -- to stretch to seven kilometers down the southeast slope of the 2,600 meter (8,530 foot) mountain in North Sumatra. Last week, flows reached three kilometers.

Mount Sinabung spews ash and lava during an eruption.

Women carry their children as they are evacuated to a temporary evacuation center on
Wednesday after their village is hit by ash.

Sinabung spews ash into the air on Monday.

A village is covered by ash.

The local government is still able to cope with the disaster, and no casualties have been reported according to Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for Indonesia's national agency for disaster management.

The government has evacuated more than 22,000 people to 34 temporary camps.

However one area, housing at least 1,000 residents, still lacks necessary provisions and shelter.

The displaced say they have urgent need for baby formula, clean water and gas, said local aid coordinator in Jambur Siabang-abang.

Villagers harvest tomatoes from fields covered by ash.

A man helps children onto a truck as residents are evacuated to a temporary evacuation center.

A man helps children onto a truck as residents are evacuated to a temporary evacuation center.

A national emergency hasn't been declared, but the government is prepared for the "worst case scenario."

In case of bigger eruptions, the danger zone would be extended to a radius of 10 kilometers from 5 to 7 kilometers currently.

If the zone is enlarged, Nugroho estimates that 59,000 people would have to be evacuated. - CNN.

INFRASTRUCTURE & SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: Massive Explosion At Mitsubishi Materials Complex In Japan - Five Dead After Hydrogen Blast Rocks Chemical Plant!

January 09, 2014 - JAPAN - At least five people have been killed and 17 injured by an explosion at a chemical plant in Japan's Yokkaichi City, Sky News reports.

Explosion at Mitsubishi Materials complex reportedly caused by maintenance crew working on heat exchanger.

The blast, at the Mitsubishi Materials complex, was reportedly caused when hydrogen was inadvertently ignited by a maintenance crew. The crew was working on a heat exchanger, used in the production of silicon products, at the time of the accident.

A Mitsubishi Materials spokeswoman said: "We confirmed that there was an explosion at our plant in Yokkaichi, where we produce silicon materials."

Police say the blast did not cause a fire to break out in the building and the situation is now under control.

Mitsubishi Materials makes automotive, electronics and construction products, the BBC says. Its Yokkaichi plant – located about 350km west of Tokyo - specialises in producing silicon.

Television footage showed over a dozen firefighters gathered at the scene.

Emergency services were called just after 2pm.

RT points out that the accident isn't the first deadly blast at a Japanese chemical plant in recent times. Twin explosions struck a chemical plant in south-west Japan in April 2012, killing one person and injuring another two. - The Week.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Tracking Developments At The Giant Louisiana Sinkhole - Texas Brine Draws Up New Plans For Sinkhole, Claims Insurance Company Has Put Them In A Hole As New Video Images Show Trees Continue To Sink Into The Sinkhole From Subsurface Seismic Activity! [LATEST FLYOVER VIDEO]

January 09, 2014 - UNITED STATES - Records show that Texas Brine Co. has developed a backup plan to replace the cracked southern section of a protective levee surrounding the sinkhole in Louisiana’s northern Assumption Parish and may look to reroute Bayou Corne if conditions deteriorate further.

The Advocate reports the company’s new draft plan proposes “triggers” that would prompt the levee replacement. It also outlines an alternative of rerouting Bayou Corne if a replacement levee proves too unstable to maintain due to sinking of the remaining land between the sinkhole and the bayou.

Company officials and regulators say it is unlikely there would be a need to reroute the bayou based on current projections for the sinkhole’s expansion but need to be prepared.

Bayou Corne runs just south of the levee’s southern segment and forms half of a semi-circular arc of waterways south of La. 70. Bayou Corne ultimately joins Grand Bayou, which flows south to Lake Verret.

The sinkhole was dormant for weeks this fall, but has rumbled back to life twice since late October. Spikes in “micro-earthquakes” have resulted in cracks and sinking in a section of the levee’s southern arm.

As the 26-acre, lakelike hole has edged toward the southern levee and the bayou beyond, Texas Brine had been under growing pressure from regulators, parish government officials and the remaining residents in the Bayou Corne community to lay out contingency plans in the event the sinkhole expands farther to the south.

Scientists think the breach of an underground salt dome cavern operated by Texas Brine last year unleashed percolating methane gas from natural deposits and caused the sinkhole to emerge between the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou communities probably on Aug. 3, 2012. - Insurance Journal.

The company that accepted responsibility for the giant Louisiana sinkhole in Bayou Corne claims an insurance company has put them in a hole.

Texas Brine filed a complaint with the state insurance department saying Arch Specialty Company has not reimbursed them for any costs associated with the sinkhole.

Texas Brine alleges it has footed the bills from the Assumption Parish Government since November and some $55 million from the state.

On Christmas Eve, workers found new cracks in the same spot where previous cracks were repaired in the lowest part of the south berm near the massive sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

Authorities also report an increase in the micro-earthquakes in the area.

Work began Wednesday clearing the pathway for the new southern berm. It should take about 30 days to complete.

History of the sinkhole

The sinkhole opened up in August 2012 and was roughly 1/24 of the size it is now. The sinkhole formed when an underground salt cavern collapsed.

In the past, seismic activity is reported, then the sinkhole burps up debris and then a slough-in happens. Burps occur when air and gas from deep in the sinkhole bubbles up. It can cause debris and an oily substance to float to the top. A slough-in is when the sinkhole swallows trees and land that is on the edge of the sinkhole.

Berms were placed around the sinkhole shortly after it opened up to keep the oily, debris filled water contained to the sinkhole area so it would not contaminate the area bayous.

It has more than a year since hundreds living near the giant sinkhole were forced from their homes.

Bubbles were spotted in Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou in June 2012. Two months later, the ground opened up and left what is now a 24-acre sinkhole. Residents were evacuated and the most affected residents began receiving weekly checks from Texas-Brine in the amount of $875 per week. Texas Brine owns the salt cavern that collapsed, causing the sinkhole.

On August 2, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Attorney General Buddy Caldwell announced the state will be suing Texas Brine for environmental damages caused by the failed Texas Brine cavern.

Parish and Texas Brine officials agree the situation is far from over. 3D seismic surveys show the sinkhole itself it beginning to slow and stabilize, but the recovery is focused on another danger; natural gas gathering underneath a nearby aquifer. - Bayou Buzz.

The following is the latest update from the Office of Conservation at Bayou Corne.

Sinkhole Activity Code 1 – indicating work is allowed on sinkhole and within containment berms. Seismic monitoring indicates continued low levels of subsurface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3.

Air Monitoring/Sub-slab Sampling and Ventilation
- Conducting ventilation system inspections

- De-pressurizing ORW 54 (north of La 70, west of Texas Brine facility) to change out wellhead
- Monitoring bubble site 56 (Bayou Corne, north of La 70)
- Removing water from ORW 22 (north of La 70, west of Texas Brine facility)
- Marking path for access road for planned ORWs 55 and 56 (west of Bayou Corne, south of Sportsman’s Landing area)

Containment Berm/Roads/Sinkhole
- Placing sand off southwest corner of Oxy 10 well pad for new south containment berm route
- Collecting sinkhole water samples
- Inspection of existing containment berms

WATCH: Trees going in on the west side of the sinkhole - January 5, 2014.

WATCH: Latest flyover - January 7, 2014.

See more videos HERE.

- Assumption Parish Police Jury.

MASS FISH/BIRD/ANIMAL DIE-OFF: The Latest Incidents In South America - Hundreds Of Dead Fish Mysteriously Appear In A Lake In Buenos Aires, Argentina; Second Mass Die-Off Of Sardines In 2 Weeks On Beaches In Valparaiso, Chile; 47 Marine Animals (Seals, Turtles, Dolphins, Birds) Found Dead On Beach In Chiclayo, Peru; Thousands Of Dead Fish, Turtles And Ducks Dead From "Fuel Spill" In Culiacan, Mexico; Thousands Of Dead Fish Washing Up On Beaches In El Oro, Ecuador; And Hundreds Of Fish Found Dead In A Lake In La Molina, Peru!

January 09, 2014 - SOUTH AMERICA - The following constitutes the latest incidents of mass animal, bird and fish die-offs across South America:

Hundreds Of Dead Fish Mysteriously Appear In A Lake In Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Hundreds of dead fish in the water body of the Rose. (Néstor García)

Hundreds of dead fish in the water body of the Rose. (Néstor García)

The image stunned neighbors, tourists and those usually go jogging tomorrow. A significant amount of dead fish floating on the waters of the lakes of Palermo this morning, but so far have been able to clarify the causes of the phenomenon.

The fish were found floating in the morning and saw piled on the banks of the Rose Lake, in the Parque Tres de Febrero, as reported neighbors and Buenos Aires government sources confirmed.

Until this morning, the experts were unable to explain what was the strange phenomenon. One speculation is that the fish have been affected by the heat wave, which could have led to changes in the properties of water.

Nor ruled that foreign matter present in water have generated mortality. A spokesman for the Ministry of Environment and Public Space Buenos Aires reported that the Environmental Protection Agency "took water samples for analysis" and determine the causes of the phenomenon.

By midmorning, a boat specially equipped with a flat metal mesh with a logo of the City, began removing the fish. - Clarin. [Translated]

Second Mass Die-Off Of Sardines In 2 Weeks On Beaches In Valparaiso, Chile.

New event took place this weekend, after the disaster on 24 December, so that the eyes are placed on the AES Gener, especially in the Central Campiche, according to the version of the thermoelectric say, once Moreover, they have taken the necessary measures, while the issue is still under investigation by judicial authorities.This weekend the governor of Valparaiso, José Pedro Núñez, reported a new and sardines varazón catastrophic happened on the night of Friday 27 December at the Beach Windows, Puchuncaví."According to what the company tells us (AES Gener), who have taken other measures that have requested the cooperation of fishermen and they Quintero, meshes with their craft have been somehow protecting and trying to disperse the schools to stay away from the mouths of the pipelines, "said the governor.This adds to the disaster incident last December 24 where many dead weigh at least 10 tons, went to the coast of windows.

The events that happened are being investigated by the Superintendence of the Environment and by the Office of Quintero through a desformalizada research.After the mass death of sardines that hit the coast of windows on Christmas Eve along with eventual failure in four AES Gener complex plant , the Public Ministry and walked investigation.In fact, the prosecutor Mauricio Dunner wrote to the PDI to take water samples to rule out contaminants have poisoned the fish and also requested reports to the National Fisheries Service (Sernapesca) and the company in charge of Campiche, Aes Gener.Were the fishermen of Caleta windows in Puchuncaví, who reported in the first instance the mass stranding and mortality of sardines in the town, a fact that has caused great concern, because this situation had not happened for years.Given this, did the corresponding authorities in the administration of the government of Sebastián Piñera complaint, so that the causes and those responsible were actually seeking to determine what had happened to the place.About this ecological disaster, Carlos Vega, of the Environment Committee of the Union of Fishermen Windows, said the number of dead sardines I associate the conduits thermoelectric, so you would have to make a research table.


Carlos Vega added that this fact is added to the appellants' coal strandings in the area ", which are becoming more constant, and are also being analyzed in a research table to determine what is happening and determine responsibilities.Not long ago, the fishermen of Caleta Windows, made ​​a call for government authorities to fulfill their role, after reporting repeated strandings of coal and the catastrophic effects in extensive areas of this coastal sector.Maritime workers demand their right to work and live in an environment without pollution, tired of not getting answers and concrete action to stop the bad practices of companies in the area of windows and Quintero.Carlos Vega, president of the union of fishermen on the bay, explained that this situation is not new and no one has taken steps to resolve the issue.'s Leader said that little or nothing has been achieved with the so-called clean production agreement, and that radical changes were not seen in the area and companies continue to pollute.Also, consulted on the results delivered by the coal board, where it was exactly the theme and participating in the Port, health and environmental agencies, besides the municipalities of Puchuncaví and Quintero, the coach was adamant to note that this table was a failure, since nothing was achieved with the instance.Oceana calls on the authorities.

Meanwhile, the international marine conservation organization Oceana called on government authorities not to permit the operation of thermoelectric Windows 4 known as Central Campiche until his liability is asserted in the deaths of thousands of sardines that were stranded on the beach Window on 25 December."The company recognized that Central had to stop its operations after having sucked thousands of sardines which then drove towards the beach. Due to the seriousness of the facts, we hope your operation is authorized as his responsibility in this massive fish kill is determined, "said the executive director of Oceana, Alex Muñoz.The inhabitants of Windows alerted Dec. 25 on the mass stranding of sardines on the beach adjacent to the plant site where the thermoelectric and casting copper (Windows). It is known that the thermoelectric produce death of species by sucking million liters of water per hour and using strong antifouling chemicals in large quantities.

Both maritime authority as the National Marine Fisheries Service are investigating the cause of this and the responsibility that can fit the thermoelectric Campiche.The inhabitants of windows ensure that the problem is not limited to this episode, but permanently suffering the effects of severe pollution from industries in the area. Studies by Oceana GCL together with Fundación Chile laboratory revealed that 100% of the species analyzed were contaminated with copper, arsenic and cadmium. Of these, the highest values ​​were detected in the area crazy handling the Tebo Beach, with 5 times more copper and 4 times more arsenic than allowing Chilean regulations, and 5 times more cadmium allowing European standard."The thermal coal are causing enormous social costs to local communities, in terms of environmental, economic and health. Should be taken much more profound and urgent to replace them with cleaner sources, which are especially abundant in Chile measures," said Alex Muñoz, Oceana. - Elciudadano. [Translated]

47 Marine Animals (Seals, Turtles, Dolphins, Birds) Found Dead On Beach In Chiclayo, Peru.
At least 47 marine animals, including mammals and birds found dead for 15 days on the beach in Puerto Eten in Chiclayo . According to assure residents of the area, ill be responsible for fishermen engaged in illegal hunting of dolphins and sharks.

Canal N showed that the animals are still stranded on the beach and so far this has not been done staff Peruvian Sea Institute (Imarpe) in the area to perform the necessary studies to determine what were the causes of the Death.

WATCH: Mass animal die-off in Peru.

It is noted that dolphins, sea lions and even sea turtles have washed up on the beach. According to the leader of the local fishermen, Ñiquen Francisco, were also remains of dolphins which suggests that they were used as bait. - America TV. [Translated]

Thousands Of Dead Fish, Turtles And Ducks Dead From "Fuel Spill" In Culiacan, Mexico.

In two adjoining lakes to drain Batamote, located in Rosales, receivership Culiacancito Station, a table shows: the death of thousands of fish, as well as both turtles and ducks, resulting from a spill of thousands of gallons allegedly diesel.On Friday, a strong smell of fuel slowed the activity of a farmer who was plowing a piece of land that is located next to the lakes affected, and after searching, found the bodies of water in a large oil slick.
A day later, the bodies of the fish began to float and before dying, hundreds of them desperate drew his mouth to the surface. Some turtles left gaps, leaving lifeless up of stones, while others, as they could did the same and walked toward the mountain looking to survive.Many ducks were dead within about four acres of lagoon and others out of it, and until yesterday had survived, were stranded because their wings wet with oil prevented them from flying.In the first lagoon, a pipe of Pemex, the legend Emergency Care Team Duct Topolobampo, absorbed water samples, however, to ask your staff what the source of spilled fuel, or where a product had been broken, they replied that they did not know that at the time the engineer came to wonder.

Pemex personnel placed a thick white foam casing in place through which passed the water of the lagoon, with the aim of stopping the fuel that remained on the surface, while the stream of water continues to flow through the bottom.Gaps always have water because they descend from a dam located in the Lemon Ramos mentioned.Locals fear and alert for an environmental impact around the industry, because many water contaminated diesel, fell by Batamote lagoon drain, from where water is pumped to farmland.It was explained that the diesel spill may have reached the drain Represo Batamote, where you could have controlled the situation, however, someone broke, causing the water with diesel, continue the course.Alfredo Romero warned that if water contaminated with diesel falls farmland not only spoil the established crops, but the soil will lose nutrients and will be spending a lot of time to retrieve them back."We have years caring gaps and look around, it's over in a while, it's a very big pollution," he said.If Pemex officials, Civil Protection and the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection act to curb any major contingency is unknown.Long before reaching the lakes, breathes smell of fuel."Being here long, throat hurts," said another person.


The oil spill affected two adjacent lakes to drain Batamote, located in Rosales, receivership Culiacancito Station. - Noroeste. [Translated]

Thousands Of Dead Fish Washing Up On Beaches In El Oro, Ecuador.
Fish kill is still a mystery.

The fish mortality continues on the beaches of the province of El Oro before similar phenomena happened with the fish, so far has not been able to clarify the cause of these events.The only probable cause is that the authorities handled the plague gave some Bolichera fisheries boat, as the death occurred in a particular species.The last recorded death, fish were exactly is a place adjacent to the plant operator and processor of natural gas Petroecuador. In the early hypothesis that the dead fish were the result of the work done by the gas plant was handled.

This is not the first time a mortality of fish species chuhueco reported previously have been reports of death, but the exact results of the cause of death are not known.According to Thomas Cruz, leader of the Union of organizations of artisanal fish production of Gold - UOPPAO-, who has been closely following this situation reported that apparently the death of the species, is due to the aforementioned fish have completed their cycle life.The leader of the fishermen said that even some fishing buddies, agree that this was the factor that caused the death of thousands of fish found last Saturday.Last year, in the month June, at a place known as the "Oil," a considerable amount of dead fish were found on this occasion were of the species croaker and weakfish.

A part of this event Jambelí also given in Bajo Alto Beach, the residents are concerned about this situation."There is much shortage of fish, and that fish there," said Virgilio Vera, who belongs to the municipality of Alto Bajo. This fisherman 60 years ago indicated that there was an abundance of fish. When asked this fisherman attributed the scarcity of fish stated that in his opinion, is due to the exploitation of natural gas held in Low High, said species like chuhueco have suffered high mortality in recent years.Moreover fishermen ask the authorities to answer this and more control when it comes to seismic work. - Diariopinion. [Translated]

Hundreds Of Fish Found Dead In A Lake In La Molina, Peru.

The discovery of hundreds of dead fish in a pond of La Molina surprised the neighbors of that district, after noticing a strong odor coming from the area.

Next to the Laguna Grande residents asked the authorities to take action on the matter, since the situation can lead to serious public health problems.

In addition, staff of the Municipality of La Molina reached that point to remove species lifeless. So far the causes of the event are unknown.  - Diariocorreo. [Translated]

FIRE IN THE SKY: NASA Spacecraft Spots "Potentially Hazardous" Never-Before-Seen New Asteroid - Will Come Within 300,000 Miles From Earth!

January 09, 2014 - SPACE - Say hello to 2013 YP139 — a newly discovered 0.4 mile (650 meter) wide asteroid spotted by NASA's recently re-started NEOWISE spacecraft.

File photo.

Preliminary calculations show it'll come within 300,000 miles from Earth — thus qualifying it as a potential headache.

Above: The six red dots in this composite picture indicate the location of the first new near-Earth asteroid
seen by NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) since the spacecraft
came out of hibernation in December 2013. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The asteroid is currently 27 million miles (43 million km) from Earth. It's extremely dark, like a piece of coal. 2013 YP139 is currently circling the sun in an elliptical orbit tilted to the plane of our solar system. It could swing by at a distance closer than the Earth is to the Moon, but it won't do so within the next century.

NASA is classifying it as a potentially hazardous object because of the uncomfortably close projected flyby distance, and because objects greater than a half mile in diameter could have worldwide effects.

Because it was just discovered, and because the calculations are still incomplete, it has yet to appear on NASA's NEO risk chart. NASA says that
NEOWISE will continue to detect asteroids and comets. The observations will be automatically sent to the clearinghouse for solar system bodies, the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Mass., for comparison against the known catalog of solar system objects and to determine orbit if the object is not known. A community of professional and amateur astronomers will provide follow-up observations, establishing firm orbits for the previously unseen objects.
The only real threat facing Earth right now is 2007 VK184:

Release: NASA JPL

This 425 foot (0.13 km) wide object has a 1 in 1,750 chance of hitting us, or a 99.94300000% chance of missing the Earth. This object has four chances of hitting us between 2048 to 2057. - io9.

MASS FISH/BIRD/ANIMAL DIE-OFF: The Latest Incidents In Asia - 35 Turtles Wash Ashore Dead Along The Coast Of Chennai, India; Massive Fish Kill Due To "Pollution" In A Pond In Foshan, China; 4,700 Cattle Dead From Outbreak Of Foot And Mouth Disease In Kerala, India; Hundreds Of Ducks Die Suddenly In Malang, Indonesia; Over 500 Goats Die From Outbreak Of Plague In Xiniang, China; Large Die-Off Of Fish Found In A River In Hsinchu County, Taiwan; 23,000 Chickens Killed Due To Bird Flu In Guizhou, China; And Massive Fish Die-Off In Fish Ponds In Thong Nhat, Vietnam!

January 09, 2014 - ASIA - The following constitutes the latest incidents of mass animal, bird and fish die-offs across Asia:

35 Turtles Wash Ashore Dead Along The Coast Of Chennai, India.
File photo.

For turtle enthusiasts, 2014 began on a tragic note with 23 dead Olive Ridleys being washed ashore between Napier Bridge and Neelankarai in the last two days. In the last week, 35 dead turtles were found on the same stretch and this is just the tip of the iceberg. "Studies show that only 5% to 7% of the carcasses wash ashore," said Akila Balu, convener of Students' Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN).

Olive Ridleys are protected under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act and are considered keystone species, which means they play a critical role in the health of their environment. They keep the population of jelly fish in check and by feeding on sponges, they let coral reefs flourish. "It was very depressing to see so many turtles bloated and bleeding on the beach," said R Nishant, a volunteer from SSTCN who scouted the beach on Monday night between Srinivasapuram and Napier Bridge. The female turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on the beach.

The biggest threat to turtles is the uncontrolled number of fishing trawlers. Olive Ridleys get caught in their nets and fishermen cut off the turtles' flippers and throw them back into the sea. Since they have to swim to the surface to breathe, without flippers they drown. "The local artisan fishermen treat them as god and do not harm turtles. They have been helpful in conservation activities over the last 25 years," said Balu. So many carcasses washing ashore also indicate that the nesting turtles are near the coast.

On Monday night, the first nest of the season was found in Neelankarai. The nesting season begins in January and goes on till March. Last year, SSTCN volunteers found and relocated 225 nests along the 14km stretch, releasing more than 18,000 hatchlings. "Last year, we wrote to the chief minister's cell to regulate trawlers, at least during the nesting season. We received vague responses," said Balu. Olive Ridleys are the smallest and the most abundant of the seven species of sea turtles and nest along India's coast. Five of the seven come to India. Only Olive Ridleys come to the eastern coast while green turtles go to parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Forty-five to 60 days after the eggs are laid, the hatchlings come out. By instinct, they head towards the brighter horizon, which in nature is always the sea. Drawn by artificial lights from buildings and streetlamps, hatchlings head towards the land and get eaten by dogs, crows or simply dehydrate and die. SSTCN volunteers move the nests to a hatchery and release the hatchlings into the sea.

Life in danger

Studies show only 5% to 7% of the carcasses wash ashore, making the 35 dead turtles found in one week a small number

Saving the species

Olive Ridleys are protected under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act They nest between January and March They are the smallest and most abundant of the seven species of sea turtles

Threats they face

Adult turtles get trapped in the nets of trawlers. Fishermen often cut off the flippers Hatchlings are drawn to artificial light and often go towards land, where they die Nests are vulnerable to poaching and eaten by dogs

Conservation moves

Groups walk particular stretches looking for 'tracks' left behind by a nesting turtle Where the tracks meet, a small clearance can be found The nests are located where the sand is loose, and the eggs taken out and relocated. - Times of India.

Massive Fish Kill Due To "Pollution" In A Pond In Foshan, China.

January 6, 2014, in Foshan, Guangdong, Guangxi Industrial Park, Nanhai and outside a fish pond, creek water after recently drawn to the ponds, causing the death of kilograms of fish. There are ponds Lord said, allegedly as a result of industrial waste-water treatment business park has caused water pollution. At present, the environmental protection departments have samples for testing, will be the outcome of further tracing. There are ponds main creek side said that because the creek is contaminated, he has little to eat or not eat their own farmed fish. - QQ.  [Translated]

4,700 Cattle Dead From Outbreak Of Foot And Mouth Disease In Kerala, India.
Foot and mouth disease has claimed lives of over 4,700 cattle in Kerala after its outbreak a few months ago, State Agriculture Minister KP Mohanan told the state Assembly on Monday.

Replying to a submission in this regard, he said that the disease is now under control due to the effective remedial steps taken by the government.

A sum of Rs1.9 crore has been distributed to farmers who lost cattle as compensation. Rs 20 lakh has been allotted to districts to initiate measures to check spread of disease, he added.

Free treatment and vaccination is being carried out as part of the measures, he added. - Jagran Post.

Hundreds Of Ducks Die Suddenly In Malang, Indonesia.

Situbondo death in poultry, the menyerbar. In fact, until recently has spread to five points.

The five points, including in the District of Situbondo, Banyuputih, Suboh, Besuki and Panarukan.

This statement, disclosed the Head of Department of Animal Husbandry Situbondo, DVM Gaguk Murdjianto when contacted Solar Online, Monday ( 01/06/2014 ).

According to him, if you find any poultry deaths in the community, it immediately took precautionary measures to prevent the increase of poultry deaths.

"To prevent that we give a disinfectant and vaccines, " said Gaguk.

See the symptoms, it was poultry that died suddenly due to bird flu virus. However, to ensure that it was still awaiting the results labotarium.

"So far, the virus attacked poultry, usually dirty eyes and head spinning, " he concluded.

Previously reported, hundreds of ducks belonging to Imam Gunawan (52) Sagaran Hamlet, Village Carambola, District Besuki, died suddenly.

The death of hundreds of birds that have been taking place this week, allegedly due to bird flu.

As a result of the disease, farmers who 've been in the business for four years fattening ducks is likely to experience a loss of millions of dollars. - Tribun News. [Translated]

Over 500 Goats Die From Outbreak Of Plague In Xiniang, China.
The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) on Friday confirmed two outbreaks of peste des petits ruminants, also known as goat plague, in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

On December 20, a farm in Kuqa County in Aksu Prefecture reported that some goats showed suspected symptoms of the disease and 26 of them had died. On December 22, goats in Kalpin County in the same prefecture also showed suspected symptoms of the disease, and 44 of them died.

The country's exotic animal disease research center on Friday confirmed that the epidemic in both cases was peste des petits ruminants.

In Kalpin County, local authorities have sealed off and sterilized the infected area, where a total of 448 goats have been culled and safely disposed of.

In Kuqa County, work to seal off the infected areas and cull goats is being conducted in an orderly manner to prevent the disease from spreading, according to the MOA.

Peste des petits ruminants, also known as PPR, goat plague or ovine rinderpest, is a contagious disease mainly affecting goats and sheep. The virus causes fever, lesions, labored breathing and diarrhea in infected animals.  - Global Times.

Large Die-Off Of Fish Found In A River In Hsinchu County, Taiwan.
Hsinchu County Zhubei beans Po River fish die-off, carry out desludging Jhubei cleaning team.
Reporter Luo Lun Zuxiang / Photography

Hsinchu County Zhubei beans Po River yesterday a large number of tilapia, carp die-off. Hsinchu County Environmental Protection Agency Water Pollution Control Division to the scene found that deaths are considered big fish, juvenile fish, fish unaffected suspected domestic wastewater cause "insufficient oxygen" water lethal.

"Horrible, shortly before a large number of dead fish, these days again!" Beans Po river nearby residents said two weeks ago, a large number of deaths also occurred in the fish, and now again occur. Residents, according to past experience, the weather hot and cold temperature changes, streams nearly dry, prone to fish kills, water conservancy want to turn on the water from upstream units and more, so that the downstream stream sufficient to ensure that the fish are not hypoxia.

Contact the county and Water units currently fallow because of second crop, irrigation units during the use of fallow years old Xiushui Shenzhen, Jubei beans mainly by Dongxing Chun Po river water and water from the main Toucian, such as irrigation and drainage system due to enter Shenzhen Dongxing annual maintenance, suspension of water supply. Water conservation units, will speed up the completion of rush to the water supply as soon as possible. - UDN. [Translated]

23,000 Chickens Killed Due To Bird Flu In Guizhou, China.

The Ministry of Agriculture of China interested in the sudden death of birds. Experts conducted a review of several bodies of chickens and concluded that yellow Fuzzies ruined terrible disease - influenza H5N1.

To prevent the spread of the virus, local authorities cordoned off the affected area and killed over 23 thousand chickens.

According to ITAR-TASS , the disease can be transmitted from birds to humans. Ill those who have no immunity to influenza H5N1. Mortality from the disease is 60 percent. - NTV. [Translated]

Massive Fish Die-Off In Fish Ponds In Thong Nhat, Vietnam.

Economic Chamber Bien Hoa ( Dong Nai ) has said fish kills occur in the cage aquaculture in Thong Nhat Ward, Tan Hiep Hoa Mai and on the Cai River and Dong Nai river. The amount of dead fish being the local statistics. Dead fish mainly carp, red conditioning, steering fish, ornamental copy.

Mr. Tran Duc Need in KP1, Thong Nhat Ward, the household with the most dead fish friends, said: " dawn 12/28/2013, suffocating fish and mass death, including small fish and large fish. The amount of dead fish in my friends about 10 tons, estimated damage of over 500 million."

He should be around 100 tonnes of fish are feeding are intended for sale on the holiday, but only in 3 days the fish were killed about 1/10. People in the village of Thong Nhat friends that fish kills are caused by contaminated water sources, due to be discharged from industrial zones.

Also he should be home, many other dead fish friends from a few dozen to a few hundred pounds. Estimating fish friends killed in the past days to tens of tons. However, authorities have not identified the cause of mass mortalities. - Tienphong [Translated].

WEATHER PHENOMENON: "Amazing" - Stunningly Rare Waterspout In The Snow Over Lake Michigan!

January 09, 2014 - UNITED STATES - Winter has already provided us with some amazing images in 2014, but a waterspout in the snow over Lake Michigan just might top them all.

The picture was taken on the southside of Chicago at 10:23 CST on Sunday night.

Nick Ulivieri of Nick Ulivieri Photography explains how he got the shot:
I brought my camera along when I stepped outside to feel the cold and wind coming into “#Chiberia“. A few moments later I looked into the southern sky and saw a strange rope-like cloud hanging from the sky. I snapped a few photos and promptly posted it to Twitter to see if any meteorologists could tell me about it. Well, the photo caught fire. Turns out I caught a somewhat rare winter waterspout.
Meteorologist Reed Timmer talks about the amazing shot:
This water spout developed over Lake Michigan a few hours ago as record-breaking cold air is pouring over the relatively warm lake waters. Remember the miniature couplets apparent on radar with that lake effect band posted earlier?? I bet there is an outbreak of water spouts ongoing tonight over Lake Michigan.
Some could barely believe that the photo was real. Ulivieri quickly took care of those rumors:
@storm_chaser82@StormCoker – I took it about 2 hours ago. Real as it gets. I don’t lie about my photos
One meteorologist suggested it was a cold-air funnel.
@ChiPhotoGuy@reedtimmerTVN@MikeHamernik In all likelihood that would be a cold air funnel.
— WCRD Weather (@wcrdwx) January 6, 2014
— Nick Ulivieri (@ChiPhotoGuy) January 6, 2014 describes cold-air funnels:
Cold-air funnel clouds (vortices) are usually short-lived and generally much weaker than the vortices produced by supercells. Although cold-air funnels rarely make ground contact, they may touch down briefly and become weak tornadoes or waterspouts.
Unlike the related phenomenon associated with severe thunderstorms, cold-air funnels are generally associated with partly cloudy skies in the wake of cold fronts, where atmospheric instability and moisture is sufficient to support towering cumulus clouds but not precipitation.
An amazing shot in what has already become a memorable 2014. - Govt Slaves.

SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: Precursors To The Total Collapse Of The FAILED White Supremacy Paradigm - Twelve Signs Of The Extreme Social Decay In America That Are Almost Too Horrible To Talk About; If You Are Waiting For An “Economic Collapse”, Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe!

"Time evolves and comes to a place where it renews again... There is first a purification time, then there is renewal time... We are getting very close to this time... We were told we would see the white man's world come and go... In a sense America and Europe are dying,... from within... Because they have forgotten the instructions of how to live on Earth..." - Indigenous Native American Prophecy.

January 09, 2014 - UNITED STATES & EUROPE - Hearts in America are getting colder even faster than the weather is.  Sometimes it is hard to believe how twisted and deranged many Americans have become.  In order for a society to function efficiently, people need to be able to have a basic level of trust in one another.  Unfortunately, we are rapidly getting to the point in America where it is becoming very difficult to trust anyone that you do not know personally. 

12 Signs Of Extreme Social Decay In America That Are Almost Too Horrible To Talk About.

As you will see below, the United States is rapidly becoming a cesspool of liars, thieves, murderers, perverts and psychopaths.  Please do not allow any young children to read this article.  All of this material is from mainstream news reports, but a lot of it is too disturbing for young kids to be exposed to.  The reason why I write about this stuff is because there is never going to be any hope of a turnaround in this country until we take a good, long look in the mirror and admit how far we have fallen.  Yes, a lot of these things are almost too horrible to talk about, but as a nation we must understand how bad things have become.  There is evidence of extreme social decay all around us, and it is steadily eating away at the very foundations of our Republic.

The following are excerpts from 12 recent mainstream news reports.  Once again, let me warn you that some of these crimes are so twisted that it is very difficult to even read about them.  But this is how you get an addict that has reached “rock bottom” to change.  You show them how their behavior is literally destroying them and the people around them.  And without a doubt, America is being systematically destroyed by all of this evil.  The following are 12 signs of extreme social decay in America that are almost too horrible to talk about…

#1 ‘Many going to Super Bowl for child sex’ in New Jersey
: The Super Bowl has been called the “largest human-trafficking venue on the planet” with many attending the event not to watch football but for sex with men, women and children.

#2 A 13-Year-Old Boy Who Murdered His Cousin Because Of An XBox: A 13-year-old boy who allegedly killed his sleeping 16-year-old cousin after an argument over a video game system was ordered held in custody today by a juvenile court judge, authorities said. The teen shot his cousin, Raymond Galloway, in the head at around 5:50 a.m. Sunday while Galloway slept in the teen’s bedroom in the 500 block of East 38th Place, according to Chicago police and Cook County prosecutors.

#3 District man charged with fatally stabbing wife during argument over cable bill: A man charged with fatally stabbing his wife in a Northeast Washington apartment had been arguing with her over an unpaid cable bill, which led to a violent confrontation, according to court papers filed in D.C. Superior Court on Monday. A friend found the body of Claudia Hall, 51, on Friday lying on her bed in her residence in the 300 block of 18th Place NE. Police said she had been stabbed in the abdomen and choked, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

#4 Surveillance Video Shows Bystanders Walking Over Dead Body in Convenience Store Entrance: Disturbing surveillance video shows the body of 24-year-old Jheryl Wright lying in the doorway of a convenience store in Kalamazoo, Michigan while customers walked by unaffected. Wright had been gunned down at the entrance of the convenience store just minutes before what’s shown in the video, and according to reports, the store clerks didn’t even check to see if he was alive or dead. People came in and out of the store, stepped over him, and acted as if there wasn’t a dead body in front of them.

#5 Pizza delivery man arrested after ‘being caught on hidden camera having sex with family dog’: A Papa John’s delivery man in Florida has been arrested and charged after he was allegedly caught on hidden camera having sex with the family dog. Joshua Lee Werbicki, 22, was taken into custody on Friday at the Palm Bay restaurant where he works and charged with felony cruelty to animals and misdemeanor criminal sex act with an animal after a video was handed to the police. Werbicki’s roommate set up the camera after she became suspicious when the dog, a German Shepherd mix, began limping and became startled around people.

#6 Stockton Couple Accused Of Dismembering Roommate, Burning Torso In Campfire: A couple is accused of a grisly crime, killing a man and then dismembering the body. Stockton police say the suspects left a trail of blood that led them to the remains.

#7 Man Accidentally Recorded Himself Installing Hidden Camera to Secretly Record Coworkers Using Restroom: According to the San Antonio Express-News, police said Ray De la Cruz, 44, was arrested Thursday after a coworker found a recording device “taped to the back of a shelf of a storage locker located directly in front of the toilet.”

#8 N.Y. Group Applies To Build Satan Statue At Oklahoma State Capitol: The Satanic Temple unveiled designs Monday for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan it wants to put at the Oklahoma state Capitol, where a Ten Commandments monument was placed in 2012. The group formally submitted its application to a panel that oversees the Capitol grounds, including an artist’s rendering that depicts Satan as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard that’s often used as a symbol of the occult. In the rendering, Satan is sitting in a pentagram-adorned throne with smiling children next to him.

#9 First Grade Teacher Tells Young Child That “Jesus Is Not Allowed In School”: On December 13, 2013, first grader Isaiah Martinez took Christmas gifts intended for his teacher and classmates at Merced Elementary in the West Covina Unified School District. Each gift consisted of a traditional candy cane with a message attached that recited the legend of the candy cane. The legend references a candy maker who created the candy cane to symbolize the life of Jesus Christ. Isaiah’s older sister told him about the legend of the candy cane and Isaiah asked if he could share it with his teacher and his classmates. Isaiah and his sister then purchased candy canes, printed the candy cane message and tied a copy to each candy cane. When Isaiah brought his Christmas gift to school, his teacher took possession of the candy canes. After conferring with the school principal, the teacher told Isaiah that “Jesus is not allowed in school” and, at the apparent direction of her principal, ripped the candy cane message from each candy cane, threw the messages in the trash, and handed the candy canes back to Isaiah for delivery to his classmates. Isaiah then nervously handed the candy canes to his classmates in fear that he was in trouble for trying to bring a little Christmas cheer and “good tidings” to class.

#10 A Man Who Planned The Sexual Abuse Of His Own Daughter Before She Was Even Born: Evidence at Adleta’s trial showed that he abused his son and daughter and the child of another woman, children who ranged in age from 1 to 4. He also ordered his wife and girlfriend to abuse children and recorded the acts; then he istributed the images as child pornography. Adleta said nothing at the hearing except to answer, “No, your honor,” when asked by the judge if he had anything to say.

#11 Coroner: California priest beaten to death with wooden stake, metal gutter pipe: A beloved priest who was killed in the Northern California city of Eureka was beaten to death with a wooden stake and a metal gutter pipe, his autopsy shows.

#12 Hundreds of teens trash mall in wild flash mob: A wild flash mob stormed and trashed a Brooklyn mall, causing so much chaos that the shopping center was forced to close during post-Christmas sales, sources said Friday.
Whenever I do an article like this, a few people out there will try to dismiss it by claiming that these are just a few isolated “anecdotes” and that most Americans are “good people” and that we really don’t have a problem at all.

I don’t understand how anyone can possibly come to that conclusion, but for those thinking along those lines I would encourage you to check out the hundreds of other examples of advanced moral decay in America that I have discussed in previous articles.  The following are five of my previous articles to help get you started…

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Of course most people out there already know that this nation is heading in the wrong direction.
Most people out there already know on a very deep level that something has dramatically “shifted” in this nation.

The American people no longer have the same character that they once did.

So what has happened?

Why is there so much social decay all around us? - TAD.

If You Are Waiting For An “Economic Collapse”, Just Look At What Is Happening To Europe.

If you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the "economic collapse", just open up your eyes and look at what is happening in Europe.  The entire continent is a giant economic mess right now.  Unemployment and poverty levels are setting record highs, car sales are setting record lows, and there is an ocean of bad loans and red ink everywhere you look. 

Over the past several years, most of the attention has been on the economic struggles of Greece, Spain and Portugal and without a doubt things continue to get even worse in those nations.  But in 2014 and 2015, Italy and France will start to take center stage.  France has the 5th largest economy on the planet, and Italy has the 9th largest economy on the planet, and at this point both of those economies are rapidly falling to pieces.  Expect both France and Italy to make major headlines throughout the rest of 2014.  I have always maintained that the next major wave of the economic collapse would begin in Europe, and that is exactly what is happening. 

The following are just a few of the statistics that show that an "economic collapse" is happening in Europe right now...

-The unemployment rate in the eurozone as a whole is still sitting at an all-time record high of 12.1 percent.
-It Italy, the unemployment rate has soared to a brand new all-time record high of 12.7 percent.
-The youth unemployment rate in Italy has jumped up to 41.6 percent.
-The level of poverty in Italy is now the highest that has ever been recorded.
-Many analysts expect major economic trouble in Italy over the next couple of years.  The President of Italy is openly warning of "widespread social tension and unrest" in his nation in 2014.
-Citigroup is projecting that Italy's debt to GDP ratio will surpass 140 percent by the year 2016.
-Citigroup is projecting that Greece's debt to GDP ratio will surpass 200 percent by the year 2016.
-Citigroup is projecting that the unemployment rate in Greece will reach 32 percent in 2015.
-The unemployment rate in Spain is still sitting at an all-time record high of 26.7 percent.
-The youth unemployment rate in Spain is now up to 57.7 percent - even higher than in Greece.
-The percentage of bad loans in Spain has risen for eight straight months and recently hit a brand new all-time record high of 13 percent.
-The number of mortgage applications in Spain has fallen by 90 percent since the peak of the housing boom.
-The unemployment rate in France has risen for 9 quarters in a row and recently soared to a new 16 year high.
-For 2013, car sales in Europe were on pace to hit the lowest yearly level ever recorded.
-Deutsche Bank, probably the most important bank in Germany, is the most highly leveraged bank in Europe (60 to 1) and it has approximately 70 trillion dollars worth of exposure to derivatives.

Europe truly is experiencing an economic nightmare, and it is only going to get worse.

It would be hard to put into words the extreme desperation that unemployed workers throughout Europe are feeling right now.  When you can't feed your family and you can't find work no matter how hard you try, it can be absolutely soul crushing.

To get an idea of the level of desperation in Spain, check out the following anecdote from a recent NPR article...
Having trouble wrapping your head around southern Europe's staggering unemployment problem?

Look no further than a single Ikea furniture store on Spain's Mediterranean coast.

The plans to open a new megastore next summer near Valencia. On Monday, Ikea's started taking applications for 400 jobs at the new store.

The company wasn't prepared for what came next.

Within 48 hours, more than 20,000 people had applied online for those 400 jobs. The volume crashed Ikea's computer servers in Spain.
Of course that should kind of remind you of what I wrote about yesterday.  We are starting to see this kind of intense competition for low paying jobs in the United States as well.

As global economic conditions continue to deteriorate, things are going to get even tougher for those on the low end of the economic food chain.  Poverty rates are going to soar, even in areas where you might not expect it to happen.  In fact, one new report discovered that poverty has already been rising steadily in Germany, which is supposed to be the strongest economy in the entire Eurozone...
A few days before the Christmas holidays, the Joint Welfare Association published a report on the regional development of poverty in Germany in 2013 titled “Between prosperity and poverty—a test to breaking point”. The report refutes the official propaganda that Germany has remained largely unaffected by the crisis and is a haven of prosperity in Europe.

According to the report, poverty in Germany has “reached a sad record high”. Entire cities and regions have been plunged into ever deeper economic and social crisis. “The social and regional centrifugal forces, as measured by the spread of incomes, have increased dramatically in Germany since 2006,” it says. Germany faces “a test to breaking point.”
Of course poverty continues to explode on this side of the Atlantic Ocean as well.  In the United States, the poverty rate has been at 15 percent or above for three years in a row.  That is the first time that this has happened since the 1960s.

And this is just the beginning.  The extreme recklessness of European banks such as Deutsche Bank and U.S. banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Citibank and Goldman Sachs is eventually going to cause a financial catastrophe far worse than what we experienced back in 2008.

When that crisis arrives, the flow of credit is going to freeze up dramatically and economic activity will grind to a standstill.  Unemployment, poverty and all of our current economic problems will become much, much worse.

So as bad as things are right now, the truth is that this is nothing compared to what is coming.

I hope that you are getting prepared for the coming storm while you still can. - TEC.