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SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: Precursors To The End Of The United States Corporation - No Indictment In The Ferguson Case; Michael Brown's Mother Collapse Outside Station; Father "Devastated"; Protesters Declared They Are "Ready For War"; Scenes Of Chaos; Looting; Cars Vandalized; Gunshots; Police Attacked; President Obama Says "American Isn't Everything That It Could Be"! UPDATE: Coast To Coast - Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Fuels Fury Across The United States! [VIDEOS]

A protester, demanding the criminal indictment of a white police officer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager in August, shouts slogans while
stopping traffic while marching through a suburb in St. Louis, Missouri November 23, 2014. (Reuters/Adrees Latif)

- Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted on any charges for shooting and killing unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown, a St. Louis grand jury has decided.

The grand jury's decision was announced Monday evening by Bob McCulloch, the prosecuting attorney for St. Louis County. He said that "no probable cause exists" to file any charges against Wilson.

Michael Brown's mother collapsed in tears as the verdict was announced - as the victim's stepfather screamed 'Burn this b**** down'. Spokeswoman for Michael Brown Sr. says he is "devastated."

Meanwhile, Wilson's attorneys issued a statement in which he thanked 'those who have stood by his side throughout the process'.

WATCH: No indictment for Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown.

Officer Wilson potentially faced charges of first- or second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter. At least nine of the 12 people on the jury needed to agree to bring charges in order to indict Wilson. It's unclear exactly how that vote unfolded.

In the wake of the decision, the Brown family released a statement saying:

Michael Brown graduated from Normandy High School last spring and was
preparing to attend Vatterott College, where he planned to study to become a
heating and air conditioning technician. Friends say he eventually wanted to
go into business for himself. Relatives and friends described Brown, who
grew up in a tough neighborhood, as a quiet, gentle giant who stood around
6-foot-3 and weighed nearly 300 pounds. He was unarmed
on the day he was killed.
"We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions. While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen."

News of the grand jury's decision did not go over well with protesters, some of whom threw objects and began smashing up a police vehicle. Officers deployed tear gas in an effort to disperse demonstrators.

According to McCulloch the grand jury heard 70 hours of testimony from more than 60 witnesses. Full transcripts from the grand jury process will be made public, he added.

Ahead of the decision, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon called for calm and restraint from protesters and police.

"While none of us knows what that [decision] will be, our shared hope and expectation is that regardless of the decision people on all sides show tolerance, mutual respect and restraint," he said.

The governor added that the state is doing everything it can to "protect lives, protect property, and protect the freedom of speech.” The governor added that police will “continue to maintain open lines of communication” with protesters “to improve interaction”with law enforcement.

The decision comes about two months after the grand jury was convened to look into charging Wilson with a crime. Brown was killed on August 9, though there have been conflicting accounts regarding his death.

The grand jury heard testimony from numerous witnesses, some of which reportedly claimed that Brown was trying to surrender to Wilson when he was shot. However, other witnesses – as well as Wilson himself – claim Brown was involved in a physical confrontation with the officer before he was killed. According to reports, Wilson told the grand jury that Brown punched him while he was in his vehicle and also charged at him despite orders to stop.

Demonstrators gather outside the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson Missouri, on November 24, 2014 to protest the death of 18-year-old unarmed
black teenager Michael Brown, who was shot to death by a white police officer. (AFP Photo/Michael B. Thomas)

Demonstrators chant 'hands up, don't shoot' as they protest in front of the Ferguson police department on November 24, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.
(ustin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP)

Police have tried to break up the violent crowds by using tear gas on Monday night. The President and U.S. Attorney General have called
for restraint from law enforcement in dealing with protesters

An independent autopsy report conducted on behalf of the family found that Brown had been shot at least eight times – six times from behind. Jerryl Christmas, one of the Brown family attorneys, said the results indicated there was no struggle.

"The evidence shows that the story we've been given by the Police Department does not match up,"attorney Jerryl Christmas said, as cited by the AP."There's no evidence that there was a gun battle going on."

Meanwhile, an autopsy conducted by the St. Louis County medical examiner found evidence of residue on Brown’s hand that would support the idea that Wilson shot the teenager at close range. Leaked details from the autopsy suggest it also indicated that Brown and Wilson were engaged in a “significant altercation” inside of or near Wilson’s car.

WATCH: Riots break out in Ferguson - Gunfire, molotovs and tear gas reported.

Brown’s death sparked immediate criticism from residents and those around the country who believed Wilson used excessive force. Protesters took to the streets calling for Wilson to be identified – police at the time refused to declare who killed the teen – and for him to face charges. Demonstrations lasted for weeks, with law enforcement responding strongly by arriving at protests in riot gear, with armored vehicles, and by using tear gas to clear out activists.

President Obama, speaking live to the nation after the decision in Ferguson not to indict a police office for the killing of Michael Brown, said that "America isn't everything that it could be."

WATCH: Obama - "America isn't everything that it could be".

"We shouldn't try to paper it over," said Obama. "Whenever we do that the anger may momentarily subside, but over time it builds up. And America isn't everything that it could be. And I am confident that if we focus our attention on the problem and we look at what has happened in communities around the country effectively, then we can make progress not just in Ferguson but in a lot of other cities and communities around the country."

Obama made the statement as a split screen showed mayhem breaking out in Ferguson, Missouri.

WATCH: Ferguson descends into chaos.

WATCH: Coast to Coast - Ferguson fury across US as cop acquitted of teen killing.

- RT.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: The Latest Report Of Volcanic Eruptions, Activity, Unrest And Awakenings – November 24, 2014!

November 24, 2014 - EARTH - The following constitutes the new activity, unrest and ongoing reports of volcanoes across the globe.

Fogo (Cape Verde): Lava flows cut road

Lava flow from Fogo (Fogonews)

The new eruption, so far small inside the Cha caldera, continues. It is taking place from a fissure with two closely spaced vents on the southwest side of the Pico de Fogo, very near to the 1995 eruption vents.

The upper vent produces ash, the lower one feeds lava fountains (or continuous strombolian activity) and several 'a'a lava flows. One of the lava flows quickly cut the main road through the caldera, but no other major damage has been reported.

Lava flow from Fogo cutting the road in the caldera (Fogonews)

Ash plume from Fogo (HOTVOLC / OPGC-LMV / Culture Volcan)

Lava fountains and flow from the new eruption at Fogo (Fogonews)

A SO2 plume mixed with some ash is visible on satellite data in distances of up to 150-200 km from Fogo.

Army, Civil Protection and the Red Cross have been mobilized to monitor the situation and coordinate possible evacuations if needed. Ships have been called to be on standby.

WATCH: The Fogo volcano erupts.

Kilauea (Hawai'i): Lava front retreats away from Pahoa

To present, USGS-HVO and County of Hawai`i report that lava has reoccupied the tube system only as far as the cracks near the old geothermal well site (recognized as a clearing in the thicker forest in photographs). From there, it has spilled out and is forming a new flow lobe farther west from the previous one which stopped just short of Pahoa Village Road and that now appears to be hardening without further advance.

USGS-HVO/NASA image of active flow areas on November 22, 2014.

USGS-HVO photo of lava activity escaping crack system more than 3mi/5km from Pahoa village on November 19, 2014.

The current front is now 5.8km/3.6mi upslope from Apa`a St measured in a straight line, which means Pahoa has escaped its most urgent threat. The county is reopening the Pahoa Village Road today, previously blocked off as the power company reenforced their poles with huge piles of rock, which they have now removed again to allow the flow of traffic.

While it's possible that the new flow could turn towards the outskirts of Pahoa again, it took the previous flow 7 weeks to reach Apa`a St and it's reasonable to expect a similar timeline again, keeping in mind that another flow front may develop near the breakout site nearby Pu`u Kahauale`a and divert much of the lava that could otherwise head to Pahoa. The next several days of lava activity should give some hint of an answer to the question. Finally, it may be noteworthy that there has been increased earthquake activity south of the caldera, with a 3.6 and 3.3 felt by area residents in the past 3 days.

Shishaldin (Aleutian Islands, Alaska): Increased activity

A surge of activity was detected at the volcano. The Alaska Volcano Observatory writes:

Current seismic signal (SSLW station, AVO)

"Seismic activity has increased over the past two hours and more sharply over the past 30 minutes, suggesting that the eruption at Shishaldin has intensified. Ash emissions beyond the immediate summit crater are more likely while seismic activity is increased. Satellite images from earlier tonight show elevated surface temperatures near the volcano's summit."

Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): Weak explosive activity at summit vents, increased CO2 emissions

Lava effusion seems to have stopped completely since about a week ago. Small strombolian explosions continue to occur sporadically from vents in the northern and central crater terrace at the summit.

Strombolian acttivity at the summit vents of Stromboli (INGV)

CO2 flux measured on Stromboli (INGV)

The apparent low activity may be the "calm before the storm": a surge in CO2 gas emissions since the beginning of November indicates that fresh magma might be on the rise within the conduit (CO2 being the least soluble magmatic gas and the first to leave the new magma).

One possibility is that the arrival of new magma leads to a strong initial (and very dangerous) explosion. This scenario occurred in 2003 and 2007 during similar stages of activity (after the end of a sustained lava flow).

Dukono (Halmahera): Activity update

A series of stronger explosions and/or elevated ash emissions produced a plume at 8,000 ft (2.4 km) altitude extending almost 150 km to the west of the volcano.

Colima (Western Mexico):  Large explosion on Friday, 5 km eruption column

Eruption column from yesterday's explosion at Colima (Photo: Mario Anguiano M. / ‏@gobernador_mam / Twitter)

A strong explosion occurred yesterday afternoon, producing a 5 km tall ash plume.

Ash fall occurred in up to 25 km distance in the municipalities of Zapotiltic and Tamazula de Gordiano.

The vulcanian-type eruption was likely the result of accumulated gas/magma pressure that ejected a solid plug blocking the vent.

Cerro Negro de Mayasquer (Colombia):  Continuing earthquakes, appearance of seismic tremor

The seismic crisis that began last year continues at high intensity. During the ongoing swarm more than 206,000 earthquakes have been detected in an area 4 km south of the Chiles-Cerro Negro complex since 29 Sep alone. Daily numbers of quakes have ranged between 3700-5400 earthquakes.

While most quakes have been very small, a few were strong enough to be felt by local inhabitants.

One possible cause of the earthquake swarm is a magma intrusion at depth, which could be a precursor to new activity of the volcano. This hypothesis is becoming more likely since weak episodes of seismic tremor have started to appear on seismic recordings of stations near the volcano. Tremor are long-lasting regular ground vibrations typical for fluid movements at depth. These could be magma, gasses and/or hydrothermal fluids (water). Which of them is responsible cannot be said at the moment.

WATCH: Seismic activity at the Cerro Negro complex.


Reventador (Ecuador):  New lava flow on upper NW flank

Infrared image of the lava flow on Reventador volcano on 10 Nov (IGEPN)

A new lava flow is active on the upper NW flank of the volcano, originating from the base of its lava dome. Likely, the flow started in mid to late October; on 19 Nov, it had a length of less than 1 km.

- Volcano Discovery.

GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: Another Banker Bites The Dust – MassMutual Senior Vice President Found Dead, Stabbed In The Chest In Apparent Homicide?!

- A week after stunned Tribeca woke up to news of a grizzly death in which a Citigroup managing director living on Greenwich Street was found dead in his bathtub with a slashed throat and the lack of a suicide weapon on the scene suggesting there was foul play involved, another banking executive was killed over the weekend, when 54-year-old Melissa Millian, a senior vice president at MassMutual, was found lying in a road in Simsbury, Connecticut, having been stabbed in the chest.

As CBS reports, initially there was speculation Millian may have been in a bicycle accident, or may have been the victim of a hit-and-run.  However on Saturday, the office of the Chief State Medical examiner said the cause of her death was a stab wound to the chest, and the manner was homicide.

According to WCVB, Millan, a mother of two, was a senior vice president at MassMutual in Springfield. A spokesman for the company said she was a tremendous leader and deeply caring and that she would be missed.

Passing motorists found Millan lying on the ground Thursday at 8:04 p.m., according to Simsbury police.

Police said she could have been out jogging but that they did not yet know what happened and are investigating. Millan was taken to St. Francis Hospital where she died, according to police.

Police announced Saturday they were investigating the incident as a homicide.

As Breaking911 further adds, MassMutual was shocked by the news, with a company spokesperson saying that "Melissa’s tremendous leadership qualities, business acumen and deeply caring nature will be missed by those who had the opportunity to work with her." 
Friends, who gathered to pay their respects, said Millan was a dedicated athlete and an incredible mother.

“Devastated…shocked and angry. That a woman, such a woman’s life, could have been ended so senselessly and so cruelly,” said friend Lynne Tapper.
According to MassLive, people using the popular bike path that runs through the town said they were shocked to hear someone as stabbed to death along the trail which they consider safe.
The path is connected to a series of linked bikeways that start in Westfield and head south, running though most of Connecticut. It is popular with Western Massachusetts residents.

Sunday several people stopped at the memorial to mourn the death of the woman who was known as a triathlete as well as a parent and a skilled professional. They declined to talk to the media. A vigil was held earlier on Sunday in Farmington sponsored by Team Training New England.

The organization's website called Millan an "an extraordinary human being" and set up a memorial page for her.

"Melissa has been a pillar of the TTNE community since she first trained with us in 2006. Regardless of her formidable responsibilities at home and at work, she made every effort to mentor 'newbie' triathletes and provide moral and other support to her team members year in and year out, without fail!" the website said.

People who use the path said it is well-lit and there are always people walking or driving by.

"I was very surprised," said Donna Morris, of Simsbury, who was walking her four-month-old mixed breed dog at dusk Sunday. "I walk here sometimes and I haven't had a problem."

The path runs along Iron Horse Boulevard, a divided roadway with plenty of traffic. The memorial was set up less than 20 feet from a popular playground which was filled with children and their parents Sunday afternoon. Behind the playground is a dog park that is also popular. Across the street from the playground is a group of shops.

"It looks like someone would have seen something," Morris said. Tonia Kagan, of West Hartford, reacted with shock when she learned the bouquets had been placed there to remember Millan.

"I love this path," she said. "My husband is in the dog park now. It is a lovely place." She likened Simsbury to West Hartford, saying it is usually peaceful and violence is rare.

"I use this path a lot and I'm shocked and surprised...I always feel very safe," said Lucinda, who declined to give her last name.
Was this another targeted murder in an otherwise sleepy neighborhood, and if so, what was the motivation to take out a mother of two and active member of the local community? The police investigation is ongoing. - Zero Hedge.

EXTREME WEATHER: East Coast Storm To Snarl Thanksgiving Travel - Heavy Rainfall And Snow Will Cause Major Disruptions And Delays!

November 24, 2014 - UNITED STATES
- A storm with rain and heavy snow will cause major disruptions and delays for Thanksgiving travel on the East Coast and in the Appalachians.

Rain will initially spread northward along the Interstate-95 with snow and rain to start farther west in the I-81 corridor. However, a change to snow will take place from west to east from northern Virginia to New England.

The storm will bring mostly snow to the I-81 swath in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York state, as well as much of interior New England, where a general 6-12 inches of snow are forecast.

Some places across the Hudson Valley and New England could even have snow totals exceeding a foot.

"The storm should rapidly strengthen off the coast of New England on Wednesday night, leading to strong and gusty winds, especially near the coast. This would lead to some blowing and drifting of the snow, making travel on Wednesday night very difficult," stated Meteorologist Ben Noll as he discussed the impacts in this storm scenario.

Enough rain, low clouds and poor visibility will occur to lead to airline and highway delays ahead of the snow.

Rain will change to snow in the I-95 cities from Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, to Philadelphia, New York City, Boston and Portland, Maine, during the latter part of the storm.

While the heaviest snow will fall in the northern and western suburbs of the I-95 Northeast cities, enough snow can fall to make city roads slushy and slippery.

Best Bets for Avoiding Weather-Related Travel Delays

The best bet for ground and air travel in the mid-Atlantic and New England will be during the day Tuesday and Tuesday night. Travel by ground may be satisfactory in northern New England Tuesday morning. However, for those traveling long distance by vehicle will run the risk of getting caught in the snowstorm Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Even though weather conditions will improve in the South later Wednesday and Wednesday night, possible flight delays may continue as some aircraft originating from the Northeast may be stuck in the snowstorm.

Travel conditions will improve on Thanksgiving Day in the Northeast. However, some roads may still be snow-covered early in the day. Be on the lookout for icy spotty Thanksgiving night as areas that were previously wet and slushy can become icy.

Travelers in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast planning to head to their Thanksgiving destinations should continue to check back with for the latest on this storm and consider travel alternatives.

Timeline of the Worst Weather Conditions for Travel

Florida The worst conditions for travel due to rain and thunderstorms will be Tuesday into Tuesday night. Travel will improve from north to south on Wednesday.

Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina, to Charleston, South Carolina
The worst travel conditions due to rain will be Tuesday night into early Wednesday. Travel conditions will improve Wednesday afternoon and night.

Raleigh, North Carolina, to Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia
The worst conditions due to rain will be on Wednesday. Travel conditions will improve Wednesday night.

Washington, D.C. and Baltimore
Rain, or a mix of wet snow and rain will slow travel Wednesday morning, but the worst conditions will be during the afternoon and evening as rain changes to snow. Roads will become slippery.

Rain, or a mix of wet snow and rain will slow travel Wednesday morning and midday, but the worst conditions will be from the middle of the afternoon into the evening as rain changes to snow. Roads will become slippery.

New York City
Rain, or a mix of wet snow and rain will slow travel into Wednesday afternoon, but the worst conditions will be toward evening into Wednesday night as snow falls. Some roads will become slippery.

Rain, or a mix of wet snow and rain will slow travel during the day Wednesday, but the worst conditions will be Wednesday night as snow falls. Some roads will become slippery.

Roanoke, Virginia
Rain will change to snow Wednesday morning. The worst conditions will be during the day Wednesday. Roads will become snow-covered and slippery.

Harrisburg and Scranton, Pennsylvania
Rain will change to snow Wednesday morning. The worst conditions will be during the day Wednesday into Wednesday evening. Roads will be snow-covered and slippery.

Binghamton and Albany, New York
Snow will arrive Wednesday morning. The worst conditions will be Wednesday afternoon and night. Roads will be snow-covered and slippery.

Worcester, Massachusetts and Concord, New Hampshire
Snow will fall Wednesday midday. The worst conditions will be late Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night. Roads will be snow-covered and slippery.

- AccuWeather.

FUK-U-SHIMA: "Barrier Is NOT HOLDING" At Japan's Fukushima Plant - All Efforts Have Failed To Stop Very High Levels Of Radioactive Materials Flowing Into Pacific Ocean; Officials Say More Water's Coming In Than We Were Pumping Out; Workers Now Trying To Prevent Overflow!

November 24, 2014 - JAPAN
- Attempt to stop water flowing into trench at Fukushima plant fails… TEPCO determined that the leak must be continuing… critics have pointed out the possibility of it escaping into the ocean… TEPCO planned to freeze the water… However, the water was insufficiently frozen to stop the flow, and while an effort continued until Nov. 6 to fill in the gaps in the ice with special cement, this effort also failed While the water remains in the trench, TEPCO cannot create a planned underground wall of frozen soil around the No. 1 through 4 reactor buildings - Nov 18, 2014 (emphasis added) - Mainichi.

Officials… say a barrier designed to prevent radioactive water from entering underground tunnels is likely not doing its job… highly-radioactive water from tunnels under the facilityleaks to surrounding soil Monday, workers removed 200,000 liters of water, estimating that water levels in the tunnels would drop by 80 cm. However, the levels went down by only 20. - Nov 18, 2014 - NHK.

Officials [at] the Fukushima plant have another problem… Officials concluded more water was likely entering the tunnels from the reactor building than was being pumped out Officials say workers [plan to fill tunnels with cement] carefully to prevent contaminated water from overflowing. - NHK World (original).

The aim is to prevent the water from leaking into the surrounding soil but the barrier is not holding back the water Officials concluded more water was likely entering the tunnels from the reactor building than was being pumped out. - NHK World (updated).

Tepco unable to halt tainted water flowing… from the No. 2 reactor building to underground tunnels at [Fukushima Daiichi,] officials said. Tepco has injected cement… but water levels suggest the effort has remained unsuccessful… The company began the cement injections after failing to create an “ice wall”… Tepco pumped 200 tons of tainted water out of the tunnels Monday… [If] completely sealed, water levels would have fallen roughly 80 cm [yet levels only dropped 20 cm], the officials said, indicating the possibility that contaminated water is still flowing into the tunnels. The officials also noted the possibility that groundwater may be flowing into the tunnels. However… the amount of radioactive materials in the tunnel water is very high, an official in the Nuclear Regulation Authority said. “Concentrations should have been lower if large amounts of groundwater are really flowing in”. - Nov. 19, 2014 - Japan Times.

The tunnels are believed to contain some 5,000 tons of tainted water. Some observers believe the water may be leaking into the ground and reaching the Pacific. - Nov. 19, 2014 - Jiji Press.

WATCH: Radiation water leak at Fukushima.

Compiled by: ENE News.

MONUMENTAL DELUGE: Widespread Flooding – The Latest Reports Of High Tides, Heavy Rainfall, Flash Floods, Sea Level Rise, And Catastrophic Storms!

Stranded: Drivers wait for help in flood waters in Ouarzazate, Morocco. © Getty

November 24, 2014 - EARTH
- The following list constitutes the latest reports of high tides, heavy rainfall, flash floods, widespread flooding, sea level rise and catastrophic storms.

Floods in Morocco kill 17 with dozens missing after heavy rain destroys houses, cars and roads

Dramatic pictures show roads turned to rivers, with army helicopters sent in to try and evacuate survivors

At least 17 people have been killed and dozens more are missing after severe flooding in Morocco.

Heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday destroyed houses, vehicles and roads, with dramatic pictures showing cars swept off highways and people stranded amid torrents of fast-flowing water.

The army has sent helicopters to evacuate dozens of people, and the country's King Mohamed has ordered authorities to take "all necessary emergency measures to help and support victims of the floods".
But rescue workers face increasing anger from residents in the effected areas who have protested over the slow response to previous floods.

In the town of Errachidia, where 60 houses have been destroyed, one woman said: "We have lost everything, everything. Now our families will sleep in the cold.

WATCH: At least 17 killed by floods in Morocco.

"Their [the authorities'] previous programmes to restore our mud houses did not save us, our hoses were just swept away."

Morocco's official MAP news agency reports that 13 of those who have lost their lives, as well as the majority of the 18 who remain unaccounted for, were from the desert town of Guelmim.

Some local news websites put the latest death toll at 20, and said it could still rise further.  - Daily Mirror.

Severe storms and flash flooding cause chaos in Brisbane - Brings 10cm Rain in 1 Hour

A summer storm that hit Brisbane and parts of south east Queensland between 18 and 19 November brought with it as much as 10 cm of rain in just hour hour.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Inala, a suburb of Brisbane, received 100 mm (nearly 4 inches) of rain in just one hour during the peak of the storm. Elsewhere, over 87 mm fell in Archerfield and nearly 56 mm fell in central Brisbane.

Flooding caused many residents to abandon their cars.  © Adam Smith/News Corp Australia

A sinkhole (located behind the dirt) in Richlands. © Tara Croser/News Corp Australia

© Jessy Webber

House fire during the storm in Bristol Street West End.  © Dane Beesley

Flooding in Alexandra St, Bowen Hills on Wednesday afternoon.  © Chris McCormack/News Corp Australia

Melvin Dowel sent in this pic of a streaming, flooded backyard in Woody Point, Moreton Bay, north-northeast of Brisbane. © Facebook

Flooding intersection of Constance st and Wickham st in Fortitude valley.   © Akash Sethi

Flooding intersection of Constance st and Wickham st in Fortitude valley.   © Akash Sethi

The storm also caused power outages for around 15,000. Further thunderstorms were forecast, although rainfall levels were expected to be considerably lower.

The heavy rain caused flooding across parts of the city and suburbs. Emergency services carried out rescues, mostly for drivers trapped in vehicles.

WATCH: Wild storm drives man to do "backstroke" in Brisbane.

Although roads were submerged and cars were seen floating along streets, no major damage has been reported.

The worst affected areas were mostly the city’s suburbs including Redbank Plains, Forest Lake, Inala, Springfield Lakes, and also Salisbury and Rocklea. Brisbane’s Central Business District also saw some flooding.

Floods Swamp Georgetown, Guyana after Record Rain

File photo: Floods in Enmore, Guyana. 

Torrential rainfall over the last 2 days has caused major flooding in the Guyana capital, Georgetown. According to WMO figures, Georgetown received 194 mm of rain in 24 hours. Local media say this is the highest amount in the last decade.

Local media reports say the flood water was between 30 cm and 50 cm deep in some areas. The Guyana Times also said that this was some of the worst flooding to hit the city since 2005. No deaths or injuries have been reported, however. Roads were blocked and strewn with garbage washed up by the flood water.

Transport was particularly badly affected, prompting the Education Ministry to close schools.

Preparations had been made in anticipation of the coming rainy season, which usually runs from December to early February (Guyana’s second rainy season is from April to August). The country had recently completed a nationwide clean-up campaign to rid the streets of garbage.

As part of this, Georgetown’s drainage canals and some waterways have been cleared out. Mobile pumps have also been acquired by the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) for use during heavy rainfall. However, it seems the newly cleaned storms drains and mobile pumps were still unable to cope with the amount of rain over the last 2 days.

- Daily Mirror | Floodlist.

DELUGE: Western New York Braces For Major Flooding After Record Snowstorm - 775 National Guard Members Deployed In Buffalo And Erie County To Help Emergency Workers!

This US Army National Guard photo shows New York Army National Guard Soldiers from the 152nd Engineer Company as they use engineering equipment to
assist in snow removal on November 20, 2014 efforts in Buffalo, New York. (AFP Photo/US Army National Guard/Senior Master Sgt. Ray Lloyd)

November 24, 2014 - NEW YORK, UNITED STATES
- After a huge snowstorm struck the state of New York covering it with up to 2 meters of snow it took emergency services several days to clear the mess. Now authorities fear the melting snow could cause major flooding in the area.

More than 775 members of the New York National Guard were deployed in Erie County and Buffalo on Sunday to help emergency workers with flood prevention operations, Reuters reports.

This US Army National Guard photo shows New York Army National Guard Soldiers from the 152nd Engineer Company as they use engineering equipment to
assist in snow removal on November 20, 2014 efforts in Buffalo, New York. (AFP Photo/US Army National Guard/Senior Master Sgt. Ray Lloyd)

The National Guard deployed two helicopters and 20 high axle vehicles for driving through flood waters, along with numerous dump trucks, tractor-trailers and airfield-grade snow-removal machinery.

WATCH: NY National Guard assists in Buffalo snow removal.

A High Loader works to clear snow along McKinley Park Avenue on November 20, 2014 in the suburb of Blasdell, Buffalo, New York. (AFP Photo/John Normile)

Last Tuesday was registered as the coldest November day since 1976 with all 50 states suffering freezing temperatures. Thirteen people died in the aftermath of the record fall that buried roads and homes in up to 2 meters of snow.

This aerial photo obtained courtesy of the Erie County Sheriff's Office shows the snowbound interchange of I-90 and Route 219 on
November 20, 2014 in Orchard Park, NY. (AFP Photo/Erie County Sheriff's Office)

WATCH: NY National Guard assists in Buffalo snow removal.

Over the weekend the National Weather Service has issued potential flood warnings, saying that with temperatures across the affected area expected to stay above melting level until Monday, at least minor floods are “imminent.”

This aerial photo obtained courtesy of the Erie County Sheriff's Office shows the snowbound Ralph Wilson Stadium on November 20, 2014
in Orchard Park, NY. (AFP Photo/Erie County Sheriff's Office)

BUFFALO, NY - NOVEMBER 20: Norbert Schnorr attempts to remove some of the five feet of snow from a driveway on November 20, 2014
in the suburb of Lakeview, Buffalo, New York. (AFP Photo/John Normile)

The state had prepared in case of widespread flooding, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reassured the public, saying that hundreds of pumps and tens of thousands of sandbags were ready.

This US National Guard handout photo taken November 19, 2014 shows a New York Air National Guard Airman from the 107th Airlift Wing based in Niagara
Falls, New York assisting in snow removal efforts from the roof of the Eden Heights Assisted Living Facility in West Seneca, New York.
(AFP Photo /Handout / US National Guard / Maj. Mark Frank)

Greg Waters (L) tries to remove some of the five feet of snow from a driveway on November 20, 2014 in the Lakeview neighborhood of Buffalo, New York.
(AFP Photo/John Normile)

Mike Ostrander tries to remove some of the five feet of snow from his roof on November 20, 2014 in the Lakeview neighborhood of Buffalo, New York.
(AFP Photo/John Normile)

WATCH: Lake Effect Snow - Buffalo, NY.

Government offices and schools however are expected to be open on Monday, Cuomo said.

“We are sending teams of structural engineers in to inspect any school that might have the potential of a structural problem,"
he said. "We hope to get back to business on Monday.”

- RT.

DISASTER PRECURSORS: Omen – The Latest Incidents Of Strange Animal Behavior, Mass Animal Die-Offs, Appearance Of Rare Creatures And Warnings From Mother Nature!

November 24, 2014 - EARTH - The following constitutes the latest reports of unusual and symbolic animal behavior, mass die-offs, beaching and stranding of mammals, and the appearance of rare creatures.

Massive die off of fish found in the Araguari River, Brazil

The Araguari River, which once impressed with its majestic phenomenon known as tidal bore, today suffers from a possibility of extinction. Negative points that contribute to the river has a drastic reduction in the volume of water. And with the drought comes another obstacle: the death of fish in large scale, damaging those living fish and use the river too much.

The silting of the mouth of the Araguari River and the end of the tidal bore are getting closer. The tidal bore phenomenon is produced by the encounter of river currents with oceanic waters of the Araguari River with the Amazon River. Considered the largest wave in extension of the world today can only be surfed on the banks of the Maraca Island and Rio Livramento, in the municipality of Amapá.

The Araguari River is the largest in volume of water, width and length of Amapá, but silting decreased both the depth of the river, which is now no longer possible to see the Pororoca phenomenon. Now, the fish deaths on site is the phenomenon that draws attention.

The effects of processing that carries the human being as much about the environment, and on the biotope or biomass now reach the aquatic fauna. And this recent environmental problem reaches the Amapá an overwhelming way. The appearance of dead fish in the bed of the Rio Araguari is worrying fishermen, county residents Ferreira Gomes, distant 137 km from Macapa.

The fact is since the beginning of August this year at a stretch near the construction of a hydroelectric plant. The killing has been the focus of protests against the company Ferreira Gomes Energy, the executive company of the work, and research by the Institute of Environment and Spatial Planning (Imap). The company claims that the problem has nothing to do with the dam.

Residents report that the event is becoming commonplace and quantities of dead fish has been increasing, the stench and the presence of vultures are constant on the edge of town during this period. People are afraid to consume the fish purchased in the river, harming small-scale fishing and the local economy.

The Geographer Gesiel de Souza Oliveira, an expert in Amapá geography, says there is a danger when you build a dam. "The dam construction affects the natural reproductive cycle of many species of fish in spawning usually climb upstream for spawning and reproduction. The construction and the use of turbines dam disrupts this natural process, the pressures that occur with the fish as they pass by the dam can cause barotrauma, generating the death of them. The plant has legal advice not to drive the turbines above the allowed limit, especially during the fish breeding period, when huge schools go upriver to breed, "says via text published on blog.

The Imap issued in August a preliminary report that also did not detect the contamination, but according to the technical director of the institute, the opinion is not definitive because the Rio Araguari present great power of dilution water. The local fishermen are scared by what happened. The work has Operating License (LO) dated July 17 and is expected to become operational in January 2015.

The fishermen have no doubt that chemicals are being played by the dam on the river bed, but nothing has been confirmed so far. There are reports of employees of the company that was made ​​a clean (inside the hydroelectric) in August with soap, battery solution and other products, which could have caused carnage in the nearby dam. According to residents of the area, the species most affected fish were acari, cub and peacock bass. - Journal do DIA. [Translated]

500 dead sea lions found on Peru beach

About 500 decomposing remains of sea lions have been found off a beach in Peru. The cause of the mass deaths is not yet clear, however, the local governor blames marine farmers and fishermen in poisoning the animals.

The bodies of both adult and pup sea lions were found on the coast of Santa province, Ancash Region in northern Peru, environmental police told the Peruvian Andina news. The beach lies 400km north of the country’s capital, Lima.

The governor of the local Samanco district wrote a complaint to police authorities claiming that the animals had been poisoned by local marine farmers and fisherman who collect shellfish on the beach.

The marine mammals used to come closer to the seaside searching for sea food and scallops.

AFP Photo / Pablo Porciuncula

The city workers dragged the corpses away to the municipal dump as they posed a threat to the public health. The bodies were so decomposed that police said it was difficult to determine the cause of death.

Santa city officials, prosecutors and Production Ministry officials promised an investigation into the deaths anyway.

In early November at least 187 another dead bodies of sea lions were found in the northwestern Piura Region of Peru. They were discovered along with the carcasses of dolphins, sea turtles and pelicans.

In October Aldo Aguirre, the head of the Illescas nature reserve in northwestern Peru, said the authorities found 117 dead seals. He said the animals might have died due to starvation.

"If you look at the last two years, and there was a high and abnormal number of strandings in summer, between the months of February and March, and it did the same in the year 2014, but assume that this phenomenon was ahead, as it should occur in the first months of 2015,"
said Aguirre.

 - RT.

Unusually high number of snowy owls migrate early to Wisconsin

Snowy owls, such as this one spotted in the Milwaukee area in 2012, have arrived again in the state.

Several strong cold fronts in November helped deliver a wintry landscape to Wisconsin earlier than many would have liked.

If you're looking for a positive, here's one: the new whiteness isn't just snow.

At least 31 snowy owls have been recorded in Wisconsin this month, according to Ryan Brady, research scientist with the Department of Natural Resources and bird monitoring coordinator for the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative.

Like the early snow accumulation, the number of owls is unusually high for this time of year, according to Brady.

"It's probably a record," Brady said. "Thankfully, it's the kind of record that doesn't require shoveling and plowing."

The number of snowies in Wisconsin this month is even more extraordinary considering last year - which featured the largest number of the birds in the U.S. in decades - only one snowy owl had been seen in the Badger State by mid-November.

Snowy owls are large, charismatic birds that breed in the Arctic in summer and disperse in varying degrees to the south in winter.

In some years, particularly when production of young is high, thousands of owls will fly south and spend winter in the U.S. Such mass movements are termed "irruptions."

The winter of 2013-'14 was the largest snowy owl irruption of the last 50 years, according to bird researchers.

About 300 individual snowies were observed in Wisconsin last year, most on record, Brady said.

Scientists took advantage of last year's irruption to start Project SNOWstorm, a testing and tracking study of snowy owls. Twenty-two owls - including four in Wisconsin - were fitted with sophisticated transmitters to allow researchers to follow the birds' movements around the clock.

The transmitters use cellphone technology to transmit data. When the birds are out of cellphone range, the device collects data until it can be downloaded. Researchers are eagerly awaiting the return of birds that flew north last spring and the expected "data dump."

Snowy owls have been seen at locations in about the northern half of Wisconsin this month. The southernmost observations were in Columbia and Dodge counties as of last weekend. That is expected to change in the coming days and weeks.

Since the birds often have little fear of humans, people who see snowy owls should stay a respectful distance away and not affect the animal's behavior. The birds mostly prey on rodents and birds.

Given the early sightings of snowy owls, is this winter shaping up to be another record irruption?

"Snowy owls have proven me wrong many times, so I'm not making any predictions," Brady said. "What's cool about these birds is they draw so much interest from so many people, and that helps people realize the value of research and programs to benefit wildlife."

Observations of snowy owls in Wisconsin can be made on Wisconsin eBird at or by email to ryan.brady - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

150 kg wild boar attacks sanitation workers, rams police car, China

A 150kg wild boar attacked four sanitation workers in a row while they were crossing a traffic junction in Hefei city of Anhui province yesterday afternoon.

Among the four workers, two were wounded and had been taken to hospital for treatment, 21CN reported.

Soon after its arrival, the wild animal began ramming into the police car.
It subsequently fled away to a factory and got stuck in a wire fence. After an hour of "hide and seek", the police eventually shot the boar to death.

Earlier this month, a Fujian policeman shot a passerby while attempting to take down a boar. Ever earlier in October, a writer in Xi'an was besieged by three boars on mountain when he was seeking inspiration for his writing. - Shanghaiist.

15 dog attacks reported in Ohio over the past year, 4 involving fatalities

This past year (December 2013 to November 2014), various media have reported 15 dog attacks throughout Ohio.

There were likely many more dog bite incidents, but the ones listed below received the publicity.

Four people, two of which were infants and two women in their late fifties, died from the injuries they received from the dog attacks.

Of the 25 dogs identified by breed in the attacks, 9 were believed to be Pit Bulls and five were Rottweilers.

A month-to-month tracking of the various dog attacks is as follows:


A three-month-old Columbus, Ohio girl died after she accidentally rolled onto the floor while her parents were sleeping and was attacked by a pair of Shiba Inus who police said may have thought the infant was a toy.


A Cleveland Metro School District police officer shot two Rottweilers who attacked a man. Around January 13, a pit bull who attacked a six-year-old Lorain, Ohio boy was tasered by police four times, then shot. On January 29 a three-month-old was mauled by a dog, but the baby survived the attack.


On February 21, a Cincinnati, Ohio woman was attacked by a dog. Efforts to help her were unsuccessful and someone shot and killed the animal. The woman survived. Earlier that month on February 7, a 57-year-old Dayton, Ohio woman was killed by her neighbors' two dogs. One was identified as part Cane Corso. The woman had complained to authorities numerous times about the animals to no avail. Her neighbors were charged with reckless homicide.

APRIL 2014

A child in Lorain, Ohio was attacked by two dogs while visiting her grandparents on April 27. On April 29 in Columbus, a 7-year-old boy had to have his ear reattached after being attacked by three Rottweilers. A few days earlier, three people were taken to the hospital after a dog attacked them in northwest Columbus.

MAY 2014

A 71-year-old Columbus, Ohio woman was attacked by two pit bulls outside her home and was severely bitten on her legs.

JUNE 2014

A six-year-old Cincinnati area child was attacked by two pit bulls on June 4. Her grandfather said they "tore off her face." She was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

JULY 2014

On July 21, a seven-month-old boy from Montgomery County was killed by an American Staffordshire Terrier.


A 59-year-old Madison Twp. Woman was killed by her daughter's pit bull. On Aug. 21 two people were attacked by two pit bulls while walking in northwest Columbus.


Police shot two pit bull dogs in Columbus after they attacked four people in the south Linden area of the city on November 15.

The 17barks.blogspot, whose author does not believe the pit bull should be promoted as a family pet, claims, as of early 2014, pit bulls had committed 100 attacks on humans throughout North America. Since 1982 there have reportedly been 2,890 pit bulls attacks with 269 of them resulting in death. The blog's author does not blame the pit bulls, however. He says the dogs are doing "precisely what hundreds of years of purposeful breeding has given them the drive, the instinct and the incentive to do."

If you are attacked and injured by a dog, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment and to find out how long you will be under a doctor's care. Keep a record of your medical treatment and take photos of your bites if you can. You should also find out who owns the dog that hurt you and if the animal has had a recent rabies shot.

For more information about dog bites in Ohio including a checklist of what you should do after a dog attack and a free book about Ohio dog bite laws, please visit

- Cleveland.

More aggressive wild turkey attacks reported in Brookline, Massachusetts

© Samantha Leon

The animals have reportedly attacked a group of students, a crossing guard, and residents across town in recent weeks.

Thanksgiving? Not according to wild turkeys roaming Brookline.

There have been more reports of turkeys attacking people in town in recent weeks - continuing what has become a semiannual tradition.

WHDH reported turkeys have attacked a group of students, a crossing guard, and residents across town.

"There was like six or seven of them, and as I went around the mailbox they went around and they started chasing me into the street and I screamed for help," Marilyn Carmona told WHDH. "It was very scary."

Police receive calls about aggressive turkeys every few weeks. The birds have been known to charge at people and try to claw their faces.

In 2011, a Brookline Patch reader chronicled his efforts to fend off an aggressive turkey.

The turkeys are frequently seen near Brookline High School.

State wildlife officials say people should act aggressively if confronted by a turkey and make loud noises or swat at the animal with a broom. A dog on a leash can also scare away the birds. - Brookline Patch.

Night attacks by pack of hyenas results in 2 dead and 13 injured, Sudan

File Photo: Striped Hyena- believed to be the species implicated in the Rumbek attacks

Hyenas attacked 4 villages in Rumbek Central County on Thursday night, killing two people and leading to a further 13 people being admitted to Rumbek Hospital in a serious condition, suffering from bite wounds.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) confirmed the incident. An officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that 13 people had been admitted in Rumbek hospital and two people had died. He also confirmed that one hyena was killed while attacking the project development unit (PDU) on Thursday night, while another is still at large and being pursued by armed men. He said that the animals had attacked a number of villages, including Pankar, Malou-jech and Abinajok.

"[these are] shameful attacks made by hyenas - we have 12 people suffering from hyena bite being admitted in Rumbek hospital and 2 elderly people are dead. Those bitten by these hyenas are women, elderly people and children", continued the officer.

Despite the obvious concern of the officer interviewed, the attacks have led to some criticism of the security forces in the state. Local community activist, Moses Majok, said that they suggest that police and armed forces in Rumbek are not sufficiently concerned with the well-being of the public.

"This is very come hyenas tour villages the whole night biting people and [there is] no response from army or police to protect innocent people from hyenas?" said Majok.

Although they are skilled pack predators and possess among the strongest jaws in the animal kingdom, hyenas are generally timid around people, particularly individual animals. However, packs do occasionally attack and kill humans. Victims are usually, as apparently in the latest attacks, children, the elderly or otherwise incapacitated individuals.

People sleeping outside their dwellings are especially vulnerable, as the creatures are strongly nocturnal. Grouped series of attacks, carried out by a single pack over a brief period of time, have also been reported in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  - Gurtong.