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WEATHER ANOMALIES: Phoenix High Of 81 DEGREES Sets Record, Despite Frigid Winter Weather - Highest Temperature Since 1948?!

January 8, 2015 - ARIZONA, UNITED STATES
- While much of the country is experiencing frigid winter weather, Phoenix posted a record high temperature.

Meteorologist Laura Thomas says Wednesday's high in Phoenix was 81 degrees and that broke the old record of 79 set in 1948.

Laura says Wednesday is expected to be the hottest day of the week and we'll see a noticeable cool down in the coming days.

The record for Jan. 8 is 81 degrees set in 2002 while the record for Jan. 9 is 84 degrees set in 1923.

Wednesday's heat comes just days after the Weather Service announced that 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded in Arizona.- ABC15.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Elderly UK Couple Fears They May Lose Their Home To Giant Sinkhole - Measures 16 Feet By 12 Feet After Expanding At A "Staggering" Speed!

David Mason, 77, surveys the hole that has appeared in front of his home in Cottingham, Northamptonshire

January 8, 2015 - UNITED KINGDOM
- An elderly couple fear their £210,000 bungalow could be swallowed up after a giant sink hole appeared in their front garden.

Great-grandparents David Mason, 77, and his wife Sylvia, 75, first spotted a small hole by the kerb outside their home on December 30 but thought it was caused by a lorry.

But the hole expanded at a 'staggering' speed and now measures 16ft by 12ft and is only a few feet away from their front door.

The 3ft-deep crater was first caused by a burst water main but heavy rain meant it grew even further.

The couple, who have two grown-up daughters, four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter, now fear they may have to leave the bungalow they purchased three and a half years ago.

The 3ft-deep crater was first caused by a burst water main but heavy rain meant it grew even further

The 3ft-deep crater was first caused by a burst water main but heavy rain meant it grew even further Mr Mason, who lives at the property in Cottingham, Northamptonshire, said today: 'I am genuinely concerned about the safety of our property because the hole is creeping nearer our front door almost by the hour.

'My wife is disabled after having a stroke a few years ago and this is causing more worry for her because if we have to get out we don't know where we'll go.

'The speed of it happening has been quite staggering.'

Mr Mason, who ran a motorcycle repair business before he retired, added: 'It got progressively worse, so I got the police out and they put a temporary barrier around it.

'They must have contacted someone because later that night someone came out to put a more permanent enclosure around the hole.

The retired great-grandparents fear they may have to leave their bungalow because of the sinkhole

'It was amazing how rapidly it escalated. We just sat and watched it happen in front of our eyes.'

The retired great-grandparents fear they may have to leave their bungalow because of the sinkhole

The initial burst water main was fixed by Anglia Water, but an assessor came to inspect the hole and found another leak.

Mr Mason said: 'We have not contacted the insurers yet because we need to know exactly how bad the situation is going to get.

'Hopefully the hole will stop getting any bigger but it's a worrying time.'  - Daily Mail.

DISASTER PRECURSORS: Omen – The Latest Incidents Of Strange Animal Behavior, Mass Animal Die-Offs, Appearance Of Rare Creatures And Warnings From Mother Nature!

January 8, 2015 - EARTH - The following constitutes the latest reports of unusual and symbolic animal behavior, mass die-offs, beaching and stranding of mammals, and the appearance of rare creatures.

Woman plunging toilet, pulls up 5 1/2-foot snake in San Diego, United States

This nearly six-foot boa constrictor slithered out of a toilet Tuesday in a downtown office building.
© Daniel E. DeSousa/County of San Diego Department of Animal Services

Officials in San Diego are trying to sort out how a 5 1/2-foot snake wound up in a toilet at an office building.Stephanie Lacsa told San Diego County authorities she noticed the water level in the toilet was higher than usual when she went to the second-floor restroom Tuesday. When she plunged it, a snake popped up and flicked its tongue.

She ran out, taped the door shut and called Animal Services.

The department says an animal control officer found a giant Columbian rainbow boa on the floor. The snake was shedding and slightly underweight. It was taken to an animal care facility and bit a handler.

If the owner doesn't show up by Friday, the snake will go to a rescue group.How it got in the toilet remains a mystery.

Source: Associated Press

- Yahoo.

Man mauled to death by his own dog in Frederick, Maryland, United States

Eugene Smith, 87, was taking down his Christmas Tree today in his Frederick County, Maryland, home when his pet pit bull attacked him, according to officials. The Frederick County Bureau of Investigations is still investigating the attack, which ended in death. Smith was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Around 2:30 pm today, the Frederick County Sheriff's Department, Maryland State Police, and Frederick County Animal Control were called to the home. When they arrived, the dog was still mauling Smith. They were able to get the dog off the victim, but it was too late.

At the time of the attack, the elderly man was laying on the ground, taking down the Christmas tree. Smith lived with his son and his son's fiancé. The only other person home at the time of the attack was the son's fiancé.

The pit bull was a rescue dog that had been adopted by Smith in May 2014. It is unknown if the dog had displayed violent tendencies before. The attack was completely unprovoked and the 84 pound dog did not stop attacking the victim until several authorities were able to contain him.

WATCH: Dog attack elderly man.

Officials stated that Smith's injuries were immediate and severe and he was pronounced dead upon arrival at Frederick Memorial Hospital. The Frederick County Animal Control seized the dog and immediately euthanized him. The investigation is ongoing.

Pit bulls have long been under social media attack themselves, but are they more likely than other dogs to attack their owners?

According to Opposing Views, pit bulls are more than six times as likely to attack their owner as any other breed. Pit disloyalty phenomenon (PDP) has been known by the Dog Lobby for almost 25 years - the HSUS first published an article analyzing Pit attacks in 1987, according to Opposing Views. - Inquisitr.

Are wolves on the loose in Stockholm, Sweden?

The tracks discovered this week.  © Länsstylrelsen

Officials in Stockholm say they have found evidence that a wolf pack has formed in the south of the city, including tracks, droppings and urine spotted when snow fell earlier this week.

Animal experts believe that two wolves have made the Swedish capital their home and are currently analysing what are believed to be their droppings.

The County Administrative Board of Stockholm (Länsstylrelsen), which is responsible for monitoring the movement of animals in the city, is investigating.

"The collected droppings will be DNA tested and this will hopefully provide answers on whether the two wolves have been marking their territory," said Arne Söderberg, a spokesperson for Länsstylrelsen in a statement.

The droppings and urine were discovered in Järna in southern Stockholm. There were other sightings of wolves in the region during the summer and autumn of last year.

Between 2009 and 2013, wolves marked a territory north of Stockholm, between Norrtälje and Åkersberga. But these animals are understood to have left the area.

Officials at the board have advised people to contact them if they spot any wolves or other predators in their local neighbourhood.

Wolves are social animals that usually move and hunt in packs. There are believed to be around 370 wolves in Sweden, with most of them living in the far north of the country. - The Local.

Man gored to death by elephant in Coimbatore, India

© Yathin S Krishnappa, Wikimedia Commons

A 60-year-old man was killed in an encounter with a single male tusker during the late hours of Monday at Theethipalayam near Karadimadai, which comes under Coimbatore Range.

Ramasamy and around ten others were working on a borewell in their farm, which borders the forests, when the elephant charged at the group. Ramasamy was unable to run and was gored to death.

The Forest Department has issued an immediate compensation amount of Rs. 25,000.

The remaining Rs. 2.75 lakh will be issued after the completion of formalities.  - The Hindu.

Rare Harlequin duck turns up in Aberdeen, Scotland

The rare Harlequin Duck on the River Don.

Twitchers travelled hundreds of miles to a city riverbank today to catch an "exceedingly rare" glimpse of a Harlequin duck.

The bird turned up at the Don Estuary at Seaton Park in Aberdeen on Saturday afternoon and has been watched closely by eagle-eyed enthusiasts ever since.

Within hours of its arrival, twitchers were heading to the grassy park to watch the duck feeding in the river.

The bird is normally found in North America and eastern Russia and often winters in the warmer climes of Korea and California but has hardly ever been seen in the UK.

The RSPB bird charity described it as an "exceedingly rare" sighting yesterday.

Chairman of the Aberdeen and District RSPB group, Mark Sullivan, said: "It's very exciting. This is the first time a harlequin duck has been seen in North-east and is probably only the 12th record for Scotland.

"It is very unusual to see them and this morning probably more than 100 people arrived to try to see it.

"Early on, it was local birdwatchers but it's now attracting people from further afield.

"Of course it could leave tomorrow, but it might stay and if it stays a long time we might get to see it develop its spectacular breeding plumage.

The last two mainland records for Harlequin sightings were for Ayrshire in 1996 and Wick in 1991. Across the UK, there have probably been 20 or so records since records began.

Harlequins breed on fast-flowing streams in Iceland, Greenland, in North America and East Siberia. The Icelandic population is estimated to be around 3000 pairs and they winter around nearby coasts often in rough water.

Fiona McLean, 53, travelled north from Glasgow to see the duck today.

She said: "I left Glasgow at 6am to get up to see the bird.

"It is a fabulous bird. It is a first-winter drake Harlequin Duck and it's quite small, a lot smaller than a mallard.

"It has been feeding on the river and about ten minutes ago it got out and stood on the rock and preened its feathers for us.

"It is a very unusual sighting for the whole of the UK - it is a rarity to get them over here."

About 100 bird enthusiasts have travelled from all over the country to see the duck since it was first spotted on Saturday.

Some drove up from Edinburgh and one man visiting the city on a business trip popped down to the riverbank to see the bird before he travelled home to England.  - Evening Express.

Another 125 dead, oil-soaked birds discovered in Northwest Ohio, United States

Authorities discovered another 125 dead, oil-soaked birds — mostly ducks —  today near the vicinity of Saturday's Titan Tire spill, bringing the total number of dead animals to 150, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said.

John Windau, spokesman for the Ohio DNR's wildlife division, said the agency continues to work with volunteers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to assess the total loss.

The Ohio DNR will consider filing charges once it believes it knows the full extent of the damage, Mr. Windau said.

Meanwhile, efforts to decontaminate about 400 surviving ducks continue, he said.

Volunteers are working with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, Inc., of Newark, Del., to wash off oil. Each bird takes about an hour to clean, Lisa Smith, the group's executive director, has said.

The spill was reported to the Bryan Fire Department Saturday morning by a local waterfowl hunter, Dick Long.

The fire department and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency traced the spill to Titan Tire's factory on South Union Street. The company has not responded to requests for interviews.

Dina Pierce, Ohio EPA spokesman, has said there was a problem with a valve on an above-ground storage tank, releasing used lube oil into Prairie Creek, better known in Williams County as Ditch 40.Ditch 40 flows into the Tiffin River, a Maumee River tributary. - The Blade.

RATTLE & HUM: Mystery - Widespread Reports Of Loud Booms, Ground Shaking In Greene County, Tennessee?!

- Have you felt the ground shake followed by a loud boom this week?

You're not the only one.

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency Executive Officer Dean Flener confirmed Thursday that Morristown Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) had reports of the boom sound Tuesday that came from a 1,000 square-mile area.

Flener said the boom Tuesday was non-geologic in nature and said the source of the boom was not tracked to the Oak Ridge area.

He also said that TEMA had not received any direct calls from citizens about Tuesday's boom.

"Hamblen County has had reports for booms since 2013," Flener said. "In fact, the Center for Earthquake Research (CERI) in Memphis has placed seismic equipment in Hamblen County to try and pinpoint the source, either geologic or atmospheric, but has not come to any conclusions."

Just before 8 p.m. Wednesday, multiple law enforcement agencies in Greene County said they received several reports of a booming sound that coincided with the ground shaking and even windows rattling.

Even Greene County EMA Director Bill Brown said he felt the ground shake in Mosheim at the scene of the Appalachian Forest Products fire.

"We've had reports of ground shaking from the southern to the northern end of the county, and we have clues as to what it is," Brown told News Channel 11.

Brown said he was certain the reports were not related to the the fire.

He at first thought it could be an earthquake, an assumption made by several people who  contacted News Channel 11 Wednesday night. But the real-time United States Geological Survey earthquake map shows no seismic activity in East Tennessee Wednesday night.

Brown said he was in touch with the Tennessee Emergency Management agency in hopes of getting more information.

Dispatchers at Greeneville Police and the Greene County Sheriff's office said they also got similar calls.

Information about Wednesday night's boom was not available. - News Channel 11.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Manizales Airport Closed By Ash From Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz Volcano - Occurrence Of Volcanic Tremor; Significant Seismic Activity Since December!

January 18, 2015 - COLOMBIA
- The aeronautical authorities of Colombia temporarily closed this Wednesday, January 7, Manizales La Nubia (center) airport. The move comes as prevention against the emission of ash from the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, which records significant seismic activity since late December.

The provision applies from 06:00 to 14:00 local time (11:00 to 19:00 GMT) due to the presence of ash in the area, as indicated by the Civil Aviation said in a statement. He added that works with the various airlines "in the reorganization of operational procedures to mitigate the impact of flights to and from Manizales".

In a January 7 updated this bulletin, the Colombian Geological Service (SGC) stated that "during the last week the Nevado del Ruiz volcano continued to show a significant seismic activity related to fluid dynamics inside the volcanic conduits".

The agency stressed "the occurrence of volcanic tremor" has been accompanied by "emissions of gases and ashes".

View of La Nubia, Manizales (Colombia), temporarily closed this January 7 as a preventive measure against the emission of ash from
the volcano Nevado del Ruiz airport. Photo: James Osorio / AFP

Member of the volcanic belt of the Andes, Nevado del Ruiz, a stratovolcano covered by glaciers located about 220 miles west of Bogota, recorded activity from 150,000 years ago.

In 1985, the eruption caused a thaw and subsequent flooding of a river that swept through the town of Armero (Tolima), killing nearly 20,000 of its 29,000 inhabitants and 3000 people from surrounding villages.

Since last week, the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Manizales, attached to the SGC, said the Nevado del Ruiz volcano keeps the yellow alert.

"At this level it is possible to record events as swarms of earthquakes, some senses, ash emissions, lahars, morphological changes, noises, smells of volcanic gases, which may alter the quality of life of people in the area volcanic influence, "said the company. - El Comercio. [Translated]

ICE AGE NOW: Record-Breaking Weather - Mobile, Alabama Hits 17 DEGREES, Beating 1886 Temperature Of 18!

Ice forms on vegetation in a pond Thursday morning, Jan. 8, 2015, in midtown Mobile, Ala. (Mike Kittrell/ (Mike Kittrell)

January 18, 2015 - ALABAMA, UNITED STATES
- Thursday morning Mobile was at 17 degrees, beating the 1886 record of 18 degrees, however the freezing temperatures should rebound by mid-morning according to the National Weather Service.

The area will have a hard freeze warning until 10 a.m., as many areas are in the upper teens to low 20s along the coast, according to Eric Esbensen with the National Weather Service Mobile. The wind chill Thursday morning put most areas at single-digit temperatures.

Officials at Hutchens Elementary School in west Mobile sent out an alert asking parents to pick up their children Thursday morning because of a broken water line.

Esbensen said Mobile can expect highs today in the lower to mid 40s near the coast and upper 30s, possibly hitting 40 inland.

Tonight will be another cold night, but not as cold as Wednesday night. Most places will be freezing but in the mid 20s, Esbensen said.

The Salvation Army shelter on Dauphin Street hosted an above-average number of homeless Wednesday night and will be open again Thursday night.

Around 7 a.m. temperatures were on the rise, but the wind chill is making if feel much colder outside. Downtown Mobile is at about 22 degrees with a wind chill of 8 degrees. In Baldwin County Bay Minette and Loxley are seeing the same temperature and wind chill.

Katie Hamlett with the Alabama Department of Transportation said around 7 a.m. they are not aware of any issues on ALDOT roads and bridges.

Esbensen said roads should not be frozen or icy since we have not seen any precipitation and don't expect to. - AL.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Violent Lightning Storm Erupts Inside Indonesian Volcano - Sinabung Oozes Rivers Of Scorching Hot Magma, Creating Blasts Of Swirling Heat Tornadoes! [STUNNING PHOTOS]

January 8, 2015 - INDONESIA
- This is the jaw-dropping moment a lightning storm erupted in an ash cloud as a notorious volcano spewed hot lava towards villages below.

Photographer Martin Rietze's stunning photos of the volatile Sinabung volcano in Indonesia are a fascinating display of the raw beauty and frightening power of planet Earth.

As the ash cloud billows into the night sky a barrage of lightning bolts crackle from deep within it - creating a mesmerising scene that looks like the entrance to the underworld.

It is believed that the collision of fine ash grains in the air creates huge amounts of static electricity, resulting in a spectacular electrical storm.

While it is an amazing display the 8,000ft volcano, in North Sumatra, has proven to be deadly since it erupted in 2010 after being dormant for an estimated 400 years.

On this occasion some small villages were wiped out by the lava flow and many acres of farmland were buried by ash, the photographer said.

Here are a few more images of the stunning eruption:

Known as a pyroclastic flow, the deadly mix of burning hot ash, gas and lava can quickly blanket large areas, exterminating anything and everything in its path.

But if that wasn't destructive enough, the Sinabung volcano oozes rivers of scorching hot magma and creates blasts of swirling heat tornadoes.

And despite the obvious dangers, this didn't stop Martin, 50, from photographing the explosive action.

He said: 'Pyroclastic flows are mainly silent, gliding along at high speeds like a hovercraft. They are absolutely deadly, all life forms that come in to contact with it would die instantly.

'Seeing such a strong and powerful pyroclastic flow from very near is indeed a little bit frightening.'

Martin said: 'Nobody was killed by this particular eruption but a few weeks later during its lower activity, one single but exceptionally strong pyroclastic flow did indeed kill some nearby observers.'

He said a few small villages were hit by the lava flow and 'burned completely', but more villages and surrounding farmland were covered in three feet of ash.

He added: 'All crops were destroyed and its inhabitants were evacuated. 'The mini tornadoes are caused by the hot air from the pyroclastic flow mixing with surrounding air which generates high momentum, spinning air combined with fine dust and ash.

'A few days before, while standing near to a lava field on Fogo Island, such a tornado formed and hit me.

'Hats, backpacks and equipment were sent flying through the air for hundreds of metres, I was completely encased in dust.

'Although a mixture of low and high activity had occurred over the months, catching the volcano at its highest level phase was pure luck.' - Daily Mail.

ICE AGE NOW: Did We Break A Record - Temperatures In Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette PLUNGE TO HISTORIC LEVELS?!

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- Rick Griffing, course superintendent at BREC's Dumas Memorial Golf Course in Baker, keeps warm early
Tuesday morning, wearing gloves, two sweatshirts and a full face mask to ward off the wind, as he trims the green on 4th hole, alongside Lavey Lane.
Neither golfers nor greenskeepers are on the greens, while they still have an early morning frost like Tuesday's, Griffing said. They wait until
the temperature is about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so that the cutting doesn't cause the grass to turn brown, or crush the leaf blades.

January 8, 2015 - UNITED STATES
- It’s a cold morning across south Louisiana as temperatures dropped into the lower 20s Wednesday night in the Capital City, the Crescent City and Acadiana.

Baton Rouge reached a low of 20 degrees with a wind chill factor of 13 degrees. That tied the record set in 2014.

New Orleans also dropped to 20 with a wind chill of 10. That tied the record set in 2014.

Lafayette hit 23 degrees with a wind chill of 11. The record low for this date was 21 degrees, set in 1996.

Cold is forecast to linger in the area over the next few days with highs climbing only into the 40s and then plunging again at night.

On Friday morning, the National Weather Service has predicted a chance of rain, freezing rain and sleet before 9 a.m. in Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Residents should take the usual cold weather precautions.

Cover or bring indoors sensitives plants and make sure animals are kept snug and warm.- The New Orleans Advocate.

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: The Latest Report Of Volcanic Eruptions, Activity, Unrest And Awakenings – January 8, 2015!

January 8, 2015 - EARTH - The following constitutes the new activity, unrest and ongoing reports of volcanoes across the globe.

Shiveluch volcano (Kamchatka, Russia): large explosive eruption this morning

Eruption column from Shiveluch this morning

A very large vulcanian explosion occurred this morning at the volcano (at 00:41 UTC, 7:41 am local time).

Ash plume from pyroclastic flows during the eruption at Shiveluch

The explosion produced a 1.5 km wide ash column rising to approx. 27,000 ft (9 km) altitude and several pyroclastic flows from partial column collapse that traveled to the south.

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano (Tonga Islands): eruption continues under water

Comparison of satellite images of the area of Hunga Tonga-Hunga volcano from 18 and 29 Dec 2014, showing the plume from underwater activity on the latter
(Images: NASA / annotations: Culture Volcan)

Activity continues, but seems not to have breached the surface (for now). Recent satellite imagery with clear views show a discolored water plume and a steam plume but no ash, suggesting that that the activity is still well below the surface.

Hunga Ha'apa and Hunga Tonga islands are subaerial parts of a large caldera of about 6 km diameter. A number of cones have been built near its rim during past eruptions, including the Hunga Ha'apa and Hunga Tonga islands themselves.

The eruption of 1988 took place from a fissure on the Hunga Ha'apai cone near the south rim of the caldera. Being at 200 m depth, it remained completely under water; only single pumice and scoria blocks floated to the surface during the eruption.

The eruption in 2009 took place again from the Hunga Ha'apai volcano, but this time the fissure cut trough the island and occurred in shallow water, producing spectacular surtseyan explosions.

The current eruption seems to occur from another location, again at deeper water depth: judging from the origin location of the steam plume, its vent is likely on the NE base of the submarine base of Hunga Ha'apai island, or on the valley separating it from Hunga Tonga island to the NE.

Fogo volcano (Cape Verde): eruption slows down with short-lived phases of more vigorous activity

The eruption of Fogo volcano and the 3 lava flows (North, South and West), and the location of the destroyed settlements.
(Images: Theo Montrond via Involcan / editing and annotations: Culture Volcan)

Activity continues, but overall the eruption has been decreasing and seems slowly to be coming to an end.

Still, short bursts of explosive and effusive activity occur from the vents occasionally, producing ash plumes and short-lived lava flows. Yesterday, such an increase resulted in an ash plume reaching 1.5 km and a new 50 m long lava flow near the vents. Minor ash fall occurred on the city of Sao Felipe.

The recently active western lava flow has apparently stopped by now, but during the past days managed to destroy the last remaining buildings in Ilhéu Losna.

- Volcano Discovery.

ICE AGE NOW: Infrastructure Collapse - 2 Dead After Snow Squalls Lead To Multi-Vehicle Pileup On I-80 Highway In Clarion County, Pennsylvania; Colorado Reporter Hospitalized From Severe Frostbite After Attempting Live Report!

January 8, 2015 - UNITED STATES
- Two people are dead, and several others were injured after a mutli-vehicle pile-up Wednesday afternoon in the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 in Clarion County.

The accident happened at Mile Marker 65 in Clarion Township around 1:30 p.m.

There’s no word on the specific number or conditions of those who were injured.

The accident reportedly happened during Lake Effect snow showers.

Photo Credit: Truck Repair

The National Weather Service reports the near stationary squall dropped visibility to near zero.

They also warn that the wind driven snow will ice over previously treated roads creating dangerous driving conditions.

The squall continued to affect parts of Venango, Clarion, and Jefferson counties into the evening.

PennDOT issued warnings throughout the day about possible squalls, urging drivers to be cautious.

WATCH: Snow Squalls Lead To Multi-Vehicle Pileup On I-80 In Clarion County, 2 Dead.

By Wednesday night, the road will be closed much of the afternoon and into the night. Traffic was being detoured off of I-80 at Exit 70 – Strattanville to Route 322 West to Clarion.

Earlier reports that three people had died were later clarified by state police. One of the fatalities was reportedly killed in an unrelated crash on a nearby road.

State Police in Clarion continue to investigate the crash. - CBS Pittsburgh.

Colorado Reporter Hospitalized With Frostbite After Attempting Liveshot

How cold is it? Reporter @E_FINKSTER has frostbite on both hands after working in Falcon.

A Colorado Springs reporter was hospitalized after suffering severe frostbite following his attempts to do a late-night liveshot by himself in freezing temperatures.

Eric Fink, a KRDO-TV reporter, faced problems connecting his camera to his backpack as he attempted to set up the liveshot on Saturday night, Mediabistro reports. Fink told producers at the station he couldn’t fix the problem without taking off his gloves but expressed concern about frostbite in the freezing temperatures.

The low temperature in Colorado Springs never reached above freezing on Saturday and the low temperature was 11 degrees.

Fink is expected to recover and the station has been criticized by reporters for their lack of safety training in extreme weather – although the station itself recently reported on the risks of frostbite this winter. - CBS Denver.

FIRE IN THE SKY: Confirmed - Meteoroid Flares In Night Sky Over Romanian Capital; "Bright Light Followed By Loud Noise"! [VIDEO]

Still from Youtube video (THEEYEINTHESKY)

January 8, 2015 - BUCHAREST, ROMANIA
- A meteoroid entered the atmosphere over Bucharest overnight, illuminating Romania’s capital with a glaring flash. A surveillance video captured the mesmerizing moment on camera.

The flare took place overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, lending the city a few seconds of daylight before darkness returned. The activity was mainly in the southeastern area of the country, according to the Romanian Space Agency, Rosa.

WATCH: Meteorite explodes over Bucharest, Romania.

ROSA reported that a “bright light followed by a loud noise was recorded in the Romanian sky at 3:05 am on the night between 6 and 7 January.”

It added that the cause of the flare was a meteoroid entering the Earth's atmosphere.

“We do not have very accurate data up so far, but a report will be made in the next days,” stated Marius-Ioan Piso, president of the Romanian Space Agency.

Piso estimated that the occurrence took place at an altitude of “50-70 kilometers” from east to west, over the area between Bucharest and Vrancea.

“This phenomenon is common, only last night about 30 meteors like this one were monitored in the United States of America, the only country that has an operating monitoring system for such objects,” Piso stated.

WATCH: Comet Lovejoy over Bucharest?

While the event did not cause any damage, it raised concerns about the necessity of investing in systems for observing larger and potentially dangerous objects, ROSA said.

Several meteorites are expected to pass by earth in January alone.

The Quadrantid meteor shower has already peaked this year and a massive 1-kilometer-wide asteroid is expected to pass earth on January 26.

The flash of light was captured by surveillance cameras, but many nighttime motorists also saw the flash and reported the phenomena.

It remains unclear whether any part of the meteoroid survived travelling through the earth’s atmosphere and impacted the earth’s surface, in which case it would have been a meteorite. - RT.

SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: Civilizations Unraveling - 30 Killed, 50 Injured In Car Bomb Blast At Yemen Police Academy And Car Bombs Kill 10 In Central Iraq!

January 8, 2015 - MIDDLE EAST - Car bombs exploded at several areas in Yemen and Iraq,  killing at least forty people and wounding dozens.

30 killed, 50 injured in car bomb blast at Yemen police academy

Policemen gather at the scene of a car bomb attack outside a police college in Sanaa

About 30 people were killed and more than 50 injured in a car blast outside a police college in Yemen's capital Sanaa, police say.

The victims of the attack are mostly college students and people who came to enroll with the police, witnesses and law enforcers say. They add the blast was heard across the city and a plume of smoke could be seen from a distance.

"What happened is we were all gathering and ... (the bomber) exploded right next to all of the police college classmates," eyewitness Jamil al-Khaleedi told AP. "It went off among all of them, and they flew through the air."

Photographs of the aftermath of the blast have quickly been posted on social media. They show the burning wreckage of the vehicle, another car burning and bloodied bodies lying on the pavement.

A car was passing when the bomb went off and was set on fire along with everyone inside, according to police.

Police officers look at the wreckage of a car at the scene of a car bomb outside the police college in Sanaa Jan 7, 2015.

"The situation is catastrophic. We arrived to find bodies piled on top of each other," a paramedic at the scene told Reuters as ambulances took casualties away.

"We found the top part of one person screaming, while his bottom half was completely severed."

The Interior Ministry said it was suspending enrollment at the police college.

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack.

WATCH: Minibus bomb blast kills 30 in Sanaa.

Yemen has seen an increase in instability since the 2011 popular uprising that ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been increasingly active, staging a growing number of terror attacks. Neighboring nations are fearing of AQAP gaining enough power to carry out attacks outside Yemen.

At least 33 people were killed in a suicide attack near a cultural center in southwest Yemen a week ago. The attack targeted the Houthi Shiite Muslim militias, who have managed to drive AQAP from many areas they used to control. In November, the AQAP military chief vowed to carry out fierce attacks against Houthi rebels.

Car bombs kill 10 in central Iraq

Troops of the Interior Ministry take part in a parade during a ceremony marking the Iraqi Police day's 93rd anniversary
at police academy in Baghdad January 8, 2015. REUTERS/Ahmed Saad

Several car bombs have exploded on the outskirts of Iraq’s holy city of Samarra, killing ten people and injuring a further 41, a security official and eyewitnesses told journalists on Thursday.

The three bombs killed a civilian and two police officers, and were followed by a rocket and mortar fire battle, according to the official. This lasted for several hours, as gunmen escaped the security forces and fighter jets targeting them.

The city where the incidents occurred is 125km (80 miles) north of Baghdad, and is a place of great religious significance to the country’s Shiite population. It contains an important shrine.

Samarra, however, is itself is a Sunni-majority city. The Islamic State’s hardline Islamist version of faith does not believe in tombs or shrines. Ever since the destruction of one in 2006, tit-for-tat violence has been happening around the city. - RT.

NEW WORLD DISORDER: Societal Collapse And Civilizations Unraveling In Europe - France Braces For More Terror; And United Kingdom Holds Emergency COBRA Meeting, Declares "Severe" Terror Threat, Tightens Security At Ports!

Reuters/Christian Hartmann

January 8, 2015 - EUROPE
- French anti-terrorism police converged on an area northeast of Paris on Thursday after two brothers suspected of being behind an attack on a satirical newspaper were spotted at a gasoline station in the region.

France's prime minister said on Thursday he feared the Islamist militants who killed 12 people could strike again as a manhunt for two men widened across the country.

Two police sources said that the men were seen armed and wearing cagoules in a Renault Clio car at a petrol station on a secondary road in Villers-Cotterets some 70 kilometers from the French capital.

Amid French media reports the men had abandoned their car, Bruno Fortier, the mayor of neighboring Crépy-en-Valois, said helicopters were circling his town and police and anti-terrorism forces were deploying en masse.

"It's an incessant waltz of police cars and trucks," he told Reuters, adding that he could not confirm reports the men were holed up in a house in the area.

A policewoman was killed in a shootout in Paris earlier in the day, but police sources could not immediately confirm a link with Wednesday's killings at the Charlie Hebdo weekly newspaper that marked the worst attack on French soil for decades.

A Gendarmerie cordon is seen at a gas station in Villers-Cotterets, north-east of Paris, where armed suspects from the attack on French satirical weekly
newspaper Charlie Hebdo were spotted in a car, January 8, 2015.  Credit: Reuters/Pascal Rossignol

National leaders and allied states described the assault on Charlie Hebdo, known for its lampooning of Islam and other religions as well as politicians, as an assault on democracy. The bells of Notre-Dame cathedral rang out during a minute's silence observed across France and beyond.

Many European newspapers either re-published Charlie Hebdo cartoons or mocked the killers with images of their own.

Montrouge Mayor Jean-Loup Metton said the policewoman and a colleague were attending a reported traffic accident when Thursday's shooting occurred. Witnesses said the assailant fled in a Renault Clio and police sources said he wore a bullet-proof vest and had a handgun and assault rifle.

But one police officer at the scene told Reuters he did not appear to resemble the Charlie Hebdo shooters.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls was asked on RTL radio after an emergency cabinet meeting with President Francois Hollande whether he feared a further attack.

"That question is entirely legitimate, that's obviously our main concern, and that is why thousands of police and investigators have been mobilized to catch these individuals."


Police released photographs of the two French nationals still at large, calling them "armed and dangerous": brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi, aged 32 and 34, both of whom were already under watch by security services.

Late Wednesday, an 18-year-old man turned himself into police in Charleville-Mézières near the Belgian border as police carried out searches in Paris and the northeastern cities of Reims and Strasbourg. A legal source said he was the brother-in-law of one of the main suspects and French media quoted friends as saying he was in school at the moment of the attack.

French social media carried numerous reports of police helicopters across northern France. Police tightened security at transport hubs, religious sites, media offices and stores.

There were scattered, unconfirmed reports of sightings of the assailants and police increased their presence at entry points to Paris. One police source talked of a type of “psychosis” setting in with various reports and rumors, but police had to take each of them seriously.

The defense ministry said it had brought in an additional 200 soldiers from parachute regiments across the country to Paris to take the number of military patrolling the capital's streets to 850.

France held a day of mourning for journalists and police officers shot dead by black-hooded gunmen using Kalashnikov assault rifles. French tricolor flags flew at half mast.

Tens of thousands took part in vigils across France on Wednesday to defend freedom of speech, many wearing badges declaring "Je Suis Charlie" (I Am Charlie) in support of the newspaper and the principle of freedom of speech.

Britain's Daily Telegraph depicted two masked gunman outside the doors of Charlie Hebdo saying to each other: "Be careful, they might have pens". Many German newspapers republished Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

The attack raised questions of security in countries across the Western world and beyond. Muslim leaders condemned the shooting but some have expressed fears of a rise in anti-Islamic feeling in a country with a large Muslim population.

France's Muslim Council called on all French Muslims to join the minute of silence and said it was issuing a call for "all Imams in all of France's mosques to condemn violence and terrorism wherever it comes from in the strongest possible way."

Police sources said the window of a kebab shop next to a mosque in the town of Villefrance-sur-Saone was blown out by an overnight explosion. Local media said there were no wounded.

Security services have long feared that nationals drawn into Islamist militant groups fighting in Syria and Iraq could return to their home countries to launch attacks - though there is no suggestion that the two suspects named by police had actually fought in either of these countries.

Britain's Cobra security committee met on Thursday. London's transport network was target of an attack in 2005, four years after 9/11. There have been attacks in countries including Spain, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Pakistan that have raised fears in Europe.

Islamist militants have repeatedly threatened France with attacks over its military strikes on Islamist strongholds in the Middle East and Africa, and the government reinforced its anti-terrorism laws last year.

A total of seven people had been arrested since the attack, he said. Police sources said they were mostly acquaintances of the two main suspects. One source said one of the brothers had been identified by his identity card, left in the getaway car.


Cherif Kouachi served 18 months in prison on a charge of criminal association related to a terrorist enterprise in 2005. He was part of an Islamist cell enlisting French nationals from a mosque in eastern Paris to go to Iraq to fight Americans in Iraq and arrested before leaving for Iraq himself.

The gunmen stormed the journal's offices on Wednesday killing journalists, including its founder and its current editor-in-chief, and shouting "Allahu Akbar!" (God is Greatest). They then escaped in a black car, shouting, according to one witness, that they had "avenged the Prophet".

Charlie Hebdo has published numerous cartoons ridiculing the Prophet Mohammad. Jihadists online repeatedly warned that the magazine would pay for its mockery.

Charlie Hebdo's lawyer Richard Malka said the newspaper would be published next Wednesday with one million copies compared to its usual print run of 60,000.

Satire has deep historical roots in Europe where ridicule and irreverence are seen as a means of chipping away at the authority of sometimes self-aggrandizing political and religious leaders and institutions. Governments have frequently jailed satirists and their targets have often sued, but the art is widely seen as one of the mainstays of a liberal democracy.

French writer Voltaire enraged many in 18th century France with caustic depictions of royalty and the Catholic Church. The German magazine Simplicissimus in its 70-year existence saw cartoonists jailed and fined for ridiculing figures from Kaiser Wilhelm to church leaders, Nazi grandees and communists.

"Freedom assassinated" wrote Le Figaro daily on its front page, while Le Parisien said: "They won't kill freedom".

The last major attack in Paris was in the mid-1990s when the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA) carried out a spate of attacks, including the bombing of a commuter train in 1995 which killed eight people and injured 150. - Reuters.

Terror threat ‘severe,’ security tightened at UK ports – COBRA meeting ends

British Home Secretary Theresa May (AFP Photo/Andrew Cowie)

The UK will increase boarder control at ports in light of the recent attack in Paris and the terror level will remain at “severe” it has emerged, following an emergency Cabinet Office Briefing Room (COBRA) meeting this morning.

Downing Street say there will be heightened security at Calais and Gare du Nord as well as increased searches of cars and trucks at ferry ports. Freight Lorries will also be subject to additional scanning.

The talks were held on Thursday morning as the manhunt for the armed gunmen, who shot 12 people dead at the offices of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, continues.

One extra police officer has been sent to join the UK’s counter-terror unit stationed in Paris. While there has been no direct request for assistance from the French, it is understood British security forces are liaising closely with their French counterparts.

May said that the UK had taken "precautionary steps".

"Following the attacks, we took the precautionary step yesterday of increasing security at the French/UK border. The UK threat level – which is set by the independent Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, JTAC – remains at SEVERE. That means that a terrorist attack is ‘highly likely’ and the public should remain vigilant."

Number 10 Downing Street also said there is no current evidence that the terrorists involved in the attack have any links to the UK

It was reported by a number of French newspapers on Wednesday that one gunman shouted “tell the media we are from Al-Qaida” as he stormed the Parisian office.

One source called the emergency meeting “a review and stock-take of UK preparedness.”

The Home Secretary called the shooting "sickening" and "cowardly" saying that by attacking journalists, the terrorists were "attacking freedom and democracy".

"The thoughts and prayers of all of us are with the families, friends and colleagues of the victims" she added.

A spokesperson for Number 10 said the prime minister condemned the attacks and warned against a reaction against Muslims.

David Cameron thinks it is imperative that the country “stand[s] up for our values, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of expressions and religion.”

“This is an extremist element. This is not Islam,” they added.

Speaking on LBC Radio this morning, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg dismissed accusations that the meeting had been scheduled far too late – 24 hours after the attack.

“Our intelligence services and police work flat out all the time regardless of whether a COBRA meeting is taking place in Whitehall or not,” he said

“They do an extraordinary job and thwart a lot of threats we don't hear about. I think it's right that Theresa May is chairing this COBRA meeting this morning, to stress test and absolutely check that all the measures that need to be taken in the light of this barbaric murder of journalists in central Paris, that every possible eventuality of how that might affect us is properly addressed.” - RT.

WATCH: 'Charlie Hebdo shooting could escalate into culture war'.

SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: Paradise Lost - 24 Jamaicans Brutally Killed In The First 7 Days Of 2015!

January 8, 2015 - JAMAICA
- With murders declining by 16 per cent last year, Jamaica appears on track to slash its homicide rate to 25 per 100,000 of the population by the end of next year, as set out in the social partnership agreement between the Government, Opposition and civil society groups.

However, the country's police chief, opting for caution amid positive statistics, is shying away from making any predictions as to whether the 2016 target will be met.

Last year, Jamaica recorded 1,005 murders - the lowest figure in a decade and 195 less than 2013 - but needs to reduce murders by a cumulative 305 over the next two years (based on a 2.8-million population estimate) to attain the target set by the social partnership.

Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams told The Gleaner yesterday that his focus was not on setting targets, as he was aware of the criticism that would follow if they were not achieved.

"I am not about to start setting targets now," Williams said, moments after he announced, during his first press conference, that the 1,005 murders recorded last year trimmed the country's homicide rate to 36 per 100,000.

That rate suggests the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) based its figures on a 2.8-million population.

The 2014 figure represents a significant decline from the homicide rate of 62 per 100,000 in 2009 when murders peaked at 1,682 and 44 per 100,000 last year when 1,200 murders were recorded.

"(I'm) not about to start setting targets for you because you will hold me to them next year or the year after," Williams stressed.

"If we could reduce murders to 10 in any given year, that is what we would try to do. But as it stands right now, we are working and doing everything to ensure that we reduce it to the lowest possible number," he continued.

Dr Carl Williams (right), Commissioner of police, and Deputy Commissioner of
Police Clifford Blake speak with members of the media during a press
conference at the Office of the Police Commissioner on Old Hope
Road in St Andrew.  Rudolph Brown/Photographer
National Security Minister Peter Bunting had initially indicated that the Government was seeking to reduce murders to 12 per 100,000 by 2016, a target that would shift Jamaica's ranking from one of the most dangerous countries in the Caribbean to among the safest.

But with just under 2,300 murders reported over a two-year period, that target was revised to 25 per 100,000 by the social partnership.

However, one week into the New Year, Williams told journalists yesterday that the police have already recorded 24 murders - an average of three per day.

As a result, he said the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) would employ a number of anti-crime strategies to finally break the back of criminal gangs and stem the "arms race" between them.

Glenmore Hinds, deputy commissioner in charge of crime, said disarming criminal gangs is a central plank to these strategies.


One of the strategies, Hinds indicated, is the formation of a guns-for-trade task force within the JCF to go after members of the criminal underworld who are involved in the guns-for-drugs trade.

He said already the task force has identified 21 syndicates across the island that are involved in the trade of marijuana for guns.

"It is through this vehicle that we intend to disarm most of the criminal gangs this year. It is a fact that once guns exist in the wrong hands, our murder rate is difficult to stem," Hinds said.

In addition, he said the anti-gang legislation passed into law last year would be a key part of the JCF's attempt to dismantle criminal gangs.

"We are pursuing 400 investigations under the legislation and it is anticipated that by the end of this year, we should see over 500 persons charged under this legislation," Hinds said. - Jamaica Gleaner.

Opposition concerned about non-gang-related murders

SMITH... we need to know whether this means that
our focus on criminal gangs is causing them to
break up into smaller units and individuals,
Opposition spokesman on national security, Derrick Smith, says that while he welcomes the substantial decline in gang-related murders last year, he is concerned about the significant increase in non-gang-related murders in the figures produced by the Jamaica Constabulary Force for 2014.

In a press statement yesterday, Smith said that Minister of National Security Peter Bunting must seek to find out what is the cause of the rise in non-gang-related murders, which he called a new development.

"We need to know whether this means that our focus on criminal gangs is causing them to break up into smaller units and individuals, which are less easy to be detected, as a way of getting around our anti-gang measures," Smith said.

The Opposition spokesman also raised the issue of the 24 murders committed in the first seven days of the new year, and warned Bunting against celebrating last year's 16 per cent decline in murders too early.

"The situation is definitely not a cause for too much celebration by the minister, considering that he had inherited a downward trend in 2012, and the fact that the figures were significantly inflated in mid-2013 by a sudden spike in murders which continued to the end of the year," Smith said.

"I am concerned that the minister may once again find himself in a position where he has become so absorbed in the celebration, as he did last year, and lose focus on the fact that he is really continuing a process which began prior to his appointment, and still is far from complete."

Smith, at the same time, congratulated the security forces on the tremendous job they have been doing, despite the extremely poor working conditions in which they operate and the failure of the Government to increase the budget of the Ministry of National Security significantly enough to provide them with the resources to make the best use of legislation passed over the past few years.

He said that, in addition to recognising the leadership of the minister of national security, the country must also pay tribute to former Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington for laying the foundation for the recovery, and the new commissioner, Dr Carl Williams, for his efforts to continue the process.

"The Opposition has constantly given full support to the legislative measures, because we recognise that for Jamaica to successfully complete its current Extended Fund Facility agreement with the International Monetary Fund, and to achieve the levels of growth that will help us to reduce our indebtedness and improve production and job creation, we must significantly reduce the level of crime and violence in the society. However, we recognise that there is a lot more than policing that is needed to sustain any success that is achieved," Smith said. - Jamaica Observer.

ICE AGE NOW: Mini-Ice Age 2015-2035 - 125-Year Cold Record In Hawaii And Cold Wave Continues Unabated In India, Taj Mahal Stone Tiles Too Cold To Walk On!

January 8, 2015 - EARTH
- India's cold wave continues unabated in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan. For cold circle red Bihar reels under cold wave. Fatehpur shivers at –2°C. Jamu and Kashmir's harshest winter period begins. This is the coldest December in Delhi in the last 11 years.

JAIPUR: The cold conditions continued in the state on Sunday when a dip of 6 to 7 notches in the minimum temperatures was recorded. Fatehpur in Churu remained coldest in the state where a minimum temperature of minus 2 degrees Celsius was recorded.

The district agriculture department said that for the wheat crop the fall in temperature was beneficial but there were apprehensions about the potato crop, which cannot stand such a steep decline in temperature.

People stopped walking barefoot on the grounds because it is too cold at the Taj Mahal

Mt Sinabung Eruption
The 8,000ft volcano, in North Sumatra, has proven to be deadly since it erupted in 2010 after being dormant for an estimated 400 years

Duluth Ski Resorts close because its too cold.
School closing

Hawaii coldest temperatures
Hawaii 2nd time freezing
Hawaii Blizzard Dec 25th

Coldest Fort Collins

WATCH: Global cooling trend continues in India, Hawaii and other areas across the planet.

 - Adapt 2030.

NEW WORLD DISORDER: Societal Collapse And Civilizations Unraveling In France - Two Separate Assaults On Mosques Rock Paris And Villefranche-sur-Saone In Revenge Attacks; Female Cop Killed In Separate Shooting; French Far-Right Leader Le Pen Calls For Death Penalty!

January 8, 2015 - FRANCE - Police have arrested several suspects over the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, which killed 12 people. The whole country has begun a day of official mourning for what Francois Hollande called "an act of exceptional barbarism." Meanwhile, reports are emerging of an explosion in a restaurant near a mosque in eastern France - and of grenades being thrown at a mosque west of Paris.

Grenades thrown at a mosque in Le Mans, west of Paris - reports

French police forensic scour the scene of an explosion at a kebab shop damaged following an explosion near a mosque, on January 8, 2015,
in Villefranche-sur-Saone, eastern France. (AFP Photo/Jean-Philippe Ksiazek)

Several training grenades were thrown into the courtyard of a mosque in the French city of Le Mans. One of the grenades exploded, but no injuries were reported.

Four training grenades were thrown onto the property overnight Thursday, the local French daily Ouest-France reports. Three of the unexploded grenades were discovered by police. Police have cordoned off the mosque and so far no arrests have been made.

A gunshot was also reported overnight, with the bullet hitting the mosque.

French police have noted several attacks against mosques since Wednesday, when gunmen opened fire on the Paris office of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

On Thursday morning, an explosion was reported in a kebab shop near a mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone, eastern France. There are no reports of any injuries and the cause of the blast remains unknown.

The mayor of Villefranche, Perrut Bernard, said he was afraid the blast was linked “to the dramatic event that occurred on Wednesday."

Local authorities have told AFP the incident is being investigated.

An assailant also opened fire near a Muslim prayer room in the Port-la-Nouvelle district near Narbonne in southern France on Wednesday night. The door to the room was damaged and a window was broken, but no injuries were reported in the attack. The local prosecutor told AFP the room was empty at the time of the attack.

An investigation into the incident is currently underway.

Tensions are running high following the dramatic assault on Wednesday, which left 10 journalists and 2 police officers dead. French authorities have introduced the highest state of alert in the country. According to French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, extra security forces have been deployed to secure mosques, synagogues, department stores, shopping centers, train stations and airports.

The French PM added that an extra 650 soldiers and 2,000 more police officers will patrol the streets of Paris on Thursday. - RT.

Blast hits restaurant near mosque in France's east

Screenshot from Google Maps

An explosion has been reported in a kebab shop near a mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone, eastern France. There are no reports of any injuries and the cause of the blast remains unknown.

The blast reportedly occurred around 6 am local time at the eating establishment L' Imeprial, according to the local newspaper Le Progress. The window of a nearby fast food restaurant was shattered by the explosion.

Police have cordoned off the area, and firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

"I am afraid that is linked to the dramatic event that occurred on Wednesday," the mayor of Villefranche Perrut Bernard, who was at the scene of the blast, told the French daily.

On Wednesday, 10 journalists and two policemen were killed after gunmen opened fire on the Paris office of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Police have launched a manhunt for three suspects, identified as Said Kouachi, 34, Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Hamyd Mourad, 18.

The youngest suspect, Mourad, reportedly handed himself in at a police station in Charleville Mezieres after seeing his name on the list of shooting suspects on social media.

Thousands of people across the world have reacted to the shooting, which is believed to have been carried out in retaliation to the controversial cartoons by Charlie Hebdo, targeting religion and particularly the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

French police have noticed a string of attacks targeting mosques since the deadly shooting. On Thursday, four training grenades were lobbed into the courtyard of a mosque in Le Mans, west of Paris. One of the grenades exploded, and the other three were recovered by police. A bullet also struck the mosque. No injuries were reported in the attack.

Police have yet to identify perpetrators or establish a motive in the attack.

An assailant also opened fire near a Muslim prayer room in the Port-la-Nouvelle district near Narbonne in southern France on Wednesday night. The door to the room was damaged and a window was broken, but no injuries were reported in the attack. The local prosecutor told AFP the room was empty at the time of the attack.

An investigation into the incident is currently underway. - RT.

WATCH:  Revenge attacks - 2 separate assaults on mosques rock France.

Police Operation Under Way As Paris Female Cop Dies

A major police operation is under way in France as tensions remain high across the country after yesterday's terror attack in Paris.

This morning several armed officers were at the scene of another fatal gun attack in the south of the capital.

A female police officer was killed after she was called to reports of a traffic accident involving a grey Clio at around 7.15am. A street sweeper was wounded in the shooting.

Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt says police with heavy armour were seen in Porte de Chatillon shortly afterwards and TV news crews were being pushed back from the area, which was sealed off with tape.

Meanwhile, officers are still hunting for suspects in the deadly gun attack on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Two men matching their description are said to have robbed a petrol station to the northeast of Paris .

With the country now on its highest terror alert, hundreds of extra officers have been deployed to guard media offices, places of worship and other areas deemed at risk.

In today's attack, which is not being linked by officials to yesterday's shootings, a man wearing a bullet-proof vest fired at the police woman and a civilian, who is thought to be a council worker.

Witness Ahmed Sassi said: "There was an officer in front of a white car and a man running away who shot."

TV channel iTele said both victims of the shooting were seen lying on the ground.

Le Parisien newspaper reported that one of the shooters ran towards the Metro station Chatillon-Montrouge. The other is reported to have fled by car and is still on the run.

AFP news agency reported that a 53-year-old suspect has been detained.

Brunt said: "It's difficult to believe there's no link (to the Charlie Hebdo shootings).

"Maybe it is a copycat, but maybe it is not related."

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said authorities were doing their best to identify and arrest the attacker, and he urged people not to jump to conclusions about any link to the Charlie Hebdo attack.

The officers were gathering in Porte de Chatillon as a minute's silence was held across France in a mark of respect for the victims of yesterday's violence.

Other attacks have also been reported today - including a "criminal" explosion at a kebab shop near a mosque in eastern France.

Overnight, two Muslim places of worship - in Le Mans, west of Paris, and Port-la-Nouvelle, in southern France - were targeted by blank grenades and gunfire respectively. No casualties were reported. - Yahoo.

French far-right leader Le Pen calls for death penalty

France's far-right National Front political party leader Marine Le Pen (Reuters/Charles Platiau)

The leader of France’s rightwing Front National (FN), Marine Le Pen, has announced she would reintroduce the death penalty if she wins France’s 2017 presidential election.

“I personally believe that the death penalty should exist in our legal arsenal,” Le Pen told television channel France 2.

“I always said that I would offer French citizens the possibility to express themselves on the topic through a referendum,” she added.

The announcement followed comments regarding “Islamic fundamentalism,” which she said “causes thousands of deaths every day worldwide.”

Le Pen further said she would speak to French President Francois Hollande about radical Islam and measures needed to protect “the countrymen.”

The last execution occurred in France in 1977. Capital punishment was officially abolished in 1981, although 62 percent of the French population supported it at the time, according to a poll conducted by TNS Sofres. Support for the death penalty, however, has subsequently dropped off.

Following Wednesday's deadly attack on the office of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris, Le Pen made a passionate speech against what she called an "odious ideology."

WATCH:  Le Pen speaks on the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo.

“We must not be scared of saying the words: this is a terrorist attack carried out in the name of radical Islam,” Miss Le Pen said.

“Time is up for denial and hypocrisy,” she continued. “The absolute rejection of Islamic fundamentalism must be proclaimed loudly and clearly.”

Critics have accused Le Pen of ratcheting up anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments for political purposes.

Tensions are running high across France following Wednesday’s attack, which left 10 journalists and two police officers dead. Several Muslim places of worship have been the target of attack since Wednesday night. Following reports of an attack on a kebab shop in the Eastern French town of Villefranche on Thursday, four training grenades were thrown into the courtyard of a mosque in the French city of Le Mans. One of the grenades exploded, but no injuries were reported. A gunshot was also reported overnight, with the bullet hitting the mosque.

An assailant also opened fire near a Muslim prayer room in the Port-la-Nouvelle district near Narbonne in southern France on Wednesday night. The door to the room was damaged and a window was broken, but no injuries were reported in the attack. The local prosecutor told AFP the room was empty at the time of the attack.

An investigation into the incident is currently underway.

France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, with nearly five million people practicing Islam out of a population of roughly 65 million.

As the president of FN, Le Pen has vowed to drastically curb immigration.

According to the latest opinion polls, if France were to hold its presidential election today, Le Pen would lead in the first round.

The French presidential election is set to be held in April and May of 2017. - RT.