Friday, May 22, 2015

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: New Giant Sinkhole Opens Up In Russia's Perm Region!

Sinkholes are caused by collapses of the surface layer under the ground.  Brian Stansberry/Wikicommons

May 22, 2015 - PERM REGION, RUSSIA
- Another giant sinkhole has appeared in Russia's Perm region, which has seen its soil imploding into a series of large craters in recent years, possibly as a result of the vast network of mines in the area.

The latest sinkhole appeared in the village of Lunyevka, in the Aleksandrovsk district of the Perm region. The town had been a coal mining center, but the last mine was closed there more than 50 years ago the head of the district administration, Lyubov Babich, was quoted as saying by the local Valekse news portal on Monday.

Accounts of the sinkhole size varied. The head of the Aleksandrovsk district civil defense department, Alexander Golchikov, put it at 20 meters in diameter and 10 meters deep, the regional outlet of the national Argumenty i Fakty newspaper reported. Meanwhile, Babich estimated the size at 25 meters in diameter and 4 meters deep, Valekse reported.

"Part of a potato patch and several trees have gone underground," a community group of Aleksandrovsk residents wrote on Russia's VKontakte social network.

The new sinkhole follows an even larger one that appeared in the Perm region town of Solikamsk last fall after an inflow of water during a mining accident at the Solikamsk-2 mine. Uralkali, the world's largest potash company, which owns the mine, suspended operations there as emergency services struggled to contain the expansion of the crater.

The diameter of the hole is 25 metres. © AIF

A series of similar incidents over the past few years also occurred in mines around Berezniki.

The most serious one took place in 2006, when Uralkali was forced to close the Berezniki-1 mine after it was flooded with brine inflow.

A number of other sinkholes in Berezniki followed, including one in the middle of the town this February, according to media reports. That sinkhole ripped through the ground near a local school that had been shut down and "quarantined" in 2007 following previous incidents, the GorodBerezniki news portal reported.

The causes of the latest sinkhole in Lunyevka remained unclear.

The crater could have "appeared on the location of a hole that has been here always," regional mining institute director Alexander Baryakh was quoted by Valekse news portal as saying, adding that it has not yet been determined what caused the original hole.

The sinkhole may or may not have been caused by abandoned mines that had operated in the district between 1857 and 1953, the head of the Aleksandrovsk administration's environment and natural resources department, Yuri Letov, was quoted as saying.

No detailed engineering schemes of the mines were available, and little was known about which areas may have become flooded after the mines were abandoned, he said, Valekse reported. - The Moscow Times.

ICE AGE NOW: Weather Anomalies - Snow Covers Arxan City In Northern China In Early Summer!

Snowfall in Arxan, China

May 22, 2015 - CHINA
- A heavy snowfall falling with northern cold front on Monday brought winter back to the Arxan City of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region while much of China bracing bright summer days.

The snow started to fall early Monday morning and stopped at around 11:00 am. Streets in downtown Arxan were covered by 10 centimeter thick snow and residents going outdoors were seen dressing in layers to keep themselves warm after a sharp drop in temperatures.

Number of cars hit on road apparently decreased due to the snowy weather. Those who hit on road slowed down their speed and drove cautiously.

WATCH: Heavy snow covers north China city in early Summer.

Local border police division dispatched soldiers to help pull the cars stranded in snow to safety.

Municipal authorities have organized personnel to clear the tough heavy snow from streets since morning. Flights at the local airport were not affected as the snowfall continued only a short time. - News Content.


DELUGE: 30-Minute Downpour Results In Widespread Flash Flooding In Izmir, Turkey!

The rain, accompanied by northeaster winds and hail, led to floods, especially at high points in İzmir.  © DHA

May 22, 2015 - IZMIR, TURKEY
- Turkey's western province of İzmir was hit by a flash flood caused by heavy rain that lasted around half an hour at around noon on Wednesday.

The rain, accompanied by northeaster winds and hail, led to floods, especially at high points in İzmir.

Flooding in İzmir

Meanwhile, social media users circulated striking photographs on the Internet showing the gravity of the situation.

The photograph of a man drifting away in a flood in the Gültepe neighborhood particularly drew attention on the Internet. Adem Altıparmak, the man seen in the picture, managed to survive after he was dragged around 400 meters in the flood.

WATCH: Flooding in Izmir.

In the meantime, cars sustained severe damage due to the flood. The local administrator of the Trakya neighborhood told the Cihan news agency the area is often damaged by flash floods and that he petitioned the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality twice for gutters to be built to evacuate the rainfall. He added that a local lost his life in a flash flood last year. - Today's Zaman.


ICE AGE NOW: Weather Anomalies - Snowfall in Italy In Late May!

Snow in Italy

May 22, 2015 - ITALY
- While the center and south of the peninsula is very sunny and warm, in the north it snows. Even for our latitude snow in late May is not common.

Spring snow in Alto Adige. On the A22 motorway on the Austrian border movement of vehicles partially restricted. Huge traffic jams and many accidents.

Snows from early in the morning at the Brenner Pass: as shown in the photo taken by the webcam Site A22 snow is creating heavy traffic disruption in both carriageways between Sterzing and the state border. Especially heavy vehicles proceeding slowly slowing down the entire flow of vehicles.

The disturbance has already created difficulties with falling snow in South Tyrol and the Brenner motorway. The major problems were reported between Sterzing and the crossing with Austria because of the snow that makes it particularly risky transit of heavy vehicles.

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- Ice Age Now.

EXTREME WEATHER: Huge Hail Storm In Pecos, Texas!

Large hailstones
May 22, 2015 - TEXAS, UNITED STATES - Large hail fell from a tornado warned storm near the town of Pecos, Texas covering the roads and damaging vehicles in the area.

WATCH: Massive hail storm in Pecos.


ICE AGE NOW: Winter Returns In Late May In German Alps - Up To 18 Inches Of Snowfall!

Winter return to the Alps. © Jörg Heisig
May 22, 2015 - GERMANY - Heavy Snow on May 21!!

Up to half a meter (18 inches) of snow hit higher elevations yesterday Snow covers the landscape around the Herzogstand in the Bavarian Alps at around 1730 meters altitude.

Not far away is the Walchensee, a popular destination for the residents of Munich.

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PLANETARY TREMORS: "Heard A Massive Crash,... The Whole House Started To Shake,..." - Strong 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake "Causes Homes To Shake" In Kent, United Kingdom!

- A 4.2 magnitude earthquake has been recorded in Kent, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has said.

The tremor originated near Sandwich at a depth of 15km (9.5 miles) underground at 02:52 BST, it reported.

Residents in areas including Margate, Canterbury and Southend-on-Sea in Essex felt the tremor, with some saying they thought it was a plane crash or a bomb.

Kent Police said a number of calls had been received but no injuries or structural damage had been reported.

But Herbert Smith tweeted that he and his wife Doreen were taking refuge in their caravan after being evacuated from their damaged home in Flete.

The British Geological survey's monitoring stations showed seismic activity on Friday morning.  © British Geological survey

'Massive crash'

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), which monitors seismic activity across the continent, also recorded the earthquake.

Theresa Foord, from Eastry near Sandwhich, said: "I heard this massive crash and then the whole house started to shake.

"Plates came off the wall, doors came open - it was all very frightening.

"It seemed to go on for ages but it was about three to five seconds."

BBC South East reporter Simon Jones, who lives in Canterbury, said he was woken up when his house started shaking.

"The initial thought was perhaps something had gone into the house, like a lorry but then I turned to social media and people right across east Kent were reporting an earthquake," he said.

Vikki Petts tweeted: "So we just had a 4.3 magnitude earthquake in Kent and my housemates slept through the entire thing. certainly woke me up!"

Jonathan Tapp said: "Earthquake in East Kent and now can't get back to sleep. Despite months spent in [New Zealand] this is my first one that I've felt."

Iain Buchanan, from Ramsgate, said: "So I'm not going mental, my house shook due to an earthquake in Kent of all places."

Police said they began receiving reports of the tremor in east Kent at about 02:57 BST.

Neither the force nor Kent Fire and Rescue Services had received any reports of structural damage or injuries, they said.

Hundreds of homes in Folkestone were damaged by a 4.3 magnitude tremor struck parts of Kent in 2007.

More than 70 buildings were so dangerous residents could return to them because of loose chimney stacks, tiles and masonry. - BBC.


WEATHER PHENOMENON: Omen - Solar Halo Glistens Over Mexico City Landmarks!

A solar halo in Mexico City has got people talking. According to meteorologists, the weather phenomenon creates rainbows
around the sun and is formed by the reflection of ice crystals

May 22, 2015 - MEXICO
- A solar halo appeared in Mexico City on Thursday - prompting dozens of calls from worried locals to meteorologists.

The phenomenon, which is actually an optical illusion, is caused when sunlight passes through ice crystals, causing the light to bend into a colourful ring.

Not satisfied with this scientific explanation, locals on social media claimed that an alien invasion was nigh, while other conspirators suggested the government was attempting to blind voters ahead of an election.

The halo was spotted in three cities, most notably above the capital's most famous landmark, the Angel of Independence.

Juan Manuel Caballero, of the National Weather Service, said he had received about 30 phone calls from people who thought it was a "bad omen".

He explained: "It's very common. The thing is that people never look up." - SKY News.


FIRE IN THE SKY: Fireball Captured On Camera Over Tenerife, Canary Islands!

Meteorite captured on camera by Slovakian observatory in the Canaries

May 22, 2015 - CANARY ISLANDS
- A spectacular image was captured on camera by the AMOS project near Los Cristianos in Tenerife at 23.17 on Tuesday when a meteor illuminated the sky as it hurtled towards Earth.

The meteor, which was first spotted when it was still 83 kilometres away from the planet, disintegrated 25.2 kilometres from the Earth's surface, and was snapped by the cameras of the AMOS project in the observatory of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias Teide y Roque de los Muchachos.

The AMOS (All-Sky Meteor Orbit System) project has been up and running for only two months, and every night scans the sky in search of meteors using two detectors located 140 kilometres apart in Tenerife and La Palma. These devices can calculate the exact orbits and trajectories of the bodies they detect.

The technology was developed by the Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at the Comenius University in Slovakia, and won a gold medal at the INVENTO 2013 exhibition.

Its intended use is for improving meteor and meteorite detection and prediction systems, and in future it is planned to install similar equipment in Chile in order to allow the southern skies to be monitored as well. - Spanish News Today.