Tuesday, February 23, 2016

GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Experts Sent In To Monitor Volcano Hotspot In Nicaragua - As 3 More Magma Mountains Erupt!

Nicaragua’s Momotombo Volcano continues to erupt after a century of inactivity, on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016. © Álvaro Sánchez/The Tico Times

February 23, 2016 - NICARAGUA - Disaster experts are keeping a close eye on a seismic hotspot after three large volcanoes began erupting with fears of a fourth in the offing.

Volcano experts from the US, UK, Costa Rica and local geologists are observing activity at four active peaks in Nicaragua after the flurry of explosions.

The biggest, and most active, is the enormous 1,297-metre Momotombo stratovolcano, near the city of León.

Monotombo re-awoke with a spectacular explosion in December.© YouTube

A violent lava eruption of Momotombo seen from above

Momotombo, on the north of Lake Managua 25 miles from Nicaragua's capital Managua, blew for the first time in 110 years in December, and has been active ever since.

In a post about the situation Costa Rican English-speaking news site The Tico Times wrote it had sent "geologists and local townspeople into a tizzy" It added: "In fact, there's been so much volcanic and seismic activity in Nicaragua lately that experts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Nicaragua and Costa Rica are carefully studying and observing the situation."

Geologists from the US Geological Survey announced last week they are studying and assessing risks from Momotombo and the other active volcanoes in the country.

Both Télica and Masaya began erupting at the same time as Momotombo, and continue to do so.

Meanwhile, Cerro Negro, which has so far not erupted,
recorded bursts of seismic activity last week. - Express.

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