Wednesday, March 9, 2016

EXTREME WEATHER: Three EF-1 Tornadoes Hit North Texas In 24 Hours - Massive Destruction Of Homes; Several People Injured!

A tornado that injured at least two people in Tolar led to massive destruction of home on March 7.  © WFAA

March 9, 2016 - TEXAS, UNITED STATES - Severe storms and several EF-1 tornadoes blew through North Texas on Tuesday.According to Stephenville Fire Marshall Cody Derrick, this was the first time in more than 20 years that the town had been directly struck by tornadoes.

The National Weather Service said tornadoes hit the towns of Stephenville and Tolar on Tuesday morning. The service also confirmed an EF-1 hit the community of Cool on Monday evening, for a total of three tornadoes in 24 hours.

The Tolar tornado was captured on video by Jared Morris when he was at work on Tuesday morning. The video shows the funnel cloud, debris flying through the air and power flashes. About a dozen mobile homes were damaged or destroyed in Tolar and two people suffered non-life threatening injuries. Sheriff's officials in Hood County said winds of 60-70 MPH also hit the area.

Jack Fisk, owner of the mobile home park, survived the storm. But he was still reeling from seeing his two neighbors, a husband and wife, who were tossed and injured in the tornado.

WATCH: Tornado tears through Texas.

"We found Glinda in the middle of it, she could still walk. Johnny was blown out the back end of it. He was up against the yellow trailer next-door," Fisk said. The same storm moved through Stephenville and damaged parts of Tarleton State University and a foster home.

An apartment complex that houses many students off-campus was the hardest hit, with the roof ripped off half of the building. Officials said university students were on Spring Break, which likely prevented numerous injuries.

The Fosters Home for Children had to be evacuated due to heavy damage. More than 40 foster children have been relocated for at least two days. None of the children were injured in the storm. - FOX 4 News.

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