Wednesday, March 16, 2016

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVALS: Sinkholes Keep Popping Up Across The United States - Car Swallowed By Large Sinkhole In Hoboken, New Jersey; And California Shopping Center Evacuated After Sinkhole Opens Up And Causes Gas Leak In Moraga! [VIDEOS]


March 16, 2016 - UNITED STATES - Here are two reports about sinkholes in the United States.

Car swallowed by large sinkhole in Hoboken, New Jersey

A water main burst in Hoboken on Monday, turning an intersection into a pond and creating a large sinkhole that swallowed a car.

A 12-inch pipe near First and Clinton streets burst at about 6 a.m., authorities said. Water from the main flooded one block and caused a sinkhole that which engulfed a parked car.

WATCH: Car swallowed by sinkhole after New Jersey water main break.

Utility workers spent most of the morning getting the car out of the sinkhole. Once the car was removed, they began trying to repair the broken main.

"I went to get breakfast and on the way back we couldn't see the car so for a little bit we thought they towed it away," said car owner Phil Snyder. " As we got closer we could see the rear end of the car sticking out of the ground." - News2.

Moraga, California shopping center evacuated after sinkhole opens, causes gas leak

Moraga Police: a traffic pole fell into this sink hole and punctured a gas line, prompting them to evacuate area.© Sergio Quintana

Officials evacuated a shopping center after a sinkhole caused a gas main to rupture in Moraga Sunday afternoon.

Moraga police said residents of 60 to 100 homes have been asked to shelter in place as PG&E crews repair the gas main break.

WATCH: Moraga shopping center evacuated after sinkhole causes gas main to rupture.


The break occurred at 5 p.m. at Center Street and Rheem Boulevard after a traffic signal pole fell into a sinkhole and ruptured a gas line, Acting Police Chief Jon King said.

About 450 people from nearby businesses were evacuated because of the break, which was producing a strong odor in the area.

Police said customers of the Rheem Theater, 24 Hour Fitness and other businesses in the area have been evacuated. - ABC7 News.


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