Thursday, March 31, 2016

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVALS: Truck Swallowed By Massive Sinkhole In Barranquilla, Colombia - Incredible Footage Shows Gaping Chasm In City Centre Road! [VIDEO]

Emergency services work to pull the truck free. © CEN
March 31, 2016 - COLOMBIA - This wagon was swallowed up as a road gave way in the middle of a city centre as this astonishing mobile phone clip shows.

The large truck was sucked backwards into the sinkhole as its driver went along a busy road.

According to reports from WhatsApp users, the driver was caught completely by surprise when suddenly the highway gave way and he ended up with the rear end of his vehicle disappearing into a giant hole.

 The driver was unhurt and walked away from the crash. © CEN

The video show the large green truck half submerged in the hole that is in the cement road, surrounded by rubble. The driver's cab luckily stayed intact and the driver, although in shock, was unhurt.

The driver said: "The road caved in as I was turning round the corner, I was bumped around but nothing serious."

The road has been closed as emergency services work to clear the site.

When asked what the owner of the truck had said the driver responded that he seemed unconcerned about the driver and was mainly worried about the money.

He said: "He is waiting for news from the insurance people."

The incident happened in the city of Barranquilla, in the northern Colombia.

WATCH: Truck swallowed by huge sinkhole.

- Mirror.

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