Friday, March 4, 2016

INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE: Ferry Capsizes Near Bali, Indonesia - Throwing Passengers Into The Sea; Was Carrying 51 People; Major Rescue Operation Underway! [VIDEO]

Western Embassy officials were on stand by in case any of their nationals were caught up in the disaster  

March 4, 2016 - INDONESIA - A major rescue operation is underway after a ferry carrying 51 people capsized between the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java.

Dramatic footage shows the vessel rolling over in calm waters, throwing passengers into the sea, after it was believed to have sprung a leak.

It was not immediately known if tourists were aboard the vessel, but Western embassy officials were on stand by in case any were caught up in the disaster.

Rescue officials said they were confident that most people – if not all – on board had been rescued.

Many are understood to have been picked up by other vessels that were in the vicinity.

The footage shows the ferry on its side after capsizing in calm waters in Bali Strait

But amid confusing reports, it was suggested that up to 10 people were missing including two crew members.

It was not known if anyone had been trapped inside.

'This will not be known until we can send divers down to check the ship,' said Lieut-Col Wahyu Endriawan head of the local naval base.

Rescuers now face the prospect of searching for survivors in the dark.

Added to the confusion was uncertainty as to just how many people were on board the vessel, named the Rafelia II.

Many of those rescued had suffered injuries jumping or falling into the sea, said local media.

The ferry that runs between Gilimanuk port in north west Bali and Banyuwangi on the eastern tip of the main Indonesian island of Java carries both cars and passengers.

The ship was en route from Gilimanuk port in Bali to Banyawangi on Java when it capsized in the Bali Strait

While it is not a route popular with tourists, the ferry is sometimes used by adventurous backpackers island-hopping across the Indonesian archipelago.

Bali is particularly popular among Western tourists at this time of the year, now that most of the severe mid-summer storms have passed.

Over the years, hundreds of people have died in ferry disasters in Indonesia, which has a poor reputation for travellers on land, sea and in the air.

Ferries are often poorly maintained and frequently sail when they are overloaded. - Daily Mail.

WATCH: Dramatic footage - Ferry sinking caught on cam, people jump off deck.

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